City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

When Ryan signed off, Josh grabbed him in a hug. "You are the man Ryan!" shouted Josh happily. "Not only do I have that bastard, we can have the cops harass him at the mall tomorrow too!"

"That was my little gift to you for helping me Josh!" laughed Ryan.

Then Josh turned to Lonnie with Ryan still in his arms and said, "We can explain this dad, honest! Ryan is a sweet kid though. Can we take our little brother home with us, and talk about it in the morning?"

"Sure son." smiled Lonnie, as he rubbed Josh's and Ryan's heads.

By the time they were ready to leave, Luke had explained the bruise on his face to Boone and Matt. Boone had even gone down and got Luke an ice pack for the bruise. Then Boone assured Luke that everything would be fine, and that maybe his dad kicking his mom out of the house might be a good thing.

That night, Ryan was offered the spare room upstairs, but he wanted to be with his friends and hopefully soon to be brothers that night. Josh did warn Ryan that with Naomi out of the house, he and Luke might be a little extra passionate that night, but Ryan still wanted to be with his brothers.

Josh and Luke made love in their favorite way that night, taking turns putting their cocks inside each other. That was fine with Ryan, as anal sex was his favorite kind to watch as well. After Josh put his cock inside Luke, he looked over and smiled at Ryan as Ryan began stroking his hairless dick. Luke looked over too, and thought their new little brother looked very nice pleasuring himself. As Josh got closer to his orgasm, he leaned down and kissed Luke passionately. Ryan thought Josh had a very nice butt, as it rose and fell while thrusting his cock in and out of Luke. Then Josh moaned loudly as Luke sucked on his tongue, and his cum shot into Luke.

By the time Josh and Luke switched places, Ryan was stroking his dick very erotically. If Ryan had thought Josh's butt looked nice, Luke's was even more beautiful. When Luke and Josh heard Ryan begin moaning, they looked over just in time to see him cum. Ryan had his head thrown back, and was enjoying his orgasm very much. A few minutes after Ryan had cum, Luke began moaning into Josh's mouth. Josh reached up and pulled Luke into him forcefully. Luke moaned even louder as his cum exploded into Josh. All three boys finally went to sleep happy that night.

The next morning, all three boys sat down with Lonnie and Janice, and told them Ryan's story. The two adults had nothing but compassion for the boy, even when they knew why it wasn't a big deal to Ryan to pose for the pictures that Jack took. Lonnie and Janice both understood Ryan's hope to eventually find a family, and Lonnie knew he would have to call the social worker. As luck would have it, Stephanie Miller was the social worker on weekend call this week, which meant she would want to know why Naomi had been asked to leave. Miss Miller told Lonnie that she would be out that afternoon.

Then it was time for a little fun. Josh and Ryan phoned the county sheriff, and told them of the meeting that had been arranged between Reverend Smut and Ryan. The officer they talked to wanted to know why a boy Ryan's age would agree to such a meeting, so Ryan told him that the man was very scary and intimidating, and wouldn't let up until he had arranged a meeting. Ryan also told them that he of course had no intention of going through with it. The officer thanked the two boys, and promised to look into it.

William Scott did not have a good afternoon. After being detained for loitering at the mall, the police spent the next two hours questioning him. He was now really pissed at that sweet looking little boy for setting him up like that, and vowed to remove from his list of favorites. About the time that the police finished questioning Scott, Miss Miller showed up at the Tanner farm.

"Hello Lonnie, we have to stop meeting this way!" laughed Stephanie. "You're going to run out of room for boys to sleep here before too long!" Then Miss Miller saw Luke, and her laughter stopped as she asked, "What in the world happened to Luke's face?!"

"His mother hit him last night, and I had to ask her to leave." replied Lonnie. "I also suspect that she's been having an affair with the local reverend."

"That must be some church she goes to then!" exclaimed Stephanie. "We don't usually have services like that provided by my church! How are you planning on caring for the boys if she's gone?"

"Josh's mother is staying here right now." replied Lonnie. "She's going to be teaching at the elementary school here in the fall, and I'm thinking of asking her to stay on here permanently."

"Do you think this arrangement might have had something to do with your wife having an affair?" asked Stephanie.

"I might if there had been anything going on between me and Janice, but Naomi knows that would be physically impossible for me." replied Lonnie. "I had an accident about a year after Luke was born, and it left me incapable of having sexual relationships with anyone. That was probably what led to my wife having an affair."

"Well, I'll have to talk to Janice then." said Stephanie. "If she is willing to stay here permanently to co-foster Ryan, I suppose we could do that. I'm so sorry to hear about the marital situation though. If Janice does agree to this though, she will have to remain here even if your wife does return to the home."

"To be honest, I could have forgiven almost anything, until she hit my son." said Lonnie. "Luke is the only child that I can have, and he means the world to me. I don't see her coming back here after she hit him."

"Did you call the sheriff to file charges?" asked Stephanie.

"I told her that I wouldn't do that as long as she left, and didn't try to come back here." replied Lonnie.

"Well Lonnie, she has a problem that requires attention." said Stephanie. "With me being an officer of the state, I will have to report it to the authorities. Don't worry though Lonnie. If you file for divorce, the state will make sure she never has any contact with the boys again."

Stephanie then called the sheriff while her and Lonnie went to talk to Janice. When the sheriff deputy came out, everyone went through the previous night's scene again. The deputy took a few pictures of Luke's face, as the bruise had set in fairly well. You could definitely see the imprint of a smaller hand, and a nice mark from Naomi's wedding ring. Luke still didn't like doing this to his mother though.

"Luke, you need to understand this." said Stephanie. "What your mother did to you shows the signs of a temper that is out of control right now. If she got away with this, there's no telling what she would do the next time. Since this would be a first offense, there most likely won't be any time in jail for her. She will get probation though, and as a condition of the probation, she will have to see someone about her temper. We really are more interested in helping her right now. If she ever did this again though, then we would be more inclined to recommend harsher punishment."

"I guess it will be okay if you're just going to try to help her." replied Luke. "I know she hit me, and it really hurt, but she's my mom and I can't stop caring about her."

"I hope that's true Luke." smiled Stephanie. "Caring like that shows the sign of a really great person. Your parents have done an outstanding job of raising you."

Once Stephanie and the deputy were gone, Josh wanted to check the computer. By now his virus had has a little time to play around. Not only was it a keylogger this time, but it also let him take control over the reverend's computer, and Reverend Smut would never know about it. When Lonnie saw the boys logging on, he became interested in what they would find too.

"Okay, let's see how well he deletes his history." said Josh, after logging into Scott's system.

"Are you sure he can't detect you if he's logged on too?" asked Lonnie.

"I'm sure." smiled Josh. "To him it will just appear that his system is slightly slower than usual. He might not even notice the slowdown. Okay, he does keep his main history files clear. Let's see about his deep history files. Geez Scott, I'm disappointed in you. I was sure you'd make it harder than that!"

"Do you have something Josh?" asked Luke.

"Well, I got a list of every site that he's visited!" smiled Josh. "I'll have to dig a little deeper for his download logs though. Holy shit! What a fucking perv! Sorry about the language dad."

"Don't worry about it this time son." smiled Lonnie. "I may agree with you when you tell us what you found."

"These sites are under even deeper cover than the ones I've sent him!" replied Josh. "I have to e-mail this list to Jack, and see what he thinks. Call him on the other line and tell him to check his mail."

When Lonnie did that, and Jack checked his mail, he asked to speak with Josh. "Are you sure these are his sites Josh?" asked Jack.

"Yep, I'm in his computer right now." replied Josh.

"Well, he sure is major league!" said Jack. "Some of these sites are so well hidden that they're by invitation only. He is very well connected in the child porn circles."

"Well, you take those kinds of pictures too." snickered Josh.

"I would be offended if I didn't know that you know better Josh!" replied Jack good-naturedly. "You know that the stuff I've done have only been subjects that were in love with each other, or solos that I would never let do anything harmful or degrading. This stuff he looks at is just completely wrong. Like this site right here, These are mostly street kids who thought they would make a little money by posing for dirty pictures. Then the photographer would take them in and have other subjects they had already lined up really hurting these boys. The stuff on that site is real, and really sick. A group that I put together thought we had them put out of business at one time, but I guess they made a comeback. If you can get his password, this one would make great blackmail material!"

"You know I was just joking though Jack, right?" said Josh. "I know what you do is mostly artistic."

"Yeah, I know Josh." replied Jack. "Don't close out though, I'm coming over there. I want to see this stuff with my own eyes. Have you found any stored passwords?"

"I just started looking." replied Josh. "If they're in there though, I'll find them!"

"I'll be right over then!" said Jack.

"Okay now Josh, what did you find?" asked Lonnie.

"Well, all of these sites are about naked boys." said Josh. "Naomi's new boyfriend is apparently a well-connected major league pedo. This first site,, is a boy urination and scat site. It's about boys mostly twelve and under peeing and pooping on each other, consuming each other's pee and poop, and stuff like that. If you think that one is bad though, they only get worse. Most of them I've never seen before, and there's one here that's so bad, I always thought it was just a myth. It was based on home movies and pictures from serial killers who specialized in killing and mutilating boys. This man is not only sick, he's evil! We have to make sure he never has any children!"

"Oh my God son!" exclaimed Lonnie. "How can we do that?"

"I don't know dad." replied Josh. "Maybe Jack can help with that. Hey, we're starting to get download logs! This is a picture file from, let's see if it's still in there!"

Josh went to work and finally pulled up the picture as Jack, Boone, and Matt arrived. The picture was so bad that it made everyone cringe. It also made Jack, Lonnie, and Janice go into the living room to discuss how to take their friend offline, and keep him from ever having kids of his own.

While the adults were in the other room, Josh finally came across a password. It was for a site to store personal photo albums that people did not want to keep on their computers for one reason or another.

"Let's see what he's hiding in here!" said Josh. "Oh shit, it looks like our friend has already had contacts with kids!"

"Why is he hitting that boy?" asked Luke.

"The asshole gets off on hurting kids!" replied Josh.

"I was always glad that I never ran across people like that." said Ryan. "I had friends on the street who had though, and they could tell some pretty awful stories about it."

"I don't know why, but the younger he gets in these pictures, the more familiar looking he gets." said Boone.

When they got back to pictures from Reverend Scott's childhood, the boys found the answer to Scott's pictures getting more familiar. When William Scott was a boy, he had a much older lover. Boone was in shock as he looked at the pictures that he had already seen before.

"What are we going to tell your dad Boone?" asked Josh, still not wanting to believe what he was seeing. "He has to know that Reverend William Scott use to be his Billy."

"I know Josh, but it's going to hurt him." croaked Boone. "I love my dad, and I don't want to hurt him."

"I'll handle it for you then Boone." said Josh. "He has to know."

Then Josh went over to the door and said, "Jack, we need to see you for a minute."

"What can I do for you Josh?" asked Jack, as he approached the office door.

"Do you know how you can know someone when they're young, and years later you wouldn't even recognize them?" asked Josh. "You know they had to have changed drastically after you lost touch with them, because there's no way they could have been that way when you knew them, and they sure didn't learn it from you."

"What are you getting at Josh?" asked Jack. "Did you find something?"

"Yeah Jack, but you might not like it." replied Josh somberly.

Jack went on in, and immediately saw the pictures of him and Billy on the computer. "How in the world did those get there?!" asked Jack. "I never posted those on the internet!"

"Billy did though." replied Josh. "We found them in his private online photo album. What was Billy's last name Jack?"

"It was Scott, just like your reverend!" replied Jack, who was starting to look a little shaky.

"Do you mean Reverend William Scott?" asked Josh. "This is Reverend William Scott's private online photo album."

"Oh God no!" moaned Jack sadly. "How could this be?! Billy was such a sweet and loving boy! I always made sure that he felt loved when we did anything. How could he turn out this way?"

"Well, he has pictures of him and his next boyfriend too, and they look pretty normal." replied Josh. "After that relationship ended, it looks like he had a relationship with another older man. Some of those are pretty bad. It looked like the other man was pretty heavily into domination and S & M with Billy."

Jack then sat down and started looking through the album from Billy as a boy, until his present day form of Reverend Scott. Jack cried quietly several times, with Boone and Josh comforting him. Jack finally turned away from the screen, and sat quietly for a few minutes.

"I wish I didn't have to do this to Billy, but this doesn't change anything." Jack finally said. "Some bastard really fucked up his head along the way, and he needs help. We can't allow him to do this to other boys until he gets the help he needs though. Can you put together a slide show on dvd for us by Sunday Josh? We're going to have to expose him to the town."

"What did you have in mind Jack?" replied Josh.

Josh went back out to the living room, and discussed a plan with the adults. After it was decided what kinds of pictures to use, Josh easily decided on a song for the slideshow. Then they discussed the best way to make sure everyone saw their presentation. It looked like they would have to seize the church, and seal off all the exits. Lonnie wanted to call the church's regional office, and have them send someone to their service this Sunday to offer Scott help with his problems. Jack thanked Lonnie for that. This Sunday would be a sermon that the town would never forget.

By the next day, Reverend Scott was back to his old self. He was still going to come up with a way to get that little Johnny for setting him up, but he was pleased that the person attacking his computer had seemed to stop. As far as Scott was concerned, they got the right man Monday. Now he was going to boast of his group's accomplishments, and prepare a sermon that the town would never forget.

Lonnie was also busy the next day. He went to the county courthouse, and filed for divorce from Naomi. As his grounds for divorce, he listed her assault on Luke, and her infidelity with Reverend Scott. He planned to serve her the papers at church, before the fireworks began on Sunday.

Janice also had a lot to do. If Lonnie was going to divorce Naomi, she wanted to get him to propose to her. She wanted to give him something that would mean more than anything to him, and she hoped that would do it. Janice began calling specialists, and researching the possibility of reversing Lonnie's condition.

After finding out about Billy, Jack sat down with Christof for a very personal talk. They talked about they made each other feel, why they loved each other, and what they hoped to get from their relationship. By the time it was over, Christof had convinced Jack that he was in no way responsible for Billy. Then he asked Jack to be his lover for the rest of their lives together. Jack saw so much love in Christof's face, that he decided that there could never be anyone else that he could ever love as much as Christof. He knew that Christof would grow into a man, but Jack would be happy to be with him for that, and forever.

On Saturday, as Josh was putting the finishing touches on his presentation, Janice sat Lonnie down for a talk. "Lonnie, I want you to think about this, because I know it would mean a lot to you." said Janice. "Anything that means a lot to you, means a lot to your family too, and you've made me feel like a part of the family. I just talked to a doctor in New York who thinks he can repair the damage that was done to you fifteen years ago. Microsurgery has come a long way since then, and he said that you would be surprised what can be done these days."

"What about the farm though?" asked Lonnie.

"Luke knows this farm almost as well as you do Lonnie." replied Janice. "I think him, me, and the other two boys could handle it for the two weeks it would take to have the surgery and recover enough to take back over. And you would be able to have more children if it goes well."

"Who would the mother of those children be Janice?" asked Lonnie. "I know it wouldn't be Luke's mother. If I do this, would you be willing to marry me when the divorce is final?"

"Any woman would be proud to be your wife, whether you have the surgery or not Lonnie." replied Janice. "I would love to marry you as soon as we can."

Lonnie and Janice then shared a very long and tender kiss. The two didn't even notice it when Luke and Josh came into the room, until Josh cleared his throat.

"How would you two lovebirds like to see my presentation for tomorrow?" giggled Josh.

Lonnie was just relieved that Luke was smiling too. Ryan was with them as well, but he was always smiling now. Everyone went into the office, and sat in front of the computer as Josh started the dvd.

"Is Jack having things set up to play this at the church tomorrow?" asked Lonnie.

"He's taking care of it as we speak." replied Josh.

When the presentation started, it was about Mister Emerson and his family. Then it moved on to Mister Emerson being beaten for no cause by Reverend Smut and his group. After that, the presentation moved on to the musical slideshow portion. Finally, it ended with a personal message from Jack. Luke had decided that he wanted to pause the demonstration after the part with Mister Emerson, so he could tell his mother and everyone else who the gay person really was. Lonnie and Janice loved the presentation, and everything was all set for tomorrow.

The next morning, Jack and Ryan snuck into the church and hid where they wouldn't be seen. Josh discreetly set up the dvd in the video equipment that Reverend Scott couldn't figure out who was so generous to donate. Matt sat with Christof and Nathaniel back where Matt could let them in when it was their turn to join the fun.

Everyone else sat up front, ready to take their positions. Ellen would cover the exit at the back of the pulpit, Boone would take the side exit to the reverend's ready room, and Josh and Luke would present the presentation together. Then Reverend Scott came out with Naomi. Naomi took her seat, and Scott went to the pulpit.

"I want to tell everyone about a glorious victory this week." said Scott, who had no idea that everything was about to crash around him. "We took on our battle against evil this week, starting with homosexuality. I am proud to say that Satan's leader in this area has been taken care of, and he will not be spreading his evil to this area any further."

Then Lonnie stepped forward and said, "Before you go on reverend, I have something for my wife. May I please give it to her before we continue?"

"I don't know why this couldn't have waited until after the sermon was over, but go ahead brother Tanner." replied Scott.

Lonnie smiled as he stepped up and handed Naomi an envelope from the courthouse and said, "Naomi, we've been married for quite some time now, but all things eventually come to an end. Those are the papers from where I filed for divorce with you. I'll save you the trouble of looking for the grounds. I filed for divorce because of your assault on our son Luke, and your affair with Reverend William Scott. I hope you are very happy with him. Luke and Josh, it's all yours."

Lonnie had said this loud enough for the entire congregation to hear, and there was now quite a bit of murmuring. When Luke and Josh stepped up to the pulpit, everyone took their places.

"What do you boys think you're doing?" asked Scott.

"We're taking over Scott, and all the exits are blocked!" replied Josh. "You might as well sit down and enjoy this, we won't take more than ten minutes. Ladies and gentlemen, we want to set a few facts straight, since you'll never hear the truth here otherwise. First we want to tell you about Reverend Snot's glorious victory! Go ahead Luke."

Josh's name for Scott got a bit of laughter from the congregation as Luke began. Luke started the dvd and said, "This is our high school librarian Mister Emerson, and his wonderful family. The woman there is his wife, who he loves very much, and the kids there are their children. Mister Emerson and his family attend a very well-run church over at the county seat in Hawley. I've even been there with them, and it's a very nice church. On Monday, Reverend Smut and his group beat and raped this man, thinking he was gay. Mister Emerson is not gay. He loves his wife very much, and they were thinking about expanding their wonderful family. They now don't know if they want to do that in such a backwards jerkwater town like this, and I can't say that I blame them." Then Luke paused the dvd and asked, "Do you really want to know who the homosexuals in this town are Reverend Stupid? That would be me and my cousin Josh! Josh is the one who has been attacking your computer. As a matter of fact, he finally got a virus into it this week, and we've found out some very interesting things. We're going to let you people out there decide who's the one that's evil here. Two boys who have no control over how they've turned out, or a man who has been trusted to guide you spiritually, and who's had quite a bit of control over the things he's done. It's all yours Josh."

Then Luke looked at his mother as he held Josh's hand. "Thanks Luke, I love you." smiled Josh. "Next we have a little presentation of pictures that I've taken from Reverend Scott's computer. We're going to start off with the reverend at fourteen, and his first teenage boyfriend."

The song that Josh had selected, entitled "Asshole" began playing, along with the slideshow that Josh had put together. Some of the pictures were quite disturbing, but Josh had edited them to cover over the subject's genitals. He didn't want to be accused of producing child pornography after all. Scott immediately put his head down in his hands as the presentation played. As it was ending, Josh motioned for Ryan to join them.

"I like everyone to meet Ryan." said Josh, as Ryan waved to everyone on his way to Scott. "Our fine reverend had arranged to meet Ryan at the mall in Hawley this week, in order to have sex with this boy."

"Why don't you tell everyone how you spent that day reverend, or have you already forgotten about your little date with Johnny?" asked Ryan.

When the reverend looked up at the boy, Josh could see quite a bit of anger in his eyes. Josh had Ryan join him and Luke before anyone got hurt, then said, "We have one more part of our little presentation this morning. This was put together by a very old friend of Billy's."

That got Scott's attention, as Jack came onto the screen to talk about the boy named Billy that he use to love. Jack shared a few of the more tasteful pictures of himself and Billy as he narrated, showing a very happy and loving little boy. Reverend Scott was almost in tears as Jack came out to face the man that his little Billy had become.

"Why did you let that man turn you into such a monster Billy?" asked Jack. "I thought I showed you what love was well enough to know that that wasn't love."

"I'm sorry Jack, I don't know what to say." replied Scott. "I wish I had stayed with you when I look back at those old pictures though. They make me wonder how things could have been."

"It wasn't meant to be though Billy." replied Jack. "I hadn't found my mate yet, but I have now. I could also tell that you would grow up to be a boylover yourself."

Then the church official finally came over to Scott. "William, I'm going to have to ask you to step down as reverend of this church." said the church official. "We do have a counseling program to help our reverends deal with issues like these though. If you wish to undergo this program, we will not strip you of your credentials. We're not going to try to turn you into someone you're not. Times have changed and we realize that sexual orientation is not something that can be controlled like we once thought it was. Some of your behavior is a sickness though, and we can help you with that. I hope that you will accept this offer."

"Can someone accompany me if she is still willing?" asked Scott.

"Of course William." replied the official. "Why don't you have a talk with her while I finish your sermon today?" As Reverend Scott took Naomi back to the ready room to talk to her, the official went to the pulpit and said, "My name is Edward Hague, and I'm a regional official with this church. It has been quite a while since my last duties as reverend, and I haven't had a chance to prepare anything, but I think we need to look at what has happened here this morning anyway. First I would like to thank the two brave young men who shared with us what is going on here. I would hope that no one here looks down on them because of who they are. I am with a small group in the church who is attempting to enlighten our leadership and reverends as to what the bible really says about important moral issues. The bible is a book that has been rewritten many times over the years, and each time it is rewritten, it gets a little further away from what was originally written. As a result, men like William Scott have been led further away from the truth of what our Lord wants of us. There is no place in the bible where it says that we are expected to hate anyone. As a matter of fact, all of Jesus's teachings were based on love and tolerance, and if we expect to be worthy of him, we must live our lives according to his teachings. Although I am heterosexual myself, I don't believe that homosexuality itself is a sin. There are certain practices that may be, but the same is true of heterosexual relationships. What is important is that when two people have committed their hearts and lives to each other, they honor that commitment for as long as they remain together regardless of their orientation. In most of the places where the bible mentions sex, that is what it is talking about. If anyone says any different, I assure you that they are adding words that aren't there, or taking verses out of context. That seems to be a very easy and tempting thing to do for some people."

Mister Hague continued his sermon on in that vein, and the congregation looked like they got more out of his sermon than they had heard in their church in years. After the sermon, Edward made it a point to talk to Lonnie, Janice, Jack, Ellen, and their families. He thanked the boys again for their help, and pledged to have a reverend in place by next Sunday who shared his views on certain subjects. Then William came back up and accepted Mister Hague's offer. He also apologized to Lonnie and his family for what his actions had caused. Naomi did apologize too, and informed Lonnie that she would not fight the divorce. She was also going to accompany William to the counseling program. She promised that she and William would return after he was better, and apologize again. That made Luke happy. He was even happier when his mother took him aside to talk.

"There isn't much I can say to excuse the things I've done Luke." said Naomi. "Some of the things I've said must have hurt you deeply, but that was never my intention. I guess by the time your father threw me out, I had completely lost control of myself. He was right for what he did though. He loves you very much, and was protecting you. I didn't have any right to strike you the way I did. I hope that you can at least forgive me son. Maybe by the time I come back here, I can figure out why I went in such a wrong direction. I do love you though son, and nothing will change that."

As Luke watched his mother and Scott go off together, he had to work at controlling his emotions. Then Josh came up and said, "Well babe, it looks like school will be very interesting when it starts in another month, now that we're both out."

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