City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

At this time I would like to share with my readers an event that occurred during the trip to my youngest brother's funeral. I traveled with my older brother and his group, and we checked in at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. My brother, his son, and his girlfriend checked into a double room, and paid in cash at check in. I checked into a single room by myself, was quoted a lower rate, and paid using my check card. When I received the charge slip at check out, I had been charged the same rate as my brother's group. The manager refused to return my calls until I contacted Marriott headquarters, then he told me that it was their policy to charge one person in a single room the same rate as three people in a double room. I have had one other conversation with him since, and have been treated rudely both times. This situation is still unresolved by Marriott. I wanted everyone to know how Marriott treats their guests in times of grief.

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

Then Josh showed Lonnie how to use the programs he had shown Luke, to erase any evidence of the picture of him and Luke kissing. Lonnie seemed to really like it that they could do that. Lonnie left the regular pictures of Luke and Josh in a folder titled "My two wonderful sons", then it was time to shut down for the night.

That night Luke and Josh took turns putting their cocks inside each other's beautiful butts, and making passionate love to each other. Luke and Josh neither one could ever imagine anything feeling better than making love to each other now. After Luke had made love to Josh, with his cock thrusting in and out of Josh urgently until he left his cum deep inside his lover, it was Josh's turn. Josh's love-making was not quite as urgent, as his cock slid longingly in and out of Luke. It felt so great to Luke that he hoped Josh could hold back all night, and continue sliding in and out of him, but Josh didn't have nearly that kind of control. After his cock had lovingly caressed Luke's insides for about ten minutes, Josh moaned softly as he pumped his cum into Luke. Then the two boys embraced tightly as they laid in each other's arms to recover.

"I'm so glad that our dad is so accepting of us loving each other." said Luke softly. "I love having a brother I can make love to like you Josh."

"I love making love to you too, my sexy and hot brother." smiled Josh.

After sharing a long and loving kiss, the two boys drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. They both smiled in their sleep, as they felt safe and comfortable wrapped in each other's embrace.

John felt kind of nervous the next day, as he prepared to mail the dvd to his young friend Josh. He just couldn't shake the address that Josh had given him. What were the odds of something like that?! John was tempted to forget the whole thing, but he felt that the name he went by online would hide his identity well enough. He certainly didn't want to disappoint his friend, and raise any suspicion.

Luke and Josh spent the next day with the computer when they weren't doing chores. Luke was amazed that they could watch dvd movies on the computer. They still had an old VHS player hooked up to the family TV, and not as many movies were coming out in that format anymore.

Josh laughed as he said, "You ain't seen anything yet Luke!"

Josh and Luke had their chores caught up for now, so they took a quick trip into town. Their first stop was the tractor supply store, on the off chance that they could pick up some blank dvd's there. They lucked out, and found a pack of good blanks. They also ran across Boone and Matt.

"What are you guys up to, and where is your dad Luke?" asked Boone.

"We don't need him to go to town anymore!" beamed Luke, as he pulled out his wallet. "I've got THIS now!" Then Luke proudly displayed his license for everyone to see.

"Alright Luke!" exclaimed Boone. "Way to go buddy!"

"Yeah, Josh and I had to run into town to pick up a few things!" said Luke proudly. "I've always wanted to say that. He's showing me everything he knows about computers."

"Well then Josh, just remember to show him how to stay out of trouble for the other stuff you're showing him!" laughed Boone. "Seriously though, I have some good news too. Old man McDonald is going to lease our farm. Mom and us will have money for a change!"

"That's great Boone!" replied Luke. "Things are getting better around here every day."

"Oh-oh Luke, I think you spoke too soon." said Boone quietly, as Reverend Scott approached the boys.

"Hello boys, are you enjoying the joyousness of this fine summer, given to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ?" asked Reverend Scott.

"Yes sir, we sure are!" replied Boone. "We try to make it a point to enjoy everything that he's given us."

"That's fine Boone." replied Reverend Scott. "Make sure you tell your mother Ellen that we missed seeing her in church the past few Sundays. I hope nothing is wrong."

"It's the strangest thing Reverend." said Boone. "Two Sundays ago as we were getting ready, she said that something was suddenly making her feel sick. It must have lasted clean through to last Sunday too. She's feeling better now though."

"That's good Boone, I'll expect to see you both on Sunday then." replied Reverend Scott. "It was probably that old Satan, trying to find a weakness in her spirit. We certainly can't allow that though. And Luke, we missed seeing you with your mother on Sunday. I hope Satan hasn't gotten you to playing hookey on us."

"Oh no sir, I was feeling sick too." replied Luke. "I think it was something I ate. I'm eating much healthier stuff now though, especially the past few days."

By this time Josh was holding it in so hard, that he was having trouble not peeing on himself. Luke saw Josh, and almost snickered himself.

"Well then, I expect to see you boys on Sunday." said Reverend Scott. "If your friends are still here, bring them on along. Nothing would please our Lord more than for you boys to bring more sheep into the fold." Then Reverend Scott looked down and saw the blank computer discs that Josh was holding, and said, "I see you boys have a computer now. Just make sure that your parents set the parental controls on it. I'm afraid even with that though, the internet is such a vile and sinful place."

"We don't even go on the internet sir." said Luke, hoping he was convincing.

"What is the need for blank discs then?" asked Reverend Scott.

Josh saw that Luke was stuck, so he said, "We got these so we can make bootleg copies of movies!"

Boone was now looking at Josh as if he were from another world, Matt was heading for the bathroom as quickly as he could, and Luke had a look of sheer terror on his face as he turned several different shades of red.

"What?!!" exclaimed Reverend Scott.

"He's just kidding Reverend Scott!" said Luke pleadingly. "Josh brought his copy of The Ten Commandments, and he wants me and Boone to have a copy. That's really what he meant sir!"

Boone didn't know if it was such a good idea to excuse a crime by saying you were copying a religious movie. Luke realized how bad that sounded when he saw Josh giggling.

"That's a fine movie!" said Reverend Scott. "It's good to hear that you boys enjoy it so much. I'm sure that this is such a minor transgression that the Lord will surely forgive you, and be pleased with your motives. You do know that you shouldn't copy any other movies besides that one though, right?"

"Oh yes sir!" replied Luke obediently. "Copying movies is wrong, and you shouldn't do it except for something like this."

"That was a very good one Josh." said Reverend Scott. "You nearly scared me out of ten years growth there. I do like a young man with spunk though. You boys be good now, and I'll see all of you on Sunday."

Once Reverend Scott left the store, Luke said loudly, "Ten years growth hell! You nearly scared me out of seventeen years growth, and I'm only sixteen!"

"What are you talking about Luke?" laughed Boone loudly. "You just tried to excuse it by saying you were doing it for religious reasons!" Then Boone fell to the floor from laughing so hard.

"What was that Ten Commandments crap Luke?" laughed Josh. "Couldn't you have given me better taste than that?"

"That's a fine movie!" mimicked Boone from the floor, as he laughed hysterically.

"Fine my ass!" laughed Josh. "The acting was so overdone that it should have been a comedy, and the narration is so over-dramatic that it puts you to sleep!"

"It was really the only thing I could think of." snickered Luke, who was just now seeing the humor of the situation.

"Well, I just made it!" declared Matt, as he rejoined his friends. "What are you doing on the floor Boone?"

Josh and Luke both laughed hysterically at that, as Josh laughed, "Did you see that booger hanging from the end of his nose too! I swear, I almost called him Reverend Snot!"

That didn't help poor Boone, and now Matt was laughing himself silly as Josh asked, "What does he do if you don't go to church for three weeks? Does he call out the God Squad?"

"Please don't give him any ideas Josh!" gasped Luke, as he laughed.

"Well Luke, we better get going." laughed Josh. "We have one more stop to make before we go home and copy Debbie Does Dallas and The Naughty Housewives!"

Josh and Luke left Boone and Matt still laughing hysterically. When the boys checked out, the clerk was also laughing. He gave Luke a ten percent discount for giving him the best entertainment that he'd had in weeks. Luke and Josh then went to the video store, and picked out a couple of very popular movies that they knew they would want to see more than once. Not one of them was The Ten Commandments though.

Josh downloaded a couple of small programs when they got back, then put a movie in the rom drive, and a blank disc in the burner. Luke watched in amazement as Josh copied the movie to the blank disc.

"You're not suppose to be able to do that, are you?" asked Luke.

"No, so that's why you have to keep it kinda quiet." replied Josh "We probably shouldn't have said anything to Reverend Snot, but I couldn't help it." Luke began laughing again at that comment.

The next day, Luke and Josh were on good behavior because the social worker was coming by. The boys had never heard anyone ask so many questions before, except Josh, when he had gotten in trouble at home. Miss Miller did still seem nice though, even if she was a bit nosey. When the questions turned a little personal surrounding Josh and Luke though, Josh became a little bit afraid.

"So Luke, do you have a girlfriend yet?" asked Miss Miller.

"I've had my eye on one or two, but nothing has struck me as serious yet." replied Luke calmly. "I am currently accepting dates though, if you're interested."

"I think you might be a little young for me Luke." laughed Miss Miller. "Do you know why your cousin Josh is here?"

"Yeah, but he said he really never meant to do any of that stuff." replied Luke. "He's acted really cool around here, so I believe him. I think if Josh had more of an average family around, he'd be a really nice guy all the time."

"So then, you boys get along fine?" asked Miss Miller.

"We ain't had no fights yet, so I guess we get along fine." smiled Luke. "Actually, it's really fun to have someone my age around to keep me company."

"Josh, did you need money so bad as to do the things you did back home?" asked Miss Miller.

"When you live in the city, you always need money." replied Josh. "You ain't anything there if you don't have money. Out here though, people don't care. They treat you nice if you have money or not. I've never met people that make me feel so good just to be myself for a change. I kinda wish that I'd lived out here all my life."

"So, you never had the chance to just be yourself in the city?" asked Miss Miller.

"No ma'am." replied Josh. "If I had been myself, the people there would have run me over constantly. They have no respect for anyone being themselves."

"Who are you when you're being yourself Josh?" asked Miss Miller.

"I like not having to worry so much about what people think about me." replied Josh. "I like being nice, and not having to worry about anyone taking advantage of it. I like to go outside and enjoy the weather, without having to worry about whether or not anyone is pissed off at me. The people out here have let me see what it's like to be myself, and I really like it."

"Well, we'll see what we can do about letting you stay here as long as you want, okay Josh?" asked Miss Miller.

"That would be great ma'am." replied Josh.

Miss Miller had Lonnie and Naomi sign a few papers, and then she left to go back to the county seat. As soon as Josh and Luke were away from everyone, and in their room, Josh smiled as he said, "You better not be looking at girls behind my back!"

"Eww! That's yucky!" laughed Luke, who then grabbed Josh and kissed him deeply. "Why would I want a girlfriend, when I have the best boyfriend in the whole world?" asked Luke.

That night, Luke and Josh kissed their way down each other's bodies, as they slowly worked their way into a sixty nine. Luke stared at what he considered the most beautiful cock in the world, as he wondered how he had ever gotten along without his cousin to make love to. Josh stared at Luke's cock, and thanked his higher power for giving him the man of his dreams, the only person he had ever wanted to make love to in the first place. The two boys gently took each other's cocks into their mouths, and made slow and passionate love to each other. Luke traced every vein and ridge of Josh's cock with his tongue, as Josh lovingly sucked and caressed Luke's cock. Their cum began flooding each other's mouths at the same time, as they both hungrily drank the sweet nectar of their lover.

Boone and Matt showed up early the next morning, and ended up helping Luke and Josh with their morning chores. Luke and Josh felt it was only fair that they returned the favor to Boone, so they followed him and Matt back to his place. Boone didn't have many chores left, now that they would be leasing their farm to Old McDonald, but he did have to clean out the barn. Mister McDonald had a more than large enough hay loft at his farm, but he would need to use the lower level. Boone went ahead and pulled all the farm equipment out, with Matt making jokes about what equipment to pull out next. Once the barn was emptied of farm equipment, the boys discovered that the barn had also been used for personal storage.

"Oh my God Boone, some of this stuff has to practically be antiques!" exclaimed Josh.

"What's with this funny looking TV?" asked Luke.

"That's my grandpa's first TV he bought." replied Boone. "The farm has been in the family forever, and I guess no one believed in throwing anything away."

"Look at this old console record player!" said Matt. "This thing has to be right out of the sixties! It even has some old records in it!"

"Anything any good there Matt?" asked Josh. "Maybe we can have us a party out here."

"That's my mom's old record player." said Boone. "It's hard to say what you're going to find there."

"Well, there's a lot of Elvis records." said Matt. "I guess she was a big fan, huh? Hello, what do we have here?! It's seems like after a brief Frankie Avalon stage, her tastes got a little harder. We have Jimi Hendricks, Joan Baez, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. Damn Boone, you're mom was a real rocker, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, she's always been pretty cool." laughed Boone. "I got pretty lucky having her as a mom, especially considering how much she approves of my boyfriend."

"That loft is only a rickety stairway away!" smiled Matt seductively.

"Maybe later." laughed Boone. "We have to get this stuff cleared out."

"Damn Boone, some of these records are worth something!" exclaimed Josh, as he flipped through the records, which were all in very good shape. "She has the original release of Meet the Beatles here dude! I know a guy in the city who had that, and shortly after he sold it for practically nothing, he found out it was worth eight hundred bucks!"

"Are you kidding Josh?!" asked Boone.

"Hell no dude!" replied Josh. "You might have a small fortune sitting out here in your barn! It's a good thing she thought to put all these in moisture proof slip covers!"

"I've got good news then." said Matt. "Here's another big box full of them!"

"You guys wanna hook up one of these old record players and give them a listen?" asked Luke.

"I agree with Josh." said Matt. "Some of these are really worth something! If that's the case, you really would only want to play them on a more modern turntable. These older record players had a tendency to be kinda hard on records."

"You sound like an expert there Matt." laughed Luke.

"I have an uncle who's a bit of a record buff." replied Matt.

"What's in this trunk Boone?" asked Josh.

"That's some of my dad's stuff." said Boone pensively. "My mom didn't even go through it. She just had it hauled out here."

Josh opened up the trunk, then quickly closed it.

"What was in there Josh, a spider?" laughed Boone.

"Let's just leave this stuff alone for now." replied Josh, with a strange look on his face.

"What is it Josh?" asked Boone, a little intrigued now. "Was my dad a counterfeiter or something? Did he leave behind loot from a string of jewelry store robberies?"

Then Boone walked over to Josh and the trunk, and Josh said, "Don't look in there unless you really want to know the truth Boone. It's not going to be what you think it is, and you might want to think about it first."

"I have to know what's in there now Josh." said Boone. "I can handle whatever it is."

The first thing Boone saw were the magazines, mostly featuring boys from five to ten years old. Some of the boys were just posing naked, while others were engaging in sexual activities, which you could tell were being taught to them as the pictures were taken. Then Boone came across magazines of men and young boys together. Some of the boys actually seemed to be enjoying what was being done to them by the men. Then Boone came across some photos of his dad, which had apparently been taken on a trip his dad had made alone. The boy in the pictures with Boone's dad seemed to be about five to six years old.

"Damn, that little kid is riding my dad pretty hard, isn't he?" asked Boone.

"He does seem to enjoy sitting all the way down on your dad's cock." replied Josh. "I can't believe all these pictures of your dad have the same little boy in them."

"He must have hired a photographer to stay with him and the boy." said Boone. "Here's my dad fucking him, here's the boy sucking my dad's cock while he's smiling, here's my dad sucking, licking, and playing with the boy's little dick, and here they are in bed, kissing and making out. My mom said that my dad never seemed to enjoy having sex with anyone, but he sure seems to be enjoying this! I wonder why my dad never tried anything with me?"

"Maybe he didn't think it was safe to do that Boone." said Josh. "Maybe he didn't want to take the chance of you and your mother finding out, and hating him."

"Then why would he leave something like this behind?" asked Boone.

Matt put his arm around Boone and said, "Maybe he wanted you to know him, after you figured out who you were. Maybe he thought it would be after you could understand what he must have been going through. He probably thought if you had found out any sooner, that it might have screwed your head up for good. Looking at him and this boy together, I'll bet he wished once or twice it could be you instead."

"I guess your right Matty." replied Boone, as he smiled slightly. "If he had done these things with me, it might have screwed up my head, and then I would have never met you. You guys want to see our loft now?"

Before going upstairs to the loft, Boone grabbed the home movies that were in the trunk, and found an old projector. After the boys had gotten naked in the loft, Boone loaded the projector. The movies were of his dad, and the same little boy who his dad was calling Billy in the movies. Apparently the pictures and movies were Boone's dad's birthday present to Billy on the boy's sixth birthday. They had been taken on one of his dad's trips to New York, which Boone discovered that he'd made quite a few times. As Boone's dad made love to Billy in every way possible on the wall of the loft, the four boys made passionate love to their lovers. After all four boys had been brought to an orgasm by their boyfriends, Boone laid on the floor with Matt in his arms, still watching his dad and Billy.

"They do look like they really love each other, don't they Matty?" asked Boone.

"Yeah, they do." smiled Matt. "I guess that explains why Billy can take him so eagerly, considering your dad is hung a lot like you."

"I guess little Billy likes big cock." giggled Boone.

"I can't say that I blame him!" smiled Matt.

"I think I'll keep all of my dad's stuff." said Boone. "It's good to see that he did know what love was. I know why he couldn't be happy with us now, but at least Billy made him happy. Maybe whatever little boy he's with now is still showing him how nice love is."

"Oh Boone, these movies remind me of something." said Josh. "A friend of mine named John is going to be sending me a dvd to your house. I couldn't have him send it to Luke's house because if Luke's mom saw what was on it, we'd both be dead. Make sure you keep an eye out for it."

"Damn, you two are horny, aren't you?" laughed Boone. Then Boone turned back to the movie playing on the wall and said, "Jack Daniels, you really had us all fooled, didn't you? I understand though, and I hope we can meet again someday."

The boys went back down and finished their chores. Boone finally decided that the best way to handle everything would be to haul it out, then put it in the loft using the hay elevator. They talked to Ellen first though, to make sure their wasn't anything she wanted brought inside the house. Ellen told the boys that she wasn't that interested in anything in the barn, and it was all theirs. Then Josh explained to Boone's mom that some of the things in the barn could be worth something, especially some of her old records. Ellen said if anything were worth that much, all she would ask is that the boys save some of whatever they made for when they turned eighteen. Josh and Boone took all of the records, and Boone's dad's trunk to Boone's room where it would be safer, then the boys got to work on moving everything else to the loft.

The next day was Sunday, and Naomi woke Luke and Josh up bright and early to go to church. Lonnie snickered that the boys had been trapped into church, until Naomi insisted that he get ready for church too. Then it was Josh and Luke's turn to snicker at Lonnie. Ellen had received a call from Reverend Asshole about his encounter with the boys, and that he expected to see her and the boys in church today. Instead of getting into an argument which the Reverend would do anything to win, Ellen decided it would be less painful to give in. Boone and Matt were not happy to hear that as they also got ready for church.

Once the pews had almost filled, the Reverend, or Reverend Snot as Josh was calling him, came out to begin his sermon.

"I had been planning a sermon about the deeds and character that is expected of those who wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." said Reverend Scott. "I am going to put that off until next Sunday though, so I expect to see everyone back here for that. Today I want to talk about Satan. I'll bet you good folk didn't know that Satan is now online, did you?"

"Oh boy!" whispered Josh to Luke. "Reverend Snot is about to get on a roll, isn't he?"

"Would anyone be interested in knowing his address?" asked Reverend Scott. "It would be ninety percent of everything that starts with w w w, which translates to 666. Now don't get me wrong everyone. I know that the computer is a very useful tool in these times, and there's nothing wrong with that. It even helps me research a lot of my messages to you good people. It can also help people manage their farms better, as the family unit is shrinking more and more every day. Stores use them to help control their stock. Let's face it, the computer is here to stay. And Satan is only a click of the mouse away. Sin can be found easily on the internet. Promiscuity, sex without the benefit of marriage, homosexuality, and any other perversion of Satan you can think of is right there within reach of your children. I know a lot of you are asking what you can do to protect your family from Satan, now that he has a direct line into so many homes."

"That wasn't really what I was going to ask." whispered Josh quietly to Luke. Luke had to use all of his control to keep from giggling.

"The only one who can protect your family from Satan is our Lord, Jesus Christ." said Reverend Scott. "He has already given you a lot of what you need to fight Satan. He has given us parental controls for our computers."

"Damn." whispered Josh. "I didn't know Jesus was a computer programmer."

"He has also given us good people who keep an eye on the internet, trying to remove evil from it as much as they can." said Reverend Scott. "He has given us good people to go online for you, and fight homosexuality. Those are Satan's best soldiers, so it's a very important battle. They are determined to convince everyone that they deserve to be treated like anyone else, so Satan can rule the world. What does our Lord ask in return for protecting us? Very little. All he wants is for his people to help fight evil whenever they can. If you show our Lord that you are willing to stand up and fight, he will protect you and your family. God wants you to be a fighter in these tough times. Anything you can do to defeat evil will make him happy, so don't be swayed by those who claim that your actions are hate, and are not condoned by God. Those people don't know God! I talk to God every day of my life when I pray, so I know God! I know that God wants us to defeat this evil any way that we can! And by all means, make sure that your children know this! Make sure that they know Satan is waiting on their screen to claim their souls! Satan thinks he has a brilliant plan, but he doesn't know us very well! We WILL destroy Satan, and ALL of his followers! Please join me in a prayer for those who are trying to make our world safe from Satan."

By this time most of the congregation had tuned Reverend Dumbass out, as they normally did when he went off on a rant. A few members of the congregation always held onto every word he said though, including Naomi. Once the service was over, Naomi, Lonnie, and the boys talked together outside.

"You did set up the parental controls on our computer, didn't you dear?" Naomi asked Lonnie.

"Of course I did honey." replied Lonnie as he smiled. "Josh helped me to make sure that no one will see anything that they shouldn't. He's such a sweet and good boy."

Fortunately Josh and Luke were standing behind Naomi, where she couldn't see them. That's because both of their faces were turning red from holding in their laughter. They were now both thinking depressing thoughts, trying to keep from laughing hysterically. As soon as everyone got home, Lonnie logged on under his master screen name, and had Josh show him how to make it appear that parental controls had been set on the computer. Josh showed him how to set things up so that Naomi would have controls on her screen name, and make it appear to her that everyone else did too. Then Luke and Josh begged to go see Boone and Matt. As soon as Luke and Josh were out of sight of their home, Luke stopped the truck and jumped out. He immediately fell to the ground, laughing harder than he ever had in his life.

That was a fun chapter to write. I hope I made Scott (or Snot) sound like the incredible asshole that he is. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading this on the evil internet, and I'll see you again in Chapter 12.