Collision, Part XXIX
"A Happy Fuckin' Ending"
By Joey E

Well, here it is. The part you've been waiting for (or dreading), the end of the high school series, "Collision". It's been fun writing over the years, but it is time to say goodbye to Ryan, Eric, Jay, Paul Miller, and last but not least, Brett. I'd like to say thanks to all who have written to me about the series. I'd also like to thank all who have helped me proofread, brainstorm, and create this series. Neuman, BJ, Will, Jay, Jake, Billy (the King of Slapnuts), Ryan, Brendon, Michael, Jeremy, Matt, Trey, Victor, Mateo, Wes, Eric, Ed, Paul...this list could go on and on. I hope I didn't offend anyone by leaving them out. I also want to thank the many readers who have responded over the years. I really appreciate it.

And now, if you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), you know the rules and get out. If you are a homophobe, get out. If you don't like the idea of gay and bi high school guys learning about love and life, then get out. This series is a work of fiction. The rights to this series belongs to the author, Joey E. Any unauthorized duplication in any form is strictly prohibited. Copyrighted in 2002.

By the way, this may get confusing.  There are shifts in the scenes, which are seperated by two line spaces.   Just keep that in mind while reading.

Finally, Paul's cock cooperated and went back down, allowing Paul to get out of the police car again. Officer Jake Lewis, who was finishing up the report on the hood of his car, looked up to see Paul standing in front of him. He grinned a big grin. Paul grinned back.

"Listen, uh, Paul..."


"I'm about to get off duty. Are you busy this evening?"

"Uh, well, I was gonna get some dinner with my friend, Eric..."

"Oh..." said the police officer, looking slightly disappointed.

"But," Paul said right away, "How long do you have until you get off duty?"

Jake's eyes lit up and he smiled again. "Probably only a half hour."

"Well, as long as you drive, I'm up for anything. I'm sure Eric won't mind," Paul said, looking at Eric and Drew laughing and carrying on like two old friends.

"So, how about it?" Eric asked Drew.

"All right, man," Drew said.

"Cool, let's go over and see what's happening with Paul and the cop."

The two boys walked over to where Paul and Jake were.

"Well, officer," Eric said, "Are we free to go?"

"Sure, guys. I have the police report all written out."

"We already exchanged all our information," Drew said.

Eric looked at Paul, who was looking at the cop. "You ready to go to dinner?"

"Well, actually, Paul and I were just talking about going out as soon as I come off duty," Jake said.

Eric looked surprised. "Oh really?" he asked, raising one eyebrow.

Paul grinned and his face turned red.

"Well, that's cool, Drew wanted to join us."

"That's all right, Eric. You go ahead without me. Jake said he'll take care of me," Paul said.

"I'm sure he will," Eric said, smiling. "Make sure you take good care of that boy, officer. He needs discipline."

Paul shot a glare at Eric. The officer just laughed. "Oh, I'm not sure that's all he needs."

"I wish he wouldn't have said that," Paul said, shaking his head.

"Why not? Is it true?" the Cop asked, grinning. "Aw, come on, bud, it's all in fun," he said, putting his arm around Paul's shoulders. "Come on, I'll drive us back to the station, and then we can go out to eat."

"Well, that was fuckin' weird," Drew said to Eric, as they walked back to their cars.

"Ah, he's a big boy.  He can take care of himself," Eric said with a smirk.

Drew laughed. "Is he all right? He did have a nasty cut on his thigh."

"Yeah, I think he'll be fine."

"Dude, you're just gonna leave him with the cop?" Drew asked.

Eric shrugged his shoulders. "It ain't none of my business."

Drew laughed again. "Well, all right, where do you want to go?"

"We were going to go to Friendly's..."

"Yeah, that's cool. You wanna follow me?"

"Yeah, I think it'll be better that way," Eric answered. "That way I won't have to worry about you ramming me up the ass again!"

"Hey..." Drew said, looking hurt.

Eric smiled. "Come on, dude."

Well, there they go, thought Paul, watching them pull away.

"Hey bud," Paul heard a voice call out from behind him. He turned around. There was the cop, looking like he was ready to go. He opened the back door for Paul to climb in.

"Sorry, bud, but you'll have to ride back here. I can't have you riding up here with me," he explained.

"Great, so now I'll look like a dangerous criminal," Paul said, climbing back in the back seat.

"Ah, don't worry, bud. If you want, just duck so no one can see you," the Officer said, laughing.

"Thanks a lot!"

"Jay, that was delicious!" I said, putting down my fork after stuffing myself with the meal Jay created. "I am fuckin' impressed!"

"Ah, that was nothin' man. I'm glad you enjoyed it," Jay said, smiling. He looked happy that I enjoyed his feast.

"Yeah, man. You can cook for me anytime," I said, getting up. I cleared my place and cleared his as well. "Relax, dude. I'll do the dishes."

I came back into the room and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks," I said.

I cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. By the time I was done, Jay was seated on the couch, watching TV.

"Yo, Jay, wanna go?" I asked, holding up a cigarette in my hand.

His eyes lit up as he jumped up. "Sure, dude," he said.

We both went outside and lit up our cancer sticks. "So, now what do you want to do?" Jay asked.

"Oh, I thought we'd go inside and.....fuck our brains out!"

"That's for later, dude. We should like go out to the boardwalk or something..."

I liked the idea, actually. "All right, sounds good. I'll drive?"

"Is there another choice?" Jay asked.

We both laughed and headed out on our way to the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

It was a short drive with Jay directing me.

"Dude, you should've taken the 4Runner down here. We could've scored major pussy!" he exclaimed.

I shot a glance over at him. "What!?" I screamed. "Major pussy??"

He laughed. "Or dick, whatever floats your boat."

"Nah, I still don't know how I feel about drivin' Brett's truck. And what's wrong with this car?"

"Dude, it's a fuckin' station wagon! We ain't gonna get anything in this!"

I laughed. "Fuck you! It's the party wagon, first of all, and secondly, I picked up you, didn't I?"

We finally made it and managed to find parking near the beach. It was like any other "boardwalk" I've been to. With the line of shops, stores, and the beach. And lots of gorgeous people. Kids our age were seen everywhere. We had fun, looking at different shops, checkin' out the scenery, you know the deal.

"Aw, dude, an arcade!" Jay exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes, not being one too excited about an arcade. To me, it was a waste of money.

"Come on, dude, for a little while?" he asked, smiling.

I couldn't resist such a smiling face. I nodded my head and we both went inside.

We came across a set of car racing arcade games. I looked at Jay, he looked back, and we both smiled.

"I'll race you, Ry," he said, hoping into the seat.

I climbed aboard the one next to him and said, "You're on, man!"

We both inserted our fifty cents and the race was on. Now, I'll admit, I'm not the best, but I can usually hold my own in these games. Jay proved to be a tough match, but I eventually pulled ahead and beat him within the last five seconds of the game.

"HA HA!" I yelled, crossing the finish line.

"Let's do it again," he said.

"All right, but be prepared to lose again, dude," I said, smiling.

We raced again and this time, I was in the lead the whole time.

"Aw, dude, you beat me again!" he said, getting out.

"Are you surprised?"

He smiled. "Yeah...."


"Well, let's face it, dude, you ain't got the best eye-hand coordination," he said.

"Oh, so you noticed?" I asked, laughing.

"So, Eric, there's something that's been bothering me that I just gotta ask you," the rival quarterback said, sitting across from Eric in a booth at Friendly's.

"What?" Eric asked, before taking a bite of his bacon cheeseburger.

"Well, uh, what did you mean when you said I had a hot body?"

Eric nearly choked on his burger. "Uh, well, just what I said!"

"Oh," Drew said, smiling.

"What? A guy can't notice another guy's body?"

"No, it's just that it was just kinda weird, you know?"

"Naw, dude. You don't think a guy can tell if another guy is hot or not?"

"Not really, unless..."

"Unless what?" Eric asked.

"Unless he's like...uh...a fag?"

Eric grinned. "What's wrong with a fag?"

"Nothin', man..."

Eric knew it was now or never.

"Well, look at me, man, what do you think about me?"

Drew looked Eric over. "Yeah, I guess you've got a good body on you."

Eric flashed another grin. "Yeah? You wanna feel it?"

Drew laughed and turned bright red.

"It's all right, dude. I'm used to it. You can touch it," Eric said, feeling bolder as the seconds ticked by.

Meanwhile, Paul was waiting in the waiting area of the Police Station for Jake, the cop, to come out.

"You ready, bud?" he heard a voice ask.

He looked up from the magazine he was reading and smiled when he saw the cop, now out of uniform. Paul got up and walked over.

"Sure, I'm starvin'," he said.

"Cool, let's roll!"

Once in Jake's car, they talked about where they wanted to eat.

"You know, we could have some fun with Eric," Paul said, smiling.


"Well, I don't know if I should even be telling you this, being that I hardly know you, but if I know Eric, he's trying to pick up the guy that hit him today."

"WHAT?" Jake yelled. "Are you serious?"

Paul nodded his head yes.

"I don't know about that, bud. We should leave him be if that's the case."

"Well, I know, but it would be a riot if we showed up anyhow," Paul said. "And I was actually in the mood for some ice cream."

"All right, if that's what you want, we'll go there."

"Cool," Paul replied.

The two arrived at Friendly's in no time.

"Oh shit, isn't that your friend with the cop?" Drew said, looking over towards the front.

Eric turned around and said, "Oh yeah. Do you want to invite them over?"

Drew looked somewhat disappointed but said, "Sure, if you want to."

Eric nodded at Paul. They began to walk towards the table.

"Do you want to join us?" Eric asked.

"Ah, that's all right, guys. We don't want to cramp your style," Jake said, smiling at Eric.

"Style?" Eric asked, looking at Paul. Paul just grinned and kept walking past.

"What did he mean by that?" asked Drew.

"I don't have fuckin' clue," Eric replied, watching Paul and Jake sit down at a table across the room from them.

"You know, I have a feelin' Paul came here just to make fun of me," Eric said.

"What do you mean?" Drew asked.

"Well, he knows that, well, I think you're hot, like I said before..."

"Woah, dude, you mean, you like dick?"

Eric smiled and nodded his head yes.

"Oh shit," Drew said, looking away. He turned back to face Eric and asked, "So, what? You're tryin' to pick me up?"

"Yeah, dude," Eric said, smiling. "Is it workin'?"

"Ah, I don't know yet," Drew said, grinning. "I'll let you know after dinner.."

"Well, there they are. So far, Eric doesn't seem to be having much luck," Paul said.

"Hey, I thought you said there wasn't any guy or girl who Eric couldn't pick up," Jake said, sitting down in the booth across from Paul.

"I thought so....but now, I'm not sure. Of course, just earlier today, he tried to pick me up!" Paul said.

Jake gave a look of disapproval, which Paul noticed.

"Well, he didn't succeed, bud!"

Jake laughed. "Well, I guess that means I still have a..." The cop's voice trailed off after that.

Paul's eyes lit up. He lowered his voice and said, "So it wasn't my imagination when you copped a feel earlier."

Jake looked totally embarrassed now. He looked up at Paul and shook his head yes.

"Interesting..." Paul Miller replied. "Well, let's order..."

After finishing up at the arcade, Jay and I went back on the boardwalk. It was dark outside now, and the beach was lit up by the lights from the boardwalk.

"Well, you wanna head back now?" Jay asked, still smiling at me.

"Do you ever lose your smile?" I asked, smiling as well.

"I was just about to ask you that," he said. "Only when you mention Eric. Then I'll lose my smile. But as long as I'm with you..."

"Ditto, man," I said, putting my arm around his shoulders. It was so refreshing to be someone my own size. Someone I could put my arm around with. Someone who could hold on to me for a change. And it was someone who I believed I was in love with.

We drove back to his beach house and decided to take a walk on the beach, which was moonlit and beautiful. The lights from Atlantic City could be seen and there was that ever-present wooshing of the waves as they crashed on to the beach. There were barely any people on the beach now. For the first time, Jay took my hand first. I looked at him and stopped walking. He smiled at me and we continued walking.

"I'm glad you came down here," Jay said, smiling. "I think this is somethin' I'll always remember, dude."

I looked up at his face, his blue eyes twinkling even in the moonlight. I wanted to kiss him so bad.

"Go ahead, dude," he said, softly.


"Go ahead. I know what you want to do. There's no one around. Please, kiss me, right here on the beach."

I gently moved in and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. I was surprised that he wanted to kiss on the beach. But I was even more surprised that he kissed me back harder, and pressed his tongue into my mouth.

When we released the kiss, I looked at him. He was wearing a big smile on the cute face of his.

"Surprised you, didn't I?"

"Sort of, yes..."

He smiled at me. "I like surprising you, man. It's fun!"

"Well, you're just full of surprises tonight, aren't you, man? You cook, you're romantic..."

He kissed me on the lips again. "Wait til you see what else I got for you..."

"Oh really?" I asked, my one eyebrow raised in question.

He laughed and we continued walking on the beach, hand in hand.

Well, soon enough Eric and his new found fellow rival football player friend were done eating (and flirting) at Friendly's.

"You ready?" Eric asked, getting up.

"Sure," Drew said, getting up as well.

They paid their bill and head out the door.

"So, dude, what's up?" Eric asked, looking into Drew's blue eyes.

Drew smiled, blushed, and turned away.

"Nothin'," he said, almost in a whisper.

"You wanna come over or what?" Eric asked.

Drew turned to Eric again. He looked up at Eric.

"I'm not used to looking up to someone, man. You're like taller than I am."

Eric was getting a little tired of him beating around the bush, so he did what Eric did best.

"So, do you wanna go to my house and fuck, or not?"

Drew looked slightly shocked at Eric's directness. "Uh..."

"Come on, dude, it'll be fun!"

"I don't get fucked, Eric..."

Eric's eyes lit up. "That's all right. I don't fuck...we're a perfect match!"

Drew laughed. He looked like he was fighting with himself as he tried to decide.

"Fine, let's go," Drew said, starting to walk to his car.

"Woah, dude, you serious?" Eric asked, following him.

"Don't make me think about it more. You'll lose your chance, dude," he said.

"All right, then, follow me!" Eric exclaimed getting into his car.

"Well, what do you think, Officer Lewis?" Paul asked, watching the two High School jocks leaving the restaurant.

"You don't have to call me that," Jake said, smiling.

"I know, but it's cool," Paul said, smiling.

The two five foot seven dudes continued to eat their food as they chatted about Eric and Drew.

"So, do you wanna do the same, bud?" asked Jake.

Paul, who was sipping his Sprite, choked.

"Wha...?" he asked, after he recovered.

"Well, you aren't gonna let your bud there get some without getting some yourself, are you?" the cop asked.

"Are you serious?" Paul asked, not grinning.

Jake Lewis looked Paul in the green eyes and said, "Never been more serious in my life..."

"But, I've never done anything like this be..."

"Don't worry, bud, I won't do anything you don't want me to do. It's just that I think you're fuckin' hot, bud..."

Paul closed his eyes and grinned. He opened them again and said, "The idea of me and a cop..."

"So you like that uniform thing?"

"Well, no, it's an added bonus, bud. But, the idea of me and a cop?"

"Sounds like fun to me," Jake said, smiling.

Paul chuckled. "Shall we get the check now?"

"Good idea," Jake said.

Back at the shore house, Jay and I made it back to the house. He told me to wait in the living room. Knowing better to fight him anymore, I complied. I heard him start up a bath, the water running and the bathtub filling.

"You can come in here now, but you gotta be naked," he yelled, through the bathroom door.

"Oh god!" I said, sarcastically.

I got up, went into the bedroom, took off my shorts and shirt. I took off my boxers and headed for the bathroom. I opened the door slowly. I was greeted by candles surrounding the bathroom, and my new boyfriend standing there, naked, lit by the candlelight. He looked so sexy. I looked down at the bathtub, where bubbles were.

"Come in," he said, softly.

I came in slowly, closing the door behind me. I cautiously walked up to him and he took me in his arms and kissed me, passionately. He lead me in to the warm water with bubbles all around. The water was just the right temperature. I got in and he got in after me. Fortunately, two little guys could fit in a normal sized bathtub decently.

He drew me on top of him and kissed me as I felt my body meet his. I felt his erect cock press against my fastly hardening cock. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing me more as we made out.

"Tonight," he whispered, licking my ear. "I want you to fuck me, Ryan Phillips. I want you to make love to me. I want us to become one, once and for all. I'm ready..."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This wasn't the cocky Jay I knew. He was warm, passionate, and true. He was so cute and hot. I would've done anything he wanted. I knew that tonight was it, in my heart. I kissed him harder than before.

We played around in the soapy water and washed each other, paying close attention to our private parts ( just came out that way). I got bold then and allowed myself to lick his ass, which seemed to send shivers up his whole body. That turned me on.

He whispered in my ear, "All right, bro, we gotta get out of here soon, or I'm gonna go crazy!"

We rinsed each other off and dried each other off. Not a word was spoken until we got into the bedroom. He looked so good. Blonde hair, blue eyes, five foot six, about 130lbs, smooth chest, smooth arms, and a six and a half in cock at full mast. He was the hottest thing I ever saw in my life.

He pulled me over to the bed, gently. He began to kiss my cheek, kissing down my neck, licking and sucking. He moved down to my chest, paying attention to both nipples before he went further down and started sucking my cock. This kid must've wanted it bad. He went down on it like a champ, making me squirm and moan loudly. I felt like I was gonna cum in about thirty seconds.

"Get off," I whispered.

"Why?" he asked, looking up at me.

"I was just about to cum," I said. I proceeded to get on top of him and kiss him on the lips, as we grinded our bodies together. He turned over and now I was grinding my cock in between his ass cheeks. He emitted soft moans as I kept pushing into his ass.

In a fit of passion, I swooped down on his ass and stuck my tongue between his ass cheeks. I licked up and down his crack. Every time I brushed my tongue against his hole, he would cry out in passion. It was driving me crazy. He was really getting into it. I concentrated on his hole more than anything, eating it, flicking it, licking it...

"Aw, man, come on," he moaned. "Stick a finger in it."

"You got some lube?" I asked.

"It's in my bag, dude," he said.

I got up, found the bottle of Wet and went back to the bed. He was still there, laying on his stomach. He looked behind him up at me when I came back.

"Come on, make love to me, man," he said.

I opened the bottle, putting some lube on my finger. I applied the lube around his cute tight ass.

"Ooo...that's cold," he moaned.

I worked one finger into it, feeling just how tight it was.

"ARRGH!" he yelled.

"Relax, babe, relax," I said, smiling at him. I felt him relax his muscles and my finger slid in much better.

"Fuck!" he yelled.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, fuck! Oh man! That feels fuckin' good!" he said.

I smiled. "I'm glad."

I applied more lube and inserted two fingers in it. It was still a tight fit, but by Jason's reactions, it wasn't all that painful for him.

"Aw, fuck the fingers," he moaned. "Just fuckin' make love to me, dude. Come on, I'm ready!"

He turned around and grabbed my cock. He grabbed the bottle of lube and started stroking my cock with the lube. I lifted his legs up over my shoulders, took a grab of my cock, and aimed directly for his tight college boy hole.

I let it rub against his hole for a little and pushed in slightly.

"Damn, you're tight!" I said, softly. I looked down at his face, which was grimaced from the pain/pleasure I was giving him.

"Aw, dude, that's man...come on..."

I slid it in more, giving him a chance to get used to it once again.

"Fuck, that's fuckin' tight!" I yelled.

I could see the sweat beading from his forehead in the dim light. I slid it the rest of the way in, and bent down to kiss him. His moan was muffled by my mouth and tongue. We kissed again.

He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and smiled. "You ready stud?"

I shook my head yes.

"Come on, stud, fuckin' fuck me. Make love to me," he said.

I started slowly moving in and out of his sweet ass. He made small moans every shove I gave.

"Aw, man, that feels fuckin' great, dude...come on!" he said, loudly.

"Yeah, you like my cock up inside you?"

"Yeah, come on, dude, fuckin' tear my ass apart!"

I needed no more encouragement. I increased the tempo and the intensity of each thrust. Soon I was fucking him hard and fast, his legs still up over my shoulders. I kept that up for a while, and then suddenly took it out of his ass.

"Come on, babe, turn over," I said. Jay looked at me with eyes filled with passion and rolled over onto his stomach.

I grabbed his thighs, pulling him up on all fours. I grabbed onto his shoulders as I gently slid my cock back into that tight ass of his.

"Yeah, come on, fuck me, dude!" he exclaimed.

I went back to my fast pace, still holding his shoulders, pulling him down on my cock with each thrust. By now, sweat was dripping off both of our faces. He felt so good. It felt so right. I knew I wasn't going to last too much longer.

"Dude, I'm not going to be able to last much longer," I said, between my own moans.

"Fuck, Ry, yeah," he said, getting off my cock. He turned back over and lifted his legs back up in the air. I pulled him towards me and rammed my cock right back into his ass.

"Oh yeah!" He screamed, as I began fucking him harder. He grabbed his own cock, which was hard as a rock and began stroking it. I could see the precum oozing out of his slit. I looked down at him and smiled. He was a fuckin' hot stud, and I was owning his ass.

"Oh shit, Ry, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled.

"Yeah, me too, babe," I said.

"Shoot it inside me. I wanna feel you shoot it inside of me."

That's all it took and with the next thrust, I fired a load deep into his ass as I cried out in pleasure. He shot right after I did, his first shot landing on his face. I shook with intensity as I shot my load into his hot ass. After it was all over, I collapsed on top of him, my cock popping out of his ass, that seemed to be holding on.

I kissed him on the lips and smiled.

"I'm in love with you Ryan," he said, softly, looking into my eyes.

"You know what?" I asked. "I'm in love with you, too, man."

We cleaned up shortly after that, and we crawled back into bed. We laid facing each other, holding on to each other. His head was resting on my shoulder as we cuddled.

"Thanks," I said to him.

"For what?"

"Everything. This, dinner, everything. You'll never know how much I needed this and you."

He moved away from me so he could see me better.

"I should be thanking you, dude. You rescued me."

"I didn't do anything, man. It was all you. I love you," I said, knowing fully well what I was saying.

"It's funny, ain't it? I love you too, dude. Are we crazy?" he asked, as I turned around so he could spoon me. He wrapped his strong arms around me.

"No, I don't think so. It is sort of crazy if you really think about it though," I said, softly.

"Yeah. It is. But, I'm glad you're with me now, Ryan. I think this could be a wonderful thing, you and I," he said, into my ear.

I smiled. "I think it already is."

I turned around and kissed him once more.

"Whew! Fuck, you can fuck!" Eric said, getting up to wipe the cum off his chest and stomach.

"What about you, man?" Drew asked.

"Ah, what about me?" he asked, tossing the cum rag to Drew.

"You're the one who actually seduced me here," he said, smiling.

"Well, what can I say?" Eric said, jumping on his bed again next to Drew.

The two kissed on the lips.

"I know this sounds silly, but I'm awfully glad I ran into you today," Drew said, smiling.

Eric grinned. "It may even be worth the increase in your insurance."

"Oh, it probably is!"

"Stay the night? My parents aren't gonna be home."

Drew looked at Eric and smiled. "Okay."

"Fuck yeah, dude!"

"Wow," Paul said. "You're incredible!"

"Bud, that was the hottest fuckin' blow job I ever had," Officer Jake Lewis said.

Paul grinned. "It was my first, man!  Hey, you weren't too bad yourself.  I never shot a load like that before, Jake."

"Yeah, we police officers know how to get our buddies off," Jake said with a grin.

"Fuck yeah, bud!"

The law enforcement officer and Paul kissed once more.  

"Well, we'll have to do it again, if you don't mind..." Paul said.

"Sure, I'll arrest you on the street, drag you to my patrol car, and rape you right there in the back seat," Jake said smiling.

"Hee hee, that could be fun, bud," Paul said, slapping Jake on the ass.  "But, seriously, I'd like to see you again."

Jake grinned at Paul and gave him a kiss. "Count on it!"

"So, what do you suppose Eric and Paul are doing tonight?" Jay asked me.

I grinned. "Probably nothing.  Sitting around, drinkin' a beer, and bitching about us."

"Ah, I'll bet they're fuckin'," Jay said, laughing.

I laughed and we kissed with passion once more.

"Good night, dude," he said, smiling.

"Good night, babe," I said. We fell asleep in each other's arms, like we would, I hoped, for the rest of our lives.


That concludes the fictional series, "Collision". I hope you enjoyed the final chapter as much as the rest of the story. Though the series is done, please send any final comments, complaints, or compliments to  Also, tell me if you think I should continue this as a college series.  Thanks!