And we're off! CJ just celebrated his sixteenth birthday, got a Jeep as a present from his fathers, and is about to fly to Sydney to spend his Christmas vacation in Australia. When outlining the cast of characters who would populate this story, I wanted to make the group diverse and decided to include a couple of men from other countries. One of them turned out to be an Aussie, giving me an excuse to send the boy to Oz.

I've been lucky to interact―in person or on line―with some incredible men from Australia. Their friendliness and warmth inspired me to visit their country a few years back. There I fell in love with the people I met, and the places I visited; I hope to return some day. In the meantime, CJ gets to experience some of what I did, and in the process he meets some people who'll play a big role in his life.

To all the Aussies I've ever met, I dedicate this book.



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This is a work of fiction set in the real world. Certain living individuals make appearances in the story; all other characters and the events in which they all participate are the creation of the author. Any resemblance of the fictional characters to actual individuals is purely coincidental.


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