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Collision, Part XX
"Changing Tides"
By Joey E

Eric glanced at Jay after that comment.

"Huh?" he asked.

Jay looked up at Eric's face. "I love you."

Eric squeezed Jay harder. "You know what, little man? I love you too."

Jay smiled and snuggled closer to Eric. He rested his head back on Eric's strong, smooth chest. Just then, they heard someone open the front door of the apartment downstairs.

"Shit," Jay said, bolting up.

"Calm down, little man," Eric said, laughing. "Your door is shut."

"Yeah, but I can tell it's Joe and he'll probably come in here," Jay said, trying to get up. But Eric wouldn't let him go.

"Don't run away from it, Jay. Let it happen. You said he's gay, he'll understand if he sees us in bed."

"Yeah, but I'm not sure he'd like walking in on two boys in bed without warning."

Just then, the door opened. Jay pulled up the covers over them as his roommate turned on the light.

"Uh," Jay started to say before the roommate turned around.

"Oh, shit!" the roommate said.

"Uh, Joe, you remember Eric, don't you?" Jay said, not knowing what else to say.

"Well....yeah," Joe answered. "Uh, what are you doing?"

"Well, to be honest with you, your roommate just fucked me and what you see is afterglow," Eric said, grinning.

Joe cracked a smile and said, "Uh, well, that's great. I'll be out in the living room now." He turned around and left.

"You're an asshole!" Jay exclaimed, hitting Eric with his pillow.

Eric just giggled. Jay started laughing with him. Soon, it was an all-out pillow fight.

"You know what, Eric?" Jay asked after they were out of breath. "It doesn't get much better than this dude!"

Eric leaned in for a kiss.

"Yo B!" Ryan said when Brett picked up the phone.

"Hey, babe! How goes it?"

"Nothin' much. Still recovering from that kiss in the parking lot, I guess."

"Ha ha, got you there bud," Brett said, laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know," Ry said. "So what are you up to tonight?"

"Ah, I thought I'd just hang out, watch some porn, beat off, you know, the usual..."

Ry started laughing.

"Why? What did you have in mind?" Brett asked.

"I was thinking about dropping by your house and we could go out for a nice cruise, just you and I."

"I'd like that, Ry. Come on over!"

"Be there in10 minutes, B!"

As soon as Brett hung up the phone, it began to ring again.

"Hey, Brett. Can you do me a huge favor?"

"Aw, man, Eric, I was just leaving!"

"Cool. Because I need someone to come pick me up over at Jay's house."

"I just drove you there!"

"I know, but his roommate left and we have no car!"

"All right, man, I'll see what I can do," Brett said, grumbling.

Soon enough, Ry was there in front of Brett's house. "Mom, I'm going out with Ry for a bit," he yelled to his mom.

"Just a second young man," Mrs. Thompson said coming out of the kitchen. "You sure you did all your homework?"

"God mom, yes I did," Brett said, smiling and walking out the door.

"Hey hot stuff," Brett said, opening the passenger's side door to Ry's car.

"Hey, stud, jump in!"

"WOO HOO!" Brett whooped as he got in. "Yo, dude, we gotta do Eric a quick favor before we got too hot and heavy."

"Oh god, what's that?" Ry asked.

"We gotta go pick him from his boy's apartment at the college and take him back to his house, if you don't mind babe?"

"No problem," Ry answered. "We'll swing by now. Does he know we're coming?"

"Yeah, I told him that we were."


The two high school boys held hands the whole way to the college. They found a good parking spot and walked up to Jay's apartment, which was number 35. Ryan knocked on the door.

They heard footsteps coming down the stairs when all of a sudden, they heard what sounded like someone slipping and falling into the door. They looked at each other. They then heard someone call out, "Eric!" while running down the stairs.

"Shit," Brett said. "This can't be good."

They then heard the door open.

"Are you all right?" Ry asked.

Eric looked a little surprised, but seemed to be okay. He scratched his head, wearing a big grin on his face. "Hi guys," he said.

Jay was behind him, rolling his eyes. "Dumb oaf," he said.

"So, you ready to go?"

"Uh, just a second guys," Eric said, stepping back inside the doorway and closing the door.

"Jason Crocker, will you be my boyfriend?" Eric asked, embracing the short guy.

"Well, I hope I am after I fucked you tonight," Jay said, softly, kissing him on the cheek.

Eric chuckled. "Of course you are, man. Good night, little man. Call me tomorrow."

"I will, Eric. Good night." And they kissed once more.

"Man! What are you doing in there?" Brett yelled through the door.

The door opened and Eric grinned as he walked out the door.

"All right, man, what was that all about?" Brett asked.

"Well, Ryan was right about one thing. I am a big old bottom!"

Brett and Ry exchanged looks. "Smells like someone got fucked tonight!" Ry yelled out loud.

Brett and Ry high fived one another. "You the fuckin' man, bro," Brett said, getting into Ryan's car. So the threesome was off back to take Eric home. Along the way, they cranked up the radio, listening to Limp Bizkit.

"Would you do Fred Durst?" Eric asked.

"Uh, no," Brett said.

"Hell yeah!" Ry exclaimed.

Brett gave Ryan a look of surprise. "He whines like a little hurt boy!"

"Oh he'll be whining all right when I'm done with him," Ry said, laughing.

"Slut!" Brett said, smiling.

They cruised on to Eric's house and dropped him off.

"Yo guys, you free tomorrow evening?" Eric said as he stuck his head back in the car after he got out.

Ryan and Brett looked at each other. "Yeah, I guess," Brett said. "What did you have in mind?"

"Thought we could go out on a double date, since we've never really done that before."

"Sure, dude," Ry said. "That would be awesome."

"Cool. All right, then, ladies, see you tomorrow!" Eric exclaimed before he closed the car door.

"Ladies?" Brett asked, laughing.

"What a fruitcake," Ry remarked, laughing as well.

"Well, where do you want to go this evening Brett?" Ryan asked, after driving off.

"I don't care, babe. You were the one with idea remember?"

"You wanna suck my dick?" Ry asked, smirking.

"What?" asked Brett. "Here? Now?"

Ry grinned at Brett and adjusted himself. "Haven't you ever heard of a little thing called 'road head'?"

Brett chuckled. "Sure I have, bud, but I don't think this is a good spot to do it in."

"Oh, please, I'll drive on the highway then!"

So the two spent another blissful evening together, this time on the highway. They each took turns driving, let's put it that way. Finally, with Brett in the driver's seat, they went back to Brett's house. Ry drove home alone, smiling all the way.

(The narrator returns to Ryan now)

Thanks, narrator. I'll take it from here...since you grabbed it away from me for some time now. The next day was busy as usual at school. I had tons of homework to do, and wasn't looking forward to it. There was one thing though that always got me to smile. And that was seeing my man after school. I tore through my five assignments, ate dinner, and left to go over to Brett's house.

Brett was sitting out on the front step. Spring was in the air, and he had no jacket on. I got out of my car and walked up to him. Surprisingly, he wasn't smiling. I thought to myself, oh, shit, this can't be good. He held the front door open without saying a word.

"Who's home?" I asked, not liking this at all.

"No one. Go up to my room, we need to talk," he finally said. I looked back at him, he still wasn't smiling, and he never made eye contact with me. Something was wrong.

"Brett, what's wrong?" I asked as I was going up the stairs.

"Just go up," Brett said, not sounding happy at all. Quite frankly, the only other time I had heard this tone of voice from him was when he suspected I was cheating on him some 6 months ago.

We went upstairs to his bedroom and he closed the door behind him. I sat on the bed as usual, as he sat down on his desk chair. He looked disappointed and sad. I took a hold of his hand and asked, "Brett, talk to me please?"

He pulled his hand away from me. He looked up at me.

"Ryan, I've been itching down here got any thing to tell me?" he asked, his eyes darting away from me.


"Ryan, I'm pretty sure I have a little thing called crabs....have you been itching down there too?"

"Come to think of it, B, yeah I do. I was thinking it was dry skin, though."

"When did it start?"

"A few days ago why?"

"Uh huh," he said.

"Brett, what the hell are you getting at?" I asked, now in defense. "What the hell are crabs anyway? Fuck, aren't they in the ocean?"

"Crabs are little parasites, sort of like lice, but they live in the pubic region... and they are transmitted through sexual contact. Are you sure you don't want to tell me anything?"

"Shit, man, what does that mean? That sounds nasty!"

"It is nasty! And we fuckin' have them! I was reading about them on the internet tonight. I had heard of them before, and thought, maybe by slight chance, that's what we had."

"So, what can we do to get rid of them? And how did we get them in the first place?" I asked, still wondering why Brett was so upset. "They are curable aren't they?"

"Yes, but that isn't the point. You asked a very good question, Ry. How did we get them? You get them by sexual contact, Ry. And I haven't had any but with you for the last 6 months...."

Suddenly it dawned on me what he was getting to. And it put me on high alert. "Wait a second, B! You don't think that I..."

"Who was it?" Brett said, looking over at something behind me.

I was outraged. I looked straight as his face. I couldn't believe that he was accusing me of cheating. I thought about what I wanted to say before I blurted something out.

"Look at me, Brett," I said, in a low controlled tone. He slowly turned his gaze on me. I didn't like the look in his eyes. And I met that look back.

"If you are insinuating something, why not just go ahead and tell me.."

"All right," my boyfriend said. "You've been cheating on me again?"

I looked at him again. I couldn't believe I was hearing this.

"Brett, calm down before you start pissing me off," I said, controlled. "I haven't been cheating on you. I spend all my time with you! When the hell am I supposed to be screwing around with other guys?"

"Trust me, you'd make the time. You did with Eric!"

Now I was mad. "Brett, that was fuckin' 6 months ago, okay? I admitted I was wrong. I have proven myself since then. Don't even try to bring that up!"

Brett looked at me. I was boiling up. I couldn't believe that my man, who I had been faithful to, was accusing me of cheating! The crabs didn't even seem to matter anymore.

"You keep bring that day up whenever it's convenient for you. I'm sick of it. Yes I was wrong. I shouldn't have done it."

"Come on Ryan, I can see right through you! Admit it!"

I turned around but then turn back to face him. " All right, if you want to play that game, then yeah, I cheated on you. I hooked up with Eric again. And you know what? It was hotter than any time with you!" I said, losing control.

"Shut up, Ryan. You know that ain't true!"

"Yeah and it ain't true that I've been cheating on you! But now, since you got crabs, you think I've been cheating on you? What about you? It could've been you for all I know! Who did you sleep with?"

"Woah, hold on there! I haven't slept with anyone except you!"

I needed air. I needed to get out of there, fast, before I said or did anything more. I got up and started for his door.

"We aren't finished yet," Brett said, in his commanding voice.

I turned around and was thoroughly disgusted. I couldn't believe this was happening. And then I said it.

"As far as I'm concerned, Brett, we are finished. Totally!" I said as I walked out his bedroom. Brett got up after me and chased me down the steps. I just wanted to get out of there.

"Ryan," he yelled.


I turned around before I walked out his front door with tears in my eyes. "And you know what Brett, you can kiss my fuckin' ass too!"

With that, I walked out the door and slammed it. I was so pissed off I couldn't even see straight.

"Ryan!" I heard from behind me.

I turned around once more and took one more look at him.

"Ryan, don't leave!!" It was no more of a plea, but more like a command.

I really wanted to get out of there. There was something about Brett that was different, scary, and intimidating. No longer did I see the loving eyes. I saw hate and it freaked the shit out of me.

I walked faster to my car. He was right behind me. He grabbed my arm.

"Brett, get off me, now!" I said, in a low, but commanding voice.

He had tears in his eyes and his face was bright red. "Brett, if you don't let go of me..."

"Shut the fuck up, Ryan. Don't ever walk out on me like that again," he said through his teeth. His grip grew tighter on my arm. I couldn't believe this was the same guy I loved.

Before I could say anything more, he practically dragged me back inside his house. I secretly hoped that his neighbors didn't see this. And at the same time, I hoped they did. I complied...what else could I do?

When he closed the door behind him, he looked at me, still with his grasp on my upper arm.

"Brett, your scaring me," I said, trying to conceal my tears. "Let me go!"

"Don't walk out on me like that ever again. Do you hear me?" he asked through his teeth.

"GET OFF, ME!" I screamed, trying to break lose of his grip.

"You lying sack of shit," he said under his breath. "You're going no where."

"Brett what the fuck are you doing?" I pleaded. "Let me go, now!"

He left me no choice. I took a swing at him with my left fist and he loosened his grip when I made contact with his chest. "That's for being an asshole," I said as I kneed him in the balls. "Don't ever fuckin' treat me like that again!"

I bolted out of that house as fast as I could and drove straight over to Eric's. His parents said he wasn't home. I went over to Dan's. He wasn't home. I drove over to Sara's as a last resort. She wasn't home. Finally, I had no one else to go to except Miller. Miller lived in the not so good part of town. I didn't know if he would be home or not, but I had no other option. I couldn't go home. My parents would ask me what was wrong. I had just been given the shock of my life. I couldn't believe that was Brett. That wasn't the Brett I knew.

I walked up to Miller's door and rang the door bell.

"Com' on Miller, be home," I said, desperately. I rang it again.

"Yeah, yeah, hold on," I heard a male voice say. The door opened. There was Miller standing there in his sweats and t-shirt.


"Paul, I need to talk to you," I said with tears in my eyes.

He dropped his macho routine right there. "Sure, come in, Ry. There's no one here. It's safe."

"Safer for you or for me?" I joked a little. I tended to do that when I am upset.

"Bud, what happened?" Miller asked. "You looked all fucked up!"

After hearing that, I took one look at this strong man before me and just collapsed in his arms.

"Woah, woah, what's up man? Dude, what's the matter with you?" he asked as I started crying, uncontrollably. "It's about Brett, isn't it?"

I looked up at him and nodded my head.

"What happened, Ryan?" he asked.

I rubbed my arm where Brett had grabbed it. Miller grabbed my forearm and took a glance at the spot I was rubbing. I looked down it and saw a big red mark.

"Holy, shit! He did that to you?"

"No, man," was my immediate response.

Miller looked at me and said, "Bull shit. Fuck, man, I'd smash his face in!"

"No, man, don't," I said.

"I can't believe he did this to you, Ryan!"

I immediately wrapped my arms around him and cried.

"It's all right, man. I'm here, buddy. Go ahead and let it all out..."

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