After a long break from writing this series, I have returned with Collision, Part VII. I hope it lives up to the other parts to this series, as it has been a while since I've written these characters. Those of you who are familiar with my previous work will probably get a kick out of this part, with the introduction of two new characters in the plot. Thanks to all the readers who have responded in the past. I greatly appreciate it..

Again, I must remind you that if you are under 18, you may not in any way shape or form read this story. That includes reading it with your eyes or having the computer read it to you. (Sorry, I get sick of writing these legal things so I try to add to it sometimes). I also advise you not to read this story if you do not or cannot comprehend the idea of two high school boys falling in love. You have been warned.

By the way, this is a work of fiction. All similarities that may appear are coincidental.

And now....

Collision, Part VII
By Joey E

"Ryan, man," I heard my boyfriend say on the phone after I answered it.


"You ready?" he asked.

I laughed into the phone. "Yeah, dude, I'm ready. I'm ready for whatever you got!"

He laughed too. "Cool. I'll be over at your place in about ten minutes, okay?"

"Yeah, sounds good to me," I said.

"Cool. See ya!'

I stopped in the bathroom to make sure I looked good in the mirror before I headed downstairs. Not bad, I said to myself. My short blond hair looking great, my blue eyes staring back at me, and I liked my size, despite only being 5'2".

"Mom, Dad, I'm gonna hang out with Brett tonight," I said, walking into the family room where my parents were.

"Don't you think you should ask us first?" my Dad said.


"Just remember next time," he said.

"Oh, Ed. Give him a break," my Mom said. "Remember to be in by 11PM tonight, honey."

"Okay, Mom, thanks."

I walked outside to the cool, refreshing air of autumn. It was not cold, but it wasn't hot. It was just right. I was wearing cargo shorts with a billabong t-shirt that I absolutely loved.

Soon, I saw the familiar 4Runner pull up. I went out to the driveway as he pulled in. I smiled at his face through the front passenger's door window and opened the door.

"Hey, Ryan. Come on in!"

I leaped up to get into the truck and slid into the seat.

"Hey, babe," I said, closing the door and putting my seat belt on.

"God, I thought practice would never end," he said, pulling out of my driveway.

"Well, it's only 5PM now. You're out early!"

"Yeah, well, it didn't help that I had this gorgeous hunk of man waiting to take him out to dinner either," he said, grabbing a hold of my hand. His hands were rough, warm, but gentle as well. He held mine as I squeezed back. I looked up at him, he was smiling down at me.

"Brett, man, you are so cute," I said, softly.

"Nah, babe, you're the cute one.."

I smiled at him. "So, where are you taking me?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I just thought we'd order pizza, go to my place, rent some movies, and go from there. Just the two of us."

That sounded like a good plan to me, I thought to myself. "Cool!"

We soon went to his place, ordered the pizza, and went out to rent a video. We wounded up picking a screwball comedy, Airplane. Not that most romantic movie, but we both liked a good laugh. Brett said he also had another movie he wanted me to see. He assured me it wasn't a porn, though.

"Aww...Why not?" I asked, kidding around.

"Because, that's for another time," he answered, pulling into his driveway again.

"You mean, you have some?"

Brett just gave me his famous smirk, the one that I fell for the first time I saw it.

We went inside, his family was gone for the night, which is why he wanted me to come over in the first place rather than my house. No sooner than two minutes after we got inside, the doorbell rang. We both went to the door, and there was the cutest pizza delivery boy that I had ever seen. He was about average height, beautiful dark eyes, dark short hair, and looked about our age. Brett paid him the money and he left.

"Close your mouth, Ryan," he said as he closed the door.


"Nothin' man," Brett said, shaking his head and chuckling.

I felt a little guilty of checking out a guy right in front of my boyfriend. But he just brushed it off and we went into the family room. Brett got the glasses of coke and plates and we dug into the pizza.

"So, what's this movie you wanted me to see?" I asked.

"It's called Beautiful Thing," he answered, putting his glass down.

"Beautiful Thing? What kind of movie is that?"

"Well, it's about two gay high school kids. It's a British film. The rest you'll have to see for yourself," he said.

"Sounds cool," I replied. We finished eating the extra-large, plain cheese pizza, woofing down the whole thing between the two of us.

"Damn, we are pigs," he said after we were done. "You ate half the pizza yourself!"

"Well I intend on burning off all the calories later," I said with a grin.

"Oh, you bad boy...." he said, leaning closer to me and kissing me on the lips. I kissed him back, and drew him in for a hug with my arms around him. We stayed like that for a while, just hold each other. Finally, he broke it.

"Well, while we're like this, we should start the video," he said, getting up and putting the movie into the VCR.

We held each other through the whole movie, occasionally kissing, but mostly just enjoying each other's company. He was right, it was a good movie. It was the first movie that I had ever seen with two gay guys, around our age, as the main characters.

By the end of the movie, though, we got a little out of hand with the making out, and by the time it was over, we were ready to rip each other's clothes off.

"Let's go upstairs, man," he said.

Who was I to argue with that? We went upstairs and explored our bodies more, finding out what turns each other on, and might I add, he found spots on me that I didn't know existed. It was the most sensual experience I had. We each came almost at the same time, shooting both our loads on Brett's chest.

"Was it good?" I asked.

"Damn right," he said. We were both laying on our backs on his bed, just resting in each others arms. It was heaven. There was no place I'd rather be. I knew it had to end though, sensing that I'd been over there longer than it seemed. I glanced at his clock and sure enough it was 10:02PM.

"SHIT!" I exclaimed, jumping up in his bed. "Fuck, man, I gotta be home!"

I jumped out of his bed, searching for my clothes.

"Oh shit, yeah! You do have to be home," Brett said, jumping out of bed as well, searching around the room for his clothes.

We finally got organized, and gave our goodbye kisses which took us another five minutes to accomplish and we were on our way back to my house.

"I hope I didn't make you too late," he said, pulling into my driveway. "You know, with our goodbye kisses."

"I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, I wanted them too," I said opening my door to get out.

"Ryan, man, I just want you to know something," he said, looking into my eyes with a very serious, sincere look on his face.

"Yeah, Brett," I asked him looking right back at him.

"I care about you a lot man. I really like you. Hell, I'm crazy about you. I just wanted you to know that," he said softly.

I reached out for his hand and held it for a moment. "Yeah, I know you do. I feel the same way, babe. I'm crazy about you too. Trust me."

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked.

"Yep. Same time, same parking lot," I said, grinning.

We said goodbye and I went inside, twenty minutes late. My parents were still up.

"Ryan, is that you?" I heard my Dad say from the other room.

"Yeah, it's me. I'm sorry I'm a little late," I said, walking through the hall to where my parents were in the family room.

"Well, you're getting better," my Mom said. "We're just glad that you've made some friends here. But don't push your luck too far."

"Thanks, yeah, I like it here. It's different, but I like it."

"We're glad you do. But, now, you need to go to bed," my Dad said, smiling.

"Yeah, yeah I know."

I went to bed with a smile on my face, feeling like the luckiest guy on earth to have a boyfriend like Brett.

The next morning went smoothly. I made it to school on time and saw Brett in our usual meeting spot. Eric was with him.

"Hey Brett, Eric," Is aid, getting out of my car.

"Hey Ry, what's up?" Eric said, coming over and shaking my hand.

"Hey, babe," Brett said, coming up behind him.

Since Eric knew what was between us, I didn't feel uncomfortable reaching out to Brett for a hug. Brett wrapped his arms around me and we hugged briefly.

"Aw...isn't that cute?" Eric said, with a hint of sarcasm. We both turned and smiled at him.

"You know, you're lucky I'm still speaking to you," Brett said, smiling at Eric.

"Hey, man, I didn't know! And besides, don't tell me you couldn't resist him," Eric said, defensively.

"Yeah, yeah, I know..."

"All right, guys, enough!" I interrupted, not believing they were actually talking about me like this.

They both laughed. We continued on our way to another boring day of high school.

"Hey, Ry, guess what?" Brett asked.


"I got a call from my old best friend last night. He's coming into town this weekend!" he said, rather excitedly.


"Yeah, we practically grew up together until he moved away last year."

"Oh, yeah!" Eric exclaimed. "You mean Pete?"

"Yep! He's coming with his family to visit some of their friends."

"That's awesome. Hey Ry, you thought Brett was hot? Wait til you see Pete.."

"Hey, shut up man! Don't tempt him anymore than you did. Besides, Pete is straight."

We dropped the conversation after that and went to our classes. Nothing exciting happened until close to the end of the day. I went to the lav, as they call it in my high school, to take a piss. This boy's room was in a not-so-traveled part of the school, being that it was near the band room and there were only a few other classrooms around it. I went in and was given the shock of my life. There in plain site were two guys, making out, not even noticing I was there. Well, I didn't know what to do. And just as I was deciding to walk out of there, they both turned and saw me there.

"Oh, shit!" said one of the kids.

"Oh, fuck," the other one exclaimed.

I just stared at them not knowing what to do. They stared back. They were both about the same age as me. Both were taller than me, but they were cute. Finally, I spoke up.

"Sorry about that," I said, softly, knowing exactly how it must feel.

"Don't tell anyone," the one kid said, quietly. "Please?"

"No, no, don't worry, man. It's cool," I said, smiling. Then I don't know what came over me. "My name's Ryan." I held out my hand.

Both of them seem to sigh in relief. The bigger guy came over to me and shook my hand. "Dan," he said.

"And this is Joe," he said, introducing his 'friend'.

I shook his hand as well. I felt the urge to protect them for some reason. "Man, you can't be doing that shit in here."

"Yeah, I know," Dan said. Joe looked down to the ground. Dan was the bigger of the two, being 5'8", about 150lbs, short brown curly hair, blue eyes, and a very cute face. Joe was smaller, 5'4", 115lbs, very short blonde hair, blue eyes, and was a very good-looking guy.

"Well, as far as I am concerned, I didn't see anything. And by the way, that was one helluva kiss," I said, smiling at both of them.

"Thanks, Ryan. I've seen you around here before. You're new this year aren't you?" Dan said.

"Yep, just moved here this summer."

Well, it was nice to know that Brett and I were not alone in school. But, that wasn't the point right now. I worried about them, more than Brett and I. They looked so sweet, so innocent, so vulnerable. I knew Brett and I could hand whatever came our way, relatively speaking. But, this was something different.

"Well, we better be going. It was nice to meet you," Dan said, moving towards the door. Joe still hadn't said anything. He followed Dan, looking scared.

"Joe, man. Relax. It's okay," I said, smiling at him.

He finally smiled back at me and left with Dan. It wasn't a sexual smile or anything, it was just a friendly one. And I was glad that I had caught them, rather than anyone else.

I took my piss and went back to class and finished the day out with nothing too exciting happening, other than a damn test in English. Brett and I met at our usual place before he went off to practice and I went home.

"Brett! I have this weird story to tell you later," I said, as we walked together.

"Uh oh, what did you do this time?" he asked.

"Nothin'!" I said, rather defensively.

Brett laughed. "You know I'm only foolin' with you, babe," he said

"Well, it is an interesting story, that I'm sure you'd like to hear. But I can't tell you here now. It can wait," I said.

"Cool. Can't wait to hear it."

"Well, I'll talk to you later tonight," I said, as we split paths.

Ever notice when you first notice someone, it seems you notice them again and again later? Well, I noticed Dan and Joe walking towards me. Dan saw me, and waved.

"Hey, Ryan," he said. Joe waved too.

"Hey, guys, what's up? Get caught again?" I joked.

Dan laughed, however, Joe looked scared.

"Don't worry, Joe. I'm cool with it. Well, I gotta get going, man. I'll talk to you later," I said, not knowing what else to say right then.

"Yeah, we'll see you around," Dan said, smiling. He had to know something was up about the way I was treating them. He had that look in his blue eyes that said I know you're one of us. It was a little frightening, but it was also cool to know that Brett and I were not alone at all.

Though my parents protested and insisted that this wasn't going to be a nightly thing, they allowed me to go out to eat with Brett that evening. Not for dinner, but just dessert at a local diner.

"So, what's this news you have to tell me?" Brett asked, soon after getting into my car. This time, I was driving.

"Well, let's just say we're not the only two gay boys in high school," I said.

"Well, yeah I knew that, what do you think Eric is?"

"No, I didn't mean him," I said, laughing. "I walked in on two guys kissing in the bathroom today."

"What?" Brett exclaimed.

"I saw two guys making out in the bathroom," I said, still trying to concentrate on driving.

"Woah...What did they say?" he asked.

"They were pretty much scared shitless."

"I can imagine."

"Yeah, but I told them not to worry about it. But in the future, not to do it there. Because someone else might not be as accepting. They're both seniors I think. Maybe you know them. Dan and Joe?"

"Holy shit! Dan Stephens? We have some classes together. Who was the other guy?"

"Joe he said his name was."

"Joe Montgomery?"

"I don't know his last name..."

"Damn! Man, I know both of them. They were always good friends. I guess I was so oblvious to it. It makes sense now that they would be together, the way they always act around each other. I just never noticed it," Brett said, sounding thoroughly amazed.

I had to laugh at his amazement. "Well, I told them I wouldn't tell anyone, and that it was cool with me. I think Dan may think I'm gay."

"Probably true. But who care? As long as he doesn't tell, you won't tell and vice versa, right?"

"Yep. It was just so amazing though, walking in on that," I said.

"Well, that's cool, man."

We continued on with our dates, talking about this and that, and then unfortunately, after we ate, we had to part again. We pulled in front of Brett's house.

"Brett, you know, I do really care about you. And I'm sorry about what I did with Eric. I can't imagine my life without you man," I said, softly to him.

Brett kissed me on the cheek. "I told you, I forgive you. I can't imagine my life without you either. And as long as I'm here, I'll do whatever it takes to protect you, guide you, whatever," he said, holding my hand. His hand felt so good in mine.

We said our goodbyes and I went on my way back home.

Soon enough it was the weekend again, and time for another game for Brett to shine in. My brother backed out of this game, though he still wanted to go to another one. So, I wound up going alone, again. I sat on the side of the marching band section, wishing I had joined it this year. So I could be doing something else besides just sitting there. To my surprise, since I never noticed it before, I saw two familiar faces in the alto sax section sitting right next to me.

"Hey Ry," Dan said, waving to me. He looked goofy in the band uniform, but I could still recognize him.

"Hey Ryan," said the person next to him.

"Joe! What's up man? Hey, Dan," I said to both of them, sitting down next to them.

"What's going on?" Dan asked.

"I'm here to watch the game, a couple of friends are on the team. I take it you're here because you have to be here?" I asked.

"Yeah, every game," Joe said.

"Well it's nice to see that Joe does talk!" I joked. Joe blushed and smiled meekly.

"Oh, he's just shy. Once he gets to know you, you'll wish that he was shy all the time."

I laughed, as Joe punched Dan lightly in the arm.

The game went on, we made small talk. Occasionally, the team scored a touchdown and the band would have to play. I kept my eye on the game, watching every move number 42 made on the field. Once again, that feeling of happiness came flooding in, knowing that he was all mine. And I was his.

"So, what are you doing after the game?" Joe asked.

I was caught in a daze and responded without thinking, "Probably going out with the quarterback...."

Dan and Joe both gave me a look I'll never forget. I had then realized what I had just said.

I looked at both of them, realizing what I just said, and tried to recover. "I'm friends with Brett, the quarterback. They usually have a party somewhere and I hang out with him and some of the other guys."

By now, I knew I was bright red, sweat was forming on my forehead even though it was cold outside. I had hoped it didn't raise suspicion.

Dan and Joe both looked at each other, and then back at me. "Cool," Joe responded. They both seemed satisfied with the answer.

"We usually go out to Friendly's for ice cream after the game. I was going to invite you with us. Maybe another time?" Joe asked.

"Sure, man. Sounds like a plan," I said.

I returned my attention to the field where there was a player down. I scanned the team for the numbers. 42 was not there. SHIT! I looked over, straining to see the number on the player's football uniform. IT was our team's colors. God, don't let it be Brett, I thought.

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