Comedy of Errors

Chapter 6


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed

Spanish By: Julio


May 6, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic language; you must be of legal age to view it. This tale is about two young men that fall in love with each other. If you find this material offensive then you should read it and be fortified. This recital of imaginary happenings that is less elaborate than a novel; is fiction. The writer, his editors, and publisher accept no responsibility for the actions of the reader. ©2001 JCPCo


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I looked into his wide onyx eyes as he lay alongside of me in his bed; his head propped up by his hand and arm that rested on his pillow. His full, thick lips; his sable black hair dangling on his forehead; his perfectly formed sparkling white teeth captivated me. Danny was truly a masterpiece of great beauty.

"Te amé desde el momento en que te vi. No sé cómo, y tampoco sé por qué, sólo sé que somos el uno para el otro. Te amo," Danny said softly.

I had no idea what he said, but it sounded so beautiful. I closed my eyes and placed my lips against his. I tenderly kissed him. I put my arms around his smooth body and pulled him closer to me. I felt his soft warm chest, as it rubbed against my own. I ran my right hand down his back, and rubbed his firm ass, while we continued to kiss one another.

"Danny, I think I love you. I have never felt this way before. What we did was so fucking unbelievable. I could never thank you enough for what you did," I tenderly said.

"Nor I you, amigo," he said, his voice full of affection, his black eyes looked deeply into mine.

"I hope this lasts forever," my voice held some apprehension.

"I have had sex twice before, but never had love. I confused sex with love, but today when I met you, I knew the difference. I don't know how, and I don't know why, I just know we are meant to be. I have been so confused all my life. I feel so angry sometimes, with God, because of my mother. I used to think her health was my fault, because I'm gay." Danny confessed his deepest thoughts with me, as he stared deeper into my eyes.

"No, Danny, God is not a punishing God, He is loving. It's people that are punishing and full of hate," I philosophically reasoned.

"I know that now. It took a long time for me to learn that. I used to meet with Father Jenkins; he was the Monsignor at Sacred Heart. I confessed to him when I was fifteen, he counseled me for a whole summer. I was a pretty screwed up kid, always angry and full of hate. It was Father Jenkins that saved me," Danny continued to confide in me.

"Wow, I would never have guessed that about you. You seem so tender, so gentle, and loving, I just can't picture you full of hate.

"When I was in sixth grade, I attacked one of my teachers physically. It was horrible, I felt guilty for days. She said something, I don't even remember now what it was, I went berserk. I kicked her and scratched at her arms as she tried to hold me down," he went on, his voice full of pain.

"Hmm," was my only response.

"For three years I was a terror, totally unpredictable with my moods. I used to feel it as it started as a knot in my stomach and burned at my insides. My mother has been sick since I was twelve; it's been five years now. Sometimes, I still get frustrated, but I know now it's because I'm helpless with her health. All I can do is be there for her and love her. If she doesn't get the bone marrow transplant soon..." he trailed off, and tears formed in his eyes.

I held him closer, I smothered his face with my kisses. I couldn't imagine him going through all that pain. I just had to be there for him, like he was for his mother. All I wanted to do was comfort him. I wanted to hold him in my arms and feel his heart beat against my chest. I began nibbling at his ears, while the tears ran down his cheeks.

"When I was fourteen I had a friend, he was older than me. I idolized him, he lived in our neighborhood, and I followed him all the time. We played ball together in the park almost everyday in the summer. He was my first to have sex with. He let me suck his dick, but he just lay there. I thought he loved me, I found out he told other kids I was a faggot. He just used me," Danny whispered, between his sobs.

I began running my hands up and down his muscular back, and massaging it. I felt his warm breath as it escaped his nostrils and tickled at my face. I just listened as he poured his heart out. I wanted to know as much about him as he wanted to tell. I thought briefly about Stevie, how lucky I was to have him as my friend. I couldn't imagine what it must have been like for Danny to grow up, let alone be the only one of his kind in his school.

"The second time I had sex was with another boy at school. He was in my gym class. One day we stayed late and everyone had gone back to the dorms; it was just he and I in the storage room. I really liked him, I thought he liked me too. He was always paying attention to me when we were alone. Well, he started talking about sex. Then he started massaging his dick through his pants. I got hard, he noticed and started rubbing me, and we did it on the floor. The next day he ignored me and treated me like I had some kind of a disease. He never talked to me again, unless it was to call me a Spic when he was with his other friends. I beat his ass finally; I beat him so bad he told people a dog attacked him. That's when I went to see Father Jenkins." He took in a deep breath, closed his eyes, and slowly exhaled.

I loved him. I loved him for telling me all these things that bothered him. I loved him for trusting me. I held him tightly in my arms while we lay side by side in his large bed. I wanted to tell him things about me, but I thought I would wait. I wanted this to be his time; I felt it was what he needed.

I felt the cool breeze as it came in from the window that was open. I heard the crickets chirping outside and the waves crashing in the distance. I smelled the crisp sea air, and felt its dampness as it crossed through the dimly lit bedroom. I stared into his eyes and said nothing.

"Can you spend the night with me, amigo?" Danny asked.

"Yes, let me call home and tell them. I would love to spend the night with you. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you."

He rolled over and reached for the telephone on the small table next to his bed. He rolled back over with it in his hand and placed it between us. I picked it up and called home, Charles answered, and I told him I'd be spending the night at the Vasquez's. He said he'd make sure my parents knew. I handed the phone back to Danny and he returned it to the table.

We lay in his bed for what seemed like hours, staring at the ceiling. Both of us had our hands behind our heads on separate pillows. I was content to be next to him in my thoughts. Every now and then, I would rub his left foot with my right one, just to let him know I was there.

"Hey, amigo, you want to go swimming tomorrow? I have never been in the salt water." Danny finally broke the silence.

"You're kidding?" I quipped.

"Nah, I'm not. I've always been afraid of the ocean." Danny bestowed another of his secrets.

"I'd love to take you swimming. I have to warn you, though, the water is cold. What scares you about the ocean?" I wondered aloud.


I reached my left hand down to his penis and grabbed it. "You afraid they may bite this off?" I said as I affectionately squeezed his soft member in my hand.

"Not just that, but eat me all up."

"Well, if anyone is going to eat you all up, it's going to be me," I teased at him and kissed him.

"I don't know how to swim," he said sadly.

"Danny, don't worry, I'll teach you," I said, my voice full of emotion.

"Muchas gracias. No sé qué haría sin ti, mi amigo. He anhelado ser amado por alguien más. Y también he anhelado poder amar a alguien más. Le agradezco a Dios que te encontré," Danny whispered to me in Spanish.

"You know, I'll teach you to swim, but you got to teach me how to speak Spanish. You sound so sexy when you talk to me like that. I don't know what you said, but it was beautiful," I told him.

"Yes, I will do that. I will teach you to speak my language."

"Hey, Danny, what do you think about that cop? He was kind of cute, huh, even if he's an asshole," I asked, changing the subject.

"I feel sorry for the pizza guy, he doesn't know any better. I have been treated like that before. The cop is harmless, he tries, but still struggles with his ignorance," Danny reported.

"How about my parents, did you get a look at my mother when I started to untie you?" I laughed as I asked.

"Yes, that was funny. Poor Mommy." Danny smiled as he said it.

"Charles is the only one that kept a straight face, he's the best," I explained.

"I think you're the best, mi amigo." Danny pulled my body closer to his as he said it.

"And I you."

I began to feel tired; the night had been one to remember. We talked a little more and then drifted off into our slumber. I felt his body as he rubbed against me through the night. I had never felt so complete. I dreamt sweet dreams of him and me swimming in the ocean.


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