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From the last chapter:

Look at my chest.” said Lashawn. “Inside this chest is a heart that's filled with nothing but love now. Do you see that wound?”

Yes.” replied Roy.

That wound was put there by my own father, who's heart was so filled with hate that he tried to shoot a hole in mine, and drain the love and life right out of me.” said Lashawn. “Do you know what hurts more than a bullet ripping through your chest? It's knowing that it came from your own father, who hates you so much that he wants to see you die. Do you think I'm proud that my heart is still filled with love, or would I be proud if my heart was filled with hatred, just like my father's?”

I...I...” stuttered Roy.

Lashawn saw a weakness in Roy's emotions, so he jumped on it as he said, “Those people who are screwing with your head don't love you Roy. They hate who you are, which means they hate you too. Hate is what's evil Roy, and I really hope you can see that right now. Hate is the main product of the devil Roy. I should know. Not only am I gay, but I'm black as well. There are still people out there who hate others because they are black, and I had nothing to do with that Roy. I can't change the fact that I'm black, and I can't change the fact that I'm gay. You know what? Since I can't change either of those facts, I'm proud of them! You should be proud of who you are too Roy, and let the devil have his way with those haters back home. They'll be going to be with him much sooner than they want. The one thing that can defeat him though is love. I'm going to fill myself so full of love that he'll be afraid of me! Just stick with me, and you won't have anything to worry about. You don't need those people back in Smithsburg Roy. You have people here who would love to be your friend, and love you for who you are. Please give us a chance Roy.”

Please help me.” cried Roy.

Of course I'll help you Roy.” replied Lashawn. “We'll all help you. Unlike most other people you know, we all care very much about you.”

Then Lashawn reached down, and pulled Roy up into a comforting hug.

When the boys saw Roy come back from behind the vehicles with Lashawn, they were happy. Roy wasn't ready to join them in the water yet though, so the boys came out one by one, dried off, and put their clothes back on. As the boys all talked to Roy, and offered their friendship, Lashawn went to talk to Stan and Irv.

Lashawn, we're so happy to see that you could talk Roy into joining everyone else, even though it does seem like the field trip is coming to an end now.” said Stan.

I am too.” replied Lashawn. “Do you know what he was back there thinking?”

What's that?” replied Irv.

He was thinking about killing himself.” said Lashawn. “Those people in Smithsburg that he calls family hate him so much, that they've made him hate himself. I don't know how much longer he can make it like that, and I'm afraid for him. Having all of us as friends might help, but we can't be there in Smithsburg for him.”

Oh my God!” exclaimed Irv. “We have to do something Stan!”

I know Irv.” replied Stan. “I can't let him go back on that van after school. It could be the same as signing his death warrant. We have to think about what we can do to prevent that, and it has to be legal.”

We'll have to access his records on the school computer when we get back.” said Irv. “I'm glad Jack set us up to have access to student records.”

Once everyone got back to the school, Stan and Irv called for everyone to have study time. Then they sat together at Stan's desk, and brought up Roy's file on the computer. The one thing that stuck out was a note by the school counselor at Roy's old school, that stated that Roy's recent problems at school combined with his family life could prove detrimental to Roy at some point in the future. Stan wrote down the number for the counselor, as well as Roy's home phone number. He decided that it would be best to start with calling the counselor, so he went outside to make the call while Irv watched the boys.

Hi, is this Jerry Wells, the school counselor at Smithsburg High School?” asked Stan.

Yeah, this is Jerry.” replied Jerry. “Who is this?”

I'm Stan Parker, from The Rainbow Academy in Greenfield.” replied Stan. “I wanted to talk to you about a boy you had sent here this week named Roy.”

Oh yeah, Roy.” said Jerry. “That's a tough case. Isn't he doing any better there?”

I'm afraid he's having thoughts of killing himself.” replied Stan. “The other boys here can keep him calm while he's here, but I'm really afraid for him when he leaves here to go home. I noticed your notes on his file that said you thought his family life might be having an impact on his state of mind. Is there any way we can push that issue before he has to leave to go home for the weekend?”

Stan, I like Roy.” said Jerry. “On the few occasions I've gotten him to relax and be himself, he's been a very nice and likable boy. I like him so much that I called the social worker on his behalf. He told me that he wouldn't do anything because Roy's parents have never done anything to physically harm him.”

They're going to drive the boy to killing himself though!” said Stan.

I know that, and I told the social worker that.” replied Jerry. “He was very curt, and almost rude when he said that he wouldn't do anything unless a law had been broken. I'd like to help Stan, which is why I sent Roy to you. I've done all that I know to do, short of breaking the law myself.”

Okay then Jerry, I guess I'll have to try to reason with his parents then.” said Stan.

Good luck with that!” replied Jerry. “I really hope for Roy's sake you can though. I'd love to be able to think that he'll be okay.”

After Stan ended the call to Jerry, he dialed Roy's home number. “Hello, Cal Bekins here, can I help you?” asked Roy's father, as he answered the phone.

Yes, this is Roy's teacher in Greenfield calling.” replied Stan. “I don't quite know how to put this sir, but Roy is feeling some emotional distress right now. I think it would be good for him to spend the weekend here, and I was wondering if I could get your permission for that?”

So, you want to rent my fag son for the weekend?” asked Cal. “How much is the boy worth for the weekend?”

Stan was so shocked that he dropped his phone, and it ended the call on him. Then he picked up his phone, and ran back into the school. “Boys, before construction in the barn gets into full swing, I want you all to go out there, and see how many different insects you can identify!” said Stan hurriedly.

The boys kind of laughed at the assignment, then filed out of the classroom to go to the barn. “What in the world is going on Stan?” asked Irv, after the boys were gone.

I just called Roy's father, and the man offered to rent Roy out to me for the weekend!” replied Stan. “If that isn't against the law, I don't know what is!”

Okay Stan, calm down.” said Irv. “Let me see your phone, and see if there's a USB cable in the desk that will attach it to the computer.” Irv searched around in the desk for a few minutes, and finally found what he was looking for. Then he attached Stan's phone to the computer, and started up a program that would record Stan's phone. “Okay Stan, call the man back and tell him you got disconnected.” said Irv. “Then work out a deal with him to rent Roy. While you're doing that, I'm going to call the social worker from out here. Jack has told me that she's a very nice lady. We'll see what she says about keeping Roy with one of us after she hears his father.”

You're sneaky Irv, I like that!” chuckled Stan.

Then Stan called the number again, and Cal answered, “Cal Bekins here, can I help you?”

Yes, this is Roy's teacher again.” replied Stan. “I'm really sorry sir, but we got cut off somehow. With cell phone reception around here, it was probably a plane flying too low. Where were we about your son?”

Well, I was asking how much it was worth to you to rent him for the weekend.” said Cal. “If he's going to be a little faggot, it might as well be worth something to me.”

How do you know what purpose I want to rent him for?” asked Stan.

Well, you're a teacher at a fag school, so you must be a fag yourself.” replied Cal. “I figure you think he's a cute boy, and he turns you on. You probably want to have some really wild sex with him. Why else would a fag want to rent a boy?”

Well, that's not exactly it, but you're close enough.” said Stan. “How much would you take sir?”

How is one hundred a day, for a total of three hundred?” asked Cal.

That sounds perfect to me.” replied Stan, as Irv smiled. “I'll make the trip out to Smithsburg with him, and pay you this evening. I should pick up a few clothes for him, although I don't know how much he'll need them.”

Hey, I don't need to hear about any of that fag shit!” said Cal. “You pay me for the boy, and he's yours for the weekend!”

Okay Cal, I'll see you a little later.” said Stan.

Stephanie Miller, the social worker, showed up a few minutes later, and Irv went outside in case the boys came back. “Before I play this Miss Miller, I want you to know that I have no sexual interest in boys.” said Stan. “When Roy's father said what he did to me though, I knew I had to play the role so I could help him. That's all that matters right now.”

Stephanie was shocked when she heard what had been recorded on the computer. “Can you burn a disc of that conversation Mister Parker?” asked Stephanie. “I may need that when we confront Roy's father. Now, are you sure you were just playing a role?”

Miss Miller, I have a mate that I love very much.” replied Stan. “No one could ever make me feel the way he does. What I feel for Roy is an incredible amount of concern. Roy is having thoughts of suicide, and these people he calls a family are driving him to it. All I want is to get him out of there before he has to be subjected to that for one more moment. If you would rather have someone besides me and my mate care for him, it won't matter to me. I just want to help the boy before it's too late.”

That's all I wanted to hear Stan.” said Stephanie. “Now, let's go get your foster son away from that family!”

When Irv and the boys came back in, it was time to dismiss school for the day. Stan and Irv gave the boys their homework for the weekend, then Stan took Roy aside to where Stephanie was waiting.

Roy, I want you to meet Stephanie Miller.” said Stan. “She came out here to help us with a little problem. Apparently your father has made some very inappropriate remarks. Okay, make that illegal remarks. Stephanie and I believe that it would be better for you right now to come live with me and my mate. We just want to help you Roy, and we want you to have the love and support that a family should be giving you. Are you okay with that?”

Was what he said really that bad sir?” asked Roy.

Let's just say that it would be best if we didn't tell you what he said.” replied Stan. “I promise you that I'll give you the chance to be as happy as you deserve to be though Roy. We all care very much about you.”

I guess it would be okay then.” replied Roy. “My dad is going to be pissed when we show up there, isn't he?”

Probably not as pissed as he's going to be when the police show up there.” said Stephanie. “I don't want you to worry about that anymore though Roy. You shouldn't have to worry about things like that. Mister Parker and his mate will provide everything you need from now on, including the right to be who you are.”

Stan called his mate on the way to Smithsburg. Other than that though, it was a quiet drive, with Stephanie following behind Stan and Roy. Once they got there, Stan asked Roy to stay in the car for the time being. Then he and Stephanie went to knock on the door.

Who are you people?” asked Cal, as he opened the door.

Mister Bekins, I'm Stan Parker.” said Stan. “I'm Roy's teacher, the fag. This is Stephanie Miller, with social services.”

Mister Bekins, I would like to know why you tried to prostitute your son to this man?” asked Stephanie.

Hey bitch, he called me!” replied Cal.

Yes, and I was so shocked by what you said that I dropped my phone.” replied Stan. “That's why we were disconnected the first time. When I called back, I made sure my phone was connected to the computer!”

I have the entire conversation on this disc.” said Stephanie, as she showed Cal the disc.

That's against my rights!” said Cal heatedly. “I had no idea I was being recorded! You can't use that against me!”

Just because you don't know that you're being recorded doesn't give you the right to prostitute your son Mister Bekins!” replied Stephanie. “As for using it against you, all the state requires is for one of the parties involved to know a call is being recorded. Did you know you were recording that call Mister Perkins?”

I sure did!” replied Stan.

Did you really try to sell me for sex dad?” asked Roy, who had came up quietly from behind.

Son, get in the house!” yelled Cal. “And you two better get off my property before I go get my shotgun!”

Mister Bekins, I have a state order here to take Roy from this house!” said Stephanie. “Roy, please go wait by the car for me. I promise everything will be okay. As for your shotgun sir, why don't you run that one past the deputies pulling in your driveway right now, and see if they're amused by it?”

After the deputies arrested Roy's father, and helped Roy get his belongings from the house, Stan guided Roy back to his car. Roy cried all the way back to Greenfield, even though Stan tried to comfort him.

Hello, Luke here.” said Luke, as he answered the phone.

Luke, I'm glad I got ahold of you.” said Stan. “Can you get some of the guys together and meet me at my house? I'm bringing Roy back to stay with me and my mate, and he could really use some friends right now. Make sure Lashawn is with you too.”

We're on our way sir!” replied Luke.

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