City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

"Good!" smiled Josh. "Is anyone familiar with the prank where you have a bunch of pizzas delivered to someone who doesn't even know about it?"

"I'm vaguely familiar with that one!" laughed Jack.

"Well, I've got a little more high tech version of that, and it's time to start confusing the hell out of our friend!" laughed Josh.

The boys spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know Christof and Nathaniel. Everyone seemed to love the two boys from the city, and especially thought Nathaniel was just about the cutest little boy they had ever seen. They could tell that Jack cared about both boys, but there was something special between Jack and Christof. They were surprised by how much they could see that in Christof's eyes, and they knew the boy belonged with Jack. It reminded Boone quite a bit of the old home movies with Jack and Billy.

That night, Josh and Luke laid in Luke's bed in a sixty nine position. Josh's tongue was lovingly tracing every ridge and vein in Luke's cock, while Luke was lost in the sensuous taste of Josh's cock. What Josh was doing to Luke's cock made Luke feel the warmest sensation of love he had ever felt. Luke began to moan softly, and Josh smiled around his beautiful cock. Josh knew in just a moment, he would taste the sweetest taste he had ever known. Luke continued sucking intently on Josh's cock, as he writhed and began cumming for his lover. Luke's cum tasted so good to Josh that it brought on his orgasm. Josh's moans joined Luke's, as he fed Luke the fluid that Luke had been craving all day. Both boys sucked as hard as they could, sucking the last drops of cum from deep within their lover's cock. Once both boys had been drained of their cum, Josh turned back around into a loving embrace in Luke's arms.

"I can't imagine ever going without the taste of your cum again Josh." said Luke softly. "I can imagine us as two seventy year old men sitting in our rocking chairs one moment, then me hungrily sucking on your still beautiful cock the next moment."

"That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard Luke." smiled Josh, suppressing a giggle. "I'm just afraid I'm going to need a check up every week when we're two sexy seventy year old men together!"

As both boys giggled in each others arms, they heard Lonnie downstairs shout, "NO!" Luke and Josh quietly listened for more, but that was all that came from downstairs. Both boys finally fell asleep, wondering what that had been about.

Lonnie seemed upset all day the next day, and Luke and Josh figured that it must have had something to do with Reverend Satan. That evening when dinner was over, the boys would join their dad in being upset.

"Luke honey, I've asked your father to go with me tonight, but he doesn't seem to want to cooperate, and he won't give me any reason." said Naomi. "I was wondering if you and Josh would like to go with me to the church tonight. Reverend Scott is putting together a group who is going to take care of our problem with homosexuals in this community. They are evil people, and we have to get rid of them."

Luke was crying harder than he ever had before on the inside, but he couldn't let his mother see that. "No mom, we can't go tonight." replied Luke unemotionally. "We have something very important to do for Boone and his parents tonight, and we can't put it off."

"Well, okay honey." said Naomi. "I guess if you boys already have other commitments, I can't ask you to go back on your word. I'll just go by myself tonight."

As soon as Naomi was gone, Luke ran to his dad crying, and collapsed into Lonnie's arms. Lonnie and Josh hugged Luke between them, trying to comfort the boy. Josh looked into Lonnie's eyes and shook his head sadly.

"This is bullshit dad!" said Josh. "Someone has to stop that son of a bitch! I'm gonna teach that bastard a fucking lesson tonight that he won't forget for a while!"

"Normally I don't allow language like that son, but you just hit the way I feel right on the head!" replied Lonnie. "How about it Luke? Would it make you feel better if we can do something nasty to that bastard tonight?"

Luke dried his tears, and everyone followed Josh to the computer. Josh called his mom before logging on, and had her start his computer at home.

"Okay mom, I need you to click on my computer." said Josh. "Now, click on c drive and then click on program files. Next I need you to click folder properties and check the box next to show hidden folders and files."

Janice completed that for Josh, then exclaimed, "Oh my!"

"I know it looks like a lot mom, but some of it is stored in proxy." laughed Josh. "Now I need you to keep that window open, and connect my computer to the internet."

Once that was done, Josh logged Lonnie's computer onto the internet, then he connected to his home computer. "Thanks mom, just leave my computer on, and I'll take it from here." said Josh. "It's time to teach someone here a lesson tonight. I'll call you back to shut me down when I'm done."

"Okay Josh honey, be careful." said Janice. "By the way, I talked to your friend Emo, he seems like such a nice young man. He wants your number there so he can call you in person."

"That'll be fine mom." replied Josh. "I'd love to talk to Emo again."

Once Josh hung up the phone, he went to work. First he transferred a program from his computer into Lonnie's. Then he hacked into the computer system at the farm and tractor supply store. Lonnie and Luke looked on in interest, but Josh had told them not to ask too many questions. The less they knew, the better. Josh got deep enough into the system at the store to finally get Reverend Asshole's credit card number. The credit card had been issued by a company he had hacked before, so Josh then went into their system to retrieve Snot's expiration and security code In about thirty minutes, he had all of the information he needed.

"The bastard may be able to keep me from taking over his computer right now, but let's see how he likes this shit!" said Josh.

Josh then puled up a bunch of gay pay porn sites from a hidden file in his computer, including several boy picture and movie sites.

"This one will look really nice on his credit card bill!" snickered Josh. "They have movies of naked boys as young as five!"

Josh pulled up sign up windows for about a dozen sites, including one that let him sign up for eleven naked boy sites at one time. Then he entered the reverend's credit card and e-mail information on all the sign up windows. Once that was done, Josh clicked submit on all of them.

"Pizza anyone!" laughed Josh.

Then Josh hid his tracks, cleaned off Lonnie's computer, and called his mom back to shut his down. Josh wasn't worried about his computer, because it was set to automatically clean itself and return to default settings on shutdown.

"Okay now Josh, what in the world did you just do?" asked Lonnie.

"Well dad, you're going to like this." said Josh as he smiled. "I just ran up about fifteen hundred dollars worth of charges on his credit card, and provided him with enough regular gay and gay kiddy porn to keep him entertained for quite some time!"

Lonnie couldn't help but laugh. He knew it was most likely illegal, but it was just too funny not to laugh. Luke's reaction was the one Josh wanted to see though. Luke was now rolling on the floor and holding his ribs from laughing so hard.

"I sure hope there's no way he can track that son!" laughed Lonnie breathlessly.

"Not a chance dad!" bragged Josh. "All of the billing was done through a proxy server in Belize, so it will look like it came from there!"

"Damn Josh!" laughed Luke from the floor. "You just went to Belize and didn't get me anything? Just wait and see if I get you anything at the corn bore festival next month!"

That only made Luke laugh even harder, and Josh and Lonnie joined him. The three finally stopped laughing enough to have a talk.

"Sons, I know the things Naomi said tonight really hurt you." said Lonnie. "She had no right to say those things about anyone, especially not her own son. I love you two boys with all my heart though, and I promise that her behavior won't go uncorrected. It's just very sad that she can't show the same love that I do for you boys."

"Before this is over dad, I'm going to need to tell her exactly how she hurt me tonight." replied Luke. "It felt like she drove a hot rusty stake right into my heart tonight dad. She deserves to be told at some point that her son is the evil homosexual she was talking about tonight, and I really hope it bothers her!"

Lonnie pulled both boys into a very loving hug and said, "I can't blame you for that Luke. The important thing though is for me to know that you two boys know that her and that damn reverend are wrong."

"We know dad, and we love you." replied Luke.

"Yeah, we know their wrong." replied Josh. "It's just a matter of how many people are they going to hurt before everyone else knows that."

"No one will harm a hair on your boys' heads if I can help it!" said Lonnie. "I love you boys so much that I'd protect you with my life if I had to. I just hope you can nail him Josh."

"Me too dad, and I love you too." replied Josh.

"Well brothers and sisters, we covered a lot of ground tonight." said Reverend Scott. "We know that our prime suspects are the men around here who work in stores, no offense brother Newton, and men who work in the school. Those are the ones who we really need to focus on. We know that no man who voluntarily puts himself in contact with young boys constantly should be given our blind trust. Those are the ones who need constant scrutiny. All I ask is that you good brothers and sisters keep your eyes and ears open. This is for the sake of your children now."

As everyone was leaving, Reverend Scott asked Naomi to stay behind. Once everyone was gone, Scott said, "Sister Naomi, how are things going with you? I noticed your husband didn't join us tonight. I certainly hope that it's not because he doesn't care about the safety of your son."

"I'm sure that's not it Reverend Scott." replied Naomi. "Actually we have two boys with us now. We have custody of Luke's cousin Josh until he turns eighteen now."

"Oh yes, Josh." replied Scott. "He seems like such a personable boy, although possibly a bit mischievous at times."

"Maybe, but he is a sweet boy." replied Naomi. "As a matter of fact, after he copied the Ten Commandments for Luke and then me, he insisted that I keep his original copy. That was very sweet of him considering that he must love that movie. He has kept his original copy in perfect condition over the years."

"He sounds like such a good and wholesome boy." said Scott. "I'm sure he will make a fine contribution to our community someday. You didn't answer my question though, how are you doing? The only reason I ask is that you seemed a bit down about something. Is it Lonnie?"

"No, not at all Reverend Scott." replied Naomi.

"Please Naomi, call me William." replied Scott. "We're not in church, and you are one of the finest sisters in the church. I consider you somewhat special."

"Okay William." smiled Naomi. "Anyway, as I was saying, it did bother me that Lonnie wouldn't come tonight, but I can understand it. The pressure of running a farm our size can be incredible sometimes."

"Well, as long as he's treating you right Naomi." replied Scott. "You deserve that, and I want to know about it if he doesn't. As I said, I consider you special."

"Why thank you very much William." smiled Naomi.

Naomi didn't know why, or didn't want to admit why, but she now felt a little light-headed being with Reverend Scott. She could feel herself drawing closer and closer, although she hadn't really moved.

"Why, Naomi Tanner!" smiled Reverend Scott with a forced smile. "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that you look like you want to kiss me right now!"

"Oh no Rever,... I mean William!" blushed Naomi. "I didn't mean that I wouldn't,... I mean I would but,... No, that's not it."

"Naomi, there's no reason to be embarrassed or nervous." smiled Scott. "It's just a simple pleasure of the flesh, and nothing to really worry about. I know you're married, as I am married to the church. We all have needs and desires though, and if such a simple pleasure would help you, I would gladly make that sacrifice. As I have said Naomi, you are special."

Then the reverend slowly leaned into Naomi. She saw his face drawing closer to hers, but was powerless to stop it. The reverend then placed his lips gently against Naomi's, and drew her against his body. Reverend Scott held Naomi in a warm embrace, as he thought of a picture from the internet that would be sure to turn him on. Yes, that one would do it! So young and innocent! So submissive! Reverend Scott kissed Naomi with a passion she had not felt in many years. Reverend Scott's kiss almost left Naomi breathless by the time it was broken.

"That was,... was,..." said Naomi.

"I know Naomi, it was a pleasure." smiled Scott. "A pleasure that I would bestow on you again anytime."

It took Naomi the entire drive home to collect her wits. Instead of feeling shame in what she had done though, she wanted to do it again. After Naomi left, Reverend Scott sat down in front of his computer. He couldn't wait to log onto one of his favorites now. Scott was surprised by the amount of e-mail he had tonight, and then he noticed the return addresses. Most of them turned out to be e-mails welcoming him to various porn sites, many of which obviously contained pictures of young naked boys. Reverend Scott spent the rest of the night on the phone with his credit card company, trying to straighten this out. Since his security code was used in the transactions, he found he would have to deal with each site individually. One had even been billed under the site name of boylover dot biz! That one would definitely have to be corrected, although there were a few that peaked his interest. The one about boys and their pets looked extremely interesting.

After Luke and Josh had gone to Boone and Matt's the next morning, the boys sat around the kitchen table laughing hysterically. Jack was laughing along with them, and even Ellen couldn't help but to chuckle silently.

"Oh god Josh!" wailed Boone in laughter. "Maybe we should go by the church, and write on the sign, This Sunday's sermon sponsored by Johnny loves Spot dot com!"

Then all of the boys practically fell out of their seats from laughing so hard. "Now boys!" laughed Jack. "It might be a bit improper to write that on the church sign. However, if you need any help writing that on the back window of his car, please let me know!"

That only made the boys laugh louder.

"Now Jack!" smiled Ellen. "You're only encouraging them!"

Then Ellen finally lost her struggle to hold her laughter in. That made the boys laugh so hard that they all had tears streaming down their faces.

"No Ellen dear, this would be encouraging them." laughed Jack. "When you said you could top the pizza delivery prank Josh, by God you meant it! Hey boys, let's call the reverend and say, We're ready to bake your pizza sir. Would you like a nice, hot, throbbing sausage on that?"

Ellen had to run for the bathroom as fast as she could. Luke and Matt were reduced to crawling for the door as quickly as they could to get outside, before they peed in their pants. Josh and Boone couldn't catch their breath from laughing so hard. Christof and Nathaniel were watching cartoons on the big screen TV, thinking that everyone else had gone crazy.

Josh finally stopped laughing enough to say, "The really funny thing is, I'll bet that sicko keeps the Johnny loves Spot site!'

"Where in the world did you even come up with that one Josh?" asked Jack as he chuckled. "It sure isn't one of the ones I sent you to."

Josh looked at Boone and snickered, "You can find ANYTHING on the internet!"

That only got Boone to laughing again, as Luke and Mat came back in, holding each other up. "Okay folks, Luke and I watered your daisies for you!"

Once again, everyone was laughing. One person who wasn't laughing that morning was Reverend Scott. It had been a long night for him, and he had to get irate with quite a few webmasters. He did manage to get all but one site canceled though. Now it was finally time to sit in front of his computer and relax.

"Well, I might as well see how much Johnny loves Spot, since I'm keeping this one!" said Reverend Scott. "Hmm. Okay, what farmboy doesn't know that baby calves will suck anything? He sure does seem to be enjoying his bovine blow-job though. I'll bet he would enjoy it a lot less if he suddenly discovered that the calf had teeth! Heh-heh! Ooh, here's a nice one! Apparently nobody told him that you milk heifers, not bulls! I guess as long as the boy and the bull don't mind though."

As Reverend Scott continued looking through the site, he took his cock out and began stroking it. Some of the boys and their pets were pretty hot as far as the reverend was concerned. In actuality though, the whole site was fairly vile. Reverend Scott moaned obscenely when he finally had an orgasm.

"Oh Christ!" moaned Scott, as he rubbed his cum into his chest and stomach. "I'm gonna have to thank someone for this, then kick their ass for that other crap!"

Later that afternoon after Josh and Luke went home, Josh got a call from Emo. "Hi Emo, how ya doin'?"

"Pretty cool Darkman." replied Emo. "I hear you tried to use Peak Squeak, and it got picked off."

"Yeah man, it kinda surprised me too." replied Josh.

"Who did you use it on?" asked Emo.

"Some jerk-ass reverend in this small town I'm living in." replied Josh.

"He must be into some serious shit then, and high on security." said Emo. "Are you sure this is a reverend we're talking about?"

"Yep!" replied Josh. "I have to nail him with something too Emo. He's going to get someone hurt with his hateful sermons against gays."

"That bastard!" exclaimed Emo. "Do you have Wee Willy Winky?"

"You know my winky ain't wee no more Emo!" snickered Josh. "Just kidding buddy, of course I have Wee Willy Winky. Why?"

"Oh, no reason." replied Emo. "Just make sure you don't tell everyone how wee your winky is." After Emo finished laughing, he said, "I've been working with Winky and Peak Squeak together, and I found a way to combine them. It's a lot harder to keep out, especially if you use Stuffer version two as the insertion method. Plus, it's so good that you can tell the last time he passed gas!"

Emo went ahead and gave Josh directions to do what he was talking about, then Josh asked him to come for a visit sometime. The clincher was when Josh told Emo that his mom thought he looked like a nice young man. The next day, Josh got the package from his mom and went ahead and began working on what Emo had told him about. Then later that evening, Josh got another call from his mom.

"Hi honey." said Janice. "I have some good news. My application at the elementary school down there was approved. The movers will be here the first of next week."

"Are you kidding mom?!" replied Josh. "This is great! I'll let Lonnie know, and he can put you up here until you find a house!"

"I already talked to him this morning, and everything is all set Joshy." replied Janice. "It's going to be so good to be near my baby boy again. What's the word on the rodent problem down there?"

"The filthy rat is still on the loose." replied Josh. "You're getting pretty good at this code stuff mom. Would you be interested in learning how to hack?"

Janice and Josh laughed together for a moment, then finished their conversation. Josh was now looking forward to his mom being much closer. Reverend Scott wasn't as close as he wanted to be on catching the person who had been giving him problems lately. If he thought he'd had problems before though, he hadn't seen anything yet. Friday night would give a whole new meaning to the word problem.

When Friday night rolled around, Josh and Luke headed off to Boone's. Before leaving though, Josh grabbed a disc with a big red X on it and put it in a case, then took it with them.

"Anyone wanna see how bad I can mess someone up?" asked Josh, as he and Luke walked into Boone's house. Jack and the boys all followed Josh up to Boone's computer. Josh slipped the disc into Boone's computer and said, "Okay, first I'm going to download something called Stuffer version two. It'll look like it takes up a lot of room, but it doesn't. What it's going to do is hook up to one hundred different proxy servers through a proxy server. Then it will begin to collect fake addresses to send to all of the proxies. Once it has collected one hundred addresses for each proxy, I'll be ready to send ten thousand e-mails to Reverend Chump at one time, all wanting to get my latest toy into his computer. This method, known as stuffing, has a high rate of success."

Everyone watched Josh as he went to work. As Stuffer was collecting addresses, Josh was working on an e-mail, and a list of twenty subject lines that would be inserted at random by Stuffer. Once that was done, Josh inserted the Peak/Winky virus into th e-mail.

"Man, you're filling up my computer!" exclaimed Boone.

"Nah, most of this is being carried out by the one hundred different proxy servers I'm using." replied Josh. "The only thing in your computer right now that wasn't there before is the signature scrambler and Stuffer."

Josh and everyone watched as the program finished gathering addresses. Then Josh loaded the e-mail and virus into Stuffer, and in just a few minutes, it had been uploaded to one hundred different proxy servers, which would duplicate it one hundred times each, and send it to Reverend Scott. Once the program had finished, it shut itself down, deleted itself, and and scrubbed it's own traces from Boone's computer.

"Remind me never to get you mad at me Josh!" laughed Jack.

Reverend Scott sat down at his computer, and logged into his e-mail program. When the program told him that he had ten thousand new messages, Reverend Scott fell off his chair. It looked like it was going to be another very long night for Scott.

I think he pissed Josh off. lol. Well, I don't believe for one moment that Snot will just let this go, although Josh did give him that very nice present with the reverend's own credit card. At this time I would like to say that this author does not condone bestiality combined with young boys. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 16.