City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

Fortunately Josh and Luke were standing behind Naomi, where she couldn't see them. That's because both of their faces were turning red from holding in their laughter. They were now both thinking depressing thoughts, trying to keep from laughing hysterically. As soon as everyone got home, Lonnie logged on under his master screen name, and had Josh show him how to make it appear that parental controls had been set up on the computer. Josh showed him how to set things up so that Naomi would have controls on her screen name, and make it appear to her that everyone else did too. Then Luke and Josh begged to go see Boone and Matt. As soon as Luke and Josh were out of sight of their home, Luke stopped the truck and jumped out. He immediately fell to the ground, laughing harder than he ever had in his life.

Josh had meant to help get Luke up from where he was rolling on the ground beside the road, but he soon joined his cousin on the ground. When old lady Gilliam drove by, she almost stopped, until she saw the two boys were laughing hysterically. Instead, she smiled and waved as she drove by. Josh finally got his laughter under control, then helped Luke up from the ground. The two boys smiled as they dusted each other off, then got back in the truck to continue on to Boone's house.

"Oh my God Boone!" laughed Luke, as the boys sat at the kitchen table while Ellen made a batch of homemade cookies for them. "You guys really should have sat with us at church! When Josh said that he didn't know that Jesus was a computer programmer, I thought they were going to have to stop the service to drag me out of there!"

That one even made Ellen laugh, as she slid the pan of cookies into the oven. "Just so you boys know, it's okay to joke about what that overblown windbag Scott says, but anything else might be considered sacrilege."

"Don't worry mom, we know enough not to make fun of God or Jesus." laughed Boone. "But Reverend Snot makes himself too easy of a target! Did he tell you exactly what happened at the store yesterday?"

"Well, he told me the Scott version, which is never very accurate." smiled Ellen.

Boone, Matt, Josh, and Luke went ahead and re-enacted the event for Boone's mom. When they got to the part about Luke trying to excuse bootlegging movies for religious reasons, Ellen nearly fell out of her chair from laughing. After Ellen removed the cookies from the oven, she had a talk with the boys about Reverend Butthead's sermon today. Josh tried to keep it light though, and reinserted all of his comments in the appropriate places, which kept everyone laughing.

"Seriously though boys, even though not one word he said today has an ounce of truth, especially when it comes to sexual preference, it's people like him that you will have to be careful of." said Ellen. "I think it's great that Boone and Matt are so in love, and so is Luke and Josh, but not everyone will feel that way. There are quite a few out there like that idiot reverend this town has been stuck with. It's important that you boys know who you're friends are before you let them too close."

"It's hard to understand though, what makes you and Luke's dad so cool, but people like Luke's mom and the reverend so wrong?" asked Boone.

"I don't know about Naomi." replied Ellen. "I have known her for years, and never thought she could feel the way she does about some things. Maybe her need for faith is so strong that it's blinding her to the truth. As for Scott, I have never seen anyone who can bend the truth so easily without having some serious motivation to do so."

"So, you think he might have some skeletons he's hiding in his closet?" asked Josh.

"That, plus a blow-up doll and a box of porn magazines!" laughed Ellen. "Really, the man knows just a little too much about the internet to be using it strictly for research. I think the good reverend is one who should definitely know about deleting his history."

"Do you know if he has a web address?" asked Josh deviously.

"Now I don't want you boys getting into any trouble!" said Ellen.

"You'd be surprised what you can do with a computer, and never get caught Mrs. Daniels." replied Josh. "You should get Boone a computer, so he and Matt will have one for school. Then I could show you all some things that'll amaze you!"

"Josh, are you one of them there hackers?" asked Boone, while Matt began to snicker.

"Let's just say that I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't want anyone hunting me down." laughed Josh. "And so help me Matt, if you say anything to him, you better swear him to secrecy!"

"Well, how many of my little computer hackers want some cookies?" asked Ellen as she smiled. "I've got lemonade or milk to go with them."

All four boys tore into the cookies Ellen sat on the table, as they joked and laughed about Reverend Scott and computers. Josh really was curious though about what secrets the reverend might be keeping from the people of this town. Before Luke and Josh left, Josh wanted to throw the computer idea out one more time.

"You know Boone, just one of those records you have might make you enough to get a computer." said Josh. "And I was serious when I said they can be a great help with your homework. For example, if you have to do a report on something, but you don't have enough information. You could search through every library in the county looking for the information, which would take a lot of time, and with no guarantee of finding what you're looking for. Or you could enter what you're looking for into a search engine, and have all the information you need in seconds."

"I'll think about it Josh." replied Boone. "Mom wouldn't mind me having one, it's just that we've never had enough money to get one before. If I can make more than enough with those records, I just might get one."

"Bring em over tomorrow sometime, and we'll do a little research online and see what they're worth." said Josh.

"Can we find that out on the internet?" asked Boone.

"You can find out ANYTHING on the internet Boone!" snickered Josh.

That night, Luke looked up into Josh's eyes dreamily, as Josh's cock thrust in and out of Luke. "Unnngh, that feels so close to Heaven Josh." moaned Luke softly. "I can't even describe what your love means to me."

"Looking down at you while I make love to you is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen Luke." replied Josh romantically. "Your body wrapped around my cock makes me feel better about myself than I've ever felt in my life."

"I wish we could stay just like this forever Josh." moaned Luke.

"Shh,... did you hear that Luke?" asked Josh, as he stopped thrusting in and out of Luke.

"What are these boxes doing on the stairs?" came Naomi's voice from the stairway.

"Shit Josh, get in your bed!" exclaimed Luke quietly.

Josh didn't have time to worry about pulling out of Luke gently, as he snatched his cock out of Luke's butt and scrambled for his bed. As Josh was diving under his covers, Luke heard Naomi trying the knob on the locked door.

"Luke honey, why is your door locked?" asked Naomi.

"Because we're sleeping mom." replied Luke, as he got up from his bed with his erection leading the way. "Don't come in until I tell you I'm back in bed mom." said Luke, as he reached for the lock and hoped his mom would respect his wishes. Once Luke was safely back in bed, he called out, "Okay mom, you can come in."

Naomi came in and said, "I don't know if I like the idea of you locking your door up here honey. What are you boys trying to hide?"

"Nothing mom." replied Luke. "I'm a teenage boy now, and I don't like the idea that someone could walk in on me while I'm naked and getting in bed."

"Oh Luke honey, it's not like I've never seen your naked butt before!" replied Naomi.

"Yeah, but remember the other bed mom?" said Luke. "I have a roommate now, and he might want to keep his privates private."

"I'm sorry boys, I didn't stop to think about that." replied Naomi. "I still don't like the door locked though, it doesn't look right for two boys to be locked in their room. I'll tell you what, I'll knock from now on, but the door stays unlocked. Is that fair?"

"I guess so mom." replied Luke. "What did you want anyway mom?"

"I just got off the phone with Reverend Scott." said Naomi, as Luke thought, "Oh no!"

"He asked me the strangest thing dear." continued Naomi. "He wanted to know if Josh ever got his copy of The Ten Commandments copied for you. I've never heard you express any interest in that movie before, and it doesn't sound like one that would be high on Josh's list either."

"Oh sure mom, I love that movie!" replied Luke. "Josh was going to copy his version for me, but we haven't gotten around to it yet."

"Well, let me know when you do honey." said Naomi cynically. "I haven't seen it in quite some time, and I'd love to see it on a disc."

"Okay mom, we'll try to get around to it tomorrow." replied Luke.

As soon as the boys heard Naomi go back downstairs, Josh jumped on top of Luke and said, "Are you crazy loverboy? What do you mean, we'll try to get around to it tomorrow? You know I don't have that movie!"

"We have until tomorrow to figure something out." replied Luke. "Now, could you take a look at my butt? It kinda hurts from when you pulled your cock out so fast."

"I'm sorry Luke, let me take a look." replied Josh sincerely.

Luke spread his legs apart, then pulled them back as far as he could so Josh could look. Josh saw that Luke's anus was protruding slightly, so he lubed his finger to poke and prod at Luke's hole. Finally, Josh got everything back where it should be.

"Is that better babe?" asked Josh.

"Yeah." smiled Luke. "It almost feels good enough for you to finish what you started."

Josh smiled as he wiped his cock off, then lubed it back up. Luke moaned softy as Josh slid his cock back inside Luke, then got a nice rhythm going.

"I want to try something babe." panted Josh. "If this works, you're going to feel really good in a minute."

Josh planted his cock as deeply inside Luke as he could, then leaned over forward as far as possible. Josh smiled at the sight of Luke's cock right in front of his face, then slid his lips all the way down the length of Luke's shaft. Luke gasped loudly when he felt Josh's lips on his cock and Josh's cock in his ass. When Josh began thrusting in and out of Luke, while sliding his lips up and down on Luke's cock, Luke had to put a pillow over his face to keep from making too much noise. Josh knew he was now driving Luke insane with pleasure, and that's exactly what he wanted. After about five minutes, Luke was writhing uncontrollably on the bed, and Josh could hear his muffled screams of pleasure. Josh began thrusting in and out of Luke even harder, and put as much suction on Luke's cock as he could. A few moments later, Josh knew Luke was about to have a massive orgasm, and so was he. As soon as Josh felt Luke's cum flooding his mouth, his cock erupted inside Luke. Josh swallowed Luke's cum as fast as he could, while his own cock blasted shot after shot of cum deeply into Luke. As soon as both boys orgasms finished, Josh fell onto the bed breathlessly beside Luke. Neither boy was able to speak, as they fell asleep staring into each other's eyes in wonder.

"I don't care what who said Naomi!" said Lonnie sternly. "Do you have any idea how inappropriate it is for a woman to invade the privacy of two sixteen year old boys as they're trying to go to sleep?!"

"I don't see what's so wrong!" replied Naomi. "I use to bathe that boy every single day! He doesn't have anything I haven't seen before!"

"Damn it Naomi!" shouted Lonnie, who then looked up and said, "Sorry God, please forgive me." Then he turned back to Naomi and said, "You use to bathe Luke until he was four, but it's been a long time since he was four! Luke is a young man now, and you have no business invading his privacy like that! How appropriate do you think it is for a grown married woman two be in the presence of two naked young men, even if they are covered over in separate beds!"

"They've gotten to you, haven't they?" asked Naomi.

"What in blazes are you talking about now?!" exclaimed Lonnie.

"Those evil people on the internet, just like Reverend Scott was talking about!" replied Naomi loudly. "They've gotten to you, and now you're going to let them get to Luke!"

"Oh my God, you've gone crazy!" said Lonnie. "I would forbid you to go to any more of that man's insane rants he calls a service, but you'd find a way to sneak out to them. Someday you're going to see that that man is so full of horse shit, he's lucky it doesn't erupt from both ears! Then you're going to hang your head in shame, because you didn't use to be this way! I'm going out to the fields, and don't bother those two boys! They haven't done anything that any other boys haven't done!"

Thus ended the first argument that Lonnie and Naomi had had in quite a while. Lonnie locked his office up tightly, and stormed out of the house. Luke and Josh had heard the last part of the argument, and Luke was almost afraid to go downstairs.

Josh turned to Luke and said, "We have to nail that bastard Scott before he breaks up the family. This is all his fault Luke, it isn't either of your parents fault."

"I trust you completely Josh." said Luke fearfully. "What do we do to get that asshole?"

Josh and Luke first went to Lonnie's office, to find the door tightly locked. Now they would have to go out into the fields to find Luke's dad and talk to him. First though, they would have to face Luke's mom.

"Hi mom." said Luke.

"Hi Miss Naomi." said Josh.

"Good morning boys." replied Naomi, trying not to look upset.

"Josh and I are sorry about last night mom." said Luke innocently. "We didn't mean for it to look like we didn't trust you and dad or anything."

"I know honey." smiled Naomi. "You are two sweet and innocent boys."

"Thanks mom." smiled Luke, with his best little boy face. "We'll get that disc made for you later today mom. Josh and I have a few things to do first."

"Yeah, like find the movie on disc!" thought Josh silently to himself.

"That's so sweet of you two." said Naomi. "I love you boys."

"We love you too mom." replied Luke.

Luke and Josh both gave Naomi a warm hug, then headed out to do their chores and talk to Luke's dad. They finally found him in the field closest to the swimmin' hole, and he didn't look happy.

"Hi dad, are you okay?" asked Luke, as the boys approached Lonnie. "We heard the last of that argument you had with mom."

"I'm so sorry boys." said Lonnie, as he hugged the two boys. "Neither of you should have had to hear that."

"Don't worry dad, it isn't yours or Miss Naomi's fault." said Josh.

"Yeah, it's that Reverend Satan!" said Luke. "He won't be happy until he breaks up every happy family in town. We're not going to let him though, are we Josh?"

"What do you boys mean?" asked Lonnie.

"Well, Mrs. Daniels gave us an idea yesterday." replied Josh. "She said that no one can lie as much or as good as Reverend Snot without having something to hide. Because of his little sermon yesterday, I have a good idea where he's hiding it too. I'll show you what I'm talking about tonight, if you want to see."

"That might be something I'd be very interested in seeing son!" said Lonnie, as he smiled for the first time all day.

"There's one problem though dad." said Luke. "We tried to get to the computer this morning, but your office was locked."

"I'm sorry boys." replied Lonnie. "I didn't want your mother going in there and doing something stupid. She's not being very rational when it comes to anything Reverend Snot has said. By the way Josh, I like that name for him."

"I came up with that because he had a booger hanging from his nose Saturday." snickered Josh.

"We also have another problem dad." said Luke as he smiled. "When Reverend Dillweed cornered us Saturday, he noticed that we were buying blank dvd discs for the computer. He wanted to know what we planned on doing with them, and I froze. Unfortunately, Josh didn't freeze. He told the Nazi that we were going to illegally copy movies. I thought it would help if I said that we were copying The Ten Commandments."

"Oh my God son, you didn't!" gasped Lonnie in laughter. "You tried to excuse a crime by saying you were copying a religious movie? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!"

"Then you must not have heard Josh in church yesterday, when he said that he didn't know Jesus was a computer programmer!" smiled Luke. "Anyway, the Ten Commandments excuse worked until that asshole called mom. Now mom expects a copy of The Ten Commandments on dvd, and neither of us have it."

"That story was worth enough to get it, and then some!" laughed Lonnie, as he handed Luke a fifty dollar bill. "You may have to go to the county seat to get it though. I don't think you're going to find it in our town. And here's a spare key to the office. I'm sorry that I didn't think to leave it with you this morning. Josh, is there any way you can take internet service off Naomi's screen name, and make it look like you took it off the entire computer?"

"I can do anything with a computer dad!" smiled Josh. "Would you like it to milk the cows tonight?"

"We'll just stick with the internet cover-up!" laughed Lonnie. "Now, you two boys have fun, and don't be gone to the city for too long."

"Thanks dad, we love you." replied Luke.

Luke and Josh both gave Lonnie a hug, then they were off in search of The Ten Commandments. On the way though, they stopped to see if Boone and Matt wanted to go. Boone and Matt were all for it, especially after Ellen handed both boys a twenty dollar bill each.

On the way to the city, Luke said, "You guys ain't never going to believe what Josh did to me last night! First, he put his cock as far inside me as it would go. Then he leaned over as far as he could, and took my cock in his mouth. I can't even describe what it felt like for my lover to fuck me and suck me at the same time!"

Boone swerved slightly, then said, "Damn Josh, you're talented! Can you teach that one to my Matty?"

"I knew you country boys liked it kinky!" laughed Josh.

Everyone laughed the rest of the way to the city. First they would check the large electronics and appliance store across from the mall to see if they had what they were looking for. If not, they would go over to the mall to see if any of the stores there had it. As luck would have it though, the first store did have it. Luke got that, and a premium blank disc with it's own case, and still had plenty of money left. Boone was busy looking at computers, when Luke and the store manager approached from opposite directions.

"Ahh, looking for a computer for this coming school year, huh?" asked the manager.

"Yeah, my cousin talked him into buying one when he sells enough of his records to get one." said Luke.

"What kind of records do you have son?" asked the manager. "I consider myself a bit of a record collector myself. As a matter of fact, I may have the largest collection in the state."

"Well, it was my mom's collection, and she gave it to me." said Boone. "She has The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, some guy named Frankie Avalon, a bunch of Elvis records, some guy named Frank Sinatra,..."

"Frank Sinatra?!" exclaimed the manager. "Junior or Senior?"

"You mean there are two of them?" laughed Luke.

"Well, they're really old seventy eight r.p.m. records that use to be my grandma's, so I guess it would be senior." replied Boone.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed the manager. "Here's my card! As soon as you get home, call me with a list of the old Frank Sinatra records. I'm three shy of his most hard to find records of having his complete collection! If you were to have either of those three, I would pay you top dollar for them, and give you a great deal on a computer!"

"Okay, you got a deal!" replied Boone with a smile. "Would any of those records be worth enough for me to get a computer though?"

"The lowest appraised value of any of the three I'm looking for is seven hundred and fifty dollars." replied the manager. "I'm sure we could set you up with a very nice computer for that."

To say that Boone was shocked would have been an understatement. Luke had to drive Boone's car home, while Matt sat in back with Boone to keep him calm. Once they got to Boone's house, the three boys led Boone inside. Ellen saw the boys coming, and met them at the door.

"Is Boone okay?" asked Ellen. "What happened?"

"Do you know how complete his grandma's Frank Sinatra collection was?" asked Matt.

"Well, I remember mom saying how infatuated she was with him, and she had bought every record he released." replied Ellen. "Why?"

"Because we met a collector today who said that three of them are very rare." replied Matt. "He wants to know if Boone has either of those three, so he can add them to his collection."

"Well, I don't see why it would affect Boone like that." said Ellen.

"The man said the least valuable of those three is worth seven hundred and fifty dollars!" exclaimed Matt.

"Oh my, I think I need to sit down!" said Ellen.

The boys dragged Boone on upstairs, then carefully went through the record collection, picking out records by Frank Sinatra. The list ended up being longer than they thought."

"Okay Boone, when you call this guy back, ask him for the three he's looking for." said Matt. "Then see if they're on the list."

Boone finally had recovered enough to call the man back, to find out that he had all three records that the man was looking for.

"Oh my!" exclaimed the man. "I want all three, but I'll have to go to my bank. Will three thousand dollars be enough for all three?"

"Yes." replied Boone numbly, which was the last intelligible thing he said for the next fifteen minutes. Boone hung up the phone and said, "Th,... th,... th..."

"What is it, Boone my love?" asked Matt.

"Th,... th,... th..." stuttered Boone.

"Boone, what's wrong?" asked Matt.

"Th,... th,... th..." replied Boone.

When Boone could finally tell his friends what the man had said, the boys all shouted so loudly that Ellen came running upstairs. "What's wrong boys?!" asked Ellen frantically.

"The man we spoke to earlier said he'll buy three of Boone's records!" exclaimed Luke.

"He's going to give Boone three thousand dollars!" exclaimed Josh.

"I think you're going to have to drive us up there mom." said Matt. "I don't think Boone can drive right now."

"Yes, I guess I will!" smiled Ellen.

"We'll see you later when you get home with your computer Boone!" smiled Josh.

While Ellen, Matt, and Boone headed back to the city, Luke and Josh headed on home. They now had an incredibly boring movie to copy to conceal their cover. As the movie was copying on the computer, Josh went ahead and deleted Naomi's internet access, and made it look like the entire computer had been cleared of internet access. Then he went in search of a web address for the church, or an e-mail address for Reverend Hypocrite. As long as the movie was, it was finished copying before Josh finally came up with the address he was looking for. Luke proudly took his mom her very own bootleg copy of The Ten Commandments, and the boys now hoped this subject had been put to rest. When Josh finally found the address he was looking for, he went upstairs and returned with a disc that had a skull and crossbones on it. Then Luke and Josh waited for Lonnie to come in from the fields.

When Lonnie came in and talked to Josh, he went out and asked Naomi to follow him to the office. "Dear, I'm sorry about the argument we had this morning." said Lonnie. "I have decided that I was right about one thing, and you were right about another. Does that sound fair to you dear?"

"That depends on who you think was right about what." replied Naomi.

"Dear, you were absolutely right about the internet!" said Lonnie. "It's a horrible and evil place, and I had Josh delete all internet access from our computer."

"See Miss Naomi, there's no internet on the desktop." said Josh. "We can even go to all programs on the start menu, and there's no internet there either. Then we can go to all programs on the computer, and there's no internet there. It's all gone now. It's a shame though, because Luke and I could have really used it to research homework this fall."

"Now honey, since you were right about that, I was right that it's inappropriate for us to invade the boys privacy in their bedroom." said Lonnie. "We all know that a majority of men prefer to sleep with no clothes, and it's wrong to invade their privacy when they might be in an embarrassing situation. Besides, we both know that there's nothing going on up there that shouldn't be. After all, they are both boys, aren't they?"

"I guess you're right honey." replied Naomi. "I don't know what I was thinking last night. Boys, I'm very sorry for invading your privacy last night."

Lonnie smiled as he hugged Naomi with one arm, and the boys with the other arm, and said, "There now, we're one big happy family again. To prove that I'm sorry about our argument Naomi dear, I want to take you out Friday night. We'll go to a nice restaurant and everything. I hated it when we argued, and I hope we never do it again." Then Lonnie leaned into Naomi, and gave her a very loving kiss. As soon as Naomi left the office happy, Lonnie said, "Okay Josh, let's see what you have to nail that asshole!"

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