City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

At the end of the sermon, Sammy said, "I have been told that a member of our congregation has underwent surgery in New York on Friday, to repair damage that occurred in an accident fifteen years ago. I want everyone to include Brother Tanner in their prayers, and pray for a speedy and complete recovery for him. Thank you for coming here today everyone, and may God bless and love all of you."

Janice and Ellen hung back with the boys to introduce their families to the new reverend. Janice also thanked him for remembering to mention Lonnie, although she had no idea how Reverend Duncan knew. She wasn't the one who told him, and Sammy just smiled as he explained that he couldn't reveal his sources. That made Ryan smile, as the secret of his good deed was safe. After Sammy shook hands with everyone, and made sure to talk to everyone in the two families, Janice invited him to share dinner that night with her, Ellen, and their families. Sammy replied that he would be honored, since he didn't know too many people in town yet.

Reverend Duncan showed up early that night, and brought a dish with him to share. Janice was impressed that he had such old fashioned manners for such a young man. Before dinner though, Sammy caught up with Ryan, and the two snuck off to talk alone.

"So Ryan, it's been about a year." said Sammy. "How have you been doing since we last talked?"

"I know you're not going to like this, but I still made a living from porn until I came to live out here recently." replied Ryan. "The counseling you gave me was a great help though."

"I had always wished that it would be enough help to get you off the streets." replied Sammy. "But you are now, and that's important. You found a very nice family to take you in. With some of the adventures you use to tell me, I worried about you quite a bit."

"I'm still gay though, and nothing will change that." replied Ryan.

"Who says that you have to change that?" asked Sammy. "I never said there was anything wrong with you being gay. There is a difference between being gay though, and selling yourself in any way for money. If other boys make you have feelings that girls do in most boys, there's nothing wrong with that. God made you who you are for a reason Ryan, and I don't think he hates you for a part of who you are."

"I'm glad you were the one they sent down here." said Ryan. "I could always tell that you cared more than most people. Can we start counseling again? There is so much that I have to get use to being here in the country, and I'd like you to help me put the past behind me."

"I would love that Ryan." replied Sammy as he smiled. "You were always the most refreshing boy I had ever dealt with, and I've missed our talks. You have to promise me something though Ryan. I want you to find a boy to give your love to, and never sell it again. Is that a deal?"

"Yeah, that's a deal!" smiled Ryan.

Sammy had a nice supper with Janice and Ellen's families, and thought all of their boys were very nice. He couldn't believe that they were all gay, but the boys looked so perfect with their mates. By the end of the evening, Sammy knew that this was a town where his beliefs would do some good for people who really needed it. He knew that these nice boys would have a tough time finding acceptance in a small town, and he hoped that he could help with that.

As soon as Jack got back to the suite that evening, he and Christof made passionate love. Jack was so happy that his beautiful boy agreed to marry him. Now Jack wanted to make Christof happy about that decision. Everything that Jack did that evening made Christof smile and moan in pleasure, and Jack made sure that his boy was completely satisfied sexually. Earlier that day, Peter had stopped by Lonnie's room to tell him that everything was going better than expected, and it looked like they might go home by mid-week. That gave Jack a few more days of bliss in New York, with his beautiful boy who was now spread out naked on top of him. Jack hugged Christof tenderly as they fell asleep together that evening.

Sammy wanted to have a talk with everyone before he left that evening. Once everyone was seated in the Tanner living room, Sammy said, "I just want you good people to know my views on homosexuality. I've worked with younger gay people before taking this assignment, and it has been very rewarding for me. It's also how I can tell that all of you older boys are gay. I personally don't have a problem with it, even though I'm not gay myself, and I don't believe that God does either. The King James version of the bible can be interpreted a lot of different ways, and has been over the years. When you are reading the bible though, you should do so with an open mind, and interpret it in the way it was written. I find that all too often, my colleagues interpret it according to their own beliefs, and not how it was written. I personally believe that if a person is in a loving and committed relationship, it's no more wrong if it's a homosexual relationship than it is if it's a heterosexual relationship. It's good that you boys have parents who will love and support you through this time of your life. I will try to teach this community tolerance and love, but I'm afraid you boys will meet some opposition outside of your families. It's only human nature for some people to hold onto their beliefs, no matter how wrong they may be. If you boys do run into any problems though, I want to know about it, and in as much detail as possible. I will do my best to address any problems that come up in this community. I also want you boys to know that my door is open to you if you need to talk about anything that you can't talk to your parents about. I hope that means mostly spiritual matters, but I will help with any problems you boys might have."

"Do you mean that you think that it's okay for Luke and I to have sex, even though most of this town wouldn't agree?" asked Josh. "What if Luke and I decided that we wanted to get married? Could you help with that?"

"Well boys, I'm afraid that gay marriage still isn't legal in most parts of the country, so I wouldn't be able to help you there." replied Sammy. "If you wanted a commitment ceremony though, I would love to help you with that."

"What does the church think about that?" asked Luke.

"Some people in the church would support me, but not most." replied Sammy. "Besides, what they don't know won't hurt them."

"I'm glad we have someone here like you now Reverend Duncan." said Boone. "The way other people had me believing, it almost cost me a chance at the nicest boyfriend I could ask for. It really helps for you to say that it's okay too, although now I don't care so much if other people don't like it."

"Well Boone, you have to do what you think is best in your heart." said Sammy. "I can see how much you and Matt love each other, so I'm glad you did what's right."

"Well, I'm glad our boys have someone like you who they can turn to spiritually Sammy." said Ellen. "The last reverend our town had almost destroyed quite a few lives. We've needed a good man as our reverend for some time."

"I wouldn't be too hard on William Scott." said Sammy. "From what I know, he really needed the help that he's getting now. I just wish that the church had caught it sooner. He had an abusive relationship in his late teen years, which made him feel that that type of relationship was okay."

"I feel kinda bad about that, especially after hearing Jack talk about him when he was a young boy." said Luke. "After the way he broke up my family though, I'm not putting him on my Christmas card list. I'm just glad my dad had Josh's mom here to help him, and I hope we make a great family together."

"It's understandable for you to feel that way Luke." replied Sammy. "I hope you make a great family too."

After Sammy left that evening, and Ellen and her family went home, Luke and Josh went up to their room. Their love-making that night was extremely soft and gentle, and was the perfect expression of their love. Josh and Luke both ended up drinking the cum from each other's cocks twice that night before drifting off in each other's arms. Luke was awoke the next morning by Josh's cock ramming in and out of him forcefully, with Josh bending over forward to suck Luke's cock hungrily.

"Oh my God babe!" shouted out Luke.

Right after Luke said that, he felt Josh's cum shooting into his rectum. Then Luke shot his cum into Josh's eager mouth. When Luke finished cumming, Josh turned him over and licked his hole clean. Then Luke laid Josh on his back, and sucked Josh's cock clean as well. The two boys seemed to have quite a bit of energy for farm work after a hearty breakfast from Janice.

Jack and Christof showed up at the hospital to visit Lonnie right as Peter came in to look Lonnie over. As Peter examined Lonnie's cock carefully, Lonnie began to get an erection in Peter's hand. It was quite painful to Lonnie, but it was the best pain he had ever felt when he looked down at his erection in Peter's hand.

"I think we did some really good work on you Lonnie." said Peter, as he let go of Lonnie's cock. "How would you like to get out of here tomorrow morning?"

"I'll miss your wonderful hospital, but you talked me into it." chuckled Lonnie.

"Good, I'll get you something for the post operative pain." smiled Peter. "Hopefully in a week or so, that pain will go away. I'll come back to check on you later today, and just before I release you tomorrow morning. I hope things work out very well for you Lonnie."

Lonnie called Janice, and told her that he would be leaving the hospital the next morning. He, Jack, and Christof would try to get a flight home for tomorrow as soon after getting out of the hospital as possible. Janice was glad to hear that. Then Janice told Lonnie about the new reverend. Lonnie was relieved that they had someone who could lead their community out of the mess that Scott had made, and that the new reverend seemed very supportive of the boys.

Luke pulled up and climbed down off the tractor when he saw Boone and Matt join Josh and Ryan in the field that afternoon. Luke had just enough sweat on his shirtless torso to make his skin glisten in the mid afternoon sun. Josh thought that was so sexy that he immediately began sucking passionately on Luke's nipples in front of the other boys.

"Matt and I were wondering if you guys wanted to go for a swim." smiled Boone.

"Sure!" replied Luke, as he enjoyed Josh's attention to his nipples. "I just finished up our work for today. It would feel good to cool off at the swimmin' hole."

Josh reluctantly let go of Luke's nipples, then Luke led a procession to the swimmin' hole. Josh got another chance to drive Luke's truck as he and Ryan followed Luke, and Boone and Matt followed them. All five boys immediately stripped naked when they got to the pond, and dived into the refreshing water. The boys soon engaged in a game of butt tag, where they had to tag someone on the butt to make them "it". Luke started off as "it", and immediately planted a firm groping tag on Ryan's butt. That made Ryan smile, as he took off after a target. Ryan finally grabbed Boone's butt with both hands, to make sure he made the tag. All five boys laughed and frolicked as they enjoyed the game for over an hour. Then they finally climbed out to dry off in the sun. The boys sat in a small circle in the grass, and each boy began gently caressing their lover.

"So Matt, did you and Boone try what Josh and I told you about yet?" asked Luke, as he and Josh stroked each other softly.

"Oh God, you guys should have been there!" replied Matt. "First he woke me up by pushing his cock all the way inside me. Then as if that weren't good enough, he bent over and began sucking my cock! I couldn't believe how great he made me feel this morning! I'm glad you guys gave us that idea."

"We're glad we could help!" laughed Josh.

Then the four boys laid back in the grass, and began a sixty nine with their lovers. That left Ryan in the middle of the four boys, watching both sets of boys going at it as he slowly stroked himself. After about ten minutes, Luke and Josh backed off each other because they didn't want to cum just yet. Then Luke noticed the look in Ryan's eyes as he had been watching them.

"Hey Boone and Matt, could you help Josh and me with something for a few minutes?" asked Luke.

"Sure buddy, whatever you want." replied Boone, as he and Matt backed off each other.

"Okay then, Ryan, go ahead and lay back." said Luke.

"You guys don't have to do that." replied Ryan.

"I know little brother, but we want to." smiled Luke.

Ryan laid back as Luke whispered what to do to the other three boys. Then they all bent down, and began licking and sucking at Ryan's crotch area at the same time. They didn't actually suck Ryan's dick, but each boy did get a chance to taste it for a few seconds at a time. When Ryan began moaning softly, Luke wet one finger and stuck it inside Ryan's butt. When that got a smile from Ryan, Josh wet a finger and stuck it into Ryan along with Luke's. Ryan's eyes opened widely, and he let out a moan of pleasure. Within a few more minutes, Ryan had four fingers pushing in and out of him at different paces. That was enough to make Ryan pant very heavily, as he squirmed underneath the other boys. When Luke could tell that Ryan was about to cum, he had everyone back off, but leave their fingers inside Ryan. Then Luke took ahold of Ryan's dick, and aimed it up toward Ryan's chest. The first few shots of Ryan's cum came out hard, and landed in Ryan's open mouth. Ryan instinctively swallowed his own cum eagerly, as the rest shot out onto his chest and stomach. Then Luke began to scoop Ryan's cum from his body, and fed it into Ryan's mouth off his fingers. Ryan hungrily sucked at Luke's cum soaked fingers until Luke had scooped all of Ryan's cum from his body and fed it to him. Then the boys removed their fingers from Ryan's butt one by one, and let Ryan suck their fingers clean.

As Luke and Josh went back to their love-making, and Boone and Matt went back to theirs, and Ryan continued laying back while he stroked himself some more. All five boys ended up cumming within seconds of each other, and Luke once again fed Ryan's own cum to him. Then all four boys gave Ryan a brief but gentle kiss on the lips, and told him that they all loved him. After taking a few moments to rest, the boys jumped back in the water for a few minutes, mostly to clean themselves off. Once everyone was dressed, they all headed back to the farmhouse.

Janice asked Boone and Matt to stay for supper. They weren't going to, until Janice told them she would call Ellen to have her and Nathaniel join them, since she had good news anyway. Supper was great that evening, especially when Janice told everyone that Lonnie, Jack, and Christof would be starting home the next day. Everyone was happy to hear that, especially Luke. Luke liked being in charge, but he would much rather work the farm with his dad.

The next morning, Peter looked Lonnie over one last time, then joked about showing Lonnie his physical therapy procedure to recover from the operation. Lonnie laughed as he replied that he could probably figure that one out himself. Then Peter signed the release, and escorted Lonnie down to a cab that Jack had waiting for them. Then after stopping by the hotel, Lonnie, Jack, and Christof headed toward the airport. The flight home was uneventful, and Lonnie smiled as he looked at Christof snuggled up tightly against Jack on the plane. Lonnie could see the look in both of them of two people who needed to be together for the rest of their lives.

Once they arrived back at their state capital and retrieved Jack's car from long term parking, Lonnie asked, "Are you going to marry your boy Jack?"

"Yes, I am." smiled Jack. "Show Lonnie the engagement ring I got you baby."

Christof beamed as he held his hand out to show Lonnie the ring. "Isn't it beautiful?" asked Christof. "It looks just as beautiful as my future husband. I love Jack so much, and I can't wait until we're married."

"I can tell you do Christof." replied Lonnie as he smiled. "I hope the two of you are happy for a very long time, and you are going to make Jack a beautiful young husband. If I weren't so straight Jack, I would envy you."

"That was a very nice compliment Lonnie." said Christof. "I need to give you a kiss on the cheek for that!"

Then Lonnie felt Christof's soft lips press against his cheek. When Christof finished the kiss, Lonnie returned the kiss to Christof's cheek.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Lonnie, as he broke the kiss.

"You better not be getting a hard on over my boy Lonnie!" laughed Jack as he drove.

"You know what Peter said." replied Lonnie as he smiled. "I may be getting erections for reasons that I normally wouldn't for a little while."

"You sound a lot like me now Lonnie!" laughed Christof.

The rest of the long drive went well, with the two men and Christof talking and laughing the whole way. As it got later in the evening, Jack had Christof hand Lonnie the bag he had bought Lonnie in New York. Lonnie took one look at it's contents, and began laughing hysterically.

"Would you like to switch seats with Christof so you can change?" Jack asked Lonnie with a smile.

"Now I have to!" laughed Lonnie. "This is too good to pass up!"

Jack pulled over for a rest break, then Lonnie and Christof switched places. Once they got back on the road, Christof knelt in front seat, and looked back as Lonnie undressed. Christof looked in curiosity as Lonnie removed his underwear to reveal his cock.

"That looks very nice Lonnie, although not as nice as Jack's cock." said Christof. "Jack's is a bit bigger."

Then without thinking to ask, Christof reached down into the back seat and softly rubbed Lonnie's cock. As he did that, Jack reached over and caressed Christof's erect dick through his pants.

"That would feel nice if it weren't for the surgery Christof, but it's starting to hurt a bit." said Lonnie after a few moments.

"That's okay, I just wanted to see it hard." giggled Christof.

Lonnie then pulled up the lace panties that Jack had bought for him, and tried to put on the pre-stuffed brassiere. He finally turned his back to Christof and asked, "Would you snap my bra shut for me Christof?"

Once the bra was secured, Lonnie put on the panty hose, dress, and high heeled shoes. Then Lonnie topped it off with the nice blonde wig Jack had bought. "Wait until you see Lonnie!" laughed Christof. "I'll bet he could make a gay man want to be straight!"

"I have to see that then!" smiled Jack.

Jack pulled over, then took a look into the back seat. Jack laughed when he saw that Lonnie made a very rugged but nice looking woman. Jack finally pulled into Lonnie's driveway at about ten o'clock, and saw that everyone was there. Jack had Lonnie follow behind him to the door, as he knocked and then went on in.

"Hi everyone!" said Jack, as he and Christof walked into the room where everyone was waiting. "I think everyone will notice quite a change with Lonnie. Come on in Lonnie,... I mean Lonnette."

"Huh uh!" exclaimed Luke. "You take him back and bring my dad back!"

"It is me son!" replied Lonnie, trying as hard as he could not to laugh. "I'm still the same person that I was before, just a little different now."

Janice knew that Lonnie was fooling around, so she asked, "Does this mean that I have to be lesbian now? I was really hoping to have children by you Lonnette." Then Janice gave Lonnie a wink.

"I'm going to hold my breath until you are my dad again dad." said Luke. "If I pass out and die, it's your fault!"

"I was just kidding you son." laughed Lonnie. "Of course I have everything I left with, and it works better now. When Jack showed me the dress he had bought, I couldn't resist having some fun. I'll go change now."

"I guess that's okay dad." replied Luke. "Thanks for scaring me to death!"

When Lonnie returned from changing into his farm clothes, much to Luke's relief, Janice gave him a very warm kiss in front of everyone. Lonnie winced as he finally broke the kiss.

"I'm sure that I love you now Janice." said Lonnie. "That kiss kind of hurt, and I have more of a bulge in my pants now than I have in a long time!"

"Alright dad!" smiled Luke.

After taking a few minutes to catch up on the past few days, it was time for Jack and Ellen's family to go home. Lonnie was also looking forward to bed time, so he could sleep with Janice. Janice took it easy on Lonnie that night, not trying to have actual sex with him yet. She did want to take a good look at Lonnie's cock though, to see the work that had been done in New York. Lonnie grinned and bared it, as Janice gently handled Lonnie's swelling cock. Lonnie was in the process of having the hardest erection since the surgery, but it was worth it to him to let the woman he now loved handle his cock with such care.

"I don't know if I'm up to oral sex yet honey, but can I feel your lips against my cock for just a moment?" asked Lonnie.

"I would love to do anything like that at any time dear." replied Janice. "I can't wait to share some affection with your beautiful cock."

Lonnie knew how much an orgasm would hurt right now, so he let Janice back off after a few wonderful moments. "I can't wait for us to make love honey." said Lonnie breathlessly. "I had forgotten that I could feel like this."

"It will be the most wonderful moment of my life too, my love." replied Janice.

Lonnie and Janice then kissed passionately in each other's naked arms until they fell asleep.

Meanwhile in Luke and Josh's room, the two boys had already finished their love-making. Luke broke the kiss they shared afterward, and said, "I'm glad that neither of us are going to let being brothers affect our relationship. I couldn't imagine being as intimate as we are with anyone else."

"Yeah Luke, you're a part of me that I never realized I was missing." replied Josh. "Now that I do though, I couldn't stand not being with you. You're my brother, my lover, and my whole life Luke. I'd like to take Reverend Sammy up on his offer of a ceremony sometime Luke, if you'd like to too."

"I would love that, my lover!" smiled Luke.

The next day, Lonnie wanted to go out to the fields with the boys. He had to swear to Janice that he wouldn't do any kind of work before she let him go. Lonnie smiled all morning at how well Luke and Josh worked together. Lonnie finally waved at the boys out in the field, and pointed to the lunch he had brought out with them. Then Lonnie watched as the boys pulled up on the tractor.

As soon as the boys pulled up, Lonnie said, "I'm sure you boys have noticed that Janice and I are going to get married. The divorce with Naomi should be final by the last week of August, and that's when we plan on getting married."

"I hope this isn't going where it sounds like it's going dad." said Luke. "I don't care if Josh is going to really be my brother now, I love him very much, and I'll never feel this way about anyone else."

"I love Luke too Lon,... I mean dad." said Josh. "It doesn't matter to either of us if we're brothers now."

"Take it easy boys, I wouldn't dream of asking you to change the way you feel, and neither would Janice." replied Lonnie. "I personally hope you boys are able to follow Janice and me in marriage someday." As Lonnie passed out the lunch Janice had made for them, he continued, "What I wanted to tell you boys is that Janice and I want to go on a honeymoon after the ceremony, and we want to take our boys too. I've called our fall help, and they've agreed to come here early this year. How would you boys like to visit Florida before school starts?"

"Gee dad, I was kind of hoping to get the dentist to give me a root canal that week." replied Luke, as seriously as he could.

"Yeah dad, and I was going to have every hair on my body plucked out one at a time." said Josh.

"Well boys, we'll miss you on the trip." replied Lonnie, playing along with their game. "I'm sure Boone and Matt will miss you too. Jack is marrying Christof at the same time, and their family has agreed to go with us. I'm sure your plans sound fun though. Good luck."

"Are you nuts dad?!" exclaimed Luke. "Do you really think we would pass up a trip to Florida?"

"Well then, I'm glad your schedules have suddenly cleared." laughed Lonnie. Lonnie and the boys laughed all the way through lunch. At the end of the day, Lonnie said, "I can't tell you boys how proud I am of both of you for taking care of things for me. All three of you boys are all I could ever ask for in my sons. And from what Janice says, Ryan is doing a very good job with the chores right around the house."

Lonnie gave both boys a hug, then Lonnie and Josh followed Luke in. Luke drove the tractor, and Josh impressed Lonnie with his driving skills, as he had done on the way out that morning.

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