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From the last chapter:

All of the boys felt better as they left Sammy's house. This time, Frank climbed in the back seat between Luke and Josh. The boys had a good time on the drive to Hawley. As promised, Frank happily bought Luke's lunch. The boys had a little fun while they were there, before Frank had to get back in time to catch the bus home. That way his parents wouldn't know he skipped school, at least not right away.

The principal wasn't having a good day. He now knew how Jack intended to handle his anger, after being served with a lawsuit against the school district.

When the boys went back to school the next day, a school assembly was called at the beginning of the day. After all the kids at school had been seated in the auditorium, the principal came out.

Good morning boys and girls.” said the principal. “I know there has been a little bit of controversy already this school year. The result of this controversy has been that a lawsuit has been filed against this school district. I spoke last night about this to local religious leaders, as well as the school district's attorney. I now know that I didn't do as much as I could have to head off recent events here, but that is about to change. I can't control what any of you kids do off school property, but I can here. As of today, the school is adopting a zero tolerance policy against any kind of discrimination. Extra hall monitors have been hired starting today, and metal detectors will be installed at all entrances to the building starting tomorrow. I didn't want to do things this way, but the school district now has no choice. Any student caught bringing any kind of weapon onto school property will be suspended immediately, and anyone caught using discriminatory language will be given detention. Repeat offenses will be dealt with in harsher measures. On behalf of the school board, I want to apologize to any student who feels they have been a target of discrimination. You boys and girls may go on back to your first period class now.”

The rest of the day was pretty quiet at school, although it was a tense quiet. No one seemed to want to have the hammer dropped on them first, but everyone seemed to know it was only a matter of time.

On a much brighter note, Frank got permission to spend Friday night with Luke and Josh, although all his parents knew was that he would be at a friend's house.

The next day was Thursday, but it wasn't a good day. Boone and Matt stopped by Matt's locker, to find that someone had written the word fag on the door with a black marker. The principal came out right away, and called the hall monitor from that area over.

I'm sorry sir, I didn't see whoever did it.” replied the monitor.

That's bull!” exclaimed Matt. “Nothing is changing around here. You straight people are all going to stick up for each other!”

Can you prove my employee is lying Matt?” asked the principal.

No, but I know he saw something.” replied Matt.

So then, that's just your opinion, based on the fact that he's straight?” asked the principal. “You boys are going to have to realize that if the straight population of this school is expected to treat you properly, the same is also expected of you toward them. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you detention Matt, for violating our zero tolerance policy. Report to detention this afternoon after your last period.”

I can't believe this!” said Boone. “Someone writes that disgusting word on Matt's locker, and you give Matt detention!”

Our policy works both ways Boone.” replied the principal. “After all, we don't want to be accused of discrimination again, now do we? I'll call your home Matt, and inform your guardian that you'll be staying after school.”

Word of Matt's detention spread quickly, and the snickering behind the backs of the known gay kids returned. Then at lunch, Boone overheard a plot for one of the school bullies to deliberately get detention for that afternoon, so he could go after Matt.

Before lunch had ended, Leroy stood up and yelled out, “Does anyone else hate the fags in this school as much as I do?”

Not too surprisingly, the principal was immediately called to the cafeteria. Leroy smiled as the principal gave him detention for that afternoon. Then Boone got up and walked over to Leroy and the principal.

Sir, I hope this proves to you how stupid straight people are.” said Boone. “They can't be trusted, and they're the ones we should be trying to get out of the school.”

Okay Boone, you can just join Leroy in detention after school for that remark!” said the principal, as the smile suddenly disappeared from Leroy's face.

No one else wanted to test the principal after that, so it was just Matt, Boone, and Leroy who showed up for detention. Boone sat down next to Matt, so Leroy sat a few rows over from them. Then the teacher in charge of detention stood up.

You three boys will remain quietly in your seats.” said the teacher. “You will not get up unless I give you permission to go to the bathroom, and if you have to use the bathroom, you will go one at a time. If you start trying to constantly go to the bathroom, you will remain sitting in your seats. You will not touch each other, pass anything to each other, or talk to each other. You may quietly do homework if you wish, but that's all.”

Boone and Matt were both quietly laughing to themselves, but Leroy wasn't having as much fun as he thought he would. Once detention was over, the teacher dismissed the three boys. Boone and Matt stayed together going to Boone's car, and when Leroy saw there was no one around, he caught up to them.

You think you're pretty funny, huh Boone?” asked Leroy. “You can't protect your girlfriend all the time though! Just wait!”

Leroy, you better take some damn good advice!” replied Boone assertively. “You better learn to mind your own business pretty damn quick! And if I find out you were the one who wrote on Matt's locker, we'll meet again, but not on school grounds!”

Boone and Matt then left Leroy standing there with his mouth hanging open, as they got in Boone's car and took off. Jack wasn't at all happy about the detention when he talked to Boone and Matt when they got home. He was even less happy with Leroy's foiled plot. After calming down, Jack called his lawyer George. George suggested that everyone who had kids involved in this should get together with him that evening. While all the boys were up in Boone and Matt's room that evening, George, Jack, Ellen, Lonnie, Janice, and Sammy met in Jack and Ellen's living room.

I'm not happy with this situation at all!” said Jack. “We've already served them with a lawsuit, but that only seems to be making everyone except our kids stick up for each other!”

I'm still worried about the safety of our boys.” said Lonnie. “It seems like the only thing that's changed is that it's harder for them to prove who's behind this.”

Well, I would say Frank, if it wasn't for the fact I talked to him this week.” said Sammy. “I think he's been pressured into what he's done, and he's just as afraid as your boys are.”

Yeah, peer pressure can cause quite a bit of these discrimination issues.” said George. “That's why it's the school's duty though to try to break the chain of peer pressure, and teach children to get along better in social situations. After all, children face these social situations at school, not at home.”

Yeah, but I wonder how much of their hatred and intolerance they're learning from their parents.” said Janice. “I saw this in the city as well. I knew the things that Josh was into there, among which was his sexual orientation. The kids there were taught pretty much the same twisted beliefs as they are here.”

Well, that's the cycle we have to break here, and the school should be the one setting the example.” said George. “School is where most of the situations are occurring.”

I think I should keep trying to get to the parents too.” said Sammy. “I think I have a way to get them to listen to reason on Sunday.”

What about while our kids are at school though?” asked Ellen. “It's almost to the point of demanding that the school provide a safe facility for our kids.”

I'll work on that angle.” replied George. “In the meantime, I need your children to start documenting anything that happens, no matter how trivial it seems. We have to establish a pattern that the school is not fulfilling their duty, even after being told there is a problem.”

The next day, the snickering had almost disappeared again. Although it was a quiet day at school, it was closer to being a normal quiet. Frank still didn't want anyone seeing him getting in the car with Boone, Matt, Luke, and Josh, so he had the boys meet him away from school after the buses had all left. The boys agreed, since they didn't want to push Frank too far too soon. After Frank joined the other boys, Boone took them to Luke's house.. Boone and Matt went in too, as they wanted to see how Lonnie and Janice took to meeting Frank.

Hi mom and dad, this is Frank.” said Luke.

I know you've heard a lot of things about him, mostly from us, but Frank is really trying to be our friend now.” added Josh.

Well boys, I have to say I'm a little skeptical.” replied Lonnie. “I don't mean that to sound too bad Frank, but you have caused some problems for the boys.”

I know sir, and I'm sorry about that.” replied Frank. “I was wrong for doing that, and I really want to be friends now. I've already promised to undo some of the damage I did, and today was a little better.”

Yeah, I noticed that.” said Josh. “What did you do?”

I went to a few of my friends I could trust, and who weren't bright enough to suspect anything, and suggested that we all lay off for a while.” replied Frank. “I know it's not much, but it's a start.”

Don't worry dad, we'll keep working on him.” said Luke as he smiled.

Hey, I'm impressed by how far you boys have come with him so far!” smiled Lonnie. “It's probably taking quite a bit for him to be this accepting so soon.”

Yeah, the guys have been helping me with accepting things.” snickered Frank.

That night, Lonnie was even more surprised when the boys told him Frank would be sleeping in their room. Lonnie knew that Luke and Josh wouldn't go the night without some show of their love and affection. Lonnie didn't question it though, and the boys went off up to Luke and Josh's room together. Frank was a little weak in the knees as they got to the top of the stairs, and went on to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Frank said, “I'm really kind of nervous tonight guys. I'm going to be doing things tonight that I've only imagined before. Tonight it will be real though.”

We know Frank, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure you enjoy tonight.” replied Luke.

As Frank watched, Luke began to remove Josh's clothes. Once Josh was naked, Frank stared at his body in anticipation. Then Josh smiled as he undressed Luke. Now Frank was in the room with two naked boys, and not for the purpose of showering after gym class. Luke and Josh could see that Frank was breathing a little more heavily now, and they smiled as they went over and began undressing Frank. Once all three boys were naked, Luke and Josh had Frank get between them on the bed. Josh began kissing Frank as Luke caressed Frank's body. When Frank began returning Josh's kiss deeply, Luke wrapped his hand around Frank's now erect seven inch cock. After a few minutes, Josh and Luke traded positions. Frank immediately returned Luke's kiss as deeply as he had returned Josh's kiss. A few minutes later, Luke climbed up in the bed and straddled Frank's face. Luke's cock was now resting across Frank's mouth. When Frank felt Josh swallow his cock, Frank opened his mouth and took Luke's cock into it. Frank had never felt anything that could compare to Luke's cock going in and out of his mouth, as his cock went in and out of Josh's mouth. After several minutes, Josh and Luke decided to trade places.

You're going to love his cock babe.” said Josh, as they passed by each other.

As soon as Josh was close to Frank's mouth, Frank swallowed his cock eagerly. Luke slid Frank's beautiful cock between his lips, and began pleasuring it intently. When Frank and Josh both got close, Frank stopped them. Josh and Luke then let Frank take over, so Frank had both of them lay next to each other, Then Frank started with Luke, and began going back and forth between Luke's and Josh's cocks. Luke and Josh could both tell that Frank was enjoying this more than anything he had ever done.

About ten minutes later, Luke moaned out, “Oh God Frank! I'm going to cum!”

Frank sucked hungrily as Luke began to have his orgasm, Josh couldn't believe how eagerly Frank was draining Luke's cock for him. Then as soon as Luke was finished, Frank quickly went back to Josh's cock. A few minutes later, Frank was happily draining Josh's orgasm as well. Then Josh and Luke had Frank lay on his back. Frank watched blissfully as Luke and Josh both began making love to his cock and balls. At one point when Luke was pleasuring Frank's cock, Josh came up and sucked on Frank's nipples. That had Frank moaning almost deliriously now. Then Josh returned to helping Luke. When Frank's orgasm hit, Luke took the first few shots. Then he and Josh switched quickly between shots, and Josh took the rest of Frank's load. When Frank's orgasm was over, Luke and Josh climbed back up in the bed, and wrapped Frank in their arms.

That was the greatest and most beautiful thing I've ever felt!” moaned Frank. “I love you guys so much!'

We love you too Frank.” replied Luke.

It was a pleasure for us to make love to you Frank.” added Josh.

You're a very beautiful lover Frank, and some boy is going to be luckier than he's ever been before when he meets you.” said Luke.

The three boys then shared a warm embrace until they drifted off in each other's arms. Frank had the most beautiful smile that Luke had ever seen on him before.

The next morning, when the boys woke up, Frank said, “I guess there's no doubt now. Last night made doing it with a girl just seem like cumming. Now I guess the tough part starts, keeping everyone from finding out that I'm gay.”

You could just stick with our group Frank.” said Luke, as he felt Frank's hand run up and down his front side.

The problem is my parents finding out.” said Frank, as he ran his other hand up and down Josh's front side. “I ain't afraid of any of the kids at school. My parents scare the hell out of me though. I was being perfectly honest with Sammy when I said they would kill me, and I don't want to die yet guys.”

No one does Frank, but we wouldn't let that happen to you.” said Josh.

Yeah, do you know how nice you've become in just a few days?” asked Luke. “You're our friend now Frank.”

Besides, I know Reverend Sammy pretty well.” said Josh. “I knew him before he came here, and so did Ryan. He was serious when he said he would welcome you into his home.”

Well, if my parents find out that I'm gay, I'll have to take him up on that.” replied Frank. “I guess that might not be so bad though, I like him.”

Yeah, Sammy's pretty cool for a preacher!” laughed Josh.

You make sure to let us know, if it looks like they're going to find out Frank.” said Luke. “We'll take you to his house.”

After morning chores, Boone, Matt, Cody, Ryan, Emo, Christof, and Nathaniel showed up to go swimming. Josh, Luke, and Frank went with everyone back to the swimming hole.

Oh shit, I don't have swimming trunks!” exclaimed Frank.

Don't worry, no one else will have them either!” laughed Luke. “You'll love swimming naked with us!”

Everyone had a great time, even Frank once he relaxed. He still couldn't help but to stare at Cody though. Cody noticed that, and it made him smile. Frank never built up the nerve to approach him about his cock though. While the boys relaxed after swimming, Cody checked out the area around the swimming hole, to see what kind of slides they could build there. Frank finally decided to approach Cody, to see what he was doing.

Hi Cody, it looks like you're planning something.” said Frank. “What is it?”

Well, I worked at a water park in Florida, and I decided to see what we could do with the swimming hole.” replied Cory. “Boone's dad Jack will put up the money to do a few things back here.”

So, you're building a water park in this little town?” laughed Frank. “You might not get as much business as you hope for.”

This is going to be private, just for the boys and their friends.” said Cody. “Now, I've noticed you've been looking at my cock.”

Oh shit, I'm sorry man.” replied Frank. “I know you're going to marry Boone's mom, so I hope you're not too freaked out. I couldn't help it though, you have the largest cock I've ever seen. How big is it?”

Don't worry, I'm not freaked out.” chuckled Cody. “It's fourteen inches!”

Wow!” exclaimed Frank.

Would you like to feel it?” asked Cody. “I am engaged, so we can't do anything, but there's no harm in taking a good look at it. All of the other boys have.”

Frank thought about it a moment, then reached down and began running his hand along the length of Cody's cock. “Wow!” exclaimed Frank again, as he slowly caressed the shaft. “That's the most incredible thing I've ever seen!”

Thanks.” replied Cody. “I love it when people see it, and they like how it looks. It's a lot better than when people treat me like a freak.”

I could never treat you that way!” snickered Frank, as he let go of Cody. “I'm jealous as hell of that cock. It would be so cool to have that swinging between my legs!”

Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't.” replied Cody. “I'm still proud of it though.”

I can understand that.” said Frank. “So, since I'm friends with the guys now, what kinds of slides are you thinking about?”

Well, I'd like to have a couple of speed slides.” replied Cody. “The problem there is that they have to end in a run-out chute, and we want everything to end in the swimming hole. We might be able to manage that though. I'll have to check with the people who build water slides. Then we want a couple of really twisted body slides, and maybe a raft slide.”

Shit, how much is Boone's dad willing to spend on this?” asked Frank.

As much as it takes.” smiled Cody.

Frank had had a great time with Luke, Josh, and the other boys, and he didn't look forward to going back to school on Monday.

On Sunday morning, everyone got ready for church. Sammy had told the parents to make sure all the boys showed up, because he had a very special message planned. Luke and Josh were relieved to see Frank there with his parents, as well as quite a few of their classmates. Of course Frank couldn't speak to the boys, and they understood that for now.

Good morning everyone.” said Sammy, when he came out. “We're going to start out a little differently today. I'm going to ask for everyone to participate in the service for just a moment. Today I want to talk about the rules God has given us to live by, the ten commandments. Would anyone like to name one that they think is important? Yes, Mister Newton.”

Thou shall not steal.” replied Mister Newton, the pharmacy owner.

That's a good one.” said Sammy. “Anyone else? Yes, Leroy.”

Thou shall honor thy father and mother.” replied Leroy.

Yes, that one is very important, as long as you know what it means to honor your father and mother.” said Sammy. “Anyone else? Yes, Josh.”

Thou shall not kill.” replied Josh, having a feeling he knew where Sammy was going.

That is very good Josh.” said Sammy. “I personally believe that although all the commandments are important, that one is the most important of all. How many people feel that that one is the most important of the commandments?”

Nearly everyone in the church raised their hand.

It's a shame though that sometimes these commandments seem so easy to forget.” said Sammy. “Do we think God forgets them? Does anyone think God forgets when he sees us forget them? God gave us these commandments for a very good reason, and he doesn't forget when we seem to forget them. Yes, he can forgive us for forgetting them, if we ask for forgiveness, and are sincere about it. The problem is though that when we forget his commandments, it can ruin other's lives and throw everyone involved into turmoil. And even the most important commandments can be forgotten if we loose sight of how God wants us to treat others. When I look out here at everyone, I don't see anyone who looks like they would take another's life, but even that commandment can be forgotten when we forget God's will, and try to impose out own instead. I've been many places since I started God's calling to me. Before I came to this town, I worked in our state capitol. Before that, I was at a church outside St. Louis.”

Sammy took a drink of water, then continued, “I had a very good congregation there for the most part. There was one young person there I remember very well. He looked just like any of you young people out there today. He had such a sweet angelic face, a smile that could light up a room, and he was usually a joy to be around. He would do anything he could to help others, and never thought badly of anyone. He came to see me for help though, because he was having problems dealing with his sexual orientation. That was when I first started studying the Bible for answers to his questions. Other people whom he trusted, were telling him all kinds of things, most of which can't be found anywhere in God's teachings. After a while, I really thought I was helping this young person. I also thought I was helping others in the congregation understand him just a little better. Then one night I was outside the front of the church, on my way home. The boy stumbled out from around the corner, with a large knife sticking out from his chest. I called for help, then tried everything I could to keep that boy alive. I ended up covered from head to toe in his blood, and my efforts to save the boy failed. The police later found that it was a young man from the same congregation, who had tried to corner the boy that night. The boy ran for the only safe place he knew, the church, but he just couldn't run fast enough.”

Sammy then paused for a few moments, so he could keep his composure. The silence inside the church was deafening. Then Sammy finally continued, “Do you think God was happy to see someone take that boy's life that night? If you do, I'm going to pray for your soul. A very beautiful spirit was taken from the world that night, by someone who thought he was doing what he believed was right. He never once asked if God would think it was right though. It's right there in the Bible though! Thou shall not kill! When I looked out at my congregation then, I never saw anyone I thought could do something so horrible. The truth is though, we're all prone to forget what God wants us to do. God would have forgiven the young man who did that though, even though it was such an awful thing to do. The problem is that to this day though, that young man still believes he was right. Even though he sits in a prison cell for the rest of his life, he still thinks he was right. Even though God is not in his life until he asks for forgiveness, he thinks he was right. I know he isn't right. I hope everyone out there knows he isn't right. If you don't, like I said, I'll be praying for your soul. I hope you can take heed to this message though, because it can be just that easy to forget even the most important commandments.”

Sammy looked like he had the attention of everyone in the congregation that morning, as he wrapped up the service. He definitely had the attention of Jack's, Ellen's, Lonnie's, and Janice's kids. Luke begged Janice to insist that Sammy come to their house after church, to have dinner with them. All of the boys now wanted to be as close to Sammy as they could.

On Monday, all of the boys returned to school. The snickering was again growing louder, and was accompanied by pointing at Luke and his friends. Of course the hall monitors were always out of position to see it, and Boone was going to make it a point to tell his dad about that. Luke mentioned it to Frank in private, and Frank was going to make it a point to talk to his friends.

Hey Clete, I thought we agreed to let off the gay kids for now.” said Frank to one o his friends.

Yeah, but a few of us were talking to Leroy.” replied Clete. “We decided not to let up.”

Do you go along with that Mona and Curt?” asked Frank. “What about what Reverend Sammy had to say yesterday?”

Well, Leroy said you probably wanted to let up because maybe you had something to hide.” replied Curt. “And besides, I don't think any of us are killers.”

And his ignorant little brain came up with that on his own?” asked Frank. “I happen to know a few things about Leroy that you guys should too. He hates ALL guys. It's not just the gay kids. He hates me, you Clete, and you too Curt. He thinks every guy in the world is worthless except himself. And in case you haven't noticed, Leroy isn't exactly the sharpest saw in the tool shed. You might be looking at the type of person Sammy was talking about when you look at him!”'

I don't know Frank, we'll have to think about it.” replied Clete. “Are you sure you're not hiding something though?”

You guys, we've been friends a long time.” replied Frank. “You guys know me better than I know myself almost. As for Leroy, he can't keep a friend for more than a week without pissing them off. Who are you going to trust on this, me or Leroy? While you're thinking about it, can we just go along with the plan to lay off for now? Leroy is going to end up pissing the principal off to the point of making it hell on all of us. That's the real reason I want us to lay off.”

Okay, we'll have everyone lay off for now.” said Curt. “You should have just told us that was the reason.”

As soon as Frank left, Clete said, “Damn, I'll bet he's a fag now too!”

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