City -- Chapter 1 "This Time"

by Cemokemo

My family, as part of a tradition always took a trip to Mountain View State park every summer. We camped there for a week after school lets out. It didn't make much sense to me, because we could afford to go on a real vacation, but this was all we did. So we pulled up in a 100,000 dollar RV, and a little pick-up truck pulling a 15,000 dollar pop-up camper, just to spend 60 bucks a night for a patch of ground and a fire pit. It wasn't that bad though. The place was always full of people... some we knew from the other years, but most were just new faces, walking around.

The pop-up camper was for me and my little brother. The big RV was for cooking, eating and for my Mom and Dad and my sister to sleep in. My little brother is 3 years younger than me, and at 12 is only addicted to pokemon and video games. He can sit there, playing his gameboy color until his eyes bleed. My sister is 18, three years older than me, and quite pretty. She is bothered by the fact that she is there with here two kid brothers, and her parents, but she generally has a good time.

This year, I rode with my mom in the little pick-up pulling the pop-up. My mom and I get along real well, but didn't have much to say to each other on the ride up. It is about a 5 1/2 hour drive, so it gave me some time to think.

That last, maybe three times we went, I noticed myself taking extra long in the changing room by the lake. Hoping for that certain kid to come in and change. I also noticed that while on the beach, I was looking at boys my own age... checking them out. I dreamed of going out into the woods with them and maybe sucking their dicks or something. I thought about this nearly every time I jacked off. I had never dared talk to one of them about it. I always thought that love and sex were something that I wasn't able to get. But the last school year, something changed. I grew a little taller, filled out a little more, my cock got longer and my head (the one on top of my body) got bigger too. All of the sudden, I thought of myself as attractive. I had always had problems with that before... I thought I was too skinny for anybody to like me. Recently, I have been checking myself out in the mirror, looking at me like I was a cute kid on the beach.

This time, I vowed... sitting next to my mom with a rock hard erection, this time I would make a move, and I would make love to another human being. Surely one of those many cute boys would be interested in a little fooling around. This time would not be like the others... I wouldn't just be jacking off thinking of what is must feel like to have your cock sucked, this time... I was going to get my cock sucked!

The trip was uneventful, other than the fantasy scenarios that raced through my head. Since we left at 10 that Friday morning, we got there at 3, having taken a half hour for lunch. Setting everything up until dinner time. We cooked hot dogs, and I was laying in bed thinking of when and where I would make my move, when my Dad called us to dinner.

We all sat around the picnic table at our site, and grubbed on hot-dogs and chips and beans and stuff. "So Matt, you going swimming after supper? You always liked to swim until they kicked you out."

"I think I will Dad, now that you mention it." What he didn't know, it that I liked staying there for as long as possible, waiting on some cute boy to walk up to me, grab my crotch and whisper in my ear 'wanna fuck?'.

"You should take Tommy along too, he doesn't need to be on that game boy the whole time we're here." My Mom said. This would have bothered me, but Tommy didn't like hanging around me much, so I didn't think they were going to make me take him.

We finished up dinner, and I went and got my swim suit on. I made sure that my cock showed through my swim suit, so that if anybody was interested, they had a preview of the goods. I grabbed a towel, and put on some sandals and walked down to the lake. Actually, I walked up to the lake, since it was up the mountain from us, about a 15 minute walk. I saw people all camped out, some lighting fireworks, some sitting around drinking beer. Getting to the lake, I saw a few people there, maybe 20 in the water, and another 30 laying on the beach. The ones laying on the beach were only resting, because the bright sun of the afternoon we quickly fading away. I made a quick scan, and saw where I wanted to be. There was a group of boys on the diving board platform, that was out in the middle of the lake. There was a diving board on each side, and these boys were taking turns on the big one.

I kicked off my sandals and walked down to the water. It was cold at first, but once I got in around my knees, I just dove under water and made a beeline to the diving platform. The swim there was refreshing, and it felt good to smell that lake again, the same lake of my childhood. I got to the platform and went up the ladder and got in line to jump off of the board. The kid in front of me turned around and stuck his hand out. "Hi, I'm Jimmy... what's your name?"

"Matt, I said, shaking his hand.

Jimmy pointed out the kid who just jumped off and the one that was already in the water. "That's Mike and Steve, and this is Jason and Cam." He said, now pointing to the two in front of us. The way he identified the others, was as if they were together, like brothers of something.

"Are you here with your family?" I asked, suddenly curious.

"No, we are all here together," He said with a hand gesture motioning towards the four others. "we are in 67." By now, he was on the diving board, facing me. He jumped backwards and did a flip and landed feet first, facing me again.

It was my turn on the diving board now, and all five of them were watching me. I stepped up onto it, rant to the end, jumped once and did a gainer, diving gracefully into the water. Mike was already in the air above me when I surfaced, and he nearly landed on top of me. I started swimming back to the ladder slowly, and I heard Steve jump in, right behind Mike. Still slowly making my way back to the ladder, I heard Mike and Steve talking.

"... not here..."

"... but I love you"

"... that guy though..."

"... will never see him again in a few days"

I turned around to see them embraced in each other, and kissing, sinking slowly, oblivious to me. Their heads sank under water and they tore each other away, laughing. I was speechless, and they stopped laughing when they saw me. I was deadpanned... nothing in my brain was registering. By now, the other three had seen what happened, and everybody was looking at me, waiting to see what I did.

I did what came automatically to me. I left. "I gotta go..." I said, and I started swimming towards shore. I heard them fighting behind me. Jimmy asked them why the hell they would do something like that. They argued until I was in water I could stand in. I heard someone way 'Hold on' and then the water splashed. I didn't look back. Someone was swimming behind me, trying to catch up. I didn't want them to, but at the same time, I did. So I just kept on normally until I got out of the water. After I walked up the beach, and started drying myself off, Jimmy caught up with me. He grabbed me on the elbow and I quickly withdrew it.

"About that...sorry, I guess we get a little too free about those kinda things when we are here." He said, looking down on the sand.

"I need to think...I don't want to talk about it right now." I said, slipping on my sandals and turning around. I walked back to our site with my head down, and my mind racing. I went straight to my bed in the pop-up. My little brother was supposed to sleep in there with me, but he usually slept on the couch in the RV. The rest of the family must have been watching a movie in there or something, because there was no sign of them. I layed down, and tried to absorb what had just happened. All year, I was hoping to come up here, find a cute guy, have sex with him, or maybe more than one. Fantastic scenarios flew threw my head all year. Then I get up here, go swimming the first time, and find 5 gay boys here, and saw two of them kissing. It was too real for me, I wasn't ready to deal with it. I can imagine what it's like all day, but then when I was confronted with it, I had nothing to do but leave.

After laying here for a few minutes, I realized what a fool I was. There was my chance. I just swam away from it. I was suddenly interested, and wanted to find out more about those kids. I knew their campground number, 67, but I didn't really know where that was. I walked out of the pop-up and grabbed the guide for the campgrounds off of the picnic table. Back in the pop-up, on the little counter in there, I looked at the map, and I saw that 67 was just through the trees from our site. It was on the row beside us, but they always separated the rows with enough trees so that you couldn't see the other one. I put on some pants and a shirt, and shoes and socks and began trekking towards their camp.

The hike was longer than expected... The map wasn't as to scale as I thought it was, but after a good 20 minutes trying to walk as quietly as possible, I saw their campsite. There were three pretty big tents, and a fire in the middle of them. They were all sitting around it roasting marshmallows. Mike and Steve were sitting next to each other on a log, and Jason and Cam were huddled together on the ground. Jimmy was all by himself, and I felt sorry for him. There was a big rock with a trench behind it, and I squatted behind the rock, and listened to them talk.

"Your marshmallow is burning." Jason said to Cam, who had scooted onto his lap.

"That's the way I like it." Cam, who looked like the youngest of the group said. Cam and Jason kissed, and I thought about leaving, but was stuck there.

"Hey you guys, I think we've got into enough trouble today for that." Jimmy said, putting a fresh mallow on his stick.

"It's not our fault he's a homophobe." Mike said, and Steve agreed.

"Maybe he's not..." Jimmy said... sticking up for me.

"How could he not be a homophobe?" Cam asked.

"Maybe he had just never seen two boys kiss before, and it shocked him. He never called

us a bunch of fags or anything." Jimmy said.

"That's true, I remember the first time I saw Mike and Steve kiss... it kinda shocked me, and I'm gay like the rest of us." Jason said.

"Maybe he's gay... Jimmy, we may have found you a man. He looks cute too." Mike said.

Jimmy blushed, "He probably doesn't want anything to do with any of us now, you two scared him away. He was pretty cute though." I looked at Jimmy, he was cute. Blond hair kept short. He still was in his swimsuit and his body glowed in the light of the fire. I began to think about him, and me... My thoughts wandered. I laid against the rock and dreamed of me and Jimmy, giving each other blowjobs all night. I imagined getting into his tent, and fucking him all night long. I drifted off on that rock, dreaming sweetly about the boy I had swam away from. I woke up when I fell to the side and broke a twig.

"Who's there?" I heard Jimmy's voice say. I dared not move. I guess that the others had already went to bed, and it was just him now. Slowly I sat up, still protected from view by the rock. I looked ever so carefully at Jimmy... he was looking around trying to find the source of the noise. He dismissed it though, probably thought it was a wild animal. He stood up and I noticed that protruding from his swimsuit was a raging erection. It was poking out, and he adjusted it, and climbed into his tent, and zipped it shut.

I sat there for a long minute, wondering what I should do. I was actually considering going into his tent, and making love to him. I looked at it, it was apart from the others... I could pull it off if I wanted to. Looking at it harder I noticed something else. It was shaking. He was jacking off. I guess he had a big boner to take care of. I looked down and my own crotch to see a huge bulge there. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. It was pretty big for my age, maybe around 61/2 to 7 inches, but it had been a while since I measured it. I stroked it a little bit, looking over my shoulder at Jimmy's tent, it was still shaking. I wondered if he was thinking of me. I was thinking of him, in there, pumping as fast as I was, his nice long beautiful dick. I pictured him in there, stroking it, and soon enough I was on my knees, squirting my juice on the leaves. I looked back at his tent, it had stopped shaking. He apparently was done too. I decided not to go in there, and started walking back to my pop-up.

On the way back, I realized that I never would have gone into that tent anyway. It was all just fantasy, just like how I couldn't deal with it at the lake either. I got back to the pop-up, crawled into my bed and passed out peacefully, hoping that tommorow would be better.

The next morning I woke up early, just before the sun came up. Tommy was already up and playing his gameboy. I grabbed a change of clothes and went into the RV for a shower. After my shower, I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and thought about what I was going to do all day. I didn't really feel like going to the lake, in case they were there... but at the same time I kinda wished I would bump into Jimmy somewhere. I wanted to talk to him, just him, not any of the others.

I decided to go walking around the campgrounds. I put on some tennis shoes and started walking aimlessly around the area. I passed by the concession stand and souviner store, and many many campsites, with people just waking up and some still dead to the world. It was amazing, looking at it, that so many people would give up their comfortable bed at home to sleep in a cramped camper of on the hard bottom of a tent. People need their escape I guess, they need to feel something different than their 9-5 routine.

Still walking around without any real destination, I saw a campsite that seemed familiar. Three tents... After a second or two I realized that it was campsite 67... the home of the 5 boys. It was still a distance away, and I thought about turning around, but I dismissed that. I was interested... I didn't see anybody there, so I slowed my pace, in case one of them stepped out of their tent. I had almost stopped in the dirt path, staring at the tents and the smoldering fire pit when I felt someone behind me...

"Matt?" I turned around, and there was Jimmy, with a biscuit from the canteen in one hand and a coke in the other.

"Jimmy... hey..." I said, suddenly embarrassed.

We stood in a moment of awkward silence, until Jimmy spoke up. "So is your site around here?" He bit into his biscuit.

"No, I was just out... walking around I guess." We were standing in his site now, by the path. I heard people coming up the path from where the showers for this row are. It was the other four, Steve, Mike, Jason and Cam. They all had towels and a clothes bag. We didn't say anything as they walked up and put their stuff in their tents. Each one stole a glance at me, wondering what I was doing there.

"Jimmy, we're all going to hike to the waterfall..." Mike said after their stuff was away.

"Okay, have fun..." Jimmy said without much enthusiasm.

"You too..." Cam said, winking at both of us. They left, and didn't talk until they were out of earshot... probably talking about me.

Another moment of awkward silence, and then Jimmy broke it again. "You want to sit down... chill for a while?"

I was tempted to say no, it would be very easy to just say 'no, I got to get going' and walk away. But I had walked away from this chance, and now I wasn't going to do it again. "Sure, for a little while."

I sat on the log bench, and Jimmy threw some fresh wood on the fire and sat down on the bench, close but not too close to me. The question I had been dieing to ask was on the tip of my tounge. "So what is the deal with you guys? I mean... what are you guys doing here?" I almost didn't ask it, and hoped that it didn't come out wrong.

Jimmy paused before answering. "...We all go to the same school, in a big city, and we all share common... interests. So we decided to get away from it all, and go camping."

"Get away from what?" I asked. I knew the answer, but I wanted to bring up the subject.

"You know... get away from people judging you... pressure to be like everybody else. That kind of thing." He said, now done with his biscuit. The fire was now flickering peacefully.

"So you're..." I said, purposely not finishing the sentence.

"Gay? Yeah... is that a big deal?" He said. He looked so vulnerable there.. waiting for me to speak, to approve of him. This was supposed to be his escape from worrying about things like that, and I couldn't find it in my heart to lie to him.

"No, it's not a big deal at all... in fact it's kind of nice..." I said.

"Why do you say that?" He asked.

"Because... I think... I am too..." I said slowly, looking deeply into his eyes. They were pure blue, and I stared right through them, and into his soul. I was connected with him... He gave no verbal response, just stared right back into my eyes. We both leaned into each other, our faces getting closer and closer every moment... closer... closer... Then voices on the trail snapped us out of our trance. Two girls, walking to the shower, chatting on and on about something. We both withdrew, and sat, hands on knees, at least a foot apart. They walked past us, oblivious to our presence.

After they were gone, Jimmy looked at me and spoke. "Do you want to go in the tent?" My cock got hard just thinking of it, and I responded with a yes almost before he was done talking.

He lead the way, unzipping the tent and diving inside. I dove in after him and sat up to zip the tent shut. I layed back down and stared into his eyes again. "I never done anything like this before." I said.

"Me neither... you still want to do this?" He said. I wasn't sure what he meant by 'this', but I was ready. I grabbed his hand and put it on the part of my shorts where my erection was painfully trapped in the cotton of my underwear. He stroked it gently, and I shivered with pleasure. "I guess that's a yes?" He asked.

I nodded and gave him a fierce kiss, our lips locked, and didn't let go. He rolled on top of me, and I pulled my shorts and underwear down while I kicked off my shoes. I grabbed his ass, and felt his perfect butt, my fingers digging lightly into his crack. He ground into me, and I could feel his cock through his shorts, it was hard and running along mine. He pulled his lips away from mine, and pulled my shirt up. He kissed my nipples, rubbing them lightly, and dragged his tounge between my abs all the way down to my small brown patch of pubic hair above my cock. He raised his head up, and stroked my cock again, lightly. I thought I was going to bust right there, I put my head back and closed my eyes. He stopped stoking it though... I looked up just in time to see my cock disappear in his mouth, and I felt the warmth of is lips, tounge and saliva enveloping my cock. He took almost all of it, deep throating it for sure, and bobbed up and down a few times. That was all it took, my back arched, by buttocks tightened and I shot fire hot sperm all the way down his throat. He pulled off of me, and stroked me to a complete and fulfilling orgasm, and then licked the drops off of my skin. He put my dick in his mouth one more time, and sucked to get all the juice out, and then crawled up and kissed me, shoving his tounge into my mouth, making me taste my own salty juice.

I reached my hand down into his pants, and to my surprise found his cock going limp, and wet. He must have came when I did. "Don't worry about it" he whispered as he laid his head next to mine, and started breathing softly. I followed his lead and relaxed, and soon we were both sleeping soundly.

I woke up and Jimmy was still asleep. I moved a little bit, trying to get free enough to pull up my pants. Jimmy woke with sharp nasal breath. His sleepy eyes looked at me, pulling my underwear and shorts up. He looked as if he wasn't sure who I was, or why I was naked, next to him in his tent. He shook his head to clear it of the cobwebs of recent sleep and looked more aware of what was going on.

"Hey there sleepy." I said, now getting my shoes on.

"Hey... are you hungry too?" He said, getting up and noticing the wet spot on his shorts.

"Yeah, I'm starving... want to go grab a burger and go swimming maybe?" I said.

"Yeah... let me get changed..." He said, digging through his bag for his swimsuit.

"Well, I have to get my suit on... how about I meet you at the canteen in 20 minutes?"

"Okay..." He said. I got out of the tent and looked around. The others had not been back yet. I took the short way back to my campsite, hiking through the woods, wondering what had happened that morning. It just seemed like another one of my fantasies... but it was real. Jimmy's breath, the way his body felt... the warmth of his tounge... everything was 100% better in real life than just thinking about it.

Nobody was at my campsite when I got there. I felt as if I was floating on a cloud... like nothing that had happened was real. I grabbed my swimsuit off of the clothes line and went into the pop-up to change. I put on a tank top and some sandals, grabbed a few bucks from my wallet and walked to the canteen.

Jimmy wasn't there when I got there. I ordered a burger, some fries and a coke and sat at one of the small table, picking at my food. He came a few minutes later... he looked as if he was feeling the same thing I was... like it was all too unreal. He walked in and went straight to the counter and ordered the same thing I got... then he took his tray... looked around quickly and came and sat across from me.

"Hey..." I said... watching him dig into his food.

"Hey..." He said... awkwardly looking up at me and ignoring his food all of the sudden.

"I'm kinda new at this..." I said, shyly.

"Me too.. that was my first time... with somebody else..." He said.

"Mine too... I sure have thought about it a lot." I said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah... that night after the incident at the lake... I thought about you... you know..." He said.

"Really?" When I was outside his tent, and saw it shaking, he was jacking off, thinking of me. I thought about telling him that I was right there... but that would be a little weird. "Last night, I thought about you." It was the truth.

"Wow... it's too bad I'm leaving in two days." He said, head down.

I hadn't thought about it like that... I never thought that he might be leaving before I was. I had 6 more days here, and only two of them I could spend with Jimmy. It really bummed me out.

"That doesn't mean we can't still have some fun while we are still both here." Jimmy said.

That brightened my mood quite a bit. "True." I said.

"Sooo... what do you want to do know?" Jimmy smiled at me.

"Well... Do you want to go hiking out to the falls?"

"Sure, that'd be great... do you need to go back to your camp to get anything before we go?"

"No, you?"


"Then let get going." I said. We threw our trash away and started walking towards the hiking center. The hiking center is really nothing more than a big wooden display case that held tips for hikers and pamphlets about each trail. It was also the starting point for all of the trails. I had hiked to the falls many times, so we didn't need a map.

We started hiking and it seemed like nobody else was on the trails. A few people here and there, but not enough people to violate our privacy. We walked for about ten minutes in total silence when Jimmy spoke up. "So when did you realize that you were gay?"

The question shocked me, it was nothing I was used to being asked, not even by myself. I guess I was thinking that Jimmy would flirt around the subject... and not have to use the 'g' word. But, Jimmy was very comfortable with it, and that was something I would have to get used to.

"I never really thought about it I guess. In the past few years, when we would come up here, I noticed myself looking at the boys... the cute ones you know? Then I would think of them when I jacked off... I never really thought I was gay though... It was never something I thought about too much... I just thought I was horny." Jimmy smiled at that. "What about you? What's your story?"

"Guess I have always known. Since I knew there was a difference. Even before I knew that 'gay' was the word for it. I never doubted it, and I had some problems dealing with that a few years ago. I was real depressed about it, like it meant that nothing was ever going to go my way. My parents took me to a counselor, and she and I talked about a lot of things, including my sexuality. She helped me to learn that it's not my fault or my choice, and it doesn't mean anything as far as which direction my life will take. After a few months with her, I came out to my parents, and since then I have felt a lot better about myself. Now I am part of the Gay and Lesbian group at my school, even if I am only going to be a sophomore next year. That's why I'm here, because we planned this trip for a long time... just us and nature."

"So you are all in the group at your school?" I asked.

"Yeah, except for Cameron, he's going to be a freshmen this year and hasn't had a chance to go yet. But Jason dragged him along on this trip anyway."

"I'm sure he had to twist his arm." I said, grinning.

"Yeah..." Jimmy didn't finish his sentence because walking towards us were the four other guys who were with him. "Hey guys." He said as they came upon us.

"Hey Jimmy." Jason said. They stopped and looked at us, Jimmy and I, but none of them said anything.

"How's the waterfall?" Jimmy asked the group in general.

"The rains they've had here have made it much bigger... it's pretty cool." Steve said. It was awkward again for a moment until Cam spoke up.

"Come on guys, let's get back so we can go swimming." He said.

"Alright, let's get going... see ya back at camp Jimmy." Steve said.

"See ya." Jimmy said as they made their way past us. We kept walking and waited until they were out of earshot before we spoke again.

"That was weird." I said.

"Yeah... they were just being polite though... they have no idea what's going on here... with me and you. They didn't want to jump to conclusions. I'll have to spill it all out when I get back to camp tonight though."

"Does that mean we can't do anything tonight?" I asked.

"Of course not... we just have to do it before I get back to camp. Unless you want to be with me when I tell them."

"No offense, but I'd rather not be there... it'd be too weird for me."

"I understand, that's what I figured."

We continued along the trail for about 10 more minutes and finally got the the waterfall. It was nowhere near breath-taking, but the peacefulness of the water falling into the small pool, and then draining off into a creek was calming at least. We took a seat on the grass, and in total silence watched the water fall. I looked over at Jimmy, and he had his eyes closed, looking as tranquil as anything I had ever seen. I began to think about why he was here... was the world that much to take for gay kids for him to find so much peace in a simple waterfall? I guess it was. Only time would tell how much of that would come my way. I closed my eyes, and tried to not think about it...

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