christmas at deans



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Christmas at Deans ©Mikkiwriter 2017

Christmas Eve

17 yr. old Chas Wilson had lived on his own at a rundown flat on a local council estate since June when his parents threw him out after they heard the rumours going around about Chas's sexuality. Chas didn't care about the rumours and he knew that they were all true. Chas remembered back to the first time he saw his mate Ben topless looking hot with his shaved head and wearing a necklace

Chas's 7-inch cock started to harden as he remembered how he took Ben into his bedroom and sucked on his cock. Chas pulled down his navy trackies and started to wank his cock as he pictured Ben's tight arse. Chas soon gave out a huge groan as his cock exploded covering his hot smooth body with a massive load of his cum.

Ben was now Chas's best mate because even though they have fucked a few times their friendship meant more to them than the sexual said. Ben now has a boyfriend name Andrew who he met in college and they have been together for a year.

Chas on the other hand was single he has had a few one nighters but nothing serious yet. Chas had noticed his hot sexy neighbour and it was him who sometimes Chas wanked off thinking off.

Ben was staying with his parents and Chas was spending Christmas day all alone in his crumby flat.

Chas did miss having his family around him, but has they couldn't accept the fact that their only child was gay he knew he was better off without them.

Chas felt lonely and apart from Ben's he hadn't had any presents to open.

Mrs James had noticed that Chas was all alone and felt sorry for the lad. Julie was a single mother with just one son 16 yr. old Dean. Julie is a nurse and because of her long working hours she had only been able to get a real big turkey. Mrs James went around and knocked on Chas's door.

Chas was now sitting on his settee watching some rubbish on the TV when the knock came. Chas went over to the door to see the woman from next door standing there.

"Hi Chas" Mrs James said smiling
"Hi Mrs James "Chas said

"What can I do for you?" Chas Asked
"I was wondering if you would like to join Dean and me for Christmas dinner tomorrow". Mrs James asked

"Ummu well I wouldn't like to intrude on you" Chas said

"Well I can assure you that I would love to have you with us and anyway you would be helping me as I have a huge turkey and there is no way Dean and I would ever get through it." Mrs James said smiling

"Oh, ok then I will thank you very much Mrs James" Chas said

"Great well dinner is at 2 so why don't you come around 12" Julie said

"Ok I'll be there Chas said excitingly

One thing that Chas did get from his parents was a monthly allowance. Chas had already spent part of it on Ben's present but decided to get Mrs James and maybe Dean a present out of the rest.

Chas left the flat and headed into town.

Chas returned successful with a nice gift set of perfume for Julie and a t shirt for Dean. Chas noticed a parcel on his door when he walked up to it he saw it was a present from his mother Chas was taken aback then started to think of his family Christmas's at home with his mam and dad tears started to fall down his face as he remembered the former happy times.

Chas packed the presents he bought and went to bed thinking of the day ahead before he went he texted Ben and told him happy Christmas babes

Christmas Day

Chas got up at about ten and showered and got changed and after reading Ben's reply to his text he got ready to go around the James's. Chad decided to take the present round and open it with the James's instead of opening it alone.

Chas left the flat and knocked on Julie's door at about 11 30. Dean answered dressed in a tight white t shirt and a red pair of trackies. Chas smiled and said, "hi dean"
Dean smiled and said, "come on in mum has been expecting you"

Chas watched as Dean's red trackies hugged what looked like a tight bubble arse.

Julie smiled and shouted, "hi Chas make yourself at home dinner is on but should be done in about two hours ok"

Thanks Julie Chas said smiling

Chas went into his bag and pulled out the presents and handed Dean his and said, "merry Christmas"

Dean smiled and shyly replied "thanks"

Julie said, "hey you didn't have to buy him a present he has had enough"

Chas smiled and said, "well I got you one to"

Julie said "why?"

Chas said, "well you have been nice enough to share your Christmas with me, so I wanted to give you a present I hope you like it"

Dean looked at his present then quickly removed his t shirt revealing his hot smooth body to Chas.

Chas sprung a boner seeing his hot smooth body.

Dean's eyes went straight down and looked at Chas's bulging trackies.

Dean put on the t shirt that Chas had bought and said "thanks"

Julie was busy in the kitchen, so she didn't open her present straight away.

Chas looked into the kitchen and saw Julie had nipped out to the bin and smiled

Chas stood up and went over to Dean was put his arms round him and whispered "god you are hot" running his hands over Deans tight arse.

Dean blushed and wriggled out of Chas's arms.

Chas smiled when he saw Dean cover his obviously bulging red trackies.
Chas was looking over at Dean while they both sat on opposite chairs in the lounge watch the polar express on tv.

Julie came in and sat down for a little while and opened her present from Chas and said, "thanks Chas"

Julie went back into the kitchen and Chas blew Dean a kiss. Dean blushed and stuck his tongue out at Chas.

Dean and Chas set the table for the meal and after a while Julie started to bring the now cooked veg into the dining room.

Julie Dean and Chas sat down and ate a full Christmas lunch with all the trimmings and Julie lifted her glass up and said, "Merry Christmas Everyone"
Chas said, "yeah Merry Christmas" looking at Dean and smiling
Julie then handed a cracker to Dean he smiled and pulled it his mum got the present and hat. Julie smiled and said, "way hay" and put the pink paper hat on.
Chas then handed one over and this time Dean won he smiled and said, "I win"
Chas laughed and said, "see I can pull a cracker"

Julie laughed but Dean blushed.
Chas finally got a hat after he pulled another cracker with Julie soon all three of them had paper hats on.

Later after lunch

Julie had been drinking wine all afternoon since cooking the dinner and now was a bit tipsy she soon nodded off to sleep giving Chas the opportunity to try it on some more with sexy Dean.

Chas and Dean cleared the table and Chas helped Dean

Dean was in the kitchen finishing the washing up when Chas walked up behind him and put his arms round him again.
Chas started to kiss Dean's neck. Dean moaned as Chas ran his hand over his arse. Chas whispered, "let's go upstairs while your mum is asleep"

Dean nodded yes and led Chas through the lounge to see Julie was now fast asleep sleeping off the effects of the wine.

Chas followed Dean upstairs watching as his trackies tightened every step he went up.

When they got up on the landing Chas grabbed Dean and started to kiss the younger lad passionately. Chas pushed his hands into Dean's trackies and started to play with the sexy lad's arse as he kissed him.

Dean opened his bedroom door and led Chas in as Chas lifted Dean's t shirt over his head. Chas carried on kissing Dean as he pulled the hot lads trackies down revealing a seriously tented pair of tight white ck's. Chas smiled and said "wow you are enjoying yourself as Chas lifted his t shirt off. Dean was nervous as Chas removed his trackies showing off his 7-inch uncut rock-hard cock. Chas smiled and started to kiss Dean again as he slowly went down and pulled off Deans pants revealing the sexy lads 6-inch uncut cock. Chas immediately started to suck on Dean's cock causing Dean to moan and groan as he felt Chas's hot mouth suck his cock.

Chas moved up and started to kiss dean again looking into the sexy lad's brown eyes and said, "wow you are sexy" Dean blushed and really couldn't believe this was happening to him as Chas took hold of him and slowly lifted him up. Chad moved under Dean and slowly moved his rock-hard cock towards the younger lads face. Chad slapped his cock over Dean's face as Dean slowly opened his mouth and took the older lads big cock into his mouth.

Dean was soon sucking on Chas's cock like a true cock sucker as Chas gave out a loud groan. Chas started to feel around and started to slowly push his fingers in Dean's tight arse as he sucks on his cock. Dean gave out a loud groan as he felt the first finger push his virgin bubble arse open. Dean started to push his mouth further and further down Chas's cock shaft as Chas fingered his tight arse faster and faster. Dean pulled off Chas's cock and gave out a huge groan as his cock exploded covering his silky-smooth body with a huge load of his hot sticky cum.


Chas smiled and lifted the cum soaked lad off him and laid him back down on the bed on his stomach. Chas then lay down behind Dean and started to run his hot tongue up and down the hot lad's tight arse. Dean was soon moaning and panting again has he felt Chas's hot tongue lick and suck his tight soon to be ex virgin arse. Chas then got up and went downstairs to his rucksack he had bought the presents in and fetched out his stash of lube. Chas looked over to see Julie was still fast asleep. Chas ran back upstairs and smiled as he saw sexy Dean lying there with his sexy arse sticking up. Chas opened the lube and started to lube up Dean's tight arse. Chas then lubed up his cock and placed it in between Dean's arse cheeks. Dean moaned as he felt Chas's cock rub up against his hole. Chas smiled and slowly pushed his cock into Dean's arse which at first resisted the invading cock but finally it let it in. Dean groaned and panted loudly as he felt the invading cock push further and further up his tight arse. Chas stopped as while to let Dean get used to the feeling. Chas whispered to Dean "ok babes" Dean replied, "yeah it feels great" Chas smiled and kissed Dean's neck as he pushed his cock all the way in. Chas then started to slowly fuck the sexy younger lad. Chas started to nibble on Dean's ear as he slowly pushed his cock in and out of Dean's tight bubble arse. Dean was moaning and panting as he felt the cock go in and out of his former virgin arse.

Dean was moaning and panting louder and louder as Chas increased the pace of his cock going in and out of his tight arse. Chas was groaning as he felt the tight arse tighten on his cock causing his cock to explode filling the younger lads well fucked arse with load after load of his hot sticky cum. Chas grabbed hold of Dean's cock and started to wank it harder and harder until Dean screamed as his cock exploded covering his hot sweaty body with a massive load of his hot sticky cum.

Chas pulled his cock out of Dean and started to kiss the young sexy lad passionately as the two sexy lads fell asleep in each other's arms.

Dean panicked when he woke up later in bed with Chas. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs to see his mum was in the kitchen he walked in and Julie smiled and said, "where is lover boy?"

Dean blushed and said, "mum I am sorry I didn't mean that to happen"
Julie smiled and said, "come here your silly bugger"
Dean walked over, and Julie grabbed him for a hug and said, "I don't care if you are straight gay or green you are my son and I will always love you and lover boy is a nice boy but be careful not everyone will like it"

Dean had tears running down his face while his mum hugged him tight.
Chas meanwhile woke up and jumped out of bed and said, "fuck what have I done"

He quickly got dressed and made a hasty exit walking downstairs and straight out of the door and ran home scared.

Julie heard the door and ran out and opened the door to see Chas shutting his door.
Julie followed and knock on the door she quietly shouted through the letter box "Chas open this door"

Chas sat in his lounge with his head in his hands scared and was crying
"come on Chas please open the door" Julie shouted

Chas knew he couldn't hide for long so gave up and went to the front door and opened it.
Julie grabbed hold of Chas and said, "come here your silly sod"

Chas went to say something, but Julie stopped him said "Chas I always knew Dean was gay and I saw the way you two connected straight away so it didn't surprise me one bit when I saw you two sleeping in his bed earlier. I want you to know something you hurt my lad and I will get you" laughing

Chas smiled and said "thanks I promise I will never knowingly hurt Dean
"well that is all I ask and now get your arse back round my house and enjoy yourself for once" Julie said smiling

Chas laughed and said ok boss let me get my keys"

Chas and Julie walked in to see Dean watching and laughing at the "Wallace and Gromit amination on the tv"

His face cracked in a huge smile when he saw Chas was with his mum.
Chas walked over and plopped himself down next to Dean and leaned over and kissed his boy.

Dean blushed, and his mum smiled and said, "you are embarrassing him"

Dean laughed and said, "shut up"
Chas looked over at Julie and said, "that told you"
Julie laughed and said "yeah"


Chas and Dean are now two years; later living together and are planning to marry soon. Ben is happy to see Chas finally with someone he loves and has been supportive to them from the start.

Julie still lives next door to the boys and she is regularly round checking up on them. Chas's relationship with his parents hasn't improved and he still receives his monthly allowance and his rent paid but that's all. Chas doesn't care to be honest as he feels his is the luckiest gay man alive with his hot soon to be husband and his adoring mother in law. He feels he doesn't need his parent's interference.

Dean is training to be a chef at the local college and Chas is now an apprentice builder and his working for Deans uncle.

One thing Chas will never forget is spending Christmas at Deans


Well guys I hope you enjoyed the special one off Christmas story from Mikkiwriter


Christmas at Dean's