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Collision, Part VI

By Joey E

Brett picked me up after practice, after I had persuaded my parents to let me go over to his house so we could work on "homework" together. They really never met Brett however, and I wanted them to soon. But that was for a different time. Now, all I could think of was betting over to his house.

"Hey, big man," I said, as climbed up into his truck. "How was practice?"

He smiled at me. "No problem. Miller didn't say a word to me, nor did anyone else act any differently. I think we've got it under control."

"Cool. I'm happy to hear that," I answered as he pulled out of my driveway. "So, what did you have in mind for tonight?"

"Well, we need to work on that physics stuff so we'll be ready for the test tomorrow.."

I looked at him funny. He grinned. "Don't we have a test tomorrow in Physics? You said we did!"

"All right, all right, fine. Enough of that. Please?"

"Okay, all right. How are you doing?"

We talked about life in general on the way to his house. He lived about ten minutes away from me, and we were there in no time. As soon as we were in his house behind his closed front door, he had his arms around me. I looked up at him, smiled, and kissed him on the lips. His hand reached behind my head, bringing me closer to him yet. I felt his tongue invade my mouth as I sucked on it, and then I slipped my tongue into his, and he did the same. We did that for a long time, our hands wondering over each others bodies. I felt his hand reach below my waist, feeling my ass tenderly and yet passionately. I could hear him breathing harder, which made me aware that I was doing the same. We grinded our bodies together, feeling each other's hard cocks against the other. It was hot!

After we broke the long kiss, I smiled at him and opened my eyes. "So, when are your parents getting home?"

He chuckled, "Not until 11PM."

"Good," I said, and leaned up to kiss him again.

He broke the kiss and said, "Let's go upstairs." He led me up to his room, holding my hand. When we reached his room, he turned around to face me. He had this look in his eye, a twinkle and a grin on his face that only could've met one thing.

"God, Ryan, you are so beautiful," he whispered to me, as he took me in his arms again.

All I could do was moan and kiss him. Our hands were wandering even further as his hand went up my shirt. His hands felt so warm and strong, as he felt around my chest, touching each nipple. He led me over to his bed and sat me down. He took my shirt off, revealing my smooth, toned chest and stomach.

"Damn..." he said, feeling my body. He leaned over and kissed me again, pushing me down, climbing on top of me. It was a lot of weight, but it felt good. We were grinding together, my hands wandering on his back under his shirt, and then down to his pants, going underneath his boxers and touching his bare ass.

I lifted up the back of shirt as a sign that I wanted it off. He took it off in one motion and was back down on me, rubbing his defined abs and pecs into me. I was so fuckin' hot and horny at this point. He nibbled on my earlobe, which I never knew was a sensitive spot before. It drove me crazy, as I withered beneath him, as he licked and sucked on my earlobe. He made his way down my neck, licking and sucking gently. I was in heaven. He was touching me in ways I had never been touched before.

I couldn't take much more, so I rolled him over with me on top this time. I kissed him again, letting my hands wander on his chest. Leaving his mouth, I then kissed and licked my way down to his neck and over to his ear. That seemed to set him off good. I enjoyed giving pleasure. It's always been a big turn on to me. And to hear him softly moan and shiver from the pleasure, turned me on more.

"Oh, Ry, aw, man..." he said.

"You like that?" I asked, my mouth against his neck.

"Aw, yeah...."

I continued my way down to his chest, where I teased his nipples with my tongue, flicking them, getting them erect. Then I licked my way down some more, to his stomach, that six pack stomach of his. I loved his smooth body. Then, remembering a trick that I used to sort of seduce my old best friend where I used to live, I rubbed the inside of his legs, lightly moving my fingers up and down the inside of his thigh.

"Oh....oh, man..." he moaned.

I grinned and looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his facial expression was priceless. He looked in absolute ecstacy. I couldn't help myself and I let my hand wander up the leg of his shorts, moving back down, and then moving it back up higher and higher until they were in the legs of his boxers. Then I had to have it.

I couldn't resist and moved my hand up his shorts all the way, and brushed against his balls. He twitched and gasped and looked down at me.

"Oh, man..." he said. I grinned up at him evilly and started to unbutton his cargo shorts. He didn't stop me, though. As I continued to unzip his fly, I was aware of a wet spot of his shorts. I just chuckled a bit when I saw that.


"You're getting a little wet down there," I remarked, pointing to his wet spot.

"Oh, I always precum a lot. But you're absolutely driving me wild tonight!" he said, sighing.

"I know..."

I continued to pull down his shorts, and took them off, revealing his boxers, with a gigantic tent in it. His cock was big, in comparison to mine. Mine wasn't all that small, about 6", but his was more like 7".

"Aw, man," I said softly, as I bent down to lick some of his precum that was seeping through the boxers.

He gasped and twitched again as my lips were on his cock, through his boxers of course.

He grabbed me by my arms and forced me back up to him and with his hand behind my head again, he kissed me, hard! However, I wanted to see what was behind those boxers, and I immediately went back down. I took a hold of it with my hand, rubbing it slightly.

"Go ahead, Ryan, take it off," he said, softly. I needed no further encouragement. I slipped his boxer shorts off, and his cock was beautiful! I couldn't believe my eyes. It was perfectly straight, hard as a rock, and average thickness. I wrapped my hand around it, stroking it slowly, as I would my own.

"Oh, Ry...oh yeah...." was all I heard from Brett.

I couldn't control myself for long and I ended up leaning over, licking his head, just as a drop of precum came out. I heard Brett gasp as I licked the head of it, swirling my tongue all around his head. All the while, Brett was squirming around, moaning softly. I licked my way down his shaft, down to his balls.

"Oh, yeah, come on baby, lick my balls," he whispered.

I did as he commanded and I licked his balls, getting them nice and wet. I licked my way back up to his shaft and I took his cock finally in my mouth. I slid my mouth up and down on his cock, slowly, trying to take it all the way, but not exactly succeeding. Brett didn't seem to mind. I kept sucking on his cock, going faster and faster. I reached down with my hand gently stroking his balls. I could feel them rising.

"Ryan, man, I'm gonna cum."

I stopped what I was doing and asked, "Already??"

"Yeah man, you're awesome at that! Please, don't stop," He said, catching his breath.

I went back to matters and sucked on his cock, sucking harder and faster. I felt his cock expand in my mouth, and I knew the end was near.

"Oh, Ryan....aww...fuck man....yeah....I'm gonna cum!" he said, loudly.

I don't know what came over me, but I just kept sucking. I wanted to taste my man's juice. I felt his hand on the back of my head, and it held me down as I felt his first shot hit the back of my throat with such force. I kept my mouth there, not missing a single drop of his load.

"Aw fuck, man..." Brett said, breathing deeply. I climbed up to him and he put his arms around me, and smiled.

"You like that?" I asked him.

"Oh, yeah....I loved it," he said. He kissed me softly on the lips..he got up and said, "But now, it's your turn!"

He put me on the bed....traced my chest with his hands, moving them down to my stomach. I shivered and withered away at his light touch. I felt the warmth from his body. It occurred to me then that my shorts were still on. I reached down to unbutton them, and I felt Brett's hands stop mine.

"Stop, Ry. It's my job," he said, as he pushed my hands out of the way.

"Okay," I said, almost inaudibly. I put my hands behind my head, and just looked up at the ceiling. I felt my shorts come off with my boxers in one motion. I looked down and saw my cock standing upright, with Brett's hand around it. I shuddered at his touch.

"Do you want me to suck it?" he asked, stroking it slowly.

"Oh.....yesss..."I moaned.

He chuckled slightly and lowered his head down to my cock. I wanted it so bad that I raised my butt up in the air to decrease the distance even further between my cock and his mouth. He put one of his hands underneath my ass and lifted me up even higher. I felt him flick the head of my shaft with his tongue. I let a moan escape as I exhaled.

"Aw man, come on...."

He took it in his mouth, and lowered me back down to the bed. I was in heaven. He slowly went up and down on it. I was so turned on by pleasuring him, and now by the pleasure that he was giving me, that I knew it was going to be soon.

"Brett, aw....man....babe......I'm close...." I moaned. He continued to keep on sucking, this time, though he pulled on my balls slightly, rubbing his hand lightly against them. That sent me over the edge.

"I'm.......uh....yeah...I'm gonna....I'm gonna cum," I said, getting louder as the intensity built up.

I moaned as I released the pressure, shooting a load of semen into his mouth. I felt a second, then a third, a fourth, and finally a fifth shot shooting out of my cock, that was now deeply in his mouth. I just grabbed the back of his head and held it down.

Finally, he let go of my cock in his mouth, and licked his lips.

"Not bad," He said, smiling up at me. Still recovering from the biggest load I ever shot in my life, I sighed.

"Dude...aw...man....that was awesome," I said, as he came up next to me.

He smiled at me, and kissed me on the lips. I tasted the slight taste of my own load in his mouth, but didn't care. We kissed passionately and slowly as he held me tightly in this arms.

We laid there for a while, in silence, my back against his chest, as he held me in his arms. I could feel him breathing, feel his warmth radiating from his body. I just felt so good.

The clock interrupted our time, by indicating that it was 10:30PM. Brett was the first to move.

"Ry, we better get dressed before my parents get home. And you need to be home don't you? After all, it is a school night," he said, sitting up.

I sat up next to him. "Aw...can't I spend the night?" I asked him, smiling.

"Babe, I wish you could. Man, do I wish you could."

"I know, I know," I said, getting up out of the bed, searching for my shorts and boxers. Finally locating them between the head board and mattress, I put them on. Brett had his on by the time I was zipping my zipper. He came over to me then, standing in front of me. I put my arms around him and hugged him tight, pressing our smooth stomachs and chests together.

"Mmm....man, you feel good," he said, softly.

"You do too," I replied looking up at his face.

"We'd better get finished getting dressed," he said, breaking the embrace.

We searched for our respective t-shirts, and were all dressed up and ready to go.

"Was that your first time?" he asked me, sitting down on the bed. I knew he was going ask me that.

"No, it wasn't," I answered truthfully, and sat next down to him.

"I figured," he said, with no hint of disappointment or anger in his voice.


"Because you were so good!" he said, smiling.

"Yeah, a friend and I used to fool around in my old high school a couple of times. But he moved away. I was too young though to realize what was going on. It was a game to me," I explained.

"But this, this is different," I continued. "I've never felt anything so good or right before in my life."

"Good," he answered, leaning over to kiss me on the forehead.

Then it hit me, I also had fooled around with Eric the previous day. I didn't bring that up though.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Well, actually, a guy on the team and I fooled around once before. It wasn't anything like this though. I was horny, and he was horny. We both passed it off as just that. Truth of the matter, I think he enjoyed it as much as I did."

Uh oh, I though to myself. I knew where this was going. I could just feel it in my bones.

"Mind if I ask you who it was with? Do I know him?" I asked, being a little more inquisitive.

Brett looked at me and paused. "Yeah, you do," he answered.


"In fact, putting two and two together in my mind, I think you already know who he is. And I think I know who the guy was that you fooled around with yesterday."

Damn, how does he do that? Does my face really give all that information away.

"It's done. I know. And I don't want to spoil what was a perfect evening," he said. "But, if I were to make a guess, it was Eric, wasn't it?"

I looked his green eyes. I nodded up and down slowly, never losing eye contact with him.

Brett sighed a long sigh. "Ryan, Ryan, Ryan," he said quickly, his voice fading.

"How the hell do you do that?" I asked him.


"You can read my mind, man. It's freaky," I said, sitting up.

"Freaky for you, but good for me," he said, still staying down, looking up at me.

"Yeah, I guess," I said, looking down at him.

We then talked a little about school and classes, nothing worth writing down.

"Well, I better be going," I said, getting up off the bed.

"Oh, yeah, shit, what time is it?"

"11 PM"

"Yeah, but first, come here," he said, getting up off the bed, and walking next to me.

He took me in his arms, and leaned down to kiss me on the lips. I kept my eyes open this time, to see him coming towards my lips, eyes closed. It was incredibly sexy. I met his lips and closed my eyes as our lips parted, letting our tongues fight with one another.

"Good night, baby," he said, as we broke apart. "Now let's get rolling."

He took me home as we held hands all the way to my house. It was wonderful, and I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I just been given the thrill of my life hours earlier, and by the stud of my dreams. It was wild. I came home, with my mom waiting in the living room for me.

"A little late?" she said, with a tone I knew not to mess with.

"Yeah, I'm sorry..."

"Don't let it happen again," she replied, getting off the couch. "Now get to bed. You've got school tomorrow."

I sighed in relief. I went upstairs, got changed for bed, and went to sleep, worn out, but smiling.

"RYAN!" I heard a voice yell. I looked at the clock. 7:00.

"SHIT!" I said, as I jumped out of bed. "Thanks Mom!"

"Better hurry up," she said, standing outside my door. I ran over and opened it.

"Yeah I know," I said, jumping into the bathroom to take my shower. I got ready for the day, and went downstairs to grab breakfast.

"Did you have fun last night?" my mom asked, as she passed through the kitchen.

"Yeah. I'm sorry I was late getting home."

"That's okay. As long as you don't make it a habit," she said smiling.

"I'll try not to," I said, in between spoonfuls of Honey Nut Cherrios.

As much as I tried not to, I couldn't help feeling a little guilty about not telling my Mom about the wonderful time I had last night. I had never thought what her reaction would be. I knew that she and my father would probably be okay with it. But I would have to deal with it another time.

"Oh, by the way, are you free this afternoon to pick up your brother from his football practice?" she asked, as she got her things together for work. "Dad and I can't make it there in time."

I quickly thought about the afternoon. "Yeah, I guess I could. What time?"

"About 5PM."

"Yeah, I can do it," I said, putting my cereal bowl at the sink. I grabbed my books.

"Thanks, honey," she said. "Have a good day at school."

"Thanks, bye!" I said, walking out the front door to my car.

I got to school a little late, but not before the late bell rang. I missed meeting Brett at the parking lot that morning, and was disappointed. But I knew we would see each other throughout the day. And we did. We could show any affection, which I could tell we were both longing to do. We made it through the day, and he went off to practice, and I went home to pick my bro up at five.

"Hey Ryan," he said as he got in the car.

"Hi, Steve. How was your day at school?" I asked him, putting the car into Drive.

"Okay, how was yours?" he asked.

"Fine. How was practice?"

"Good. Hey, I was wondering, I've been wanting to see the high school team play. Could you possibly take me to one of their games sometime?"

"Sure, man. What about this Saturday night?" I asked him.

"Really? COOL!" he said, loudly.

"Yeah, a couple of my friends are on the team. But I hardly know anyone else. It would be nice to have someone there I knew," I said, genuinely meaning it.

"Who are your friends on the team?" he asked.

"Well, Brett and I usually hang out together...."

"You know Brett? The quarterback?" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, I do," I said, a little surprised at his reaction.

"Cool! Awesome man," he said. I thought to myself, if you only knew, Steve, if you only knew half of it.

The rest of the week flew by. Brett and I talked each night on the phone. We had too much stuff to do to get together during the week. But we ate lunch together everyday, hanging out together as much as possible without raising eyebrows of other students. Before I knew it, it was Friday afternoon.

"Ry!" I heard a voice yell as I was getting things from my locker. I turned my head around in the direction it was coming from.

"Hey Brett," I said, smiling.

"The week has finally ended!" he said, slapping my back. "And remember not to eat dinner tonight. I'm takin' you out, my treat!"

Oh yeah, I thought to myself. "Yeah, but you really don't have to pay for me."

"Aw, don't worry about it man! I got you covered," he said.

I smiled at him, and looked him in the eyes. He had a twinkle radiating from his sharp blue eyes. He grinned back.

"So, I'll call you when I get home from practice?" he asked as we started walking toward the exit.

"Sounds good to me," I said. He put his arm around my shoulder. It wasn't anything too obvious, but still I was surprised he had the guts to do it. He let go of me just before we walked out the second set of door to outside.

He went his way with some of his football teammates, including Eric, and I went mine, back to my car. I drove home, wondering what the night had in store for us.

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