City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim the story guy

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

"Okay son." chuckled Lonnie. "I have to get out in the field now. You two take good care of each other, because you have a wonderful thing together. And remember to be careful around your mom at all times. I have to think of a way to give you two a little more privacy at night. We haven't heard anything yet, but it would be best not to take that chance."

"We try to be as quiet as we can dad." said Josh.

"That's good son." smiled Lonnie. "Just keep that up for now. About the showers though, your mother is going to figure that one out eventually Luke."

"Okay dad, we'll remember that." replied Luke.

"Come out and let me know when you finish the truck, okay sons?" asked Lonnie. "Also, I think you two make really cute kissing cousins."

"Okay dad." smiled Luke, as his cheeks reddened.

Once Lonnie was gone, Josh took Luke into an embrace and said, "I like being kissing cousins with you, cousin Luke!" Then Josh passionately pressed his lips against Luke's.

"Yee-HAW!!!" laughed Luke, as the truck bounced over the empty field, throwing Josh around in the seat next to him.

"Damn it Luke, are you trying to get us both killed?!" laughed Josh.

"Nah, I'm just trying to bounce my baby around and make him hard!" giggled Luke.

"Oh yeah, near death experiences always makes me hard!" laughed Josh back. "If you really want to make me hard, you could stop the truck and wrap your soft lips around my cock."

"I'm saving that for after we tell dad the truck is done baby!" replied Luke with a boyish smile. "Then I'm gonna swallow every drop of cum you can pump out of that beautiful cock!"

"Can I at least get a kiss then?" asked Josh sweetly.

The truck then came to an immediate stop. Luke turned to Josh and took him tightly into his arms, then the two boys shared a deep kiss. Luke couldn't help himself as their lips remained locked together, and his hand began fishing Josh's cock out of his pants. Once that was done, Luke drew back and smiled at Josh. Then he leaned down to Josh's stiffening cock and licked his lips. Luke's tongue flicked at the head of Josh's cock, then he gently wrapped his lips around the shaft. Luke gently sucked on Josh's erect boyhood for a few moments, then pulled back and gazed into Josh's beautiful eyes.

"I thought you were going to wait, lover boy." said Josh.

"I am, but I had to have a little appetizer." giggled Luke softly.

The two boys then shared another kiss. One of Josh's hands stroked the back of Luke's head, as the other one gently fondled Luke's left earlobe. When Josh broke the kiss, his mouth immediately went for Luke's ear. Josh softly nibbled and licked at Luke's earlobe. Then Josh took the entire ear into his mouth, as his tongue caressed Luke's ear.

"Oh God Josh!" moaned Luke softly. "If you keep that up, we'll have to make love right here. I love the way that feels though!"

Josh placed his hand on Luke's cock and said, "Not now babe. I can't wait to feel that inside me later though." Then Josh giggled as he asked, "So, you like it when I make love to your ear?"

"You can make love to any part of me, anytime you want Josh!" replied Luke breathlessly.

Josh gave Luke a soft kiss as he put his cock back in his pants, then said, "I'll have to remember that!"

Josh giggled as Luke started the truck again and smiled at him. As the truck began moving, Josh took ahold of Luke's right hand and brought it up to his face. Josh pointed Luke's thumb out, then placed the thumb in his mouth. Josh lovingly sucked Luke's thumb, as Luke drove much more conservatively the rest of the way out to see his dad. Josh really enjoyed sucking Luke's thumb like a small child would suck their own thumb, and Luke enjoyed it just as much. When they finally got to where Lonnie was working in the field, Luke left his thumb in Josh's mouth. Luke then dragged Josh out of the truck with him, and the two boys went up to Lonnie with Josh still sucking away at Luke's thumb.

"Dad, Josh won't give me my thumb back, not that I want him to though." said Luke, as they came up behind Lonnie.

Lonnie turned around and laughed loudly at seeing Josh sucking intently on Luke's thumb. "I really need to get a camera for moments like this!" laughed Lonnie. "You two look so sweet and innocent like that!"

The boys giggled loudly when Luke finally removed his thumb from Josh's mouth.

"It was a toss up between that, and us showing up with my thumb stuck inside Luke's butt." laughed Josh. "You might not have wanted a picture of that though!"

Lonnie and both boys laughed loudly for a minute, then Lonnie replied, "I can tell it's going to be really interesting having two gay boys in love with each other around here. Now, come here a little closer."

Lonnie took both boys into a warm hug at the same time, then gave them each a kiss on the forehead. Luke and Josh both hugged their dad tightly. "I love you so much dad." said Luke, almost emotionally. "I'm so glad that you approve of Josh and I being boyfriends."

"I love both of you son, and I only want you both to be happy." replied Lonnie as he smiled. "I think I might have to get that camera, and start a scrapbook of you boys together. That way I can show you how truly beautiful you are as lovers. We really need to get a computer for the house, and bring ourselves into the twenty first century anyway."

"A computer?!" exclaimed Luke excitedly. "Can we afford that dad?"

"It's costing me so much to keep track of things, and missing things every once in a while, that I don't see how we can afford to hold off much longer." replied Lonnie. "I'm not too good with things like that though, so I'm really going to need you boys to help bring me up to speed when we get it. Then you'll also have a computer for your homework this year at school."

"Alright dad!" replied Luke, even more excitedly. "Josh and I will turn you into a computer genius in no time! Right Josh?"

"Yeah dad, we'll have you multi-tasking with the best of them." laughed Josh.

"When are we going to get it dad?" asked Luke, with a gleam in his eyes.

"Well son, is the truck finished?" asked Lonnie as he chuckled at Luke's enthusiasm.

"Yeah dad, Josh and I got her running like a champ!" replied Luke eagerly.

"In that case, I should be all caught up around here by the end of the day." replied Lonnie. "The three of us can go into the city tomorrow, and pick up a computer after we take you to take your driver's license test."

Luke immediately jumped into his dad's arms, and covered his face with kisses. Then Luke gave his dad a very quick kiss on the lips and said, "I love you so much daddy!"

"I love you too son, and your reaction is more joyful to me than anything I've ever felt." replied Lonnie softly.

Lonnie then set Luke down, and held his arms out to Josh. Josh stepped into his dad's arms, and practically melted from the love Lonnie had for him. Lonnie kissed Josh warmly on the cheek and forehead, then gave him a very quick kiss on his lips, then said, "I love you every bit as much as I love Luke. You're my son now too Josh, and I'm going to go out of my way to treat you the way you should have been treated all along."

Tears began running down Josh's face, and this time he didn't care about showing them. "I love you too daddy!" cried Josh softly. "I can't believe that I finally have a dad that loves me so much. It's the only thing I've ever wanted in my life!"

Lonnie then drew Luke back into the hug, as tears began forming in Luke's eyes too. "I want you to know that it's okay for you to cry because you're happy Josh." said Lonnie. "I want to make sure that you never feel any sadness again too. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful sons like you and Luke."

As Lonnie, Luke, and Josh hugged each other tightly, they all joined Josh in crying for joy. Josh felt more loved than he ever had in his life, to be sharing a moment like this with Luke and Lonnie. After the three had cried happily for about five minutes, they straightened themselves out a little.

"Can we see about making this Josh's permanent home dad?" asked Luke.

"That would depend on Josh and his mother son, but I was going to approach him about it tomorrow." replied Lonnie with a smile. "If he's okay with it, then I'll go to see his mother about it. How about it Josh? I would love to adopt you legally as my son, if that's what you want."

"But that would legally make Luke my brother." replied Josh. "Would that make it wrong for us to love each other, and to make love?"

"Nothing could ever make that wrong son." replied Lonnie.

"I've never had a brother before." smiled Josh. "It might be kinda fun to have a brother that I can make love to. I already know that I love having a dad who loves me now."

"Then I'll start checking into it son." replied Lonnie. "Now, go have some fun with each other so I can get back to work here. I'll see you boys at dinner time. I love you both."

"We love you too dad!" replied Luke and Josh in unison. Both boys giggled as they headed back to the truck, then Luke and Josh headed toward the swimming hole.

Boone and Matt had finally managed to check everything, and make sure it was ready for old man McDonald's visit the next day. Of course it wouldn't have taken as long if they hadn't done a fair amount of kissing and playful touching. Boone tried to make sure they were out of sight of the house whenever he and Matt got frisky, but he wasn't always successful with that. Ellen smiled as she caught her son from the kitchen window, grabbing Matt's butt a few times, and she caught part of a very cute kiss between the two boys. It looked as though Boone was very much in love with Matt from what she could see, and she was relieved that her son wasn't following in his dad's footsteps.

When Boone and Matt finally finished their chores for the day, they went into the house giggling like two small kids. "Hi'ya mom, Matty and I are going to go see what Luke and Josh are up to." said Boone as he and Matt entered the kitchen. "Is that okay?"

"Of course it is Boone." smiled Ellen. "I'm so glad that you and Matt were able to straighten things out between you. It makes me happy to see you boys enjoying each other's company so much. I'm so proud of you that you could handle this situation so well, and I'll always love you, no matter what. And I love you too Matt. I think Boone will be very happy having you around now. Now, you boys have some fun."

"Mom?" asked Boone nervously.

"Yes Boone?" replied Ellen, hoping that this was it.

"Um,... uh,..." stuttered Boone, who was quickly losing his nerve. "I just wanted to say I love you too."

"Is that all son, because you know that I know that." smiled Ellen, trying to give her son the confidence to come out to her. "If there's ever anything that you need to talk about, I'm always here for you, and I'll always love you."

"Um,... we can talk later, I guess." smiled Boone nervously. "Let's go see what Luke and Josh are up to Matt."

It almost broke Ellen's heart that Boone wanted to trust her, but couldn't quite bring himself to talk about it. She just decided that she would have to give him every reason in the world to open up after dinner.

Boone walked up to the back door of Luke's house and yelled in, "Is anyone home?"

Naomi came to the door and smiled as she replied, "Hi Boone, how are you boys doing?"

"We're fine ma'am." replied Boone. "Matt and I finished getting the farm ready for mister McDonald to look at tomorrow, and we were looking for Luke and Josh."

"Well, they went back to find Luke's dad a while ago, and I haven't seen them back around yet." replied Naomi, oblivious that anything was going on. "Maybe Lonnie needed their help for something. He's back in the far northeast field, if you want to go back and check."

"I don't know ma'am." replied Boone. "I'm not sure how my car would handle going back through the fields."

"The small tractor is still out there if you want to take that back." replied Naomi. "The keys should be on the key rack in the garage. Matt might have to sit on your lap and drive though, but he don't look big enough to do any harm."

Boone and Matt used every bit of control that they had to keep from giggling, as Boone replied, "Yes ma'am, thanks a lot."

As the boys turned to go, Naomi asked, "Boone, could you tell Ellen to call me sometime, so we can get together? She hasn't been around in a few days, and there were a few recipes that I wanted to swap with her. She seemed really interested in my recipe for kumquat pie."

"Yes ma'am, I'll tell her." replied Boone painfully.

Boone and Matt couldn't get to the garage fast enough to suit them. Once there, the two boys doubled over in laughter. Boone had tears streaming down his face, as he held onto Matt to keep from falling down from laughing. "Oh my God!" laughed Boone hysterically. "We'll have to replace her recipe for kumquat pie with yours!"

Once Boone and Matt had gotten it out of their systems, Boone found the tractor keys. The boys went outside, still smiling madly, and climbed up onto the tractor. Boone sat back in the seat as far as he could, then had Matt sit between his legs on the front edge of the seat. Boone reached down and pressed the clutch with his foot, then had Matt turn the key.

Once the tractor had roared to life, Boone said, "Okay Matty, you take the pedal after we get moving, and try not to run over anything. I'll point out the way, and when we get there just take your foot off the gas, press the clutch, then press the brakes. It'll be easy, unless I make it hard once we get going!"

Matt laughed as Boone got the tractor moving, then turned the gas pedal over to Matt. The boys had a blast as they headed out into the fields. "Yee-Haw!" laughed Matt loudly. "Look at me, I'm farmer Matty! I need me a long stiff tool to hoe some beans!"

"I'll see what I can do!" laughed Boone back, as he reached around and grabbed Matt's cock.

"I'm afraid that one's not quite long enough!" laughed Matt. "We'll have to use yours!" Boone laughed along with Matt, as Matt ground his butt back into Boone's stiffening cock. Matt could feel Boone's cock swelling down his pants leg, and laughed, "That's what I call a tool! That should do much better than mine!"

The boys continued to laugh and make tool jokes as they headed into the back fields. When they finally caught up to Lonnie, Matt pulled up close and brought the tractor to a stop. Once he had shut it off, he and Boone hopped down off the machine. Boone and Matt realized they were both still hard as Lonnie came up to them chuckling.

"I'll bet you two are looking for Luke and Josh, aren't you?" chuckled Lonnie.

"Yes sir." replied Boone, embarrassed by his predicament.

"Don't be so embarrassed Boone." smiled Lonnie. "When two boys are driving a tractor while riding in each other's laps, that's bound to happen. Besides son, it doesn't look like you have too much to be embarrassed about. I'll bet most men wish they could pitch a tent like that!"

"Thanks for understanding sir!" replied Boone, as a smile crept back across his face.

"It's no problem son." replied Lonnie. "I use to be your age too. Us adults are sometimes a lot more understanding than kids give us credit for. That reminds me, there's something you should know before you find Luke and Josh. I had a nice talk with both of them today, and we talked about them being gay. I love and support Luke very much, and I'm happy that he and Josh were able to find each other. He could have done much worse in picking out a boyfriend as far as I'm concerned. His mother doesn't know about this though, and we can't let her find out. I'm afraid she wouldn't take it very well."

"How did you know that we know sir?" asked Boone.

"Oh come on Boone, you're Luke's best friend in the whole world." smiled Lonnie. "I'll bet you were the second person Luke came out to, after Josh of course. Besides, he told me that he told you already. That's why I talked to your mom too Boone. I know you wouldn't say anything intentionally to cause problems for Luke, but it might have come out to your mother. She's very understanding of the situation, and agrees that Naomi can never know about this."

"My mom knows that Luke and Josh are gay, and she's okay with it?!" asked Boone in surprise. "And you're okay with your son being gay too?"

"Yeah son." chuckled Lonnie softly. "I know it must come as a shock to you, but we're all okay with the love between Luke and Josh. I love my son very much, and I want him to be happy with the boy he loves. The only ones that wouldn't be okay with it that I know, are Reverend Lucifer and Naomi. They can never know about this."

Boone now looked as though he were ready to start crying, so Lonnie put his arms around Boone, and rested the boy's head on his chest. "I can't keep this in anymore sir!" cried Boone. "I'm gay too, and I have to tell my mom! I'm just still afraid that she'll hate me!"

"It's okay son, let it out." said Lonnie softly as he patted Boone's back. Matt came over and joined the hug, trying to keep his emotions under control. "He loves you very much, doesn't he Matt?" asked Lonnie.

"Yes sir." replied Matt. "We love each other as much now as Luke and Josh do."

"Boone, you should never be afraid of talking to your mother." said Lonnie comfortingly. "I know for a fact that she loves you very much, and your being gay won't change that one bit. She will always love you, and I'm sure she will accept Matt with just as much love. She's a lot like me Boone. As a matter of fact, I almost asked her to marry me once, before she met your father. I'm sure she will want you to be as happy as I want Luke to be, and she will love you and Matt both."

"He almost started coming out to her before we came over here." said Matt.

"You need to finish what you started then Boone." said Lonnie. "I promise that once you do, it will no longer feel like the world is sitting on your chest. That's how it feels right now, isn't it son?"

"You're right sir." replied Boone, as he tried to stop crying. "It really feels awful keeping this inside me. I'll tell her tonight after supper."

"I promise that you'll never regret that decision Boone." smiled Lonnie. "Cross my heart."

Lonnie thought he would lighten up the mood, so he asked Matt, "So son, how does it feel to have the most well endowed boy in the county?" That caused Boone and Matt to both laugh hysterically, and Lonnie joined in with them. All three were feeling much better by the time they stopped laughing. "I guess you two better be off to catch up with Luke and Josh now." said Lonnie. "They're down at the swimming hole, doing who knows what by now. You boys take the tractor back to the house, and use my truck to go find them. Naomi already went to the store today, so I'm sure she's not using the truck."

"Okay sir, thanks a lot!' replied Boone. "And thanks for the talk. I feel much better now."

"You're welcome Boone, and just remember, it'll be even better after this evening." replied Lonnie as he smiled.

Luke and Josh had just finished chasing each other naked around the pond a few hundred times, and were now floating out in the middle, locked in a passionate kiss. Luke's tongue was busy exploring the inside of Josh's mouth, as Josh would suck gently on Luke's tongue. Luke finally pulled back, and looked at Josh with love in his eyes.

"What do you say to going out onto the soft grass, and finishing a little something we started earlier?" asked Luke.

"Remember Luke, you promised I could have your cock inside me earlier." replied Josh.

"Hmm, let me think babe." said Luke. After a few moments, he continued, "Okay Josh, I think I figured out something cool. You go ahead and float for both of us out here, while I go ahead and slip inside you. With you doing the floating for both of us, I can hold onto your hips and pull you back and forth on my cock."

"That is so damn kinky Luke!" exclaimed Josh. "I love it! Do you think it will work though?"

"There's only one way to find out." replied Luke.

Josh held out both arms in the water, then Luke held onto him from behind, and let Josh take the weight of both of them. Once Josh was use to that, and could float both of them, Luke reached down and grabbed his cock. Luke held his cock at Josh's pucker with one hand, and grabbed Josh's hips with the other hand. Josh could feel Luke pulling on his hips, then gasped as he felt Luke's cock slide into him. Luke then put both hands on Josh's hips, and began pulling him back and forth on his cock.

"Oh my God Luke!" gasped Josh. "That feels so fucking incredible!"

"Oh fuck yeah Josh!" moaned Luke loudly. "It sure does!"

Within a few minutes, Luke was pulling Josh's hips back and forth quickly and hard. Josh knew that Luke was going to cum hard from the way he was grunting loudly, so he braced himself for Luke's orgasm. Luke began screaming out as his cum shot into Josh with force, and Josh was almost gasping for air. Once it was over, Luke wrapped his arms around Josh's chest, and rested on his lover's back.

"Oh God Josh!" moaned Luke softly. "I've never felt anything that fucking intense!"

"Me neither Luke!" replied Josh breathlessly. "You almost made me cum without touching myself! We better get out of the water, before I lose all my strength and we drown."

"If I were to drown in you arms Josh, I would die happy!" giggled Luke softly.

"Okay lover boy, but let's not die happy today!" laughed Josh weakly.

The two boys helped each other swim over to the shore, then climbed out of the water. Before Luke climbed out, he rubbed his cock clean in the water. Then they crawled up into the grass, and laid in each other's arms for a few minutes, sharing an extremely passionate kiss. Luke backed off and got lost in Josh's eyes.

"I need to turn around and make love to you now Josh." said Luke softly. "I can't go one more moment without your cock in my mouth."

Luke turned around so he could get to Josh's cock, and Josh pulled Luke's cock closer to his face. Both boys passionately engulfed each other's cocks in their mouths at the same time. They were both intent on making love to each other slowly, so it would last as long as possible.

Boone and Matt had parked the truck a ways back from the swimming hole, so Josh and Luke wouldn't hear them coming. Once they were within site of the pond, Boone and Matt stopped before Luke and Josh could see them. The two boys subconsciously cupped each other's butts as they watched Luke and Josh in the middle of a very erotic sixty nine. Then Boone motioned for Matt to follow him quietly.

Once Boone got as close as he dared, he loudly said, "They must be the two gayest guys I know Matt. Every time I see them anymore, they're doing this!"

Luke looked up at Boone and smiled, with Josh's cock still in his mouth. He let Josh slip from his mouth just long enough to say, "You two might as well make yourselves comfortable and join us Boone. I'm not going anywhere until my Joshy feeds me a load of his cum."

"Well, we might as well join them Matt." said Boone. "I know I'd love another taste of your cock today."

The two boys stripped quickly and laid down beside Luke and Josh. They had some serious catching up to do. Matt worked lovingly on Boone's big and beautiful cock, while Boone swallowed Matt's cock hungrily. Boone and Matt now set out to catch up to Luke and Josh. After a few minutes though, they realized that it wouldn't happen. Luke and Josh both began grunting louder and louder as they made love to each other, which meant they were pretty close to cumming. Luke and Josh both began to shoot at the same time, feeding each other their sweet cum. After they were done, Luke turned back around and they rested in each other's arms. Meanwhile, Boone and Matt continued their love-making.

After a few moments of resting, Luke and Josh sat up. "If you look carefully into their faces Josh, you can see how much both of them love to suck cock." giggled Luke. "I think that makes them much gayer than we are!"

"I believe you're right my lover boy!" snickered Josh.

Matt and Boone both flashed their two friends the middle finger, as they didn't even break their stride. Josh and Luke both laughed until Boone and Matt began moaning loudly. Then their attention focused on watching their two friends cum in each other's mouths. They could actually see Boone's massive cock bulge as he began pumping his cum into Matt's mouth. Once Matt tasted Boone's cum, he began shooting his load into Boone's hungry mouth.

Once both boys had finished their orgasms, Luke and Josh went back to kissing each other. They needed to give their friends a few minutes to recover. Once Luke felt that Boone and Matt had had enough recovery, he asked, "So, what brings our two cum drinking friends out here?"

"We just came to see our two cock hungry friends." replied Boone as he smiled. "I still can't believe we both found out that we're gay this summer though Luke. I never would have seen that coming!"

"Yeah." laughed Luke. "If anyone in school last year would have told you that you'd meet a boy, and become one of the gayest people in town, you probably would have killed them!"

"I don't know if I would have gone THAT far buddy!" laughed Boone. "I wouldn't have taken it well though. I'm so glad that our two little city mice came out here and changed all that though. I love my Matty so much!" Then Boone gave his naked boyfriend a tight squeeze.

"I know what you mean." smiled Luke. "My cousin Josh is the greatest lover a guy could have!" Then Luke gave his naked boyfriend an affectionate kiss.

"We had to come out here!" snickered Matt. "We heard that there were two lonely country mice out here that needed our love!"

All four of the naked boys laughed for several minutes, then Luke said excitedly, "Hey guess what? My dad is taking me and Josh into the city tomorrow, so I can take my driver's license test, and we can get a family computer! And now for the best part, dad is going to start checking into making Josh my brother!"

"Whoa!" exclaimed Boone. "That is so cool! Do you mean that you actually want to live out here in the sticks with us hicks, Josh?"

"I'll live anywhere as long as it's with my little lover boy!" smiled Josh.

"If they get a computer Josh, don't forget to show Luke about deleting his history every time before he shuts it off." snickered Matt.

"I'll have him hiding his tracks like a pro!" smiled Josh.

"I guess I have some news too Luke." said Boone. "I'm going to come out to mom after supper tonight."

"Really buddy?!" asked Luke. "What made you decide to do that?"

"I almost started to before we left the house today, but I chickened out." replied Boone. "Then I talked to your dad. You have a really great dad Luke. He told me about you coming out to him earlier today, and about how much he still loved you and Josh both. He convinced me that my mom isn't too much different than he is, and that I should finish what I started earlier."

"That so cool buddy!" replied Luke as he smiled. "I know your mom will take it just as cool as my dad did. By the way, I think my dad kinda looks at you as another son Boone."

"Yeah, I kinda get that feeling!" replied Boone with a really goofy smile.

"Things are going so good for you guys, that there's only one thing we can do right now." said Josh, as he got to his feet. Then he reached over and tapped Boone on the shoulder and yelled out, "Tag! You're it!"

Josh ran for the water as fast as he could, with the other three boys behind him. All four of them had about the greatest afternoon imaginable, filled with the sounds of splashing water and boyish laughter.

Well, Boone's about to do the hardest thing a boy can do, by committing himself to being gay. Lonnie took Luke's coming out well though, so I think Boone will be fine. Now it's just a matter of keeping all of this from Luke's mom, and getting Josh's mom to let him stay in the country. It would only amount to less than another year anyway. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 10.