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Collision, Part XI

By Joey E

Dan went out with Dave on the dance floor, anxious and nervous. He knew he couldn't dance well, and was afraid that he would be noticed by every one else, including his new friend Dave.

"I'm serious, I can't dance, Dave," Dan said, grabbing Dave by the shoulder.

Dave turned around and smiled. "Come on man, don't be wuss!" He grabbed Dan by the hand and pulled him the rest of the way on to the crowded dance floor.

Dan looked around at all the guys and girls on the floor. There were some dancing in a group. Some were dancing as couples, like Joe and Eric. Dan took one look at that couple and looked away.

"He's your boyfriend?" Dave said, looking into Dan's eyes.

Dan took another glance at them and nodded his head.

"Who's the other guy then?"

Dan looked back at Dave. "A friend of the guys we came here with, Brett and Ryan. His name is Eric."

Dan sighed. He then tried to start dancing with Dave. He felt the beat, and moved just slightly.

"Come on, Dan. Let it out. I know you got it in you, man. Just let the music carry you!" Dave yelled, over the dance music. He started really getting into the music, and Dan was mesmerized. Dave smiled.

"Well, what do we do now?" Brett asked, Ryan, sipping his coke he got from the cute bartender.

"I have no fuckin' clue," Ry said laughing. "Never been through this before."

"Well, do you want to dance some more?"


Meanwhile, back to Joe and Eric....Joe and Eric were still having a ball dancing the night away on the floor. Occasionally, they would grab each other and rub their bodies together. Joe was attracted to Eric. And it appeared that Eric was out for Joe. They kept looking at one another, their eyes locked to each other.

"You wanna sit down?" Eric asked.

Joe nodded. They were both sweating. They walked over to the edge, where there were places to sit on carpeted steps that ran about halfway down the wall. Dan was watching the whole scene. He felt bad for not paying enough attention to Dave, but still he was shocked that Joe would do this to him. When he saw them sit, he told Dave he was going off. Dave followed him.

Dan walked over to his boyfriend in hopes of saving Joe from Eric.

"Oh, shit," said Joe. "Here comes Dan."

"Look, there goes Dan over to Joe," Brett said to Ryan. "Keep an eye on them."

"Joe...." Dan started to say, his eyes shifting towards Eric.

"What?" Joe asked, not moving an inch.

"Joe..." Dan said, looking into Joe's eyes. He could feel his emotions take over him right then and there. He took his eyes off Joe, and looked down to the floor. He said low into Joe's ear, "Joe, what are you doing, man?"

Joe gently pushed Dan back so he could look at him. "Dan, relax, I'm just having fun!"

Dan looked at Joe again. "FUN?? You call this fun??"

"Yeah, Dan. What's your problem?"

Eric tried to not pay attention to the whole conversation.

"Nothin' man. Just forget about!" Dan yelled. "Just forget about me...and you." He walked away from both of them, and never looked back.

"Oh, great. What the fuck is his problem?"Joe asked, turning to Eric.

Eric put his arm around Joe's shoulder. "Little man, I'm sorry."

"Oh, it ain't your fault," Joe said, smiling up at Eric.

"Joe, come on. What we did was a little too much," Eric said, moving off the dance floor. Joe followed him.

"Go to your boyfriend, Joe. I've already done enough damage," Eric said.

Joe by this time knew he was attracted to Eric. And it hurt him just a little to be brushed off by him.

"Eric!" Joe called after him.

Eric turned around. "What the hell do you mean?"

"Joe, look at Dan. He's obviously hurt. Come on, man. You're a couple! Go to him."

Joe looked over at Dan who was at the bar again with Dave. He knew it was right for him to go over there now and smooth things out. He started to walk over to where they were, but unfortunately he saw something that pissed him off.

Dave was in the process of putting his arm around Dan when Joe walked up. Dan looked at Joe, Joe looked at Dan, Joe looked at Dave, and Dave looked at Joe. Dave took his arm back.

"I see," Joe said, before turning around and walking the other way.

"Oh shit," Dan said, softly.

AND Brett and Ryan continued to watch the whole scene from afar.

"You know, Brett, I think we're gonna a have a rough ride on the way home. And I don't mean the road is bad."

"You know, little buddy," Brett said, putting his arm around Ryan. "I think you're absolutely right."

"Aren't you going to go after him?" Dave asked.


"Why not?"

"Because I don't feel like it. And I'd like to talk to you," Dan said, looking into Dave's green eyes.

Dave smiled. "Are you sure?"

"Positive," Dan said, taking out his pack of cigs and lighting one.

"Yo, guys," Eric said, coming up to Brett and Ryan. "Are you watching them?"

"Yeah," Ry answered. "It doesn't look good. But actually, it does remind me of something else from the past."

Eric looked at Ryan and smiled. Brett looked at Ryan and frowned.

"You know Eric, I should punch you for what you did to my boyfriend."

"Aw, come on man, you know you love me," Eric said.

"No really, I should punch you for doing that," Brett said with a straight face.

"Aw, man," Eric whined.

"Let it go, you guys," Ryan said, not wanting another argument to start. "I admit, I made a mistake, Brett. Okay? Talk about it some other time, not right now!"

"Okay, babe," Brett said, smiling down at Ry.

Just then, Joe walked up to the group. He eyed up Eric, and then turned away from him. "Did you see this shit?" he yelled, pointing towards Dan and Dave.

"Yeah, we've been watching. But I saw that shit earlier out there too," Brett said pointing to the dance floor.

"What the hell is he doing?"

"What the hell were you doing with Eric?" Brett asked.


"Well, Dan didn't think it looked that innocent," Brett answered.

"So now, what? He's getting me back just because I flirted with Eric?"

"It would appear that way," Brett answered, taking a sip of his coke. Joe took his cigs out and lit one.

"Well, fuck him!" Joe exclaimed.

"Dan, I feel like I'm being a bad guy right now. Look at your boyfriend. He's miserable right now," Dave said, into Dan's ear.

Dan looked over at Joe, talking to Brett, Ry, and Eric. He did look kind of miserable. But then he thought about what was going on on the dance floor.

"Don't worry about him. He'll be all right," Dan said, moving even closer to Dave."

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Dan answered, smiling.

"Can we leave now?" Joe asked, impatiently.

"Dude, it's like Midnight. You wanna leave now?"

"Yeah, I can't stand looking at that," Joe said, taking a drag of his cigarette.

Brett leaned down to talk to Ry quietly. "You mind if I take Joe outside for a little?"

"No, I think you should. I'll be all right," Ry said.

"Kiss me," Brett said.

They hugged and kissed. "All right, Joe, you're coming with me."

"Where we goin'?" Joe asked.

"Outside," Brett said, putting his arm around Joe and pushing him towards the stairway to go outside. They were soon out on the streets of Philadelphia outside the club.

"Now, what is goin' on between you and Dan?"

"Fuck if I know," Joe said, sounding hurt.

"Man, you are fucked up! A half an hour ago you were in there grinding with Eric and now you're wondering why your boyfriend is upset!"

"Well, I didn't mean anything by it," Joe whined.

"Dude, how long have you been together?"

"Since we knew we were gay. We grew up together, man. We were best friends."

"I see," Brett said. "So, what was with you in there with Eric?"

"I don't know. He is cute, you know. And when he started dancing up on me, I don't know what came over me. But something inside me wanted him right then and there. I don't know why."

Brett just looked at Joe for a moment before talking again.

"Well, look, you may have just screwed up the relationship. I know how it feels to have your boyfriend cheat on you. But Joe, can't you tell? Dan's only doing this to get back at you for what you did, I think," Brett said.

"But why? I didn't do it to make him upset!"

"Yeah, but you did upset him."

Joe stared ahead, thinking about what was going on. "Well, you know, it was Eric who stopped us from going any further. And now that I think of it, I am pretty ashamed of what I did. I just couldn't help myself though. You know what I mean?"

"I think you should be talking to Ryan rather than me on that subject, since he sort of was with Eric while he was going out with me," Brett said, softly.

"He what?"

"Yeah, Ryan and Eric sort of had some fun together."

"Damn. I didn't know. I thought you were like the happiest couple going," Joe said.

"Well, we thought you were too!"

There was a moment of silence as each boy was in his own thoughts.

"So, now what do I do?" Joe asked.

"I'm not sure. I can't say, because Dan is in there trying to get with his new friend. The damage has already been done, man," Brett said.

"Fuck," Joe said, softly. "I didn't mean to hurt him. I love him, Brett. I really do."

"Well, I'd say your best bet is to go in there and try to get him to talk to you now, before anything else happens!"

Joe and Brett went back up stairs into the dance floor area. They first went over to Ryan and Eric still talking.

"Where is he?" Joe asked.

"Over there," Eric said, pointing to the far wall. Joe could see Dan, still with Dave. It looked as if they were about to kiss.

"SHIT!" Joe screamed. Joe went over to the other side immediately.

"Dan, can I talk to you please?" Joe asked.

"Why?" Dan asked, turning towards Joe.

"Because I need to. Now. Please?" Joe asked.

"What is there to talk about?" Dan asked, turning his whole body around towards Joe now.

"Everything," Joe answered. "Just come with me, please."

Dan looked back over at Dave. "Do you mind?"

"Go ahead," Dave answered. "You should man."

"Will you still be here?"

"Should be, Dan," Dave answered, smiling.

"Cool." Dan turned back to Joe. "All right, let's talk."

Joe took Dan by the hand and led him outside to the street.

"Well, do you think it'll work?" Ryan asked Brett.

"I don't know. I had some sort of talk with him, but I don't know if it's too late or not. What did I miss?"

"Well, they sort of kissed already once," Eric said.

"Shit," Brett said.

"Yeah, and they looked like they were enjoying it too," Ry added.

"Well, only time will tell. Meanwhile, let's all go out there and dance!" Brett said, pushing both of them towards the dance floor.

"Now, what the fuck is going on, Dan?"

"You tell me, Joe! What the hell? You going to do that every time someone dances with you?"

"Well, you didn't want to come dance!" Joe exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, I don't dance, you know that! But what was with you and Eric up there?"

"I don't know, man. I'm sorry for what I did with him. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to. I just...I don't know," Joe said, leaning against the wall.

Neither of the spoke for a while. They watched the people walk by, gay couples hand in hand, singles, and other characters.

"Dan, you know I love you, don't you?" Joe said, softly looking up at his boyfriend.

"Yeah, I guess so," Dan said, not looking at Joe.

"Come on man, I assume you love me too."

"I guess I do," Dan said. "You pissed me off, though!"

"I told you I'm sorry. But what about you?" Joe said, getting annoyed.

"What about me?"

"With that other guy, whatshisname?"


"Yeah, Dave. I saw you two guys out there dancing as well. And then he's got his arms around you like you're his!"

"Well, I wanted you to get a pinch of how I was feeling when I saw you dancing with Eric."

"We weren't THAT bad!" Joe retorted.

"That's true," Dan said, knowing that he kissed Dave.

"What do you mean by that?" Joe asked, getting a little nervous.

"I kissed him, Joe, all right?"

That was all Joe needed to hear. He looked up at Dan, hurting, and ran back upstairs to the club. Tears in his eyes, he tried to look for Brett, Eric, and Ryan. He walked around the dance floor, looking for them on the sides, but then saw them all dancing on one of the ledges at the side of the dance floor. Brett had taken his shirt off by now, and Ryan was dancing up with his back against Brett's chest. They looked like they were having so much fun. Eric was facing them, smiling.

Joe, however, was in no mood, and wanted to go home. He yanked on Ry's cargo pants. "Let's go," he yelled up to him.

Ryan stopped dancing and bent down on his knees to talk to Joe. "What?"

"I want to go home," Joe said, with tears in his eyes.

Ry jumped off the ledge and took Joe over to the bar.

"We need to leave, Ry. Please."

"Okay, okay, okay," Ry said. "What happened?"

"I just found out that Dan had kissed Dave."

Ry knew it was over. The fun was over for the night. He also knew that it was going to be hell on the ride home. Brett and Eric appeared.

"Where is Dan now?" Ry asked, quietly.

"I don't know. I left him out on the street where we were talking. He told me that he hooked up with the guy, and I left him. Can we go now?" he asked, looking at Brett.

"What the hell happened now?" Brett asked, not happy at all about the situation. "And where is Dan?"

"I don't know. Can we just go now?"

Brett sighed. "Yeah I guess so. It's gettin' late and since we all have school tomorrow, I guess we should get going anyway."

"Aww," whined Eric. I was having fun!"

"Yeah so was I," Ry threw in.

"I know, I know," Brett said. "We'll come back again though. Now, though, we've got to find Dan, and leave before anything else breaks out!"

They all searched around the dance floor for Dan, who was found, with Dave.

"Dan, we're leaving now," Brett said, walking up to them.

"Aw, man? Why?"

"Don't ask questions now. Please? Joe wants to leave."

"God, do we have to ride in the same car?" Dan asked.


Dan turned to Dave again. "I'm sorry, man. We gotta go. So..."

"Well, would you like my number?" asked Dave.

"Sure," Dan said, smiling. He honestly did find something attractive about Dave. He liked Dave's personality, though it was not described here in the story. And he found Dave very cute. Dave wrote down his number on a piece of paper that was on the bar.

"I didn't mean to start any trouble, Dan. Call me sometime. Even if you just need to talk, I'll be there," Dave said smiling.

"Okay. It was nice meeting you," Dan said. Dave pulled Dan into a hug. A friendly hug this time. And the fabulous fivesome was off.

Not much was said walking towards to the car in the parking garage about a block away.

"Okay," Brett said, before they got into the 4Runner. "I want Dan up front, and I want Ry to sit between Eric and Joe in the back."

"Why?" Eric asked.

"Just trying to prevent a fist fight," Brett said, smiling at Ryan.

"Okay, whatever you say, boss," Eric said. Joe and Dan glanced at each other before they got in the truck.

Once they were on the road, Brett tried to start a conversation.

"So, did you have fun Ry?"

"Yeah, man. It was so refreshing, man, to be ourselves. I felt so comfortable."

"Yeah me too," Eric said. " thanks for taking me."

"No prob," Brett answered.

Dan and Joe said nothing. Finally after about 10 minutes of silence, Brett couldn't stand it any longer.

"Okay, you guys. Say something!"

"What's there to say?" Dan asked, quietly. Brett shot a look over at Dan in the passenger's seat.

"Well, did you have fun, despite what happened?"

"Yeah it was a neat experience, though I was disturbed by something."

"Shut up, Dan," Joe said.

"What the fuck, Joe?"

"You fuckin' hooked up with him!" Joe yelled.

The other three remained quiet.


'Why'd you do it?"

"I don't know, can we not talk about it right now?" Dan asked.

Joe laughed, a forced laugh. "Sure, Dan, we don't have to talk about it now. But when are we going to?"

"I don't care right now," Dan answered, sounding disinterested in the whole thing.

Joe interpreted the tone and said after a few seconds, "Fuck off, Dan."

Dan turned around and looked at Joe. "No, Joe. You fuck off."

"I didn't kiss anyone!" Joe screamed back with tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, but you sure as hell would've if Eric didn't stop you!"

Ryan thought about stopping the fight, but then thought where else are they going to argue without being heard.

"You can't prove that. I told you I felt really bad for what I did to you tonight."

"Yeah, well, I do too. Does that make it any better?"

"Just forget it Dan. Forget about tonight, forget about Woody's, and forget about me," Joe said, softly.

"I'm trying to forget about tonight. I can't! I can't get that image out of my head of you dancing with Eric. Okay? I should freakin' punch you by the way, Eric," Dan said, looking at Eric.

"I know, Dan. I'm sorry." Eric answered, softly. "I'm sorry, Joe. I'm sorry Dan."

"Okay, let me get this right," Ry chimed in. "Dan you only hooked up with Dave to get even with Joe tonight, right?"

"Yeah. Basically. I don't know. I just don't know anymore. I sort of did like Dave."

"Yeah, but you're with me!" Joe said.

"And you sort of liked Eric, didn't you?" Dan said. "Admit it!"

Joe looked at Eric. Then looked back at Dan. He nodded his head yes.

"See?" Dan asked.

"Guys, why don't I just take you home and then you can sort it out later. Get some rest you know?" Brett asked, thinking that this was a little more personal than he wanted to hear.

"Fine with me," Joe said.

"Okay, fine," Dan said, turning back around.

After that, there was an incredibly awkward silence in the car that lasted all the way home. Joe and Dan were the first to be let off, since they lived near each other. Nothing was said between them, which made Ryan worry.

"GOD!! What a night!" Brett said, as Ryan climbed up to the front seat.

"You can say that again," Eric exclaimed, sitting back and finally relaxing in the back seat.

"I highly doubt we'll go out like that again," said Ryan.

"Well, I think they need some time together, alone to sort things out. We tried, and apparently we failed.," Brett said, turning back on the main road. "But, did you guys have a good time?"

"Sure did, man," Eric said. "It was so fun, so relaxing, so natural."

"I didn't know there were so many guys like us," Ry said, taking a hold of Brett's hand.

"Yeah, some of them were so cute too," Eric said.

"You know, I think you did the right thing. If a little too late," Ry said to Eric.

"I just remembered what I did to you two, and it made me stop and think."

"Well, I'm glad you're learning," Brett said, laughing.

"And," Eric continued, chuckling. "I got someone's phone number."

"You didn't!" Brett said, looking into his rear view mirror to see Eric.

"I sure did, buddy."

'When did that happen?" Ryan asked, laughing.

"Late tonight. I didn't want to tell anyone while they were in the car. It would've made things worse I think."

"Yeah, you're probably right. Well congratulations! What was his name?"

"He said, it was BJ."

"BJ?" Laughed Ry. "Now there's a name with suggestions if I ever head of one."

"Well, that's his name. He was a big guy too, about as tall as me, 230lbs he said, and he was 20. He goes to University of Pennsylvania."

"Damn!" Brett said, pulling into Eric's driveway. "You go!"

"Well, I gave him my phone number too. He said he'd call me tomorrow night. So, who knows?" Eric said, opening his door. "Thanks guys for taking me."

"No prob, bud," Brett said. "It was a pleasure having you come along with us."

Brett pulled out of Eric's driveway, and drove a little ways to get to his house.

"Thanks, Brett. I had a great time with you tonight," Ryan said, looking into Brett's eyes.

"Yeah, I did too," Brett said, putting the SUV in park and getting out.

"So, where am I going to sleep?"

Brett laughed. "With me of course."

Ryan laughed, as Brett put his arm around him to walk him towards the house.

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