Comedy of Errors

Chapter 10


Written By: Justin Case

Spanish Editor: Julio

English Editor: Ed


September 24, 2001


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So many things around us are wrong, so many things are confusing. I pray to God, that He will show us the right way to go; I pray and ask Him to give us his guidance in these turbulent times we live. I pray to God that man can overcome his weaknesses, ego, pride, jealousy, and such, to become more loving. I pray to God, that we all examine our motives, and ourselves, to make sure we are doing what God Himself would want us to do. With that said, I'll leave you with one thought; `do we really know what happened and why?'

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I could hear the Salsa music in my bedroom. I looked out my window across the yard towards the Vasquez's home. Their entire back lawn was lit up, and on the boundaries were torches, kind of like those ti-ki lights that Hawaiians are famous for. It was a huge party; I could see what looked like to be a hundred or so people milling around the well-manicured lawns of my lover's home.

I couldn't believe it, but my parents were coming with me to the Vasquez family gathering. Father had been dreadful about it, but mother told him it was the `right' thing to do, "After all, they are our neighbors, we should get to know them," Mother told him, leaving him no alternative.

I told them both about Danny's mother, and her failing health. My mother seemed genuinely concerned. I was surprised by her reaction actually. I wanted to tell them about Danny and me, but chickened out. I guess I'll have to do it tonight though, because tomorrow night we are going to the Summer Ball together. I kept thinking of how I would say it. I tried many scenarios out in my mind, but none seemed fitting.

So far, Charles was the only one that knew, in the Winslow household, I was taking Danny to the ball. He had taken my tuxedo to the cleaners for me. I almost think he enjoyed it, he seemed happy for me. At least in my mind, Charles approved of my love for Danny.

My stomach was flipping, my thoughts were racing. I stood near my window seat, and watched the party that I was soon to be at. I looked for Danny, but it was too dark, and there were too many people to pick him out. The chirping of my cordless phone disturbed me.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi, James. This is Ellis; I was wondering what you were doing tonight. I was looking for someone to go to the casino with me."

I couldn't believe my ears. Ellis, calling little old me, to go with him? Was I dreaming?

"Are you there, James?" I heard him ask.

"Yeah, I'm here. Gee, Ellis, I would love to go with you. The only problem is I have a prior engagement," I recited into the receiver, almost as if I hadn't a care in the world.

"Oh, I see. Well, James, I was wondering, could you make me a small loan? I can't seem to find my ATM card and the `rents aren't here this weekend."

God, that must have taken some courage. Ellis, asking to borrow money from me? `Hmm,' I thought to myself.

"I guess, how much do you need? You have to come right over, I am supposed to leave in about twenty minutes," I said as I sighed to myself.

"Oh, great, thanks, James, you're the best. I only need a couple hundred; can you handle that? It's only until tomorrow, I promise," he sputtered.

A couple hundred, shit, I thought he meant like twenty, or even fifty, but two hundred dollars! He was lucky my dad had just given me some money, I just happened to have like three hundred on me. I thought for a minute, I'd need most of my money for the ball. I didn't want to seem like I wasn't a man of wealth though. I'd have to borrow some cash from Charles, I figured, if Ellis fucked me.

"Yeah, I can spot you two hundred until tomorrow," I told him, wondering how sure I'd get my money back tomorrow.

"I'll be right over, James. Thanks, oh, and don't mention this to Marcy." Click, the phone went dead.

Yeah, like I was going to run right over and talk to Marcy. I barely spoke to Ellis, let alone his squeeze. I stood there a few more minutes in bewilderment. I barely heard the muffled sound of the soft knock on my bedroom door. I wondered if it was Charles, or one of my parents. I really didn't feel like talking to my father, I hoped that it wasn't him.

"Come in," I said, as I turned my attention from the window to the door.

The solid, six panel wooden door opened, and there he stood. My love, my friend, in all his beauty, stood at my entranceway. His raven black hair had been trimmed; his eyes seemed to sparkle as they looked at me. I could see his thick red lips as they smiled, and dreamt of kissing them. I noticed, at that moment, how dark his complexion had gotten from all the sun, he was so gorgeous.

"Hola, amor. He extrañado tu dulce sonrisa. He extrañado tus caricias. Vine a escoltarte a la fiesta de mi familia. Vine por ti, para enseñarle a mi familia quien eres, para que conozcan y compartan tu amabilidad. Te amo, James."

I had no idea what he had just said, but it sounded so lovely coming from his lips. I began to blush, partly because I was embarrassed, and partly because I loved him so much. I stood motionless as he crossed the threshold and came closer to me, his arms outreached to take me into them.

"God, Danny, I don't know what you just said, I feel so silly. I really have to learn Spanish. What is your family going to think of me?" I asked him, as he embraced my body and smothered my cheeks with kisses.

"Pues verán por qué te quiero y te aceptarán como si fueses de la familia. You have nothing to worry about, in my family, what's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine. My family will accept you as I have, because I have. They will treat you like they do me," Danny whispered into my ear.

"You caught me off guard, I'm not quite ready yet. Look at me, I'm a mess," I said with hesitation in my voice.

"Eres guapo, como una palma meneándose en el viento," Danny spoke to me in Spanish.

Again, I had no idea what he said, but it sounded so beautiful. He continued to kiss my face, and run his hands through my hair. I began to fill with desire for him. I wanted to make love to him. My breathing became deep, and all I could hear was my heart beating, and his sweet kisses on my cheek. I held his warm body close to mine. I could feel his hardness as it pressed against my own, through the fabric of our pants.

"Oh, Danny. I love you so much, but we have to stop. Please, I don't know if I can control myself. I want you so fucking much right now. Oh, my God. How can something that feels so right, be wrong?" I managed to say. I felt a tear form in my eye.

"Nuestro amor no tiene nada de malo. Puede que algunos no lo entiendan, pero no tiene nada de malo.I will love you forever, and I don't care what people think, it's what is right for us," Danny whispered, and locked his lips on mine.

We stood together in my bedroom for a few more minutes holding each other in our arms. Suddenly I remembered Ellis was due any minute, and I still had to finish getting ready. I gave him one last kiss and pulled away from him.

"Danny, really. I have to get ready. Ellis is coming by; he wants to borrow some money to go to the casino. He'll be here any second." I couldn't seem to find my breath as I said this, and walked towards my closet to get a decent shirt.

Danny reached his right hand to my crotch; he grabbed at my swollen cock that was concealed in my pants. "He wants to come out," he laughed, as he teased me.

"Yeah, I know, and I want him to come out too." I gently massaged his hard dick through his slacks, as I smiled wantonly at him.

"Later, we will spend the night at my house. I want to make love with you all night long. I want to watch the sun as it bursts over the ocean and shows its yellow light on your soft face," Danny said quietly, as he pulled me back into his arms.

"Oh, Danny, you're such a romantic, and I love it. I love you. Yes, I'll spend the night with you. I can hardly wait."

I grabbed my favorite button up, short sleeve, Abercrombie and Fitch, red with yellow stripes shirt, and put it on. It looked good with my white Docker shorts, well I thought so anyways. I undid my black belt, and unbuttoned my pants to tuck it in. Danny helped, God, he can be so thoughtful.

"MMmm, I can't wait `til later," he sighed as he felt my penis.

"You're impossible, Ellis is going to be here, and you're making me super hot. Come on, now ST-ST-STOP, P-P-PLEEAASE," I stuttered, and quickly shoved the bottom of the shirt into my pants, and buckled myself back up. I couldn't help but laugh at our foolishness.

"Ellis can find his own boyfriend, you're mine," Danny said and chuckled.

Just as he said it, Charles called me from outside my door. I opened the door and the tall Englishman told me that Ellis Knotsworth was requesting my presence. I asked Charles to send him up. Charles never sent people up to my room that I didn't see regularly, and Ellis was one of them. Not to mention the fact that Charles knew how I felt about Ellis.

A few minutes later, Ellis was in my bedroom. I can honestly say that I think he had only been in the Winslow home once before and can't remember if he had ever been in my bedroom. It isn't exactly like we were friends. He seemed to be very nervous too, like he had to go to the bathroom or something.

"Hey, James, I really appreciate you spotting me this," Ellis said, without bothering to say hello.

"It's not a problem. You will return it to me tomorrow. Right?" I asked him, trying to get a stronger commitment from him, in front of Danny.

"Sure, like I said. Oh, hey, this is your cousin, right? I'm sorry, what's your name again?" Ellis was fidgeting with his billfold as he tried to be polite.

"Danny, his name is Danny," I told him.

"Yeah, that's right. You're from Boston. I remember now. Wow, you sure do tan, dude. You got Italian blood in you?" Ellis said, looking at Danny.

"Yeah, I think on my mother's, sister's, side of the family," Danny said to Ellis, and winked at me.

"Yeah, just like my mother." I couldn't help but keep the joke going.

"Cool, I think Italians are cool. Well, thanks, James; I got to run. Hey, you guys going to the Summer Ball tomorrow?" Ellis asked, delaying his departure.

"Yeah, we are," Danny said.

"Great, I'll see you there. Take care, I got to run." Ellis turned and left, like he was a man on a mission.

I walked over to Danny and gave him a hug. "Let's go downstairs and wait for my parents in the parlor. They should be down soon, it's almost seven-thirty, my mother is always punctual."

We only sat in the parlor for a few minutes when both my parents joined us. My mother looked great. She had had her hair done earlier that day. My dad was wearing his barbecue outfit. Actually, they made a cute couple, for old people anyways.

The four of us walked across our back yard towards the Vasquez's home, the Salsa music got louder as we got closer. I could see a bunch of people dancing, while others were standing around a huge fire, with a revolving spit roasting a gigantic pig. There were several tables filled with happy people all chattering away, but I couldn't hear anything but the music.

Danny brought us to meet his parents, first. I had met them before, but my parents hadn't. After the formal introductions, Mr. Vasquez jumped up on the temporary stage that had been constructed in the yard, with the band. When the song was over, he took the microphone from the singer's hands and introduced everyone to our family.

"Familia, estoy muy orgulloso de presentarles a nuestros maravillosos vecinos, los Winslow. Su hijo es el mejor amigo de Danny; se llama James. Les pido de favor que los hagan sentirse como en su casa," Mr. Vasquez said into the microphone.

I really wasn't sure of what he had said, other than I knew he must have introduced us to his family, because I did recognize our names. Danny told my parents and me that his father had told everyone who we were and to welcome us.

Mr. Vasquez asked my mom and dad to sit with him and his wife at their table, and to please have a drink with them. I nearly died; I couldn't imagine my father sitting with the Vasquezes. I saw my mother take him by the hand and follow Mr. Vasquez to the table. Danny took me by the hand and led me to the bar. I couldn't believe how bold he was to take me by the hand, but I didn't object either.

"James, you have to try this, my uncle makes it himself. A lot of Puerto Ricans make their own liquor. It's a tradition," he said, as he held up a half gallon that had a clear liquid in it, with what looked like a bunch of sticks and reeds.

"I don't know, Danny, I'm not supposed to drink, it's not legal," I said with a laugh.

"Really, you don't drink? This is a special occasion, my uncle would be very hurt if you didn't try his drink," Danny said, very seriously.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a chubby fellow approaching us. He looked like Danny's dad, only a little taller, and heavier. He walked right up to us and stuck his right hand out towards me.

"Hello, my name is Oscar. I am Danny's uncle. It is my pleasure to meet you. I hope you a long life. I would like to have a drink with you and my little nephew. It is a very special drink, I make it myself." Oscar's voice was very soft, and his hand was very rough.

He grabbed three small glasses off the bar, and poured the alcohol into them. He handed each of us a glass and raised his to his lips. Danny and I did the same.

"May the two of you have a long and happy life as friends," Oscar simply said, and tilted the glass.

I almost gasped, as a hot burning sensation astounded me as the booze passed down my throat. I could feel my eyes watering as I tried to breathe. Oscar and Danny didn't seem to have any problem at all. I noticed they both started laughing at my reaction and me though.

"I forgot to tell you, not to breathe while you drink this," Danny laughed.

"Oh, yes, this is very strong. Here, have another, I'll put some water in it for you," Oscar immediately offered.

I watched as he poured three more drinks, and added water to mine. I couldn't believe my eyes; it turned pink when he added water. I don't know what was in it, but it turned pink with water. I was almost afraid to take another swig, but felt like I would be rude if I didn't.

After the second drink, I began to feel woozy. I remembered I hadn't eaten since breakfast and I began to feel the effects of hunger and the booze. The night air was filled with the aroma of cooking. The table next to the bar was full of food. I had never seen so much food in my life. Danny must have seen me perusing the buffet.

"Let's get something to eat, and sit down," he said as he pulled me away from Oscar.

He handed me a plate and we started moving down the table, there were so many dishes I had never seen before. There had to be at least ten different types of rice; there were salads, and fruit; vegetables, and cheeses. Meats and beans, it was amazing at how much food was placed on the table. Danny told me that his mother, Maria, and all the women made a dish or two. He told me what his favorites were, and suggested some other things I might like.

After filling our plates, we took refuge at one of the smaller tables that had been set up in the yard. We sat there under the stars, eating our meal; the cool evening air was refreshing. The music seemed to quiet down a little as we ate. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of him. He seemed so content.

The food was exquisite; I had never had such delicious chicken wings as I had that night. The different rices were cooked to perfection, nothing like that plain old white rice. Some of the things I had were very spicy, but it was just right, it didn't burn my mouth. I was really impressed by the food.

The time seemed to go quickly; then Danny reminded me that at midnight we'd be eating the pig. After all the food I had already consumed I couldn't imagine. He joked with me that I had to eat more to keep my strength up for the all night lovemaking we had planned.

I think Danny must have introduced me to his entire family, twice. I never met so many people at one time before. I asked him, and he assured me I had only met each of them once. Except for Oscar, he kept following us around, giving me more of his moonshine. Danny told me I had to drink it, or his uncle would be hurt. Who was I to argue? By the time the pig was served, my parents had gone home, and Danny and I were quite drunk, as were most of the other people. I don't think anyone noticed how drunk the other was. It was a tremendous party, and it was only the first night of the three-day event. Although, Danny did confess that Saturday started late in the afternoon and Sunday was only the morning. I couldn't imagine it going non-stop, but that's what I thought he meant when he said they partied for three days. He laughed when I told him that.

It was about two o'clock in the morning when the two of us made our way to his bedroom. We were hammered. I was exhausted, but I wanted to make love with him. I had been ready since he came and got me.

As we walked into his room, he quietly closed the door behind us. He took me in his arms and began to passionately kiss me. I didn't refuse. I could taste the booze on his breath. I wondered if he could taste it on mine. Not that I minded, it rather made it more erotic to kiss him. I felt him fumbling with the buttons on my shirt.

"Here, let me help you," I offered.

I unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my pants. I took the shirt off and went to take my shorts off. He stopped me.

"No, let me take them off you," he whispered.

I stood in the middle of his room, he got down on his knees and slowly removed my shorts, and then he took my boxers off. He nestled his face in between my legs and began to lick and kiss my cock. I could feel it growing to his touch. I reached my hands to his shoulders to steady myself, while he tenderly sucked on my aching cock.

He stood up and kissed me again. I reached for his shirt bottom to pull it up off his body; he raised his arms to give me access. I tossed it to the floor behind him and began nibbling on his tits. I ran my hands down his smooth sides and grabbed his pants by the waistband. I slipped what fingers I could down the sides of his hips under the cloth of his pants. I could feel his hot body against my fingertips.

I slowly pulled my hands out of his pants and went for the button and undid it. I did the same thing to him; he had just done to me. I slowly slipped his pants down his legs; he stepped out of them. Then while on my knees in front of him, I pulled his white boxers down, revealing his beautiful un-cut semi-hard dick. I took it into my right hand, and pulled the foreskin back so his head was fully exposed. I flicked my tongue against the smooth organ, while I massaged it. I felt it grow in my hand, I thrust my mouth onto him. I could smell his musky-pungent odor as my face was buried in his black patch.

"MMmm, that's nice, James," he whispered in the darkness.

I stood up and began kissing him again. Our hands were all over each other, as we stood naked in the center of his room kissing one another. I ran my hands down to his smooth ass, and rubbed it. He did the same to me. Our cocks rubbed against one another as we gently pumped our bodies into each other.

We gradually moved towards his bed, and practically fell into it, all the while continuing to caress and kiss each other. Slowly and methodically, we tantalized ourselves with our mouths and hands. The comfort of the satin sheets against my body added to the mood. I could feel Danny's hot skin against mine, and the cool sheets at the same time. I had never felt so good; each nerve in my body was tingling.

We slowly explored each other's bodies with our mouths, tongues, and fingers. It was like we were both trying to make this feeling last as long as we could. My cock was solid rock hard, and so was his. I played with the pre-cum that was flowing out the tip of his cock; I used it as a lubricant as I slid my hand up and down his shaft. I loved the feeling of his cock as I slid the foreskin over the head. He sucked my balls, while he probed my butt with his fingers. I felt his fingers as he pushed them into me; he used his other hand to stroke my dick. I could feel my hips as they pushed up off the sheets. We must have teased each other like this for an hour, before I had to have release.

Danny must have sensed I was ready for an orgasm. He began to suck at my cock with more intent. I sucked his at the same time, with the same purpose. We both were moaning, and the vibrations of his voice on my hardened cock added to the feelings of pleasure. I felt his cock swell in my mouth, his hips began to buck and his cock began to slide deeper into my mouth with each thrust.

I felt my balls tense with anticipation of shooting my load. Danny buried his mouth onto my hot cock, and grabbed at my balls with his left hand, while his right hand began pinching my nipples. It was all I could take.

"MMMmmm," I moaned, letting him know I was about to bust.

"MMMmmm," he moaned back.

Shot after shot of hot cum filled my mouth, I couldn't take it all. I never remember him cumming so much. I felt my dick as every shot exploded from it into Danny's mouth.

He slowly moved, so he was face to face with me and began kissing me. I could taste my juices in his mouth. It was unbelievable, and only the start of the all night lovemaking session, that we continued with until the sun rose.


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