City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

Josh and everyone watched as the program finished gathering addresses. Then Josh loaded the e-mail and virus into Stuffer, and in just a few minutes, it had been uploaded to one hundred different proxy servers, which would duplicate it one hundred times each, and send it to Reverend Scott. Once the program had finished, it shut itself down, deleted itself, and scrubbed its own traces from Boone's computer.

"Remind me never to get you mad at me Josh!" laughed Jack.

Reverend Scott sat down at his computer, and logged into his e-mail program. When the program told him that he had ten thousand new messages, Reverend Scott fell off his chair. It looked like it was going to be another very long night for Scott.

Several times during the process of deleting the ten thousand e-mails, one of them would try to open instead of deleting. The reverend had to pay close attention, because this virus seemed to be blocking his anti-virus. All he could do was hope he got all the self opening e-mails to shut down in time. Reverend Scott finally finished at about two in the morning.

"Someone is going to pay for this fucking shit!" said Scott angrily, as he deleted the last e-mail. "I need to relax after that, to hell with the sermon. Some of these dipshits will believe anything I tell them anyway!"

Scott entered the address for, and scrolled down the contents page. "Ah, here's Johnny and Spot!" chuckled the reverend. "I might as well check out the namesakes of the site. Looks like they have quite a long video here. Thank God for DSL!"

Reverend Scott went ahead and downloaded the video, as he checked out a few of the pictures of Johnny and Spot. Johnny was a very cute thirteen year old boy, although he looked more like eleven or twelve. He had almost no pubic hair, which Scott really liked, and a very pretty little cock, that seemed to be about five inches erect. Johnny's medium length light brown hair and soft features made him look like a very sweet and pretty boy. Reverend Scott laughed lightly, as he thought little Johnny looked much too sweet and innocent to be into bestiality yet. He sure did seem to enjoy letting his Dalmatian named Spot suck his dick though. Spot seemed to enjoy it too, especially when he laid on his side to let Johnny suck his dick. The video had now finished downloading, so Scott started it up.

"Hi, I'm Johnny, and this is my boyfriend Spot." said Johnny, as he undressed. "Me and Spot have been lovers for about two years now. It all started when I was eleven, and Spot had just turned one. At first I just thought he liked licking my dick, but he soon let me know that he was in love with me. I started calling Spot my boyfriend by the time I was twelve, and that was when we had our first kiss. Spot loves to kiss, don't ya boy?"

"Woof!" replied Spot, as he wagged his tail.

"Something else he also loves is when I started cumming about six months ago." said Johnny. "I've been swallowing his cum for about the last year now. He really does like that, but it's nothing compared to how he likes the taste of my cum. Let's show em Spot, let's make love for these nice people!"

By this time, Reverend Scott had his swollen cock out, and pumped it erotically as he watched the video of Johnny and Spot. Within moments, Scott was moaning very lewdly as he stroked his cock.

"I'll be your doggy Johnny!" moaned Scott. "Woof!"

As Scott approached his orgasm after ten minutes, Johnny had already made Spot cum, and was now approaching his orgasm. Reverend Scott moaned loudly, "I'm gonna cum for you Johnny!"

As Johnny writhed and moaned while he cummed for his four legged lover, Scott shot a massive orgasm. The first two shots landed on his face and open mouth. The rest landed on his shirt, and ran down over his hand and cock. When Scott's orgasm was over, he hungrily licked the cum from his hand, then scraped the cum on his face into his mouth.

"Oh God Johnny, you are the perfect fuck boy!" moaned Scott. "I'd love to find you someday. You would make my cock cum so hard! I'm sure I could make you enjoy the stuff they do on my other favorite site!"

The next morning, after Luke and Josh untangled themselves from each other and took a bath, they got ready to go to Boone's house. Before they could get out the door, Naomi stopped them.

"Where are you boys going this morning?" asked Naomi.

"We were going to visit Boone and Matt." replied Luke.

"I'm not sure how I feel about how much time you spend over there, now that Jack Daniels is back in town." said Naomi, as Lonnie came into the room.

"Oh Geez Naomi, the boys are going to see their friends!" said Lonnie. "Why would they want to go over there to see some middle aged man who finally realized he made a mistake, and came back home to his wife and family?"

"I thought you were friends with Boone's mom, mom." said Luke. "Are you trying to say you don't trust your own friend Ellen?"

"Of course not honey." replied Naomi. "That doesn't mean that I have to trust that ex-husband of hers!"

"News flash mom, they're getting back together!" said Luke. "He won't be an ex-husband for long, and it just might offend Ellen that you don't trust him."

"Luke's right dear." said Lonnie. "Ellen knows Jack better than anyone, and she wouldn't be taking him back if he hadn't changed. Saying you don't trust Jack is kinda like saying you don't trust Ellen either."

"Well excuse me for having an opinion!" replied Naomi. "And there's still a little bit of difference between trusting Ellen and trusting Jack. Ellen is not the one who ran off and left her family to fend for themselves! Go on ahead Luke, but just be careful about what goes on over there."

"Yes mom." said Luke, who then ran out the door, followed by Josh.

Luke was not quite as mad anymore when he and Josh got to Boone's. As Jack and the boys sat around Boone's computer though, Josh could still tell that Luke was a little upset.

"It'll be okay Luke." said Josh, as he turned from the computer. "When I nail Scott, your mother is going to see how wrong she's been."

When that didn't seem to work, Josh pulled Luke to him, then pulled Luke's face down to his. Josh gave Luke a very warm and loving kiss as the other boys and Jack watched.

"Maybe it would make things better if you two went over and used my bed." smiled Boone. "I know making love to my Matty always makes me feel better!"

"I really don't think they want some old man watching them make love though." laughed Jack.

"You're not that old dad." replied Boone.

"I'm five years older than your mother son." said Jack. "That puts me at forty eight."

"It's just hard for me to think of you being that old dad." said Boone. "Especially after seeing those home movies of you and Billy. How old were you then?"

"Billy was my first boy." smiled Jack, as he recalled his memories. "I was twenty, and he was five when we first met. It wasn't too sexual for the first few years, but I could start to tell that he was starved for love that he wasn't getting at home. I often wonder what happened to him. I just hope that wherever he is, he's doing okay."

"That would make him thirty three now." said Boone. "I'm sure he's fine. He had a great person to help him make it to his mid teens. Anyway, back to Luke."

"I'll be okay guys." said Luke. "It just hurts that my mom would say the things she does without thinking about it first."

"Okay guys, I'm in!" said Josh, as he accessed the report made by his virus. "Damn it! He kept killing it off before it could get too much!"

"Did you get anything Josh?" asked Jack.

"Well, well!" said Josh. "It's not proof, but he's been to several times, and spent almost an hour there the last time. It didn't get a password, or any record of what he looked at though. I knew Reverend Smut would keep that one!"

"Is there anything else?" snickered Boone.

"Hey, he has an account on the same IM you use Boone!" replied Josh. "Get this guys! His screen name is smurfranger!" Josh began laughing, followed quickly by everyone else. When Josh finally stopped laughing, he said, "What a perv! That does give me an idea though, but I'll have to think it through a little first. If I needed to Jack, could you bring someone here from the capital city?"

"If it's to nail Reverend Smut, I'd love to!" laughed Jack.

Josh went ahead and printed a copy of the report, then deleted it from Scott's computer. After Jack left the room, the boys began smiling at each other impishly. Then Boone took Matt into an embrace, while Josh took Luke into an embrace, and Boone and Josh slowly backed their lovers toward the bed. Once Matt and Luke were laying back on the bed and smiling, Boone and Josh began undressing them. Then Boone and Josh undressed themselves, and knelt between their lover's legs. Boone reached over to the bedside table, and grabbed the tube of lube. After lubing his cock, he passed the lube to Josh. Once Boone and Josh were ready, they pushed their cocks into their lovers together.

"Wow Boone, Matt really loves that huge cock of yours sliding into him, doesn't he?" asked Josh.

"No more than it looks like Luke enjoys you inside him." smiled Boone.

"Are you two going to talk, or make love to us?" asked Matt, causing Luke to giggle.

Boone and Josh smiled as they began sliding their cocks in and out of Matt and Luke, and Matt and Luke began moaning softly. When Boone leaned down and pressed his lips against Matt's, Josh leaned down and pressed his lips against Luke's. As Josh and Luke kissed, Luke reached up and caressed Josh butt as it rose up and down. Then Luke pulled Josh into him as hard as he could. At the same time, Boone's cock was ramming into Matt's prostate, and caressing it firmly.

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold my cum back Boone!" moaned Matt, after about five minutes.

"Please try Matty!" panted Boone. "I'm getting close. Then I want to suck the cum from your beautiful cock. It's all I ever think of anymore!"

Within another minute, Boone began moaning loudly as Matt held his orgasm back. As soon as Boone blasted his cum into Matt, he pulled his cock out of Matt, and went down to take Matt's cock into his mouth. Boone enjoyed the feel of Matt's cock against his tongue and the roof of his mouth, as he caressed Matt's cock with the entire inside of his mouth.

As Josh began moaning loudly, Matt moaned, "Oh God baby, I love how much you love my cock! I'm gonna cum now baby!"

As Josh pumped his cum into Luke, Boone swallowed Matt's cum hungrily. When Josh and Matt were through cumming, Boone and Matt took each other into their arms. Then they smiled and kissed as they watched Josh take his cock out of Luke, and begin sucking Luke's cock. Within a few moments, Luke began moaning loudly. Then he filled Josh's mouth with the sweet taste of his cum. Josh swallowed all of Luke's cum down eagerly as the other two boys watched. When Luke was finished cumming, all four boys laid in the arms of their lovers to relax.

"Hey Boone, I almost for......" started Jack, as he walked into the room. "Whoa, sorry boys. I almost wish I'd been here to see it though."

"It would have been kinda weird having my dad watch us though!" laughed Boone, as he hugged Matt gently.

"I guess so." laughed Jack. "Anyway, I was wondering if you would like to go to the county seat with me later, so I can get a computer for Christof and Nathaniel. I always meant to get them one because they always wanted to play around on mine. I figure that they'll be bugging you about yours soon unless I get them one."

"If you want to go right now, Josh and I can go with you too." said Luke.

"Okay then boys, go ahead and get dressed, and we'll take off." said Jack. "By the way Boone, you're hung as well as I am. It makes me kinda proud!"

All the boys giggled and laughed at that comment, as Jack watched them kiss and get dressed. Before leaving Boone's room, Jack gave Boone a light kiss on the forehead and said, "I'm serious son. It makes me very proud to have such a fine young gay man as my son."

"Thanks dad." smiled Boone.

The manager at the electronics and appliance store smiled as he saw his favorite customers come in. "I want to thank you for having those records Boone." said the man, as he approached the group. "They are bringing me so much joy. I always loved the sound of Frank's voice. What can I do for you gentlemen today?"

"This is my dad." replied Boone, as he introduced Jack with a smile. "He just came to live with us, and he brought two foster sons with him. We need to pick them up a computer now."

As Jack and the boys looked at computers, Jack soon realized that Christof and Nathaniel would end up having a better computer than him, even though he had upgraded his a few times already. It was enough to make Jack feel a little inadequate.

"I run an online consulting business, and it's really going to be weird seeing all my kids with better systems than mine." said Jack.

"Then maybe I can interest you in a new business system." smiled the manager, as he pointed toward the more high end systems. "This is our top of the line business model here. It has a very large capacity hard drive, a new model of processor that makes personal computers look like toys, and a built-in server so you don't have to farm your web site out to other companies. It's also network ready, in case you ever expand your business."

"Well, that does make mine look kind of like an antique!" laughed Jack.

"There are other systems that you can order that make this look small, but this should do nicely for a majority of small businesses." said the manager. "For six thousand dollars for a business system, this is a very competitive model, and I'll even throw in the computer for your boys at ten percent over our cost."

"I hate the thought of transferring all that information from my old computer though." said Jack.

"We have a software package that lets you link the two computers through their serial ports, and transfer all the data that you want to keep in a matter of minutes." replied the manager. "It's not nearly as traumatic of a process as it use to be."

"Okay then, I'm sold." smiled Jack.

"Damn dad, how good is the online consulting business?" asked Boone.

"Let's just say that I can take care of my family comfortably." chuckled Jack.

"How much did you pull down last year dad?" asked Boone.

"Let's not get into numbers son." said Jack. "I would have taken very good care of you guys over the last few years, but Ellen didn't want too much to do with the idea. I can't say that I blame her after what happened, but I do plan on making it up to you son. I always loved you, and wanted to be there for you."

"Yeah Boone, even if he made millions last year, does it matter that much?" asked Josh. "He's here for you now, and he wants to make sure his family is well taken care of. He was always one of my favorite online contacts in the city, and now I can easily see why. I envy you for having a dad like him, since I never knew mine that well."

"It's just that we've had to scrape by to make it lately, and it was tough watching mom go through that." said Boone. "That's why when I sold those records, I ended up spending more on her than I did myself."

"Well son, you don't have to scrape any more." said Jack, as he put an arm around Boone. "I've talked your mom into letting me pay off the mortgage Monday morning. Our family is going to be well off for quite some time now, and I'm serious that I'm going to make things up to you. I love you son."

"I love you too dad!" smiled Boone.

Once everyone got home, the boys helped a very excited Christof and Nathaniel set up their computer, while Jack got his ready to transfer over. He decided to go ahead and use his old system just for non business purposes. Once everything was set, Jack transferred his web site to his own server.

Ellen didn't have much luck talking Jack into going to church the next morning. She couldn't really blame him though, as she really didn't want to go either. She just had a feeling that sooner or later, all hell was going to break loose because of Scott. She had talked to the church's regional committee earlier in the week, and found out that several others had too, but any investigation by the church would likely take years. Ellen and her four boys met Lonnie and his family outside the church that morning, and talked for a few minutes before going in.

Reverend Scott was determined to get some of his more faithful followers to begin looking out for him, considering the problems he'd had over the past week. As he peeked out and saw the pews filling, he smiled at how easy he thought this would be. Once he saw that everyone was inside, he headed on out to begin his message.

"Brothers and sisters, I can tell you without a doubt that the end times are approaching." said Scott. "You can plainly see it yourself if you look in the book of Revelations. It tells you exactly what to watch for in the events of the world. We can control how fast this happens though, and all we have to do is please our Lord with our actions. That might sound easy enough, but it's not as easy as it sounds! It takes constant vigilance against evil by all of us. And believe me, there is plenty of evil around us, even in our small community. I have put together a group of brothers and sisters to help with that, and we'll be meeting right after services today. Our last meeting was kind of small, but I expect to see this movement grow. It has to grow, because whether you believe it or not, evil is trying to take over our community! Satan won't be happy until he has the soul of every man, woman, and child in this community! And he has sent the very worst of his soldiers to do battle with us, homosexuals! They will take over the entire world if we let them, including this community! God WILL NOT look favorably on us if we allow this to happen, because he hates these faggots! He wants us to hate them as much as he does, and fight them no matter what has to be done!"

"That's it!" said Ellen, as she got up. Then she had her four boys get up to head to the door.

"Sister Daniels!" called out Scott. "What seems to be the problem with my message?"

"I ain't your sister buddy!" shot back Ellen. "I am not going to subject my family to you trying to scare everyone in this community, to get them to hate and hurt others because you want to! This community is exactly the same as it has been for generations. The only difference now is some paranoid hypocrite trying to stir up problems that don't exist, and my family doesn't need to be exposed to that anymore!"

Then Ellen turned her back to Scott, and headed her family to the door. Lonnie turned to Luke and Josh and said, "Boys, I want you to go with Ellen now!"

Luke and Josh gladly jumped up, and took off after Ellen and her boys. Scott tried to intimidate everyone into not leaving, but Ellen was no longer listening to him. Once Ellen and the boys were out the door, followed closely by Luke and Josh, other people began to get up out of their seats and turn to the door. It was as if a lot of people were just waiting for someone to openly defy Reverend Scott, and now it had happened. When Reverend Scott lost nearly half the congregation that morning, he decided he better relax his message somewhat.

"Why did you tell our boys to walk out of God's house this morning Lonnie?!" asked Naomi sharply, as the reverend was getting ready to continue.

"Because Naomi dear, this isn't God's house anymore!" replied Lonnie. "It belongs to that man up there right now, and he doesn't speak for God. I just wish you could see that as well as everyone else."

"Well Lonnie, I think he does speak for God!" replied Naomi. "I assume you have no intention of staying for the meeting after the service. That's fine though, I'll find my own way home. We will talk about this later!"

Lonnie couldn't wait for the service to be over. As soon as it was, he got up and left without saying a word. Instead of going home though, he headed in the direction of Ellen's house to be with his boys.

After the service, Reverend Scott went to Naomi and said, "I'm here for you if you need me sister Tanner. It pains me to see your husband send your children away from God's house, then leave without a word."

"I just don't know what to do about it Reverend Scott." replied Naomi despairingly.

"Church is over for the day Naomi, you can call me William now, at least until the meeting starts." smiled Scott. "Can I see you in private for a moment, in my ready room?"

Scott led Naomi back away from the main room, then thought of little Johnny as he wrapped his arms around her. Reverend Scott pressed his lips against Naomi's, and kissed her passionately until Naomi began returning the kiss. Naomi knew that she shouldn't be doing this, but the passion of the younger man was having an uncontrollable effect on her. Naomi let her body melt into the exciting form of Scott's body, and she kissed him more passionately than she had kissed anyone in a while. Scott felt a warm glow of satisfaction when he felt Naomi's hand gently caress his butt.

Naomi finally broke the kiss breathlessly and said, "I shouldn't have done that. You're a much younger man than me."

"I'm not THAT young Naomi!" smiled Scott. "I'm thirty three, which is plenty old enough to know what I'm doing."

"I guess it's not that much of a difference then, but what about my family William?" asked Naomi.

"Your boys are nearly grown men now Naomi." replied Scott. "They are beginning to move toward the direction that their lives will take them now, and you've already done what you can to prepare them. I think your boys will be fine, and nothing says you have to stop loving them. Your husband also seems to be moving on in a different direction Naomi, and there may also be nothing you can do about that. I don't think for one moment that he's one of those evil people that I've talked about, but I don't think he has the fight in him anymore."

"So then, I just have to accept this?" asked Naomi.

"I'm not saying that at all Naomi." replied Scott warmly. "God gave you a mind so you can make decisions for yourself, as he has with everyone. If you've come to a decision, you never have to accept what is happening. There are times though that peoples lives together have gone as far as they can, and it's time to move on."

"What do you want from me William?" asked Naomi.

"You can see into me pretty well, can't you Naomi?" laughed Scott softly. "You and Lonnie have had your family, and now they are growing into adults. I know it wasn't a large family because of some accident Lonnie had that left him impotent, but it was a very wonderful family until now. I want to give you that again Naomi. I never had that myself, but I've always wanted a house full of sons, to give them my love and guidance. You're a special woman Naomi, and I think we could do that very well together."

Then Reverend Scott gave Naomi another very passionate kiss, before going out to meet with the group that he thought would unwittingly help him keep his secrets safe. Naomi was now completely hooked on every word that the exciting young reverend had to say.

"Lonnie, I swear that that man is so good at filling people with hate, I wanted to run up there and beat the holy shit out of him!" said Ellen, as Jack snickered and tried to calm her. "I'm serious, I'm not exposing these boys to any more of his hateful garbage! I just hope we can convince Christof and Nathaniel that everything he said today was wrong."

"Good news mom." said Boone, as he entered the room snickering. "Us boys just had a good talk with Christof and Nathaniel. They both think Reverend Smut is full of shit!"

"Reverend Smut?" laughed Lonnie. "I'm almost afraid to ask where you boys came up with that!"

"I'm not!" said Ellen. "Where did you boys come up with that?"

"It has to do with all of those porn sites Josh sent to him." replied Boone. "The perv kept the site!"

"Oh, now that just pisses right off!" said Lonnie. "He gets up and preaches that hateful crap on Sunday, then surfs all kinds of weird porn the rest on the week! Can we prove this?"

"His computer wiped out Josh's virus before we got anything we could use as proof, but Josh is working on something else now." replied Boone. "We'll get him though, we have to now."

"Yes, I agree." said Ellen. "Things can't go on the way they did this morning."

As Reverend Scott lay in the bed beside a naked Naomi Tanner, with his cock now deflating, he thought back to today's meeting. The reverend had a likely suspect on who was causing him problems, and the group had decided on a course of action to take care of the problem. Then he looked over at Naomi and smiled. It was difficult for him to put his cum insider her, but he hoped Naomi could give him plenty of boys to satisfy his urges.

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