Comedy of Errors

Chapter 11


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed

Spanish Edit By: Julio


October 7, 2001


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I woke in the morning with a grin pasted to my lips, my legs seemed to ache, as the sun cascaded into the windows over our bodies that were intertwined in his large bed, I thought about Danny. I wanted to roll over so my face was next to his, I wanted to kiss him, but my mouth tasted like something the cat dragged in. I could only imagine what my breath must have smelled like. I slowly tossed the covers off my naked body, and moved to the edge of the mattress. As I sat up on the side of the bed, I could feel a dull throb in my head, not quite a headache.

I struggled to stand, my legs really hurt, my stomach felt queasy, and my head was spinning with the dull pound that seemed to be synchronized with my heartbeats. `Is this what they call a hangover?' I wondered, as I stumbled
towards Danny's bathroom.  'I'll never drink again,' I continued telling myself.

"¡BUENOS DÍAS, CARIÑO!" my sweet lover said to me, his voice seemed to echo between my ears.

"Shhh, don't shout. It huuurts."

"I'm sorry, I'm just so happy to see you this morning. Hacer el amor contigo anoche fue algo como lo que jamás había hecho. Me siento tan feliz," Danny said just above a whisper.

I raised both my hands to my head and massaged it gently. I couldn't seem to focus my eyes; everything was blurry, I continued to wobble my body towards the bathroom. `Why does he have to talk so loud?' I thought to myself.

"A hot bath, that's what you need, my friend. A good long, hot bath, and I'll take one with you!" he exclaimed, as he threw the blankets off his smooth, dark body, his lighter skinned erection stood out against his bronzed belly.

"You think that will help?" I unbelievingly said.

"Yes, I promise you. Quiero estregar tu piel suavemente con mis dedos, y saborear tu jugo cen mis labios, Quiero quitartu dolor con mi amor," Danny whispered as he walked across the bedroom towards me, his cock bouncing with every step.

"I don't know what you said, but I think I know what's on your mind," I laughed, as my eyes opened wider and stared at his reddened member. I began to feel better just looking at his body.

"Te amo tanto. Quirto tomarte. Quiero Comerte. Te quiero dentro de mí," he rattled off in Spanish as he lightly kissed me on the face.

I pulled away from him; my head began to pound as the blood began to rush to it, because of the excited state he was putting me in. His black eyes revealed the hurt caused by my rejection. I felt bad for him, but I also felt bad, I suddenly thought I was going to be sick. I quickly bent over the toilet and the insides of my stomach charged up my throat, into my mouth, and sprayed into the porcelain bowl.

I hate the smell of vomit. My eyes filled with tears as I puked my guts out. My nose filled with mucus, and it ran out my nostrils onto my upper lip. It was the second time I've spilled my guts in front of him, and it was embarrassing, at least this time I didn't pee my pants.

He began to draw the bath, as I splashed some cold water in my face. I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I was a sight, my brown eyes looked purple and swollen. The clear snot hung from my nose over my lips, and the whitish- gray streaks of dried tears stained my cheeks. `I will never, never, and I repeat never, drink that homemade moonshine from Hell again,' I told myself, as I shook my head, looking at my sorry reflection in the mirror.

Later that Saturday, I was finally feeling better. I was dashing around my bedroom trying to get ready for the Summer Ball. I was a nervous wreck, and that's putting it mildly. I was trying to get dressed in too much of a hurry, I had my pants around my ankles and remembered I had to put my shirt on first, so I could tuck it in. `Shit, goddamn,' I cursed at myself as I fell over, trying to grab my shirt off the back of the chair I had hung it over.

"James, are you all right?" I heard Charles call from outside my bedroom door.

"Yes, I'm getting dressed," I hastily shouted.

"Sounds like you dropped something," the man head and shoulders above the rest called through the door.

"Look, Charles, if you want to come in, COME IN, otherwise leave me alone," I snapped.

Did you ever notice how alcohol can induce mood swings? `Wow,' I thought, `where does all this temper come from?'

"James, are you feeling all right?" Charles asked, still through the closed door, his voice was full of care.

"I'm sorry, Charles. Come in, please." I felt so horrible.

The door opened slowly, the man with silver hair crept into my bedroom. I watched him as he brought me a boutonniere encased in a plastic container. It was the most beautiful yellow rose with baby's breath and fern I had ever seen. He handed it to me, my pants still around my ankles, my shirt on but not buttoned, I felt my face redden.

"Do you need some assistance?" he politely asked, as he already started to button up my shirt.

"Thank you, Charles."

"This was just delivered, it came from Danny. I knew you forgot to send him one, so I took the liberty to send him an orchid with holly, from you of course," Charles told me, as he buttoned my top button.

"What would I do without you, Charles?"

"Really, one can only wonder."

I slipped the black pants; with the black satin stripes down the sides, up my legs, buttoned the waist, and reached for the cummerbund that was on the chair the shirt had been on. I pulled it around my waist; Charles reached for my hands and stopped me.

"Sir, I believe you need to put your suspenders on first," the butler explained.

"Hm, yes, I believe you're right." I plucked the elasticized straps off the chair and he helped put them over my shoulders.

I buttoned the suspenders to the front of my trousers, and he did the back. My heart was racing; I wondered how I'd get through the night. It would be the first time two people of the same sex went to the Nantucket Country Club Summer Ball as a couple. The summer ball was always the same week of the year, the Saturday before Labor Day. This ball would be one to remember, and one of the first ones I had been to in a long time.

A few hours later, I tooled my Porsche into the parking lot. Danny sat quietly by my side as we approached the parking attendant, it was valet parking tonight, as it was whenever the club had a big event. I slowly got out of my car, as the young boy clad in the bright gold jacket opened the passenger door. The teenage boy's face dropped, as his mouth flung open. Instead of a woman, like he obviously expected, Danny gracefully climbed out of the car and thanked him for opening the door. I rounded the front of my car, and handed off my keys to the kid, nodded my head and took Danny by the hand up the steps to the entrance of the club. There was no turning back now.

As we walked into the ballroom, I had to adjust my eyes to the darkness. The lights were turned down low, the chandelier that hung in the center of the room was aglow, but the only other lights were the stage lights on the band and the flickering candles on each table. I quickly oriented myself, and headed for the table I knew Stevie would be at. I was shaking.

"No te preocupes palomito, no dejaré que nada malo te pase," Danny tenderly said into my ear, so I could hear him above the orchestra. Although I had no idea what he said.

I gripped his hand in mine. I led him in the direction of the table; my eyes had begun to focus. I could see Ellis, and wondered if he had my money. The whole gang was at the table, the same ones that were there the first night I had brought `my cousin' to the club, this was going to be interesting.

"James, it's so good of you to come," Stevie said, smirking as he rose to shake my hand.

I watched the other faces as they realized that Danny and I were alone, but together. I swear to God some of the group looked positively repulsed. I didn't care, I loved Danny, he loved me, and most of them didn't know what love was. I boldly held a chair for my boyfriend to sit in, and slid it in behind him. Then I sat down, never taking my eyes off Ellis, I knew he was the leader and whatever came from him would set the course of the night.

"Danny, James, I'm glad you guys came," Ellis said, as he reached across the table and shook Danny's hand, then reached for mine.

I couldn't believe my ears. I couldn't believe my eyes. I shook his hand, I couldn't tell who was sweating more, him or I. He winked at me as he shook my hand, my mouth must have been catching flies, I felt it wide open as he took his hand back. Marcy practically choked on the appetizer she had just popped into her mouth. I watched as her eyes literally bulged out of her head.

"I thought he was your cousin," Marcy finally got out.

"He is his cousin, his kissing cousin," Stevie joked, "haven't you ever heard incest is best?"

I guess we'll never know where the original joke was going, and that was a sad commentary on our sense of humor, because I truly felt with his last statement he went beyond a joke.

"Oh no, Marcy, this is Danny Vasquez, he just moved here, he's James' neighbor. My dad told me last night," Ellis said matter of factly.

"I thought your parents were out of town," I wondered out loud.

"Oh, um, yeah, they were, but uh, I mean, I thought they were," he stammered as he looked away from Marcy.

"Ellis? I ..." Marcy started to say something, but was cut off by Ellis taking her to the dance floor.

It had gotten to be midnight, I was exhausted. Ellis had disappeared several times from the table, and Marcy kept wondering where he was. Stevie had brought Alicia, one of the girls from the island, they spent most of the evening dancing and keeping to themselves. Danny and I had danced a few dances, we didn't want to draw any more attention to ourselves than already had been drawn. We weren't exactly the center of attention, but we did turn heads as we danced.

"You ready to go?" Danny asked, his black eyes batting his eyelashes at me.

"Yeah, I'm still tired from last night." I yawned and began to stand.

"You want to take a ride to P-town? I'll drive." He looked so excited as he said it.

"P-town, how do you know about P-town?"

"I heard about it, I don't know about it." His eyes looked to the floor as he answered me.

"Sure, it's a nice night out, we can do that." I handed him my keys, and we walked towards the exit hand in hand.

I remembered as we drove away, that Ellis hadn't paid me back. `He probably forgot,' I reasoned to myself. Danny drove my car with ease as we headed for the ferry. I had never been to Provincetown, but knew it had a reputation for being a gay resort town. We wouldn't be able to get into any of the bars, because we were too young, but we could walk the beach without shame or fear.

It was a little after one, as Danny slowly drove down the main drag of P-town, there were several bars bustling with people, the sidewalks were still jammed full of lovers walking hand in hand in full view. I couldn't believe it, it was like a dream, and no one had to hide their feelings, most of the people I saw were laughing and smiling. I instantly felt like I belonged, and wanted to get out of the car and walk with all these free spirits. I spotted a public parking lot at the end of the street, and motioned Danny to it.

I watched him as he closed the car door behind him; his face seemed aglow under the moonlit sky. I could hear the waves of the Atlantic Ocean rumbling a few hundred yards away. I took him by his hand, and tugged him towards the street. I wanted to see these people firsthand; I wanted to hear what they said as we walked by them. I had noticed a coffee shop, with tables and seats on the sidewalk, as we had driven up the street, and knew we could go there. I led the way.

We had to walk slowly through the crowd, people were coming and going, everyone was caught up in their own world, or within the world of the one they were with. There were young men with old men; there were young men with young men, and even some different couples of women. The odd ones here were the man and woman couples, and there were very few of them to be found.

We walked by one club, and I saw three large women, dressed in beautifully sequined gowns, and large hairdos atop their heads. Their faces were made up somewhat to excess, and the three buxom women had jewels hanging off their ears and wrists, large gaudy shiny stones on the earrings and bracelets. They looked like they were going to a New Year's Eve party. I couldn't seem to tear my eyes off them.

"What, you never saw a Queen before, sonny?" the tall redhead in the middle asked, as she pointed her right index finger with the long red fingernail at me. "Look, girls, I think we have a couple of virgins here," she continued as she began to wiggle her finger at me.

"OOO, ooo, OOO, couple of hotties too," the shorter blonde said, her voice seemed to crack.

"Yes, they are, I like Spanish boys. Do you like me, honey?" the brunette asked, as she took Danny in her arms, and smothered his face in her bosom.

Danny pried himself free, his black eyes were as wide as silver dollars. It was the same moment that I realized these weren't women, they were transvestites. I had never seen one in real life, I had read about them, but this was a first, and judging by my lover's reaction it was a first for him too.

"It was nice meeting you ladies. We have to go. Ta-ta," I chuckled, as I grasped Danny's hand and pulled him away.

He put his arm around me, I guessed so no one else would make any advances, I only know I felt safer with his arm around me. Oh, it wasn't like I thought anyone would do us any harm, I just didn't want someone trying to pick us up, thinking we were on the make. I really didn't know what to expect, but after that experience, I figured we couldn't be too careful.

"Those were men," shock in his voice, Danny said.

"No, those were men dressed like women. They call them drag queens," I reported with what sounded like real authority in my voice.

"More like dragon queens, they were ugly," my Spanish lover observed.

"Well, to each his... or her own."

We finally made our way to the coffee shop I had seen. I could see a few empty tables, and took Danny to one of them. We sat there for a few minutes; then a handsome young boy came and took our order. He was probably about fourteen, obviously the owner's son. I figured he had to be some relative, because he was too young to work legally.

Turned out he was the owner's son, and he was gay too. His name was Eric, he told us his whole life story while waiting on us. Eric told us he knew we were new to P-town, because after you've been there you get to know all the faces. He went on to tell us some people were tourists, only here for a week or two, others summer residents only, and the smaller crowd were the year `round residents. It was apparent he was well liked, and he knew most everyone, as people passed they would call out to him by name, and he would call back to them by name. I was totally amazed at how he could remember so many names.

We were finishing up our second cup of coffee, when I noticed Danny's eyes widen as he looked at two other guys walking up to the café. I could sense he knew them, he slowly stood up.

"Luke? Luke Rogers, is that you?" Danny walked towards this gorgeous guy and gave him a bear hug.

"Oh my god, Danny? Danny Vasquez. Travis, this is Danny, he went to Sacred Heart, he graduated a year before me.


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