City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

Luke and Josh had been hugging and kissing for quite a few minutes now, and Luke needed something more. "Josh." whispered Luke softly. "I need you to put your cock inside me and make love to me!"

"I'll give you anything in the world that you need Luke." replied Josh as he smiled sweetly.

Josh knelt between Luke's legs as he lubed his hard cock, then he placed it at Luke's pucker. Josh looked down at Luke to see the most angelic smile he had ever seen before. Josh slowly and gently pushed his cock into Luke, until it was in as far as it would go. Then Josh began to thrust in and out of Luke slowly and passionately as Luke moaned softly. Suddenly, the door to Luke's room was thrown wide open.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Boone, as he saw Josh fucking his best friend. "I didn't mean to interrupt you guys! I'll just go and call you later."

Luke was rudely jolted out of his euphoric state, as Josh froze solid with his cock deeply inside Luke. Luke recovered as he saw Boone turn sadly to leave.

"Please come in and lock the door Boone." said Luke. "I guess we have a few things to talk about." Then Luke looked up at Josh and said, "Josh? Come on my love, snap out of it. We have a visitor Josh, and I need you to pull out of me."

Josh was still frozen in shock, and could not move a muscle. As Boone approached the two naked boys on the bed, he could clearly see Josh's cock inside Luke.

"I'm gonna need a hand here Boone." said Luke. "Can you pull Josh back a little bit for me?"

Boone was numb as he grabbed Josh and slowly pulled him back. His breathing became heavier as he watched Josh's cock slide out of Luke's butt. Luke then pulled the rest of the way off Josh, and grabbed a towel from beside the bed. He quickly cleaned off Josh's cock and his butt, then laid Josh back and covered them with a blanket.

"You can snap out of it Josh." said Luke. "Everything's taken care of now, and we need to explain this to Boone."

"I'm so sorry Boone!" Josh almost cried, as he came around. "I swear I didn't turn Luke gay!"

"Relax Josh." replied Boone strangely. "I kinda figure that one out tonight. People can't turn other people gay, can they?"

"What do you mean Boone?" asked Luke.

"I mean that it's something inside you that you either don't know is there, or you try to hide it." replied Boone. "Matt never twisted my arm or tried to force me, I just wanted to do it!"

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Josh. "Where is Matt?!"

"I left him in my room." replied Boone sadly. "I had to talk to my best friend, then I see him doing the things that are driving me crazy thinking about."

"That's because Josh and I are deeply in love Boone." said Luke.

"Wait a minute guys!" said Josh. "You and Matt started to fool around, then you freaked out and left him there?!"

"Yeah." replied Boone softly, with his head down.

"We have to get back to him now Boone!" said Josh. "Just try to imagine what must be going through his mind right now!"

"Oh my God Boone, Josh is right!" exclaimed Luke. "Matt is probably so hurt and confused right now that he might do something crazy!"

Luke and Josh tossed the blanket off of them without giving it a thought, then began to hurriedly get dressed. Boone almost smiled as he stared at his two naked friends together, thinking that they looked very good as a couple. As soon as Luke and Josh were dressed, they grabbed Boone and headed for the door. As the boys reached the bottom of the stairs, they passed by Lonnie and Naomi as they were heading toward their bedroom.

"Where are you boys going this late at night?" asked Lonnie. "Is there something wrong?"

"Hopefully not." replied Luke. "Matt may be in trouble though, and we have to go check on him. This is really really important dad!"

"Okay, but don't you boys get into any trouble." said Lonnie. "We'll talk about this in the morning."

Luke didn't have time to worry about that now, as the three boys hurried out to Boone's car. Boone went on and on almost hysterically as he drove back to his place. Luke knew that they would have to deal with this once they could calm Boone down, but they had to check on Matt first. Luke finally got Boone to calm down as they pulled into his driveway.

As Boone, Luke, and Josh went into Boone's house, Boone's mom was waiting for them. "What in the world is going on around here young man?!" asked Boone's mom.

"How is Matt?" asked Boone.

"Matt isn't here!" replied Boone's mom. "First you go running out the door, and tear out of the driveway in your car, then Matt leaves with his suitcase packed! Now, what is going on?!"

"We have to find Matt first!" exclaimed Boone. "Did he say where he was going?"

"He didn't say anything as he ran out, but I would imagine that he might head toward the bus station." replied Boone's mom. "Anyway, the police are going to wait there in case he shows up."

"You have to call the police back mom!" yelled Boone. "Tell them that we'll find him first!"

"He's right ma'am." said Josh. "If the police find him, they'll take him to the county jail until they send him back to our hometown."

"Well, you boys should think about things like that before you get mad at each other!" replied Boone's mom.

"I'm not mad at Matt." said Boone. "Something happened and I had to talk to Luke. Matt took it the wrong way though. This is all my fault mom, we can't let Matt get sent back and go to jail!"

"I'll call the police then and see what I can do." replied Boone's mom. "You really do have to think about the consequences of what you do though Boone. We're also going to need to talk in the morning. Now, go see if you can find Matt."

The boys got back into Boone's car and took off toward the city, which was in the opposite direction of Luke's house. Meanwhile, Matt was walking along the road after getting a brief ride.

"What the hell am I going to do now?" Matt asked himself aloud. "If I go home, they send me off to jail for a year. The whole point of coming out here was to avoid that. If I go back to Boone's house,.... Well, I can't go back there either. I'm so fucked!"

Matt continued to walk along the deserted road, trying to think of what to do. Meanwhile, Boone was driving toward the city trying to find Matt. "Damn!" thought Boone to himself. "Matt must have gotten a ride if he's on this road!"

"We have to talk about what you're going to say to Matt when we find him Boone." said Luke. "You just found out that Josh, Matt, and I am gay. How do you feel about us Boone?"

"You've been my best friend forever Luke!" said Boone. "Nothing could change the way I feel about you. I also like Josh and Matt both. Josh is one of the brightest guys I've ever met, and Matt is really kind and sweet. I just freaked out for a while."

"Why did you freak out Boone?" asked Josh. "What were you two doing?"

"Well, I was kinda kissing Matt." said Boone softly.

"Like you were this afternoon?" asked Luke. "We kinda saw you guys from across the pond."

"I didn't know it would be like that." said Boone. "I was so afraid of how it would feel, but when we actually did it, I kinda liked it! Matt's a really nice kisser too."

"Then how did it get to this point?" asked Luke.

"When we went to bed tonight, I wanted to do some more kissing." said Boone. "Matt had other ideas though. I couldn't believe how good it felt when he took my cock into his mouth. It felt so good that I wanted to try it with him." The last sentence kind of trailed off.

"So, you hated the thought that you might be gay so much that you ran out?" asked Josh defensively.

"NO!" replied Boone. "I liked having Matt's cock in my mouth so much that I didn't know what to think! I got scared and did something stupid, and now Matt is out here somewhere by himself! Please God, help us find Matt!" Boone then did something Luke had never seen him do before, and began to cry.

Luke put his hand on Boone's shoulder and softly asked, "You really love Matt, don't you Boone?"

"I promise Luke, I'll never hurt him again!" cried Boone. "I just hope it isn't too late!"

"We'll find him Boone, and when we do, the four of us will always be here for each other." said Luke. "You'll never have to go through any of this alone."

"Yeah Boone, we all care about you, even though Matt and I haven't known you for that long." added Josh.

"I'm glad I have friends like you now." said Boone, as he tried to stop crying. "I just hope that you're right that we'll find Matt."

"I'm sure I am Boone, look up ahead there!" shouted Luke.

Boone thanked God for their good luck, then slowed down and pulled up beside Matt. Boone knew that it looked like he had been crying, but it also looked like Matt had been too.

"Please Matt, get in." said Boone emotionally. "I'm a big dumb jock idiot, and I hope you give me another chance."

"Why should I?" croaked Matt. "So you can run off again?"

"Matt, Luke and Josh are in the car with me, so they're going to hear this too." replied Boone. "I love you Matt, and I want you to be with me!"

"Oh Boone!" cried Matt, as he slumped against Boone's car.

Boone jumped out of the car, and picked Matt up in his arms. Josh opened the door for him, and Boone set Matt down inside the car. Then Boone threw Matt's suitcase in the trunk, and got back behind the wheel. Before starting the car, Boone turned to Matt.

"I love you Matt." said Boone softly.

Then Boone leaned over and put his lips against Matt's. Boone put his arms around Matt, and the two boys embraced each other tightly. Then Matt began returning Boone's passionate kiss with equal passion. Boone and Matt had forgotten that Luke and Josh were in the car with them.

"You two look so damn cute like that!" giggled Luke.

"If you don't watch your language Luke, I'll have to wash your mouth out with soap!" said Josh impishly. "Oop, I don't have any soap. I guess I'll have to use my tongue!"

Josh took Luke into an embrace in the back seat, and once their lips were together, Josh drove his tongue deeply into Luke's mouth. Luke moaned lightly as he began sucking on Josh's probing tongue. Boone and Matt finally broke their kiss, and looked back at Josh and Luke.

"Now look what we've done!" snickered Boone. "We got two of the four gayest people we know started again!"

"Who are the other two?" replied Matt as he snickered too.

"That would have to be us." replied Boone with a smile.

"And who's gayer?" asked Matt.

"They definitely are!" laughed Boone.

"Why is that?" asked Matt.

"You should have seen what they were doing when I went into Luke's room tonight!" laughed Boone even harder. "Hey Luke, doesn't your butt kinda hurt after that?"

Luke flipped Boone the middle finger without breaking the kiss, and Matt began laughing hysterically. Pretty soon, Luke and Josh had to break the kiss to join Matt in laughing. Finally, Boone joined in the laughter as well.

Boone finally said, "I can tell this is going to be a summer I'll never forget. What are we going to tell the parents in the morning though?"

Luke had almost forgotten that all of the parents wanted to talk to them in the morning. Luke thought about it for a minute, and replied, "Maybe we should just tell them that we want to turn our little town into the gay capital of the world."

Boone half laughed as he turned to look at Luke, until he saw that Luke looked dead serious. "You can't be serious Luke! In THIS little town??? They'll tar and feather all of us, then beat the crap out of us!"

"I really had you going, didn't I Boone?" laughed Luke. "I don't know what we'll tell 'em yet, but we have until we get to my house to figure it out."

"I guess it's a good thing I got a ride this far out, huh?" asked Matt.

"You sure got that right boyfriend!" snickered Boone.

Boone took Luke and Josh home as the boys figured out what to say to their parents. One thing they did know, it might not be the best time to tell them that they were all gay. They did have their story figured out by the time Boone pulled into Luke's driveway, and Josh and Luke wished the other boys luck as they got out. The house was dark when Luke and Josh went in, so they quietly went up to Luke's room. Both boys were dead tired by this time, so they went right to sleep in each other's arms after locking Luke's door.

Luke and Josh were awakened in the morning by a knock at Luke's door. "You boys get ready and come down so we can talk." called out Lonnie through the door.

Luke shook the sleep out of his eyes and replied, "Do we have time for showers first?"

"Yeah, but make it quick." replied Lonnie through the door. "I have to get out to the fields, so I can go into town later."

Luke shook Josh awake, then told him they had to get ready to go talk to his parents. Both boys headed to the bathroom together, and hopped into the shower.

"Hey Luke, your parents don't know that we shower together." said Josh. "That should give us enough extra time to finish what we were doing last night when Boone walked in on us!"

"You know I can't resist having you inside me, don't you?" replied Luke.

Luke leaned over forward against the wall, as Josh soaped his cock up very good. Josh then put his cock up to Luke's pucker and began pushing. Luke smiled as he felt Josh cock drive deeply into him.

"You feel so incredible this morning Josh!" cooed Luke softly. "You better make it quick though, in spite of how much I love this."

Josh began kissing Luke's back between his shoulders, as he drove his cock in and out of Luke as hard and fast as he could. Josh could feel Luke's rectum grasp at his cock as it thrust deeply into Luke. Within five minutes, Josh could feel his balls begin to churn. He knew this would be a strong orgasm, so Josh grasped Luke tightly as he thrust into Luke as deeply as he could. When Luke felt Josh's cum blast deeply into him, he had to place one hand over his mouth to stifle his moan. Josh gave his cock a few short thrusts until he felt his orgasm subside. As soon as it was over, Josh turned Luke around and kissed him deeply. The two boys finished their shower, and got dressed to go downstairs.

"Good morning boys." said Lonnie, as Luke and Josh entered the kitchen. "What happened last night?"

"Well dad, Boone and Matt got into a disagreement last night." said Luke.

"Josh, does it have anything to do with why you and Matt are here?" asked Lonnie.

"No sir, it was something really childish." replied Josh. "They had a disagreement over who was sleeping where, and it got out of hand."

"I would say so!" said Lonnie. "I called over to Boone's house after you guys left, and Matt had run off. Did you guys find him okay?"

"Yeah, he was heading toward the city." replied Luke. "I guess he was going to try to catch a bus somewhere."

"Are you and Boone okay with why Josh and Matt are here?" asked Lonnie.

"Yeah dad, Josh and I talked about it, and it doesn't matter to me." replied Luke. "Josh and I understand each other really well, and he knows that I have a good idea of why he got into trouble."

"Well, I do too Luke." said Lonnie. "I want Josh to go into town with me later, so we can talk. Is that okay with you Josh?"

"I guess so sir." replied Josh glumly.

"Don't be so down about it Josh." said Lonnie. "I think it was good for both of you boys that Josh came here. I might have had a few concerns about last night, but it seems as though you boys were able to straighten things out fine."

"Does he know?" Josh asked himself. "Why would he say last night and straight in the same sentence? Maybe I'm just reading too much into things though. I've been known to do that."

Josh was knocked out of his thoughts by Lonnie saying, " make sure you're ready to go about one o'clock. Okay Josh?"

"Okay sir." replied Josh.

Meanwhile at Boone's house, Boone's mom was sitting down to talk to Boone and Matt. "Okay boys, last night I was beginning to think I had made a mistake by bringing a troubled boy into our home. Boone, you know how tough it's been since your father left us. I thought that not only would this help us financially, but having another male around here would help you out. It's not going to help anything though if you two don't respect each other. I want to know what happened. Why did both of you go running out of this house last night?"

"It was really a misunderstanding more than anything else Mrs. Daniels." replied Matt. "Ever since the police burst into my room that night at my home, I've had serious problems sleeping alone. I would invite friends overnight, just so they could sleep on the spare bed in my room, and I wouldn't have to sleep in a room by myself. When Boone suggested that I put the roll away bed in the den, and I stuck to wanting to put it in his room again, he got upset. Then I got upset that he was upset."

"Boone Daniels!" exclaimed Boone's mom. "I thought I raised you better than that! When we have a guest in our home, you should do whatever you can to make him feel at home. Who knows, you might even make a friend just by showing a little common courtesy."

"I know mom, and I didn't really think it would be that big of a deal." replied Boone. "I guess I might have made a few comments I shouldn't have though. When I came back and Matt had left, I was really mad at myself for what I had done. Matt has always been friendly and helpful since he has been here, and I didn't stop to consider his feelings. Matt and I had a long talk when we found him last night, and what I did was terrible. I want him to keep the roll away bed in my room now. Matt really is pretty cool, and I want us to be good friends from now on. There's probably a lot of things I could learn from him."

After the way Boone had said the last part, Matt was biting his lip to keep from giggling. Fortunately, Boone's mom didn't seem to catch that.

"Well Boone, I hope you really mean that for Matt's sake." said Boone's mom. "I called the police last night to call them off, and found out that Josh was pretty much right. They said that if we didn't find Matt and they did, that he would have to go back home and serve a conventional sentence. Matt seems like a good boy, in spite of his past. I would hate to see that happen, so I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it works out here for him."

"I promise I'll watch out for him and take care of his needs from now on mom." replied Boone as he smiled.

Matt knew he was going to have to kill Boone later, as it was now taking all of his inner strength to keep from laughing. Boone was right that this was going to be a very memorable summer though. Matt couldn't wait for another chance to be intimate with Boone now, as Boone was the best endowed boy he had ever seen before. Matt could also sense that Boone was waiting for the chance to make things up to him too.

"If that's the way things go Boone, then I'll be very proud of you." said Boone's mom. "I have a feeling that I may end up being proud of both of you boys. By the way Boone, old man McDonald is going to be coming by tomorrow to look at our fields and see if he wants to lease them for his farm. Could you make sure that everything is ready. If this works out, we may be in good shape for a while."

"Okay mom, I'll make sure that everything is cleaned up, and all the equipment is well lubed!" replied Boone, as he gave a weird glance at Matt.

Matt was now surprised that he wasn't turning red from holding it in. He needed to get outside now as quickly as possible, so he could let it out. "Let's go and make sure everything is ready Boone, please?"

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