City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

After a fifteen minute rest break, Jack pulled out toward the first of the bridges, with Lonnie right behind him. In a few places, the boys thought the bridge would keep going all the way to Cuba. It looked like they were traveling across open ocean anyway. Eventually though, another key would pop up in front of them. Even with Jack's warning, Luke and Ryan found themselves too far from land when they had to go again. When Luke announced that he had to pee first, Josh picked up an empty soda bottle. Then he took Luke's cock out for him, and pointed it into the bottle. Luke smiled as he emptied his bladder with Josh holding his cock. When Ryan made the same announcement, Emo picked up another empty bottle. Then he took out Ryan's dick, which fit down into the bottle. Emo watched as his little boyfriend almost filled the bottle. Then it was Ryan's turn to watch, as Emo took the bottle and turned it up to his lips. All of the boys watched as Emo took two good drinks of what Ryan had filled the bottle with. Lonnie and Janice knew better than to try to keep an eye on the boys, so neither of them saw it.

"What are you guys looking at?" laughed Emo. "I thought it tasted nice. There isn't anything about my boyfriend that doesn't taste nice."

The other boys decided that they would just take Emo's word for it. By the time they finally crossed the last bridge into Key West, it was almost supper time. Jack went to the hotel he had booked first to drop off the bags, then he found a nice restaurant they could all eat at. No one could be talked into trying the gator tail soup, but they managed to have a nice supper anyway.

After supper, everyone returned to the hotel for what the adults thought was a well earned rest. Jack had booked a deluxe room each for himself and Christof, Ellen and Nathaniel, and Lonnie and Janice. Then he booked a large suite for the boys and Emo, since it would be useless to try to keep them apart for the duration of the trip.

"How are we going to spend two whole nights, and a whole day here without being bored to death?" asked Josh, as the boys sat around in the common room of the suite.

"We have to teach you how to use your imagination Josh!" laughed Boone, before leaning over to kiss Matt lovingly.

As Matt and Boone removed each other's shirts to caress each other's torsos, and continue their kiss, Emo slipped an arm around an already shirtless Ryan and said, "Besides, Key West isn't that bad at all. I was down here for spring break the year I graduated high school, and it wasn't boring at all." Then Ryan grasped Emo's cock through his pants, as Emo continued, "Hell, if you guys want, I can even show you where we can sneak onto a nude gay beach tomorrow."

"Okay!" exclaimed Josh, as Emo bent down and began sucking on Ryan's nipples. "This is sounding better all the time!"

"How does this sound Josh?" asked Luke. Luke then grasped Josh's zipper, and lowered it as loudly as he could.

"Like I said, better all the time!" snickered Josh.

Luke pushed Josh's pants and shorts down, then leaned over and began kissing the head of Josh's cock. All Luke did for the next few minutes was kiss Josh's cock as passionately as he could.

"Damn Luke!" gasped Josh. "You kissing my cock like that is driving me crazy! I love how the head of it looks nestled between your lips though. Now, let me kiss your beautiful cock."

Luke straightened back up with a smile, then leaned back as Josh lowered his pants and shorts. By this time Boone and Matt were in a tight embrace, kissing while their hands caressed each other's backs. Emo was now sucking passionately on Ryan's nipples, and Ryan was watching Luke and Josh as he smiled. Luke smiled back, then watched Josh as Josh's lips gently contacted the head of his cock. Josh gave Luke's cock the most loving and intense kiss that he could.

"Oh God Josh!" moaned Luke. "I know I've said you're a good kisser before, but I really mean it now!"

After Josh had kissed Luke's cock for a few minutes, Emo said, "You guys have gotten my boyfriend really horny now. Thanks! Why don't we all move to one of the bedrooms now?"

The boys and Emo all got up, and went to the larger bedroom. After they had finished undressing each other, Ryan and Emo laid down on one bed, and the other four boys laid down on the other. As Josh pushed his cock into Luke, he looked over and saw Ryan work all of Emo's cock into his mouth and throat.

"Damn Ryan, you're pretty good at deep throating a cock to be as young as you are!" moaned Josh.

"I'll say he is!" moaned Emo, as Ryan took Emo's cock back and forth in his throat.

Ryan was able to keep Emo's cock in his throat for over two minutes, before he finally need to get some air. As soon as Ryan took a few breaths, he plunged back down on Emo's cock.

"Oh God Ryan!" moaned Emo loudly. "My cock feels so good buried in your throat like that! The next time you come up for air, please turn around so I can swallow yours too!"

As soon as Ryan turned around, Emo swallowed his dick and balls ravenously. Ryan let out a heavy breath, then worked on Emo's cock with just his mouth. Josh was now approaching his orgasm, as he watched the two lovers. Luke reached up and squeezed Josh's nipples, then Josh let out a loud moan as he began cumming into Luke. Meanwhile, Boone and Matt, who were also involved in a sixty nine, were approaching their orgasms. As Luke and Josh switched places, and Luke drove his cock deeply into Josh, Boone and Matt began to moan. Both boys hungrily swallowed each other's cum, making sure to get every drop that they could. Ryan was now back to deep throating Emo's cock, and they were both approaching their orgasms. Ryan and Emo soon began swallowing, as they savored the taste of each other's cum. As Luke continued to thrust in and out of Josh, he and Josh began feeling the hands of their friends caressing their bodies. After a few moments of that, Luke began pumping his cum deeply into Josh. Josh was in so much pleasure that he had a second orgasm while Luke's cum flooded his rectum. After Luke pulled out of Josh, and cleaned Josh's cum from his stomach and abdomen, all of the boys and Emo decided to just sleep where they were.

The next morning, Emo yawned widely as the morning sunlight flooded in through the window. As Emo began to stir, so did the boys in the bedroom. Emo got up and went to the balcony window, and looked out over the ocean. Emo smiled as his still naked boyfriend joined him at the window.

"I can't believe how beautiful it is here." said Ryan.

"It's even more beautiful with you here Ryan." smiled Emo. "Right now though, we should all get cleaned up and dressed for breakfast. After that, we can find a good beach for some swimming."

Emo and the boys got cleaned up and dressed, then joined Nathaniel, Christof, and the adults for breakfast. After one of the best breakfasts any of them had ever eaten, Emo and the boys went back to their room to prepare for a day at the beach. Instead of going to the beach in back of the hotel, Emo borrowed the keys for one of the vehicles, and the boys set out for a beach Emo knew about. Emo passed by the county beach, then by another county beach with lots of signs outside. The road came to an intersection, where it stopped about a half mile later. Emo pulled off the road behind a dune, then he and the boys walked over the dunes toward the ocean.

Once they got to the beach, Emo said, "Okay, you can take off your clothes now if you want."

The boys looked at Emo strangely, then Emo had them look around. When the boys looked around, the only people they saw were other naked men. The boys smiled as they began to strip down on the beach. As the boys removed all of their clothes, they began to get a few appreciative glances from the other men on the beach. That was enough to make the boys very erect, as their erections were now on display for everyone to see.

"I think we're attracting attention." giggled Luke.

"Let 'em look!" laughed Josh. "I'll bet they all like what they see too!"

The boys went ahead and chased each other around on the beach for a while, as the men there innocently watched them. The boys knew this, and their erections never went down. Finally the water looked too inviting for them to ignore any longer. The boys and Emo had a great time swimming naked in the ocean. Then Luke noticed a fin in the water near them.

"Oh shit you guys!" yelled Luke. "It's a shark, or something!"

Emo immediately saw the fin, and said, "Don't panic guys, it's not a shark."

Emo gently patted the surface of the water, and a few seconds later, a dolphin stuck its head up out of the water and cackled at Emo. Emo smiled at the dolphin, then slowly held his hand out. The dolphin seemed to be happy to let Emo reach out and touch it. Then the dolphin called out, and a few moments later, the boys and Emo were surrounded by a half dozen of the friendly mammals. The boys then swam with the dolphins for the next half hour, and the dolphins seemed to enjoy it as much as the boys did. The boys finally had to return to shore though, to take a break. They petted their new friends good-bye, and the dolphins replied by cackling a farewell to them.

By this time, there were quite a few more men on the beach. They all began watching again as the boys once again played in the sand, and the boys erections returned again. A man who looked to be about thirty finally approached the boys.

"Hi boys." said the man. "My name is Brad, and I couldn't help but to notice you when you were out there playing with the dolphins. I also noticed you on the beach too, I guess. You don't have to worry though, I'm safe."

"What do you want then?" asked Boone, as his erect cock dangled proudly in front of him.

"I just wanted to thank you for making the beach so beautiful today." replied Brad. "I'm also a bit of a photographer, and I like to capture boys being boys on my camera. I was wondering if you would mind if I got a few shots of all of you. I promise, these would be for my own private collection. I never post or print my boy pictures."

"I wouldn't mind, as long as we all got copies of the pictures." smiled Luke.

"I could copy them to discs as soon as I get back to my hotel, and drop off copies for you at your hotel this evening." replied Brad.

"What do ya say guys?" asked Luke.

The boys and Emo agreed to the proposition, and Brad spent the next hour capturing the boys in various activities. Some of those activities even included kissing, and a little foreplay. The boys all smiled as they noticed Brad getting an erection too, and they were proud to keep themselves as stiff as possible for the pictures. When Brad had finally filled his camera's memory, he thanked the boys, and said he had to go call a young man he met last night at one of the local gay clubs. After the boys and Emo said good-bye to Brad, Emo finally thought to check his watch he had left in the bag with his clothes. The boys were shocked to realize what time it was, as it was now time for them to go back to the hotel, and start getting ready for the evening's activities.

When the boys returned to the hotel that evening after dinner, Brad had kept his promise, and left a package at the front desk for Luke and his friends. Inside the package was a copy of the disc for each one of them, along with a note. Brad thanked the boys for allowing him to photograph them, and told them that they were now the high point of his collection. He also complimented Boone for having the most gorgeous cock he had ever seen on a boy.

"I can tell I'm going to have to keep my eye on you, ain't I?" giggled Matt.

"I can't help it if my huge cock is irresistible!" laughed Boone.

As the boys settled in for another night of love making, so did Jack and Christof, and Lonnie and Janice. The adults were now rested up from the trip, and the newlywed couples were eager to share their love with each other. Every room except Ellen and Nathaniel's was filled with the sounds of passion that night. Nathaniel was happy that he and his brother now had a mommy and daddy who loved them very much though. Ellen smiled as she tucked Nathaniel into his bed, and gave the boy a kiss on his forehead.

By the time everyone got ready to leave Key West the next day, the boys were wishing now that they had been able to stay a little longer. When Jack told them that staying there would cut into the Orlando portion of the trip though, the boys seemed to get over it quickly. Once the boys had made it over the last of the bridges to the mainland, Emo took out his laptop and slipped in the disc that Brad had made for him. When Emo, Ryan, Luke, and Josh began looking at the pictures, they were surprised by how many shots Brad had taken. It was clear that the man thought very highly of the subjects of his newest photos. Meanwhile in the other car, Boone had borrowed Jack's laptop, and he and Matt were also looking at the pictures. Jack began wondering what the boys were looking at in the back seat, and Ellen leaned over to take a look.

"I'm a little concerned as to how you boys came up with pictures like that." remarked Ellen. "I do trust you boys, but there are people out there who may try to take advantage of you."

"Brad wasn't like that though." said Boone. "He never made any inappropriate moves toward any of us. He just enjoys photographing boys being themselves. He promised us that these pictures were only for his private collection, and we believe him. Besides, I think he already has a boyfriend. He was in a real hurry to get back to his room after he finished taking the pictures."

"Okay Boone honey, I trust your judgment." replied Ellen, as she glanced at the pictures again. "I just wanted to make sure that you boys are being careful. Damn Boone, I didn't realize that you were so much like your father!"

"I might have to have you take over driving, Ellen dear." laughed Jack. "A father should make sure his boy isn't taking any inappropriate photos."

"As long as you remember that you're MY man now!" snickered Christof.

"I don't see what the big deal is." said Nathaniel. "It's just Boone and his friends without any clothes."

"I think we may be raising at least one straight boy here Jack." smiled Ellen.

"Damn dad, how could you let that happen?" laughed Boone.

Everyone laughed at Boone's last remark. Jack and Ellen did eventually switch places, and Jack and Christof got a chance to see the pictures. It was clear that the man who took them really enjoyed shooting his subjects. Jack did remark too how Boone was looking more like him every day, which got Christof caressing him through his pants. Jack held his boy closely, and slipped one hand down inside Christof's shorts.

"You two must look really special when you make love." said Matt, as he and Boone smiled at the couple.

"Any couple who really loves each other are special when they make love, as I'm sure you two are too." replied Jack as he smiled.

Everyone did manage to keep their clothes on in the back seat, although there was quite a bit of kissing and caressing going on for the remainder of the trip. In the other car, Lonnie did have to remind the boys in the back seat that the trucks on the freeway could see what they were doing back there. That still didn't stop the boys from showing each other a few brief moments of pleasure though. They would just have the other couple watch out for trucks passing them. During one of those times, Ryan told Emo that he had to go to the bathroom. Since it was quite a way to the next exit, Emo told Ryan to go ahead. Then he sealed his lips around Ryan's dick and began to swallow. Josh and Luke watched Emo's cock stiffen, as he swallowed the golden liquid coming from Ryan's dick.

Once Ryan was through relieving himself, Josh asked, "It really turns you on to do that, doesn't it Emo?"

"I can't explain it, but it's the most stimulating thing I've ever done!" replied Emo, as he licked his lips.

"That's cool, as long as you both enjoy it." replied Josh. "The most Luke and I can manage is to do it on each other. We did try tasting it once, but it wasn't that good as far as we were concerned."

"Do you guys think that Emo and I could watch you pee on each other sometime?" asked Ryan.

By this time, Janice was turning slightly red, and Lonnie was having a difficult time controlling his laughter. He finally managed to say, "Okay boys, that may be a bit too much information for your mother and I. You're fine to do whatever you want in private though."

The boys didn't realize that Lonnie and Janice could hear them before then, and it made them all blush a little. The rest of the drive was a bit more subdued. Jack had looked over all of the major hotels in Orlando when booking the trip. He finally settled on a hotel at one of the major theme park resorts called the Royal Pacific, as they wanted to stick with a tropical theme for the trip. He also thought that the boys would appreciate that the resort the hotel was located at offered express access to all of its attractions for its hotel guests. Once they were checked in, it was supper time. Everyone got aboard one of the resort boats, and made their way to the resort for a dinner at one of the restaurants. Tonight's dinner was decided to be held at the Hard Rock Cafe there in Orlando. After dinner, the boys talked the adults into checking out one of the parks. They only had two hours until closing time, but Jack had gotten a ticket for each of them that covered most of the area parks for their entire stay. The express access helped the group have a very good time with the two hours they had left that evening.

Once the boys got back to their room, Ryan talked Josh and Luke into what they had discussed earlier. Once Boone and Matt found out what that was about, they were eager to see it as well. Everyone went ahead and stripped down, then followed Josh and Luke to the bathroom. Luke and Josh climbed into the shower and tub, then Luke knelt down on his knees and closed his eyes. As the other boys looked on, Josh took his cock with one hand, and aimed it at Luke. Once Josh began relieving himself, he took his other hand and rubbed it over Luke, making sure his lover was covered by his shower. When Josh's stream trickled off to a few drops, Luke did stick out his tongue to take a few drops into his mouth. Then the boys switched places, and Luke showered Josh with his pee. As the two boys showered their urine off each other, Boone and Matt whispered to each other. When Josh and Luke stepped out of the shower, Boone and Matt announced that they wanted to be next. When Matt felt Boone's stream begin to lighten, he placed his lips around the head of Boone's cock. Boone moaned as Matt took almost a mouthful of his stream into his mouth, then swallowed. Then the boys switched places, and repeated the scene. Boone almost couldn't believe what he was doing, as he took the head of Matt's still peeing cock between his lips. Boone then stood up, and the boys pressed their soaked bodies together as they kissed.

After everyone was cleaned off, the boys made their way to the bedroom for one of the most erotic nights of love making they had ever had. After some intense foreplay, Ryan, Matt, and Luke laid down on the bed, while Emo, Boone, and Josh prepared to make love to them. Emo couldn't help but to stare, as Boone's huge cock slid into Matt. Emo wasn't too far behind Boone though, as far as cock size went. All three boys laying on the bed enjoyed the feel of their lover's cock pushing into them.

The next day started out hot and muggy, so it was decided to visit one of the water parks included in their tickets first. Once the boys were changed, they enjoyed running around the park in nothing but their swimsuits and flip flops. Janice and Ellen were content to sit back, and watch the guys have fun for now. As the girls were watching the guys on a series of slides that ended in the same pool, a young male employee in his twenties came by and asked if they needed anything. Janice and Ellen both asked for a soft drink from the concession stand, and Ellen couldn't help but to watch his butt as he went to retrieve the ladies drinks.

"If I didn't know any better Ellen, I'd swear you think that young man is kind of cute!" laughed Janice.

"What do you expect?" smiled Ellen. "I live in a house filled with gay men, so it's only natural that I would look at cute guy's butts." Then Ellen looked up to notice that the young man had returned already, and was blushing slightly. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you." said Ellen, now a little embarrassed herself.

"It's okay ma'am, I just didn't expect it seeing as how you ladies are here with your families." replied the young man.

"Oh, I see." said Ellen. "My husband and I are only together for the sake of the younger boys, so you don't have to worry about that. He's actually gay, which is why I noticed you. I'm sorry if it embarrassed you though."

"That's okay." smiled the young man. "My name is Cody, and I'm a concession runner here. If you ladies need anything at all today, just give me a shout. So, do you really think that I'm cute?"

"You are extremely cute Cody." smiled Ellen back. "By the way, my name is Ellen. If it's okay Cody, I'd like to make it up to you for embarrassing you earlier. If you get off work in time, would you like to join us for dinner tonight?"

"Um, I'm off at five today." replied Cody.

"That's perfect!" said Ellen. "We're staying at the Royal Pacific resort, if you want to meet us there at about six. Please say yes Cody."

"I don't know." replied Cody. Then he saw the pleading look on Ellen's face and said, "What the heck, I'll be there at six. You are a very fine looking lady to be interested in a kid like me."

"What's this kid stuff?" replied Ellen. "You look like a very fine young man to me."

"Well Ellen, I think we should pay this fine young man for our drinks." smiled Janice. "We wouldn't want him getting in trouble for spending too much time on just us."

Ellen took out her purse, and paid for the drinks. While she was at it, she slipped Cody the number for the resort, along with her room number. Once Cody had gotten back to his duties, Ellen said, "Oh my God Janice, I can't believe I did that! I haven't done anything like that since I was a girl!"

"How did it feel?" asked Janice, trying not to giggle.

"I can't believe how exciting it was!" replied Ellen.

The two women continued talking and laughing, as they enjoyed their drinks and watched their families. A very soggy Nathaniel finally came over for a break, so Ellen called Cody over to get him a soft drink.

"Cody, I'd like you to meet my youngest boy, Nathaniel." said Ellen. "Nathaniel, this nice young man who works here is Cody. You can tell him what kind of soda you would like."

"Hi Cody, I'd like a Coke." said Nathaniel.

"Sure little guy, I'll get it for you." replied Cody. "So, why aren't you with the other boys?"

"They were going over to that really scary slide that looks like a torpedo, and drops you straight down." replied Nathaniel. "I told them I'd see them when they get done with that one!"

"Yeah, that one is kinda scary." chuckled Cody. "I'll be right back with that Coke in just a second."

When the men and boys were finished with the torpedo slide, as Nathaniel had called it, they decided to take a break too. Everyone then headed over to the concession area so they could get a table to sit at. Lunch consisted of hot dogs, cheese fries, and either soda or lemonade. Once that was over, the boys wanted to get back to the slides. Now that they were done with the scariest slide, Nathaniel was happy to rejoin them. Everyone finally decided to get ready for dinner at about four thirty, and Ellen made sure to see Cody again before they left. On the way back to the hotel, Ellen finally let everyone in on what she had done.

"I'm happy for you Ellen." said Jack. "I was beginning to think maybe you were trying to make us look like a legitimate couple. There's no reason why you should have a little fun too though."

"All right mom!" laughed Boone. "Way to go! You scored a young guy!"

"If the truth be known, that's why I don't date much!" snickered Ellen.

At six o'clock on the dot, Cody called Ellen's room from the lobby, to let her know he was there and ready for dinner. Up to that point, Ellen had been concerned that the young man might lose his nerve to go through with it, even though it was just dinner. To be honest, Cody almost did back out. He decided that Ellen looked very nice and fine though, and since he currently didn't have a girlfriend, there was no reason not to have a little fun. Tonight's dinner was at the resort restaurant that was owned by a very famous chef. Cody gulped when he saw the menu prices.

"Don't worry about it Cody." laughed Jack. "I have more than enough to pay for my wife, and her handsome young escort."

"Wow Cody, you must be one hot guy." snickered Boone quietly. "You get hit on by straight women AND gay men. By the way, I hope mom did tell you that the only straight guys here are Nathaniel and Janice's husband Lonnie."

All of the boys followed Boone's lead, and winked at Cody. That seemed to loosen Cody up a little bit, so he could enjoy a fantastic dinner. After dinner was over, everyone but Ellen decided to spend a few hours in one of the parks, before they closed for the evening. Cody followed Ellen back to the hotel, so he could pick up his car.

"I have to say Ellen, tonight was kind of fun." said Cody. "You have a really interesting family."

By now, Ellen's hormones had been fully awakened as she replied, "Tonight can still be even more fun Cody."

"Are you asking what I think you are?" asked Cody. "If you are, I have to tell you that I have kind of a condition. My employer requires me to wear a supporter, so it isn't too noticeable at work."

"If you're trying to scare me Cody, I think it backfired." smiled Ellen. "Please come to my room with me Cody. I really want to do this with you. You're the sexiest man I've seen in quite a while."

Usually when girls found out about Cody's cock, it scared them. It was ten inches when flaccid, and grew to an unbelievable fourteen inches when erect. As a matter of fact, all of Cody's past relationships had broke up because of that. Cody couldn't resist this woman who seemed to want him, but he had to know for sure before it went any further, and became a painful scene.

"Are you sure about this Ellen?" asked Cody. "My cock grows to fourteen inches when it gets hard. It's usually so painful that most girls can't handle having sex with me. I've had so many girls break up with me before we could get anywhere, that I even shy away from quick flings now, because I can't take the rejection anymore."

"Trust me that I would never stop something that I've started." replied Ellen. "You are a very sexy man Cody, and now I want this for both of us. Please come up to my room and make love to me Cody!"

Cody and Ellen started off by kissing. It had been a while since a man had kissed her like Cody was now. After a few moments of kissing, Ellen was so turned on that she began stripping Cody. Once Ellen had all of Cody's clothes off, she looked down at his now growing cock. Cody knew that this would be the moment Ellen decided that she couldn't go through with it, and he would dress and leave quietly. Then Cody saw a more intense look of longing in Ellen's face than he had ever seen before.

"Thank you for sending me this woman God." said Cody softly. "I promise to be gentle with her."

Cody stripped Ellen down, then began putting his cock inside her. When it was halfway in, Cody expected to see her in a little discomfort. Instead, Ellen had an incredibly euphoric look on her face. The more Cody slid his cock inside her, the more euphoric Ellen looked. Cody couldn't believe it when he managed to get all of his cock inside Ellen.

"That doesn't hurt, does it Ellen?" asked Cody softly.

"It's the most incredible thing I've ever felt Cody!" replied Ellen, in a moan of pleasure. "Please make love to me Cody!"

Cody and Ellen both had the most incredible sex that they had ever had before. Ellen had such an intense orgasm that Cody thought her vagina would pull him right inside her. Then it was time for Cody to have an orgasm that he feared would shoot all the way through the most incredible woman he had ever met. It took both of them about a half hour to recover from the experience.

As Cody finally began to get dressed, he said, "I have never met anyone like you Ellen. The problem is, I think I'm going to fall in love with you."

"If you do that Cody, the only choice you will have is to go home with me." replied Ellen. "I could fall so in love with you that it would last forever Cody, but you have to be sure about accepting the consequences of that."

"I have nothing to hold me here." replied Cody. "The job I do is fun sometimes, but I'll never have a real relationship here. It wouldn't be a problem at all for me to move to,.... um,.... where are you from Ellen?"

That caused Ellen to laugh uncontrollably, and Cody soon joined her. Ellen was now falling for this young man very quickly, and she didn't want to stop herself. Ellen and Cody spent quite a while discussing Ellen's hometown, and the various possibilities that might await Cody there. Cody had just about made up his mind that he was hopelessly in love with Ellen, and would follow her anywhere, but he wanted to sleep on it overnight. Before Cody left, Ellen gave him a very passionate kiss. As Cody was leaving, Jack and Christof was dropping Nathaniel off at the room.

"You two didn't?" asked Jack. "Oh my God! I would know that look anywhere Ellen, seeing that I've put it on your face a few times too! From the looks of things, he must have been pretty damn good too!"

"Cody is an incredible young man." replied Ellen, with a blissful look on her face. "I think I'm falling for him Jack, and he's falling for me too."

"Did you two discuss your home life dear?" asked Jack.

"Only as far as where I live, and where he would have to follow me to." replied Ellen.

"Well, if he wants to do that, we'll make him as welcome as we can." smiled Jack. "I'll even help him find work somewhere. You deserve to be happy Ellen, and I'll do everything I can to see that happen for you."

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