City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

"His computer wiped out Josh's virus before we got anything we could use as proof, but Josh is working on something else now." replied Boone. "We'll get him though, we have to now."

"Yes, I agree." said Ellen. "Things can't go on the way they did this morning."

As Reverend Scott lay in the bed beside a naked Naomi Tanner, with his cock now deflating, he thought back to today's meeting. The reverend had a likely suspect on who was causing him problems, and the group had decided on a course of action to take care of the problem. Then he looked over at Naomi and smiled. It was difficult for him to put his cum inside her, but he hoped Naomi could give him plenty of boys to satisfy his urges.

Lonnie and the boys got home well before Naomi, which Lonnie thought was odd. What was even more strange was the fact that Naomi went on about her routine quietly when she got home. Lonnie was expecting a big argument over sending Luke and Josh out of the church earlier.

Naomi finally did come to Lonnie and the boys and said, "I don't want to argue with anyone tonight. I've done as much as I can for my family spiritually, and now the rest is up to you. I will continue to be faithful to my church, and I would hope my family will too. I can't force that on any of you though, it has to be your choosing."

Lonnie wasn't about to add anything, as he was relieved that that was all Naomi had to say. Luke and Josh did want to speak with her before bedtime though, and they hoped it wouldn't start a scene.

"Mom, Josh and I wanted you to know something." said Luke. "We don't disagree with God's messages to us, it's just that we feel they should be presented with a little more love and compassion than they have been lately."

"You two are very gentle natured young men, and I hope that's one thing that never changes about either of you." smiled Naomi. "We have done a very good job raising Luke to be ready to deal with the world in less than two years from now, and you have come a long way since coming here Josh. That's one thing I will always be proud of. The only thing you boys need to understand now is that sometimes the world just doesn't respond to delivering a message gently, and you have to be forceful to protect those you care about."

"Who are you trying to protect us from though mom?" asked Luke. "We don't see that this community has changed much over the generations."

"You will soon though Luke." replied Naomi. "You just have to trust me on that."

Then Naomi gave both boys a light kiss on the forehead, and sent them off to bed. That night as Josh laid on top of Luke and gently thrust his cock in and out of him, Luke ran his hands softly over Josh's back as they kissed passionately.

When Josh broke the kiss to catch his breath, Luke said, "This feels so right Josh. Your cock inside me, our bodies pressed together, and us making love as one. When we make love, it's like love is the only feeling that exists in the world. It's such a beautiful feeling that we should always be making love Josh."

"That was the most beautiful and true thing I've ever heard anyone say Luke." replied Josh softly. "I love you more than I ever thought possible to love anyone, and I can see us together as two old men, still loving each other this way."

"That's a very sexy thought Josh." smiled Luke. "I'll look forward to us making love like this when we're old men. For now though Josh, the time has come for mother to know. It has to be done this week sometime. Your mother will be here tomorrow, so my mother can't send you away from me now. Besides, my dad and your mom both approve of our love."

"You know that I'll love and support whatever you decide Luke." replied Josh.

"I know that, my love." smiled Luke. "That's why we belong together. Well, that plus the fact that your cock feels so good inside me right now."

Both boys giggled into each other's eyes as Josh's cock continued sliding in and out of Luke lovingly. Josh made love to Luke for nearly a half hour before releasing his cum inside Luke. Then Luke snuggled tightly in behind Josh, and put his cock into his lover as he gently stroked his chest. Once Luke had finally cum inside Josh, the two boys drifted off to sleep with Luke's cock resting deeply inside Josh.

The next morning, Josh awoke to Luke's hard cock thrusting in and out of him gently. "That's a great way to wake up baby, but we have to go get my mom this morning." moaned Josh.

"Then take this with you, my love!" gasped Luke.

Josh smiled and moaned softly as he felt Luke's cum shooting into him. After resting a few minutes, Luke gently pulled his cock out of Josh, and the two boys shared a passionate kiss before getting up to take their showers. When they went downstairs for breakfast, they found Lonnie in the kitchen alone.

"You boys will have to take Luke's truck to pick up your mother Josh." said Lonnie. "Naomi took off somewhere in mine, and I have no idea where she went off to this morning. I'll come back out of the fields when it's time for you guys to get back with Janice."

With that, and a hug from Lonnie, the boys hopped in Luke's truck and headed to the train station at the county seat. As Luke drove, he said, "You never did tell me why your mom is having her car hauled down here with the movers instead of driving it down."

"When she got back home, it was acting up again." replied Josh. "Her mechanic told her that the car was on it's last legs, and she was lucky that she made the trip down here and back before."

"She should have just got a newer car then." replied Luke.

"She said that with the raise she's getting for teaching at our school, she can hopefully do that when school starts." said Josh. "The move pretty much strapped her bank account. If she can ever unload our house in the city, she should be okay."

"Well, maybe she'll sell it quickly then." replied Luke, as he smiled at his boyfriend. "I know she can stay with us as long as she needs to though. Dad was pretty clear about that."

The boys pulled into the train station just a few moments before the train did. Janice stepped down off the train, and smiled as she saw the two boys together. She didn't care at all that the two boys were cousins, she just knew that they were very good for each other.

"How are my two gorgeous young men this morning?" asked Janice as she walked up to the truck and smiled.

"My boyfriend and I are fine mom." giggled Josh, as he slid over next to Luke.

"I'll bet you thought you'd never hear yourself saying that to your mother, did you sweetie?" laughed Janice.

"No mom, but I'm glad you understand how much Luke and I love each other." smiled Josh, as he gave his mom a hug.

The drive back to their hometown was pretty happy, and Janice was glad to be away from life in the city for a change. All they had to do now was stop at Newton's Pharmacy so Janice could pick up a few things, and they would head back to the farm. Jack, Boone, and Matt had to go into the tractor and farm supply store to see if they could pick up what they needed there before making the trip to the county seat. They caught up with Luke, Josh, and Janice in front of the pharmacy.

"Hi Jack, I'm glad to see you this morning." said Janice. "I wanted to thank you and Ellen for letting me use a little space in your loft when the movers get here this evening."

"It's no problem Janice, we're glad to help." replied Jack. "Hmm, I wonder what the commotion is over there at the town square?"

"Let's go see!" said Luke, who took off across the street.

Everyone followed Luke over, and they made their way through the crowd. Then they found a man tied to a tree in the town square. He had been stripped naked, beaten up, had the words "God Hates Fags" painted on his chest and abdomen, and had an ear of corn stuffed into his anus.

"Mister Emerson!" screamed Luke, as he ran to the tree where the man was tied.

"Boone, run over and get a blanket out of my car!" said Jack urgently. Then Jack went to the tree and asked, "Do you know this man Luke?"

"It's Mister Emerson, our high school librarian!" replied Luke.

"Mister Emerson, are you okay?" asked Jack.

"I've been better." moaned Mister Emerson.

Boone arrived with the blanket and some napkins, so Jack covered the naked man with the blanket, then carefully removed the ear of corn from his anus and cleaned him up back there. As Luke untied him from the tree, Jack turned to the crowd and asked loudly, "Did anyone see what happened to this man?" When he got no reply, Jack asked, "Did anyone even call for help?" Then the crowd began to turn and leave the scene.

"Who did this Mister Emerson?" asked Luke. "Why would they do this? You're not gay!"

"It was Reverend Scott and his group." replied Mister Emerson. "It was just him and three of his male followers, but I'm sure the rest of them knew about it. I tried to tell them that I'm not gay, but they wouldn't listen."

"I'll call the police for you sir." said Jack.

"Please no." replied Mister Emerson. "Just get me back to my car, and I'll be fine."

"Let him call the police Charles." said Luke. "You were assaulted, and what they did amounts to rape as well!"

"I'm a male school librarian." replied Charles. "In a town like this, this kind of publicity would ruin me, even if I did nothing wrong. Just take me back to my car please."

"Okay Mister Emerson, but I'm following you home to help you take care of this, and I don't want any argument." said Jack.

"Don't worry Mister Emerson, I'll get the bastard who's responsible for this!" said Josh. "Mister Daniels, I need you to take me to the capital city tomorrow morning."

"Okay Josh, I'll do anything I can to help." replied Jack.

Luke almost cried as Jack led the blanket wrapped man to his car, then said, "Why would they do that?! Mister Emerson isn't even gay! I've been to his house with his son. I even spent the night there once, and went with them to their church the next day. They go to a really nice church at the county seat, and he loves his wife very much!"

"Honey, even if he were gay, there was no excuse for what those people did to him." said Janice, as she put an arm around Luke. "Being gay is not wrong, and no one has the right to punish someone for it."

"My mother is a part of that group though!" cried Luke.

"I'm so sorry then honey." replied Janice, as she hugged Luke tightly and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

After getting what she needed at the pharmacy, which she wouldn't have gone to had she known the owner was in Scott's group, Janice got in behind the wheel of Luke's truck. The boy was still upset, and Janice didn't want him driving in that condition. Josh put Luke in the truck, then climbed in and closed the door.

"Do you still have your cell phone mom?" asked Josh.

"Yes honey, but I'm not sure if it gets a signal out here." replied Janice, as she handed the phone to Josh. "You'll have to check it."

Josh turned on the phone and said, "Good news mom, you have a good signal here." Then Josh dialed the phone, and when it was answered, he asked, "Is this Emo?"

"Hey Darkman, how ya doin'?" replied Emo.

"I'm okay buddy, but I need a favor." replied Josh.

"I'll do anything for you Darkman." said Emo. "Hey, I got some news. I'm taking the rest of the week off at the shop here, and I'm coming down on the train to visit. Can you put me up for a few days?"

"That will never be a problem Emo." replied Josh. "Now for my favor. Have you seen Scooter around lately?"

"Heh-heh, he's standing here right now, waiting for me to finish up." replied Emo. "I hire him a lot to keep him from selling himself to some nutcase. He's such a fun little guy to have sex with."

"I have a job for him then, and it doesn't even involve having sex." said Josh. "Ask him how he'd like a job that would let him retire from the business, and move out to the country."

After a minute, Emo replied, "I just asked him, and he thinks you're a saint now Josh. Heh-heh, he's such a cute little guy when he gets excited."

"Okay then Emo, take him back to your place and keep him until I come to get you tomorrow." chuckled Josh. "I'll be at your place tomorrow at one o'clock, and you guys can both ride back with me. Don't wear him out too much Emo."

"Hey, I can't help it if the little guy loves sucking my cock!" laughed Emo. "To be honest though, I love draining the cum out of his cute little hairless dick too!"

"I didn't say don't have fun, I just said don't wear him out!" laughed Josh.

"Okay Darkman." laughed Emo. "By the way, Scooter says he's giving you a great big kiss on the lips tomorrow when he sees you."

"It'll be okay I guess, as long as he knows that I'm taken now." replied Josh. "You guys will love my boyfriend, he's so beautiful! Anyway, I'll see you at your place tomorrow at one."

Luke was looking a little better as they approached the farm, so Josh said, "Luke baby, I know you want to tell your mom, but can you hold off for a few days. We don't want Scott to figure out that we're onto him. If this plan works out, I'll let you show the whole town how wrong they were."

"Okay love, but we have to do it soon now." replied Luke. "I'm so mad at my mom right now that I can't stand it!"

"We'll do it really soon baby, I promise." smiled Josh.

Luke went right to his room when they got home, and didn't say anything to his mom. Lonnie and Janice talked for a while, and Naomi kept to herself. When Janice went upstairs to freshen up before going to meet the movers, Lonnie followed her upstairs.

"I guess you picked a good time to move down here Janice." said Lonnie. "I can't believe it's ending!" Then Lonnie sobbed lightly.

"What are you talking about Lonnie?" asked Janice, as she rubbed the back of his hand.

"I can see the signs Janice." said Lonnie. "I thought something had happened yesterday when she was at the church longer than she should have been. I could definitely tell today that she's had sex with that asshole! The accident wasn't my fault Janice, and I really thought she loved me enough to live with that!"

"What accident Lonnie?" asked Janice.

Lonnie went ahead and told Janice about the accident about a year after Luke was born, that had left him impotent. Janice had nothing but compassion in her eyes while Lonnie told the story.

When Lonnie was finished, Janice said, "You are a wonderful man Lonnie. I wish my son's father was as wonderful as you, but he wasn't. If Naomi doesn't realize that, maybe you deserve someone who does." Then Janice gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and said, "I have go with the boys to meet the movers now, but I want you to think about what you deserve Lonnie, and what's best for you. I don't want to see you so upset by this."

"Thanks Janice." replied Lonnie. "You deserve much better than what you've gotten so far too."

As soon as Janice was cleaned up a little, her and the boys took off for Jack and Ellen's house. They pulled in there at the same time as the moving truck. First, they got Janice's car off the back of the truck, and she pulled it out of the way. At the same time, Boone was hooking the hay elevator up to the tractor. By using the elevator, they were pretty much able to keep up with the movers. Once everything was up in the loft, the boys all climbed up to put everything back out of the way. While they were doing that, Janice had a nice talk with Jack and Ellen. She couldn't get over how the couple still looked like they were married. It almost felt that way to Ellen too, even though Jack was sleeping with Christof every night, and not her. She could tell that the boy truly loved Jack though, so she was happy for them.

Eventually, Janice began to wonder what was taking the boys so long. She decided to go check on them, as she didn't think Lonnie should be left alone with Naomi for too long. Janice carefully climbed the ladder up into the loft so she wouldn't slip, and couldn't believe the sight she saw. The boys hadn't seen her peek her head up into the loft, so they were continuing with what they were doing. Janice knew that she shouldn't be watching the boys make love, but they were so beautiful that she couldn't help herself. Boone had himself deep inside Matt, and they were kissing passionately. Her son and Luke were even more beautiful together though, as they were involved in a very intimate and loving sixty nine. She couldn't believe the amount of love the two boys displayed as they made love to each other. They looked more perfect and beautiful making love than any two people could possibly look. Janice finally snapped herself out of her trance though, and quietly ducked back out of the loft before the boys spotted her. She now knew that she would do anything to help Josh and Luke remain lovers for the rest of their lives, if that's what they wanted. The four beautiful boys was a sight that Janice wanted to keep with her forever.

"How were the boys doing?" asked Jack.

"They were finishing up moving things around." replied Janice. "They'll be coming down soon. I mean, they'll be finished soon!"

Janice's reply caused Jack to snicker, as he knew she had probably seen more than she bargained for. The boys finally came in about ten minutes later, and Josh reminded Jack to pick him up early the next morning. Luke was now insisting on going along, so it was a good thing that Jack's back seat had enough room for three.

That night Lonnie went up to Janice's room to thank her for earlier. It was right next to Luke and Josh's room, so the two smiled as they could faintly hear the two boys make love.

"I've tried to get them to keep it quieter, but I guess it just won't work." snickered Lonnie. "Anyway Janice, I wanted to thank you for earlier. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there to help."

"I was my pleasure Lonnie, and I meant it when I said that you're a wonderful man." replied Janice. "Luke is very lucky to have a father like you."

Then Janice looked into Lonnie's eyes, and noticed he was looking fondly into hers. Then Lonnie and Janice began to draw together, and they were powerless to stop it. Lonnie put his lips gently against Janice's and they began to share a warm and loving kiss. The only things Janice could feel was how passionate Lonnie's lips were, and how nice his strong hands felt as they caressed her back. The two kissed deeply for a few minutes, before finally breaking the kiss.

"I had to do that Janice." said Lonnie softly.

"I know Lonnie, so did I." replied Janice.

"I want to do that again too sometime, if you won't mind." said Lonnie.

"If something happens between you and Naomi, I'll be here in any way that you need me Lonnie." replied Janice.

Lonnie smiled, then gave Janice another brief kiss before leaving the room. He chuckled as he passed by Luke and Josh's door, and still heard the two boys in the heat of passion.

Luke and Josh were up early the next morning, and took off quickly when Jack pulled into the driveway. They made it out of the house before Naomi had a chance to say anything. Luke had never been to the capital city before, so the whole drive there was fascinating to him. They were on the outskirts of the city at noon, so Jack stopped to get the boys some lunch at one of the fine fast food establishments there. Josh began laughing as Luke looked at everything in awe. Once lunch was over, Josh directed Jack to Emo's place. They had to drive past the state capital to get there, and Josh thought he might have to hold Luke in the car. They finally arrived at the apartment building where Josh said that Emo lived, and Josh led the other two to Emo's door. When Josh knocked, the door slowly opened, and everyone stepped in.

Luke saw two people in the apartment. One was an older guy who looked about eighteen or nineteen, and who Josh introduced to everyone as Emo. Emo had a medium build, long brown hair to his shoulders, and nice wire framed glasses. He also seemed very friendly as Luke shook his hand. Emo also looked like he had about a gazillion dollars worth of computer equipment in his apartment.

Josh introduced the boy in the apartment as Scooter. Josh said Scooter was thirteen, but Luke would have guessed him at ten or eleven. Scooter's arms and legs were completely hairless, and he had medium length light brown hair and soft features. It was a blessing for Scooter as he lived on the streets, and passed himself off as younger that he really was. Luke thought Scooter was a very cute young boy. Scooter then jumped up in Josh's arms, and gave him a very nice kiss.

"That was for what Emo told me." said Scooter. "He said you had a job for me that might work out even better than the Johnny Loves Spot gig! I mean the money was great, but having sex for money really starts to suck when they start paying you to do it with dogs!"

"Are you Johnny from" asked Jack.

"You've seen my work, huh?" replied Scooter.

"No, but it's become legendary in our area for another reason." laughed Jack.

"It's just as well." said Scooter. "It's not like I'm proud of that. Like I said, the money was great, but have you ever had to swallow dog cum? And it took them forever to get the damn mutt not to bite my dick while he was making me cum! Besides, if other porn photographers know that you have sex with dogs, they don't even want to talk to you. That's why I refused to let them use my real name. Hell, even I don't use my real name!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Luke in amazement. "You've had sex with dogs?"

"You're from the country, aren't you?" laughed Scooter. "Have you ever let a baby calf suck your dick?"

Luke turned slightly red, so Scooter said, "I thought so. Doing it with a dog isn't much different, except they have nice sharp teeth. I'll tell you what though, if that damn mutt had drawn blood, they would have been looking for a new Spot!"

"You look so innocent to be doing that stuff though Scooter." said Luke.

"Oh-oh, here we go!" snickered Josh.

"Innocent?!" exclaimed Scooter. "Who can afford to be innocent around here? I left home two years ago when I was eleven, because it was better than being beaten and neglected by my crack-head parents. They still scrape by over in the cheap part of town, but they're such crack-heads that they don't care if I ever come back. I'll bet if they knew what kind of money I could bring in from sleazy pictures and films though, they'd want me back. Anyway, the moment I hit the streets, I was told that if I want to eat food, I have to eat cum first. It really sucks having to sell my body at thirteen, but it's better than starving or going home. I can't afford to be innocent!"

"Can't you find a nice family to take care of you?" asked Luke.

"I don't know, let's see." said Scooter. "Are there any nice families here who want to take care of a thirteen year old boy who lives on the streets? He's really cute, and would appreciate any help he could get!"

Jack and Luke both raised their hands, and Scooter looked slightly shocked. "Damn Emo and Josh, you guys really did hook me up this time, didn't you?"

"If you really want to be a normal and happy thirteen year old boy, with a nice family, we'll make sure you get what you want Scooter." said Jack. "You don't have to live like this anymore if you don't want to."

"I hate living like this!" said Scooter, as a hurt little boy look crossed his face. "If either of you guys could help me, I don't know how I'd ever show you how much I appreciate it!"

"Then let's get you out of this mess Scooter." said Luke, as he took the younger boy's hand. "What is your real name anyway Scooter?"

"My name is Ryan." replied Scooter. "You look like a nice guy Luke. Would you like to be my older brother? I've never had an older brother before."

"I'd love that Ryan." smiled Luke. Then Luke bent down and kissed Scooter on the forehead. From that moment on, Luke knew that he had a new little brother.

Emo smiled at the two boys, even though he knew that he would miss Scooter. Emo had been trying to look out for the boy, ever since he had done the Johnny Loves Spot pictures and video. Emo was about as close to having feelings for Scooter as anyone his age could be.

"Okay. Let's get outta here, and get back down on the farm!" laughed Josh.

Emo locked everything up, and everyone headed out. Josh knew that Luke had bonded with Ryan as a big brother now, so he volunteered to sit up front again with Jack. That put Luke, Ryan, and Emo in the back seat, with Ryan sitting in the middle, and Luke sitting behind Josh.

On the way there, Emo said, "I really am happy that you'll have a regular family now Scooter. I'll miss you though. I've loved looking out for you."

"Well, the sex wasn't bad either." snickered Ryan. "If I hadn't needed money to survive on, I wouldn't have even charged you!"

"That's good because I looked at the money as giving money to a really cool friend who I cared about." replied Emo. "I always looked at the sex as separate, and did that because I liked having sex with a really cool friend."

"Thanks Emo, I needed to hear that." smiled Ryan.

"Would you mind if I gave you a kiss, and show you how I really feel?" asked Emo.

"I don't know if my big brother would approve of his thirteen year old brother kissing a nineteen year old guy." said Ryan. "How about it Luke?"

"If you want to kiss Emo because you like him, there's nothing wrong with that." replied Luke, as he smiled at his new little brother.

"Cool!" replied Ryan, who then turned to Emo and puckered his lips.

Emo leaned down and gave the boy the most gentle and loving kiss that he had ever given to anyone. Emo's and Ryan's hands caressed each other for the entire five minutes that the kiss lasted.

"Damn Emo!" panted Ryan, when they had ended the kiss. "You're the only thing about the city that I'll miss!"

"Just try to keep me from coming down as often as I can, to see the nicest and hottest thirteen year old guy that I know!" laughed Emo.

Jack and Josh had heard the exchange in the back seat, and they began talking. About twenty minutes later, Jack said, "Emo, Josh tells me that you are as good with computers as he is."

"No one can beat the Darkman!" laughed Emo. "I'm surprised that jerkweed reverend has been giving him so much trouble."

"Well, Josh IS very impressive with a computer." smiled Jack. "Even if he might be slightly better than you, I have a proposition for you. I run an online consulting firm by myself right now. It's called J D Consulting."

"Hey, I've heard of you man!" replied Emo. "I've recommended you to a few people, but they say you're difficult to contract. You have like a two year waiting list!"

"That's because I operate the business by myself, and I can only service so many clients." replied Jack. "Even so, I pulled down two and a half million last year. I know I could do better with the right person working with me, because I turn down potential clients every day. I think you could be the right person Emo, if you don't mind leaving the city to live with us hicks in the sticks."

"I am so impressed that you would consider me man!" replied Emo.

"I'm doing more than considering you Emo." said Jack. "You probably make thirty to forty grand a year working in that computer shop. I'm offering you a salary of one million a year. Is that enough to get you to consider leaving the city Emo?"

"Hell man, for that kind of money, I'd leave the damn planet!" laughed Emo. "I'm all yours Jack!"

Emo turned to Ryan with a huge smile on his face, and Ryan said, "I love you Emo!"

"I love you too Scooter." replied Emo. "Can I call you Ryan? That is such a cool name."

"I wish you would Emo." replied Ryan.

"Can I show you how much I love you Ryan?" asked Emo.

"I wish you would Emo." replied Ryan softly.

Emo gently pulled down Ryan's shorts, and scooted all the way over in the seat. Luke looked down and saw the prettiest three inch flaccid dick he had ever seen. Ryan saw Luke looking and smiled.

"It gets to five inches when it's erect." said Ryan. "Every guy who's ever seen me has told me I have a pretty dick, so I'm kinda proud of that."

"You do have a very pretty dick little brother." replied Luke.

Then Emo leaned down to Ryan's dick and said, "Woof woof!"

As Ryan's dick began to harden on it's own, Emo engulfed it in his mouth. "He knows that turns me on like crazy!" giggled Ryan.

Emo wasn't just having sex with a cool friend now. He was in love, and wanted to make love to Ryan's dick. Emo longingly caressed all five inches of Ryan's erection with his lips, and the inside of his mouth. Then he lovingly caressed the head of Ryan's dick with his tongue. Ryan was now panting heavily, with a catatonic look of bliss on his boyish face. After five minutes of the most intense sexual feelings Ryan had ever felt, he began loudly crying out his love for Emo. Ryan's body writhed and jerked, as he had an intense orgasm into Emo's hungry mouth. As Ryan's orgasm was ending, Emo saved some of the boy's cum in his mouth. Then Emo pressed his lips to Ryan's, and let Ryan's own cum slide into his mouth. Ryan swallowed his own cum eagerly, then thoroughly licked the inside of Emo's mouth.

Emo finally broke the passionate kiss, and said, "I love you Ryan, and I wanted to share our love with you. Will you be my lover Ryan? I'll give you anything you want, including all of the love you need."

"I definitely want to be your lover Emo!" replied Ryan breathlessly.

As they got closer, Jack said, "Okay Emo and Ryan, here's the deal. Luke wants you to be his brother Ryan, but things are really tense at his house right now because of Reverend Smut. You and Emo will both stay with my family, until things calm down there, and until we get Emo settled into his own place. Once things have settled down at Luke's home, you can live there if you want. Regardless of what happens though Ryan, you now have a family, and all of us are going to make sure you are happy and well cared for from now on. Does that sound good?"

"That sounds too good to be true!" replied Ryan.

"Well, it is true, so get use to it!" smiled Jack. "As for getting things back to normal in our community, that's why Josh and us came to get you Ryan. Our good Reverend Smut seems to be a fan of yours. I think I have a good idea of what Josh has planned, and I assure you that you won't be asked to have sex with anyone Ryan. The most you may have to do is jack-off for the man on webcam. Then if I'm not mistaken, Josh is going to rock his world upside down! Once Reverend Smut has no more control over this community, things should return to normal."

Luke put his hand on Josh's shoulder and laughed, "You city mice sure don't fuck around, do you?"

"It's so sexy when my little country mouse talks dirty, isn't it?" laughed Josh.

When everyone got to Jack and Ellen's, Luke had a message that his mother wanted him home. Boone went ahead and drove his friends on home after Josh promised he would be back as soon as possible.

"Do you want me to go in with you guys?" asked Boone.

"I don't know if it would be safe right now Boone." replied Luke. "Don't worry though, if she flips out, we'll leave."

Lonnie had no idea what Naomi was up, so he was in his office going over farm reports when the boys came in. Naomi met Josh and Luke the moment they stepped into the living room.

"Why did you boys sneak out of this house this morning?" asked Naomi loudly.

"We didn't sneak anywhere mom." replied Luke. "We told dad where we were going last night, and he said it was fine."

"Please don't get smart with me son." said Naomi. "Your father has no right to speak for me when it comes to you sneaking out to be with that sinner, Jack Daniels!"

"What happened to us following our own path now?!" asked Luke loudly.

"Don't you dare raise your voice to me young man!" yelled Naomi, which finally got Lonnie's attention. "You can follow your own path all you want, but you ain't going to follow it with him! I forbid you boys to see Jack Daniels or his family again!"

"What?!" screamed Luke.

"Oh shit Naomi!" exclaimed Lonnie, as he entered the room. "What in the name of God are you doing now?!"

"I'm just making sure that OUR boys don't follow a path of sin!" replied Naomi.

"And just how do you see yourself as fit to judge other people's sin dear?" asked Lonnie.

"Did I just hear you right Naomi?" asked Janice, as she came down the stairs. "Let me remind you that one of those boys happens to me MY son!"

"And if you condone what's going on around here right now, it's easy to see why the state took him away from you!" replied Naomi.

"Back up sister!" yelled Janice. "The only thing I've seen going on around here so far is your dear reverend and his goons beating and raping one of my co-workers because he doesn't go to your church! If that's the kind of deviant behavior you're talking about, then I say it's well past time to get rid of the garbage around here!"

"What?!" yelled Lonnie.

"It was Mister Emerson dad, our high school librarian." said Luke. "What they did to him was pretty sick!"

"That faggot had to learn a lesson, and that's all we did!" replied Naomi. "Reverend Scott is a holy man who has been charged by God to drive these people away from here!"

"Remember our deal Luke." said Josh, just loud enough for Luke to hear him.

"Okay Josh." replied Luke. Then Luke turned back to his mother and said, "That so-called faggot has a wife who he loves very much, and a very nice family mother! He goes to a very nice church at the county seat, that isn't run by a filthy, hypocritical pervert! You wouldn't know a faggot if one were standing right in front of you!"

Naomi swung back and slapped Luke's face hard before anyone could stop her. Then Luke ran off crying, with Josh right behind him.

"How dare you strike my child you bitch!" yelled Lonnie. "I'm half tempted to go to Mister Emerson right now, and talk him into having the whole lot of you people thrown in jail!"

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" sneered Naomi. "Then you'd be here all alone with your mistress, corrupting those two boys!"

"I beg your pardon bitch!" yelled Janice.

"You can have him honey, he's only half the man he use to be!" replied Janice.

Then a look of hurt crossed Lonnie's face that neither woman had ever seen before. Janice's heart broke for Lonnie now, because she knew how badly Naomi had just hurt him. Then Lonnie began to recover.

"How dare you tell anyone how to live their life, you bitch!" said Lonnie. "You curse people for their sins, then you go out of here and have sex with that scum you call a reverend, knowing that you're a married woman. Well dear, you won't have to worry about that much longer. I want you to get the fuck out of MY house, and go live with that scumbag for all I care! If you're not gone in five minutes, I'm calling the police myself and having you arrested for assaulting our son! I suggest you throw your stuff in a bag quickly and leave now, cause I'm not bluffing!"

Then Lonnie walked over and rested his hand on the phone.

"But dear....." started Naomi.

"I wouldn't even try that sister!" interrupted Janice, as she walked over and put her hand on Lonnie's shoulder. "Lonnie is more of a man than anyone you've ever known, and he deserves someone who will treat him like a real man. He's not bluffing about calling the police either!"

Naomi ran to her room, and quickly packed her bags. Then she came back out and asked, "How am I suppose to get there?"

Janice threw Naomi her keys and said, "Take my car. It's a piece of shit, just like your boyfriend. I'll stop by in the morning to get it."

Once Naomi was gone, Janice gave Lonnie a warm kiss, then said, "I promised I would be here for you, and I meant it. Now, let's go see how our boys are doing."

Josh was holding Luke in his arms as they sat on the bed, and Luke was still crying. Lonnie sat down next to Luke, and Janice sat down next to Josh. "Son, she had no right to strike you, and she'll never do it again." said Lonnie. "I threw her out to go live with her lover, Reverend Scott. I'll never let her touch you again son. I love you Luke."

As Lonnie squeezed Luke between himself and Josh, Janice said, "Luke honey, I know I'm not your mother, but I'll love you and care for you the same as I do Josh if you'll let me."

Luke finally stopped crying, and lifted his head so that the bruise on his face was visible. "Thanks everyone. I hope now we can all be a happy family again. I already have a little brother picked out for Josh and me."

"Yeah, he's a cool little guy." said Josh. "Let's all go over to Jack and Ellen's and meet him. I have someone that needs to be taken care of once and for all!"

Naomi Tanner had picked a rotten night to show up hysterical at the door of Reverend Scott, or so the reverend thought. Still though, it wouldn't be too hard to deal with this. After all, Naomi was the only one gullible enough to have children for him. The reverend let Naomi cry on his shoulder for a while, then offered her a mild drink to relax her. He also slipped a mild sedative into the drink, so Naomi could get the good night's sleep she so obviously needed. There was always time for talk in the morning. Once Naomi was out for the night, Scott went ahead and started up his computer.

"Hi everyone, come on in." said Jack, as he let Lonnie, Janice, and their family in. Lonnie and Janice were introduced to Ryan right away, and they thought he was the sweetest little angel they had ever seen. Then Lonnie filled Jack and Ellen in on tonight's excitement.

After a few minutes, Jack said, "Lonnie, I need to borrow the boys for a few minutes."

"Sure Jack." replied Lonnie. "I'll just tag along with you guys, and let the ladies have a little girl talk."

"Um,... uh,..." stuttered Jack.

"Jack, I know most of what's going on around here, and I doubt I could be shocked by much else at this point." said Lonnie as he smiled.

"Okay Lonnie, but please try to keep an open mind tonight, okay?" replied Jack.

"Okay Jack, I'll try." replied Lonnie.

Then everyone went to Boone's room and started the computer. "I figured you would want to get started tonight Josh, so I went ahead and got some pictures for us to use." said Jack.

When Jack pulled up the pictures he had taken of Ryan, Lonnie's eyes bulged.

"It's okay Mister Lonnie." said Ryan. "I lived on the streets for two years. In order to survive, I had to do pictures like this all the time. I've even had to do things worse than this, but we can talk about that later."

"Okay Josh, I got a couple nice shots here." said Jack. "This next one is pretty good. Ryan got himself hard, and we borrowed one of Nathaniel's teddy bears."

"Damn!" exclaimed Josh. "If I wasn't a boylover, this would sure turn me into one!"

"Thanks Josh!" said Ryan happily.

"Okay, I'm going to use our teddy bear shot for the virus." said Josh. "There's no way that Scott will be able to resist this! We can use the others as teasers."

Then Josh embedded the virus into the jpeg file as everyone watched. He did such a good job that even Emo couldn't pick out the virus. Then they created an irresistible screen name for Ryan in Boone's IM. Ryan went ahead and logged on under the name pleasureboy, then they went in search of smurfranger. When Scott logged on, Jack had everyone back out of view of the webcam.

"Remember that if he asks for audio, your mic is busted, and you have to wait for the weekend before your mommy will buy you another one." said Josh.

Ryan clicked on smurfranger to send an IM.

pleasureboy: i like the smurfs
smurfranger: who doesn't? btw nice name
pleasureboy: thanx yours is too
smurfranger: how old?
pleasureboy: i'm 13
smurfranger: sweet. do you have webcam and mic?
pleasureboy: i have webcam but my mic is busted and mommy won't get me another til the weekend
smurfranger: that sux but at least i can see you
pleasureboy: ok let me start it
smurfranger: i cant wait to see you. i'll bet you're cute
pleasureboy: its on so you should be able to tell now
smurfranger: is that really you?!
pleasureboy: yep, i'll wave to you
smurfranger: you're johnny from the website!
pleasureboy: that's me
smurfranger: does your mommy know about those pictures and the video?
pleasureboy: i wouldn't be able to talk to you if she did
smurfranger: can you take your shirt off for me johnny
pleasureboy: i will if you say i'm cute
smurfranger: you're beyond cute johnny. i wish i could meet you so i could show you how cute i think you are
pleasureboy: anything's possible what would you do to me?
smurfranger: first i would play with your beautiful nipples and make them stiff
pleasureboy: like this?

Ryan reached up, and began erotically rolling his nipples between his fingers. He let out a seductive moan, and read Scott's reply.

smurfranger: exactly like that johnny
pleasureboy: cool what next?
smurfranger: then i would have to take your pants off
pleasureboy: like this?

Ryan stood up, and took his shorts off. Ryan pointed his hairless crotch right at the camera, then held his dick at the camera between his fingers.

smurfranger: you have a beautiful dick johnny i wish i could suck it for you, or do you just let dogs do that?
pleasureboy: that was just a job i like men much better
smurfranger: do you have pics? i need to cum for you
pleasureboy: i'll send my private album only for friends
smurfranger: ok its downloading
pleasureboy: do you want me to cum for you?
smurfranger: i wish you would i wish i were there to swallow it
pleasureboy: me too

Then Ryan got up again, and began masturbating erotically for the camera. At one point he let go of his dick, and made it bob up and down without touching it. Then Ryan sensuously stroked his dick until he began moaning and writhing. Ryan shot a very nice orgasm right at the camera, with his cum barely missing it.

pleasureboy: did you like my cum?
smurfranger: it looked like you were going to shoot it on me these pictures are hot and i'm about to cum
pleasureboy: if i tell you where to find me can i suck your cock?
smurfranger: oh god yes johnny
pleasureboy: would you fuck me too? i love to be fucked by a man
smurfranger: i'll fuck you good then johnny i'm gonna cum!
pleasureboy: i'll be at the mall in Hawley at noon tomorrow by the fountain i can't wait for you to fuck me
smurfranger: oh god johnny i just cummed very hard i'll cum harder tomorrow with my cock in your tight cute butt
pleasureboy: i can't wait to have your cock in me see you tomorrow

When Ryan signed off, Josh grabbed him in a hug. "You are the man Ryan!" shouted Josh happily. "Not only do I have that bastard, we can have the cops harass him at the mall tomorrow too!"

"That was my little gift to you for helping me Josh!" laughed Ryan.

Then Josh turned to Lonnie with Ryan still in his arms and said, "We can explain this dad, honest! Ryan is a sweet kid though. Can we take our little brother home with us, and talk about it in the morning?"

"Sure son." smiled Lonnie, as he rubbed Josh's and Ryan's heads.

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