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From the last chapter:

After the service was over, Ellen and Janice got ahold of Sammy in front of the church. “That was one of the most interesting and dead on sermons I've ever heard Sammy!” said Janice. “It gives me hope for the town that Lonnie and I will be raising our new child in.”

Do you mean you're pregnant Janice?” asked Sammy.

I just found out this week.” beamed Janice.

Congratulations then Janice!” said Sammy, as he gave her a light hug. “I'm so happy for your family!”

Then Emo came up and said, “Hi Reverend Sammy, I'm Emo. I'm staying with Ellen's family, and working for Jack. My parents use to drag me off to church kicking and screaming every Sunday when I was a little kid. The truth was, it scared the hell out of me. I'm glad Ellen talked me into coming today though. I never thought I would hear a reverend give a sermon like the one you gave today! It was about the coolest thing I've ever heard! Besides, anyone who likes the Stones has to be cool. Don't be surprised if you see me here every once in a while.”

I'm glad you liked it then Emo.” replied Sammy. “If my sermons can get you back into going to church, that's the most I can ask for.”

Okay, why don't we all go over to my house for dinner?” offered Ellen, which everyone agreed to.

After dinner, Boone informed Luke and Josh that his dad had agreed to Cody's idea. The boys were all happy about that. When Josh got home though, his happiness was short lived. In Frank's journal, he had a new entry from that afternoon. Frank was bragging to himself how he had a plan to get rid of the fags in his school.

I guess someone slept right through Sammy's sermon, didn't he?” asked Luke.

Babe, I know you don't want to, but we may have no other choice but to use what we copied from his journal.” replied Josh.

But I'm sure it would cause him to kill himself!” said Luke. “I could never live with that thought, and I'm sure you couldn't either!”

Maybe we could use it as a way to give him a choice to stop, and someone to help him if he wants it.” replied Josh. “Anyway, we'll let him make the first move.”

That night, Josh and Luke made the most intense love they could to each other. The next day would be the first day of school, and they thought it would help them keep from slipping.

The first day of school was fairly quiet. There were a few odd looks, and a few whispers just out of hearing range, but it was much less than the boys expected. Luke and Boone were relieved by that, but it made Josh nervous. Josh had seen the calm before the storm before. On the second day of school, a lot of kids were standing outside, pointing up at the side of the school building while laughing.

Someone had draped a homemade sign over the side of the school, painted on a large bed sheet. The sign read, “Welcome Fags! Luke, Josh, Boone, and Matt. Now, go to HELL!”

Josh knew exactly who had done it, so he went to Luke and said, “It's on Luke!”

That day, the talk was a little louder, and was accompanied by laughter. It began to get to Luke the quickest. After their second period science class, Josh had to take Luke aside.

Luke, we knew what it was going to be like.” said Josh. “Oh hell, why hide it anymore! Luke babe, I love you, and I don't like seeing you hurt. Please don't let these jerks get to you so easily.”

I love you too Josh, and it hurts that we can't show that love!” replied Luke emotionally. “What hurts even more though is that most of these kids were my friends last year! Now they're all talking about me, and laughing at me! They don't even have the nerve to say anything to my face either!”

They don't sound like they were very good friends babe.” said Josh. “These people are acting like cowards Luke. They aren't worth us getting upset over. Besides, tonight we're going to get the biggest coward of them all!”

Then during lunch came the first physical attack. As Luke, Josh, Boone, and Matt walked down the aisle to a table, a boy named Leroy stuck his leg out and tripped Luke. Luke didn't see it coming, so he fell to the ground hard, spilling his tray all over the floor. Leroy began laughing like the idiot he was, and Luke got up and ran from the school grounds, with Josh chasing closely behind him.

That wasn't very fucking funny Leroy!” said Boone, as intimidating as he could.

I can't help it if your girlfriend is a klutz!” replied Leroy.

Boone couldn't stop himself, as his fist smashed into Leroy's face. That sent Leroy sprawling from his seat, and onto the floor in the mess that had been left from where Luke had been tripped. As Boone turned and walked away, Matt gave the boy a kick before joining Boone.

A half hour later, as Josh finally caught Luke about a mile out of town, Boone, Matt, and Leroy sat in the waiting area for the principal's office. Leroy was looking a little disheveled, as he held an ice pack to his face.

The principal came out and barked, “Boone! Matt! In my office now!” Once the boys were seated, the principal continued, “Boone, I'm very disappointed with you! I know about the legend of you father, but you've always acted like you knew how to handle yourself without using violence! What in the world would make you do something so stupid as to punch Leroy in the face, in the middle of a crowded cafeteria?! Don't try to lie either son, there's at least two dozen witnesses saying how you assaulted that boy!”

Maybe I'm just tired of all of the two-faced dumb asses in this town!” replied Boone loudly. “We have some dumb ass kid, who's afraid to admit he's just like me and my friends, making our lives hell! Then we have Luke's father telling you what's about to happen in this school, so you can head it off! And you don't do one damn thing about it! Did those two dozen idiot witnesses of yours tell you how Leroy tripped Luke to start this?! Did you even bother to ask?! I know you didn't, because you just don't give a damn about us!”

Boone, you need to calm down!” said the principal.

And you need to take your head out of your ass sir!” yelled Boone. “If you think you're so smart, here's my cell phone! Call my dad right now and tell him what happened! Tell him you want to lay this all on my head! Go ahead and suspend me! My dad will draw all of us out of this school, hire a private tutor for us, and sue your ass for more than you could ever imagine! Now, come on Matt, let's get out of this shithole!”

Boone put his phone back into his pocket, then he and Matt then left the school, leaving the principal's mouth hanging wide open. They caught up with Josh and Luke about a mile outside of town. Luke was still crying on Josh's shoulder.

Guys, I don't care if our parents DO think our cars might get vandalized at school.” said Boone. “If we go back, at least one of us needs to drive. It's going to be a hell of a long walk home!”

Luke half cried and half laughed as he said, “If you're trying to make me laugh so I'll feel better Boone,... thanks for being my friend!”

The boys then all joined in a group hug, before beginning the long walk to Boone's house. Lonnie would have to pick up Josh and Luke there, as it was even further to their house. To say Jack was a little upset would have been a serious understatement. While Ellen was checking Luke to make sure he was okay, and after Jack calmed back down, he took out his phone.

Hello George, how's my lawyer doing today?” asked Jack.

I'm fine.” replied George. “How about you?”

Well, I'm a little upset.” said Jack. “Do you remember that scenario we were discussing about discrimination against gays?”

Yeah, and my boyfriend didn't like it either.” replied George.

How fast can you serve the principal at my son's school?” asked Jack.

I'm sorry to hear that it actually came to that.” replied George. “I figured it might though, which is why I have the papers ready to take to court. Meet me at the courthouse in the morning, and I'll have him served before the last bell of the day!”

Meanwhile, Boone, Matt, Josh, and Luke had gone up to Boone's room. Josh slipped in a disc Emo had given him to mask his IP and return address, then Josh entered the fictitious address to Toughguy001.

Hey Frankman, I saw the sign this morning. It was GREAT! I came across someone though who said they could ruin you. Then I got ahold of what they had on you. You really need to see this man! I know it's a fake, but I'm sure they have copies. Meet me tonight at the town square, so I can show you what they have, and we'll decide what to do about them. Just wait at the gazebo by the fountain at seven, and I'll meet you there.


Well guys, that should do it!” said Josh. “Luke and I will go alone tonight. If Frank sees too many people, it'll scare him into not going along with us.”

Luke and Josh had a hell of a time talking Lonnie and Janice into letting them go out that evening. Josh assured them he knew what he was doing though, and it was the only way to stop Frank. Josh and Luke got to the town square early, and found a place to hide while waiting for Frank. Frank showed up right at seven, looking very nervous.

Josh disguised his voice, then asked, “Is that you Frankman?”

Where are you?” asked Frank. “Is this Toughguy001?”

We'll find out soon!” said Josh in his regular voice, as he and Luke came out to confront Frank.

What do you fags want?” asked Frank, a little frightened.

I think you know what we want Frank.” said Josh, as he pulled out a large envelope. “I think you know what's in here too. And before you get any ideas, we have all of this on a disc, and can make as many copies as we need!”

As Frank looked at the pictures of himself, it almost looked like he was going to cry. “These are fakes!” screamed Frank, almost ready to lose control.

I know you know better than that Frank.” said Luke. “So will everyone else, but no one but us ever needs to know about this.”

What do you guys want?” asked Frank fearfully.

We don't want to hurt you Frank.” replied Josh. “We know these would hurt you quite a bit though. The fact is though, you've hurt us!”

Why Frank?” asked Luke.

Please leave me alone!” replied Frank, as his voice began to hitch.

Like you left us alone?” asked Josh. “People may understand you having naked pictures of yourself Frank, but a lot fewer will understand you having naked pictures of other guys, and performing oral sex on yourself. You've shown us that all too well!”

If you like other guys Frank, that's a lousy excuse to do what you did to us.” said Luke. “We'll still help you with this though, if you'll help us.”

Like Luke said, no one has to ever know about this except us.” offered Josh.

We don't want to hurt you Frank, and we don't want you to hurt yourself.” said Luke. “We understand what you feel Frank, and we can help.”

No one else will though.” replied Frank shamefully.

We know Frank, you've shown us that too.” said Josh. “If you try to undo the damage you did to us though, we'll help you any way that we can.”

Can you help with my parents?” asked Frank.

Didn't your parents hear what Reverend Sammy had to say Sunday?” asked Luke.

Heh, they want to have Reverend Sammy removed!” replied Frank.

We can't let that happen!” said Luke. “Frank, you have to help us. You have to be brave enough to help us Frank! If you can stand up to your parents, Sammy won't let them harm you!”

Frank, you're a lot more like Luke and me than you've ever wanted to admit.” said Josh.

You mean Luke and I babe.” said Luke.

No, I'm pretty sure he's like both of us.” snickered Josh. Then Luke and Josh heard Frank let out a light chuckle.

I'm scared as hell guys, but I'll help.” said Frank, as he almost smiled. “I guess we have to stick together now.”

Good then, we'll all go talk to Sammy tomorrow.” said Josh. “None of us were planning on going to school tomorrow anyway. Are you going to be okay Frank?”

I guess I will be for tonight.” replied Frank.

If there's any moment you don't feel okay, call my cell phone.” said Luke. “We'll all help you through this Frank. You'll never be as alone as you thought you'd be.”

After Boone's outburst, the principal thought maybe he could have done more to head off this situation. Hell, Boone was right, he had done very little. When Boone and his friends didn't show up in school the next day, it worried the principal. He had heard the rumors of Jack's temper when he went to the same school. Then when Frank didn't show up either, the principal didn't know what to think.

Thanks for picking me up here at the town square guys.” said Frank, as he squeezed into the back of Boone's car with Josh and Luke. “It would have been a long walk out to your place.”

No problem Frank.” replied Boone. “Just so you know, Matt and I weren't with Josh and Luke last night. We still don't trust you completely. Josh and Luke wouldn't lie to us though, so we'll give you the benefit of doubt right now.”

I don't blame you after yesterday Boone.” said Frank. “I'll try to make it up to you guys though.”

What about my lunch yesterday after Leroy tripped me?” asked Luke, as Boone pulled away.

I'm sorry he did that Luke.” replied Frank. “I hear Boone got him good for you though. I'll buy you lunch today to make up for it. We should be done at Sammy's by eleven, so we can get to Hawley for lunch, right?”

We'll see.” replied Boone, as he smiled.

So, how does a person know for sure that he's gay?” asked Frank. “I really like looking at some of those pictures you guys found on my computer. Is that how you know?”

It's a little more complicated than that Frank.” replied Josh, as Luke sat between the two boys and smiled.

Then how do you guys know?” asked Frank.

Well, first we found those pictures.” replied Josh. “Then we considered the way you were acting, and the fact you like looking at naked guys. It was obvious you were hiding how you felt about those pictures. What really clinches it is how you feel when you look at those pictures though. When you look at those pictures, does it make you want to have sex with those men?”

You mean I could lie about it right now, and not get tagged with being gay?” asked Frank.

You could lie to us Frank, but you could never lie to yourself.” replied Josh. “If you lied to us, it wouldn't change who you are. Besides, if you want to be our friend, friends don't lie to each other.”

I guess you're right Josh.” said Frank. “I do want to be friends with you guys now. I've never had sex with a guy before, but when I look at those pictures, I really want to. I guess there's no doubt I'm gay.”

We can make sure of that, if Josh doesn't mind.” said Luke impishly.

Go ahead babe, he probably needs it.” smiled Josh.

Luke then pulled Frank's face toward his, and pressed his lips against Frank's. Luke put as much feeling into the kiss as he could, considering it wasn't Josh he was kissing. At first it felt like Frank didn't know what to think about Luke kissing him. After a few moments though, Frank began returning Luke's kiss. Luke then let the kiss linger as long as Frank wanted it to. Josh smiled as he looked over, and saw a definite bulge develop in Frank's pants. Luke and Frank ended up kissing very passionately for about five minutes, before Frank backed away breathlessly.

Oh my God!” gasped Frank. “I never thought kissing could feel like that!”

I can tell you liked it!” snickered Josh. “My boyfriend gave you a nice boner there!”

I'm sorry.” said Frank.

Don't be sorry.” replied Luke. “It's a very nice compliment!”

Guys, there aren't a whole lot of gay kids in our town.” said Frank. “Is there any way... um... you know!”

Josh reached over and stroked the bulge in Frank's pants, and replied, “Luke and I will have to think about that one Frank. You are looking sexier every minute, but Luke and I love each other very much. We would both have to agree to share our love with someone else.”

If we do Frank, it won't be a regular thing.” said Luke. “You'll have to find a boyfriend, and we'll help.”

That would be fine with me!” replied Frank, as he enjoyed Josh stroking his erection through his pants.

Boone finally pulled in behind the church. The boys were relieved to see Sammy's car was there. They went on in when Sammy answered the door and greeted them.

Hi Sammy, we'd like you to meet one of the targets of your sermon on Sunday.” said Luke. “Sammy, this is Frank.”

THE Frank?” asked Sammy, as he looked at the boy skeptically.

Yeah, THE Frank.” replied Josh.

The guys kinda caught me with some kinda kinky pictures.” said Frank shamefully. “I treated them the way I did because I didn't want anyone to ever find out about me. I was afraid if anyone found out, my parents would too. If they ever found out, they would kill me, and I'm not exaggerating.”

I take it they didn't exactly agree with my sermon Sunday.” said Sammy. “It's all right there in the Bible, for anyone who cares to read it. Would you like to see for yourself Frank?”

I trust you Sammy.” replied Frank.

Maybe, but I'd like you to see it for yourself.” said Sammy. “After all, seeing is believing.”

Sammy then got up to get his Bible out. When he came back, he sat down next to Frank. Then Sammy let Frank go ahead and scoot over against him, as he opened the book up to the first passage he wanted to show Frank. Sammy read the verses to Frank, who started hanging onto every word from Sammy. By the time it was over, Sammy had read a half dozen passages to the interested boy.

Your sermon was right on the money, wasn't it?” asked Frank. “That really makes me feel bad about the way I've acted.”

I didn't read to you to make you feel bad Frank.” smiled Sammy, as he put an arm around Frank in comfort. “Do these boys forgive you for what you did?”

Yeah, we all do.” replied Boone.

Well then Frank, if these boys forgive you, and you're sorry about what you did, and you sincerely want to change, you shouldn't feel bad anymore.” said Sammy. “God can forgive you just as easily as these boys did, and no one is going to hold this against you anymore.”

I still feel bad though Sammy.” said Frank. “My parents don't agree with you. I don't know what they're reading, but they don't agree with you. They are going to try to get support from others in the town who they think share their beliefs, and try to have you removed from this church.”

Well son, people have tried before, and they haven't done it yet.” smiled Sammy. “I do thank you for telling me though, so I can be prepared. Being prepared is the best way for one to defend themselves. It beats using your fists, right Boone?”

Yeah, and I am sorry about hitting Leroy.” replied Boone. “Luke is my friend though, and I was defending him.”

I understand Boone, and that kind of loyalty to friends is an admirable trait.” said Sammy. “As I've said before though, you boys will have to be ready for anything in a town like this. Do you think if you had been prepared for that kind of assault, that Leroy would have been able to trip Luke?”

I guess he wouldn't have.” replied Luke. “I wasn't thinking that anything would happen.”

Well, if you boys are ready for something to happen, you'll be better prepared to defend yourselves without resorting to violence.” said Sammy. “You didn't use violence to get through to Frank, did you?”

No, we had a plan to deal with Frank.” replied Josh.

And so you should have a plan to deal with anything else that happens.” said Sammy. “You'll find it causes a lot less trouble that way.”

Sammy, what do I do if my parents find out?” asked Frank.

If it looks like they'll be as violent as you think, run as fast as you can.” replied Sammy. “If you need a place to stay where you'll be safe, I'd be happy to take you in here son. And no, I'm not gay and on the lookout for someone like that. I'd care for you as any other parent would.”

If you're not gay Sammy, why do you care so much for us gay kids?” asked Frank.

It's a long story Frank, and I think I'd like to use it in a sermon sometime.” replied Sammy. “I promise that you boys will know the story when the time is right.”

All of the boys felt better as they left Sammy's house. This time, Frank climbed in the back seat between Luke and Josh. The boys had a good time on the drive to Hawley. As promised, Frank happily bought Luke's lunch. The boys had a little fun while they were there, before Frank had to get back in time to catch the bus home. That way his parents wouldn't know he skipped school, at least not right away.

The principal wasn't having a good day. He now knew how Jack intended to handle his anger, after being served with a lawsuit against the school district.

When the boys went back to school the next day, a school assembly was called at the beginning of the day. After all the kids at school had been seated in the auditorium, the principal came out.

Good morning boys and girls.” said the principal. “I know there has been a little bit of controversy already this school year. The result of this controversy has been that a lawsuit has been filed against this school district. I spoke last night about this to local religious leaders, as well as the school district attorney. I now know that I didn't do as much as I could have to head off recent events here, but that is about to change. I can't control what any of you kids do off school property, but I can here. As of today, the school is adopting a zero tolerance policy against any kind of discrimination. Extra hall monitors have been hired starting today, and metal detectors will be installed at all entrances to the building starting tomorrow. I didn't want to do things this way, but the school district now has no choice. Any student caught bringing any kind of weapon onto school property will be suspended immediately, and anyone caught using discriminatory language will be given detention. Repeat offenses will be dealt with in harsher measures. On behalf of the school board, I want to apologize to any student who feels they have been a target of discrimination. You boys and girls may go on back to your first period class now.”

The rest of the day was pretty quiet at school, although it was a tense quiet. No one seemed to want to have the hammer dropped on them first, but everyone seemed to know it was only a matter of time.

On a much brighter note, Frank got permission to spend Friday night with Luke and Josh, although all his parents knew was that he would be at a friend's house.

Well, there we have a very tense Chapter 2. How exactly will the principal be tested, and how serious is he about the new policy? Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 3.