City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

Jack smiled and said, "Ellen, if you were a boy, I would so kiss you right now! Oh, what the heck?!"

The boys all laughed as Jack gave Ellen a kiss. Then Ellen called Luke's mom to see if it would be okay for Boone and Matt to stay there until she got back. Naomi didn't have any problem with that, as there were still two rooms upstairs that hadn't been shut off yet. The boys would have to keep quiet though, as Josh's mom would be in the second room. When the boys had taken off to Luke's house, Ellen and Jack headed to the capital city.

The boys got to Luke's house just before Josh's mom Janice pulled in. Janice had heard Naomi talk about how Josh had apparently changed, but Janice was still eager to see it for herself. When Janice pulled into the driveway, Josh nervously went out to meet her.

"Hi mom, how was the trip?" asked Josh, fumbling for words.

"It was fine son." said Janice. "I know the last time we spoke Josh, we were both a little upset. I'm hoping we can forget that, and have a nice time while I'm here."

"I'm so sorry for being a butthead mom!" Josh almost cried, as he hugged his mom. "I just felt so,... I don't know what I felt mom. It's hard for me to even believe that I did those terrible things. I know I wasn't a great son, but things have been so much better here. I know I can do better than I use to."

"It's okay Josh honey." replied Janice, as she hugged her son. "I guess I wasn't much help either, so it's not all your fault. I should have cared more about how you were feeling and what you were doing than I did, and I'm sorry for that son. You are right that it feels much better out here. It's been so long since I've been here that I almost forgot that."

When Josh and Janice finished their reunion, they went back to where everyone else was standing. Janice immediately went to Naomi and gave her a brief hug of friendship, then said, "Naomi, it's been much too long! You don't look like you've changed a bit though."

"Thanks Janice." smiled Naomi. "I hope this is the start of us seeing each other much more often. I'd like you to meet Lonnie, the wonderful man I married after,... well, you know. And this is our son Luke."

"My goodness Naomi, you've raised a very fine young man there!" replied Janice. "I can tell he's been a good influence on Josh. And you don't have to be so nervous about talking about splitting up with my brother. I often told him that if he was foolish enough to let you go, then he never deserved you in the first place. I recognize Josh's friend Matt from the city, but who is this other fine young man?"

"Mom, this is mine and Luke's friend, Boone Daniels." said Josh, as he introduced Boone.

"Boone Daniels?" replied Janice. "Your parents were a bit mischievous about naming you, weren't they?"

"I guess my dad got that from having to live his life with the name Jack Daniels." snickered Boone. "From what I heard, he took a lot of ribbing over that. If you think that's bad though, we also have an Old McDonald who has a farm around here."

Then Luke, Matt, and Josh sang, "E I E I O!" With that, all the boys began laughing hysterically. The parents all smiled at their antics.

The boys volunteered to show Josh's mom around the farmhouse. Although she didn't have much interest in farming, the boys seemed to be having fun, so she went along with it. She also noticed the glances her son gave his cousin occasionally, and if she wasn't mistaken, Luke had been giving Josh the same glances. Later on, when Naomi ran her out of the kitchen claiming that she wouldn't hear of a guest having to help make their own dinner, Janice took the opportunity to get Josh off by himself.

"Son, is there anything I should know about the situation around here before I say the wrong thing to the wrong person?" asked Janice.

"What do you mean mom?" asked Josh.

"Come on honey, we may not have gotten along too well at times, but I still know you very well." replied Janice. "You do realize that Luke is your cousin, right?"

"What?!" exclaimed Josh.

"It's not that I have a problem with you boys being cousins honey." replied Janice. "It's not like you and Luke could have children together. If you love Luke, and Luke loves you, and both you boys are happy, that's all that matters to me. I just want to make sure I don't say the wrong thing to the wrong person."

"Is it that easy to tell that Luke and I are boyfriends?" asked Josh.

"Well honey, Luke is a little harder to read, but I can see it in you." replied Janice. "That's probably because I'm your mother though. Like I said though honey, I don't mind you being gay and in love with Luke, as long as you boys are both happy with it."

"It's not just you though." said Josh. "Luke's father saw it too, except I think he saw it in Luke first. He was really great about it though. He made it seem okay for me and Luke to be in love with each other. I think he sees me as Luke's fiancee now."

"I'm glad he took it that well honey." replied Janice. "I take it Luke's mom is okay with you boys too then."

"Oh heck no mom!" exclaimed Josh. "Whatever you do, don't say anything to her!"

"Why is that honey?" asked Janice. "A mother is usually more sympathetic to things like that than a father."

"Not Luke's mom though!" replied Josh. "We have this reverend in town who thinks people like Luke and me are the anti-christ, come to destroy the world! Luke's mother seems to believe every word he says too. She's said enough for us to know that she wouldn't approve of it at all, and Lonnie agrees!"

"That doesn't sound like the Naomi I use to know." said Janice.

"Lonnie says she's changed a lot since Reverend Snot came to town though." replied Josh.

"Reverend Snot?" asked Janice as she smiled.

"Yeah, I kinda came up with that name when he had a booger hanging from his nose one day." snickered Josh.

"Well, that certainly sounds attractive!" laughed Janice. "I guess tomorrow will be an interesting day then, huh?"

"That depends on whether or not you get the comic commentary with his sermon." laughed Josh. "Other than that, he's a real jerk. I know he has something to hide though, and I'll find out what it is eventually."

"You're not hacking again, are you honey?" asked Janice.

"How did you know about that?!" asked Josh in amazement.

"Oh come now Josh, you have more computer power at home than NASA." snickered Janice. "You're either a hacker, or your planning a trip to Mars!"

"Well, don't worry mom." smiled Josh. "No one has caught me yet, and I don't think this hick will be the first. Besides, if someone doesn't do something, he'll make several families around here miserable."

"Okay then honey, just be careful." said Janice. "You never want to under-estimate anyone."

After his talk with his mother, Josh and Luke went to the office, followed by Boone and Matt. Josh wanted to log on to see if he had gotten anything against Reverend Snot yet. While the other boys watched, Josh logged on and then hacked into the reverend's computer. Josh went to where his keylogger should have been, but couldn't find it.

"Crap!" exclaimed Josh.

"What's wrong Josh?" asked Luke.

"The keylogger isn't here!" replied Josh. "That means he caught it with his anti-virus. He must have a good one, because this should have gotten past the most popular ones."

"What are you going to do Josh?" asked Boone. "What if he tracks it back to you?"

"The best experts couldn't track that back to me!" smiled Josh. "I'll just have to figure out a different way to get it into his computer."

"Doesn't he know what it is now though?" asked Luke.

"Not the way I disguised it." said Josh. "It could have been any kind of virus for all he knows. I'll think of a way to get it in."

As soon as Ellen and Jack got to the capital city, they went to get the kids at Jack's friend's house. "Thanks for watching the boys for me Stewart." said Jack. "By the way, this is my ex-wife Ellen."

"Ex-wife?!" exclaimed Stewart. "Well Jack old buddy, you just surprised me!"

"Well, here comes my angels." said Jack.

"Uncle Jack!" said both boys excitedly when they saw Jack.

"Hi guys, did you miss me?" asked Jack, as he hugged the two boys.

"I always miss you Jack." replied Christof. "I love you Jack."

"I love you too Christof." said Jack to the oldest boy. Then he turned to Ellen and said, "Ellen, this lovely thirteen year old boy here is Christof. The cute little guy is his six year old brother Nathaniel. Guys, this is a very special lady named Ellen, and she is going to help us."

"Hi Ellen, why did mommy and daddy leave us?" asked Nathaniel.

Ellen motioned the boy to come to her, and both boys went to her. She gave them both a hug at the same time, then said, "I don't know why they would do that to two sweet boys like you, but they shouldn't have. Would you boys like to stay with me and Jack for a while? We promise we won't run off like they did."

"Are we going to all live in Jack's little apartment?" asked Christof.

"I'm afraid that would be a little small for us." replied Jack. "You see, Ellen and I use to be married, and we have a son together. His name is Boone. Ellen also has a foster son named Matt. We would have to live at Ellen's house, out in the country."

"We won't be living with mom and dad anymore, will we Jack?" asked Christof.

"What they did was illegal my love." replied Jack. "I'm afraid the state wouldn't let you live with them anymore, whether you guys stay with us or not. They will probably put you boys in a foster home somewhere, and I would love for that to be with me and Ellen."

"I would rather live with you and your wife than someone I don't know." said Nathaniel. "I wish mommy and daddy hadn't left though."

"I know little angel, but I promise we'll take good care of you." said Ellen, as she hugged the boy again. "Now, let's go to Jack's place, and have the social worker meet us there. It'll be too late to get back home in the country tonight, so we'll leave first thing in the morning if the social worker gets everything arranged tonight."

On the way to Jack's place, Jack asked, "You guys know what to say when the social worker asks about me and Christof, don't you?"

"Yeah, I explained everything to Nathaniel while you were gone today babe." replied Christof.

"Okay love, but no more of our special names for each other until the social worker leaves." smiled Jack.

"Just so I'm not caught off guard Jack, what is your story about knowing these boys?" asked Ellen.

"We were going to try the truth, except for the part about Christof being my lover." replied Jack. "I met Christof in a program for kids who needed special help with computer skills. His parents eventually asked me to be their babysitter a few times, and the boys and I became friends."

"I suppose that might work." said Ellen. "There might be a problem with you taking the boys to live at my house though,... unless we tell them that you and I are in the process of reconciling."

"You would do that for us, after everything that's happened dear?" asked Jack. "It's no wonder I married you."

"Just remember who you're in love with now, and we'll be okay!" laughed Ellen.

Then Christof leaned forward in the car, and whispered quietly in Ellen's ear, "I'm going to be that special boy who gets Jack to love me, even after I grow up. He doesn't realize that yet though."

Ellen smiled at Christof and replied, "I wish you luck with that Christof. I think it might be what both of you need."

Jack had called family services on the way to his apartment, and the social worker met them there shortly after they arrived.

"So, let me make sure I have everything correct here." said the social worker. "The boys parents just ran off and left, not telling anyone where they were going. The only thing they told the neighbors was to watch the boys for them for an indeterminate amount of time. One of the neighbors then called Jack, because Jack babysits the boys occasionally. Jack is also in the process of a reconciliation with you Ellen, and you are already a registered foster parent. You and your ex-husband, who are getting back together, want to foster the children, and take them to your home, and Jack's old home, down in the southern part of the state. Is that about it?"

"Yes, that's it exactly." replied Ellen.

"Well, everything seems to be in order from what I can tell with the interview with you and the boys so far." said the social worker. "I do have to talk with the neighbors, and I should have Ellen's file transmitted to my notebook by then. You can wait for me outside the boys' home. If everything checks out then, I'll have the police come out, and let you into the home to get the boys' stuff. Then we will issue a warrant for the parents. I will transfer the case to our office down there. Will you be leaving for there in the morning?"

"Yes, that's our plan if we can get everything arranged tonight." said Ellen. "We would rent a trailer tonight to move Jack back to his home with me tomorrow."

"Okay then, let's get this taken care of tonight, so the boys can get back to a somewhat normal life." replied the social worker.

When Ellen's file was transmitted to the social worker's notebook, everything checked out there. The neighbors corroborated everything that Jack had told them, so the social worker gave Ellen a temporary custody order for Christof and Nathaniel. Then the police came out and entered the home, so Ellen and Jack could help the boys pack their things. On the way back to Jack's, they rented a trailer, and Jack began packing. With everyone pitching in to help Jack, they were left with about one more hour of packing in the morning. Christof slept with Jack that night, and Ellen and Nathaniel slept on the sleeper sofa. Ellen did have to comfort the boy a few times that night, as he now realized that his mommy and daddy might not be coming back right away.

The next morning as Jack and Ellen finished packing, Naomi was getting everyone ready to go to church. Janice had been enjoying her visit so far, and was beginning to wonder if she might be able to move to this part of the state, to be closer to her son. She could see that Josh was really trying now, and he really had the potential to be a good young man. Naomi was obviously more excited about arriving at church than anyone else in the family. The boys caught a break that morning, by saying they wanted to sit in the back pews together, so Janice could sit with Naomi and Lonnie.

As Reverend Scott came out, Josh was prepared to cut loose with a few zingers. He wasn't prepared for the reverend's sermon though.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have some grave news this morning." said Reverend Scott. "Satan has taken up residence in our fair community! He is here right now among us, in the form of homosexuals! Now, I'm not telling you to lock your children away, but we need to be very careful. I don't know who has allowed Satan to take their form yet, but I intend to use every tool at my disposal to find out! That's what God has personally charged me to do! And he wants us to all keep our eyes open. These homosexuals can take any form, and they can be very persuasive in keeping you from discovering their dirty secrets. What do we do if we can find them though? We know that they need to be driven from our community, and back to the depths of Hell where they belong. How do we do that though? I am not a violent man by any means, and neither is our Lord. But the bible says clearly that evil must be defeated by ANY means necessary! If any violence happens, it is THEY who have brought this on! We can not worry about civility at this point, because THEY intend to destroy everything we hold sacred! I don't know about you people, but I intend to defend my Lord and my faith by WHATEVER means I have to! If they cause their own life to cease, it is what THEY have done! I promise you good, God fearing people that we WILL find these homosexuals, and we WILL send them back to their master! The sooner we do this, the safer or families and our faith will be! I will read some scriptures for you this morning that will help us, and prepare us for this battle. First though, please join me in a prayer for strength for this battle."

The boys sat stunned throughout the rest of the service. Lonnie and Janice held their emotions in check as they sat with Naomi, but Scott was making them very upset and angry. After a little socializing after the service, it was time to go home. Fortunately a good part of the congregation thought Scott was very close to needing to be committed. There were still quite a few people though who were ready to join him in his battle against evil. Janice was ready to join the boys in Boone's car for the ride home. Josh squeezed very tightly against Luke, which he didn't mind a bit, and Janice climbed in back with Josh and Luke.

Once they got underway, Janice pointed to the front seat and asked Josh, "Are they okay?"

"I should hope so." replied Josh. "Matt is Boone's boyfriend."

"And that asshole Scott is really beginning to piss me off!" exclaimed Boone as he drove.

"Are you boys safe with that maniac on the loose?" asked Janice.

"Yeah Josh, this is serious!" exclaimed Luke in a frightened tone. "That crazy bastard wants to kill us because we love each other!"

"Listen guys, he doesn't know it's us." said Josh. "He was fishing this morning. He wants to frighten someone into making a mistake, and we can't let it be us. If we keep cool, I'll get the asshole. I know he's hiding something very bad, and I swear I'll find out what it is before it's too late."

"Well son, I've never been much for breaking the law, but you need to do whatever you have to to get this man." said Janice. "I know somewhere in your vast knowledge of computers, you can get him. I'm afraid if you don't, he might cause someone to get hurt, or worse."

"Could you help us mom?" asked Josh.

"I'll do anything you need son." replied Janice. "I don't want to see any of you boys get hurt."

"Okay then mom, here's what we need." said Josh. "There are some loose floorboards in my closet at home. Hidden under the floorboards is a lock box. I need you to send that here to me. It was hidden there because the feds had the heat on hackers in the area, and I didn't want to get busted with what's in that box. I also need you to turn my computer on, and get it online for me, so I can hook up to it from here. The password for my computer is my complete name backwards, last, middle, and first name, with all of the odd numbered letters removed. The password for my ISP is all the letters you took out before, in reverse order that you took them out. Then I need you to get in touch with a friend of mine in the city. Tell him that you are Darkman's mom, and I need his help. Tell him I tried to use Peek Squeak, and it didn't work. Then have him e-mail me in our personal code. Go to Ziggy's Computers, and ask for Emo. That's my friend. Can you remember all of that mom?"

"I think I have it honey." replied Janice. "Who would have thought that my own son would have me acting like a secret agent! This is exciting!"

"Thanks mom, you're the greatest!" smiled Josh. "I'm sorry I never told you that enough before. I promise though that if you do what I ask, I'll nail Reverend Snot so hard that he'll never show his face in public again!"

"I hope you do honey!" smiled Janice. "I want all of you boys to be careful in the meantime though. I'll try to get back here as soon as I can. I love you Josh, you're my sweet little boy."

"I love you too mom." smiled Josh.

When the boys got home, Lonnie caught up with Janice while Naomi was busy preparing lunch. "I don't know how the people of this town can keep that man around!" exclaimed Janice.

"Well, I'm not a violent man either, but that bastard better hope he's gone by huntin' season." replied Lonnie. "It'd be a shame for someone to mistake his ass for a deer! I won't put up with that scumbag threatening my boys lives, and I think it's time to write a letter to the church's governing office."

"Well Lonnie, I think that's a good idea." replied Janice. "I don't think the church wants someone like that giving them a bad name. In the meantime, Josh will keep trying to get something on him to put him out of here."

"How is that going anyway?" asked Lonnie.

"Reverend Shithead caught his first attempt." replied Janice. "My Joshy won't give up though. He can get into anyone's computer eventually."

Lonnie smiled and said, "You have a fine young man there Janice. It's a shame you two are so far apart right now, but I really believe coming out here was good for him."

"I agree Lonnie, that's why I'm thinking of moving down here." replied Janice.

"You are?" asked Lonnie. "That's great Janice! I'm sure you'll love it around here, even if you have to get a place over in the county seat. It would be wonderful if you could find work in this town though."

Then Lonnie caught himself staring into Janice's eyes, and shook his head. "You felt that too, huh?" asked Janice.

"I don't know what happened there Janice." said Lonnie softly. "Naomi is a wonderful person, and we've had some good years together, not to mention a wonderful son together. I just wish she wasn't in such a spell over that man. It's almost like she sees him as her God or something, and it makes me feel like I'm playin' second fiddle. Then you come along, and you're so much like she use to be. It really makes me miss how things use to be."

"You shouldn't be made to feel that way Lonnie." replied Janice, as she made Lonnie look her in the eyes. "You are a fine man, and any woman should appreciate having you. I know Naomi isn't herself right now, because I don't know how she could place him over you. Someday she's going to snap out of this spell, and realize what she's done to you and Luke. After all, that man did threaten to kill her son today. If he's become more important to her than her family though, you may have to learn to accept that. Yours and Luke's welfare is more important than that animal she calls a reverend."

"Thank you Janice." replied Lonnie. "I may need help with this if she doesn't snap out of it. I'm glad you're coming back. If you need a place to stay while you get on your feet here, we have an awfully large house."

"Thanks Lonnie, I may take you up on that if Naomi agrees to it." smiled Janice. "I hate being so far away from my little Josh when he's in danger like he is now."

"Don't worry too much Janice." replied Lonnie. "I'm here to watch out for him. Besides, he's a very bright young man. I'm sure he can protect himself and his friends."

Lonnie and Janice had to break it off there. They were both afraid they would end up kissing if they didn't. It's not that they would have minded at this point, but Lonnie had to try to get through to Naomi. Meanwhile, Naomi was taking a call as the cornbread was baking.

"How are you this glorious afternoon Sister Tanner?" asked Reverend Scott.

"I'm fine Reverend." replied Naomi. "Your message today was a little ominous, but I found it very inspiring and informative."

"That's good Sister Tanner, because I'm putting together a group from our little church, and you looked like you understood our calling today." replied Reverend Scott. "I want to have a meeting of this group tomorrow evening, and I was wondering if you might join us? You're welcome to bring your husband along of course."

"I'd love to be there." replied Naomi. "I don't know about Lonnie though. Sometimes his heart and mind seems to be a million miles away."

"Well, even if he doesn't want to join our cause, I'd love to see you there." replied Reverend Scott.

"You can count on me then Reverend Scott." replied Naomi.

After a nice lunch, it was time for Janice to get back to her home in the city. It seemed very far from where her heart was now though. A few minutes after Janice left, Ellen called to let Boone and Matt know that her and Jack was back with Christof and Nathaniel. Luke and Josh followed the two boys back to Boone's house. As soon as the boys told Ellen and Jack about today's sermon, Ellen was livid.

"That's it!" exclaimed Ellen. "Boone and Matt, you boys are forbidden to set foot near that church as long as that insane bastard has anything to do with it!"

"Thanks mom." smiled Boone.

"Can you forbid us to go to church too Mrs. Daniels?" snickered Luke.

"Ellen, if I don't come back make sure you take good care of all the boys for me, including Christof and Nathaniel." said Jack.

"Why dear?" asked Ellen. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to go kill that monster!" replied Jack. "No one is going to threaten to harm my son and live to tell about it!"

"Don't do that Mister Daniels, your family needs you." begged Josh. "When mom sends me my safe from the city, I'll take that bastard down but good! Not a lot of people know this, but I'm one of the top hackers in the country. The only one I know who's any better is my friend from the city."

"Really son?!" replied Jack. "What handle do you go by?"

"I'm Darkman sir." replied Josh.

"You're Darkman?!" exclaimed Jack. "I can't believe this! Do you boys realize what a legend Josh is?! What was it like when you closed every school in the state for one day last year, just so you could send porn to a friend of yours?"

"That was a blast!" laughed Josh. "It wasn't as cool as when I hacked the Kremlin's computer system though. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, if you have a Russian translation program!"

"Please let me be there when you take Scott down, okay Josh?" asked Jack as he smiled.

"Actually I was going to ask Boone if I could start using his computer for this." replied Josh. "There's going to be a lot of traffic on whatever computer I use, and I don't want Luke's mom getting suspicious. I'll understand if you say no though. After all, if I was to get caught, it would be a pretty serious offense. I'm not going to get caught though. I want to ruin Reverend Snot more than anyone else. Everything will run through a proxy system I have set up overseas, and my encryption program mom is sending me will scramble the computer signature so well that there's no one on the planet who will be able to unscramble it. I can almost guarantee that Scott will never know who hit him."

"Well, he threatened your boys' lives." said Ellen. "As far as I'm concerned, that's proper justification."

"We'll cover for you any way that we can Josh." smiled Jack.

"Good!" smiled Josh. "Is anyone familiar with the prank where you have a bunch of pizzas delivered to someone who doesn't even know about it?"

"I'm vaguely familiar with that one!" laughed Jack.

"Well, I've got a little more high tech version of that, and it's time to start confusing the hell out of our friend!" laughed Josh.

The boys spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know Christof and Nathaniel. Everyone seemed to love the two boys from the city, and especially thought Nathaniel was just the cutest little boy they had ever seen. They could tell that Jack cared about both boys, but there was something special between Jack and Christof. They were surprised by how much they could see that in Christof's eyes, and they knew the boy belonged with Jack. It reminded Boone quite a bit of the old home movies with Jack and Billy.

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