Hey guys, Duffer here.  This isn't going to be like the other stories or chapters I've written.  In fact, this is nearly the polar opposite of them.  This one is sort of a response to basic human needs and desires.  I'm happy with how carnally satisfying this story turned out to be, and if you can get all the way through it, more power to ya!  Let me know what you think!


"Closing Time"

The bells on the back of the door rattled as it swung back closed, sealing off the video store from the cold winter air.  I had just made it; the video store would be closing in 5 minutes.  I was feeling rather sappy tonight, so I planned on making it a romantic movie night.  The only thing that was missing was my handsome rugged man to share it with.

I was 17, and like all 17 year old guys, I thought about sex. A lot.  All the time, actually.  I had known I was gay for ages it seems like, but it had only been the last year that I'd really come face to face with the reality of it.  Seems like I had always known, I was just too scared to admit it to myself.  I was going to graduate in May, though, and it was off to college.  Ah, college, the great land of knowledge and discovery.  I was sure I'd get the first one, but I was hoping for a lot of the second kind, too!  For now, though, I was trapped in the isolation of the small town I lived in, complete with it's small minded thinkers.  How I longed for the release that graduation day would be.

I picked out a few sentimental favorites that I just knew would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and hopefully renew my faith in love.  Living in a small town leaves little room for getting involved in the same sex dating scene.  Actually, I'm pretty convinced that there wasn't one.  I made my way up to the counter, and the sight I saw immediately made my knees weak and my mouth water and go dry at the same time.  Behind that counter stood what had to be the most beautiful guy my eyes had ever laid sight on.  He was about 6 feet tall, with dark brown hair, and these huge chocolate eyes.  When we made eye contact, I felt like he was enveloping me in warm light.  It was an experience I really can't describe.  The only way I can try is to just say that it made my cheeks flush full with heat and aroused my passions.  I could just tell from our gaze that he had soft, tender eyes, so full of tender love and compassion.  He looked roughly my age, and was about the same weight as I.  He was a slender kid that had soft olive skin that looked as if he had just gotten back from vacation on the Mediterranean Sea.  The way his polo shirt clung to his chest made my chest tighten up, like I suddenly quit breathing.  I quickly made a sharp intake of breath, and I could tell he was feeling the same way towards me.

"Do you have your membership card?" he asked in the most sexy husk that my ears have ever had the pleasure of receiving.

"Um, no," I answered, "I forgot my card at home."

"Oh, ok, I just need your name, then," he answered.

I gave him my name, and he verified that my address was correct.

"Is this gonna be it for ya tonight?" he asked as he scanned the movies into the register.

"Yup," I answered, as I handed him some cash.

"So, there's nothing else I can do for you?" he asked, as his eyes begged me to respond to the feeling behind them.

"Well," I whispered, "I guess there IS something we, err, you, umm, we could do."  Man, I was really stepping out on a limb here.

He just smiled and said, "are you gay, man?"

Panic struck me as I felt my mouth involuntarily betray me.  "Yes," I answered.

He hopped over the counter and walked towards the door.  Great, I thought, now I'm gonna get thrown out for hitting on the video clerk.  My heart nearly hit my ankles, but then shot all the way back up to my throat when instead of opening the door, he turned the lock.  He flipped the sign over to "closed" and flipped off the light switch.  Apparently we were the only ones in the store.  It was past closing time, after all.  He walked over to me, never once losing eye contact.  He had his deep chocolate eyes trained on me like two lasers.  My knees nearly buckled as he got close to me.  He gently slid his hands onto both sides of my head and pulled me close for a passionate kiss.  He effortlessly slid his tongue into my mouth.  I offered no resistance; I let him completely take me from that point forward.

He could sense the control he had over me, and I welcomed letting him have it.  He broke off the kiss, and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw him smiling at me with this crooked little smirk on his face.

"Good?" he asked.

"Better than good," I replied as I gasped for air.

"Want more?" he asked.

"All of it," I whispered.

He leaned back in for another kiss, and started unbuttoning my shirt.  I slid my hands up underneath his polo, and felt his soft stomach.  It wasn't rock hard and it wasn't flabby, it was just soft and really nice.  I slid my hands around his waist and then up his back.  I moaned as he slid his tongue softly on the outline of my jaw.

He gently took my left earlobe in his mouth, and gently bit and nibbled slightly.  He nearly had to catch me, as the feelings that were coursing through my veins were threatening to overwhelm me at any moment.  I heard him moan as I slid my hand up and gently brushed over his nipples.  I used my thumbs to make small circles around his nipples, which were raised and erect.  By this point, they weren't the only things.  I could feel his hardness pressing into my leg, and I longed to feel it.  I slid one hand down his stomach and lightly rested it over his crotch.  I could feel him moaning in appreciation.  He was pleading in gasps and whimpers for me to keep going.  He started unbuttoning my pants and I quickly stepped out of them as he slid them down my legs.  I was standing there now only in my boxers when he knelt before me.  He was on his knees now; my untouched cock waiting eagerly for his caressing touch.  He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and in one fluid motion, slid my boxers to the ground.  My hard erection stood out proudly as the god of my dreams knelt eagerly to taste me.

He took a tentative stroke around the head of my cock with his tongue.  I nearly fainted from the electrical charge that radiated through my body.  Never before had I experienced such a mind shattering explosion in my groin like this, and the night was only beginning.  He leaned into me, and swallowed the head of my cock into his mouth.  Had he not grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer, I would have fallen for sure.  My knees were nearly shaking, as the waves of pleasure cascaded through me.  He slowly began to knead my soft cheeks as he increased the suction on my cock.  He had taken nearly my whole cock in his mouth by this point, and I could feel the back of his throat massaging my engorged head.

I was getting into a very hot rhythm of feeding him my cock and him massaging my ass cheeks.  It's when he fingered my tight hole that my life changed forever.  The feelings I had when he first licked the tip of my cock now paled in comparison to the seismic explosions going off in my brain and nerve endings.  Never before had I felt so sexy, so completely aroused.  As he slid one finger inside me, he completely engulfed my cock.  As he knelt before me on his knees, he deep throated my entire cock into his mouth.  Out of nowhere, his finger hit this spot inside me that shook my entire body.  Uncontrollably, volley after volley of hot cum exploded from inside me.  I didn't even know it was coming, much less did I know how to stop it or even control it.  Not that it mattered, though, because for the moment I was in total bliss.

As I opened my eyes after my orgasm subsided, I looked into his eyes.  He seemed to be communicating again with his eyes.  They were so expressive and captivating, that I guessed he learned how to use them to get what he wants.  What he wanted was me, and he totally had me.

"Will you go down on me?" he whispered.
"No," I responded.  He looked at me with a slight look of disappointment and rejection.  "I've got something better saved for you," I said as I turned around and knelt on all fours.  I heard him sigh as his zipper slowly lowered and he stepped out of his pants.  His shirt was also quickly discarded as he joined me on the soft carpet of the video store floor.

He softly grasped my cheeks and slowly spread them apart.  I gasped sharply as I felt his tongue connect with my tight virgin hole.  It felt so good to have him doing those things to me.  I thought if I died right now, I might just be the happiest person who ever lived.  He continued working his magic with me, and little by little, my tight aperture began to relax.  At some point he slipped a finger back inside me.  This time his angle was much better, and he instantly hit my sweet spot.  I flung my head back and let out this moan that came from way down deep inside me.  He continued to use his tongue to keep me wet, but he soon slid another finger inside me.  I couldn't believe how full I felt, and how complete it made me.  He finger fucked me for a little longer, until I could stand no more.

"If you don't do it now," I panted, "I might just cum again before you start."

He just dove down for one more quick tongue bath to make sure that my hole was slick and ready.  I heard him spit in his palm and moisten his cock.  As he pushed the head inside me, I instantly tensed up and locked down with my muscles.  He responded by rubbing my shoulders and kissing my back with light little angel kisses.  I was soon the consistency of melted butter as he continued to work my back muscles and loosen me up.  This next time, he gently slid the head inside, and I just took a deep breath.  I closed my eyes and tried to picture the intensity of this erotic scene.  This god entering me and taking my virginity with his throbbing cock as I begged him for more.  Ok, that visualization sent chills through me and goosebumps spread all over my body.

I could feel him inching his way slowly inside me, but once he hit my sweet spot with his throbbing prick, I wanted him all inside me immediately.  I arched my back and flung my head back once again.  I cried out in this guttural noise that both excited and frightened me by its sheer animal carnality.  Pretty soon, he had reached his complete length inside me, and slowly started pulling out.  We built up a nice rhythm, and before I knew it, I was eagerly pushing into him.  I was bucking my hips into his thrashing groin as we began our lustful crescendo.  The pace quickened to an irregular series of thrusts and jerks, his fucking losing it rhythm and gentleness.  He continued to plow into my ass, and I bucked back against him harder and harder with each thrust.  We were both moaning and panting loudly now, and I could tell he couldn't hold out much longer.  He hooked his hands under my armpits to better hold onto me.  He continued to pound into me, our meeting flesh slapping in time to our torrent fucking.  He was starting to shout now, incoherent blasts of pleasure that his brain was expelling.  He suddenly wrapped his arms around the trunk of my body and buried himself into me one last time.  I could feel my insides being coated with his rich creamy cum.  That image enough was sufficient to push me over the edge another time.  My ass muscles clamped down around his still erect cock, swirling it in painful pleasure.  He cried out as I continued to milk his cock for every bit of its sweet nectar.  I could hear his ragged breathing in my ear, as I felt the orgasmic tidal wave sweep through me, charging my nerves with so much heat and energy that I felt I might combust at any moment.

"SIR!  Is this gonna be it for ya tonight?" he asked as he brought me crashing back to reality.

"Huh? Wha? Oh, yeah," I responded as I put my money up on the counter.

He quickly gave me my change as he said, "These are due back Monday night."

With that, I walked out of the video store and hopped in my car.  No movie can even compare with my over active imagination, I thought as I started the car and headed out of the parking lot.

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