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From the last chapter:

Charlie stepped up to Lashawn, and reached out to grab ahold of his cock. Lashawn moaned softly as Charlie ran his hand up and down the length of his cock, and both boys watched it stiffen slightly.

I think he really likes you Charlie!” snickered Lashawn softly.

I like him too!” replied Charlie. Then Charlie looked at the wound on Lashawn's chest and said, “I can't believe someone would do that to you just because you're gay.”

Well, I guess my family ain't the smartest bunch of people.” replied Lashawn. “How would you like to kiss a black guy for the first time Charlie?”

I'd love that!” replied Charlie.

Lashawn put his lips against Charlie's, and began giving Charlie a long and deep kiss. The two boys kissed for a few minutes, as Lashawn massaged Charlie's butt cheeks through his pants.

Lashawn finally broke the kiss, and said, “I think I'll love it here, and I think I might end up having you to thank for that.”

Charlie was very excited as bedtime approached. Luke, Josh, and Lashawn thought it was very cute. “What are you going to do about him Lashawn?” asked Luke.

I guess I'll have to show the cute little guy so much pleasure it'll drive him crazy!” laughed Lashawn. “I love being able to do that to other boys.”

So then, you're pretty comfortable with being gay, even though your family wasn't huh?” asked Josh.

Damn, I love being gay!” replied Lashawn. “If I had a choice between straight and gay tomorrow, I'd still be gay. It was almost even worth being shot in the chest over! If Charlie wants to, I'll show him every pleasure there is about being gay tonight!”

I'm pretty sure he'll want to!” laughed Luke.

That night when Lashawn and Charlie were alone in their room, Lashawn said, “I want to make love to you tonight Charlie. You are an extremely cute guy, even if you are white. I want to show you things tonight that you've only dreamt of. Would you like to undress me Charlie?”

I'd love every bit of that Lashawn!” replied Charlie.

Charlie went ahead and undressed Lashawn as fast as he possibly could. Lashawn laughed, then said, “I see I have a lot to teach my cute boyfriend. You took my clothes off like you were opening packages on Christmas morning! This is how you undress your boyfriend Charlie.”

Lashawn then slowly and lovingly began to strip Charlie. As Lashawn slowly uncovered Charlie's body, he covered it with warm and loving kisses. By the time Lashawn had undressed Charlie, Charlie was as hard as he had ever been in his life.

Do you see how much that excites your boyfriend Charlie?” asked Lashawn. “We haven't even began having sex yet, and you're as hard as steel. Now, tell me what you like most about my body Charlie.”

I love your cock Lashawn!” replied Charlie breathlessly. “It's so huge and dark. It's the most beautiful one I've ever seen. I love how much foreskin you have too. I've only seen two uncut guys before, but your beautiful cock has more foreskin than both of them put together. It looks like the end of a hose, and I think that's incredibly sexy!”

I'll have to dock with you when you're limp sometime Charlie.” smiled Lashawn. “If you love my foreskin so much, I'll cover your whole cock with it. Now I'm glad my cheap bastard parents were too cheap to have me circumcised when I was a baby!”

I would love to feel my cock inside your foreskin sometime Lashawn!” panted Charlie.

Then it's a deal!” smiled Lashawn. “I'll look forward to showing you what your cock feels like covered in my foreskin. Now, I think I better make love to you before you orgasm without giving me the chance. I just want to do one thing first.” Lashawn grabbed his cock, and pulled the foreskin all the way back, then said, “I want you to put the tip of your tongue down around the base of my head Charlie.”

Once Charlie had done that, Lashawn rolled his foreskin back over Charlie's tongue. Lashawn ended up with his cock in Charlie's mouth, because his foreskin covered Charlie's entire tongue. Charlie moaned as he sealed his lips around Lashawn's stiffening cock, having never felt anything so incredible in his life. Lashawn stroked the back of Charlie's head gently, as he thrust very softly back and forth in Charlie's mouth.

I was meant to come here Charlie, and find you.” moaned Lashawn softly. “I have fallen totally in love with you today. Before I cum though Charlie, I want to pleasure you. I want to make your orgasm flow through your entire body. Then I'll teach you how to be filled more by my cock than you ever thought possible.”

As Lashawn pulled his uncut cock from Charlie's mouth, Charlie extended his tongue as far as he could. Then Charlie watched as the last half of his tongue was pulled from underneath Lashawn's foreskin, leaving it gaping open like a hose. Lashawn smiled as he gave Charlie a few moments to caress the tip of his foreskin with his lips, then he got down face to face with Charlie. Lashawn kissed Charlie with as much lust and passion as he possibly could, and Charlie had a hard time keeping up with his new boyfriend.

When Lashawn broke the kiss, Charlie softly moaned, “You make being gay the most natural and right thing in the world Lashawn. I love you with every ounce of my soul!”

I love you even more Charlie.” replied Lashawn. “I almost want to thank my family for making it possible for me to come here.”

Even though they did this to you?” asked Charlie, as he gently caressed the wound on Lashawn's chest.

You've more than filled the hole they put in me Charlie.” smiled Lashawn into Charlie's loving gaze.

Then Lashawn began to slowly kiss his way down Charlie's body, as he began to massage every inch of Charlie with his hands. Charlie moaned loudly as Lashawn stopped to kiss, suck, and nibble on both of his nipples. Then Lashawn thoroughly explored Charlie's belly button with his tongue. By the time Lashawn got to Charlie's five and a half inch erection, it was so hard that it was almost painful for Charlie. Lashawn went past it though, and sucked lovingly on Charlie's balls.

Hold your legs up and back as far as you can my lover.” said Lashawn, after working on Charlie's balls for a few minutes.

Charlie did as Lashawn asked, exposing his pucker to Lashawn. Lashawn sucked and nibbled at the flesh between Charlie's scrotum and pucker, before massaging the opening with his tongue. Charlie moaned even louder yet, as he felt Lashawn's tongue push until it pushed past his pucker. Now it was Lashawn's turn to moan, as he felt the end of his tongue inside Charlie. Lashawn pushed his tongue in and out gently, massaging Charlie's rectum and sphincter with his tongue. After a few minutes, Lashawn replaced his tongue with one finger, then went to Charlie's cock. Charlie moaned the loudest yet, as he felt Lashawn take his cock into his mouth erotically. While one finger pushed gently in and out of Charlie, and one hand massaged Charlie's body, Lashawn pleasured Charlie's cock with as much love and passion as he could. After a few minutes, Charlie could feel a huge orgasm building, but he tried to hold it back as long as he could. A few moments later though, Charlie began to writhe uncontrollably on the bed. Luke and Josh could plainly hear Charlie from their room, as Charlie moaned out his love for Lashawn, and his cock exploded into Lashawn's mouth. Lashawn sucked hungrily, enjoying every drop of Charlie's cum.

Charlie's orgasm was so intense that Lashawn had to give him a few minutes to recover, so he kissed Charlie as lovingly as he could. Once Charlie's strength had returned, and he had caught his breath, Lashawn laid on his back and had Charlie get face to face with his massive cock. Charlie started off by taking as much of Lashawn's cock in his mouth as he could, massaging the foreskin longingly with his tongue.

After a few minutes of that, Lashawn said, “I want you to go down as far as you can on my cock, until just before you gag. Then I want you to swallow as hard as you can Charlie. You're going to love this!”

Lashawn placed his hands firmly on the back of Charlie's head. When he felt Charlie start to swallow, he pushed Charlie's head firmly down onto his cock. Charlie couldn't believe it as he felt the huge cock push into his throat. He couldn't breathe like that either, but he wanted to feel it as long as possible. Lashawn moaned as he slid his cock back and forth inside Charlie's throat. Lashawn then let Charlie pull off when Charlie had no choice but to pull off so he could breathe. Once he caught his breath again, Charlie had Lashawn repeat the process. Lashawn smiled as he firmly pushed Charlie's head back down onto his cock, and felt it slide back into Charlie's throat. After the next breath of air, Charlie had learned to relax his throat enough so that Lashawn didn't have to push his head down. Lashawn moaned even louder as he felt his cock slide into Charlie's throat once again, with Charlie doing it on his own.

The next time Charlie had to take a breath, Lashawn moaned, “Now I want to put my ten inches inside your beautiful butt Charlie, but I have to get you ready for it first.”

Lashawn had Charlie lay on his stomach, as he got the lube that Luke and Josh had given them. Lashawn lovingly massaged the lube into Charlie's crack and pucker, then stuck one finger into Charlie. Lashawn massaged Charlie's pucker and rectum with one finger, until he felt Charlie's rectum grasp at his finger. Then Lashawn added another finger, which got a soft grunt from Charlie. After a few minutes, Charlie began to loosen up around two of Lashawn's fingers, so Lashawn added a third finger. Lashawn felt quite a bit of resistance to three fingers though.

Just relax baby, and let my fingers push back into you.” said Lashawn softly, as his free hand massaged Charlie's butt cheeks. “My cock is going to be even bigger.”

Lashawn added more lube, and began to work his three fingers around on Charlie's pucker. Then he finally felt them begin to push in, as Charlie grunted loudly and accepted them. Lashawn massaged Charlie's pucker very gently with three fingers, and finally felt Charlie begin to loosen after a few minutes.

Now comes the rough part baby.” said Lashawn, as he massaged Charlie's loosening pucker. “I'm not going to lie to you Charlie, ten inches of cock is going to hurt a bit at first. My cock will be as gentle as it can though, and take as long as it takes to go inside of you. Are you ready to feel my cock inside you deeper than anything you've felt before?”

I have to have you inside me my love!” moaned Charlie.

Lashawn had Charlie lay on his back, then he knelt between Charlie's legs. Charlie put his ankles up onto Lashawn's shoulders as Lashawn lubed his massive cock thoroughly. Lashawn pulled his foreskin all the way back, placed his head up to Charlie's pucker, and said, “I'm going to have to push hard to get the head inside you Charlie. It's going to go in fast, and hurt a little bit. Just try to relax and let it go into you though.”

Lashawn began to push, then pushed harder and harder to get inside Charlie. Then he felt Charlie's pucker begin to give, and his cock suddenly plunged into Charlie. Charlie groaned out very loudly, and Lashawn looked down into his face as he stopped pushing. Lashawn saw a very intense look of both pleasure and pain on Charlie's face.

Once it looked like Charlie had stopped fighting it, Lashawn asked, “Did it hurt too much baby?”

It does hurt, but I've never felt anything so incredible in my life!” gasped Charlie. “I have to feel all of your cock inside me!”

Lashawn smiled as he gave Charlie a few minutes to stretch around his cock. When it felt like Charlie was loosening up, and the look of pain had disappeared, Lashawn began to slowly push into Charlie. Charlie's eyes gaped wide open in awe, as he felt himself being opened wider than he ever imagined possible. The huge cock kept pushing into him further and further, until he was sure it would go all the way through him. Lashawn took plenty of time, working his cock into Charlie's rectum, then his colon. After Lashawn's cock was as far inside Charlie as it could go, Lashawn stopped for a moment. Then he gently thrust just a few inches of his cock back and forth inside Charlie.

I can't believe how incredible you feel wrapped around my cock Charlie!” moaned Lashawn. “You've taken all of me better than anyone else I've ever been with! I have to warn you that when I cum, I'm going to pump a lot into you. I hope you can keep all of my cum inside you Charlie, but I'll understand if you can't.”

I want every drop of your cum to stay inside me forever Lashawn!” moaned Charlie. “I've never felt anything as intense as this!”

How's this then baby?” asked Lashawn, as he began to thrust in and out of Charlie.

Charlie moaned loudly, and his cock stiffened once again. Lashawn started by thrusting a few inches at a time, and gradually increased his strokes as Charlie's moans became louder and louder. After about five minutes, Lashawn was pulling his cock almost all the way out, then pushing it all the way back in. As Lashawn began building to a massive orgasm, Charlie's erection began bobbing furiously. As Lashawn moaned loudly, and his orgasm erupted into Charlie, Charlie's cock began shooting another good load all over himself and Lashawn. Lashawn moaned and thrust deeply, filling Charlie more and more with his cum.

When Lashawn's orgasm finally ended, he said, “I want you to clamp your rectum around my cock as tightly as you can Charlie. That way you will keep my cum inside you.”

Charlie strained as he grasped Lashawn's cock with his rectum, and Lashawn smiled as he had to forcefully pull his cock from Charlie. Lashawn's head finally popped out past Charlie's pucker, and Charlie clamped it shut as tightly as he could. Then Lashawn leaned down to clean Charlie's cock, stomach, and chest with his tongue.

Now I get to clean you.” said Charlie breathlessly, after Lashawn had cleaned him off.

Lashawn crouched over Charlie's face, as Charlie lovingly licked and sucked his cock clean. Then Charlie put his hands on Lashawn's hips, and guided Lashawn down as he licked his own cum from Lashawn's groin and stomach. Once Lashawn was clean, he continued down until he was in Charlie's arms.

You did so great tonight baby!” said Lashawn lovingly. “It felt so incredible to make love to you!”

I'll never forget tonight my love.” replied Charlie adoringly. “Tonight was the night I made love to the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with! You are so incredibly beautiful Lashawn!”

I pale in comparison to your beauty Charlie.” smiled Lashawn.

The two boys embraced warmly, and prepared to fall asleep in each other's arms. “Before we drift off, there's one more thing I want to share with you Charlie.” said Lashawn.

Lashawn reached down and pulled his foreskin all the way back with one hand, and held the tip of Charlie's now flaccid cock to the base of his head with the other hand. The Lashawn pushed his foreskin back up, covering the head of his cock and all of Charlie's cock completely with it.

Now our cocks are all tucked in together for the night!” laughed Lashawn very softly.

Charlie gave Lashawn a very loving kiss, then snuggled into Lashawn closely as he began to drift off with his cock comfortably nestled inside Lashawn's foreskin. Soon both boys were asleep, with their cocks joined together as one.

I love waking up like this!” said Charlie the next morning, as he gazed into Lashawn's opening eyes. “Our cocks are still joined together babe.”

That's because it feels so good!” smiled Lashawn.

The two boys laughed as they got up carefully, not breaking their connection yet. They carefully made their way to the shower, and climbed in together. As the water began hitting them, an urge began building inside both boys.

Do you have to pee too Charlie?” asked Lashawn.

Yeah, I can't hold it either.” replied Charlie.

Then let's both go ahead and do it.” said Lashawn. “We're in the shower, so it won't hurt anything.”

Both boys looked down as they began relieving themselves. Lashawn's pee flooded back over Charlie's cock, as Lashawn's foreskin began to expand from Charlie's pee. Then Charlie's cock shot free from underneath Lashawn's foreskin, and both boys giggled as they reached down and covered each other's crotches and stomach's with their pee. Once the great pee battle was over, Charlie and Lashawn lovingly cleaned and rinsed each other off. After the shower, they just as lovingly dried each other off, and headed back toward their room.

Hi guys.” said Josh, as he and Luke met the couple in the hallway, with all four of them being naked. “Damn Lashawn, Charlie is one lucky guy!”

Don't I know it!” laughed Charlie. “I'm so proud of my lover's body!”

Lovers huh?” asked Luke. “I take it you two had a great time last night, although we could have guessed that from all the moaning we heard!”

We both had the most incredible night we could imagine!” replied Lashawn, as he grinned widely. “I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me to have come here and met Charlie!”

Then we're both happy for you.” smiled Josh. “You both have been through so much that you deserve to be happy now.”

That morning at breakfast, Lonnie and Janice smiled as they looked at Charlie and Lashawn sitting as closely together as they could. Then Luke smiled, and scooted over just as closely to Josh.

You four boys make the two most perfect couples I've ever seen.” smiled Lonnie.

I wish my own dad could have been as happy for me sir.” replied Lashawn.

Well son, some people are just so filled with hate that they can't be happy about anything.” replied Lonnie. “We even run into that around here, which is why we started a school just for boys like the four of you.”

It felt nice when you called me son just now.” said Lashawn. “Would it be okay if I thought of you as my dad?”

Janice and I talked about that last night son.” replied Lonnie. “We decided that if you ever became comfortable feeling that way, we would be proud to consider you our son. You deserve a family who will show you the love a family should son.”

Welcome to the family, brother!” smiled Luke.

I can't believe how lucky I was to have come out here!” replied Lashawn emotionally. “I love you mom and dad!”

We love you too son.” replied Janice. “We're going to see to it that you are every bit as happy as you deserve to be.”

Four happy boys made their way to school that morning in Luke's new Club Cab, with Lashawn and Charlie being extremely happy. Once they got to school, Lashawn and Charlie took two desks close together.

Someone went all out here!” exclaimed Lashawn, with one arm draped over Charlie's back. “This makes any of my classrooms back in Saint Louis look like garbage!”

Just wait until our permanent school is ready!” replied Boone. “My dad says he wants it to be the nicest and most advanced school in the country!”

We're glad you like your new school, young man.” said Stan, as he was followed into the classroom by Irving. “Okay everyone, we have a new student with us this morning, and four more are scheduled to join us from other towns in the county on Monday. Lashawn, is it?”

Yes sir.” replied Lashawn.

Why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself, and tell everyone a little about yourself?” asked Stan.

Okay sir.” replied Lashawn. “My name is Lashawn Williams, and I'm from Saint Louis. My counselor back in Saint Louis wanted me to start here in January, but the state had to get involved when my old father shot me in the chest because I'm gay. The doctor said my guardian angel must have been guiding the bullet for it not to have killed me. Anyway, I was a pretty good student back in Saint Louis, and I was on my high school's football team. I guess we don't have that here, but that's okay with me. I love my new school, and the people I'm living with have already become like a mom and dad to me. Not to mention I have a really awesome new boyfriend!”

We're happy to hear that you're doing much better now Lashawn.” smiled Stan. “As for the football team, I've been told by the school's founder that we will have an athletic program next year, so you may want to stay in shape. I'm sure you can convince enough boys to take up the game to put together a team here, considering that by next year we'll have two to three hundred students here.”

That would be great sir!” replied Lashawn eagerly.

I was on our school's basketball team myself.” said Boone. “I know that we'll at least have a basketball and a football team next year. Probably a baseball team too, since Luke was on the baseball team.”

Well, with a school name like The Rainbow Academy, The Warriors would be a perfect team name if it isn't already being used by any other schools in the county.” chuckled Lashawn.

As a matter of fact, I don't think it is being used.” smiled Stan.

I really like that Lashawn!” said Boone. “The Rainbow Warriors! That sounds absolutely perfect!”

I have a feeling you boys are going to make me and Irving very proud of you.” smiled Stan. “I know both of our male mates already think that what we're doing here is the greatest thing in the world.”

So, both of our teachers are gay too?” asked Lashawn. “You're trying to make this a paradise for gay boys, aren't you?”

Yes, and we hope to give boys like you every opportunity that we never had as kids.” replied Stan. “Now, let's go ahead and split into our grade levels, and we'll see how much Lashawn needs to catch up to his grade.”

Lashawn's first day of school showed him he was only a little bit behind his grade, and with each student having their own computer workstation, it would help him catch up quickly. The other older boys all got the chance to talk to Lashawn throughout the day, and Lashawn knew he had found the home that was meant for him. That was the most apparent when he talked to Frank during a break.

Hi Lashawn, I'm Frank.” said Frank. “That's my husband Bobby sitting over there where I sit.”

You two are like married?” asked Lashawn.

Yep!” smiled Frank proudly.

So are Josh and I.” said Luke, from a few seats away.

Anyway, my new dad is also one of the town ministers.” said Frank. “He's the one who performed the ceremony for me and Bobby, as well as Luke and Josh. I don't know how much you believe in God, but from the sound of things, it sounds like he guided you here.”

Well, I might have been a little iffy before, with being gay and everything.” replied Lashawn. “There has to be something to it though, because I never should have survived being shot by my old father.”

You're right about that.” said Frank. “No matter whether you call it God or your Guardian Angel, there's definitely a reason for you to be here now. I think you would really like my dad's service on Sunday. Luke and his family never miss it.”

Then I'll look forward to it.” replied Lashawn. “Maybe your dad can answer the few hundred questions I have!”

I'm sure he'd love the opportunity!” laughed Frank. “Anyway, I'm glad you're here Lashawn. You seem like a great guy, and I hope we'll be friends.”

Everyone here is like a friend to me so far!” replied Lashawn as he smiled. “I'd be happy to count you as another friend Frank.”

Lashawn settled in quickly, and made friends with almost everyone at his new school. He was a little shy around the younger kids though. Ryan and Christof shrugged it off, thinking he would warm up to them eventually. Friday evening, Ellen called for a family meeting at hers and Jack's home. The meeting was mostly for Boone's sake though.

Boone honey, I've already talked this over with Cody and Jack, and now it's time to talk to you.” said Ellen. “Would it be awkward for you to have a little baby brother or sister at your age?”

Are you serious mom?!” replied Boone. “Are you?...”

Yes son, I just found out this morning.” smiled Ellen. “Cody is so excited about becoming a father.”

I'll bet he is!” replied Boone as he smiled too. “Congratulations to both of you mom! I already know you're a great mom, and I'll bet Cody will be a great dad too!”

The next day, Luke, Josh, Lashawn, and Charlie stopped by to pick up Boone and Matt to go to the movies. All of the boys congratulated Boone on becoming a big brother when the baby came. The boys had a great time, and Charlie and Lashawn had become close friends with them.

All of the boys were excited Monday, as four new boys got out of the vans.

Wasn't that a fun chapter? lol. Okay, I was feeling a little frisky when I wrote about Lashawn and Charlie's first time together. The next chapter should be even more fun though, as The Rainbow Academy grows again. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 7.