City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

"There isn't much I can say to excuse the things I've done Luke." said Naomi. "Some of the things I've said must have hurt you deeply, but that was never my intention. I guess by the time your father threw me out, I had completely lost control of myself. He was right for what he did though. He loves you very much, and he was protecting you. I didn't have any right to strike you the way I did. I hope you can at least forgive me son. Maybe by the time I come back here, I can figure out why I went in such a wrong direction. I do love you though son, and nothing will change that."

As Luke watched his mother and Scott go off together, he had to work at controlling his emotions. Then Josh came up and said, "Well babe, it looks like school will be very interesting when it starts in another month, now that we're both out."

By the time Monday rolled around, Lonnie had had a talk with Luke, and decided to call the doctor that Janice had found in New York. After Lonnie told the doctor in detail about his accident, and the damage that had been done, the doctor was very anxious to meet with Lonnie. He was optimistic that even though it had been such a long time since the accident, he could help Lonnie regain the function of his reproductive system, and help his penis function normally. The doctor wanted to see Lonnie on Thursday of that week in New York, and if everything looked the way it sounded, he would do the surgery the next day.

Since Luke had to stay with the farm, and Janice had to stay with the boys, Lonnie had already spoken to Jack about accompanying him to New York. All Lonnie had to do now was call Jack and tell him to be ready to go Wednesday. When Lonnie did call Jack, Jack asked if Christof might be able to go with them, at his expense. Lonnie didn't know it yet, but Jack planned on picking up all of the travel expenses anyway, even for Lonnie.

Wednesday morning finally rolled around, and Lonnie called his family together when Jack and Christof showed up for the long drive to the airport. Lonnie gave Janice a very long and warm kiss in front of the boys, and said, "As you boys might have been able to guess, Janice has agreed to be a part of this family now. Hopefully when I get back from New York, Janice and I will be able to expand our family further. Luke, you know the farm as well as I do, and you're in charge of running it until I'm able to take back over. Janice will be here in my place though, and I expect you to show her the same respect as a parent that you would show me. I love and trust you very much Luke, and I know you'll make me proud while you're in charge. I love you too Janice, and I can't wait to get back and set a wedding date. The divorce should be final soon."

As Lonnie gave Janice another warm and loving kiss, Jack blew his horn again. When Lonnie went out to the car, Christof hopped in the back seat, and they were ready to start off to New York. It had been a very long time since Lonnie had flown, as the last time was when he joined the service at eighteen. Airports had changed a lot since then, and Lonnie almost looked overwhelmed.

The group went up to the counter of the airline that Jack had booked, and Lonnie said, "The last time I flew there were only half as many airlines. I don't even know how you pick one."

"When I'm going to New York it's easy!" laughed Jack. "I choose the best one that goes into JFK. I always hated that criss-cross take-off and landing pattern at LaGuardia!"

The two men and Christof got to the counter and checked their bags as they checked in. Lonnie was going to say something when Jack put the tickets on his American Express, but Jack saw that and told him to save it. He was paying for the travel and hotel, and that was that. When they got to the gate with about thirty minutes to spare, Christof glued himself to the window to watch planes take-off and land. Jack laughed as he knew that his young lover would have a great time in New York.

While they were waiting for the flight, Jack got Lonnie off away from everyone else and said, "Thanks for allowing Christof to come with us Lonnie. I was kind of nervous about how you would finally take to mine and his relationship."

"Well old friend, Luke and Josh did a very good job of explaining that to me." said Lonnie. "I don't completely understand it, but I do understand enough to know that you have a very special boy there Jack. And he looks like you make him very happy too. I guess that's what's really important here."

"I'd say you understand it pretty good then Lonnie!" laughed Jack. "It does mean a lot to us though. I love that boy with every last ounce of my heart and soul."

"Well then, he probably couldn't have done better than finding you, and certainly could have done a lot worse." replied Lonnie as he smiled.

Then Lonnie and Jack both looked at Christof and laughed. From the way the boy was jumping up and down, they assumed that their plane was arriving at the gate. The flight to New York was spent by Christof gazing out the window of the plane. Jack sat next to the boy, and lightly rubbed his leg when no one was looking. During one of those times, Christof grabbed Jack's hand, and made sure it traveled all the way to his crotch. Christof smiled brightly out the window as Jack lightly caressed his genitals through his pants.

Once they were on the ground in New York and had their bags, Jack hailed a cab to take them to their Manhattan hotel suite. This was the first time that Christof or Lonnie had ever been to New York, and they both ended up staring out the taxi window as they made their way to the hotel. The view from the suite was spectacular, with a great view of the Empire State Building. Jack told Christof they could go there tomorrow, after they dropped Lonnie off to see the doctor.

That evening before sitting down to a dinner prepared by Janice, Luke looked over the list he had made to make sure that everything had been done that day. He was glad to have had Josh and Ryan to help him with the farm, and knew that he would make his dad proud of him.

As they all had dinner together, Ryan asked, "What am I going to do about a boyfriend when school starts? I'm pretty sure that ever gay person in this town is now spoken for."

"You never know about that Ryan." smiled Luke. "There may very well be an extremely cute thirteen year old boy at school, waiting for a young gay knockout to come along and help him discover his orientation. I know I would have never thought I was gay if it hadn't been for my Josh."

"That must have been fun!" giggled Ryan.

"Well Ryan honey, I'm sure Luke is right." smiled Janice. "I'm sure there is a beautiful boy here somewhere, just waiting for you to come along."

"I hope so, or my arm is going to get a good workout!" replied Ryan.

That one made Luke, Josh, and Janice laugh as they tried to finish dinner. Luke didn't want to say anything to Ryan yet, but he thought that Mister Emerson's thirteen year old son just might be gay, or at least bi. He wanted to make sure before he said anything to Ryan though, as he didn't want to get his brother's hopes up.

That night Josh's cock slid very slowly and gently in and out of Luke, as Josh kissed his lover passionately. Josh wanted to go slow enough to just keep himself hard inside Luke, and make their love-making last as long as possible tonight.

When Josh finally broke the kiss for a breath of air, Luke moaned softly, "I love it so much when you make love to me slowly like this babe. It feels so good that I might cum long before you tonight."

"I hope you do." smiled Josh. "I love it when we clean ourselves off with our tongues."

After about twenty minutes of the softest and most blissful love-making Luke had ever experienced, he could no longer hold himself back. Both boys moaned deeply as they felt Luke's cum smearing between their abdomens and chests. Finally about ten minutes later, Josh moaned loudly as his cum shot deeply into Luke. Josh rested inside Luke for a few minutes after his orgasm ended, then gently pulled his cock out of Luke, and licked his wonderful lover's chest and abdomen clean. Then Luke had Josh lay on his back, and hungrily licked his own cum from Josh's chest and abdomen. Josh was very surprised when Luke then swallowed his cock, and cleaned it off thoroughly as well. The two boys finally embraced each other lovingly, and kissed lightly as they drifted off to sleep.

The next day was a big day for Lonnie. Jack and Christof dropped him off at the hospital, then Jack took Christof to show him a few of the sights of New York. After waiting nervously for almost thirty minutes, Lonnie was finally called back to an exam room. The nurse came in and took Lonnie's vital signs, then told Lonnie that the doctor would need him to remove his pants and underwear as soon as she had left. Lonnie went ahead and did as he was told, and waited on the table with nothing on below the waist.

The doctor finally came in and offered Lonnie a handshake as he said, "Hi Mister Tanner, I'm doctor Peter Faust. I'm going to look you over really well today, and see if we can repair the damage to your penis and reproductive system. First I need you to lean over the end of the table, so I can examine your prostate.

Lonnie did as the doctor asked, and Peter stuck a gloved finger into Lonnie's rectum. Peter was in no hurry, as he wanted to examine the prostate really well. After about thirty seconds, Peter took his finger out of Lonnie's rectum, then had him lay on the table on his back. Peter then put on fresh gloves, and took ahold of Lonnie's penis.

"Usually the more thorough prostate exam causes an erection." said Peter. "You didn't feel as though you would become erect at all Lonnie?"

"No doc, I haven't had those feelings in years." replied Lonnie.

The doctor carefully squeezed, prodded, and examined Lonnie's flaccid penis for about five minutes. Then he carefully examined both of Lonnie's testicles, his scrotum, and his groin.

"It looks like a lot of the repair work that was done after the accident was done for aesthetics." said Peter. "You do have all of the necessary parts though, and your testicles do feel alive. They have a very different and sickly feel when they've died and ceased being able to function. I have to know that there is something further there to repair though Lonnie. I want you to watch me carefully, and tell me if you feel anything."

Peter then stroked Lonnie's penis back and forth for several minutes, with no apparent results. "Do you have any feelings like you should be having an erection Lonnie?" asked Peter.

"Well, I know I should from watching someone try to masturbate me, but there's nothing." replied Lonnie.

Peter went to the intercom and asked, "Cheryl, could you come to exam room D for a moment?"

A very young and good looking nurse came in, with her blouse cut just a little lower that the last nurse's blouse. Peter held Lonnie's penis out for the nurse to see and said, "This man has no apparent erectile function. I need you to examine his penis, and tell me what you think. Make sure you feel back and forth on it while you examine it."

Cheryl leaned toward Lonnie, so he could see slightly down her blouse and began to stroke Lonnie's penis as she said, "Hello sir. Whoever repaired your penis looks like they did a very good job. I think it looks very nice."

Peter could see the look on Lonnie's face change, and asked, "What are you feeling now Mister Tanner?"

Lonnie looked slightly embarrassed and ashamed as he replied, "It feels like I really want to have an erection right now, but I just can't do it."

"That's good Cheryl." said Peter. "Thanks for your assistance. There's no reason to be ashamed Lonnie. The point of this part of the exam was to see if you had any feelings of wanting to become erect, and Cheryl is very good at helping us find that out. If a heterosexual man did not feel as though he wanted to be erect when she does that, there would either be nothing to repair, or he would be dead. In your case, I think we may be able to help. You can go ahead and put your underwear and pants back on now. I think what happened with you is that the doctor who repaired you before gave up on saving any sexual function, and did what he could to make your genitals appear as normal as possible. I think there may be some vascular or neural damage in there that is preventing your erectile function, but that we may be able to repair it. Are your nocturnal seminal emissions average, less than average, or more than average?"

"I would say average most times." replied Lonnie. "Sometimes though it feels almost like I've wet myself in my sleep."

"That is very good then Lonnie." said Peter. "I'm going to have you go through a pre-operative exam today too, and hopefully tomorrow we can repair the damage down there enough to return you to normal sexual function. If the operation goes well and there are no complications, I really think we can help you."

"Wow!" exclaimed Christof. "It looks really cool from up here!"

"It's too bad they don't let people go on up to the other observation level anymore." replied Jack. "The view from up there was even better, especially when the twin towers were still here. They originally built this building with an airship mooring mast up there, but then realized that no one would be crazy enough to walk the boarding gangplank that high off the ground."

"You're right about that!" laughed Christof. "Not even I'm THAT crazy!"

"Well, the gangplank would have had a sturdy railing on each side so you couldn't fall." smiled Jack. "It's just that there would have been eight hundred and fifty feet between it and the ground."

"That's still way too much for me!" giggled Christof.

"I need to take you to the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas sometime." said Jack. "The view from the top of that tower is even more spectacular than this."

"You've been all over, haven't you Jack?" asked Christof.

"Yes I have, my sweet little angel." replied Jack. "Now I would like to show you some of the world too. You deserve to see everything there is to see in the world."

"I'd love to travel the world with the man I love." said Christof soft enough so only Jack could hear him.

Then Jack leaned down and whispered, "And I'd love to make love to my boy all over the world!"

Christof giggled as he looked around. When he saw that no one could see them, he gave Jack a very nice but brief kiss on his lips. After they were done at the Empire State Building, the pair went on to see the Statue of Liberty. Christof was having the time of his life, just being with Jack. Jack promised to take his little angel to Coney Island the day after Lonnie's surgery, which made Christof very happy.

Luke's second day of running the farm was much different than the first day. On the first day he was so excited to be in charge that he didn't even notice how tough it was. He did notice that on the second day though. Luke and Josh were so tired that they had to help each other shower that night. Then they went to bed and started to drift off before being able to make love.

The next morning when Luke woke up, he decided to give Josh a special wake-up call because they hadn't made love the night before. Luke turned around in the bed, and very gently opened Josh's mouth while he was still asleep. Then Luke put his cock all the way into Josh's mouth. Josh's lips instinctively closed around Luke's cock, and he began sucking lightly while still asleep. Then Luke laid down and took Josh's cock into his mouth. Luke very gently caressed Josh's cock with his tongue until it began to stiffen. Then Luke began to passionately make love to Josh's cock.

Josh didn't know what to think when he woke up to find himself gently sucking on Luke's cock, and Luke passionately making love to his. It was without a doubt one of the greatest things he had ever felt. It didn't take Josh long at all to match Luke's love-making, and the two boys were lost in pleasing each other. After almost ten minutes, and quite a bit of holding back, Luke and Josh began writhing in each other's grasp as they filled each other's mouths with cum. After their orgasms ended, and they rested for a moment, Luke turned back around into Josh's waiting arms.

"I want to wake up sucking your cock every day babe!" exclaimed Josh. "How did you know I would do that in my sleep though?"

"I was hoping by now it was instinct, and it seems to be." smiled Luke. "I know if your cock was in my mouth, I'd be sucking it even if I were unconscious! I don't know if I'll wake you like that every day though my love. I also like to wake you with you fucking me. Driving my sleeping lover's cock in and out of my butt is a real turn on!"

"I guess it would be!" laughed Josh. "Well, I like you waking me up either way you do it."

The two boys then shared a long and loving kiss before getting out of bed and ready for breakfast.

"Good morning mom, breakfast smells great!" exclaimed Josh as he entered the kitchen. "Even though I already ate this morning, I can definitely put away some of your breakfast!"

That caused Luke and Ryan both to burst out in a fit of giggles. Janice was going to pretend being upset, but she was having too hard of a time to keep from laughing herself. As the boys were finishing breakfast, Boone and Matt showed up.

"Are we glad to see you guys!" said Luke to the two boys. "Running this farm is a man's job, and I can use all the help I can get!"

"Out of respect of our friendship Luke, I think I'll let that one slide!" laughed Boone.

"You're much too nice Boone!" laughed Josh.

"Well anyway, I really respect my dad now for the job he does of running this place." said Luke. "We're expecting him to call this morning before he goes to the hospital today. He's going to have his surgery today, and the doctor in New York really thinks he can help him. I can't wait until Josh, Ryan, and I have a little baby brother around here."

"Don't you think three boys is enough?" laughed Janice. "Maybe I want a little daughter."

"Eww!" exclaimed Josh jokingly. "Girls are yucky!"

"I beg your pardon, young man!" replied Janice, in a mock stern tone.

At that point the phone rang, saving Josh from his mom's imaginary wrath. Janice and Luke raced for the phone, with Luke just beating her.

"Hi son." said Lonnie when Luke answered the phone. "Is the farm still there?"

"Well, most of it is dad." snickered Luke. "I only blew up a little of it so far."

"Well, that's much better than I expected son!" laughed Lonnie.

"You just make sure that doctor doesn't cut off anything he shouldn't, okay dad?" replied Luke.

"Don't worry son." laughed Lonnie lightly. "This doctor is suppose to be the best dick doctor in the world. I wouldn't be so nervous if he didn't do sex change operations too though."

"You better come back with everything you left with dad!" laughed Luke. "We already have one mom here, we don't need two!" That made Janice smile as Luke continued, "Well, I'll let you speak to mom now. I love you dad."

"I love you too Luke." replied Lonnie. "I can't wait to get home to my beautiful family."

Then Luke handed the phone to Janice, and he and the other boys went outside to get to work. Janice told Lonnie how great of a job Luke was doing with the farm, and she couldn't wait for him to get back now so they could be married. Lonnie loved hearing how Janice had always wanted a husband like him.

Christof was very understanding that Jack had wanted to be at the hospital that day while Lonnie was having the surgery, even though doctor Faust had warned him that it could be a long surgery. That was why the doctor wanted Lonnie to stay in the hospital after the surgery at least over the weekend. Then if everything looked okay on Monday, the doctor would have a talk with Lonnie and his local doctor about being released. Then doctor Faust would want Lonnie to wait until all the stitches had been removed before resuming any kind of normal activity. If the surgery were successful, Lonnie could also expect to start experiencing erections as soon as everything began healing. Those could be painful at first, so he would make sure Lonnie had something for that. Jack still didn't expect the surgery to go several hours like it did though, even though with the amount of microsurgery that needed to be done, that's exactly what Doctor Faust had expected. Lonnie finally came out of surgery, and Jack waited until he was told he could see Lonnie.

Jack was finally told that Lonnie was coming around, and he could see him soon. As soon as Jack walked into Lonnie's room, he said, "Hey buddy, the doctor had some spare parts left over, and wanted to know what you wanted to do with them."

"I'm sure Luke would love your sense of humor." laughed Lonnie very lightly. "He's already afraid that I'll come back as a woman. That reminds me, I need to pick up a wig and a dress before we go home."

"I see our patient is awake now." said Peter as he came into the room. "I just wanted you to know that I think things went very well in there. We did repair quite a bit of nerve and vascular damage, including damage to the main vein that regulates erectile function. I'm positive that you will see an amazing improvement once the surgery begins to heal Lonnie."

"Do ya hear that buddy?" laughed Jack. "You'll be poppin' boners in no time! Hopefully they'll be mostly for Janice though."

"He may not have too much control over when he has an erection at first." smiled Peter. "It has been so long since he has functioned like that, that his penis may behave as a young man's penis does when he's going through puberty."

"So then, I might get stiff because of a slight breeze for now, huh?" asked Lonnie, as he tried not to laugh.

"That could very well be the case for now." replied Peter as he smiled. "I'll be back to check on you again before I leave the hospital today, then I'll see you again in the morning."

While the boys were in the field working, Josh told Boone and Matt about how Luke had woke him up that morning. Boone and Matt were of course eager to try it, to see if it worked with them too. They took a break at the swimmin hole later, and all five boys stripped down to take a swim. Drying off after the swim was almost as much fun for Luke, Josh, Boone, and Matt. Ryan had to settle for watching the four boys making love though, as he stroked himself. Ryan was mostly intrigued by Matt taking Boone's huge cock into him so eagerly. Ryan could tell that Matt enjoyed every last inch of Boone's cock. Ryan even got down behind Boone, so he could see how widely Boone's cock was stretching Matt's hole. He had never seen a teenage butt stretched so wide by a cock, but Matt sounded like he was in more pleasure than anyone he had ever heard. As Ryan laid on his back and stroked his dick furiously, he reached out and massaged Boone's and Matt's balls for them. Ryan could hear Josh cumming, then Luke and Josh trading places. A few moments later, Ryan began moaning along with Boone and Matt. As Ryan's cum shot straight up and landed on his belly, Boone pumped a huge load into Matt. When Matt began cumming, Boone was squeezing his cock so tightly that most of Matt's cum landed on his face, and in his open mouth.

When it was all over, Boone licked the cum from Matt's face that didn't land in his mouth. Then they both turned around to see that Ryan had shot a nice load on his belly.

"Ryan, you helped Matt and I shoot such nice loads that we want to show you how much we appreciate it." said Boone. "We both want to lick your belly clean for you."

Then Matt and Boone both leaned down, and enjoyed the taste of Ryan's cum off his belly. The boy smiled as his older friends cleaned him off. Then the three watched and waited while Luke built to an orgasm, and shot his cum into Josh. The rest of the work that day didn't seem quite so bad for some reason.

The following day, Jack kept his promise to Christof and took him to Coney Island. Christof laughed and had a ball all day, and Jack smiled at the sight of his boy being so happy. Jack loved making Christof happy more than anything in the world. Later that evening, after they visited Lonnie then went back to the suite, Jack knew it was time to have THE talk with Christof.

"Christof my love, you know that I have only loved boys all my life." said Jack. "I've never met a boy like you though. You make me feel better than all the boys I've known before combined. I don't want to be a boylover anymore Christof. I want to be in love with you for the rest of my life. I know that this is a difficult decision to ask you to make, but will you be my only lover for the rest of my life Christof?"

"It's not a difficult decision for me Jack." replied Christof. "Ever since I found out what it means for men like you to love boys, I've only wanted one thing. For you to stop loving boys, and love me. I know I won't be a boy forever, but I want you forever. I've always wanted you to ask me what you just did Jack, and I do want to be your lover for the rest of your life."

Jack hugged Christof tightly, as he tried not to cry from joy. Then he gave Christof the most loving and passionate kiss that he ever had. When Jack tried to break the kiss, Christof wouldn't let him, so Jack let Christof decide when to break the kiss. The boy continued kissing Jack as if Jack were the only one he ever wanted to kiss again, which he was. After quite a few of the most beautiful minutes Jack had ever known, Christof finally broke the kiss.

"Christof my love, I know this isn't legal, and won't mean anything to anyone but us, but I want to marry you." said Jack. "Just you and me, and our friends and family will be there. We'll get our most trusted friend to perform a ceremony. It will be every bit real for us. Then I want to take just you on a honeymoon that you'll never forget. Will you marry me Christof?"

"I would love that my wonderful lover!" smiled Christof.

The next day, Ellen and Janice took all of the boys to church. There were more people there than there had been in a long time, and the new reverend was everything that Mister Hague had promised a week ago. Samuel Duncan, who liked to be called Sammy, was about five years younger than Reverend Scott, which made him twenty eight. Something about his youth was attractive to the congregation though, and his message, which consisted mostly of love, was very well received.

At the end of the sermon, Sammy said, "I have been told that a member of our congregation has underwent surgery in New York on Friday, to repair damage that occurred in an accident fifteen years ago. I want everyone to include Brother Tanner in their prayers, and pray for a speedy and complete recovery for him. Thank you for coming here today everyone, and may God bless and love all of you."

Janice and Ellen hung back with the boys to introduce their families to the new reverend. Janice also thanked him for remembering to mention Lonnie, although she had no idea how Reverend Duncan knew. She wasn't the one who told him, and Sammy just smiled as he explained that he couldn't reveal his sources. That made Ryan smile, as the secret of his good deed was safe. After Sammy shook hands with everyone, and made sure to talk to everyone in the two families, Janice invited him to share dinner that night with her, Ellen, and their families. Sammy replied that he would be honored, since he didn't know too many people in town yet.

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