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And now...

Collision, Part XIX
"Jay's Bitch"
By Joey E

"FUCK GUYS!" said a voice that made the two turned-on gay guys separate. They both turned to where the voice was coming from.

"Why don't you just suck him off in the fuckin' parking lot?" yelled Eric.

Ryan noted a few heads that didn't notice the kiss turn around after that comment in the parking lot.

"Why don't you just turn all the attention to us?" Brett asked, wiping his lips.

"Damn, Brett," Ry said, looking up at his boyfriend. He smiled. Brett smiled down at his cute, 5'2" little man.

"Sorry, bud, you were just too cute not to kiss."

"Are you crazy? Anyone could have seen it!" Ryan exclaimed, still smiling.

"Yes, and I was trying to prove a point also. You may think you're ready to show me off to the world as your boyfriend, but in reality, you're not all that ready yet," Brett explained, smiling.

"Point well taken."

"And I promise, I won't do it again until you're ready for it."

"Asshole!" Ryan said, laughing.

"That's why you love me, guy!"

"True," Ry said, putting his arm around Brett's waist.

Surprisingly, Brett didn't move away from it quickly like he usually did in public. It was Ryan who took his arm back as they were walking across the student lot.

"So, Eric? How's your little guy doing?" Brett asked the big kid walking next to them.

Eric smiled widely. "He's all right. Real good."

"Glad to hear it. We gonna hang out soon?"

"Sure, and this time, we're having that orgy at your place right?" Eric asked seriously.

"WHAT?" Ryan yelled. Brett cracked up laughing.

"Holy shit, that's a great idea!" Ryan said, his eyes wide with excitement.

"HEY!" Brett said, turning serious. "I'm not into sharing my man!"

"Well then maybe I shouldn't be your man," Ry said, smiling. He reached up and put his hand on Brett's shoulder. "I'm kidding."

"I know," Brett said, smiling down at him.

"Well, I gotta run, you crazy love birds," Eric said, smiling. "Don't get yourself into too much trouble now!"

'We won't," Brett yelled back.

The two were alone now, walking very slowly towards another day of school. "Brett, I really got to hand it to you. You really are something else. You never cease to amaze me," Ry said.

"Yep, and it better stay that way. I know how my little man is. If he's bored, he'll walk away and find something new and exciting, right?"

"I never could get bored of you, man, never."

"Don't make promises you can't keep," Brett said, while running his hand through Ry's hair. "But anyway, did you want to show our love out here?" he asked, while they were walking past the front of the school.

"Shut up asshole!" Ry said, through his teeth. His big man chuckled.

"Come on, let's go," Brett said.

And so another boring day of high school went by. Ryan had thought about the past events and thoughts that came into his brain. Brett really knew him better than himself! It was amazing. It also felt wonderful. So much joy and happiness at one point, Ry almost broke down crying in class. But luckily, the teacher called on him and broke the romantic haze immediately.

Meanwhile, someone else was in his own little romantic world.

"Hey, JAY!! What the fuck are you doing out here?" asked the big guy leaving school.

"Well, the last time I checked, it was Friday, man. And according to my calender, you have a date with me after school," said the little 5' 6" college boy.

Eric laughed and put his arm around Jay's shoulders. "That's right, man, I forgot. How did you get here though?"

"My college roommate drove me here."

"Well, how the hell are you going to go back?"

"You'll drive...oh wait. You have no car now, either!"

"I knew you were blonde for a reason," Eric said laughing. "Come on, we'll get a ride with Brett or Ry."

They ran over to the student lot where Brett and Ry were parked. Eric spotted Brett first.

"Yo Thompson!" he yelled.

Brett turned his head to look to see who was calling him. He smiled when he realized it was Eric.

"What's up, Neuman?" Brett asked. "Oh, hey Jay!"

"Hey Brett," Jay said.

"We seem to have a slight problem. We're both car-less and have no ride home because blondie here forgot I had no car," Eric teased.

"Blondie? You make me sound like a blonde bimbo!"

"Well, if the shoe fits..."

Jay punched Eric in the arm. Eric didn't budge at all.

"Did someone just try to hit me?"

Jay's face turned red, as it usually did when he got angry. Eric flashed his trademark grin at Jay.

"All right kiddies," Brett said, unlocking the doors, hitting the power doorlock switch. "Get in!"

"Shotgun!" yelled Jay, as he ran to the front passenger's door.

"Hey, no fair asshole!" Eric said, laughing.

"Fat ass, get in the car and stop groaning!" Brett said. "God! Help me!"

Brett drove the couple back to Jay's on-campus apartment at the local college where Jay went. They said their goodbyes and Brett drove home, leaving Eric and Jay to themselves.

"Finally, alone!" Jay said, once they reached inside. Eric closed the front door as Jay began to walk up the stairs.

"Hey, JayMan," Eric said, softly. Jay turned around. Eric motioned to Jay as he said, "Com' ere, you nut!"

Eric opened up his big arms. Jay walked down slowly into Eric's arms and smiled. Their lips met, willingly. Soon enough, they were involved in a HEAVY kiss. Eric then picked up his little, older boyfriend and carried him up the steps.

He whispered softly in Jay's ear, "You ready to make love?"

Jay breathed deeply and whispered back," Yes."

Eric's face broke into an immediate smile. "I thought you would be."

They went into Jay's bedroom, which he shared with his roommate, and closed the door behind them.

"Don't worry about Joe," Jay said, referring to his roommate, "he's out with his boyfriend tonight and won't be home anytime soon."

"Good," Eric said. "Because I plan on shooting my load three times tonight!"

"Three times?" exclaimed Jay.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, but..."

"Just shut up and kiss me," Eric said.

Jay and Eric made out on Jay's top bunk bed for quite awhile. Little by little, clothing was taken off and thrown about onto the floor until both boys were completely naked. By now, Eric's cock was throbbing, dripping with precum. Jay's was no different.

"Damn, a chick never felt this good!" Eric said, softly.

"I was just thinking the same thing," Jay laughed.

"We're the same kind aren't we?" eric asked, nibbling Jay's ear.

"I think so."

Jay who was on top of Eric, licked his way down the big guy's chest. "Oh, man," Eric sighed. He continued using that long tongue of his to lick further down to Eric's prized possession.

"Yeah, come on, Jay," Eric said. "Suck it."

A thought came into Jay's head. A wicked thought. He grinned up at Eric as he stuck his tongue out to flick the head of Eric's cock.

"Aw, come on man....don't tease me..."

Jay kept licking the head of it , avoiding taking the head in his mouth. "Aw, come on, dude...take my cock!" Eric said in frustration.

"Beg for it," Jay finally said, in a flat tone.

"What!" Eric said, looking at Jay.


Eric closed his eyes and chuckled. If this is what he wants, he thought, then that's what he'll get.

"Come on, man, please suck my cock."

"Louder," Jay said, not smiling at all.

"Dude, suck my cock."

Jay looked into Eric's eyes. The lust (and maybe love) was still there, Eric could tell. But for some reason, he saw a new excitement too. This may be fun.

"Sir..." Jay said, louder.

"Please, sir, suck my cock," Eric said, wiping his grin off his face. "Please, sir."

"That's better," Jay said, as he lowered himself towards Eric's big 7" cock. He took the cock in his mouth and went all the way down on it. Eric let out a big sigh. Jay kept going up and down on the shaft. He reached over with his right hand and started rubbing Eric's balls.

"Aww, that feels good, sir..."

Jay licked his way down the shaft towards his balls.

"Aw, fuck, yeah!" Eric said.

"Yeah, you like that?" Jay said.

"Yes, sir....ah,ooo!" Eric said, as Jay continued licking down to his ass.

"Woah!" Eric said. "No one's ever done that to me before, sir."

"Well then, I'm gonna do something that I am sure no one has ever done to you before, bitch. Now spread your fuckin' legs," Jay sputtered.

Eric, taken completely by surprised, complied. He lifted and spread his legs to allow easier access to his ass. Jay dug in, liking this area that he had never explored before.

Eric began tossing and turning, from the pleasure. "Oh, yeah, sir, fuck...that feels good."

Jay looked up at Eric between his legs. "Yeah, how about this?" he asked, as he smacked Eric's ass.

Eric's eyes widened. Damn, Eric thought, I never knew he could be this kinky. Eric smiled and that was all Jay needed to see. Jay wanted to smile, but in order to keep the role, he knew he couldn't.

"You like to be spanked, man, don't you?" he asked, smacking Eric's ass again.

To Eric's surprise, Eric did. "Yes, sir!"

Jay moved back up onto Eric's body and they kissed. There was a slight struggle, but then Eric rolled on top of Jay.

"Come on, boy, you didn't think a little pussy boy like yourself could overpower me?"

Jay grinned at Eric, not showing any fear at all, even though he was a foot taller than he was and about twice his weight.

Jay tried to push Eric off to roll back over and was surprised to feel the bigger guy actually help. Jay was back on top and in complete control, so he thought.

"Don't ever try to pull that switching shit on me again," Jay said, grabbing Eric by the balls.

"Yes, sir..."

"Now," Jay said, crawling up. "Suck my dick!"

Eric lowered himself, still lying on his back. Soon, Jay's dick was waving in front of Eric's face. Eric eagerly took in Jay's hard 6" cock in his mouth all the way.

"Yeah, you want to get face fucked?" Jay asked, through his teeth.

"Mmm hmm," responded Eric with his mouth full.

"I can't hear you," Jay said.

Eric let the cock drop out of his mouth and answered, "Yes sir."

"Good boy," Jay said, ramming his cock back into the open mouth. He soon was thrusting it into Eric's throat.

"Damn, man, that feels good," Jay said, as beads of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead. "Yeah, come on, take my cock."

After a few minutes of this, Jay knew he was close. "Aw, you're gonna make me cum," Jay moaned. To his surprise, Eric kept sucking. "Dude, you're gonna make me cum!"

Eric just kept sucking. So, Jay took it as a hint and began to thrust again. "Ah, shit, I'm gonna cum!" Jay yelled.

With that, he shot a load into Eric's mouth, down his throat. Jay looked down at Eric, who was looking up at him. "Aw, fuck!" Jay said.

As he came down from his sexual high, Jay took his cock out of Eric's mouth and crawled down next to him. Eric took his little man into his arms and he ld him. He licked his lips and said, "Hmm, not bad!"

Jay laughed. " Aw man, you didn't have to do that.'

"Ah, it's all in the game!" Eric replied, smacking Jay's ass playfully. Jay jumped a little. Eric laughed.

"Hmm, someone else likes to be spanked it seems."

"Yeah, well," Jay said, moving away from Eric. After their previous encounters, Eric became accustomed to Jay shying away from any sexual contact right after he came. Jay looked at Eric, sort of ashamed.

"Little man, it's all right," Eric said, smiling. "I know you're still getting used to the idea of all of this. It's cool. I just shouldn't have made you cum before I got off."

"Yeah, I know," Jay said, looking back at Eric. "It'll take me some time, Eric. I'm sorry."

"Hey, hey, bud, it's cool. At least lie with me here while I beat off."

Jay thought a moment. He looked at Eric's hard cock, and then back at Eric's face. He smiled.

"I think I have some minor issues, still."

"Yeah, you do," Eric said, starting to stroke his cock.

"Well, I think it's time for me to get over them," Jay said, grasping Eric's cock.

"Dude, you don't..."

"Shut up," Jay said.

Eric did as he was told and closed his eyes as Jay worked his magic fingers on Eric's organ. Suddenly, he felt a warm, wet feeling on his cock. He opened his eyes to find his playmate sucking his cock.

"Aw, yeah, man, suck it," Eric moaned.

Jay continued working on it, taking it out of his mouth, and licking the head of it. Eric let out a sigh.

"Oh yeah, baby, work it, man, lick the head of it," he hissed.

Jay did as he was told and then some. He licked the head of it and then licked his way down the shaft towards Eric's balls. He then sucked on each of Eric's balls and then licked his way further down.

"Jay, uh, you don't have to do that..."

"Shut up," Jay said again. "You'll kill the mood."

Again, Eric did as he was told.

"AW SHIT!" Eric yelled out, as Jay's tongue brushed up against his tight hole.

"Yeah, you like that?" Jay asked, licking his lips, looking up at Eric.

"Shit yeah, baby, lick my ass again," Eric said, lifting his legs up higher and stroking his cock.

Jay dug back in, licking around, just getting a feel for what this was all about. He actually was getting into it. He felt a familiar warming in his crotch area as he started probing inside with his tongue.

"Aw fuck, man, that feels good!"

Neither guy had ever experienced this before, so it was a new feeling for both of them. Jay couldn't help himself and moistened his finger. He gently prodded the hole with his finger.

"Go ahead, bud," Eric sighed.

Jay slipped his finger in.

"Ooo," Eric said as his whole body shivered. Jay liked the reaction.

"Hee hee, you like that?" Jay asked.

"Aw fuck yeah," Eric said, stroking his cock faster. "Yeah, come on, Jay...finger my fuckin' ass..."

Strangely, Jay was getting turned on dramatically by this. He found it a great turn on to see Eric moan and react like this. His dick was no longer soft, in fact it was at full mast again.

Jay suddenly got up and took his finger out of Eric's ass. Eric looked at Jay, surprised. Jay quickly got up, went into his college roommate's desk drawer and pulled something out. He quickly turned around and flashed a smile at Eric. Eric smiled back, seeing it was a bottle of lube Jay had managed to find.

Jay was back over in an instant and applied the lube to Eric's ass.

"Ooo, that's cold!" Eric giggled.

"I know," Jay said. Jay went back to sticking one finger up Eric's tight hole. Eric groaned loudly.

"Aw, fuck, JayMan, that's awesome. Use two..."

Without any further prodding, Jay used two fingers. It felt nice and warm and tight. Eric was breathing loudly now, and working up a little sweat. Jay felt a drive in him he never felt before.

"Eric...." Jay asked, softly. "Eric...can I..."

"Yes, Jay, yes, please," Eric said, not even giving him a chance to finish the question. "Fuck me, JayMan..."

Jay reached down and opened a condom package. He was so hard right now. He slipped on the condom quickly and lubed it up.

Eric watched Jay's every move. Jay moved up against Eric. Eric was still laying on his back. Jay took Eric's large legs and spread them while he pressed his lubed up dick against Eric's crack.

"Oh, fuck, babe," Jay said. "I want that ass.."

"Yeah, baby?" Eric asked. "Go ahead." Eric took a hold of Jay's cock and carefully guided it to his hole. Jay slowly pushed it in.

"Aw..." Eric moaned.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaah..." Jay sighed. "God that feels so tight!"

Jay held his dick inside when it was all in. Eric looked up at Jay's face. Jay looked down at Eric. They leaned towards each other and kissed each other passionately. Neither had ever felt anything like this before.

"Aw, you feel so good babe," Eric said, kissing Jay again.

"Does it feel okay?"

"Oh, babe, it feels wonderful. Now..." Eric said, licking Jay's earlobe, "Fuck Me!"

Jay took no time at all to start fucking Eric. He started out slowly, making sure that Eric was okay with it. But Eric kept wanting it rougher.

"Come on, man, fuck me hard, dude," Eric said, louder.

Jay increased his tempo and strength behind each thrust.

"Yeah, man, yeaah..." Eric moaned, looking directly at Jay.

"Aw, fuck, you like that man?" Jay asked.

"Yeah, come on, fuck my tight ass. Make me your bitch," Eric said, even louder.

"Come on, stud, take it, take my cock..." Jay hissed, as he thrusted harder.

So here they were, the little guy fucking the big guy while moans, sighs, and grunts resonated throughout the apartment bedroom. Jay liked this position.

"God why didn't I try this before? Fuck, Eric, fuck, I love your fuckin' ass..."

"Yeah, man, you're gonna make me cum!" Eric exclaimed, stroking his cock.

"Oh, yeah, man, shoot it on your chest, babe," Jay said, opening his eyes to see his lover shoot his load.

"Ah, fuck," Eric yelled as he grabbed a hold of Jay, pulling him against him, and kissed him.

Jay kept thrusting as he felt a gooey mess come between them. That sent him over the edge and he slammed into his ass one more time and exploded violently into the condom.

"AW YEAH!" Jay screamed. Jay collapsed onto Eric and kissed him lightly on the lips. Eric put his arms around Jay and closed his eyes. If this wasn't the life, he though, I don't know what is

"Eric," Jay finally said.

"Hmm?" Eric murmmered.

"I love you," he said softly.

So there you have it. A peak into the bedroom of Jay and Eric's sex life. Hope you enjoyed this part of "Collision". More will be on the way as soon as I write it. Please send all comments to