Comedy of Errors

Chapter 5

April 29, 2001


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content described in a most graphic manner. If it is illegal for you to view this material, you must leave now! You may find this material offensive as it is about gay love. I make no apologies or excuses for this work, I am proud to place it here for your entertainment. It is my hopes this tale will educate some. I completely made this story up; it is a figment of my active imagination. If there are any similarities to you or your life, I want to meet you. Please do not make copies of this for re-sale; I give it freely. I firmly believe in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. God save the Republic. ~C~2001 JCPCo


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I tooled my Porsche down the main drag of Nantucket, I watched as the flashing neon signs blinked past us. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off Danny's slender body sitting next to me. His dark skin, his shining eyes, and brilliant smile were captivating. I could tell he was nervous, because he kept shifting around in the leather seat. I finally patted his left thigh, and smiled warmly at him. I was afraid at first, but finally gathered the courage to reassure him with my touch. I watched for his facial reaction as I did it. His midnight dark eyes looked directly into mine, while his thin pink lips gently smiled. I knew then, that he had the same feelings for me that I was having for him.

I saw the Pizza Shop coming up on our right, I noticed there weren't any cars in front of it. I hoped the parking lot would be empty too. I thought it would be, it was almost ten. I just wanted to spend some more time with Danny. I didn't want our time to end. The traffic light mounted on the pole that stood on the sidewalk changed to red. I eased my car to a stop and stole a glance at my new friend.

"Do you like pizza?" I asked, wondering if Puerto Ricans ate pizza.

"James, if you don't mind, I'm Puerto Rican, but am as American as you. Comprende?" he said soothingly, and flashed me a smile. "I love pizza. Oh, and by the way, we had running water in my house too," he continued and laughed.

I realized how silly I was, and blushed. I felt the heat of my blood as it rushed to my face. I could only imagine how red my face must have looked with the traffic light beaming off it in the night sky. I felt so damn stupid.

"Lo siento, it's just that all my life blancos have tried so hard to compensate for their prejudice, I'm a little sensitive. I really am sorry if I hurt your feelings, mi amigo." Danny quietly explained his words so tender and caring.

The light flicked green and I let up on the clutch and pushed down on my accelerator, a little too quickly, the car lurched to a stop while the engine stalled. I looked into my rearview mirror; my face had gone from red to scarlet. The loud blaring horn from the mini-van behind me rang in my ears. I quickly turned the key in the ignition, dumped the clutch, and floored the gas pedal, my finely tuned car screeched into the parking lot, just past the traffic control light. The headlights bounced off the one other car and guardrails as I slid into a parking spot, in the Pizza Shop's lot. My knuckles were white, as I clenched my hands to the steering wheel, my legs were trembling, and I felt my stomach knot up, as I shut the engine down. My embarrassment had been replaced with aggression; I was again in control.

"Wow, I like pizza, but you don't have to kill me getting it." Danny smiled after he said it.

"I'm sorry. Shit. I don't know what I was thinking. `M I bad?" I sullenly said, as I opened my door to get out of the car.

"Nah, just a tad bit excitable." He had this huge grin on his face as he said it.

We both laughed as we walked away from my car toward the Pizza Shop. I knew the owner, hell, I was a year `round resident on the island. I knew everyone that was anyone, and they all knew me. I couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone that knew the `Winslows' on this small island in the midst of Buzzard's Bay.

"Damn, it got chilly out fast, didn't it?" I asked, as my body shivered.

"Yeah, hang on. Let me get my jacket from your car. We Puerto Ricans have thin blood." Danny laughed while he said it, and walked back to my car to get his coat.

I watched him as he put his sport coat on; I couldn't get over his magnificent build. I was so happy he took my stupidity as it was. I really was beginning to find myself enamored by his delightful personality. He had such innocence about him. I found him totally caring and purely honest. I remember thinking to myself as I watched him put his jacket on, that I could never become angry with him. I couldn't imagine any situation that would cause me to lose my patience with him. He was so at peace with himself, he inspired a comfort within me. I waited while he put his coat on. I watched him, as he carefully put his arms into the sleeves and hunched his muscular shoulders to properly bedeck the navy blue jacket on his body.

"Hey, I'm glad you reminded me. I have my wallet in this rag," he joyfully announced as he buttoned it.

"Is that an offer to pay?" I quipped.

"It would be my pleasure. You provided the `fly', I provide the `buy', it's only fair, mi amigo," he joked.

I loved it when he called me "mi amigo", I loved it when he spoke Spanish, period. He was so sexy.

"Yeah, and they have flush toilets here too." I tried to be cute, but he didn't seem to understand me.


"Never mind." I felt a little flustered, but appreciated his naiveté.

We walked through the glass door of the restaurant, the lights inside were bright and cast a yellow glow on everything in their path. The floor grabbed your attention as you walked into the place; its tiles were red and white, alternating squares like a checkerboard. Some small tables lined the two walls on either side of the room, with a counter for ordering directly in front of you as you entered. The tables were mounted to the walls and had bench like seats covered with a red plastic over foam. The red didn't quite match the floor, causing your mind to stop and notice.

The aromas of cheese and sauce tantalized your senses as soon as you crossed the threshold. The heat from the large oven basked over my body as I walked toward the fat bald Italian man that owned the eatery. I could see him, as his beady brown eyes fiercely fixed on Danny. I felt those eyes like knives cutting through my soul. He didn't move; he remained motionless behind the counter as I approached. Danny was only a few feet behind me as I stepped up to place our order.

"Hey, Sebby, I'd like to order a large house special," I told the short round bald fellow behind the counter, as I had done so many times before. I turned to make sure that was OK with Danny, I saw him as he reached into his breast pocket.

"Freeze, you mother fucking Spic!" Sebby yelled as he drew a pistol from below the counter and pointed it at Danny's face.

I went weak with terror, I had never had a gun drawn on me. I saw the huge hole in the end of the barrel. I imagined the sound of it blasting. I froze where I stood. I pictured blood spattering and pouring onto the tiles. I envisioned every movie I had seen in my life where someone was shot in a split second while I stared into the gun wielding man's hand. I instinctively put my hands over my head; I couldn't find my voice.

"Hit the floor, you dirt bag," Sebby yelled as he pointed the gun at Danny and toward the floor. He quickly grabbed for the phone in front of him, next to the cash register, with his free hand.

I kept my eyes riveted on the little man as he punched the dial pad and held Danny at bay with his shiny chrome pistol. I felt my kidneys bursting with pressure as I relieved myself in my pants. I couldn't control the flow of warm fluid as it spilled from my penis and ran down my legs. I felt my bowels as they flexed in my belly, I clenched my legs together to prevent a second accident. My asshole began to ache as I held back the urge that overtook me. I turned my head and watched Danny as he slowly lowered his body to the dirty floor, and lay spread eagle on it.

It seemed like everything happened in slow motion. My mind watched the trails of both their movements as they unfurled before me. I began to feel nauseated; my throat constricted as my stomach heaved its contents out of my mouth. I felt my eyes burn with the tears that formed, caused by the fear. I could smell the piss and vomit, the stench clung to my nostrils.

"Freeze!" I heard the voice come from behind me, I recognized it.

With my hands still over my head, I turned to see who had shouted. I immediately remembered why I knew the voice. It was the same cute cop that had come to my house earlier. I began to feel at ease and at the same time anger began to rise from deep inside me. I had been humiliated. I had watched as my defenseless friend was ordered to the floor. I had been horrified to the point of losing control of my bodily functions. The visions of that gun being pointed at Danny kept flashing through my mind.

I watched the young patrolman as he rolled Danny over to look at his face. I could see every muscle and tendon in his face and neck as he grabbed Danny's shoulder and turned him over. I watched him as his face softened as he recognized the suspected perpetrator. The man in blue quickly holstered his gun and helped Danny to his feet.

"Sebby. What the hell is going on here? You called in an armed robbery. Don't you know it's illegal to make a false report?" the handsome cop rattled off, as he brushed Danny's jacket off.

"He pulled a gun on me," Sebby defended himself.

"I, uh, I just,, you, s..s...see, reached for my wallet," a very visibly shaken Danny stuttered.

"Sebby, this boy lives here on Nantucket. His family lives next door to the Winslows, he's no criminal," the policeman said, like he was Danny's best friend, certainly not exposing his own crudeness from earlier.

I just wanted to get out of there; my head was spinning. I still couldn't find my voice. I grabbed Danny's hand and practically dragged him out. My legs began to burn and sting from the urine that soaked my clothing. I was beyond being polite.

I felt the cool night air as it swept over my body as we walked through the parking lot toward my car. I had never moved with such purpose, I just wanted to get away from the disorder had just taken place. I felt complete embarrassment, both for the lack of knowledge displayed by Sebby and my lack of courage to speak out.

"Qué joder! Toda mi vada vivido en este país, toda mi vada tratrado con ignorancia por el hombre blanco. Ido a la iglesia, rezado a Dios, el mismo Dios al que el hombre blanco le reza. ¿Para qué? Para ser conocido con estupidez y humillación. ¿No soy un hombre? ¿No tengo sentimietos? ¿Qué me hace menos que él? Por favor Dios, dame fuerza."

I didn't know what he had said, but I didn't blame him for his anguish. I slowly lowered myself into my car and reached across the seat to open his door. My shirt was wet from the puke and my pants dampened with my pee; the unpleasant smells combined  were distasteful. I pushed the button to open the windows.

"Let's go to my house, James. My parents have gone away for a long weekend; my mother needed treatment in Boston. You can clean yourself up," Danny said softly.

I just nodded my head as I drove the car out of the lot and headed it toward our houses. My mind was a blur. I wondered what it must be like to be Danny. How horrible it must have been for him. His mother dying and having to deal with prejudice. I couldn't imagine where he got his strength. When I looked over to him, I saw another boy, just like me. He had a heart, and he was gentle.

He led me into his house when we got there; he took me up to his bedroom. I noticed the home hadn't been completely decorated yet. It had furniture in each of the rooms, but there weren't any pictures hung yet. I imagined that they were still in the process of being settled.

"Here, you can use my bathroom, I'll get you a bathrobe. Leave your clothes on the floor, I'll run them through the wash for you," Danny told me as he showed me his bathroom.

He left me alone in the room to undress. I drew the bath and slowly climbed into the sunken tub. I felt the warm water as it caressed my naked body. I leaned my back against the tub wall and closed my eyes. I heard him as he came back into the bathroom. I looked up at him, he held a red satin robe in his right hand, which he placed on the tile counter that surrounded the tub. He picked up my clothes and smiled at me as he took them with him.

I settled back into the bath, and closed my eyes again. I began to doze. I pictured Danny in my thoughts, as he was when I first met him earlier that day. His sculptured body on that lounge chair glistening in the bright afternoon sun. His red bathing suit stretching at his privates. I began to fantasize about his body and what I would do with him. I could feel my cock as it hardened. I reached my hand under the water to gently stroke myself.

I heard the door open; it startled me. I moved my hand quickly away from my prick. The water splashed against the sides of the porcelain tub. I looked up and saw Danny's naked body standing over me; his enticing black eyes fixed on mine. I saw his uncut member was beginning to swell. I couldn't help but look at the purple head, as it became unsheathed from its skin cover. He reached his right hand to mine.

"Mi dulce, dulce amigo. Te amé desde el primer minuto que te vi. Quiero hacerte el amor tiernamente. Quiero ser uno contigo. Ven conmigo a mi cama," he tenderly said, as he pulled me from the tub.

Dripping wet, I grabbed the silk robe and followed him to his bedroom. He sat on the edge of his bed while I stood next to him. He looked up at me; his face said it all. I wanted him. I wanted to be with him, the way I had dreamt of. I felt his hands as he rubbed my wet chest. I closed my eyes and let myself go. I felt his mouth as he sucked my hard member into his mouth. He placed his hands around my waist and pulled me down onto the bed with him. I willingly lay next to his warm body, his head at mine. I found his lips and kissed him tenderly.

"Danny, I've never done this before, I want to make love with you." I whispered into his ear.

"I fell in love with you the moment I saw you."


Well, there you have it. I hope you liked it. I see James is finding out Puerto Rican people aren't so bad, they are just like the rest of us. We all struggle in this world to get by, why make it harder on ourselves? We are all God's creations and should treat each other accordingly.

My very special thanks to Julio for his editing the Spanish portions of the story.

Thank you, Ed, for your fine editing job.

Thank you all for reading.