Chris and Nigel

Chapter 5


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I was stuttering as I failed to answer Carol. I mean, how do you answer your girlfriend's implied question when she says that you are glowing, and you know why you are glowing, and you are as certain as you can be that she isn't going to be able to cope with the explanation, and you don't want to tell her anyway, and you still feel a huge afterglow from being fucked by your lover, and he's there beside you?

"Er, I guess I've just recovered," I finished, lamely, hoping that this wasn't going to be the evening's conversation. Inspiration: "What's Miss Coker been going on at you about?"

"Oh, that!" and she almost spat, "The old bag has heard that I came in to see you alone, and she's accusing me of all sorts of stuff."

"But we didn't do all sorts of stuff."

"No, we didn't, but she says she reckons that we did! Cow!"

"I suppose it would make it worse if I talked to her?"

"No 'suppose' about it. Why should she believe you? You're the one I was supposed to have done stuff with" And she put her head in her hands, and a tear started to seep from her eye, and down her cheek. "And I only came to see you because I was worried about you (sniff)."

There was no hope for it. I couldn't cope with anyone in tears, but I couldn't comfort her without making matters worse. Miss Coker had eyes in the back of her head. Trunchbull wasn't in it. Absolute, bloody cow! And Carol and I had only been kissing. Ye gods! What if she ever discovered what Nigel and I had been doing? Ye gods!

"Get away somehow, and meet me outside, after supper," I whispered to her.

Supper was a dismal affair that night. It was our last night but one in France, and we were going to have a party tomorrow, but tonight I couldn't manage to enjoy myself. I was a bit short with everyone. Nigel put it down to the barbecue and cola, and managed to rest his hand on my knee in secret under the table every so often, but I think he had an idea that I felt responsible for Carol's bad luck, and didn't know how to deal with it. The hand was good, and loving, and warm, and I wished I could kiss him, right there, in the dining room, in front of everyone, and just stand up and say 'This is my boyfriend', but I couldn't. I reckon my Dad would have called my mood sentimental. I just felt wrong.

I told him I had to meet Carol. "That's good," he said quietly. "She needs you." Sometimes he seems to be my father as well as my lover. There was a dreamy look in his eyes; had been since just before supper. "Tell you what. You go out towards the beach, and I'll put old Trunchbull off the scent."


"By taking Carol out with me and walking the other way. Where will you be?"

"If you go past the conference place on the front, and left into the marina, the harbour wall cuts the beach off from view.""

"Great, we'll meet you there."


"Sure, but I'm not stopping. Carol's been your girlfriend far too long for me to stick around. I love you, Chris, I don't own you."

Well, it didn't go as smoothly as we had thought. At supper, Miss Coker told Carol that she wanted to have a chat with her in private. At least that's what Nigel told me when he had found out a bit later. "Doesn't matter," he said. Wait another few minutes, then go out anyway. When the coast's clear, we'll slip away."

It was a beautiful evening. About eight thirty, with people milling about, drinking in pavement cafes, rollerblading along the promenade, and just being happy. It wasn't easy to be anything but happy. The only problem on my horizon was that I was in love with Nigel, and I also loved Carol. And I knew she loved me. Well I was pretty sure of it. And all this at fourteen. It was wonderful and awful at the same time.

I was till thinking this way as I walked past the mega million pound yachts, and onto the harbour wall. 'Might as well wait here,' I thought, so I did. I waited for ages, and the sun was almost setting when I heard running steps.

Carol rushed up to me as Nigel turned back. "He's wonderful," she said, simply. "You're lucky to have such a good room-mate."

"Mmm" dreamily, "Carol?"


"What's going on?"

"Right. Miss Coker is convinced that we are having sex." And she looked indignant.

"You don't beat around the bush much."

"Nor did she. She's going to talk to my parents as soon as we get back, and she's going to keep us separate for the rest of the trip."

"What'll your folks say?"

"Mum'll be OK about it. She asked me if I was, if we were a while back."

"But we aren't, I mean haven't."

"Er, Chris, I do know that."

"Sorry," sheepishly.

"Dad'll go spare. He'll ground me, probably get a counsellor to see me, and all sorts of horrible stuff, plus make a huge fuss at school." And she started to cry. All the words were brave, but the tears came anyway.

So I held her, and kissed away the tears, and stroked her hair out of her face, and waited, stroking her until she was more, well less, oh calmer. And then I kissed her gently, on the lips. And felt the tip, just the tip of her tongue brush the tip of mine, and felt her almost lunge into me, powerfully, all the emotions concentrated into a huge kiss, and her hands travelled up and down my body, and I found she was pulling my bum so that my crotch was forced into her, between her legs as we stood there holding each other. "Carol?"

"Kiss me again."





This was amazing. It was as good as kissing Nigel. Not the same. Not the same as kissing Carol ever before, either, especially as there was something very determined about her, something powerful, something animal. It welled up from deep inside her, and it was contagious. I caught it, and was scared all over again. As we kissed, as her hands moved over my body, as mine moved over hers, I felt tingly, all different.

"Touch me," whispered into my ear. "Touch me now before I change my mind."

For two years I'd been hoping for an invitation even half as good as this. Why now? Why now? "But?"

"If I'm going to be punished for making love to you, I'm going to know what I'm being punished for," she whispered into my ear, "and I want to know so badly what it's like, and I want to find out with you Chris. With you."

I was screaming inside. It was like watching windscreen wipers: Nigel - Carol - Nigel - Carol was all that was going through my mind "Please touch me, Chris." As she spoke she move my hand from her back downwards, over her bum, down to her thigh, and round to the front of the thigh, round towards the inside, and up into the unknown areas between her legs. I couldn't help myself. Nigel or no Nigel, I was so aroused, so totally aroused that even the whole French army couldn't have stopped me as I moved a finger experimentally inside the leg of her shorts, and found - found - damp, slippery damp, and no underwear.


"There, in that gap between the nets and crab pots," Carol gasped

And we were wedged in, just room to be together. Girl's shorts unfasten the wrong way round, and it took me ages to get the trick to it. "I want to look at you first," I mumbled through the kissing. And I finally got the shorts down as the sun dipped belwo the horizon. And I moved my face down to see Carol's body, a tuft of blond hair, 'more than mine,' I thought, a fold, a crevice bewteen her legs, and moist and slippery and smelling so, so..."

"Touch me! Ow! Too rough! Gently, use fingertips," she gasped, "and kiss me." And I moved up and kissed her, and she got my shorts down, and my boxers, and put her hands on my cock, electric, gentler than Nigel, but electric. "What do I do with it?"

"Knead it, move your fingers up and down it. What do I do with you?"

"Just do what you're doing. No GENTLY!" As she touched me I tensed and touched her harder. "Chris, I want this inside me. I'm scared, but I want it. And she gripped my cock harder and bent it down between her thighs.

I couldn't believe what was happening, and I couldn't believe how easily I slipped between her lips and inside her, or how hot and slick she was, or how different, how gentle, how silky this was. No fierce grip, just pure satin. I almost had wheelspin, it was so slippery, so different, so all enveloping. Oh, Carol..."

"Harder, Chris, harder, deeper, more..." and she pulled both cheeks of my bum hard into her, so hard, and her finger just pushed against my anus "Sorry"

"No, it felt good, do it again" And she did. It was all over very fast. Very fast. I mean. I'd love to say that we both came at the same time, and all that stuff from Penthouse, but we didn't. I did. Suddenly, hot and strong, arching my back, I drove into her and came deep inside her. And quite naturally stopped thrusting, gasping for breath. Different from Nigel. But Carol? Girls get orgasms, it says so, but how?

"Chris, don't stop"

"Have to"


But I had an idea, and I moved down her body, and nuzzled her hair with my lips, and moved my head down between her thighs, and wondered what and how. "Tell me what feels good." And I started to lick her where she was wettest, tasting girl for the first time, and all mixed with my cum.

"Not so far down... Towards the front... Oh YES, there, gently. No GENTLY.... Yes, oh yes... " and I felt my head gripped in a vice as her legs closed on my head, and felt her hold her breath, and felt her body vibrate as she arched her back and groaned, and then frantically pushed my head away. "I love you," she said, "I love you. Kiss me again." Nor did I need a second invitation. "So that's what I taste like!" she giggled at me.

The a thought, a horrible through struck me. Babies. "Carol, babies?"



"Pill. Cures period pain. Been on it for ages."

"You mean we could have..."

"Could have, but didn't."

And then my mind turned to Nigel. Two lovers, and to whom was I being unfaithful? "We have to get back."

"That's OK, too."


"Nigel's waiting for us to let us in"


"I told him we might be a little late."

Shit. "Did you tell him what you, what we, what, er, why, er...."

"That I was going to have sex with you?"

"Well, yes.." She couldn't have, wouldn't have, this wasn't Carol, my life was over....

"He sort of suggested it to me

No, No, a test, I was unfaithful to Nigel, Oh no, let me die now, help, and I love them both, and it's different with each of them, and they love me and...

"Come on, then," she laughed, "lover boy!"

This was not a fourteen year old girl It just wasn't. This was a woman, and I felt just like a little kid, all weepy and confused inside.

We got back, both in a different sort of daze, and Carol found the door which Nigel was guarding for us. "Hi, guys," he said, but I couldn't look him in the eye. Carol kissed him on the cheek and I heard a whispered 'Thank you' as I headed for the shower. I felt dirty. My body felt good, my soul felt dirty. I was cheating on someone. On myself, probably, and, under the shower's spray I started to cry, silent tears going down the drain with the water. I wasn't looking forward to meeting Nigel, I'd left Carol in a hurry, and I felt a real shit. But I had to sleep somehwere.

I crept into bed, not saying a word. "Chris...", and Nigel slipped into my bed beside me, "Chris..."

"I can't... "


"I've, er, I've, you'll... you'll, oh shit, hate me..." And I cried.

"So it did happen," he whispered as he kissed me.

This wasn't going the way I'd expected. I'd thought he'd been planning to hit me - a test, I'd said to myself, a test, and I've failed. "But..."

"I hoped it would."


"I like girls, too, Chris. I love you, but I also like girls."

"I thought it was a test, and I'd failed... " Why do I keep bursting into tears? Does love always hurt like this? "I was scared to face you."

"Never be scared of me. I love you. So long as you love me, too, never be scared."

Was I the only kid around here? I felt almost part of a great experiment until I looked at his face in the gloom. He looked worried, scared, almost tearful himself. "Hold me, Chris." And I felt him shake as he started to cry, too.

"It's OK, Nigel, It's OK." And I held him close, and stroked his hair as we both wept our feelings about each other into each other's shoulders.

I guess I must have slept, because the next thing I knew was a hotness around my cock, and an urgency, and a great feeling of tension, and my hands found Nigel's head with his mouth completely engulfing almost my whole cock. "Mmm," I purred, "mmm." Then, "wait, I want you, too." So I wriggled round until I was face to face with his beautiful, velvet, hard, boyhood, and took it into my mouth, and I slipped my hand round his bum, and pressed a finger experimentally against him, and felt him open up to me, and I was rewarded with a gush of precum, and lying on his side, he did the same to me, and it felt good, cock deeply in my mouth, one, no two fingers working inside his soft, velvet, hot asshole, massaging, twisting, teasing, sliding in and out in rhythm with the sucking of his cock, and licking round that sensitive inside of the foreskin, and finger fucking him now with a finger from each hand, and now with two from one hand I learnt to take his cock all the way into my mouth, stopping as my lips banged against his body, and having my Nigel fuck my mouth and throat. It wasn't easy, I almost gagged at first, but I wanted so much of him inside me, And his fingers worked inside me, tickling, teasing, playing, pushing as he drove me thrust by thrust to a huge, shattering climax, my body tensing, almost, he said later almost breaking his fingers, and the pressure drive him over the edge, and boycum coated the back of my throat, and filled my mouth, and filled my soul. And we stayed, locked together as his cock softened in my mouth and I swallowed his gift, and he mine.

"Welcome home," he said, a while later. "Welcome home."

But we weren't home. We were in France, and I had two lovers, and no idea what to do next...

And there was Carol...

And Carol's parents...

And those were problems we still had to face.