City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy and James Clark

This story is © 2004 by tim and James Clark. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without permission. This is a fictional story, and any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, ot r you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: We would like to thank all of or readers, and please enjoy the story.

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim and James Clark

Chapter 5

Josh's eyes widened a little, then he stepped over to the shower stall. As Josh got into the steamy water, he kissed Luke gently.

"I love you Luke." Josh said, as his arms wrapped around Luke's toned, tight body.

"I love you too Josh." replied Luke. "You wanna have a little fun?" Then Luke pinned Josh against the shower wall, and pressed his lips against Josh's. In no time, Luke was caressing Josh's cock.

Josh gasped aloud as his lover touched his dick. It felt so good, and the steam from the shower was causing him to sweat lightly. He could feel Luke's hands exploring him, and he loved it.

As Luke nibbled on Josh's lip and stroked his cock, he asked, "Do you think you could shoot again Josh?"

"Oh yeah Luke, I love feeling your mouth on me!" Josh said, before his tongue dove back into Luke's mouth. Josh reached a hand down, and slowly wrapped it around Luke's swollen cock.

"I was actually hoping to feel your cock in my butt again Josh." said Luke, as his breath grew heavy. "I love the way you feel inside me."

"Luke, you can ask me that anytime!" Josh said. He slowly slid a finger down Luke's crack, and rested it at his hole. Josh carefully slid his wet finger into Luke.

"Oh God!" moaned Luke softly. "That feels so nice Josh. Please make love to me dude!"

"Bend over a little bit babe." Josh said.

As Luke turned, he bent over. Josh took the opportunity to press his face into those cheeks.

"Josh please, I need it now!" begged Luke urgently. Luke then clenched his hole to try to make it wink at Josh.

Josh stood, and positioned his dick in front of Luke's hole. He wrapped his arms around Luke's chest, and slowly pressed his precum covered cock against the hole. Josh's cock slipped past Luke's sphincter, and into his ass.

"Ohhh! That feels so good Josh!" moaned Luke. "I'll bet if you do it right, I'll cum without touching myself."

Josh pushed his cock into Luke all the way, hitting his prostate. Then Josh started to fuck his cock in and out of Luke's tight, slippery hole. Luke couldn't understand why he loved feeling Josh's cock inside him so much, but he now couldn't get enough of it. Luke moaned softly as Josh thrust in and out of him. It felt as though Josh were thrusting all the way through to his cock, which was now rock hard.

Josh rammed his hard cock in and out of Luke's ass, loving every second of it. He grabbed ahold of Luke's shoulders, then rammed even harder. He moaned as his cock ran in and out of Luke.

Luke now began panting heavily as he felt the force of Josh's thrusts. Luke still wanted more though, so he began humping back into Josh's cock as it thrust into him. Then he took ahold of Josh's hand and placed it on his swollen cock. Josh stroked Luke's rock hard cock while he rode him. Josh could feel his balls churning, and he couldn't wait to cum in Luke's ass, and feel Luke's juice in his hand.

"Oh God yes, Josh!" panted Luke. "You're making me feel so good right now! I love you so much that I think I'm going to burst!"

Luke continued to hump back into Josh's cock, driving it into him deeply. He could feel Josh's strong hand going faster on his cock. Josh then felt himself blow his load into Luke's ass, shooting and coating his insides. He pulled on Luke's cock faster, wanting to lick the sweet cum from his cock. Luke felt Josh's cum shoot into him, and began to feel his own getting ready to shoot.

As Luke's rectum milked the last drops of cum from Josh's cock, he panted, "I'm going to cum now Josh!"

Josh let his still spasming cock slip out of Luke, and then quickly ducked in front of him. In one move, he swallowed all of Luke's dick and sucked hard. When Luke felt Josh's soft lips on his cock, he began to spasm from his orgasm. Luke felt his cum shoot into Josh's mouth, which was sucking hard on his cock.

"I love you Josh!" moaned Luke, as his cum was drained from him.

Josh mumbled around Luke's cock, but he couldn't make clear words. He swallowed the cum as fast as he could, and licked and nibbled at Luke's cock. Finally, as the cum stopped flowing, he pulled off. He kept a bit of the cum in his mouth though, and kissed Luke on the mouth, sharing the load.

"Do you want to go swimming later babe?" Josh asked after breaking the creamy kiss.

"I'd love to go swimming with you Josh." replied Luke dreamily. "Let's go as soon as we have lunch, and take dad's out to him."

Luke then quickly began cleaning Josh off, running his hands gently over Josh's body. After the boys cleaned each other, touching for long times in some places, they dried themselves and then dressed.

As they ate lunch, they giggled more than usual, causing some awkward glances.

As they were finishing lunch, Luke asked his mom, "What's for dessert tonight mom?"

When Naomi answered kumquat pie, Luke almost choked on his last bite of lunch. He tried to keep from laughing as hard as he could, as he looked over at Josh. Josh turned beet red, and put his face down.

"Hey, um, when are we gonna go swimming Luke?" Josh said, changing what he was thinking about.

"Sure! As soon as we take dad his lunch." replied Luke, almost giggling. "We have to work off some space for dessert, don't we?"

"Are you boys okay over there?" asked Naomi.

"Sure mom!" chirped Luke. "Ain't that right Josh?"

"Yeah, I'm good Ms. Naomi! Is there anything else you need us to do for ya?" Josh asked, glaring at Luke.

"Once you run lunch out to Luke's father, you're free." replied Naomi. "He's back in the back field today."

"Sure mom." replied Luke. "Let's go show you how good I can drive through the fields Josh!"

"Oh my Lord!... Ms. Naomi, surely y'all don't let him loose with something that actually runs?!" Josh said, in mock surprise. He elbowed Luke in the ribs, then got up and headed for the door after Naomi handed him lunch for Luke's dad. "You coming Luke?" he said, giggling at the pun.

"Yeah Josh, we got to hurry so we can make room for that kumquat pie tonight!" replied Luke mischievously.

"You boys!" exclaimed Naomi with a smile. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were brothers instead of cousins!"

Luke goosed Josh as he passed him, then ran for the truck.

After Josh jumped in the passenger seat, he looked over at Luke with shifty eyes and asked, "So Luke, I don't guess you want me to play with your gearshift right now, huh?"

"You can play with that anytime you want!" replied Luke eagerly. "You may need something to hold onto anyway!" As soon as Luke said that, he started the truck and hit the gas pedal hard. Luke and Josh roared through an open gate, and took off toward the back fields. The first part was across the open cow pasture that wasn't being used today. Luke let out a whoop as he tore across the pasture.

"DAMN IT LUKE!!! You could warn somebody you know!" Josh yelled as he grabbed Luke's leg. "However, I do think you're kind of sexy when you just run off like this!" Josh then winked at Luke.

Luke aimed the truck at the open gate on the other side of the pasture, then pulled Josh's head in front of him for a quick kiss.

"In that case, you may want to hold onto the conveniently located hand grip." said Luke, as he pointed down toward his crotch.

"Gladly!" Josh said as he unzipped Luke's pants. "But only for my safety, mind you!" Josh gripped Luke's hard member, massaging it. Then he had an idea, and leaned over, taking Luke into his mouth.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Luke, as he breathed heavily. "Tryin' to see if you can make this more fun AND difficult, huh? Well Josh, I hope you can drive, cause you're drivin' back whether you can or not!"

As Luke drove through the gate, he took the path that would take him the long way to the back field. Luke wanted to enjoy the feel of Josh's lips for as long as possible. Josh sucked hard and fast on Luke, because he knew they wouldn't have too long. He reached a hand over and cupped Luke's heavy nuts, rolling them in his palm. He loved the taste of Luke's thick cock.

"Mmm,... oh God Josh!" moaned Luke over and over as he weaved the truck toward the back field. As they began to approach the back field, Luke cried out, "I'm gonna cum again Josh!"

Josh sucked at Luke even harder and faster, waiting for the hot cum to fill his mouth. He was rewarded when he heard Luke cry out. Luke concentrated hard on driving the truck in a straight line, as he felt his cock cumming into Josh's mouth yet again.

As the orgasm subsided, and Josh was sucking the last drops out of his cock, Luke said, "My dad is right over here dude. Could you put my cock away for me?"

"Oh shit! He can't see can he?" Josh asked as he put away Luke's penis, and acted like he was bending over to get Lonnie's lunch.

"Nah." replied Luke breathlessly. "We wouldn't want to get much closer though dude!"

Luke pulled up to where his dad had stopped when he saw Luke approaching. When Luke pulled up to a stop, he and Josh got out of the truck and took Lonnie's lunch over to him.

"Why were you weaving so much when you first came into the field Luke?" asked Lonnie.

"Um,... I was teaching Josh how to drive dad." replied Luke.

"Next time you may want to let him sit behind the wheel then." chuckled Lonnie. "So Josh, how are you and Luke getting along?"

"Great, Mr. Lonnie!" Josh said in reply. "We're gonna go swimming pretty soon. He's been showing me around, and I met Boone earlier."

"Good son, I'm glad you're getting to enjoy a little bit of your time here then." said Lonnie. "If you ever need anything Josh, please don't be afraid to ask me. I know I'm not your dad, but I'll do the best I can while you're here."

"Thanks Mr. Lonnie, I'm glad I have you." Josh said. Lonnie had touched a sore spot in Josh's past, and his eyes were starting to tear up a little bit. "So Luke, you wanna head to the swimming hole now?" he asked, using it as an excuse to get out of there before Lonnie saw the water in his eyes.

"Sure buddy, let's go." replied Luke.

Luke could see that something had almost made Josh cry, but he decided not to bring it up until later. Lonnie had noticed too, and decided he would have to have a talk with Josh at some point. When Josh tried to go around to the passenger seat, Luke made him get in behind the wheel of the truck. Then Luke went around and hopped into the passenger seat.

"So Josh, have you ever drove before?" asked Luke.

"Sorta,... not a whole lot though." Josh said. He was still trying to wipe the last of the tears out of his eyes. He didn't want anyone to see him like this. "I guess I can though." he said.

"Good then Josh, let's see what you can do!" replied Luke.

Josh started the truck, and started to drive back the way they had came. He was concentrating on driving, and wasn't really paying attention to anything else.

"Very good Josh!" said Luke. "Now let's see if you can drive while I suck your cock!"

Luke quickly opened Josh's pants and fished out his cock. Then before Josh could argue about it, Luke took Josh's cock into his mouth. Luke licked the head of Josh's cock thoroughly, while his lips caressed the shaft. Josh gasped and then shivered, as the truck swerved slightly. He breathed harder and harder as Luke's wet mouth moved over his dick. Luke could feel the truck swerve slightly as he sucked Josh's cock, so he reached up with one hand to help steady the wheel. As he did that, Luke continued to work on Josh's sweet tasting cock. Luke worked on Josh good, as he couldn't wait to taste Josh's cum again.

Josh's balls didn't take long to start to churn. "Luke! Oh man, your mouth feels so good! I'm gonna cum!" Josh moaned.

Luke sucked even harder on Josh's throbbing cock, eagerly awaiting the taste of Josh's cum in his mouth. Luke didn't have much longer to wait. As Luke could feel Josh turn the truck into the pasture, he heard Josh cry out just before shooting into his mouth. Josh emptied his balls into Luke's mouth, and loved the feel of his hot tongue.

"Dude! That was awesome!" Josh said. "Oh man,... I love you Luke!" Josh parked the truck, and turned it off as he felt Luke stuff his cock back into his pants.

Before getting out of the truck, Luke said, "I love you too Josh! I don't see how a girl's pussy could taste anything but nasty compared to how great your cock tastes." As Luke was getting out of the truck, Boone and Matt came pulling up. "Looks like we might have a little company for swimmin' dude." said Luke dejectedly.

"Hey you guys!" said Boone, as he got out of his car. "Are you feeling better now Josh?"

"Yeah Boone, I'm good! How are you doin'?" Josh asked through almost clenched teeth. "And hey again Matt!"

"Hi Josh." Matt said. He was looking straight at Luke though, his eyes on the bulge of Luke's jeans, and his defined muscles.

"Me and Josh were goin' to go swimmin' Boone." said Luke. "I don't suppose you want to come along too, do you?"

"I'd love to Luke!" replied Boone. Then he looked over to Matt, and smiled as he said, "Let's go swimmin' with the guys Matt!"

"Sure, let's go Boone!" Matt said, thankful that he'd get a glance of Luke's chest.

Luke decided that since Boone and Matt were now going swimming too, they should probably take the truck. That would also give him a chance to talk to the boy he loved before they got there. From the look on Josh's face, talking to him might not be a bad idea either.

"Are you okay with Boone and Matt going swimming with us?" asked Luke, after Boone and Matt had climbed in the back.

"Well Luke, I use to know Matt, and he's a bastard." Josh said. "I don't like him to tell you the truth, but I'll give him a chance. As for Boone, I think he's pretty cool! So let's just go have a good time, okay?" Josh gave Luke a not very convincing smile.

"I know you wanted to be alone with me Josh, but we'll be alone when it counts tonight." said Luke sincerely. "Just ignore whatever Matt does or says for now, and I'll make it up to you." Luke looked at Josh mischievously.

"Okay, thanks Luke." Josh said. "I guess I just hold a grudge when it comes to him." After making sure it was safe, he leaned over and kissed Luke on the lips, feeling wonderful that he had someone he loved this much.

The boys arrived at the swimming hole in good time by taking the truck. Everyone piled out of the truck and walked over to the pool, then Luke and Boone started taking their clothes off, followed by Josh.

"Umm, are we swimming in our underwear, or what?" Matt asked nervously, while he very slowly disrobed.

"Josh took great delight in his reply. "Of course not! We always swim naked here Matt! That doesn't make you nervous, does it?"

"Oh! Uh,... no! Nuh-uh!" Matt said, as his eyes told another tale.

As if on cue, Luke dropped his underwear as soon as the last word had come out of Matt's mouth, followed quickly by Boone. Luke was sure he could hear someone gulp.

"Besides, what kind of weirdo wears their underwear when they swim?" asked Boone as he smiled.

Matt removed his briefs nervously, revealing a hard, six inch, cut cock. He turned around so he wasn't facing the other boys. Josh headed for the water, and motioned for Luke to come on with him. Boone had started toward the water, but noticed that Matt was slow in following them. Boone turned around, with his seven inch, flaccid, uncut cock swinging in front of him, and went back to where Matt was standing.

What's the matter Matt?" asked Boone softly. "I know you're smaller down there than the rest of us, but you ain't got nothing to be ashamed of dude! Let's go have some fun little buddy."

"Umm... Boone, it's not that." Matt said, red-faced. "It's... mine is... I'm hard right now. It's really embarrassing, man!" Matt was ready to crawl under a rock and stay.

Boone looked at Matt's cock closely, and said, "That looks like around six inches dude. I hear that's what the average erection is suppose to be. Besides, you wouldn't want to carry around something like mine between your legs. None of the girls at school can even give me a decent blow job, because it grows to about nine and a half inches."

"HOLY HELL!!!" exclaimed Matt, blatantly staring at Boone's crotch. "Are you serious?! Wow!"

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Boone. "Yep, it can be a real monster when it wants to be! I'd much rather have something like yours though. I'll bet the girls love getting their spit all over that one!"

"Hey!" yelled Luke. "Are you guys coming in, or what?"

"How 'bout it buddy?" asked Boone.

Matt looked at Boone. Boone was smiling right now, and his bare, tanned chest stood out in the sunlight. He looked very sweet, and his eyes were full of understanding. "Should I tell him about me?" Matt asked himself. "No, there's no way he'd even be my friend anymore."

"Sure, let's go Boone!" Matt said.

Boone smiled even brighter as he put his arm around Matt's shoulder, and led him to the pool. Then, when Boone got to the water's edge he dived up in the air, spreading his arms and legs to execute a perfect belly flop.

Boone came to the surface and sputtered, saying, "Come on in Matt, the water's great!"

Matt's jaw was dropped as he saw Boone's hole for a split second, but he recovered quickly. He leapt into the water near Boone, Josh, and Luke.

"Are you allright Matt?" Josh asked him, as he thought to himself, "Something in him has changed, I know it! He never acted like that before,... something's wrong!"

"I'm fine, thanks for asking though Josh!" Matt replied with a smile, although his eyes were more towards Luke bare chest.

The boys swam around for quite a while, and had a lot of fun. Luke did notice Boone watching how he and Josh got along together though. Luke was a little worried about that, but he didn't think that he and Josh had done anything unusual yet. Luke finally swam over toward Josh.

"I got a couple of problems Josh." said Luke. "First though, promise me you won't yell, okay?"

"Okay, what's up Luke?" Josh said with a grin, as he slowly passed his hand under the water, grazing Luke's cock.

"That's one of them dude, I'm as hard as a rock right now!" said Luke softly. "The other problem is, I think Matt grabbed it. That's not why I'm hard though, I'm hard from watching your sexy butt go up and down in the water."

Josh's eyes got big, and he seethed with anger. "Damn it Luke. I knew he was gonna pull some shit like this!" Josh said in a harsh whisper. "I'm going to beat the FUCK out of him!"

"Please don't Josh!" begged Luke quietly. "I don't want you to get in trouble, and get sent away. Please let me tell him that I'm really not interested."

"It's not like it's gonna stop." Josh replied. "He just wants to fuck with somebody. I can't stand him!"

"I'll make sure he knows that it won't be with me though Josh." said Luke desperately. "If I got mad at him and hit him, they wouldn't do anything to me. If you did that though, they'd send you away, and I'd die of a broken heart! I can handle him Josh, PLEASE???"

"Allright then!" Josh seethed. "Just make sure he knows that I will beat his ass if he does anything!" Then Josh's expression changed as he said, "I'm sorry, I love you Luke."

"I love you too Josh." said Luke sweetly. "You wanna try something I heard about, that might take our minds off him?"

"What is it Luke?" Josh asked him.

"Take a deep breath of air and follow me!" said Luke

Luke took a breath, then grabbed Josh's hand and dived toward the deepest part of the pool. Luke knew there was a big rock down there, so he swam for it and pulled Josh behind it. As soon as both boys were sitting on the bottom of the pool, Luke quickly put his mouth over Josh's and formed a tight seal between their mouths. Luke breathed as much of his air into Josh's already full lungs as he could, and let the rest escape. Luke began stroking Josh's cock as they sat on the bottom of the pool, and began sharing each other's air. Josh's eyes widened, then his hand reached for Luke's hard dick. A stir of bubbles above them though, let them know that it had to end quickly.

Luke stroked Josh quickly and hard, before their air became too stale to breathe. He didn't think Boone or Matt would catch them, but he wanted him and Josh to cum before they ran out of air. It felt incredible to Luke to be jacking Josh off underwater, and he knew that he wouldn't take too long.

Josh's cock swelled slightly, and his body was wracked with pleasure. He shot, and the cum slowly floated away from his cock as he jerked Luke even faster. Luke saw Josh's cum floating gently past them, and felt his own balls draw up. Luke resisted the urge to cry out as he began to twitch. Then his eyes widened as he saw his cum shoot gracefully from the end of his cock, and float up by their faces. Luke reached out with his free hand and trapped some of the floating cum, then smeared it gently on the side of Josh's face. Then he pointed up to the surface. Josh was confused, but he was running out of air so he decided to surface.

"Why'd you point dude?" Josh asked, once both their heads were above water.

"I was starting to get light-headed dude!" snickered Luke "I was trying to say, let's get to the surface, now!"

"Oh! Don't laugh at me!" Josh said as he dunked Luke's head beneath the water. He didn't know exactly where the other two boys were, and he didn't really care at the moment because he and Luke were having so much fun.

"There you guys are!" exclaimed Boone. "We thought you guys had drowned or something, because we couldn't see you for like five minutes! Don't scare us like that again. By the way, nice job of holding your breath!"

"No problem, it's not that hard!" Josh said, snickering at what had just come out of his mouth.

"Yeah, really?" Matt asked. "What were you two doing for so long?"

"I was teaching him how to hold his breath for a long time." said Luke. "He's a really quick learner too."

Luke was trying hard not to laugh, and he noticed that Josh was having the same problem. Luke smiled knowingly at Josh. Josh couldn't stand to look at Matt right now though, so he went over and talked to Boone. They both swam over a ways to the deeper end of the water, and began playing around.

"Well Luke, what's up?" Matt asked, as Luke stayed beside him.

"Come over here to the other end of the pool for a sec, okay Matt?" asked Luke.

"Allright Luke!" Matt said grinning. He was nearly jumping up and down that Luke wanted to talk to him by himself.

Luke led Matt as far away from Josh and Boone as he could, then climbed up on the bank and laid on the grass. Matt was right with him, so Luke said, "I don't want you to take this the wrong way Matt, because I think you look like a very nice guy, even though there is something between you and Josh. I have someone that I love quite a bit, so I really didn't like it when you grabbed my cock earlier."

"But!... I thought!... When!... Then who, dude?!" Matt sputtered. "You grabbed me first!"

"Please don't take it like that Matt, I said I thought you were ni..." started Luke. "Wait a minute dude, I grabbed you?! I didn't grab you dude. Oh my God!"

"Yes you did!" Matt said, raising his voice slightly. "You and Boone were the only guys close enough to me to grab anything! You did it!"

"I promise you that I won't lie to you Matt, I would like for us to get along better." said Luke. "I didn't grab you though dude. You might have a nice enough one to grab, but like I said, I already have someone."

"Well, if you didn't grab me, then who did?" Matt asked. Then the realization dawned on him.

"Maybe he was just curious dude." said Luke. "I've known Boone my whole life, and he's quite popular with the girls. But still..."

"I don't know him all that well, but he seemed like a total homophobe!" Matt said. "I wonder if I should talk to him later. What do you think Luke?" Matt's eyes pleaded with Luke's.

"I don't really know dude." replied Luke. "I've heard him crack a joke or two about gay people, but then again, I've never known him to be a complete jerk. I still can't believe he grabbed you though! Maybe you should just wait to see if he does anything else, just to be safe."

"Allright Luke, you've known him longer." Matt said. He looked over at Boone, and watched him and Josh playing around. The sun glinted off Boone's chest, and Matt almost gasped. "Oh man, he looks so good!" Matt thought to himself.

Luke followed Matt's stare with his, and said, "Damn! I still can't believe it! I'd really envy you if I didn't already have Jo..." Luke stopped himself quickly, and hoped Matt wouldn't notice what he almost said.

"SO!!! You are in love with him!" Matt said, smiling. "I KNEW it! That's why you wouldn't even look at me!"

"Please don't start anything Matt!" begged Luke, almost in tears. "I didn't even know I was that way until he came along! If he got in trouble and got sent away because he's mad at you, I don't know if I could go on dude! Please!!!"

"Don't worry Luke." Matt said. "I won't tell anybody, and I won't even mess with y'all, I promise! I think you two would be sorta cute together. I just can't figure out why you'd choose Josh. He was never known for the best of behavior."

"He's been so sweet since he's been here though, at least until he saw you again." said Luke. "I know you don't know me well, but could you try to patch things up between you two? If you don't, I'm afraid it will be an awfully uncomfortable summer. Not to mention what it would be like when we all go to school together this fall!"

"Allright, I'll try." Matt said. "Obviously he's changed, or he wouldn't be with you! I'll make sure to be as nice as I can now, I promise."

"Thanks dude, I knew you were a nice guy when I saw you earlier!" said Luke, a little happier.

On the other side of the water, Josh and Boone had started to talk. "Why are you getting so quiet Boone?" Josh asked.

"I'm just thinkin'." replied Boone as if he were far away.

"What do you mean dude?" Josh asked him. "I promise, you can trust me. I won't repeat anything you say. Is there anything you want to talk about?"

"Girls are so cool, aren't they?" asked Boone.

"Well, whatever makes you happy dude!" Josh said, sorta nervous. He didn't want to say something he didn't mean, but he didn't want to give himself away either.

"I was afraid of that." said Boone, as he hung his head down. "It's just that I saw the way you three were actin', and I,... I,... I... don't know what I'm thinkin' right now dude!" Boone's stare got even farther away.

Josh wrapped an arm cautiously around Boone's shoulder, waiting to see his reaction. "What do you mean Boone?" he asked.

"I... can't tell you... dude!" moaned Boone sorrowfully, as his voice hitched. Then Boone caught himself and continued, "I just,... made a mistake. I have to be more careful like that. Hell, I've been out with half the girls in my class at school!" Then Boone's voice lowered as he asked, "I did make a mistake, didn't I Josh?"

"What's wrong Boone?" Josh asked his friend. "You have to tell me. I promise I'll help you as much as I can."

Boone looked across the pool sadly at Matt, and said, "I grabbed his,... you know what!"

Josh gasped, then hugged Boone closer to himself as he asked, "Dude, are you... are you gay? There's nothing wrong with it, you know."

Boone's eyes grew wide as he exclaimed, "NO!!! I like girls dude! I don't even know why I did it. I just have to try not to think like that, and hope he doesn't find out what I did and hate me!"

"My guess is, that's what they're talking about Boone." Josh said as he looked at Boone. "Luke probably went over there because Matt grabbed him. I bet he thought it was Luke that grabbed him. It's alright if you're bi, or gay, I don't care. You shouldn't worry about that. I think you should talk to him about it later Boone, you'll feel better about it."

"I can't Josh!" said Boone. "Maybe you wouldn't hate me if I were a queer, but most of the people around here sure would! Besides dude, why have I fucked so many girls if I were like that?"

"Boone, you don't have to be just gay." Josh told him. "You could be bisexual. It's allright dude. And you don't have to tell everybody about yourself. I still think you should talk to Matt later."

Boone looked across the water at Matt, and softly said, "I know he'd hate me." As Boone stared at Matt, his cock rose to an erection.

Josh wanted to tell Boone, but he couldn't just tell about Matt. No matter how much he liked the boy, he couldn't just blab about it, even though Boone really needed to know.

"All I can say Boone, is that you should talk to him." Josh said. "It will help." Josh then looked down at Boone's crotch, and his eyes widened at Boone's hugeness. "DAMN! You're humongous!" Josh cried out.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Boone as his face reddened. "Do you think they would see me if I went over there behind the truck?" It was in plain view of where Josh and Boone was, but looked like it might be hidden from Matt and Luke.

"Dude, don't worry about it." Josh said, laughing slightly. "I'll distract them, you go take care of that... umm... MONSTER!"

"Thanks dude, I'm glad Luke has a friend like you." said Boone. He then scampered behind the truck and began taking care of his problem, as he closed his eyes and smiled.

Josh looked out of the corner of his eye at Boone whacking as fast as he could. He also watched the other boys, and made sure they didn't come near. After a second or two of watching Boone's huge prick, he moved back into the water. Josh yelled at the other boys to come back into the water.

"Where'd Boone go?" Matt asked him.

"Don't worry 'bout him, I think he went to go piss." Josh replied.

Luke got up and jumped into the water at Josh, his cock hanging gracefully below him as he flew through the air. Josh sprung wood instantly, looking at Luke, but he had something to ask him about. Before he could make his way over to Luke though, Matt intercepted him.

"Josh, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting, and I'd like to be your friend dude." Matt said to him, dropping his eyes toward the water. "Is that cool with you?"

"Yeah dude, it's okay." Josh said with a slight chuckle. "Umm... by the way, make sure you spend some time with Boone alone because he really needs to talk to you. Just do that for me, okay? And I'd love to be your friend, I just can't believe you'd change your tune that quick!"

Matt was confused, but he simply replied, "Okay Josh. Well, come on, let's play water tag or something!"

When Luke heard the words, water tag, he quickly swam over to Josh. Luke reached below the water and grabbed Josh's erect cock, then yelled out, "Tag! You're it!" Luke quickly swam away, laughing.

Josh's jaw dropped, and he wondered if Matt had seen anything. "I wonder if Matt would freak if I grabbed him!" Josh thought. Josh thought twice about it, and just decided to grab Luke in return later. For now though,... "Tag!!!" he yelled, as he touched Matt's bare chest.

Matt giggled a bit, then swam over toward the boys, seeing if he could gauge who would be easier to catch. By this time, Boone had finished shooting his load on the ground, and went out to join his friends. He swam out toward Matt, completely unaware of what was happening.

"Hey Matt, what's going on?" said Boone when he had gotten close enough.

"Well,... TAG!" Matt yelled as he touched Boone.

He'd jumped toward Boone at the last second though, and lost his footing on the bed of the creek. Matt slipped, and his hand slid from the middle of Boone's chest down to his huge prick. Matt came up sputtering, and hoping Boone wouldn't hit him for touching him there.

Boone smiled, and said, "Well, I guess I'm it then buddy."

Boone tried to tag Matt back on the rump, but Matt got away from him. Boone then set his sights on his new friend, Josh. Boone had a pretty good angle to cut Josh off, and got Josh right on one of his butt cheeks.

"Tag dude! You're it!" yelled Boone.

Josh acted like he was surprised that Boone had touched his ass, then he jumped through the water over to Luke, who was still close enough to tag. He grabbed Luke's ass instead of tagging it though. Luke wanted to kiss Josh for the nice tag, but was able to hold off. Instead, he swam underwater until he got close to Boone.

As Luke surfaced, he brushed Boone's chest with his hand and said, "Tag!" Then he swam off.

Boone swam over to Matt, who was facing the other way. Boone reached around him, and grabbed Matt's cock again. "Tag dude!" said Boone, with a playful smile.

Matt was surprised at Boone to say the least, but he smiled back. He let Boone back up a little bit, then he swam for him and grabbed his dick back, yelling, "Tag!"

"Man, I wonder if he... No, he couldn't like me that way!" thought Matt to himself.

The boys continued the game for a while longer, until Luke swam over to the shore and climbed out. Luke's wet body glistened in the sun as he laid down on the grass to stretch out.

"I'm bushed you guys!" called out Luke. "I think I'll dry off in the sun."

Josh hopped out of the water, and went to lay down next to Luke in the grass. Matt however, got on the other side of the creek, and laid back in the soft, cooler grass that was in the shade. Boone swam over toward Matt, and climbed out of the water. Boone's cock gently swayed as he walked over to lay down next to Matt.

"You mind if I join you buddy?" asked Boone.

"Umm... no, not at all! You want me to scoot over a little bit dude?" Matt asked him, smiling sheepishly.

"Nah, it won't kill us if we touch a little bit." said Boone as he laid close to Matt. Boone stretched out, with a big grin creeping across his face.

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