Collision, Part XXV
"Weed, Dreams, and Other Things"
By Joey E

Well, I'm certainly on a role again with Collision. I'm pleased to present the twenty-fifth installment of Collision. I'd like to give thanks to all who have responded. I really appreciate the feedback. Special thanks goes to Jarrod, Will, Ryan, Jay, Wes, Bryan, Kris, and Marc.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real life is strictly coincidental. The story belongs to Joey E, all rights reserved. No duplication is allowed in any form. And for those under 21 (or 18 in some areas), you shouldn't be reading this. This story is about queer, homo, fag, queen, gay (take your pick) high school boys learning about love and life. If this isn't your scene, then get out of ours. Thank you.

"Dude, you don't have to do this, if you don't want to," he said, breaking out the bong and the bag of weed. We had arrived at his house about three minutes ago, and I was still sitting in the car next to him, watching him pack the bong.

"Nah, man, I wanna try it," I said, with a smile on my face.

"All right," he said, finishing up whatever he was doing. I had no idea, to be honest, what he was doing at all. I was a little nervous, but at the same time I figured I had done so much stuff that night that one more thing wouldn't matter.

"You sure it's okay to smoke around here?" I asked.

"Sure, dude, come on, let's go to the backyard," he said getting out of the car. I followed him like a little puppy as he went through the gate in the fence. I was impressed with the size of his back yard. He lived in a decent sized house, but his yard was humongous. It was surrounded by wooded area, and it had a swimming pool in it. He walked out to the wooded area and I could see him only by his white, sleeveless tee.

He led me to a place where he lit a candle and I saw where I was.

"This is where I come to be alone. It's a neat little place, don't you think?"

I looked around. It was nice and peaceful. Secluded and dark. Perfect place for gettin' high!

He pulled out his bong, lit it, inhaled it, held it in, and then exhaled a big puff of smoke.

He chuckled softly. "Yeah, dude, that's the way to go!" His eyes were watery. He handed the thing to me and said, "Go ahead, dude!"

I grinned and eagerly took the strange looking pipe in my hand. I could smell the smoke. I wasn't quite sure what to do though.

"Here, dude, you put it up to your mouth. Then you hold your finger over the hole. I'll light it up. You inhale and then you release the hole while you're still inhaling. Then you hold it in for as long as you can."

I shook my head yes and proceeded to put the thing up to my mouth and covered the hole with my index finger. He lit his lighter and told me to inhale. And inhale I did.

"Now release it," he said.

As soon as I did, I got a mouthful of smoke and nearly gagged. A huge puff of smoke came out of my mouth.

Jay laughed softly. "Here, try it again, dude."

This time, I got it right. I held it in as long as I could and then blew out a nice cloud of smoke in a stream.

"Fuck yeah, dude, that's the way to do it."

I smiled and I felt lightheaded. I couldn't believe I actually was doing this shit. And with Jason for that matter. But it all seemed right at the time.

"You want another hit?" he asked.

"Sure," I said, with a big grin on my face.

He lit it up and I inhaled. Again I held it in and then exhaled.

"Smooth ain't it?"

"I guess," I said, almost falling over. "I wouldn't know the difference though."

I started to giggle.

"Uh oh, someone's fucked up already!" he said, taking his own hit. He looked like a pro, inhaling.

"That's some sweet shit!" he said.

I was lost in la-la land by now. I was surprised at how fast it hit me.

"They say if you smoke a cig right after, it increases your high."

That was all I needed to hear. I busted out a Marlboro Menthol Light and lit it. By now, everything seemed to be brighter and louder. I wasn't sure what I was feeling, but I knew it was crazy. I laughed for no reason at all.

"Aw, man..." I started to say. "That shit is awesome!"

"You like it?" he asked, grinning at me.

"Fuck yeah, bro," I said, leaning against a tree.

"Glad I could be the provider," he said. He took one more hit and then dumped the ashes out.

"Well, you should stay a while, because I ain't gonna let you drive home in this state."

"Yeah, I better not," I said.

"Come on, Ry, we can sit out on the patio in the back of my house."

I followed him, not sure of anything anymore. The world was moving fast around me, and I felt silly. There was no other way to describe it. We sat down on his patio and he smiled at me.

"You're really fucked up aren't you?"


He laughed. "Just what you needed right?"

"Perfect ending to a perfect night."

"What was so perfect about tonight?"

"I don't know, man, just the way I was feeling. The way I was feeling with you..."

I drifted off that last comment, not fully understanding why I said that.

He looked at me with his blue eyes. God, he looked good.

"I pretty much agree, Ry. I had a great time with you. It felt new and exciting in a way I haven't felt pretty much ever in my life."

"Well, I haven't felt that way in what seemed to be a long time, man."

With that statement, memories of Brett came in my mind.

"You know, Brett would probably kill me if he ever knew I was doing this shit, man," I said.

Jay laughed. "He would've been pissed, that's for sure."

"I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling, man. I feel guilty that's been only over two months since he died and I'm not feeling the pain that I was before. I feel like I should be missing him more than I do now. I'm so used to feeling shitty, and now that I don't, I'm not sure how I should feel. Shit, what the hell am I saying?"

Jay smiled at me. "It's the weed, man."

I laughed. "Yeah I guess so," I said.

"Ry, I know I only know you a little, but I like you, dude. You're a fun guy, and to be honest, a hot one too."

I grinned. "Thanks. You're a hot mother fucker too. And I'm half tempted to ask you out on a date!"

Jay grinned. "Hey, you wanna sleep over? I don't want you drivin' like this."

"Maybe it's better that way," I said. "Yeah, I will, thanks."

"Cool, I've got a double bed, if you don't mind sharing it with me."

"Jay, we just had sex in my car. I don't think I will mind sharing the fuckin' bed with you. Just don't try anything funny..."

"Weed makes me horny, dude," he said with a grin. "My family's asleep, so be quiet when we get inside."

"Cool," I said. "Oh man, am I fucked up!"

I tried to get up and failed the first time. Jay came over to me and held his hands out. I reached for them and he pulled me up. I was there, standing in front of him. He slowly slipped his arms around me and pulled me in. I looked into his eyes right before closing mine to kiss him. We shared a passionate kiss under the starlit sky. He was a fuckin' good kisser. We just kept on kissing, our tongues playing tag with each other, hands wandering, bodies grinding.

Finally, I broke the kiss and just stared into his beautiful eyes. It was hot, being able to look at someone almost eye-level for a change. I could feel his strong arms, still holding me.

"You wanna go in?" he whispered in my ear, licking the lobe.

"Sure," I whispered back.

"Listen, my parents are going to work tomorrow, and my bro has a summer job, so that leaves us with the house to ourselves tomorrow."

I grinned. "Fuck tomorrow, I wanna fuck tonight!"

Jay chuckled. "Not with my parents home."


We went inside and I realized I had no change of clothes. I quickly called my parents to tell them I wasn't coming home. Jay began getting ready for bed. He stripped his shirt off, his shorts, and then his boxers. This guy didn't care at all who saw him naked. I was a little more self-conscious.

"You sleep in the nude?"

"Yeah," he whispered. "Always, dude. You don't have to, but it would make it more cozy if you did."

After thinking a second, I decided to strip off my clothes as well. I climb into the bed with him and got underneath the sheet. As soon as I did, Jay's hands were all over my body. I turned to face him and he gently felt my cheek with my hands.

"Have you ever slept with a guy over night?" he asked me.

"Yeah, did you?"

"Yep, but I think, in a way, you're hotter."

"Hee hee, really?"

He just smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Yes, really."

He then went under the covers and I felt his hand on my cock. It came to attention almost immediately. He dove right down and started sucking it fiercely. I pulled the blanket down, uncovering both of us. I started moaning softly.

"Dude, you can't moan. As much as it turns me on, and believe me, it does, I don't want my parents waking up," he whispered.

I nodded my head and he continued to go down on my six inch piece. He then got between my legs and started licking the inside of my thighs. I held my pillow up to my mouth as I let out a muffled moan. It felt so hot. I couldn't believe the feelings I was feeling. It was amazing.

"The weed'll do that to you," he whispered. He then licked up to my balls and down my balls towards my ass. I knew what he was going to do next.

He lifted up my legs, exposing my ass to the air. He then licked his way down my balls again and then he licked up and down my crack. I really wanted to scream out in pleasure, but I didn't dare. He then licked my hole and around it. God, it felt good.

"Oh fuck yeah," I whispered. "Lick my ass, man."

I reached down and started stroking my cock. He then moved back up and started licking and teasing my nipples. He moved from the nipples to my pits, licking each one, which was extremely wild and new.

"Yeah, you like that?" he asked, wiping his mouth, grinning.

"Fuck yeah," I whispered back.

"Here, dude," he said, waving his hard cock in front of me. "Suck my dick."

I giggled and got up and pushed him on his back. I got on top of him my head toward his feet and said, "Suck my dick, too."

"Oo, sixty nine?"

"Yeah, bro," I said as I took his cock in my mouth. I found his cock easier to suck off because it wasn't as big as Brett's. And I kinda liked that. His incredible mouth was sucking me off. We both let out small moans as we sucked each other off. I got very daring then and proceeded to lick his ass again. I got it all wet and then I wet my finger and started probing his ass with my finger, pushing on it lightly.

"Ooo, yeah, man, finger it," he said.

Needing no more encouragement, I gently pushed it in. He let out a loud sigh and then continued to suck my dick. I resumed sucking his cock and fingering his ass. It was no surprise when he soon whispered, "Aw, dude, you're gonna make me shoot."

I got up off of him and moved between his legs. I kept fingering him and he stroked his dick. He looked fuckin' hot. I felt his chest and stomach with my other hand. He jerked himself off and, as he did before, he raised his ass up off the bed right before the first shot shot out onto his chest. I had this craving to taste it when he was done. I lowered myself and licked up a shot of cum off his smooth chest. It wasn't bad at all. So I licked up every last drop off his body. He smiled at me when I was done.

I laid down next to him and began to stroke my cock. He watched me, his eyes scanning my body up and down. He wrapped his arm around me as I continued to stroke. I rested my head on his shoulder. I felt his other hand massaging my balls, which practically put me over the edge.

"I'm gonna cum," I hissed.

"Yeah, shoot it," he whispered.

I felt a shot of cum land on my face. "Aw shit," I whispered. The second shot landed on Jay's chest some how. And the third was on my stomach.

Jay got up after the orgasm subsided and threw me an old t-shirt. I cleaned myself up and threw it back on the floor. Jay crawled back into bed with me and for the first time in my life, I actually could spoon another guy in bed with me. I was in back of him and we fell to sleep like that in no time at all.

We woke up the next day around 11AM. We had round 3 and then I had to go home and get showered in time to go to work at the grocery store in the afternoon.

Work was boring. What can be said for an 18 year old working in a grocery store? I came home after about 6 hours of work and ate my dinner with my family. No sooner had I cleared the table did the doorbell ring.

I was a little shocked to find Miller standing there. To be honest, after what I experienced last night, Paul didn't look as enticing as he once did to me. But he still looked cute.

"Hey Paul, do you wanna come in?"

"Uh, sure."

"What's up?" I asked.

"Nothin' at all, just came by to see if you were free."

"Well, I had no plans. You wanna go downstairs and hang out?" I asked.

"Sure," he said. HE followed me downstairs to basement where the TV and VCR were and we both sat down on the couch.

"So, Eric tells me you went out with his quasi-ex last night?"

"Yeah, we had a great time," I said, not sure how to put this.

"That's cool, he's a cute lookin' kid," he said.

"Yeah, he certainly is."

I wasn't sure how Paul would take it if he knew what I did with Jay. I mean, we weren't dating, but he was sure hooked on me. And I felt a little guilty for hooking up with Jay, but still, we weren't dating! I just chose to keep it a secret. And we hung out the rest of the night, watching the movie Momento. I found myself in his arms halfway through the movie, it was a nice comforting feeling.  I didn't quite know how to break the news to Paul, so I just left it unsaid for the time being.  

I got a call from Jay as soon as Paul had left. I was sort of wondering if he would call all day. I was glad he did.

"Hey, Ry," he said.

"Hey, bro, how's it going?"

"All right, I had a great time last night, dude."

"Thanks, so did I," I replied.

"You wanna do it again some time?"

"Sure, man, when?"

"How about tomorrow night? Friday night? We can go out to dinner, catch a movie, hang out, make out, fuck, suck, whatever?"

I laughed. The kid was totally hyper sometimes. It was so cute.

"Okay, wanna pick me up at 6PM?" he asked.

"Sure, I can."

"Sounds like a date to me," he said.

"Just may be it is," I said, smiling.

"Look, Ry, I know it's too soon, but I keep wanting to ask you out dude. We'd be so hot together..."

"Woah, Jay, I think we'll talk about this later, man."


"When we have some more weed," I said, grinning.

He laughed out loud. "All right, dude, talk to you later!"

Interesting, I thought to myself. Now what the hell do I do? I didn't want to make it seem like I was figuratively screwing anyone, but someone was gonna get hurt in the end. And what the hell was I doing? My boyfriend died two months ago. It made no sense to me whatsoever. I went to bed that night totally confused.

"You always had trouble making up your mind, didn't you bud?"

I knew that voice. I knew that voice. I turned around and was blinded by the white light. A face appeared. BRETT!! He was all in white, and looked healthy as ever.

"Brett, what the fuck?" I asked.

"So my little man has two boys after him and I'm not even one of them."

"Oh, Brett, I would take you back in an instant. Please, come back."

"I can't, Ryan, I can't. I would, but I can't. My time was up."

"Why did you leave me?"

"I don't know. I didn't want to. I only wanted to say that I'm sorry for what I did to you that night before I died. I never meant to hurt you. I wasn't thinking straight. I think the aneurism had something to do with it."

"Oh, Brett, don't worry, I forgive you. I love you, man. I was so much in love with you," I said, crying now.

"Baby, don't cry. It's all right. You have other guys looking out for you now. Oh, and by the way, you shot a nice load last night with Jay."

"You were watching?"

"Oh yeah, you get a great view from up here!"

"Oh, B what should I do? I know I should be feeling more grief about losing you, but I don't anymore. Am I that heartless?"

"No, man, you're forgetting yourself. It's all right, bud, I know you love me. But I would expect you of all people to move on and get on with your life. I know you love me. That's all that matter. I'd feel bad if you weren't movin' on with your life. And for a short time, I was afraid you wouldn't. But I'm glad to see you're back in, apparently, full action." He chuckled.

"Oh shut up, you bastard," I said, grinning. "I miss you so much."

"I miss you too, babe. But, my time is almost up now. I just wanted to see you one last time."

"Brett, what should I do?"

"I can't tell you that, babe. Do what you think is best. Knowing you, Ry, I'd have to place my bet on Jason. And knowing you, I think you already know that."

"Yes, but Miller has been there for me when I need someone most. I can't just toss him out the door, can I?"

"Ry, you don't have to toss him out the door. You just can't keep leading him on though. I never thought too highly of the kid, but I know you like him and he likes you. So, go with your instincts. They've never failed you yet, babe. I love you, Ryan. I always will. All I want to see is you happy from up here. Don't worry about cheating on me or fearing that I won't think you love me anymore. Because I know the truth already."

I was crying again. "Brett, don't leave me again, please..."

Brett smiled at me and softly said, "I have to, babe. I'll see you when you get up here, hopefully in about 80 years or more. Be careful and be safe. Just remember, I'm up here, watching over you. Whenever you need someone to talk to, I will be here for you."

He came closer to me.

"I love you, Brett."

"I love you, Ryan Phillips. You're the love of my life," he said, softly. He looked so good, his blue eyes shining. His dark brown hair exactly how he always wanted it. He put his arms around me and said softly, "I love you."

I woke up immediately, finding myself clutching a pillow where Brett would have been in my arms. Though I didn't exactly believe there was a heaven, I looked up towards the ceiling and said, "I love you, Brett....Thanks." I kissed my pillow and fell back to sleep.

Collision is fastly winding down towards the end of its run. I assure you there will be no deaths at the end, unlike the last time I tried to end it. But as Ryan goes in to college, I will be coming out with a new series based on the college life of Ryan. (I think). I'm not sure though yet. What do you think? Send any questions, comments, complaints, and/or opinions to