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From the last chapter:

The boys came at Luke's group, and Frank went right for Luke. Josh saw that, and stuck his leg in front of Frank. When Frank hit the ground, the other boys decided to go after whoever was closest. A much larger boy was about to attack Ryan, until Luke hit him from behind and knocked him down too. Then Frank got back up, and was going to go after Luke again. Before Frank could do anything though, mall security showed up. Then they separated the boys, and asked them what happened one by one. Everyone from Luke's group told pretty much the exact same story, and that they were only defending themselves. Every boy from Frank's group told a somewhat slightly different version of what happened, and a few of them were swearing irrationally. The mall did believe Luke's group, and let them go on their way. Frank's group was shown the exit though, and asked not to return without parental supervision.

When the boys got back on their own, Luke looked very upset. "Why do they hate us Josh?" Luke almost cried. "I've known Frank for years. Although I'd rather not hang out with him, I've never had a problem with him."

"You know that Reverend Sammy said that not everyone would accept us being gay though." replied Josh, as he put an arm around Luke. "From what I could tell about Frank, he fits that type perfectly. Don't worry though babe, we'll all stick together."

"Yeah Luke, and that includes me and Matt too." said Boone. "I guess we're kinda out too now, so we have to stick together. Maybe we should talk to Sammy tonight."

"That might be a good idea Boone." said Josh. "What do you say Luke?"

"I guess we could." replied Luke. "He might be able to help us with this. I guess next week is going to be kinda interesting. We're going to be the first gay people that anyone has known about at our school."

Josh called Sammy as soon as they got home, and Sammy said he would be right over. That immediately sent Janice into the kitchen, to make a nice supper for their reverend. While Janice was busy in the kitchen, Sammy arrived and began talking to Luke, Josh, Boone, Matt, and Lonnie.

Okay boys, what happened?” asked Sammy.

We all went to the mall earlier today, and ran across a kid from our class named Frank.” replied Luke. “Apparently the whole town knows that me and Josh are gay now.”

You mean Josh and I babe.” snickered Josh.

No, I'm pretty sure you're not the only one who's gay babe.” laughed Luke. “Anyway, Frank started a fight with us. We were happy to mind our own business, but him and his friends attacked us. We had no choice but to defend ourselves. Frank seems like the type that ain't going to make this year easy for any of us.”

I was afraid of that, considering how small this town is.” said Sammy. “I'll give the town a sermon I've had ready for a few weeks. From the sound of this Frank though, it's too bad we don't know what he's going to do ahead of time.”

Who says we can't?” asked Josh, with an impish smile.

Isn't that illegal Josh?” asked Sammy.

Only if you get caught!” replied Josh, as he and the other boys laughed.

Well boys, I don't want to know about it.” smiled Sammy. “In the meantime Lonnie, is there any way you or Janice could go by the school tomorrow? The principal should know about this before the boys meet in school.”

Well, Janice has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but I suppose I could take enough time to go by the school.” replied Lonnie.

Everyone continued talking until Janice announced dinner was ready. Lonnie had Sammy say grace for the meal, then everyone enjoyed Janice's wonderful cooking. The next day, Janice went to her doctor appointment, Lonnie headed off to the school, and Boone and Matt joined Josh and Luke in their room.

Does anyone know our friend Frank's e-mail address?” asked Josh.

Oh man, are you going to do a Reverend Snot on him?” snickered Boone.

Well, we should at least know what he's up to before he does anything.” replied Josh. “Besides, maybe we can get something on ol' Frankie boy.”

I wish I did know it.” said Boone.

Me too.” said Luke.

Well, maybe we can get lucky.” said Josh. “Whatever it is, I'll bet it's on a free e-mail server. All we have to do is search local profiles on the right one. Let's start with the most popular one in this town.”

Josh signed on to the server, then began a search for local profiles. He narrowed the search down to their town, then to teen males in their town. Then he began reading the profiles to the other boys, hoping to find one that matched Frank. Some of the profiles had pictures, which made it easy to eliminate them. About an hour into the search, the boys were handed a present.

Well well, who do we have here?” asked Josh.

The other boys looked at the profile Josh had pulled up, and there was Frank's picture. Then Josh reached into his drawer, and pulled out one of his special discs.

It says his interests are hot girls, and hanging out.” said Boone. “His dislikes are ugly girls, weaklings, and fags.”

Geez, I think the people at the web site meant as far as music and stuff!” said Luke.

Well, at least he helped us identify him.” said Josh. “Now, let me come up with a good e-mail.”

Hi Frankman. I am new to the area, and was looking through local profiles. I saw yours, and it looks like we have a lot in common as I like and dislike the same things as you. I hope we can hang out together when school starts, as you sound like a cool guy. Attached is my picture, as I don't have my profile on the new server yet. Looking for a cool school year. Toughguy001.

Yeah, that should get him to read it, and open the attachment.” said Boone.

And he'll never know we're always with him!” smiled Josh. “Just let me run my program to mask my address, find a good picture to send, and attach a good package to it.”

After Josh announced he was finished, Luke asked, “So, who's picture was that you sent?”

It was one of my stock pictures.” laughed Josh. “That one was Bruce Willis's high school yearbook picture. I always thought he was a great actor!” Once the other boys had finished laughing, Josh asked, “So Boone, how is everything going at your house?”

Pretty good.” replied Boone. “Cody has settled in quickly, and he and mom have set a date.”

Alright!” exclaimed Luke. “When are they getting married?”

Mom figures that two months from today should give them enough time.” replied Boone.

So, are you ready to have a hottie like Cody as your step-father?” snickered Josh.

It'll be hard, but I think I can handle it.” laughed Boone.

If it gets hard, it better be because of me!” exclaimed Matt, trying not to laugh himself. “And I better be the only one handling it!”

All of the boys began laughing at that. Then they began having fun on the computer. Meanwhile Lonnie was informing the principal that he may want to look out for Frank this year, since he had already started a fight at the mall, and gotten himself kicked out. At the same time, Janice was getting the results of the tests the doctor had run.

Well Janice, I think I can explain why you've been getting tired more easily lately.” said the doctor. “It looks as though you're pregnant. Congratulations, I hope.”

Are you kidding?!” exclaimed Janice. “That's the greatest news in the world! I can't wait to cook my husband his favorite meal, then tell them that I'm going to have his baby! He's been waiting so long to have another child!”

I'm glad the news is happy news then.” smiled the doctor.

As soon as Janice got home, she began making Lonnie's favorite supper. In the meantime, Lonnie told Josh and Luke about his visit with the principal. The principal had told Lonnie that he would keep an eye on Frank and his friends, but the boys should keep a low profile, since it was a small town. After dinner, Janice gave Lonnie and the boys her news. Lonnie was so elated that he had to sit down. Both of the boys gave Janice a hug, and told her they were happy to be having a little brother.

You know, the baby could always be a girl.” laughed Janice.

We know, but that wouldn't be any fun for us.” smiled Luke.

Mom and dad, when can I go to court and have my last name changed to Tanner?” asked Josh.

Is it that important to you son?” asked Lonnie.

It's very important dad.” replied Josh. “I'm a member of this family, and I want it to be in every way. I want the same last name as my dad and brother. Besides, with the baby coming now, I don't want to be the only one in the house who isn't a Tanner.” Josh smiled as he said that last part.

I'll arrange for it as soon as possible then son.” said Lonnie, as he smiled widely.

Once the excitement had died down, Luke and Josh went to Josh's computer. Josh saw right away that he had a reply from Frank.

Hi Toughguy001. You sound like a pretty cool guy. Welcome to the area. If you have the same likes and dislikes as me, I can promise a fun school year. I'll look forward to meeting you when school starts. Judging from your picture, you should be pretty easy to spot too. BTW, has anyone ever said you ought to try going to Hollywood? You almost look like you could be a really cool and tough movie star. See ya when school starts. Frankman.

He doesn't even see it coming, does he?!” laughed Luke.

We got him right where we want him now!” replied Josh, as he grinned impishly. “Do ya wanna see what Frankie is up to?”

Sure!” replied Luke.

Luke and Josh looked through Frank's e-mail, but didn't see him planning anything there. Some of it was rather hateful of people he didn't like though, and the boys knew he was talking about them a few times. Then Josh's eyes lit up as he found a journal that Frank was keeping on his computer. He and Luke were mentioned prominently several times in Frank's journal over the past two days, but there were still no clear threats of anything he planned to do to them.

What's that link at the bottom of the page marked gallery?” asked Luke.

I don't know babe, but I'm dying to see what kind of pictures Frankie has in here!” replied Josh.

The gallery was set up into three sections marked heroes, villains, and superhero. That gave Luke and Josh both a chuckle. Upon opening the section marked heroes, the boys found pictures mostly of sports stars who were famous for their tough reputation. Many of these photos happened to be beefcake shots, with the men exposing their muscular chests.

Damn Frank, is there something you're not telling us?” snickered Luke. “Why is it that everyone who comes after us seems to have skeletons in their closet?”

Babe, that's the number one motivation for people to hate others.” replied Josh. “It's usually because they're hiding something themselves.”

Well, Frank isn't that bad looking.” said Luke. “If he didn't act like such an asshole, he might be a likable guy.”

In a town this size, his being an asshole probably comes from years of conditioning babe.” replied Josh.

The boys then opened the section marked villains. In this section were mostly pictures of known openly gay people, or people Frank considered to soft not to be gay.

How did he get my class picture from last year?” asked Luke. “I sure as hell never gave it to him!”

Babe, did I ever tell you how sexy you are when you swear?” giggled Josh. “I would say he probably has a friend that you did give your picture to. You may want to be more careful babe.”

Yeah, especially since this was posted before summer vacation started!” replied Luke. “Did everyone know I was gay except me?”

He probably just saw something in you that he thought of as too soft babe.” said Josh.

The section marked superhero was strictly pictures of Frank. There were pictures of Frank lifting weights, posing, and flexing his muscles. The pictures were obviously taken by someone else, and Frank was in various states of undress in most of them. About a dozen of the pictures featured Frank completely nude.

Oh my God babe!” said Josh. “Happy birthday to us! Frank just handed us his head on a silver platter, if we need to resort to using these. There are people out there who would pay a fortune for pictures like these, of a buff and well hung kid!”

We should copy the entire gallery my love!” replied Luke. “If he gives us too much trouble, we'll make him wish he hadn't!”

Josh clicked the mouse a few times, and said, “Done babe! We now have every picture Frank has posted in his journal. Hold the phone babe! It looks like there were some files that transferred that he had deleted!”

Too bad he deleted them.” replied Luke. “I would have loved to see them if they were so bad he thought he had to get rid of them.”

Oh ye of little faith!” laughed Josh. “Don't forget that I'm probably the number one hacker in the state, although Emo would probably argue that. Recovering those pictures will be a piece of cake babe!”

Damn babe, are you God?” giggled Luke.

No, but he probably has picked up a few pointers from me!” laughed Josh.

While Josh was plugged into Frank's computer, he ran his recovery program on the deleted files. While that was working, Josh told Luke to never mention the program he used to anyone, since it wasn't exactly legal for private citizens to possess. In a few minutes, Josh had created a file of Frank's deleted pictures. In the deleted pictures, some of the people in Frank's heroes section was completely nude. Frank also had deleted about a dozen pictures of himself, that he would never want anyone to see.

Holy shit!” exclaimed Luke. “It looks like our friend is pretty versatile!”

I've never seen anyone perform oral on themselves so easily!” replied Josh. “He seems to really enjoy it too! I would love to know who took these for him!”

I would have to believe that it was some slut he talked into it.” snickered Luke. “From the looks of that picture, he really likes cucumbers!”

That would be an understatement babe!” laughed Josh. “Well, we have what we need for now. Let's get out of here before he catches on.”

Josh copied the entire journal, including the gallery and deleted pictures to his computer, then closed the connection to Frank's computer for now. Then he burned a disc of the files he had copied, so he could show them to Boone and Matt the next day.

After Josh and Luke had finished making love that night, Luke cuddled into Josh and said, “I don't want to destroy Frank if we don't have to babe. Frank is a lot more like us than he's willing to admit right now. I'd like to try to get through to him, and get him to realize that. I think he could be a nice guy and a valuable friend if he could admit he likes guys too.”

That's why I love you Luke.” smiled Josh. “Well, besides the great sex! You always want to see something good in everyone though. Most people would want to be writing Frank off, but you want to save him. You're such a great guy Luke.”

Thanks my love, but I think you have the same feelings.” replied Luke. “They're just buried a little deeper in you.”

The next day after morning chores, Luke and Josh went over to Boone's house. Boone and Matt gave their friends a hug, then the boys headed up to Boone's room. Just before going in, Emo and Ryan passed by in the hallway. Josh invited them in too, as they knew Emo and Ryan would find this interesting.

Damn Boone, you've been adding on to your computer!” exclaimed Josh.

Yeah, Emo has been helping a lot with it.” replied Boone.

You could run a planet with this set-up though!” said Josh. “What does he have Emo?”

Well, we've upgraded his processor to ten gigahertz.” replied Emo. “That one isn't on the market yet, but I have connections. Then we set up a removable media bank, so he can copy any kind of disc to any other kind of disc. With a ten terrabyte hard drive, he should never run out of storage space now. We've also set up a memory bank, with over four gigs of memory. And finally, this box is Boone's very own server. Jack did have to upgrade the input lines for that.”

This must have cost a fortune Boone!” said Luke.

Nah, Emo got me a good deal on all of it.” smiled Boone. “We got everything for three grand, and dad let me have that.”

Boone, I love you!” laughed Josh. “Would you and your computer move in with Luke and me?”

That one had all of the boys laughing. Emo did of course have to promise to help Josh with his computer as well. Then Josh pulled out the disc that he had labeled Our Friend Frank.

Don't tell me you have something on him already?!” said Boone.

You guys ain't even going to believe this shit!” laughed Josh. “We didn't find much of anything until we stumbled onto his journal. We hit the jackpot with that though.”

What did you use on him?” asked Emo.

My X-27 program.” grinned Josh.

Damn, the farmboy will never know what happened!” laughed Emo. “And you have complete control of his system too!”

Yeah, but I don't want to get him into any trouble unless we have to.” replied Josh. “After you guys see this, you'll see why Luke thinks we can eventually get through to him.”

That's Luke, always seeing something good in everyone!” laughed Boone.

As soon as Josh opened the gallery and deleted files, Matt's and Boone's chins hit the floor. Emo began laughing as hard as he could.

We could make good money off some of this stuff!” laughed Ryan.

Damn guys, this chump has WAY too much to hide to be acting like such an ass!” laughed Emo. “He better start fessing up to being gay if he knows what's good for him!”

I just can't believe that is Frank!” exclaimed Boone. “He's one of the most hateful people I know! Man, if this shit gets out it would cause the guy to kill himself! We can't be responsible for something like that!”

Well love, you do know the saying about people living in glass houses throwing stones, right?” asked Matt.

Yeah, but this guy wasn't throwing stones!” replied Boone. “He was throwing boulders large enough to crush anyone they hit!”

Then Boone and me are on the same page about out friend Frank.” said Luke,

You mean Boone and I babe.” said Josh.

Good babe, you're with us too!” laughed Luke.

You guys are nuts!” laughed Emo.

Okay then, we'll keep all this stuff nice and safe.” said Josh. “Then if Frank tries to start anything else, we'll take him aside for a nice long talk. In the meantime, maybe Reverend Sammy can get through to him.”

After that, the boys decided to go to the swimming hole. Emo had to work on something with Jack, so he couldn't go. Nathaniel and Christof did want to go though, so Ellen had Cody go with them. Once the boys got back to the swimming hole, Cody realized that the boys didn't bring swimsuits because they always swam naked. It did take a little coaxing, but the boys finally persuaded Cody to skinny dip with them. Once he saw all of the boys liked having him swim naked with them, Cody began to relax. After a really fun game of butt tag, Cody swam up to Luke and Josh.

You know what guys, it would be a blast to put up some slides back here, just for us.” said Cody.

Yeah, it would be nice to be rich!” laughed Josh.

You guys keep forgetting, Boone's dad is rich.” replied Cody. “I'm sure if we all asked, he would do anything he could for you boys. He does love all of you very much.”

Let's see what Boone says then!” said Luke.

Then Luke, Josh, and Cody swam over to Boone and Matt to make their pitch. Boone and Matt loved the idea of turning the swimming hole into their own private water park. If Jack would help, they could make the swimming hole a great place by next summer.

When Sunday came, Lonnie, Janice, Ellen, Cody, and Jack got their families ready to go to church. When the group walked in, they did get several dirty looks. When Sammy came out to start the service though, he smiled warmly at the two families. After a few hymns and a prayer, it was time for Sammy to start his sermon.

Good morning everyone.” said Sammy. “I hope everyone is having a beautiful and blessed morning, on this day God has given us. I have noticed since taking over this congregation that this town sometimes seems obsessed with what they consider evil people, especially with what happened to the last reverend here. I thought it would be good to talk about that this morning. We all know the people I'm talking about too, the news is full of them. Drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals. I find it funny though that others are thought of as less evil than those. You have people out there who would lie, cheat, steal, and kill, all for making money, which by the way some consider the root of all evil. Not that I believe money is evil, it just depends on how it's made and what is done with it. Money can be used for quite noble and good causes. Lets get back to those who people seem to consider the most evil though. Most people are now considering drug addicts to be people who can't control their affliction, and should be helped to live clean and sober lives. We've found that these people can indeed live good and productive lives once their addiction has been broken. That seems to leave people more attention to give to their other favorite causes though. Is this really our responsibility though? Yes, God does say that we should encourage all people to believe. But does he say that we should punish those who don't believe everything we do?”

Sammy took a drink of water, then continued, “The story of Mary Magdeline really sticks out here. Mary was found to be a prostitute by the people of her town. The townspeople tied her to a stake in the middle of town, and were ready to stone her to death. Then Jesus came upon the scene, and stood between Mary and the townspeople. He told the townspeople that whoever was without sin should cast the first stone. Do you know what happened then? Not one person who was gathered could cast the first stone. Jesus then had Mary released, and she was very grateful. Jesus responded by telling Mary that God loved her. Another one of my favorites is the story of Cain and Able, Adam and Eve's sons. Cain caught Adam and Able in a relationship together, and killed his brother Able out of a fit of jealousy. Who does the Bible say God looked unfavorably on? It's very clear that Cain was the bad guy as far as God was concerned. By now most people are going to accuse me of defending prostitutes and gay people. Then they'll ask, What about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? People tend to use their imaginations on that story. Oh, I can imagine all kinds of things the people of those towns did. The truth of the matter is that God destroyed those two towns because they refused to believe in him, and for no other reason. All they had to do was believe, and whatever it was they had done could be forgiven. Who are we to hold people to a higher standard than God does? Playing that game is just plain dangerous! In most of the stories in the Bible, God is all about love, understanding, tolerance, and forgiveness. Why does man go and act just the opposite, saying they're doing it in the name of God? Do some people think they're better than God? Has God personally told anyone out there that he wants you to act in an intolerant and hateful manner in his name? I'm not a betting man, but I'd almost be willing to bet that he hasn't!”

Sammy took another drink, came out in front of the pulpit, and continued as he walked up and down the aisle. “Let me tell you what I see happening to this world. If man continues to act on God's behalf, without knowing of the love of God, I see our race sliding down a slippery slope. Every day, someone comes up with something else they don't like. Then they claim that it's God's will to get rid of what they don't like. They forget every single lesson there is to be learned from the Bible! They don't care what God is really like! Love? Tolerance? Understanding? They want nothing to do with it, even though God wants everything to do with it! That kind of behavior will do nothing but eventually destroy man's faith in God. Then where do you think we'll be? Right back in Sodom and Gomorrah, that's where! I'd like to think that I've led my flock well. I'd like to think that I've taught them of God's way. I'd like to think that God will look favorably on this town. Will that happen? That's totally up to you out there. If you're one of those who believes in hurting others in God's name, I want you to consider this sermon. Give up what you think. Give up what you want. Do what God has taught us by example in the Bible. A wise man once said you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need. Okay, sue me for being a Stones fan. Mick was right though. I hope this sermon will get through to a few people out there.”

After the service was over, Ellen and Janice got ahold of Sammy in front of the church. “That was one of the most interesting and dead on sermons I've ever heard Sammy!” said Janice. “It gives me hope for the town that Lonnie and I will be raising our new child in.”

Do you mean you're pregnant Janice?” asked Sammy.

:”I just found out this week.” beamed Janice.

Congratulations then Janice!” said Sammy, as he gave her a light hug. “I'm so happy for your family!”

Then Emo came up and said, “Hi Reverend Sammy, I'm Emo. I'm staying with Ellen's family, and working for Jack. My parents use to drag me off to church kicking and screaming every Sunday when I was a little kid. The truth was, it scared the hell out of me. I'm glad Ellen talked me into coming today though. I never thought I would hear a reverend give a sermon like the one you gave today! It was about the coolest thing I've ever heard! Besides, anyone who likes the Stones has to be cool. Don't be surprised if you see me here every once in a while.”

I'm glad you liked it then Emo.” replied Sammy. “If my sermons can get you back into going to church, that's the most I can ask for.”

Okay, why don't we all go over to my house for dinner?” offered Ellen, which everyone agreed to.

Who knew Reverend Sammy was a Stones fan? lol. He sure does sound a lot better than the last reverend though. How will Frank take it when the boys put the screws to him? Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at my new address at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 2.