Well, I'm back!! After six months and due to complaints that I had not completed Collision, I'm back with another past-due section of Collision. I hope you're satisfied BJ and Eric Adam. I must warn you to be prepared to laugh because the last scene becomes pretty humorous.

This is a work of fiction. All similarities are coincidental. All rights belong to the author of this story. No unauthorized reproduction is allowed. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), please don't read on. If you are truly offended by gay high school students learning about love and life, get a clue and get with the real world. And, of course, don't read on.

Collision, Part 12

"Flaming Eric"

By Joey E

Well, after that eventful night, the fivesome took a break from each other. They stopped hanging out at school together. Of course, Brett, Ryan, and Eric remained close. Joe and Dan seemed to drift off. Dan hung on to Brett and Ryan but Joe seemed to go in another direction.

Finally, football season came to a close. Brett was relieved, but Ryan was all psyched up for wrestling. It was the first time he'd be on a wrestling team in three years, now that he made the lowest weight class, which was 103. Brett was excited also, since they would be close by during the practice, as Brett also wrestled. Eric also was there too.

"Hey Brett, I MADE IT!" Ryan said, after finding out he made the team.

Brett smiled and hugged Ryan who was running towards him. "I'm glad, bro."

"Wow...I can't believe it." They were walking back towards there cars. By this time it was very cold out, since is past New Years. Brett and Ryan kissed goodbye before they got into their respective cars and left.

Wrestling practice was very hard on Ryan, who wasn't in exactly top shape when he started. Brett on the other hand thought it was too easy, and was lifting weights all the time. If he watched his boyfriend work for too long, Ry would pop a boner and that wouldn't be good. So, he tried not watching that muscular smooth body pumping iron. But sometimes he couldn't resist. The muscles moving in a powerful but graceful motion. The sweat dripping off the smooth skinned chest.

They had their wrestling partners, usually within 10-15 pounds of their own weight. Joe had to practice with 112 pounder Junior Varsity wrestler. Ry had no problem getting accepted by the team and coach. The coach, who by the way was one of Ry's favorite teachers, took special interest in this lightweight because he saw the glimmer in Ry's eyes that nothing was going to stop him. And that's why the team liked him too. Plus it didn't hurt to have Brett behind you. Or for that matter, Eric.

The 112 lbs JV wrestler's name was Scott. Scott was a sophomore, and was decent, but not as good as the Junior 112 pounder. Which was why he was on JV. For Ry being out of the loop for three years, he amazingly picked up where he left off. He even impressed Brett at his skill and speed.

Practice was an every afternoon thing. Ry and Scott became quite good wrestling buddies. They would even talk during the school hours sometimes. Sometimes he would go out with Ryan, Brett and Eric after practice for dinner. So far he didn't suspect a thing. Scott was a good looking 15 year old, 5'4" 110lbs, redhead with blue eyes. Ry thought he looked cute, which Brett didn't like very much.

Finally, it was their first match against another local high school. Ryan was nervous as hell. Brett and Eric were calm and relaxed. Scott had one his JV match against his opponent. Ryan was the first match of the Varsity team. He warmed up as usual with the team, and then waited to be announced on the mat. Brett, Eric, and Scott stood around him and kept trying to get him riled up.

"You'll win, babe. I know you will," Brett said, putting his hand on Ry's shoulder.

"Yeah, go get 'em Ryan!" Eric yelled. Ry was jogging in place in his little singlet that he thought was a little too revealing. Of course, he did like Brett in his singlet, so he guessed that they were all too revealing. But, he was used to it.

He got a glimpse of his opponent across the wrestling mat in the big school gym. He was about his height, his weight.

"Go get him, RYAN!" The coach yelled as the whole team lined up in front of him on either side, forming a pathway. The coach smacked Ry on the ass, and Ry ran out through the whole team. He saw the faces of Eric and Brett on the end, and felt Brett smack his ass on the way out. They were all cheering for him. For him! The gym was loud, and everyone was ready for the first match.

The two young small wrestlers shook hands. The ref blew the whistle and they were off! His opponent made the first move, trying for a take down, that Ryan immediately didn't allow. Ryan went for the second move, and took him down in one motion. Boy, he thought, this guy is lighter than Scott is. He quickly gave his opponent a half nelson, and before he even knew it, the guy was on his back. Ryan put his chest on his chest and held him down. The crowd was growing wild. He could hear Eric and Brett and his coach cheering him on. Finally, the ref slapped the mat, indicated that he had pinned his opponent. Ry flew up off his opponent and jumped up for joy. He smiled as the ref held up his arm indicating he was the winner. He smiled toward the crowd and then ran off the mat to where the team had assembled again to congratulate him on his first pin and the first pin of the afternoon. He immediately went to Brett first, who was on his feet, cheering and clapping. Brett was so proud of his little man. He grabbed Ryan and lifted him up in the air.

"I'm so proud of you, little man, so proud," Brett said, looking into Ry's eyes. Ry smiled back. Brett set him back down and Ry ran through the routine of slapping high fives and hearing the congratulations.

Finally he sat back down next to Eric and Brett. The rest of the team didn't fair as well. His was the only win in the next four weight classes. The 160lbs won, as did the 171 and the 189. Brett was up next for the 215 weight class. He was running around, jumping, getting warmed up for his match. Ryan was there to motivate him.

"You can do it, You already know that. I don't need to tell you that," Ry said, smiling.

"Yeah, I'll win," Brett said.

His match was not as simple as Ry's match was. It went through two full periods. It was the beginning of the third now. Brett was the bottom man, and his opponent was the top. As soon as the whistle blew, Brett escaped the hold and got an escape point. They were both on their feet again, and Brett went in for the takedown. He finally succeeded. Ry got up on his feet and starting cheering, as did the rest of the team and fans. Through the whole match, he had been cheering Brett on as best as he could. Scott was there beside Ry.

"Come on Brett, man," Ry yelled.

Brett, as if hearing Ry, moved quickly and in one movement, got his opponent on his back with both shoulders touching the ground. The crowd was going wild.


He was pinned! Brett got up off his opponent and jumped up just like Ry had done. Ry and Scott got up and walked over to where Brett would be coming back through. Ry grabbed Brett and gave him a huge hug. Brett leaned down to him and said softly, "I Love you, little buddy."

Ry smiled up at Brett. Next up was Eric. The teams score was tied. It was up to Eric to break that tie. Eric was ready. At 6'4", 240lbs, he was suited very well for heavyweight. Joe, Brett, and Scott stood by together as they never sat down, but just watched Eric beat his opponent in the second period.

They all were screaming and celebrating their first team victory for the season. Ryan was so happy to be a part of this, to have the whole team cheering for him. IT was amazing. The locker room scene was just as celebratory. NO SEX (for those horny readers who want a sex locker room scene...you'll just have to wait for next part...hee hee). The coach came out and congratulated the team on their victory. But he also said that they need lots of work, which was true. Ry thought his coach was pretty cute. He was very tall, 6'3", but relatively thin, maybe 160-170lbs. But he was still a good looking late 20's kind of guy. His hair was cut very short, almost like a buzz cut. And his blue eyes showed the intensity that he had behind him when he was coaching. As Ry was leaving, the coach patted Ry on the butt, and said, "Great Match, Ryan. I'm proud of you, son."
"Thanks Coach," Ry said, smiling.

"You too, Anderson," he said to Brett. That was Brett's last name by the way.

Brett turned around and smiled at the coach. "Thanks, coach."

By then, Brett had a pretty good idea that the coach knew something was going on between he and Ryan. They hadn't done anything too obvious that a casual observer would notice, but for a coach who sees how his players interact, it wasn't that hard.

"Take good care of him, Brett. We need his ass on that mat!" Coach said, winking at Ryan. Brett and Ryan looked at each other and smiled.

"Will do," Brett said, smiling back at the coach and winking. "Will definitely do."
They made the exit and went back out to the gym where both sets of parents were waiting. Both the Andersons and the Thompsons had met by this point. And they watched the match together. Little did they know their sons had something going on together. They both had great matches. Eric was soon out of the locker room as well.

"Hey Mom, we're gonna go out for some ice cream or something, is that okay?" Ry asked his mom.

"Sure, but remember, don't stay out too late," his Mom said.

"The same goes for you," Brett's Mom said. They both gave their mothers look of protest, but went along with it.

"See you later," Brett said. All three of them walked to the parking lot. This time however, Joe was the driver of his famed party wagon. They went to their local Friendly's and got a table and sat down.

"Do you think the coach knows about us?" Ry asked Brett.

Brett smiled. "Yeah, I think he does."

Ry said, "Oh." He pondered that thought for a few moments. And then asked, "Well, do you think he's like us then?"

"I don't know, man. Why? Do you like him?" Brett asked, smiling.

"NO!" Ry answered very quickly.

"Uh oh," Eric said, smiling. "I think it looks like someone has a crush on the coach!"

Brett laughed. Eric laughed. Ryan just sat there with a dumb look on his face, pouting.

"Hey guys!" A voice said. Ryan looked up. "Hey, Sara! You with anyone?"

"Actually I am, but I can sit with you for a little, if you don't mind," she said.

"No, no problem," Eric said, moving over to let Sara sit next to him.

"Great matches all three of you!" she said, smiling.

"You were there?" Eric asked.

"Sure, I invited her," Ryan said.

"Yeah. I had fun. I went with a couple of my friends."
The waitress came by to take their orders. Sara ordered with them. They had a good time, talking about the matches, their classes, just like normal HS students do. Nothing was really brought up about anyone sexual preferences. Until the end.

"Guess what?" Eric said, grinning to Sara.

"Ryan has a little crush on the wrestling coach..."

"I do not!" Ryan exclaimed.

Brett and Eric just laughed.

"Well, I'm not sure if I should tell you this or not, but he's spoken for, Ryan. Don't waist your time."

"What?" Brett asked, leaning into the table. "You mean he's gay?"

"Sure! And he's with my brother, so keep off of him!" Sara said with a smile.

"Holy shit? Coach is gay and he's with your brother?" Eric blurted.

"Why don't you say it a little louder," Sara said.

"No shit," Brett said. "Well, Ryan, you'd better not mess around with him."

"Why do you think I'd want to mess around with the coach?" Ryan complained. "I'm not a slut."

"Any bets?" Brett asked, laughing.

Ryan was a little ticked off. He didn't crack a smile or giggle at the comment Brett just made. Brett noticed.

"Babe, I'm sorry."

"You act like I was cheating on you every day. All I did was fool around with Eric one time. That was what? Four months ago? I haven't fooled around with anyone since except you..."

"I know, babe, I know. "

"And now you say I want the coach?" Ryan said, frustrated. He was pissed off. Brett just wouldn't let go of the cheating factor. At first it didn't bother him, because he knew what he did was wrong. But being that he was being teased about his crush on the coach and then to add to that the fact that he was a slut, pissed Ryan off.

"Yo, calm down bro," Eric said, softly. Sara looked at Ryan.

"Don't worry about it, Ryan. They're only kidding with you," she said in her soft voice.

"Oh no?" Ryan asked, glaring at Brett.

"Okay, okay," Brett said. "I'm sorry. I take it back!"

"Look guys, if there's gonna be drama here, I'm headin' out," Sara said.

"You started it all!" Ry remarked.

"By telling us that your brother is dating our coach!" Ryan said. He then started laughing as did the other two guys.
"What's so funny?"

"Well, Sara, your bro is sort of, well, what should we call it..." Brett started to say.

"A flaming homosexual?" Ryan said, laughing.

Sara tried to keep a straight face, but she eventually gave in. "Come on guys, that's not nice," she said, breaking into laughter.

"Yeah, but you gotta admit it's funny! Butch wrestling coach with flaming brother?" Eric said, cracking up.

They all started laughing again. "So how long have they been going out?" Eric finally asked.

"Five years, actually. They actually met in college, but they didn't really date each other until they graduated," Sara said.

"So, do they live together?"

"Uh huh."

"Damn," Brett said. "That must be nice."

"Oh, my bro is completely in love with him. They look so happy together."

"That's cool. We've got blackmail on the coach now," Eric exclaimed.

"NO!!" Sara cried out. "That's not nice."

"Ah, maybe we can just give him the work out of his life, all three of us," Brett said, excitedly.

"Ooo..." Ry interjected.

"NO!" Sara cried out again, but this time giggling. "God, that's horrible."

"Wanna come watch?" Eric instigated with a straight face.


"Come on it'll be fun," Eric said.

"God no, no."

"Oh, com' on! You can invite your brother to watch too," Eric said, still keeping a straight face.

"NO!!" screamed Sara. By now, Brett and Ryan were laughing so hard that they were leaning into each other and tears were coming out of their eyes. Eric started laughing after that.

"Okay, you guys. If you're just gonna make fun of my flaming brother....

Eric stuck up his hand and said, in a very flaming tone of voice, "uh.....WHAT-EVER!!"

That caused another outbreak of laughter from the entire group. "Just talk to the hand, girlfriend!" Eric said.

"God, what a bunch of homos!" Sara said, laughing.

"Yes, sweetie....and honeycakes, you're our fag hag..." Eric said, continuing on his diva routine. Brett and Ryan laughed.

"Stop it man," Brett said. "You're freaking me out!" Eric just gave Brett a look with one eyebrow raised. "Uh, whatever!"

"You go girlfriend!" Ryan said, holing his hand up. They slapped hands together and died in laughter. So, Brett and Sara could not believe their eyes, as Eric and Ryan went through a transformation right before their eyes at Friendly's. Think of a masculine looking 18 year old 6'4", 240lbs being a complete flamer. It was hilarious.

"You know this place is just horrible...look at those window treatments?" Eric said, pointing to the curtain that was next to them.

"Oh honey, stop it. You'll cause a scene," Ry responded. They were talking with lisps and all.

Sara and Brett were thoroughly embarrased, but amusedat the same time. And to tell you the truth, Ryan and Eric were having a good time. It felt somewhat right to be doing that. It just felt good.

Just then a very good looking guy walked in the door at Friendly's. Eric and Ryan both spotted him. Still continuing on with their flaming homosexual scene...

"OH.....MY....GOD!" Eric said, slowly holding his hand in front of his mouth. "Look at him!"

"I saw him first, girl. He's mine."

"Not if I can help it," Eric replied. He started making eyes at the guy who walked in. Eric wasn't scared because he knew he could beat the guy up if he tried to beat him first.

"Stop!" Brett said, quietly. "You'll freak him out."
"Yeah, stop," Ryan said. "And let me stare at him."

"oooo honey, who's gonna want you?" Eric said.

"Oh please, girl, he's a complete bottom. What are you gonna do with a bottom?" Ryan asked.

"Fuck him?" Eric said.
"Honey, the day you fuck a guy is the day I am straight, you big ol' bottom!"

"HUH?" Brett said. "How do you know this?"

"I read the Nifty Archives!" Ry exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah? I read those too..." Brett said grinning.

"Really?" Ry said. By now, Sara and Eric were lost.

"Yeah. I was reading this one series called, Dan, The Man..."

"No shit? I love that series man."

"There's also this series called Collision...."
"Yeah, I know, but it's been months since the author has written another part to it," Ryan said.

"I know...."
"Excuse me, but I believe I was the topic of conversation here," Eric said, returning to his diva routine.

Brett loosened up a little and started giggling. It was hilarious to hear his friends carry on like this. Sara was a little embarrassed but laughed right along.

"Did you ever think about me?" Sara said, batting her eyelashes.

"Who cares about you, girlfriend," Eric said, waving his hand. "Ooo.,..look at that ass....I'd love just to..."

The guy was walking down our isle. And Eric was saying that just as he was about to pass our table. When he did, Eric made eye contact with him and smiled too sweetly. The guy gave him a look, took a look at us, and smiled back. He turned around when he passed our table and gave a second glance to Eric.

"Oh, my," Ryan said, under his breath, dropping the flaming routine. "Eric, he was smiling at you!"

"Yeah I know," Eric said with a grin on his face.

"You fuckin' stud!" Brett said, holding his hand up and high fiving with Eric.

"So you gonna get him?" Sara said, grinning.

Eric grinned back. He looked at Brett, Sara, and Ryan. He then looked around to find where his stud went.

"He's over there," Ryan said, pointing to his left.

They all turned and saw him, sitting down with a group of older guys. Not much older than them, but they were older.

"Shit," Eric said.

They all just laughed. The guy turned to see if Eric was still looking at him, which he was. Eric turned away quickly.

"Not bad, bro," Brett said. "Picking up guys at Friendly's!"

"Come on, Brett, man."

"What? You're always the hornball. Go get him!"

"Yeah man, what are you waiting for?" Ry asked.

Eric just grinned. "Is he still looking at me?"

"Yep," Sara answered.

"God help me," Eric said.

The rest of the group just laughed. The bill came by. Each looked at it and paid their amount.

"Well, queens, are you ready to go?" Brett asked.

"Oh, come on guys. I'm not ready yet."
"Oh for god sake's, Eric, just go over there and rub your hands all over him. I think that'll give him the message," Sara said, laughing.

"Come on, before he gets into any trouble," Ry said, scooting out and getting up. Brett followed him.

"Aww...come on..." Eric complained.

Just then, the guy got up and started walking their way. Which was perfectly natural if he was going to the restroom. Eric got up right when he was passing by. Eric was focused on getting his jacket and didn't even notice that this stud was near him. The 5'9" stud walked right behind Eric, when he turned around and accidentally elbowed the guy right in the gut.

"aww...." Eric heard a voice behind him say. He turned around and was shocked to see his prized stud hunched over. He put his hand on the guy's shoulder.

"Dude! Sorry about that. Are you okay?"
The guy looked up at Eric and smiled. "Sure."

"I'm sorry, man."

"That's okay," The guy said. He had a low, sexy voice. "My name is Quinn by the way."

Ryan and Brett rolled their eyes at each other as they watched the whole scene.

"Eric," Eric said, holding out his hand to shake.

The other guy straightened up and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Eric."

"Well, my friends and I were just on our way out. So..."

The guy smiled at Eric. "Okay, man. Hope to see you around again."

"Yeah, me too," eric said, suddenly a little shy.

"You coming?" Brett asked, as he and Ry had already walked away a few feet.

"Yeah, yeah," Eric grumbled. He looked at the guy again. "You from around here?"

"Sure am. You?"

"Yeah, I live in this town."
"So do I. Hope to run into you again soon," the stranger said.

"Yeah me too," Eric said, shaking his hand again.

Eric left with the other two. Sara said goodbye and went back to the group of friends she came in with.

"Aw, dudes! I could've had him," Eric said, getting into Ry's car.

"Yeah, you could've," Brett remarked getting into the front passanger's seat.

"Well, maybe you'll run into him again," Ry said, starting the car.

"I hope," Eric said, smiling.

There you go! That has to be the most humorous scene I ever wrote in a story. I hope you enjoyed it. Please believe me when I say there is nothing wrong with flaming homosexuals. I don't have any problem with them, as some of my friends are just that. So, I didn't mean to offend anyone. But, I don't know when the next posting will be, since I am still actively working on Starting Over Again which can be found on Nifty under the college section. As usual, please send all comments (Positive or Negative) to SNJBoy76@aol.com