NOTE: I wrote this a year and a half ago, the night after the events described actually took place. I haven’t decided to continue and write about what happened next and what is happening now - if you are interested email me at

I have just had the most amazing experience of my life. I’ve known I was gay - or at least, I lusted after guys big time! - for about a year now...and let me tell you, being gay and seventeen is really tough. At my age, nobody’s at a point in their life where they can admit their homosexuality, so you end up lusting and fantasizing about guys you’d never dream of putting the moves on in real life. But finally - after a year of knowing I was gay and wanting sex so bad it hurt, I’ve found someone...but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ve known Colin since our freshman year, but never very well. (I know, you know now who I finally had sex with. Oh well. The story is good, so listen.) He was in my PE class freshman year, and we kind of hit it off because we’re both not the athletic type. I’m pretty strong, so I do okay in somethings, but I’m totally uncoordinated. And Colin is kind of small - he’s probably only about 5’6 or 7, maybe 130lbs. What he does have is well developed - muscles, I mean - but no one would call Colin a bodybuilder! He’s got a head that’s a little too big for his body, with wide brown eyes and a serious expression. He dresses well, but his hair is never quite combed - it’s very fine, brown hair and it falls into his eyes a lot. But neither of us were good in PE, so we kind of became acquaintances when we made fun of everything. That’s when I found out that Colin - unlike just about every other boy my age - has an intelligent sense of humour. In fact, our jokes widened later that year as we began to talk about other stuff as well - and I found out that Colin is not only funny, but intelligent and a good talker. Again, I had never found a guy my age who was willing to talk about more than football or girls or whatever. Colin and I talked about what we were reading in English - we both really liked To Kill a Mockingbird. We talked about other books we’ve read - I found that he read a lot, like I did.

That was the extent of our friendship. The next year, our sophomore year, we only nodded at each other in the hall. I didn’t have any classes with him, and so we basically lost touch. At this point, of course, I was dealing with being attracted to guys and trying to figure out who I was - and I remember one night having a dream about him. It’s weird - I very rarely remember my dreams, so when I do I figure it’s probably important. In my dream Colin and I kissed. That was all. But I hadn’t thought about him in so long - it was very weird, and I always wondered what I meant, if it meant anything at all other than just my subconscious dragging up another wet dream fantasy.

At the end of my sophomore year a good friend of mine - someone who, like Colin and I, reads a lot and likes to talk about bigger stuff - became friends with him. I saw Colin a little bit at the end of the year through Renee, and I noticed for the first time that he was really kind of attractive. Before I had been attracted to guys that were older than I was - seniors and college guys - but I found myself attracted to this little, undersized but very beautiful sophomore. But I’m attracted to just about every man under the sun, so I didn’t really think about it, except to remember my dream and wonder.

Junior year. Junior year is the first year you can take an Honours English class at my high school, and both Colin, Renee and I were in it. We sat near each other, and I found myself getting to know Colin again. He always had intelligent things to say, and, although we didn’t agree about everything, we began make class discussions into Colin/Nathan discussions. Our teacher had to chastise us about monopolising the conversation! About mid-year we read The Scarlet Letter, and Colin, Renee and I had our first study group. It was at her house, and we discovered that the three of us really clicked - we complimented each other intellectually in a way I hadn’t experienced when just two of us talked. I had always enjoyed having serious discussions with Renee and Colin separately, but together we really had some amazing ideas. So we began meeting regularly to talk about what we were reading. It was about the middle of my junior year that I really finally realised I was gay. I told Renee, but I didn’t want to make it a big deal, so I didn’t tell anyone else, and neither did she. Sometimes I would verge on that subject when we had our discussions - and I thought a few times that maybe Colin wanted to talk about the same thing - but it never came up in an obvious way.

About this time I became more than just passingly attracted to Colin. Like I said, I find just about anything with a penis attractive at a base level, but mid-junior year my attraction to Colin moved from “wow, he’s pretty good-looking” to a really strong attraction. Part of this strong attraction was that my lust for Colin was combined with an appreciation - even a love - for his mind and for who he was as a person. I found myself really falling in love with him. He was smart, he and I “connected” in a way that I’d never connected with a guy before. I was in anguish - I didn’t really want to tell Renee because I suspected that she may also harbour a more-than-friendship desire for Colin. And I didn’t want to jeopardize my friendship with him by alluding to how I felt. I still enjoyed our discussions, but I also dreaded them - it was hard to be in the same room with him, to feel such a closeness and yet to want so much more and be afraid of what would happen if I made a move to get it. I almost avoided Colin at the end of my junior year, because it hurt so much.

Senior year dawned - now I was in AP English with both he and Renee. We had our first discussion of the year - Howard’s End, a book that both Colin and Renee and I adored. This was what we’d always believed - personal relationships were the supreme thing in life. At this point in our friendships and in our lives, what the book talked about really resonated for us. At one point Renee and I were talking on the phone, and after one thing and another came up I asked her about her feelings for Colin.

“You know, it’s weird.” she said. “Last year I thought I was in love with him. This year - it’s gone. Completely. I still love being with him, our discussions are the highlights of my week. I’m so thankful that my crush on him didn’t injure our friendship.” I said something about how that was good. There was a brief silence. “You like him, don’t you?” she asked.

I was a little confused for a minute, so I resorted to joking. “No, Renee, I secretly hate him. Deep down I despise him.” I said in a sinister voice. She laughed, and came back serious.

“No really. I don’t know, maybe I’m reading more into this than I should - but do you...I don’t know. Are you in love with him? I know that’s maybe putting it a bit strong. Maybe I shouldn’t ask you this.”

“No, that’s okay” I said. “You’’re very perceptive. I am...I mean, I do really like a romantic way.” I said sheepishly.

“I thought so. Have you told him?” she asked.

“No. No, I’m so frightened of what would happen if I did.” I said. “I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship. He’s probably straight anyway.”

“I don’t know.” was all Renee said. That was all that occurred until just a week ago. It was a Friday night and we had met at Colin’s house to talk about A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But we were all three tired from a week of school, and needed to clear our heads.

“Let’s go for a walk!” Renee suggested.

“It’s raining pretty hard,” Colin protested, but Renee and I, with our love for the rain, convinced him to come with us. We put on our coats, but left our heads bare.

Soon we were running down his street, laughing and singing and probably waking up his neighbors. It was mid November and there was a chilly wind that drove the rain right into our faces. Our hair was soaked - plastered down on our faces. Colin kept pushing his up out of the way, a move which always made my heart skip a beat for some reason. I could hardly see because my glasses were fogged up and covered with water.

“Take them off!” Colin suggested, and in a mock strip-tease I removed my glasses. They were small wire frames and fit neatly in my pocket. Colin looked at me for a minute.

“You look different without them. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen you without your glasses.”

“He looks like a fish,” joked Renee who had known me since I was nine years old, before I had them. I pushed her good naturedly and she ran screaming down the sidewalk.

Finally after about an hour we headed back inside, panting and laughing and soaking wet. It was about eleven o’clock, and Renee had to leave - she was seeing a movie with another friend of hers at 11:30. So she very quickly dried off her hair and headed home to change.

As Colin and I came back into his house after seeing Renee to her car, I realised that I had never been at his house alone with him before. Maybe for about five minutes while we waited for Renee, but never like this. No one was home - his parents were out of town - and his house was dark and forbidding. I thought with longing and fear of the prospect of spending time alone with him - I’d made it a point to always have someone with us because it made me hurt to be alone with him, wanting him so badly and yet so afraid of my desires. But here we were.

“I hope Renee makes it home okay,” Colin said. “It’s really pouring out there.”

All of a sudden the light we had turned on in his front room blinked off. From across the street we could see all of the houses go dark and the streetlights blink out.

“Power outage,” I said, and in the dark, Colin turned to me and grinned.

“I love it when the power goes out.” he said mischievously. “I’ll go find the candles.”

I was still standing in the middle of his living room, dripping wet. Colin returned in a minute with two candles and some matches. He lit them, and set them on the coffee table.

“Everything looks better by candlelight,” he said, and looked up at me. My heart leaped into my mouth. I wanted to cry - here we were in possibly the most romantic setting ever and I couldn’t say a word for fear of how I might spoil our friendship.

Colin was fumbling with their old radio, and he finally found a newstation, which was talking about the storm.

“...flash flood warnings are up for all of Mierton County. Power is out over much of the county. Residents are advised to beware of falling power lines and trees...” the man continued, and Colin turned to look at me.

“I don’t want you driving home in this,” he said, knowing that I would have to cross the river to get home, a river which often flooded quickly in storms. I nodded.

“I wouldn’t feel too safe,” I said, both dreading and hoping that he would ask me to stay the night.

“Why don’t you stay here? I don’t really want to stay alone in an empty house during a storm anyway.” He grinned. “I’m a coward.”

“Okay...” I said.

“Great!” He said. “I’ll go find the flashlights. Why don’t you build a fire.”

My boy scout days had taught me well. I quickly built a fire in Colin’s fireplace, and then looked out the window at the scene. All of a sudden I heard of roar and a flash. Lightning!

Soon Colin had joined me at the window. For a few minutes we stood in awe at the beautiful sight of a violent storm, knowing that there was a warm fire behind us.

“That’s a sight, isn’t it?” he murmured, and I nodded.


After awhile he broke the spell. “Nice fire!” he complimented me, turning.

“I was a boy scout once. And a brownie. Until some brat got scared!” I said, quoting from Rent, one of my favourite musicals.

Colin gave me a look. “You know Rent?” he asked.

I nodded, chastising myself. Even that could be a tip-off. On the other hand, it probably wouldn’t surprise him - he knew I was a Broadway fan.

“That’s one of the only musicals I like!” he said. I had tried to get Colin to listen to some of my favourites - Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lerner and Lowe, Stephen Sondheim - with little success.

“Really? I didn’t peg you as a Rent-head.” I said. Colin smiled sheepishly.

“Yeah, can never tell.” He said, and went off to find a kerosene lantern.

I began to wonder about all of Colin’s errands to various parts of his house. It seemed that he was trying to stay away from me for some reason. Could he suspect that I love him? I wondered fearfully. He came back in a minute and set the lantern on the table.

“It’s pitch-dark upstairs. Do you mind if we camp here for the night?”

“No problem” I said, knowing that it would mean both of us sleeping in close proximity. I wondered if I could handle it.

Suddenly I had a horrible thought - I would have to undress in front of him! It filled me with a deep desire and horrible fear. I knew if he undressed in front of me I couldn’t control my erection - already it was rising - and I had a pretty large one. What if he saw it? What would I do? I cursed myself and the storm for putting me in this position.

“Well...” Colin broke into my thoughts. There was a long silence while I wondered what he would say next.

He laughed. “We’re both standing here sopping wet. You must be freezing. Some host I am, huh?” He chuckled again, and I half-heartedly joined in. “I’ll run upstairs quick and find something for you to put on. And get a change of clothes for me. And some towels.”

I laughed at the serious expression on his face.

“Colin McSkinner - your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to brave the perils of the storm and make the arduous climb up your stairs to find and claim some changes of clothes and towels before the clock strikes midnight.” I looked at my watch - it was 11:57. “It’s three to twelve. This message will self-destruct in ten seconds!”

He grinned, and raced up the stairs, brandishing his flashlight. I had reverted to joking again to hide my feelings of anxiety. But I was scared stiff. Colin’s friendship had become so important to me over the last year or so - I couldn’t stand the idea that I might jeopardize it.

He returned and I checked my watch - 12:00 straight up.

“You have succeeded!” I said before he could speak. He kind of laughed.

“Not quite. I forgot that tonight is laundary night. Everything’s in the wash.”

I was stunned. “You mean-”

“All I could find was a pair of sweat bottoms, a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.” He laughed. “And they’re mine, so they’re small. I doubt we’d both fit in them.”

Shit, I thought. The gods were conspiring against me. They were putting me in the most intimate settings possible only to laugh at me. I groaned inwardly as I laughed with him.

“Hmm. Well I guess we will be getting intimate tonight,” I joked, instantly fearful that he would take the remark the way I intended it - which I didn’t want. But he too laughed.

“We’re all out of towels, too. My mom only does the wash when she feels like it - so while she’s doing it there’s nothing in the house. Under regular circumstances we could get something cleaned, but with the power outage...”

I nodded.

“Here.” he handed me the folded clothes. “Put these on.”

“What are you going to do?”

He grinned. “I’ll just have to be wet for awhile I guess. Until I dry off.”

“That’s not fair. Why don’t you...”there was no good way to do this. If I took the sweat bottoms my penis would poke out through them obviously, giving away my erection. And if I took the boxers and t-shirt I would have the same problem.

“Well, we can start by drying this stuff off. I’ll grab a couple of blankets, and we can dry our wet clothes - and ourselves by the fire.”

He disappeared again, and for one moment I let myself believe that the reason he was on constant errands was because he felt the same way about me that I did about him. But I banished that thought from my head.

Colin returned with two oversized blankets. He handed me one.

“Here. I’ll change in the bathroom.”

I realised then that Colin was as modest as I was. Any other guy would have just stripped down in front of me. But he didn’t - was this because he really was modest, or did he have the same fears I did?

Slowly I stripped off my wet clothes. As I knew would happen, my dick soared up to its full height - seven and a half inches. My balls, with my pubic hair slicked down and wet, hung loose like two jewels. I draped the blanket over my shoulders, and laid my wet jeans and t-shirt by the fire. I didn’t know what to do with my underwear - I had worn bikini briefs as I usually did, and didn’t know how Colin would react to those. In a moment of daring, I laid them out by the fire. I figured that Colin was too polite to say anything.

He returned, the huge blanket wrapped many times around him so it was impossible to make out any inch of his body except one hand, his head and his bare feet. But my penis throbbed as I realised that he was naked - and we were alone in a fire-lit room.

I swallowed, and laughed. “You look like a marshmallow or something.” I, too, had wrapped my blanket so as to hide my raging boner. Colin grinned, and laid his own wet jeans, shirt and boxers next to mine. I sat down on the couch, and he joined me.

“I guess we could just forget about the clothes - if you’re okay sleeping in the buff.” It was the most suggestive thing he’d ever said, and I was thankful for the blanket’s folds.

“No problem by me. I...” my erection was making me bold. “I sleep naked most of the time.”

There. I’d said it. There was silence and I held my breath waiting for him to say something.

“So do I.”

So. Now what do we do? I asked myself. I forbade myself from thinking of Colin sleeping naked, knowing that I would have to restrain myself from wildly throwing my naked body against him.

Colin was quiet too. “I’m cold,” he said, and I nodded. He moved up, and stood with his back toward me, facing the fire.

After a moment, he opened his blanket. His back was toward me, so all I could see was a large blanket and Colin’s head sticking out from the top. My eyes bulged. My breath quickened. I was more aroused than I’d ever been, and I contemplated joining him and seeing what would happen.

“Come over by the fire,” he said. “It’s warmer.

Uncertainly I moved to behind him, not daring to look over his shoulder. I stared into the fire, hoping that my blanket was still draped in way to conceal the penis that I knew must be eight inches long by now.

“You’re going to have to move closer to feel any heat.” He temporarily shut his blanket and moved over to give room to me. I moved in beside him, wondering if he would open the blanket again.

“I’m still sopping wet” I said.

“So am I.” Colin answered. He dropped his blanket off of his shoulders, and held it at his waist, so that I couldn’t see below his hands. But I did get a good look at Colin’s chest for the first time.

I shut my eyes with desire. The image of Colin standing next to me, eyes on the fire, with the glimmer of firelight reflected off of his strong, totally smooth, brown chest was almost more than I could take.

“This is much better,” he said, and I followed suit, making sure to hide my pelvic regions as he, in his modesty, had done. He looked over at me.

“You’ve been working out,” he said, and I almost came right there. I had been working out - my chest was now well defined, my nipples hard in the cold. The little trail of chest hair stood at attention, and my arms were covered with goose bumps.

I noticed that Colin was breathing hard. I also noticed that he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of my chest. With an erection the size of the Empire State Building, I became reckless. I turned my back to the fire, and, angled so he couldn't see the front of me, dropped my blanket to my ankles, exposing my round, hard ass.

I heard Colin swallow, and I wondered if he was looking at me. I knew I had an ass to be proud of - round, but not huge, very firm.

“The fire feels good on my back,” I said breathlessly, almost too breathlessly. Colin was silent. Suddenly I felt his hands on my back.

“You look tense,” he said, as he rubbed my back with his muscular hands. I knew Colin gave good back rubs - Renee had raved about them - and now I experienced it for myself. Yet there was something different in his touch - almost as if he was begging to massage more of my body. I heard his blanket drop to the floor. Colin was standing close enough to me that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck - he was breathing hard. Suddenly I felt something - a little brief nudge - on my butt cheek.

“Sorry,” he whispered, and I realised what I had felt had been his penis - he had an erection.

In a moment my world changed. Where for the last half hour had I had been consumed with fear that I Colin would be offended by my feelings for him, I now realised that he may return them. I was still too paralyzed to act for a minute. Then I turned my head enough so that he could hear my voice, but I couldn’t see him.

“Want to switch?” I asked him, my voice taut with anticipation.

“Yes,” he whispered, and I heard him turn around.

Then I turned around, and got my first look at Colin’s ass. It was round - very small, was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. Brown, smooth...I wanted to bend and kiss it, but I restrained myself, and set my hands on his muscular shoulders.

I was not an expert in giving back rubs, but I wasn’t really interested in giving Colin one. I began by kneading his back, but then I began to move down and rub his spine and lower back. I could hear him breathing harder as I lowered my hands further. Finally they were at the base of his back, where his ass began. I paused for a minute, and then cupped his ass in my hands. Then, ever so gently, I lowered my lips to the back of his neck, and laid them there.

I heard his breathing stop. I had arched my own back so to keep my growing cock from brushing against him, but now that I had my mouth on his neck I couldn’t arch much further - and I slowly pressed my pelvis to the small of his back, with my balls brushing his anus. I pulled my arms from his ass, and threaded them through his arms, around his front, feeling the muscular smoothness of his chest. I pressed my body closer, inhaling his scent - wet hair, sweat, desire. I knew then that I would not be a virgin by morning.

I moved my lips to the side of his neck, just below his earlobe, and kissed him. Then I felt his hand come around and take the back of my neck, and press my head in closer. It was the first response I’d had from him, and I treasured it. I moved my pelvis a little so that he would feel the fullness of my eight inches against his back, and I began to run my hands around his pecs, caressing his nipples. He moaned very quietly, and reached his other hand back to grip my own ass.

I jumped with desire as I felt his hand on my ass. He began to feel it, kneading and exploring my butt cheek. As I began to grind my penis against him, I felt his hands and fingers come closer to my anus, and flick across it. I pressed my penis harder into him and grunted. I wanted him desperately - in every orifice I had, my mouth, my ass...I wanted to fill myself with him, to possess him completely. I whispered his name. “Colin...”

My mouth became more active, hungrily exploring his neck and ears, the back of his head. I felt a surge inside of me - of the rightness of what we were doing. It felt to right to be standing here in the dark, by the light of the fire, finding an intimate side of Colin that I had never seen before. To explore his smooth body with my hands and my mouth, to know that he was feeling my penis pressing into him. I wanted to express to him how I felt.

My hands suddenly swooped down to his front. I gripped his cock in between my fingers. I was instantly surprised at his size - Colin was at least as large as I was. I guess I had thought that since he was smaller than I was that his cock would match. I was delighted to be proved wrong. I felt his fleshy manhood between my fingers, and he groaned again a little bit louder. His fingers returned to my anus, and began to make their way inside. I moaned, and pressed myself as hard as I could against him, gripping his cock hard with my hands and feeling the blood pulse through him. I wanted to melt into him - to get as close to him as is humanly possible.

I began to rhythmically rub my penis up and down in his crack, feeling his butt cheeks pull me in. I began to grunt as I did so, my animal instincts taking over. Colin responded by suddenly pushing three of his fingers totally up my ass. I cried out in pain and agony, but he didn’t give in. He pushed them in even farther, and I pressed myself even closer to him, feeling the sweat from my front and from his back mingle and seal us closer together. I began to grunt louder as he played with my anus and as I gripped his cock even harder. He began to moan loudly, crying out my name at intervals. I knew he was close, I could feel his balls contracting.

Suddenly he whipped around, our skin making a slick sound as it was ripped apart. He pressed himself in close to me so that his penis poked me in the bellybutton, and, keeping his fingers squarely in my ass, kissed me hard on the lips. Suddenly he was cumming - he began to practically scream out my name as his whole hand began to thrust up into my body and his cum spilled all over my stomach and fell on either side of my huge penis to the floor. His lips pulled mine open, and he passionately tasted me. His other hand found the back of my head and pushed my mouth against his. I lodged my hands on his buttcheaks and pressed him into me, his penis slipping off to the side, splatered in cum against my stomach. I noticed with satisfaction that he wasn’t finished - the boy was still pumping it out. He grunted in agony as the last precious drops of his juice splattered onto my body. His cum had made a path down my stomach into my pubic hair at the base of my penis, then spilling into two rivers and falling down the sides of my crotch and onto our feet below. I separated my mouth from his, and he pulled his hands from my crotch. I flung my mouth down his body in one swift motion, leaving a trail of saliva as I took his cockhead in my mouth and sucked the last drops. Then I moved my mouth down his leg to his toes. Colin sat down on the hearth and I lifted his feet, finding that having his cum-covered toes in my mouth was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced.

Finally I looked up, and for the first time found myself looking at Colin’s cock. I had jacked him off without looking at his magnificent tool. It was at least seven inches long, and very thin - I had known this when I felt it. He was cut, and his head was sizably bigger than the rest of him. His head glowed red from where it had spewed out his manjuice. His was blessed with a thin dusting of dark wiry pubic hair, but his balls were almost totally smooth. His glorious tool was still throbbing, and I could see that even his powerful organism hadn’t completed him - he was ready for more.

I, of course, who hadn’t come, was ready to explode, and I stood up. Colin drunk in my cock for the first time - eight inches of pulsing manhood. My cock is extremely red when I am aroused - not just the pinkish colour that most guys get, but a real tomato red. Colin reached out and pulled me into him, his mouth hungrily devouring my penis. I grabbed the back of his head, and pumped faster and faster until I came, spurting and spurting and spurting, filling his mouth with the juice that had been begging to be released. As much as he tried, Colin couldn’t take it all, and my thick fluid spilled out of him, and dripped down his chin where it fell onto his hard cock. The sight of my semen on Colin’s hard cock sent me through the roof, and just when I thought I had finished a fresh load of juice reared up and I came again and again, more cum falling to Colin’s manhood.

Finally after I had stopped, he took my penis out of my mouth. I could see that his mouth was still filled with my cum. Then he did something amazing. He bent down, and licked the last drips of my cum from off his own cock. I was amazed. He then pulled my head down to his lap, with his penis sticking in my ear, and kissed me passionately. Suddenly my mouth was filled with my own cum, and it was hard to tell whose tongue was whose. I reached up and caressed his face. We kissed for ten minutes, I swear, as slowly my dick began to revive and stand up right.

Finally Colin broke our lip lock, a string of cum still connecting us for a brief moment.

“Wanna try again?” He said mischievously, and I threw myself to the ground, and, positioning my face in between his legs, took his balls in my mouth. I rolled them eagerly in my mouth, my hands running up and down Colin’s legs, feeling the dark hair. He leaned back, his eyes closed, his little moans indicating the intense pleasure I was giving him.

Slowly I worked my tongue to the base of his now hard cock. I circled it, bit down slightly with my teeth. It sent him through the roof.

“Let me fuck you...” he said breathlessly, his hand resting on the top of my head. I brought my head up from his crotch.


“Let me fuck you up the ass.” He looked at me intensely. “Hmmm?”

I grinned; nodded. Colin knelt down with me, inches from my face and kissed me. I turned, and bent over the edge of the hearth, my hard round ass sticking up in the air; my cock finding the rag rug that lay on the hearth invigorating. Colin spit on his hands and rubbed them together. Then he carefully lubricated my ass with his spit, letting his fingers slide in and out gently. He spit on his hands again, and this time rubbed them down his hard cock. I could hear the sound - it almost made me cum.

Then - slowly, his positioned his head at the entrance to my ass. Gently pushed against it a few times, letting a few drops of pre-cum drip down inside me. I groaned.

“Just get your cock inside me!” I begged, my eyes shut with expectation. I heard him laugh quietly. “Wait a minute. I want to make sure you’re ready.”

He kept nudging my ass with his cock, teasing me. I laughed. “Good God, Colin, give me some satisfaction!” I begged. He laughed again. I felt his cock head inside my hole, felt it enlarge to take him. Then, slowly, he pushed his way into me. I broke out in cold sweat from the combination of pain and pleasure. Every time he made an advance I would tense and whimper a little bit.

“Easy does it,” he said quietly. “Just relax.” I tried, and had a much easier time as his cock slowly entered me. Finally he was in. He pulled in and out a little, and I was awash with an incredibly intense feeling of pleasure. I clenched my ass hard, and I could tell he was pleased as he moaned my name. He pulled out further, and then back in. With each thrust his cries grew a little louder. He prodded twice more and then pulled out entirely. Suddenly, I felt his entire seven inches invade my ass. I gave a cry, half scream, half sob, half moan. Colin moaned my name and grabbed my shoulders, gripping them tightly. He then withdrew his cock halfway and plunged it in again with an inhuman grunt of satisfaction and desire.

“Oh my God!” I breathed, scarcely able to believe the pleasure and pain I was feeling. “Keep...Going!” I grunted, almost unable to talk between his intense thrusts.

Colin continued to plunge his cock in and out of my ass. I began to writhe on the hearth, and he gripped my shoulders tighter. I heard him panting like a dog, scarcely able to control himself. Tears formed at my eyes. “Oh my God, Colin, Oh my God!”I kept repeating. I wanted to feel every inch of his body on or in every inch of mine - I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anything in the world. I felt my cock rise, and Colin reached one hand down and grabbed it with a force that made me practically scream. Now he was riding me like a fucking bronco, and making like he wanted to tear my cock from my body as he pulled and pulled and violently rubbed his thumb over the head. I was panting, tears were dripping down my face mingling with sweat and Colin was getting pretty loud. I could feel his balls slap against my butt. I knew he was close - knew we were both close.

We came at practically the same instant, our orgasms resulting in some strange kind of primal noise from both of us. Colin started cussing like a sailor as the intense feelings washed over him, but all words had left my mind and I could only make noises as I felt his hot juice pump through my body. I imagined it mixing with my blood, invading every part of me. My cum flew out from cock with a vengeance, shooting everywhere, and when Colin pulled his hand away and licked his fingers, I saw that I had covered it with my juice.

He withdrew very slowly, and when he was finally out of me we collapsed onto the floor, in each others arms, scarcely able to move. We lay like that for forty-five minutes or so, catching our breath and stroking and kissing each other very slowly and gently.

“Do you think you could ever fall in love with me?” Colin asked very quietly. I grinned, and kissed him again, pushing his lips open and moving my tongue inside his mouth. I caressed his hair, damp with sweat. I was addicted to our smell - cum and sweat and hair and skin all mingling together. I reached my hand around to his back and traced three letters on his skin - “Y - E - S”. I could feel Colin smile as we kissed, and his finger found my back. “I” he wrote, then two lines that I took to be a heart, and then “Y - O - U”. We carried on a bit of a lover’s conversation this way, until finally we grew tired. I pulled a blanket over us, and we snuggled down in front of the fire, blissfully happy for now.

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