Comedy of Errors

Chapter 13


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed

Spanish Edited By: Julio


October 25, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually explicit material, you must be of legal age to read it. The tale is about young gay life, in the real world, but it is fiction. If there are any similarities to real people, places, or things; it must be a strange coincidence. The writer, his editors, and his publisher accept no responsibility for the reader of this material. This work is protected by copyright laws of the United States of America. ©JCPCo2001


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What's up with the world today? I mean, God, the anger and hate seems to be spreading like a cancer amongst our society. Where do all these rebellious feelings come from? Road rage is on the rise, and it is getting downright violent. I can only surmise it is the way society is trying to do everything politically correct. I think people are damn pissed about not being able to express themselves with honest feelings, `cause `it's not the right thing to do.' We have police in our schools, with loaded weapons. Heaven forbid a young kid yells the word fun in the middle of a cafeteria food fight, and the cop on duty hears `gun,' some innocent kid may be shot forty one times reaching for a brownie. We are actually arresting our youths now for school fights, or expelling six-year-olds for kissing one another. What the hell are we all thinking? It's time to stand up and speak out. Police belong on the streets protecting and serving, keyword here serving. They are to serve all of us, not just the elite. It would be nice if they left their egos at home too. Parents need to parent, and get credit for it as well. I am sick and tired of being told the parents of today don't care. Where are all these non-caring parents? Who says they're in the majority? I think it's all balderdash, and bullshit. I think we are being manipulated, and it needs to stop. Wake up my friends, while we still have the few freedoms left, that our forefathers fought so hard to get us from the royalty of our distant past, and speak out.

Well now that I got that off my chest, let's get on with the story, while I can still `freely' express my opinions here, and write these kinds of stories. You do know that `they' are trying to stop it, don't you. `They' are trying to say that this kind of story is pornography, and it should be outlawed. I do hope you support the free speech on the Internet act. Go to Nifty's front page and click on the revolving blue ribbon icon, for more information on what you can do, before you find yourself being arrested for reading what is here.


I woke the next morning; I could hear the moans coming from the bedroom. They were sweet sounding, and aroused my attention. Or, was my attention already aroused? I don't know, but I do know I was horny, and my little James was wide-awake. I rolled over to cuddle against Danny's warm body; I felt the cool morning air as it gently blew in the window on my naked back. I snuggled up against my lover, and smelled his manly fragrance; it was more than I could take.

I gently wrapped my arms around his muscular torso and rubbed my palms on his soft belly. My cock was pressed firmly against his soft cheeks, we both were only wearing boxers, the cloth added to my pleasure. His stomach felt so smooth to my touch, and the faint fine hairs below his belly button intrigued me. I ran my fingers lightly over the trail of hair that led to his underwear waistband, while I pushed my hips towards his body. I felt the soft, black, hairs on the backs of his thighs rub against my legs.

"Buenos días, amor," Danny quietly said as he rolled over to face me.

"Good morning to you, my love, see, I am learning, you are a good teacher," I whispered to him and tenderly kissed him on his soft inviting lips.

"Sí, y me siento orgulloso. Tengo tantas ganas de ti, pero es mejor que no hagamos nada, al menos no con Luke y Travis tan cerca." My Spanish love said with a sigh.

"I'm not sure what you said, but I did pick out their names. I don't think you have anything to worry about, listen carefully," I explained what I thought might be the answer to his concerns.

"Como te gusta tentarme, pero mejor no. Sería demasiado vergonzoso." Danny rattled off in his native tongue.

Danny pushed me away from him, and threw the sheet back from his body as he climbed out of the rollaway bed. I watched him as he walked around the bed and stood near the open window that looked out on to the deck below. I wondered what was wrong, I felt hurt that he wouldn't make love with me. I could hear the squeaks of the antique four poster bed coming through the six-panel door that separated the living room from the bedroom of the suite.

I decided to get out of bed myself, and walked over to the entertainment center. I turned on the radio, to Selena's beautiful voice singing, `I Could Fall in Love With You.' I walked across the plush carpeting in my bare feet to the window. I held Danny from behind and stared out the window over his shoulder. It felt so right to be with him, and to hold him against my body. The words from the song seemed to be directed towards us. I could feel his heart beating through his chest on my hands.

"We could take a shower together." I wasn't letting up, I needed him.

He turned around, his dark eyes locked on mine, and smiled. I knew I had him. He pulled me close to him and kissed me. It was a deep sensuous kiss, his tongue darted into my mouth, and I felt his excitement. I squeezed my arms around his back; his skin was so soft. I ran my hands down his back and into the back of his boxers to caress his smooth hollow butt cheeks. I felt his hard-on as it pressed against me. He released my lips from his and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Yeah, we could take a shower, I'd be much more comfortable," he confided in me.

I looked back into his eyes, they said it all, I loved him, and he loved me. I could stay like that forever, in his strong arms, while the cool salty air blew across our bodies right in front of that window in the Carriage House. Provincetown was a community that accepted our kind of love, no questions asked. We were just another couple that loved each other, nothing spectacular, and nothing out of the ordinary. It was a comforting moment that passed, as Selena sang a love song in the background, and we stood in front of a window for the world to see us.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I quickly asked, as I ran my hands around the front of his hips into the front of his boxers and fondled his erection.

"I don't know, I kind of like standing here like this, it does feel good. You know what they say? If it feels good, do it." He chuckled with his little joke.

"Well, I say, if it feels good, do it twice, and if it feels real good, do it all the time," I teased back at him.

"I could go for that, all the time." He sneered a little, as he pushed his hands into my boxers and he grasped my aching cock.

"Yeah, well, go for it. I dare you."

"Tch, not here, in the shower," he whined at me.

"Oh I see, you're nervous, you think Luke may get jealous," I continued to screw with him.

"Un, unh, I just am embarrassed, I can't even pee when someone else is in the bathroom." He flashed his smile at me.

"Who's asking you to pee?"

"You know what I mean. Come on. Let's go take a shower," he moaned.

I took his hard dick, wrapped my left hand around it, and led him towards the bedroom door, with my hand sticking in the top of his boxers and pulling on it, like a dog with a leash. I felt him tugging away from me as I reached for the doorknob, so I let go of his manhood. I knew he was deep red in the face, without even looking at him. I don't know what came over me, but for some reason, I just felt in a playful mood.

I decided to knock before opening the bedroom door. The grunting and squeaking had stopped, but I didn't think we should just charge into Luke and Travis' room. I heard Luke's voice say, "Come in," and I opened the door. I felt a burst of cool air strike against my naked chest from the air-conditioned room; the shades and drapes must have been drawn shut, because it was dark in the bedroom. I could barely make out the other two in the bed that were wrapped all snuggy warm in the fluffy comforter.

"Morning, did we wake you?" Travis politely asked.

"No, we just wanted to take a shower, why, were you making noise or something?" I tried to act innocent about what I had heard.

"No, well, yes, kind of, you know. Never mind, it was Luke." Travis sputtered nervously.

"I didn't hear a thing, specially no moaning or squeaking or anything." I smiled as devilishly as I could.

"Oh, we're sorry. Really. Now I'm embarrassed." Luke's face was about the brightest thing in the darkened room; the whites of his eyes gleamed against his deeply flushed, red face.

"It's nothing, hey, we're here and we're queer. Oh God, I never thought I'd hear myself say those silly words." I couldn't believe my own ears; suddenly I was feeling entirely whimsical.

"Hehe, Wow, but it's true. I just don't like the labels, I prefer to think of myself as in love with my best friend, who just happens to be a guy," Luke chuckled, as he let go a little bit of himself with Danny and me.

I knew what he meant; I could actually feel what he had just said. I know that may sound a little crazy, but it's true. I feel the same way about those darn labels; it's like people have to label things to make them feel more comfortable about things they don't understand. What's wrong with just not understanding? Why do we all feel it has to be normal or not normal? Just what the hell is NORMAL? What may be normal for me, is not necessarily normal for you. These thoughts flooded my mind as I led my lover by his hand to the bathroom.

"Well, we are going to take a shower. I hope we can spend sometime together today. I was wondering if you could come down to Nantucket with us after some breakfast." I prattled off.

"Sounds like a plan, don't use up all the hot water, we need a shower too." Travis called to us as we walked into the huge bathroom.

I closed the solid door to the room as soon as we crossed the threshold. I was raging with desire to be held my Danny. I turned around as soon as we were privately secluded in the tiled room, and took his face in my hands to devour his sensuous lips with my own. I felt his warm breath against my face as I drew him close. My cock stretched to its fullest and tingled with yearning to find its release. I slid my hands down the sides of his strong body and into his boxers. I grabbed at his smooth hips and pulled him further towards me.

He broke from our deep kiss, and my wandering hands, he lowered himself to his knees in front of me. I felt him as he slid my plaid boxers down my legs and my cock sprang loose. Danny pushed his face into my crotch and began licking me all over. Both his hands were stroking and rubbing me from my belly down to my balls, while he nibbled and licked all around my cock and balls. He pulled my hard cock to his lips with his right hand and sucked just the head of it into his mouth. Danny's saliva ran down my shaft and he rubbed it with his other hand.

My hips began involuntarily humping at his face. I could feel my cum surging deep inside me, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to take my time and make it last. I grabbed his black hair and forced his head all the way down onto my rock hard cock. I pushed myself as deeply into his waiting mouth as I could. My balls rested on his chin, and I could feel his morning stubble itching against the sides of my thighs. Then I slowly pulled his head from my dick, and grabbed for his shoulders to bring him back up and off his knees.

I looked into his charcoal eyes as he slowly rose to his feet. He stripped out of his own boxers, silently, as he never took his gaze off me. Danny's cock was huge; the drops of clear pre-cum clung to the slit of the purplish head slightly poking out of the foreskin. His large sac with the walnut sized balls hung below his swollen manhood.

I opened the shower door, and turned on the water. We both stepped into the tub; our bodies were enveloped with a stream of warm water and steam. I held him in my arms and kissed him again as the water shot down my back and over my head. I began licking the water from his face while holding his head between my hands. I moved my right hand down to his solid uncut cock and began to stroke it under the steady stream of flowing water. I felt the soft excess skin on his bone in my fingers, and squeezed around while I jerked up and down his cock. I could feel the ridge of his crowned head below the lump of extra flesh as my hand pulled up and down his dick.

"Ay Dios, eso se siente tan bien. Sí, ah. Quiero saborear tu caliente jugo mientras me llena la boca." Danny moaned with pleasure.

I don't know what he said, but it sounded erotic, and it came through his gasping breaths. I felt his hot cock throbbing in my hand. I started to bend down to suck it, but I bumped heads with him as he was already lowering himself to me. I looked around the tub and noticed how oversized it was, I wondered if we could both lie down in it? It looked almost as if we could; he must have read my mind.

"Lie down with me, we'll fit m, Danny managed to say.

I felt the porcelain of the tub against my wet back and butt as I slid down to lie side by side with Danny below the cascading water. Danny's head and mouth were next to mine, and we started kissing each other with all the passions we had. I rubbed my dick against his, and felt those great sensations from the depths of my balls to the very tip of my cut cock. The pelting of the warm water from the showerhead added to my pleasure, my whole body was electrified.

Danny reached his hand down to my cock and gently stroked it. He kissed my lips, and nibbled on them too. His teeth bit lightly on my tongue as it wormed its way into his mouth. He reached his left hand around me and pushed it towards my puckered hole. I felt his probing fingers as they entered my ass. The feelings he created in my body extended from deep within. I knew I was close, but I still wanted to wait, these feelings were too great to have them end.

I twisted and turned so my ass was right in front of his cock. I grabbed for his dick and poked it around my hole. I pushed myself against him, and slid his wet cock deep into my orifice. One large thrust and I had his cock buried deep in my wanton hole. The pain quickly subsided and turned to a clutching pleasure that wracked my entire body.

"Te quiero tanto, palomito. Ay, te siento tan fokin' apreta'o. Siento que mi bicho va a explotar dentro de ti. Jamás había amado a alguien tanto como a ti." Danny whispered, as he pounded his stiff rod in and out of my ass.

"Oh God, Danny, that feels so fucking good. Deeper, ooo, deeper," I chanted, as I tried to push myself further onto his rock solid hard cock.

Danny reached his hands around me, and squeezed on my cock with one hand and pinched at my nipples with the other. His cock pounded into me as he thrust his hips wildly in the tub.

I felt my orgasm building and his cock began throbbing inside my asshole. I could feel his dick as it began to twitch and swell deep inside me. I heard his breaths, as he became closer to his own orgasm, his thrust began to shorten and quicken. It came from deep down inside my balls, the sudden surge of the thick hot cum. I could feel it as it rose up my dick that he clenched tightly in his hand. He pinched my nipples harder. My cock exploded, shot after shot of thick juicy cum splattered against the side of the white tub.

"Arggh, yesssssssssss, ooooooooooo, yessssssss!" Danny groaned in ecstasy as his cock pumped his cum into my body.

I felt his slick juice as it plummeted into my bowels. I could feel some as it eased out my hole, between our two bodies. He kept himself buried inside of me after our bliss, not wanting it to subside. We stayed locked against each other, and as one, for several minutes. Letting the water beat upon our naked bodies while we lay side by side and connected by our genitals. I remained as motionless as he did, thoroughly spent and exhausted, but kept his cock deep inside me. His hands continued to rub my chest and stroke my still hard dick. I was in heaven.

I heard the knock on the door, but was almost asleep in the arms of my lover. The dull pounding startled me. I came back to my senses, and realized we had been lying next to each other for quite a while.

"You guys all right in there? Shit, it's been an hour. Travis has to pee." I could hear Luke laughing after he said it.

Danny pulled me closer to him, and kissed me on the back of my neck and shoulders. I knew it was over, our lovemaking was done for now. I didn't mind, I felt fulfilled and I think he did too.

"Yeah, give us a minute, we'll be right out. Sorry," I shouted, my voice echoed off the tub walls.

A little while later we were all back at the coffee shop, Eric was too. I guessed he must work a lot, but he seemed his chipper self. We all had scones and coffee, except Travis, he had hot chocolate. I remembered all of a sudden I that was supposed to call Charles; I had that nagging feeling. I asked Eric for the phone again, feeling like he was my old buddy.

"Hey, you ever heard of a cellie?" came his cheerful young voice.

"Yeah, you're right, but I didn't bring mine with me. I didn't plan this trip. It's OK, I can use a phone booth," I told him.

"Tell you what, I'll let you use the phone if you do me a favor," he continued.

"Sure, we are old friends now," I quipped.

"Make sure you come back here, and when you do, take me partying with you guys," his soft voice seemed to beg.

I was taken aback, but for some reason, I understood why he was asking. It was like we seemed to be drawn to him, plus the fact that I imagined he didn't get out much. Not to mention he worked for his family, it must be a little overwhelming for the poor kid. I smiled at him and nodded my head in agreement.

"Cool, I know a lot of people here, most are older, and most are too much into themselves. I come here every summer and am bored; I really don't have anyone my age to hang with. I appreciate it; you guys seem really cool." His face lit up with excitement.

"Well, who knows, we may be back here sooner than you think." I looked to Danny to see if he was thinking what I was thinking; he just smiled back at me.

"Here you go, I hope you come back soon. You do promise, right?" Eric probed.

"Absolutely," Luke spoke up quickly. "My friend Travis and I are going to settle in the area somewhere, maybe you can help us find a place," the young blonde continued with.

I punched the numbers into the phone, and listened to the ringing. I don't why, but that nagging feeling was beginning to churn in my stomach. I could feel every flake of the scone that was now inside me, with the light oils that were used to cook it with. My heart seemed to be racing too as I waited for someone to pick up on the other end of the line.

"Good Morning, Winslow residence, Charles speaking," came the butler's voice.

"It's only me, Charles, you asked me to call."

"Ah, yes, James, I did. I have some startling news. Are you still with Danny? I assumed you were, everyone said you left the ball together last night," the tall man with the silver hair and the English accent inquired.

"Yeah, we're together. What's wrong, Charles?"

"Well, it seems the police are looking for him. Something about a robbery at the Country Club, that officer came by just after one in the morning looking for you and Danny. I'm sure it's all a big misunderstanding."

I knew the moment he said it, which cop he meant. I could picture the young egomaniac vividly in my mind. I remembered his every facial expression from the night he came to our home and Danny was tied up in the chair, to his acting all knowingly at the pizza shop. The young patrolman was a definite legend in his own mind. I felt fear well up inside of me as his visions bounced around my brain. I looked Danny in the eyes; he seemed to understand that I was upset.


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