Comedy of Errors

Chapter 7


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed

Spanish Editor: Julio


May 12, 2001


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I opened my little brown eyes the next morning as the golden rays of the dawn's sunlight peeked into the mullion window, across the room from the queen-sized bed, and danced across my face. The warmth that radiated from the glow of the morning sun on my body woke me from my deep dream-like state. I peered my attention to the dark complexioned body that lay at my side. I savored its every detail in the photographs of my mind.

I didn't move; I didn't want to disturb Danny. He looked so solemn in his sleep; his face held an angelic quality, as I cast my eyes to the beauty of his smooth body. I was mesmerized with the sight of his hard, firm, fully sculptured, body. I couldn't resist touching him, gently with my fingertips.

"Buenos días, mi amigo, that means good morning, my friend," Danny said, with a cheerful look on his face.

"Bennies deez mego," I repeated what I had heard.

Danny laughed, "No, Buenas días, mi amigo," he said again slower.

"Buenos días, mi amigo," I finally repeated it correctly.

His thick full lips turned up; he pulled the back of my head toward his own and kissed me tenderly. My body felt electrified, every nerve ending tingled as he stroked his lips against mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist and drew my body closer to his own as we lay side by side in his bed. He nibbled at my lips with his teeth, while he kissed me.

We made love again. It was beautiful, our bodies moved in perfect synchronization with each other. We stroked and fondled each other's bodies with our hands, as we kissed each other deeply on the mouths. We pumped our hips toward each other and rubbed our hard members against themselves. Neither of us seemed to want to rush the event, we were gentle in our movements.

I felt his warm soft hand as it wrapped itself around my hard penis. I ran my right hand down his smooth belly and softly stroked his erect member. I tightened my grip around his shaft and pulled the foreskin back to expose his purplish cock head. I loved the feeling of the smooth tip of his dick and the slippery pre-cum that oozed from the tiny slit. I moved my left hand down to his prick and used both my hands to tug and caress his rigid dick.

I felt his body shift as he moved so his head was at my crotch and his perfectly shaped penis and balls were placed near my face. I smelled his masculine scent; its aroma tantalized my senses, making me want to devour him. I flicked my tongue against the shiny head of his uncut cock, as I pulled the extra skin down the shaft. I parted my lips and pushed my mouth onto his organ while I sucked him deeply into me. I tasted the tart and salty pre-cum that continued to ooze from him.

He grabbed at my ass with his hands and pulled me toward him, as he took my cock into his mouth and began sucking my aching dick. One of his hands and its long fingers soothingly rolled my balls around inside my sac, while the other slid up and down my hard cock. He only sucked on the head of my dick, while he stroked on my smooth dick. He took my cock and put his mouth against the underside of it, and ran his lips up and down several times, it felt exquisite.

I began gasping, my breaths were short and shallow, and my head began to spin. I could feel my balls tighten and his fingers massaging them harder. My legs tensed as I arched my back and thrust my hips toward his face. I felt my cock as it began to swell with the impending orgasm. I locked my lips tightly on Danny's rock hard cock and furiously jerked it with my hand as I sucked him with my mouth. I could feel his cock swell in my hot wet mouth. I squeezed at his balls and rubbed them with my hand as I sucked him deeper into my mouth. I felt my jets of cum as they gushed out of the tip of my dick and into his waiting mouth. I felt his stream of cum as it shot against the back of my throat as we came in unison. What a way to wake up.

My whole body felt numb as he released my throbbing cock from his lips, he slowly moved around so his head was near mine again, and kissed me. I could taste the remains of my sex juice on his tongue as we exchanged saliva; it was purely erotic.

"Wow, that was great. Thank you," I whispered to him, as we broke from our embrace and kiss.

"I could stay here all day with you," Danny stated, with a certain conviction in his voice.

"Nope, I'm going to teach you how to swim," I said, as I slapped his smooth ass cheeks playfully.

I slowly rolled my body away from his and sat up it the bed. He ran his hands up and down my back as I sat on the edge of the mattress. I felt his long delicate fingers as they tickled the flesh on my smooth tanned back. I got goose bumps as he continued to massage me. I knew if I didn't stand up then, I wouldn't, so I did. I moved toward the end of his bed and grabbed for the red silk bathrobe he had given me to wear the night before. I threw the garment around my shoulders as I pushed my arms into the waiting sleeves. I turned to my lover and blew him a kiss as I walked to his bathroom.

"Hey, wait a minute, mi amigo. Let's take a shower together," he said rather invitingly.

He jumped from the bed, his large uncut cock bounced back and forth over his balls as he crossed the room to catch up to me. I looked over my shoulder and watched him intently, as he approached me and put his arms around me from behind. It felt so good to be held in his arms. I felt like I melted into his body. He kissed my neck and shoulder while he stood behind me, pulling my body into his.

"Mmm," I moaned, as he slid his hands into the robe and felt my soft cock.

"I love you," he whispered into my ear.

"I love you too," I answered him.

After our second sexual encounter in less than an hour, I called my house to let my parents know I was going to the beach with Danny. Charles took the information and told me my mother and father had gone to the club to play some tennis. He told me that they didn't expect to be home for several hours and wished me a good time. He asked me if I was learning any Spanish, so I told him what little I had learned so far. He chuckled a little and asked me to bring Danny over later for lunch, I agreed and told him we'd be there around twelve thirty.

The sky was clear; the clouds had lifted, taking the early morning haze with them. The sun was bright and its rays strong. I could smell the ocean as it crashed against the beach with the change of tides. I felt the hot sand on the soles of my feet as we meandered along the water's edge, hand in hand without a care in the world. Danny started pushing at me, moving me closer to the water. I pulled him with all my might and we tumbled down onto the wet beach, just as a large wave rolled in and came crashing down on our bodies.

"Shit!" Danny shouted, as he jumped out of the frigid water. The salty water created droplets on his smooth skin, which reflected the sun.

I stayed sitting on the wet sand, allowing the waves to continue to bathe me. I looked down at my chest and saw my nipples erect and hard. I had a huge grin pasted on my face as I turned my head toward Danny. I put my two hands behind me and leaned back so the rumbling ocean could have better access to my taut body.

"What's the matter? A little cold, is it?" I quipped.

Danny stood behind me, his two hands clenched together under his chin, he held his arms close to his chest, as he shivered. He just nodded his head

"You have to get used to it," I explained.

He finally sat down next to me, he put his legs next to mine, and they lightly brushed against me. He stared off to the horizon, deep in thought. I watched the sun as it reflected off the water line into his face. I tried to memorize each and every detail of his body as we sat there silently and let the waves crash against us. I grabbed for his right hand with my left, and stood up and pulled him with me into the water.

"Come on, we'll go slow. I usually get all the way in, then get right back out. Then I can go back in and it doesn't seem to be so cold. Let me show you," I continued to tell him, as I persuaded him to follow me into the ocean.

We slowly walked deeper into the water; we eased our way in, almost an inch at a time. I could hear his teeth chatter, I swear to God. I offered to turn back, but he insisted we keep going. When I got waist deep into the water I dove under and swam away from him. When I came up from the water I grabbed him around the waist and kissed him, right there in broad daylight. I noticed a few other people on the beach, they seemed to be involved in their own lives. It was a private beach, so there weren't many other people. I didn't really care anyway; it felt like the right thing to do.

I felt his body as I held him tightly, he was shivering.

"You want to call it a day?" I asked him.

"No, first I want to swim like you did. Show me how, please," Danny requested, his voice sounded so affectionate.

I spent the next fifteen or so minutes demonstrating how to swim under the water. I explained how to keep your eyes closed, so the salt wouldn't get in them. I showed him how to move his arms while I stood next to him. He finally plunged into the water, submerging his body and head, as he swam around me. When he came up; his face was beaming with a huge smile. He obviously was proud of himself, and so was I.

"Wow, you did it," I yelled, as I jumped up and down with joy for him.

He began jumping up and down too. He grabbed ahold of me and hugged my body with excitement. I rubbed the top of his head with my hand affectionately. He looked deep into my eyes and kissed me. We must have looked like quite a sight, I noticed the onlookers sitting on the beach, and I still didn't care.

We slowly walked out of the water and grabbed our towels to dry off. We decided to lie in the sun for a while before heading up to my house for lunch. I didn't mind; I could go anywhere as long as I had Danny by my side. I thought about Stevie, and wondered aloud if we should hook up with him later. Danny said it was a great idea, he wanted to see Ellis again. He wanted to see where the joke was going, about him being my cousin. We both laughed as we thought about it. I began to feel like my body was baking in the sun and knew I hadn't brought any sunscreen, so I suggested we head back before we were burnt.

We walked back to his house first, so I could get my clothes. As we walked into his back door, I could smell fresh brewed coffee. Danny explained that Maria must be home, she was the Vásquez's maid. Just as he was telling me about her, she came into the kitchen from the dining room. I noticed she was carrying a large box, I had seen one like it before in my own home, and it was a wooden box for a silver set. Her hair was jet black, like Danny's; her cheeks were round and rosy. She wore a gray uniform with a white collar.

Danny made some quick introductions. I noticed Maria's eyes as they stole glances at my barely dressed body. I felt a little uncomfortable as she perused my flesh with her charcoal like eyes, but also felt somewhat flattered. I nodded at her as Danny introduced me to her, I reached for the box to help her, and she refused me kindly.

"Danny, have you had breakfast? Let me fix you boys something. I was just going to polish the silver, but that can wait," Maria said, her voice sounded so sweet.

"What time is it?" Danny asked, as he looked at the wall-mounted clock, it was only ten thirty.

"We have time, and I'm always hungry," I told them.

Maria was scampering around the kitchen as we departed and walked up the stairs to his bedroom. I suggested to Danny that we take another shower to rinse the salt water and sand off our bodies. He asked me if he could wash my back again. I laughed, but was hoping for another rendezvous.

"We have to be quiet though. Maria has big ears," Danny said to me as we walked into the bathroom together.

"Yeah, they must go with her big eyes," I said, as I chuckled.

"I saw her staring at you too. Too bad you're taken," Danny said, as he quickly pulled my bathing suit down my legs.

I stood before him, as he kneeled in front of me. He wrapped his lips around my flaccid dick and sucked on it while it grew in his wet moist mouth. I wanted to taste him as well, so I got down on the floor and began licking his hard cock like a lollipop. I could taste the salt water on him; its smell clung to my nostrils as I swallowed his engorged cock in my mouth.

We laid on the cool tile floor, sucking on each other's dicks for a few minutes before Danny started to move to get up. He led me by the hand into the shower; I felt the warm water as it cascaded down our slick bodies. He pushed his mouth against mine as he kissed me tenderly.

I felt him as he lowered himself so his hard dick was below my balls. He pushed his hips into me; I felt his dick as it softly rubbed between my legs. I grabbed his cock with my hand and moved its head near my wanton ass hole. I hunched my hips and lowered my body in an attempt to get him inside me. The position was too awkward, I turned around so I faced the stream of water, and held his cock against my hole.

I felt him as he pushed his uncut penis into me. I bent over, wrapping my hands around my ankles. I felt him as his hot cock plunged into the depths of my bowels. He reached his hands around my waist and played with my solid cock. I pushed my ass up onto him; I wanted to feel his cock deeper inside of me. I stood up and reached my arms around my head and pulled him toward me from behind. My body was arched so my back bent toward him. He continued to thrust his rock hard dick in and out of my ass. I felt his hand tighten around my cock as he stroked it.

I was filled with desire; I wanted his hot juice inside me. I wanted to feel like we were one. I imagined if he came inside me, we would be joined spiritually. I could feel my balls ache as they readied to shoot the third load that morning. I felt his wet hands slipping up and down my cock. I thrust myself onto his hard cock, I felt him as he impaled my hot hole. My cock exploded, shot after shot of thick hot white cum burst from the head, as my whole body quaked with the sensations of my climax. Danny pounded his rigid pole in and out of me, I felt his body tense and heard him grunt as he shot his sperm deep into my ass.

He held me tightly in his arms, leaving his prick buried in my ass, as the water flowed over our bodies in his shower. I felt so alive. He whispered things into my ear, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. I just told him I loved him, and held his arms around me with my own. We finally managed to let go of each other long enough to wash our bodies with the soap. He gently washed me and I him.

Clean and dressed, we marched down to the kitchen. My stomach was screaming for food, and I could hear his rumbling too. We sat at his family's dining room table. Danny sat at the head of the table and I sat beside him. The seats were covered with a white satin fabric; they were made of cherry, as was the huge oval table. The table had white lined place mats, set at each of the ten chairs that surrounded it. The table had been polished to perfection; I could see my face as it reflected on its top.

Maria walked back and forth from the kitchen as she served us breakfast. First she brought us some china cups with coffee; she carried them on a silver platter that held the pot, creamer, and sugar bowl. She had also put some freshly cut melon in crystal bowls that accompanied the coffee; she served them to us as well.

Just as we finished our coffee and fruit, Maria came back in with a platter of warmly baked rolls and biscuits. She quickly removed the fruit bowls and replaced them with china plates and positioned the plate of rolls between us. Then she refilled our cups, before going back into the kitchen with the bowls.

A few minutes later, she came back into the dining room, this time she had a platter with two plates that were stuffed with eggs and bacon. Maria placed a plate in front of each of us, and nodded at me as she poured me a third cup of coffee. I nodded back at her, and shot Danny a quick look. He smiled back at me and put his lips together as if he was kissing something. I couldn't help myself; I laughed. Maria didn't seem to notice, she left as quietly as she came in.

I couldn't eat it all, no matter how hard I tried. I sat there after eating a good portion of the eggs, and just moved my fork around. Danny watched me as I played with the food. I felt so content. I knew life was going to be good to me, now that I had found him. I thought about how much fun we would have over the summer. I silently worried about what would happen in the fall, I wondered what his plans were for college. I was afraid to ask I just wanted to enjoy what we had.

"Just think, we get to do this again in a hour," I finally broke the silence. We both laughed.


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