City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

"Cody is an incredible young man." replied Ellen, with a blissful look on her face. "I think I'm falling for him Jack, and he's falling for me too."

"Did you two discuss your home life dear?" asked Jack.

"Only as far as where I live, and where he would have to follow me to." replied Ellen.

"Well, if he wants to do that, we'll make him as welcome as we can." smiled Jack. "I'll even help him find work somewhere. You deserve to be happy Ellen, and I'll do everything I can to see that happen for you."

"It's late guys." whispered Luke, as the boys headed down to the lobby. "If we're quiet, I'm sure no one will notice."

"I'm still not too sure about skinny dipping in a place like this." replied Boone softly. "What if we get caught, and they kick us out of the hotel?"

"I think it's kinda exciting to try to get away with it!" giggled Matt.

When the boys got to the pool, everything looked quiet. Luke looked around for a second, then stripped off his shorts and slipped into the pool wearing nothing but a smile. The other boys and Emo then quickly followed. The desk clerk did notice that someone went out to the pool, and became glued to the window. Since the lobby wasn't busy, he wasn't going to say anything unless someone complained. The clerk breathed heavily as he watched Luke and his friends frolic nude in the water. Luke and the boys didn't notice it, but they did start to attract attention. At first it was just a few other boys who were staying in the hotel that joined Luke and his friends. Then a few girls began joining the boys, all of them just as naked as the boys were. Luke finally noticed when he went to tag someone that he thought was Ryan, but turned out to be a naked young girl.

The girl felt Luke tag her butt and yell "Tag!", so she replied, "Thanks, you're cute."

"Um, I'm sorry." said Luke, now turning red. "I thought you were someone else. I guess it's good that we weren't tagging each other on the crotch."

"I don't know, that might have been fun!" giggled the girl. "You can re-tag me if you want to."

"That's okay, my boyfriend might not like it." replied Luke.

"Oh shit, I'm the one who's sorry then." said the girl. "I just never considered that you might be gay. By the way, ny name is Marie."

"Hi Marie, I'm Luke." replied Luke. "Don't be sorry either, you had no way of knowing that I'm gay. The really nice looking guy over there by the slide is my boyfriend, Josh."

"Damn, he's just as cute as you are!" said Marie. "I'll bet you two really have fun with each other. I'll also bet you really make the girls sad when they find out that you're boyfriends."

"Where we're from it's best that not too many people know about us yet." replied Luke.

"That's crazy." said Marie. "My younger brother over there is gay, and all the kids at school know. No one ever gives him any problems though."

"Damn, where did all these kids come from?!" exclaimed Luke.

"You guys attracted a little attention out here." replied Marie as she giggled. "I guess they wanted to join in the fun, just like me, my brother, and my friend."

"Who is your friend?" asked Luke.

"Her name is Desiree, and she's the one looking at that boy with the big cock." replied Marie.

"Oh-oh, that's Boone." laughed Luke. "You might want to tell Desiree that he's gay too! Oops, too late. She just grabbed him, and now it looks like he's telling her."

"Poor Desiree, she looks so disappointed!" Marie almost laughed.

"Oh well." said Luke. "By the way, here's that tag you wanted. You're it!"

Luke rubbed his hand across Marie's slit, then took off laughing. Marie swam after Luke for a little while. When she saw that she couldn't catch Luke, she swam up to an unsuspecting Ryan, tagged his dick, and yelled, "Tag! You're it!"

Ryan's eyes went wide as he exclaimed, "We're playing dick tag, and there are girls in the pool!"

Ryan took off in chase of someone to tag, and finally tagged a boy he didn't know. Marie's brother smiled as he thanked Ryan, then took off after someone. By this time there were a few men on the balconies of the hotel, watching the kids in the pool below. Still though, no one was complaining. Marie's brother ended up tagging Desiree, and she went after Boone again at first. When she saw that she couldn't catch Boone, she grabbed ahold of a boy that neither she nor Luke and his friends knew.

"Please don't stop tagging me there!" gasped the boy lightly, as he smiled.

"You can tag me back if you want to." giggled Desiree.

The boy swam face to face with Desiree and asked, "Is it safe?"

"My parents are very liberal." said Desiree. "They would rather see me on the pill than to get pregnant, and I take it every day, just in case."

Marie, Luke, and Josh watched as the boy reached down under the water. When they saw Desiree suddenly get a look of pleasure on her face, they knew the boy had put himself inside her.

"That feels so awesome!" moaned Desiree. "How big is it?"

"It's a little under seven when it's hard." replied the boy, as he began pulling Desiree's hips back and forth. "By the way, my name is Derek, and you feel really nice."

"Thanks Derek, so do you." replied Desiree.

By this time, Luke had disappeared under water. Marie knew what was going on when she saw the look on Josh's face. "You two look so cute like that." giggled Marie.

"I just wonder how long he can hold his breath." gasped Josh.

When the desk clerk saw Matt not even trying to hide having oral sex with Boone, he had to step in. He hated doing it, but he knew that someone would complain very quickly now. Without arousing attention from anyone except the kids in the pool, he went out and got their attention.

"I'm sorry boys and girls, but I'm going to have to ask all of you to put your swimsuits back on, and come out of the pool." said the desk clerk. "I didn't mind the show you put on, but other people in the hotel will start complaining now. If they do, I'll have to file a report with security. Don't worry though, I'll be as vague as I can. It would be best if you were to go back to at least one room now though. I'm sorry to have to put a stop to your fun. You kids made me harder than I've been in a while."

"We're sorry too sir." replied Josh. "We didn't mean to cause any kind of trouble. I guess it just got out of hand out here."

"That's okay son." smiled the clerk. "Damn, how long can your boyfriend hold his breath?"

"I guess quite a while when he's motivated." laughed Josh.

"Well, wherever you kids go for the rest of the night, have fun and keep it down." chuckled the clerk.

The clerk then went back in, and watched as the kids climbed out of the pool naked, and put their swimsuits back on. As soon as the last kid left the pool, the front desk phone rang. A guest was now indeed complaining, and the clerk told them he was in the process of handling it. The clerk did have to call security, but he gave the kids a minute or so to leave the pool area first.

Most of the kids ended up following Luke and his friends back to their suite. Desiree and Derek were the first to strip back to being naked. Then Derek put his cock back inside Desiree, and the two picked up where they left off. Luke and Josh smiled at that, then laid on the floor of the suite in a sixty nine position. Marie sat down next to them, and watched the two boys make love.

"I'm going to need to find a boy after this." said Marie. "I love watching two boys make love, but my brother hardly ever lets me watch him."

At this time, Marie's brother Daniel was approaching a boy he had watched a few times. "Hi, I'm Daniel." said Marie's brother.

"Hi Daniel, my name is Mark." replied the other boy. "Have you been watching me tonight?"

"Maybe a little." replied Daniel sheepishly. "Would you be interested in having a little fun with me?"

"I've never done anything with another boy before, but some of these boys look like they're having a lot of fun." replied Mark. "I guess I could, if you show me what to do."

"Let's start off with what they're doing." said Daniel, as he pointed at Luke and Josh. "Then maybe after a few minutes, we could do what they're doing." Daniel then pointed at Matt and Boone, as Boone thrust his cock in and out of Matt's butt.

"Okay." replied Mark, now a little breathlessly.

When Josh and Luke both began moaning steadily, Marie had to find a boy. She noticed a shy but cute looking boy over in the corner, and went up to him.

"Hi, my name is Marie, and I think you're really cute." said Marie.

"I'm Austin, and you're a very pretty girl." replied the boy.

"In that case, could we make love?" asked Marie.

Austin grinned widely as he replied, "Sure!"

Then Marie took off Austin's swimsuit, and removed her own. "Here's what I want to do Austin." said Marie. "I know the boy usually leads, but I want you to lay back, and let me make love to you. I want to end up on top of you, thrusting myself up and down on you. Does that sound fun?"

"It sounds like a blast!" replied Austin excitedly.

While Marie began making love to Austin, Luke and Josh were still going at it passionately. They were now holding it back as long as they could, so they could enjoy each other as long as possible. Boone was the first to orgasm, as he shot his cum deep inside Matt. Then the two boys traded places. By this time, Daniel and Mark broke their sixty nine.

"I loved sucking your dick Daniel." panted Mark. "I didn't know if I would, but it was really fun. I've always kind of wondered what it would feel like if a boy put his dick in my butt though."

"Your wish is my pleasure." smiled Daniel.

Daniel then knelt between Mark's legs. His dick was still pretty wet with Mark's spit, so he put it against Mark's pucker. When Mark felt Daniel's dick plunge into him, his eyes rolled back. Daniel was afraid that he had hurt Mark, until Mark began smiling. Then Daniel smiled too, and began thrusting in and out of Mark.

Marie and Austin finished their love-making a few moments after Luke and Josh had filled each other's mouths with their cum. As Marie and her new boyfriend sat down next to Luke and Josh, Marie noticed her brother.

"Damn Danny, how long are you going to fuck him?" laughed Marie.

"As long as I can sis!" panted Daniel.

"Oh God Daniel!" moaned Mark. "I've never felt anything like this!"

"I'll make you feel a lot better than this by the time we're done!" panted Daniel.

Marie turned back to Josh, Luke, and Austin while she laughed, and kept an eye on Daniel out of the corner of her eye. "So Luke, how long have you and Josh been boyfriends?" asked Marie.

"We just met over the summer." replied Luke. "My cousin Josh got into trouble in the city, so they sent him out to live with us in the country."

"That's even cuter." giggled Marie. "You two are kissing cousins."

"We do a lot more than kiss!" laughed Josh.

"I haven't really known too many gay people." said Austin. "You guys look really cool though. It was really different to see two guys having sex."

"You probably know a lot more gay people than you realize." smiled Marie, as she stroked Austin's bare back. "They say about ten percent of the population is gay, just like my little brother over there."

Marie pointed to Danny, who was moaning loudly as he was about ready to cum inside Mark. Danny had an intense look of pleasure on his face, compared to the completely blissful look on Mark's face. Everyone could tell that he was enjoying his first cock inside him.

When Danny began cumming, Mark moaned out, "Oh God dude, I can feel your cum shooting inside me! I can't believe how incredible it is! Please don't stop!"

Danny did stop when he was drained though, and he smiled down into Mark's euphoric face. "Now I want you to put your dick inside me, and finish joining us as boyfriends."

When Danny laid down on his back, Mark eagerly climbed between his legs. As Mark lined his dick up to Danny's pucker, he said, "I love you dude. Thanks for helping me realize that I'm gay."

Luke, Josh, Marie, and Austin watched as Mark pushed his dick into Danny. Once Mark was all the way inside Danny, Danny had him lean down so they could kiss. Mark made love so passionately to Danny that the two boys were mesmerizing.

"They do look like they're having fun." said Austin. "I guess it's pretty cool that most of you guys are gay, and I wouldn't mind having any of you as friends."

"Thanks Austin, you're pretty cool for a straight guy too!" laughed Josh. "So, what is everyone doing tomorrow?"

"My parents wanted to head over to the park in Tampa tomorrow." replied Marie.

"Do you think it would be okay if I talked my parents into letting me go?" asked Austin. "I really like you a lot Marie."

Marie gave Austin a kiss and said, "That would be really sweet. You wouldn't happen to live anywhere near Fort Lauderdale, would you?"

"I'm about halfway between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale!" smiled Austin. "This is so great! I'm already pretty sure I want you to be my girlfriend Marie."

"I'd love that Austin." replied Marie. "So, what about you guys Luke?"

"I've already got a really great boyfriend, but thanks for asking." snickered Luke. "But anyway, we were planning on Tampa tomorrow too."

"Great!" exclaimed Marie. "We can all go together as friends! This is turning out to be a great trip! Oh wow Austin, that feels so good!"

Austin was now bent over into Marie's lap, with his tongue inside her, intently licking inside Marie. Luke and Josh shared a kiss, as they watched Austin work on Marie's vagina.

"I hate to stop you Austin, but it's getting late." moaned Marie.

Austin didn't respond for a few moments, continuing to passionately lick inside Marie. At the same time, Mark was moaning as his cum shot inside Daniel. Then the two boys collapsed in each other's arms.

"I love being gay with you Daniel." moaned Mark softly, as the two boys shared a kiss. "Your sister just said that you live in Fort Lauderdale. So do I. Can I be your boyfriend?"

"I've always dreamed of having a boyfriend like you Mark." replied Danny softly. "We're going to be such a great couple!"

Marie was now grasping Austin's head, as she had another climax. Austin hungrily licked up the juices that she produced during her climax.

"Oh God babe!" moaned Marie. "I'm glad I didn't talk you into stopping!"

Austin finally smiled up into Marie's face and replied, "I couldn't stop my love. I love the way you taste, and I'll never get enough of it."

"You're going to be a fun boyfriend!" giggled Marie.

By this time, the party began breaking up. It was getting pretty late, and most of the kids families had plans the next day. Whether they were straight or gay though, all of the kids had had a great time that evening. Marie thanked Luke and Josh for a great time that evening, and gave each boy a kiss on the forehead. The she left with her arm around Austin, and Daniel went with her, with his arm around Mark. Mark was also going to ask his parents if he could go with Daniel the next day. Luke, Josh, Boone, Matt, Ryan, and Emo had had a great time making quite a few new friends, and they all went to sleep that night smiling in their lover's arms.

The next morning, Luke called Marie's room so he could have her family meet his. Then they could all follow each other to Tampa. Marie's parents had to call Austin and Mark's parents first, to make sure it was okay for the two boys to go with their kids that day. Then they met Luke's and Boone's families down in the lobby. All of the adults shook hands, including Cody, who Ellen had talked into going. Once everyone was comfortable with each other, they headed out to the vehicles. None of the adults were surprised that their kids had made friends so quickly, as things like that were common in Orlando.

As soon as the group got to the park, all of the kids and half the adults queued for the first ride. Marie and Austin were next to Luke and Josh, and Marie noticed that Luke looked nervous.

"There's nothing to be nervous about Luke." smiled Marie. "It's just a little wooden coaster."

"This little wooden coaster looks pretty tall." replied Luke. "Yesterday was my very first ride on a coaster, and it was kinda wild. We started up the hill through a big tube nice and slowly, then the thing just took off uphill. I didn't think it would ever stop going upside down!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Marie. "That was your first coaster? I have to congratulate you Luke. Most people start off on something a little less extreme than that one! If that didn't scare you off though, I'm sure you'll have a great time today."

"I don't know." replied Luke. "That one back there looks like it goes straight down!"

"We'll work our way up to that one!" laughed Marie.

Josh hadn't realized that Luke had never been on a coaster until yesterday, and he was having fun with it. Josh loved how Luke would squeeze his hand throughout the ride. On the calm sections, Josh would lean over and give Luke a quick kiss, which helped Luke relax and enjoy himself. Yesterday was also Boone's first time on a coaster, but he was loving it from the start. Matt would have to frequently reach over and give Boone's cock a squeeze, to keep his boyfriend from getting too excited over the rides.

The first time Matt did that on the coaster yesterday, Boone said, "Yeah, that'll be a fun ride too!" That was now his standard answer to Matt's attention on the rides, and both boys would laugh about it as they smiled at each other.

The exit ramps were fun that day. The whole group would make sure they were the last ones off, then there would be quite a bit of kissing between the boys, and Marie and Austin, on the ramps. The adults who went on with them thought it was extremely cute. The skyride turned out to be a breathtaking ride though. The groups had split up into groups of four, with Josh and Luke riding with Marie and Austin. As soon as the ride started, Austin took his cock out. Marie then exposed her vagina to him, and the two turned their hips toward each other as they shared a kiss. Josh and Luke watched as Austin aimed his cock into Marie, and the two made love during the ride. Unfortunately though, the ride was over long before Austin got to cum. He just barely got his cock back in his pants before the gondola entered the station. Meanwhile in the gondola occupied by Matt, Boone, Daniel, and Mark, Daniel and Mark were getting the show of a lifetime as they watched Matt swallow Boone's cock down to the base. They didn't think it was possible since Boone was so big, but Matt made it seem easy. That ride was also over long before Boone could cum. After the skyride, the kids all decided that they would be sharing a suite that night back in Orlando.

The suite turned out to be a hot place to be that night. Three couples ended up sharing one bed. Josh and Luke took turns putting their cocks inside each other to make love. Next to them was Marie and Austin, with Austin on top of Marie this time. On the other side of Marie and Austin were Matt and Boone, who had settled on a slow sixty nine. As Austin thrust his cock in and out of Marie, Marie looked over and gasped at the sight of Matt taking all of Boone's cock into his mouth and throat. Austin noticed that Marie watching the two boys next to them was causing her vagina to clench around his cock, so he watched them too, as he enjoyed what it was doing to Marie. Marie and Austin finally turned their attention to Luke and Josh, as Luke thrust his cock in and out of Josh.

"You look like you really like that Luke." said Marie.

"It feels better than anything I've ever felt!" replied Luke.

"Even better than putting it inside a girl, huh?" asked Marie.

"Um, I wouldn't know." replied Luke.

"I've had sex with girls before, but Luke was a virgin when I met him." said Josh, seeing that Luke was a little embarrassed.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about Luke." said Marie. "I think it's nice that you knew what you liked right off the bat. If you ever want to try it though..."

Luke looked down at Josh, who was suppressing a giggle, then looked over at Austin with his eyes wide.

"If you want to try it for a moment, I won't mind." laughed Austin lightly. "Just don't cum in her. I don't want my cock sloshing through another guy's cum."

Austin then backed out of Marie, and Luke looked down at Josh again. "Go for it babe." said Josh. "I know you're going to like me better though, because your ass is better than any girl's pussy ever was. I know you'll feel the same way about mine, but I want you to know that too."

Luke took his cock out of Josh, then cleaned it off. Since the bed was so crowded, Luke and Austin had to trade places. As they were doing that, Marie asked, "Austin baby, would you do anything that I asked you to?"

"You know I would Marie." smiled Austin.

"While Luke sees what this feels like, I'd like to see you suck Josh's cock." said Marie. "You don't have to let him cum in your mouth, but I'd like to see it in there. Then when you put your cock back inside me and kiss me, I'll make it worth it to you knowing that his cock was just in your mouth."

"Damn, you're kinky, aren't you?" replied Josh. "Since I love kinky girls though, I'll do it."

As Luke slipped his cock into Marie, Austin leaned down and took Josh's cock into his mouth. This was the first time he had ever had another boy's cock in his mouth, so he was a little nervous about it, but he did it anyway. Josh looked down to see his cock going in and out of Austin's mouth, but it wasn't doing anything for him. The only thing he could manage was to keep his cock stiff. No one seemed to make him feel that way anymore except for Luke. Luke was having the same reaction as he watched his cock slide in and out of Marie. It just didn't feel anything like when his cock was inside Josh.

After only a few minutes, Luke said, "Thanks Marie. Your vagina does feel nice, but it doesn't feel as right as my Josh." Luke then pulled out of Marie, and leaned over to give her a light kiss. Then Luke tapped Austin on the shoulder and said, "Okay Austin, you can let go of my boyfriend's cock now. I think Marie is ready for you again."

As Austin and Marie went back to making love, Marie had him thrust hard in and out of her, while she practically swallowed his tongue. Marie grasped at Austin's back, while Austin held their faces tightly together. Luke got back between Josh's legs, and slid his cock back into Josh.

"Nothing can ever compare to how this feels Josh." said Luke. "I'll love you for the rest of our lives."

"That's what I wanted to hear." smiled Josh, as he felt Luke's cock drive into him deeply. "I've already done what you just did, and I know how it fails to come close. I wanted you to feel that too, so there would never be any doubt about your feelings. Our love is the greatest thing I've ever felt."

"I couldn't have said that better." smiled Luke.

Then Luke leaned down, and placed his lips against Josh's while he continued thrusting. Their love-making was so passionate that Josh cummed between them while Luke cummed inside him. The room was filled with happy and contented boys and girls that night, as most of them slept with smiles on their faces.

The next day when everyone got ready to head out to the parks at the resort, Ellen stayed behind in the room. Cody was going to come over that morning before his scheduled shift, and they were going to talk about the future. When Cody knocked that morning, Ellen let the younger man in as she smiled.

"I hope this doesn't sound bad Cody, but can we make love before we talk?" asked Ellen.

"I can't believe you love my grotesquely huge cock, but I'm not about to argue either." laughed Cody.

"I don't think it's one bit grotesque Cody." replied Ellen. "Every part of your body, including that one, is the most attractive thing I have ever seen. I feel so whole when you make love to me, and put yourself all the way inside me."

"I love you very much Ellen." said Cody.

Cody then put his arms around Ellen, and wrapped her comfortably in his arms. Cody gently pressed his lips against Ellen's. There was no doubt in Cody's mind as to what he wanted to do, he just didn't know how he would be able to follow this beautiful woman halfway across the country. Cody gently made love to Ellen, and put her in another world as their bodies were one. Ellen's climax was more intense than she had ever experienced before, and Cody had the largest orgasm of his life. Then they laid naked in each other's arms, and smiled with pleasure filled smiles.

After a few minutes of gazing at the most incredible young man she had ever met, Ellen said, "I don't care what it takes Cody, but it will kill me if you don't come home with me. I've never felt such intense feelings of love before, and I know that I'll never meet anyone like you again."

"What will I do when I get there?" asked Cody. "For that matter, how will I be able to afford to get there? I don't make as much as I'd like at the park, and I usually live week to week."

"Those questions are easy Cody." replied Ellen. "Do you love me enough to go with me when we leave?"

"It would hurt less to cut off my right arm than it would to watch you leave Ellen." said Cody. "I'll do anything I have to to go with you."

"Good, because I'll never again love anyone the way I love you." smiled Ellen. "The first thing we need to do is call a mover, and schedule a date for them to pick up your things. I think we can find one that can handle your car too. It should probably be the day before we leave, if we can find one on that short of a notice. Then you will fly back with us. When we get there, Jack has promised to help you find work."

"That's an awful lot for you people to do for me." said Cody.

"You are worth a million times more than that to me Cody." replied Ellen. "There are a few things you should know about my family before we go any further though. I've been afraid to bring this up. You have to promise that no matter what happens after I tell you this, you won't say anything to anyone."

"I promise Ellen." smiled Cody. "Besides, it can't be that bad, can it?"

"Okay then, here goes." said Ellen. "We don't know Nathaniel's orientation yet, because he's kind of young for that. Besides me and him, there are no other straight people in our house. My ex husband is gay, my son is gay, his friend Matt is gay, and even Christof is gay. The only reason my husband and I are living together now is for the boys. We don't sleep in the same room. Our son needs his father around though, and we had to be together to get custody of Christof and Nathaniel. Their parents ran off and left the two boys alone, with no intention of ever coming back for them. Now for the part that might scare you away, although I hope it doesn't. My husband is not only gay, he's a boylover. I've seen a serious change in him since Nathaniel and Christof came to live with us though. Jack is in love with Christof, and he says that it will last long after Christof grows up. That's why the boys came to stay with us. He's so serious about it that he and Christof had kind of an unofficial type ceremony before we came on this trip."

"I'm perfectly okay with the gay thing." replied Cody. "I have had several friends here who are gay. Isn't Christof a bit young for Jack though. I would think an adult cock would really hurt the boy when they make love."

"Jack has been very loving and gentle with him." replied Ellen. "Trust me, I've asked Christof about that. He says that Jack has never done anything that hurt him though, and I believe him."

"Well then, I guess that's between them." smiled Cody. "I love you Ellen, and I'd follow you anywhere."

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