Comedy of Errors

Chapter 12


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


October 14, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually explicit material, you must be of legal age to read it. The tale is about young gay life, in the real world, but it is fiction. If there are any similarities to real people, places, or things; it must be a strange coincidence. The writer, his editor, and his publisher accept no responsibility for the reader of this material. This work is protected by copyright laws of the United States of America. ©JCPCo2001


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Danny's face was all lit up; I had never seen him so cheeky before. The two boys he introduced me to were to die for. The one called Luke was a little shorter than the rest of us, but was definitely hot. He had the softest looking brown, wavy hair, which he kept well groomed. His hair looked so soft, I almost wanted to run my fingers through it. He has brown eyes, with specks of gold, that look so inviting, and perfect teeth. Travis, the other boy, was just as sexy, he has blonde hair, with these intense green eyes, and the cutest baby face.

The two of them were filled with love for one another, the looks they would exchange, or the movements they made seemed to be synchronized. It was beautiful to see the comfort they felt between themselves. I remember thinking, I wished that someday Danny and I would be like them. I could tell that no matter where Travis and Luke went they had no inhibitions about their love for one another. I began to think about how many faces and heads turned earlier that evening in the country club, the look of disgust on Marcy's face, and what my father's reaction would be to my loving Danny.

I felt my lover's hand as he squeezed it in his own. It came right when I needed it.

"Danny, who is this? More than that, are you and he a couple?" Luke's voice was full of excitement, with a hint of shock.

"Yes, Oh my God. I can't believe this. I never knew about you. I only wished I had, we could have been friends back there in Sacred Heart. How long have you and Travis been together?"

I couldn't believe my ears, we hadn't even finished with proper introductions, and these two were already discussing their love lives. I had to say something; I felt a little uneasy and thought Travis might have too.

"Travis, is it? I'm James, and this is Danny," I pointedly said, after all I'm a Winslow.

"Oh, God, I am so sorry," Luke apologized, "James, this is Travis, I'm Luke, and as you've gathered, Danny and I went to school together. I guess we're just so amazed to find out about each other we forgot our manners."

"I'm sorry too, James. It's just that it was so hard for me at Sacred Heart, and if I had only known one other person like me, it could have different." Danny's eyes shot towards the sidewalk, and it made me feel guilty.

"No, Danny, it's me that's sorry. I understand. I guess I was just a little jealous," I confessed.

"What are you guys up to? We just got here today; we don't even know where we are going to stay the night. We just moved here, bag and baggage, without any plans, we don't even know where we're going to live," Luke laughed as he explained.

That took courage, I couldn't begin to imagine moving off Nantucket with Danny, and not knowing where we were going to live. I mean, that just seemed to be such a brave thing to do, a little crazy too, I think. I don't know why but for some reason, I felt drawn to these two new people that had just plopped into my life. I felt a connection, after all we were all the same, but different.

"Well, you can stay with me tonight. I mean at my folks' house, we live on Nantucket. If you want," I offered.

"Really? Do you mean that? We do have money, we could stay at the Carriage House, I hear it's a great place. It's more like a bed and breakfast, the owners are some great guys from Europe, I hear one is from Germany and the other from Ireland. You know what would be really great? If we all stayed there tonight, it's not like we know anyone else, and I would hate to impose on your family." Luke was obviously caught up in the moment; he spoke a mile a minute.

He was right, could you imagine my father's reaction to me coming home in the middle of the night with a couple of `strangers'? I couldn't, nor did I want to. The thought of waking up in this wonderful town, and with people who accept us, was too tempting. I had to do it, I just hoped my lover would agree. I suddenly remembered his whole family was visiting, and his mother's health. Reality has a way of dashing my dreams sometimes.

"I would love to, but Danny's whole family is here visiting," I explained, as I squeezed Danny's hand in mine now.

"No, that's all right, my family would understand. We could stay here tonight, I just have to call home and tell my dad, and check on my mom. They would want me to stay and have fun, besides it's already two in the morning." Danny rattled off in the most sensitive way.

"Wow, this is too cool, the four of us staying here, we better make sure they have rooms for us," Travis reasoned.

I looked into his green eyes, and thought to myself, `now here's a guy with some intelligence'. Danny looked his way too, as did Luke.

"What, is something hanging off my face?" Travis asked, as he ran his right hand over his cheeks, feeling if something was there.

Luke burst out laughing, for the life of me I didn't see what was so funny, then he kissed Travis. Right there on the street in front of the coffee shop, it was spectacular. The ability of him to be so free with his love, so open, so natural, brought tears to my eyes. I wrapped my own arm around Danny, and pulled him closer to me.

"You people going to stand on the street, or you going to use the table?" came the sweet young waiter's voice.

"Yes, Eric, we're all going to use the table. Sorry, hey, do you have a phone booth we could use?" I asked, the cute teenage boy.

"Sure do, here, you can use the portable one I have." The boy pulled the cordless telephone that was attached to his belt and handed it to me.

"Thanks, oh Eric, do you know anything about the Carriage House?" I asked.

"Great place, it's just been renovated. It's on Central Street, and was an actual family home built two hundred years ago. A couple just had it redone and opened it up as a bed and breakfast, Dave and Ken, great people, those two. They love their guests and are very personable. Why, you thinking of staying there? Good luck, they are always booked, but I do have my ways to help if you need," he diligently offered.

The four of us sat down at the little wrought iron table, with the four metal laced chairs. Eric brought each of us cups, napkins, and spoons. He also handed me a beautifully done brochure with a picture of the Carriage House and other hotels and restaurants in the area, complete with addresses and phone numbers. I immediately called the number, a gentleman answered and told me we were in luck, they had just had a cancellation. I wondered, `who would cancel at two o'clock in the morning?' I explained to him there were four of us, he said he could accommodate us with no trouble. I couldn't get over his politeness; he sounded so warm over the phone with just a slight brogue.

I looked at Danny's deep set black eyes, as I dreamt of us being together like Luke and Travis. I sipped on my coffee, and watched Luke and Travis while the two of them exchanged their own glances of affection. Danny called home and told his father we would be staying at the Carriage House, and then I called and talked to Charles to tell him the same.

"James, have a good time tonight. I won't go into it now, but some things have developed, I'm sure there is nothing to worry about. Call me when you wake and before you come home," Charles stated with his English persuasiveness.

"What is it, Charles?" I asked, my mind searched for clues.

"Nothing, just have a good time, and call me before you come home. Now go." The phone clicked and I heard that familiar buzzing sound.

"Is everything OK?" Danny voiced his concerns.

Luke and Travis looked at me; both their faces showed interest too. I had no idea; I certainly didn't want to spoil the time we were having, so I said nothing about what Charles said. Instead I called Eric over and asked him for the directions to the Carriage House. I just wanted to spend a night like everyone else in the crazy world we live in does, NORMAL. For us, this night would be normal.

When the four of strolled into this luxurious bed and breakfast, it was almost like taking a walk back in time, only with all the modern amenities. We met both the owners; they were sitting in the lobby as we entered, reading what looked like to be some interesting books.

Ken and Dave introduced themselves, and told us how lucky we were to get a room, actually a suite, on such short notice. They also gave us the fall rate, of one hundred and eighty five dollars for the night. Dave quickly pointed out that normally during the peak season, the suite would have been two hundred and twenty five dollars. Ken just shook his head, he obviously thought that was more information than we needed right then. They were quite an interesting couple. After we had checked in, Ken brought us up to our suite.

"It will be our pleasure to have your stay here relaxing, I think you'll find the suite spacious, but comfortable," he said as he opened the door to the most tastefully decorated room I could remember seeing in my short life.

The suite was huge, it actually was two rooms, and the bedroom had a four poster bed that looked to be two hundred or more years old, with a light blue overstuffed comforter, and abound with huge fluffy pillows. When we first walked through the door, we entered a living room, with cathedral ceiling. The living room was decorated with some antiques, a writing desk and a rocker. There was also a stuffed reading chair with ottoman, as well as a sofa; both were done in period. The artwork hung on the walls, the large green plants, combined with all the other furnishings, created a sort of contemporary setting. The suite was fresh, off the living room was a view of the huge sun deck, that we would be enjoying breakfast on in the morning. There was a television, complete with a VCR, and a stereo with a compact disc player.

"I'll bring up a fold out bed, I trust everything is to your satisfaction," Ken said, as he began to leave the suite.

"Exquisite," was all I could say.

"Who gets the bed? Travis asked.

"You and Luke, James and I can sleep in the fold out," Danny expressed politely.

"Yeah, you guys take the bedroom, I could sleep on the floor in this room if I had to," I rattled off, as I opened the window to take in the cool night salt air.

I was so taken by all the events that had happened I had forgotten how tired I was from the night before, making love all night long. I turned around and looked at the other three, I knew this was the beginning of a long friendship that we all would share. I always heard, `the way to find yourself is to lose yourself in something bigger.'

I half listened to Luke and Danny talking about Sacred Heart, Travis and I watched a little television, while they reminisced. It was nice to be there totally free to be ourselves, and accepted. I laid my head back on the sofa, and dozed off. I never heard Travis and Luke go to bed, I never got to say `good-night.'

I was wakened by Danny, "Sleepy head, come on, let's go to bed."

I woke, a little disoriented, and quickly remembered where we were. "Oh, did they go to bed already? I am so sorry, Danny. I really like them, I hope we can be friends and spend time together with them more."

"Me too. I always liked Luke. Did I tell you he's an artist? Apparently, Travis is too, they both are painters. I know that Luke is very talented, and he says Travis is better than he.

"Wow, really? That's cool. I'd like to see some of their work sometime," I sleepily said, and yawned.

"You're tired. Let's get to sleep. James?"


"I love you."

"I love you too."

We both climbed into the fold out, and I fell asleep within a few minutes. I could hear the waves crashing in the distance, as I fell into a deep sleep. I don't even remember if I dreamt that night, I was so tired.


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