Part Two

Due to much positive response, I am going to continue our story. I’ve reconstructed what happened as nearly as I remember it - it wasn’t too long ago, and most of it is pretty fresh in my mind. The conversation, of course, has been largely reconstructed, but is not too far off, I think, from what was actually said. I have tried to capture the way we both talk, even if I don’t remember the exact words that were spoken. I’ve love to hear from you -

The night I figured out that Colin was gay literally changed my life. Suddenly I was able to accept myself and my sexuality in a whole different way - I wasn’t just gay “theoretically”, but gay definitely. I had wondered, in the back of my mind, if maybe sex wouldn’t be one huge disappointment. I was elated to discover that it wasn’t! Sex with Colin had been incredibly fulfilling, and had felt so right.

I didn’t sleep very well that night - not only because we were sleeping on the floor, but because I was too elated and too in love with the fact that I had a beautiful naked boy sleeping beside me. I was intoxicated by him, and rather frightened by the intensity of my delight. I woke up from a light slumber at about three o’clock, and found Colin’s head resting in the crook of my neck, his arms wrapped around my torso and one leg thrown over my body. I turned slightly, bringing my arms around him and pulling him close. He stirred slightly and his mouth opened, but he didn’t wake up.

I didn’t want him to wake up - not yet. For now I just wanted to hold him and breathe in his scent and think about the fact that, right now anyway, he was mine in a way another human being had never been mine before. Colin wasn’t just my friend anymore - he was my lover. I had his seed inside my body; I carried a part of him in me. He had been in me - his most intimate parts had been shared with my most intimate parts. The thought of the supreme intimacy of what we had done overwhelmed me.

Suddenly I was desperately frightened. What had we done? I didn’t know if Colin had been a virgin or not - but I had been. Now I wasn’t - I had given up a very important part of myself to him. Our friendship had, in the span of a few hours, taken a radical turn - from pure pleasure in the other’s company to an acknowledged desire for the other’s body. And Colin had mentioned love.

This frightened me more than anything else. What if he fell in love with me? Scarier yet, what if I fell in love with him? I was somehow aware that what I felt for Colin - this supreme attraction, both to his body and to who he was as a person - to his mind, to his personality - somehow, I knew this wasn’t really Love. Love, I realized, took time - it couldn’t suddenly come into being after one passionate night together.

If this was all I had to deal with - the fact that Colin and I had become lovers and now had acknowledged a physical side to our attraction - it might be different. But Colin wasn’t just looking for me to satisfy his physical desires. He wanted a real relationship - he wanted, I assumed, to take the time to fall in love with me.

I wasn’t sure what this meant. True, Colin was even now “mine” in a very special way, but, also, he was not mine. I didn’t know him yet - not really. I imagined what life would be like if Colin and I had known each other intimately for a year - for two or three. That would be a completely different feeling than this intense desire we felt now. I knew that I did not love him - yet. And I knew that growing to love him would mean something pretty powerful in my life - for someone who had never been in love in that way before. I wasn’t sure if I was up to it.

He stirred in his sleep again - he looked even more like a little boy when he slept. His pouty lips protruded a little and his hair fell into his face. He moved his head slightly, and I felt his cheek against my chest. A little bit of drool fell onto me.

Oh boy. I wanted him - boy, did I ever want that boy something fierce. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have him fall in love with me, or if I wanted to fall in love with him. That would mean a kind of dependence on each other I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up the sun was coming up and Colin was kissing me. He was hard, and his cock was wedged in between my legs, underneath my balls. He was moving back and forth, letting the friction of my legs and leg hair bring him closer to an orgasm.

I responded to his kiss and placed my hands on his back and on the back of his head. He moaned a little and pulled me on top of him. My cock began to rise, but it was stuck in between our bodies. He felt the additional pressure and reached down in between us to pull it up. Now my cock was pointed up, wedged against our abdomens. I began to rub it against him, delighting in the feeling of his skin against my cock head and shaft.

It seemed to arouse him too, for he began to push his pecker a little bit faster in between my legs. His tongue pushed a little bit deeper into my mouth.

I pulled my mouth away after a moment and began to kiss his nose, his chin, his neck. He moaned softly, pulling me into him. My tongue found the soft spot in his collarbone and I pretended I was drinking from it. Then I was on his chest bone, and wetting it with my saliva. I moved downward, his cock poking me in the balls and then, as I moved to accommodate it, slapping up against his abdomen. I had moved so that I could explore his pecs with my mouth, so I could feel his cock on my stomach.

I took one of his nipples in my mouth and teased it with my tongue. I could tell from Colin’s response that this was a pleasing sensation. I spent five minutes or more just slightly touching his nipple with my tongue - it became rock hard and Colin began to be insistent for more satisfaction. I then put my lips to his pec and sucked hard, bringing a bit of his pec into my mouth. I got a louder indication of pleasure from Colin, and an increased pressure on my stomach. I rolled my tongue around his nipple, feeling the softness of it. I bit, ever so slightly, down on his nipple and he arched his back. For a moment I was afraid I’d hurt him, but the sudden presence of his hands on my ass, pressing me assured me that his noise and action had been pleasure, not pain. I did it again and again he responded in kind. Again - a little bit harder.

“Oh God, Nathan” he moaned. I reached my hand down to his cock and gave it a hard squeeze as I bit on his nipple again. “Oh God” he moaned again, and his fingers came closer to my asshole.

I came up from his nipple and let my tongue trace around his chest bone. I couldn’t resist pulling back for a moment and looking at his perfection - such a smooth brown chest, not heavily muscular, but virile looking. The skin was pulled taught over the pectorals, two little hills topped by the points of his now rock hard nipples. I pressed my forehead against his chest and inhaled. There was that smell - that distinctly-Colin smell I had grown familiar with so quickly. I pulled my tongue along his ribcage, to his sides, to his pelvis. I bit very softly on the beginnings of his ass cheek and he arched his back again in pleasure. Obviously this guy liked a little bit of gentle pain along with his pleasure.

I pushed myself up on my elbows, and surveyed the sight in front of me. I had pulled myself down so that my face was slightly below his crotch, and now I had the pleasure of seeing it loom in front of me. Colin’s cock was my shrine, seven-and-a-half inches of masculine glory. His head - much bigger than the shaft - was throbbing in anticipation, and a few glistening drops of precum sat on his head. His back was slightly arched, his smooth abdomen leading up to the wonders of his perfect chest. His head was thrown back, and I was suddenly incredibly aroused by the sight of his adam’s apple, moving as he swallowed hard in his arousement.

I gently took one of Colin’s nuts in my mouth. This had been a big turnoff for him last night, and today was no different. I rolled it around, liking the way it felt in my mouth. I took the other one in too, rolling them around together like two big marbles. Colin had nice size to his nuts, they barely fit in my mouth together and I had to open pretty wide to get them both in. I was amazed at the taste of his scrotum - the sweat and sex of him were overpowering in my mouth. I pressed my nose down on his shaft, and then began to lightly touch the base of his cock with my nose. I could smell it, and this combined taste/scent sensation caused me bring my hands to my own cock and touch it. I was more aroused than I’d been in a long time.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked at it for all I was worth.

“Don’t...stop...” Colin panted, and I didn’t. I pulled and prodded his cock with my tongue, sucked and tasted for all I was worth. I grazed my teeth over his head, which nearly sent him through the roof. Soon he was sitting up, and fucking my face hard.

“Yes...oh god yes...oh god...” Colin kept saying and I could tell he was close to climax. It didn’t take long - my extensive exploration of his body had readied him for an intense orgasm, and soon it was on him, his mouth opening in high-pitched cries, his eyes squeezed shut, his toes curled up, and his hands on my head, begging me to keep going until he had pumped all of his cum into me.

When I had sucked the last drops of cum from Colin’s subsiding cock, I pulled my mouth from his cock and came back to kiss him. Our bodies pressed together, I began to rub my cock against him. I wanted to be in him - I wanted to fill him the way he had filled me. I pulled down slightly and pressed my cock head against his ass. My hands were on his thighs, slowly pulling them apart. Then I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m not ready for that yet.”

I was disappointed, but tried not to show it as he pulled my cock into his mouth. Soon my disappointment was lost in feelings of total bliss as his mouth went to work on my cock. My arousement was high, and I put my hands on the back of his head, fucking his face hard. I worried, briefly, about causing him to gag on my eight inch piece of meat, but soon my orgasm was upon me and all such thoughts were lost as I felt one of the most intense climaxes of my seventeen years. My cum seemed to be gushing through my entire body, filling me with the most intense feelings of pleasure. The idea that this same cum was entering into Colin’s body filled me with desire and I suddenly hit another round of spasms, more white fluid pumping out of my body and filling Colin’s mouth, dripping down his face. When I was finally spent he lay back, exhausted, and I lay down next to him, stroking his face and kissing his chin, his chest, finally his mouth. We lay like that for several minutes, gathering the strength to speak. It was easier to just let our bodies communicate. But I knew that Colin and I were both verbal people, much more adept at expressing ourselves through words than through action. It wasn’t long before he stopped, and smiled at me.

“What a night.” It seemed the only thing to say, and I laughed as we both smiled in goofy expressions of delight.

“Have you ever done any of this before?” I asked.

“No. Never. I’ve fantasized about it a lot - a LOT!” he grinned, and gave my shoulder a squeeze. “Have you?”

“No,” I said, “but would you believe that I’ve fantasized about you for almost a year?”

“If you’d believe that I’ve fantasized about you since our freshman year.”

“Really?” I was surprised - Colin had always been reserved, but I couldn’t believe he’d been harboring feelings for me for that long without showing them.

“Yeah. I mean, I fantasized about just about every guy at school then. But this last year, my fantasies have increasingly been about you, and just you.”

I smiled, stroking his hair. “Would you tell me all these fantasies?”

Colin laughed. “Someday.” He sat up, looking at the clock, having forgotten it was not working, due to the power outage from the night before.

“Looks like we still have no power” he said. Last night’s storm had stopped, and the day was fine.

“Do you want some breakfast?” he asked me, and I nodded. “I don’t know what we’ll have. Hopefully they’ll get the power up and running soon, but until then...”

I nodded, knowing he wouldn’t want to open the refrigerator, nor could we toast or microwave anything.

“There’s fruit on the counter.” Colin said, and I took an apple and sat on a stool in his kitchen. He found some glasses and poured water. The idea that I was sitting in his kitchen - stark naked, crusted with our cum - while he busied around, also naked, was amazing to me. I was glad the counter hid my rising erection. I wasn’t sure I was ready to have it tackled so soon after our last match.

“Colin,” I began, a little uncertain how to begin. He looked at me and grinned.

“You look serious. I can’t get used to the fact that you’re sitting in my kitchen naked. I like it though”

“Me too.”

“We should do this more often” he joked and handed me a glass of water. He leaned across the counter, his hair falling into his face.

“So what’s up?” he asked, giving me a quizzical look.

“Well...I don’t know.”

“Oh.” He looked wary. “I think I know what this is about.”


Colin was no dummy. He knew me well enough to know that I would need to talk things out with him before we proceeded.

He groaned. “Can’t we just enjoy sex? I’ve never been with a guy. Or a girl, for that matter. This is all so new for me - can’t we just enjoy it?”

“I did enjoy it.”

“Well, good. That makes two of us anyway.”

“But I...oh geez, this is tougher than I thought it would be.”

“Then don’t.”

“What do you think I’m going to say?” I asked.

“That you don’t love me.” He looked me in the eye, as if to challenge me.

“And if that’s true?”

He turned away. I could barely hear his response: “Does it matter?”

“Does it?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“It’s all too new, don’t you see? I don’t know how to act around you - not now. And-”

He cut me off. “Act the same! Hell, Nathan, you’re still my friend.”

“I’m a heck of a lot more than your friend, you idiot.”

“You mean you do love me?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer this one. “I don’t know! No! Of course I don’t - I haven’t had time to get used to this...this whole thing. How can I know if I love you or not?”

“I love you,” he said, quietly. There was silence for a moment. This is what I had dreaded.

“No, you don’t. You like me a lot - you’re attracted to me - you’ve got a crush on me. You can’t love me. Love doesn't’ work that fast.”

“Why not? Do you know how long I’ve dreamt about you?”

“A long time, I know. But-”

“But what? Why do you assume this can’t be right? What if it is?”

“What if it isn’t?”

“Nathan, don’t make this into a whole big intellectual deal.”

“I thought that was what you liked about me.”

“What?” Colin looked a little shocked.

“That’s the point - it’s not just about sex with us. We’ve known each other too long for that to be it.”

“So...what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. One part of me wants to just...god, Colin you’re standing there naked in front of me, you know what I want. But we can’t just let our cocks do all the thinking for us.”

“Why not?” he grinned mischievously and reached under the table, tickling my cock which had already started to get hard.

I had to smile a little, in spite of myself. Wouldn’t he take me seriously. “Will you stop it?”

Colin got up and I saw that he was hard again. He squatted in front of me. The view was almost more than I could bear.

“If I promise we can talk about it later, can we do it again now?”


“Just say yes. This one wants to.” He touched me again, and my cock soared to it’s full height.

“I thought that would be your answer.” He pulled himself up to his knees, pulled my face down to his and kissed me.

“Promise we can talk about this later?” I said, trying to get the words out as his kisses became more intense.

“Promise. I’ll seal it with a kiss and more - how about that?”

“Okay.” I said breathlessly. How could I hope to think straight with this guy around. He pulled me down to his level, both of us on our knees in front of his kitchen table. I wrapped my arms around him. This felt so right - why DID I have to make everything into a bigger deal than it was?

Colin lowered me to the floor and, laying on top of me, started to kiss and suck on my nipples. Oh god, I had to touch him - play with his hair, his ears, his neck, anything. He was at my stomach now, feeling the six-pac I’d been working on for the last few months. He had begun to make small noises of pleasure as his tongue and fingers touched me. He reached his arms up and began to stroke my sides, under my arms, my ribcage. My penis began to throb, right under his chin.

He smiled at it when he got there, but didn’t give me the satisfaction he knew I wanted. Instead he bypassed my genitals all together and put his mouth on the inside of my thigh, below my balls. His hands were now caressing my chest, touching my nipples and cupping my pecs. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, but found that I needed to see him, to watch him in all his boyish glory.

He was now running his tongue up and down my legs, and soon he was at my feet. I am not a foot fetishist, but the feeling of his hands and tongue on my feet and toes drove me wild. I sat up, took his head in my hands and began to kiss him with wild abandon, afraid I’d cum if he kept licking the arch of my foot. I pulled him back on top of me, and pressed his back closer into me, loving the feeling of his super hard cock against my pelvis. We began rubbing together, the friction of our bodies creating a delicious sensation. Colin began kissing me harder, I could tell he was really getting into it. He cupped his hands on my butt and pushed me harder into him. Our cocks occasionally knocked together, and finally he couldn’t bear it any longer and thrust one of his hands in between our locked bodies, fumbling to take both of our cocks in his hand. He began to jack them furiously, at least as much as he could as we pushed our bodies together. I reached my hands down from his back and pulled his arm out, not wanting to finish before we’d barely begun. I was getting pretty ready too, though, and I could tell from Colin’s heavy breathing and frequent grunts of pleasure that he wouldn’t last too much longer. I held his hands in mine, only allowing our bodies to press and grind against each other. It was getting more intense, the feeling in my groin that seemed to be spreading to my legs, my feet and arms. I pulled our arms out to their full extension, as if we were flying and continued to buck and thrust myself against Colin’s body. Soon he cried out: “Oh God, Nathan!” and his mouth, which had previously been all over my face, locked itself onto mine and for a few seconds I could scarcely breath as he kissed me with more force than I thought possible. At the same moment I felt his body buck, and felt hot fluid shoot with a pretty powerful force into my stomach. He continued to rub his cock against me with furious abandon, his cum slicking us both. With each shot he gave a moan of pleasure which I could feel through his chest as it vibrated against me. The erotics of the situation over came me, and when his thrusts and moans had subsided and I could breath again I gripped his back and turned him over, so that now I was on top. It wasn’t long before the situation was repeated with the roles reversed. I came with more power than I thought possible as Colin held on for dear life, keeping my mouth firmly on his and my arms outstretched. Somehow, the extension of the arms; the pure friction of his cock, stomach and cum drove me that much farther and I’m sure I made enough noise to wake the neighborhood as cum jutted from my body with an inhuman force.

We were spent, lying in each other’s arms, softly kissing and touching each other. I found that I could devote myself to one square inch of Colin’s body endlessly - right now it was the right side of his neck. I was fascinated by his skin, by the small brown mole. Was this really love? I wanted to cry - I didn’t know WHAT this was. What was I going to tell him?