City Mouse, Country Mouse

this chapter by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

this chapter by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

Matt knew he was going to have to kill Boone later, as it was now taking all of his inner strength to keep from laughing. Boone was right that this was going to be a very memorable summer though. Matt couldn't wait for another chance to be intimate with Boone now, as Boone was the best endowed boy he had ever seen before. Matt could also sense that Boone was waiting for the chance to make things up to him too.

"If that's the way things go Boone, then I'll be very proud of you." said Boone's mom. "I have a feeling that I may end up being proud of both of you boys. By the way Boone, old man McDonald is going to be coming by tomorrow to look at our fields and see if he wants to lease them for his farm. Could you make sure that everything is ready. If this works out, we may be in good shape for a while."

"Okay mom, I'll make sure that everything is cleaned up, and that all the equipment is well lubed!" replied Boone, as he gave a weird glance at Matt.

Matt was now surprised that he wasn't turning red from holding it in. He needed to get outside now as quickly as possible, so he could let it out. "Let's go and make sure everything is ready Boone, please?"

As soon as Boone and Matt got outside, Matt doubled over from laughter. He was laughing so hard that he was turning red in the face. Mrs. Daniels watched the two boys from the kitchen window and smiled as she thought to herself, "I just don't understand boys sometimes, but I'm glad Matt seems to care about Boone so much. Maybe this will pull Boone out of the slump he's been in since his father left."

"Are you okay Matty?" asked Boone. "I'm sorry about making you laugh so HARD, and I promise to make it up to you babe."

That didn't help Matt's situation much, as he ran for the barn laughing. Boone chased close behind Matt, but lost him in the darkened barn. He could still hear Matt laughing though. Boone could tell what direction Matt was in, but before he could judge Matt's distance, the laughing died down. Boone was carefully walking in the direction that he last heard Matt from, when Matt stepped out in front of him and took him into a hug. Matt pressed his lips firmly against Boone's, and kissed him as passionately as he could. Boone returned Matt's kiss with feelings that he had long desired to show another person. Sure, he had kissed his share of girls before, but now he knew that was just kissing. Matt was completely different, and deserved all of the love that he could give him.

Matt finally pulled back from the kiss and said, "It's time to check the equipment."

Boone breathed in deeply as he felt Matt's hand grasp his cock through his jeans. Matt caressed the stiffening shaft firmly, as he pulled Boone tightly against him.

"How's my tool?" asked Boone breathlessly.

"It feels fine as far as I can tell Boone, but it may need a closer inspection." replied Matt playfully.

"Follow me then." said Boone lustfully.

Boone led Matt to a ladder that went straight up against one side of the barn. The boys climbed the twelve feet up to the opening in the roof. Boone pulled himself up into the huge and empty hay loft first, then gave Matt a hand into the loft.

"Wow!" exclaimed Matt. "This is spectacular! You could hold a concert or a dance up here if it were easier to get in and out!"

"It use to be full of hay all the time before my dad left us." said Boone, looking sadly pensive.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere." said Matt, as he pressed his lips against Boone's again.

Boone returned the kiss again, as he lowered himself and Matt gently to the floor of the loft. The door on the far end of the loft was open, giving the boys a soft light to see each other and their surroundings. Neither boy noticed much though, as they kissed as passionately as they could. Matt grabbed the tail of Boone's shirt, and began lifting it up toward Boone's head, then Boone did the same to Matt. The boys parted their lips for only a few seconds to remove their shirts. Once they were back to kissing, Matt reached for Boone's pants. Matt pulled Boone over on top of him as he loosened the belt and button on Boone's jeans, then slid the zipper down gently. Matt pulled Boone's jeans and underwear down over Boone's firm butt cheeks, and stopped to give both cheeks a firm squeeze. Boone's stiff cock was trapped between the two boys, as Matt pulled it firmly into his stomach. Boone was now exploring Matt's mouth deeply with his tongue, as Matt continued pushing Boone's pants and briefs down as far as he could. Boone then deftly kicked off his shoes, pants, and underwear.

Now it was Boone's turn to pull Matt over on top of him, and he was looking forward to it. Once he had Matt's pants unfastened and pulled down over his butt, Boone sensuously began massaging the cheeks of Matt's butt. Matt's butt was much softer than Boone's, but not fat by any means. It was a perfectly soft bubble butt. While Matt enjoyed Boone caressing his butt, he finished removing his shoes, pants, and underwear. The boys were now kissing each other deeply, and writhing in each other's arms, dressed in nothing but their socks.

Boone pulled back and moaned, "I love massaging your butt Matt. It's turning me on like crazy!"

Matt rolled off Boone and reached in his pants for a small tube of lube. He handed the lube to Boone and said, "If you like my butt now, just wait until you put your beautiful cock inside it!"

Boone took the lube from Matt with a smile, and began massaging it into his cock. Matt gazed longingly at Boone's nine and a half inches as Boone prepared it for Matt. Once Boone was well lubed, Matt laid on his back in front of Boone, and put his ankles up on Boone's shoulders.

"I hope I don't hurt you with this Matt." said Boone lovingly.

"Hurt me?" replied Matt. "I'm going to enjoy this every bit as much as you!"

Matt relaxed himself as Boone lined the head of his cock up with Matt's butt. Matt had a lot of toys he enjoyed, which he hadn't shown Boone yet. His favorite toy was his ten inch long dildo. Matt would enjoy greasing it up, then sitting down on it hard as he felt it spread him open widely. Now a beautiful and sexy boy was about to make him feel that way, and Matt longed to feel Boone's cock deeply inside him. Boone began pushing his cock into Matt, and was surprised when Matt began smiling.

"You really love feeling my big donkey cock going up inside you, don't you Matt?" panted Boone.

"It's not a donkey cock Boone." moaned Matt. "It's your great big huge beautiful cock, and I love how it fills me up so completely! Please make love to me now Boone!"

Ellen Daniels had to go talk to her friend, Naomi Tanner. She just didn't know how to get her son to open up to her, and it was now very important to her. Her husband had been a bit of a playboy before they met, but after they had known each other for a while, he started to settle down. Everything was okay after they got married until a few years ago, when her husband suddenly reverted to his old ways. Her husband seemed to enjoy satisfying himself with many different women, before Ellen finally told him to leave. For the past few years she could also see that attitude with her son. The only difference was Boone never seemed to enjoy any girls as much as his father did. But now with Matt here, Ellen could see that spark in Boone that she saw in her husband. Ellen didn't mind that her son might be gay, but she didn't know what to do about it. She knew what Reverend Scott would say though, but that asshole was so full of wind sometimes that she would have to use an entire can of hair spray before going to church. She knew her friend would understand though.

As Ellen pulled up in front of the Tanner farmhouse, she honked her horn and got out of the car. Naomi didn't come out of the house, but her husband Lonnie did.

"Hi Ellen, what brings you out here today?" asked Lonnie amiably.

"Um,... I just wanted to talk girl talk with Naomi." replied Ellen.

"Well, she had to run into town really quick, then I'll have to go when she gets back." replied Lonnie. "This isn't about last night is it?"

"I guess it is a little bit." replied Ellen, not knowing how much to say to Lonnie.

"I wish you wouldn't talk to Naomi about it then Ellen." said Lonnie. "I just have a very bad feeling about that! I know you and her are friends, but there is still quite a bit of difference between you and her."

"What in the world are you talking about Lonnie?!" asked Ellen, with just a hint of concern in her voice.

"I called the state to inquire about Josh's background." said Lonnie. "The state doesn't want to give too much information about the boys in this program unless you ask the right questions. Josh doesn't know I did that yet, but I was going to talk to him about it this afternoon before Naomi finds out the hard way."

"Do you really think she wouldn't react well?" asked Ellen.

"I love my wife with all my heart Ellen, and I hope nothing ever happens to change that." said Lonnie. "However, she seems to worship the ground that Reverend Scott walks on."

"I take it you don't then?" asked Ellen, who was now feeling relieved that she had run into Lonnie first.

"I think that man is one of the most hateful, arrogant, pompous, self-righteous jack-asses that I've ever met!" replied Lonnie. "I'm afraid that someday he will get so caught up in a sermon, that the wind from his mouth will cause a tornado that will destroy the county! Please don't tell him I said that though. I would hate to hear for the rest of my days how I'm going to go to Hell for disagreeing with him."

By this time Lonnie had Ellen laughing hysterically. Ellen finally recovered enough to say, "You don't have to worry Lonnie. I'd be damned to Hell too because I agree with every word you just said. The part about the tornado was good though. I guess I never considered that possibility!"

"I'm terribly afraid that my wife won't share our opinions though Ellen." said Lonnie. "If you spoke to her, it would drive a wedge between our families, and between you and her as friends."

"Then I guess you're the one I really need to speak to Lonnie." said Ellen. "It's just been so hard to take care of everything since Boone's father left me with a teenage son, and all of the problems that go with that. I don't really care that Boone may have feelings for Matt, I think Matt may even take good care of my boy, but I don't know how to deal with him not opening up to me. I know that will only make things harder than they need to be."

"You love Boone unconditionally though, don't you?" asked Lonnie.

"Of course I do!" replied Ellen. "He's my only son, and I'll be proud of him no matter what. I love him dearly, and I don't want to see him hurt."

"Then the best thing to do is show him and Matt that you truly care." replied Lonnie. "They will see the love you have for both of them, and they'll feel they can come to you with anything. I know Boone's a good kid, and I'd trust him to do the right thing anytime. Just give them both your love, and let them come to you."

"Why aren't you doing that with Josh then?" asked Ellen. "You apparently think there might be something going on with him too. You just seem too at ease with Matt taking up with Boone."

"Like I said, I inquired into his background." replied Lonnie. "I know there are things there that leave no doubt that Josh is gay. I would hate to see the wrong choice being made here, and Naomi ending up finding out about this. Josh needs stability in his life right now that he's never had at home. I don't want any feelings that he and Luke may have to mess up a chance for Josh to turn his life around. If they both turn out to be gay,... well, Luke is my only son too, and I'll never stop loving him. I know that they're cousins, but they shouldn't be hurt just because of that."

"I'm so glad I had this talk with you instead of Naomi then." said Ellen in relief. "That would have been the worst disaster of our lives!"

"I'm glad you did too Ellen." said Lonnie. "I think our boys will be just fine. I know Luke's never been happier than he's been lately."

Matt gazed up lovingly into Boone's eyes, as Boone rested on top of him. Boone had just experienced one of the most intense orgasms of his life, and the evidence was still dripping back out of Matt's butt.

"Damn Boone!" exclaimed Matt softly. "How much cum did you put in me?! It's still dripping out of me!"

"I don't know, my Matty." replied Boone weakly. "I've never cum that much before. I know it was quite a bit. How come no girl ever made me cum like that?"

"You have to ask?" snickered Matt. "It's because you don't love any yucky girls, you love me!"

"Oh yeah, now I remember." smiled Boone, as he gazed into Matt's eyes. "Anyway, I think I've recovered enough to take care of my lover boy now."

"You don't have to do that if you don't want to Boone." offered Matt.

"What are you talking about?!" replied Boone. "I am so looking forward to making your beautiful cock feel good inside my mouth, that I don't think you could stop me!"

"Who said I'm gonna try?" asked Matt playfully.

Boone lowered himself down Matt's quivering body, until he was face to face with Matt's six inch erection. Boone looked lovingly at Matt's most private part, now longing to taste it. Matt watched in apprehension as Boone's lips drew closer to his stiff cock. Then he sucked in his breath when he felt Boone's lips on his shaft. Instead of what happened last night though, Boone began making passionate love to the part of Matt that he wanted to be a part of him forever. Matt gasped loudly as his cock felt the full depth of love coming from Boone now, then he watched Boone make him feel better than anyone ever had before. Boone sucked on Matt's cock as if he never wanted to do anything else from this point on, and Matt held out for his wonderful lover as long as he could. After about ten minutes though, Matt could not hold out any longer. Matt tried to warn Boone, but he couldn't get the words to form. Boone knew what he was trying to say though, but Boone wanted the ultimate act of love in this situation. He wanted Matt to fill his mouth with cum, so he could swallow it and make Matt a part of him forever. Boone swallowed as fast as he could until Matt's cock could produce no more cum. Then Boone crawled back up and took Matt into his arms again.

"Your cum tastes really good Matt." said Boone breathlessly. "I can't wait to do that to you again."

Luke and Josh were finally finishing up their morning chores, as it was getting time for Josh to get ready to go with Lonnie. They did notice that Boone's mom stopped by while Luke's mom was gone, which was kind of strange, but they didn't think it would be wise to butt in. As the boys were going into the house to shower, Naomi pulled back into the driveway. She got ahold of them before they could get inside, because she had a few bags in the truck that she needed help with. Once the boys were done with that, Lonnie told Josh to go ahead and shower quickly. There was no time to play around this time, as Luke stuck to helping Josh get cleaned as quickly as he could. Then Josh went back down slowly, to face the music. As Lonnie started out toward town, he couldn't help but to chuckle.

"What's so funny sir?" asked Josh glumly.

"I'm so sorry Josh, I guess it would be you though." replied Lonnie,as he tried not to chuckle again. "You're sitting over there, as close to the other side of the truck as you can, and you're acting like you're afraid that I'll kill you. Scoot over this way a little bit, okay Josh?"

As soon as Josh did as Lonnie asked, Lonnie put one arm around Josh's shoulder and said, "You don't ever have to worry about me hurting you Josh, that's not my style. I know other men have hurt you bad, but I never will. Neither will Luke for that matter." Lonnie could see that he was hitting a nerve with Josh, but he had to go on for Josh's sake. "Yeah Josh, I kinda figured that one out, but none of us have any business judging anyone else. The only one who can judge us is God. I know he's put a lot on your young shoulder in your life Josh, but that's to make sure your ready for life."

Josh now had tears coming from his eyes as he cried, "But why did he have to make my dad leave because he couldn't stand to be around me any more! Why would God make anyone go through that! I can take almost everything else that's happened so far, but that really hurt!" Then Josh began crying heavily.

"I can't even begin to understand why he left Josh, but I can help with the hurt you're feeling because of it." said Lonnie. "I know why you had to come here, and I have a pretty good idea of why you did some of those things, even if you don't. It doesn't have to be that way anymore though son."

"Why?!" screamed Josh inside, to himself. "Why couldn't anyone have ever said those things to me before?!"

"I know I'm not your dad Josh, but I'd love for you to think of me that way." said Lonnie. "In the short time you've been here, I've come to care very much about you. I know Luke does too, I can see it in his face when you boys are together. You need a strong man in your life as a father figure Josh. It's the only way you'll ever get past all of the pain that's holding you down."

"But what about me and Luke?" cried Josh.

"I can't lie to you and tell you I completely understand the feelings you boys have for each other." said Lonnie. "I know that it doesn't make Luke a bad person though, and I know that that by itself doesn't make you a bad person either Josh. My daddy taught me never to make a decision about something I don't know about, so I'm going to leave those feelings up to you and Luke. I'll love and support both of you no matter what though."

"Why couldn't my dad feel that way Lonnie?" asked Josh, as he tried to dry his eyes.

"I don't know that either Josh." replied Lonnie. "Maybe it was the way he was raised, or maybe he saw something in you that he didn't want to face about himself, or maybe his own false pride made him ashamed over things that neither of you could control. I do know that you still need help along the way to becoming a man though Josh. I look at Luke and tell myself that I've done pretty good with him, and he'll be a fine man. I'd like a chance to do the same with you Josh. And if you and Luke end up being together for the rest of your lives, well, that's better than a lot of couples do these days Josh."

"You really want to be my dad, knowing that I'm in love with Luke?" asked Josh in disbelief.

"For as long as you need me to, son." replied Lonnie as he smiled. "I have a feeling that Luke loves you just as much as you love him Josh. Well, here's our stop. Are you okay son, or do you want to sit in the truck?"

"Why would I sit here when I can go inside with my dad?" asked Josh, as he began to smile again.

Lonnie and Josh picked up all of the parts Lonnie needed for Luke's truck and some of the farm equipment, and introduced Josh to everyone he knew in the store as his son. That made Josh feel pretty nice, which was good because they needed to talk more on the way home. That conversation might not make everyone feel so nice. Once Lonnie had everything he needed, Josh helped him take everything out to the truck. Then the two got in and headed toward home.

"There's one more thing I need to talk to you about Josh, and I'll need to talk to Luke before the end of the day too." said Lonnie. "It's about Naomi. I love my wife very much, but she seems to be under some kind of spell from Reverend Scott, whom I'm sure Luke has already told you about. He's the worst thing that has ever happened to this town, and he's a very hateful man. I need you boys to be very careful around her, because I'm afraid she won't be as understanding as I am. You might be able to hide your feelings around her Josh, but she knows Luke too well for him to get away with that. Please don't give her any reason to suspect that you boys are in love with each other, okay?"

"I hate to have to hide myself around other people though." replied Josh. "I guess it comes from being so bad at it."

"I know son, and I wouldn't want to either, but this is very important." said Lonnie. "If she ever realized the nature of yours and Luke's relationship, I would lose any chance I have of helping you. I don't want that to happen son. I think you may be the best thing that's ever happened to Luke, and I suspect that he has the same effect on you."

"I'll try dad." replied Josh. "I guess I'm going to need to talk to Luke about this too."

"In that case Josh, how would you like to have a little fun?" asked Lonnie mischievously.

"What do you have in mind?" grinned Josh.

As soon as Josh and Lonnie got home, Josh went to work on the truck without saying a word to Luke about the conversation with his dad. The two boys went to work on the toughest job first, which was replacing the oil pump and oil pan gaskets. Josh crawled underneath the truck with Luke, seemingly very interested in learning how to do mechanical work. Oil wasn't the only thing Josh was interested in pumping though, and soon both boys had very hard tools to work with. As the boys worked on the truck, Luke had a wrench in one hand, and Josh's tool in another, while Josh was having fun handling all of Luke's tools. Then Luke heard the garage door open. He looked in horror as he saw his dad's feet entering the garage.

"Josh, it's my dad!" said Luke frantically, as quietly as he could. "Put everything in place for us!"

Josh got both of their cocks back in their pants, but they were still pitching pretty respectable tents.

As Lonnie leaned down to where the boys were under the truck, he said, "I just wanted to make sure I got all the parts you needed to get this truck on the road Luke. Then I'm heading out into the fields." Lonnie almost chuckled as he got down to where he could see the boys under the truck. "What is going on out here Luke?" asked Lonnie.

"N-nothing dad, honestly!" replied Luke.

"You boys come out here for a second." said Lonnie, now putting on one of his best acts ever. "You are not very convincing Luke, especially when both of you boys are bulging the front of your jeans the way you are now!"

As Luke and Josh stood up, Luke said, "I know it looks bad dad, but we really weren't doing anything bad. It was just a little harmless kidding around."

"Well, I guess I can understand that Luke." said Lonnie. "After all, I was young once myself."

"You were sir?" asked Josh, who was having a hard time keeping a straight face by this point. "I have a hard time believing that!"

"Let's not start talking about hard times here Josh, especially not with your pants in the condition they're in now!" replied Lonnie.

"Josh, you're not helping here right now." said Luke. "Really dad, it was just harmless playing around."

"Why kid him Luke?" asked Josh. "Why don't we just tell him how much we're in love with each other? At least then we don't have to feel guilty about sex anymore."

"Is this true son?" asked Lonnie, who was surprised that he wasn't doubled over laughing by this point.

Luke looked down down at his feet, and in a low voice replied, "Yes sir. I didn't know I had these feelings until Josh came here, but now we're in love."

"That's right Mister Lonnie, I love your son and nothing can change that now!" said Josh.

Lonnie knew they would have to end this soon before they scared Luke to death, so Lonnie held his hands out in a fake choke hold and said, "Come here Josh! I'll show you what I can do about it!"

Luke watched in horror as his dad approached Josh. Then at the last second, instead of choking the boy, Lonnie took Josh into a hug and patted him on the back. To say that Luke was confused by that would have been the understatement of the year. Then it finally dawned on Luke.

"Dad, you knew about us?" asked Luke. "That was a mean thing to do, and I can't believe you were in on it Josh!"

Josh walked over to Luke and said, "I'm sorry babe." then kissed Luke softly on the cheek. "Your,... I mean OUR dad scared the heck out of me earlier when he brought it up, but he's okay with us Luke. I think he might have had a point to this though, right dad?"

"You're right Josh." said Lonnie. "I hope I didn't scare you too much Luke, but there is a point to this."

"Oh no, you didn't scare me at all!" Luke almost cried. "I think I need to go change my pants now!"

"Come here son." said Lonnie softly.

Lonnie took Luke into a warm embrace, and held Luke's face gently against his chest while Luke cried softly. "I'm sorry son. I really don't have any problem with you and Josh being in love with each other though," said Lonnie comfortingly. "I did want to make you realize that things could be different though. I'm afraid your mother wouldn't be quite so understanding about this Luke."

"Why?" cried Luke. "What's wrong with the way I feel? When I'm with Josh, it feels so beautiful and right!"

"There's nothing wrong with it son, but not everyone feels the same as we do about this." replied Lonnie, as he patted Luke's back lovingly. "You know what Reverend Scott would think, right? That man is as ignorant as an explorer dropping in on a tribe of cannibals for dinner, but your mom believes every twisted word that comes out of his mouth."

The last remark made Luke laugh lightly as he tried to dry his tears. Then Luke asked, "Why do people feel that way dad?"

"I don't know son." replied Lonnie. "I know what Scott believes the Bible says about homosexuals, but I've read those verses in full, and I just don't see the same thing he does. Maybe I'm just not using the same drugs he does when he reads it, but I don't see anything that hateful in the teachings in the Bible. I don't want you boys to worry about God punishing you for feeling love, because that won't happen regardless of what the Reverend says."

Josh then moved in and put his arm around Luke's back. Luke smiled at Josh, and the two boys kissed briefly as Lonnie held his son.

"I can see clearly how much you boys love each other, and I don't believe that it's wrong." said Lonnie. "I think it's very beautiful, and you two need each other right now. Your mother is a different story though Luke. If she had been the one who came in here, she may have killed Josh, even though he's her nephew by her first husband. I want you boys to be very careful around her. She is your mother Luke, so she knows you better than you think she does. Please don't give her any reason to think there may be something going on between you boys, okay?"

"Okay dad." replied Luke. "I love you dad, and thanks for loving me and Josh so much."

"I'll never stop loving and caring about either of you boys." smiled Lonnie. "If you need to talk, you have me, Boone and Matt, and Boone's mom. Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about Boone's mom yet."

"You mean she knows about Boone and Matt?" asked Luke.

"Yes Luke, but don't say anything about it." said Lonnie. "She wants Boone to realize the she loves him, and can come to her about anything. She feels the same way about her son as I do about mine. She also agrees with me about Reverend Scott."

"I think most people would agree with you about him!" snickered Luke.

"Okay son." chuckled Lonnie. "I have to get out in the field now. You two take good care of each other, because you have a wonderful thing together. And remember to be careful around your mom at all times. I have to think of a way to give you two a little more privacy at night. We haven't heard anything yet, but it would be best not to take that chance."

"We try to be as quiet as we can dad." said Josh.

"That's good son." smiled Lonnie. "Just keep that up for now. About the showers though, your mother is going to figure that one out eventually Luke."

"Okay dad, we'll remember that." replied Luke.

"Come out and let me know when you finish the truck, okay sons?" asked Lonnie. "Also, I think you two make really cute kissing cousins."

"Okay dad." smiled Luke, as his cheeks reddened.

Once Lonnie was gone, Josh took Luke into an embrace and said, "I like being kissing cousins with you, cousin Luke!" Then Josh passionately pressed his lips against Luke's.

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