Coming Home

By C

Chapter 1 .

Billy rode alone, the wind blowing through his wavy blonde hair causing it to interrupt his blue eyes from seeing the path ahead although this did not seem to bother him. The glimpses of sunlight and green rushes he could see seemed to be enough for him to be content.

He had ridden down these pathways a thousand times and reckoned he could find his way through them blindfolded.

First day back at school after the summer holidays and strangely enough he felt quite exhilarated.

His mother had woken him up at 7 in the morning with a huge breakfast of eggs and bacon topped off with hash browns and some pancakes with syrup. Yep! His mother always over did it on the breakfast front.

`It s the most important meal of the day Bill' she told him as he had sat down at the table eyes wider than saucepans.

`Mum I am 15 years old and I am not planning to become a bodybuilder if that is what you are trying to hint at' he had replied.

` What do you mean by that comment ` her eyes glinting

` Well you have fixed me a breakfast that only a big time weight trainer would consume. I can't eat all of this' He exclaimed.

` Well you need a bit of building up. You are as skinny as anything ` she said as she had turned to pour some coffee for herself. ` Well if you can't eat it all I will have to give the rest to Max `

Billy turned to look at his dog Max who was sitting next to him with expectant eyes. Billy was certain Max was on his side on this one. God only knows that the dog would have loved to take Billy' breakfast off him.

`Well Maxie boy. I think it's your lucky day `.

Billy rounded the corner to the front of his school, Edgemount High.

Another slow boring year at this place, finish my exams then I say bye-bye baby I am outta here he thought to himself as he jumped off his bike and wheeled it to the bike rack.

The school was a buzz of activity as students bustled about catching up with friends they hadn't seen since before the holidays. Lockers slammed shut, doors opened and closed all over the place. Billy could clearly see that the girl's toilets were already brimming full with chatter coming left, right and centre.

The girls own little C.I.A he thought to himself. The one place where all secrets are revealed.

He made his way down to the gym changing rooms to see if he could find Coach Hale.

Coach Hale was the swim coach. Infamous around the whole local area as a hard ass with a heart. He had an absolute passion for swimming and his team. Sometimes that passion though always got a little heated during stressful moments. Personally Billy liked him. He knew he was tough but he got the job done. Egdemount had won the local school swim championships for the past 3 years running and that was all due to coach' determination to be the best.

Billy was part of the school swim team. Well to be blunt he was the champion of the swim team. Last term he had won every single swim heat he had competed in and held the record in the district for the fastest breaststroke. He knew he had the coach to thank for that. Without him, he could not have done it. Coach had pushed him practically to breaking point but he achieved the results. Billy felt physically fitter as well as mentally and also felt he had found his place in the school. His position. Some thing he could do well. His grades in other subjects were okay but it did not excel at anything in particular. Swimming gave him something.

Finally reaching Coach Hale's office, Billy knocked on the door to be greeted by the usual gruff voice.

Entering through the door, Billy experienced one of those moments where time just seems to standstill. Everything else around him evaporated into oblivion only to be replaced by the most beautiful image he could imagine.

A boy.

Though this was not just any boy. It was this boy.

Billy quickly shut the door breaking the enchantment that had fallen across him. Leaning against the wall next to the door he caught his breath back. He could feel a trickle of sweat pour down his face from his forehead and his stomach seemed to be going around in circles.

` What the HELL do you think you are doing ` he heard the coach shout from the other side of the door and Billy quickly realised that he had literally opened the door and then shut again without even entering in.

Regaining his composure and slight adjusting his trousers he faced the door and cautiously re entered.

Do not look in his direction. Do not look in his direction Billy willed himself silently avoiding his left-hand side and the boy who stood there.

` Sorry Coach ` Billy stuttered ` Er... You looked busy and I didn't want to... Disturb you. `

Coach Hale did not look amused. ` Whatever Holden. Anyway I wanted to see you. I need to introduce you to your new swim team member. Matt Collins this is Billy Holden our team champ `.

Billy knew he had to look over to the boy and felt tempted to squeeze his eyes to a squint so as not to have to make a fool of himself again but he knew this would look completely ridiculous so he just looked over at the boy gave a tight smile and said Hi.

But again Billy felt the pang within his stomach as he did. Here before him stood an Adonis of a boy. Such amazing beauty. The boy had the most whitest blonde hair Billy had ever seen. It fell down into a curtain hairstyle unto these amazing sea blue eyes. The bluest Billy had ever seen. They seemed to shine and glow, piercing to the deepest depths of his soul. His lips were moist and large. Not overly large that they looked stupid but complimented his whole face. To Billy they looked seductive and enticing. His skin looked smooth and silky upon his cheeks and had a slight tan. Billy could see the boy was about the same height has him perhaps a little taller. Billy could see that he was well toned. Even though he was wearing the school uniform, he could see the look of broad shoulders beneath the white cotton shirt leading down to what looked like a n impressive chest which seemed to gently press against the edge of his shirt as he breathed. Billy thought he could see two darkened nipples beneath but then seemed to think that perhaps his imagination was running away with him. The boy's body seemed to go down into the slim V shape to these long legs. Not gangly long but just right for his body. Billy did not think that he looked muscly but was sure that the body was well defined and fit. Billy realised that he would soon see as he was going to be on the swim team. All this Billy had picked up from looking at the boy in the space of a second but felt like he had looked for hours. Coach Hale talking interrupted him in his thought.

` Matt has come from Pinelakes High school in the Midlands ` Hale was saying. He has a good swim record and his father contacted me to ask for him to be put on the team if possible. Now usually he would have to go through our usual swim heats to get into the team but Bradley Walker broke his leg in the holidays so he is obviously out. That means that Matt here will take his place `.

` Cool ` Billy mumbled glancing at Matt again feeling himself being drawn into the boys beauty but quickly regaining his composure. ` Yeah... Coach. That `s great. `

` Wake up Holden ` Coach snapped. ` Stop daydreaming. God, you spend 6 weeks away from school and you stop focussing `.

` Sorry Coach. Yep. Er... I am focussed `.

` Great. Coz the championships are up again soon. And we are gonna have to be ready. You are gonna need to bring Matt here up to speed on our training timetable. Show him the ropes. ` Coach said.

` No problems coach ` Billy replied.

` You okay with that Matt? ` Coach turned to the boy.

` Absolutely. I will take Billy lead in whatever he says ` Matt said smiling.

Billy ` already stiff member seemed to stiffen a little more as he witnessed Matt ` smile. These perfect white teeth seemed to radiate sexiness and made an already perfect face perfect. Billy felt himself starting to crack.

` Coach ` he grinned cheesily, ` I have got to dash. Lessons start soon.'

With that he took one last look at Matt, smiled and rushed out to the nearest boy's toilet, which luckily for him was empty. He locked himself in one of the cubicles and sat down on the seat sweating and breathless. He couldn't believe it. He had fallen for someone. And fallen hard. He had never felt this way about anyone before. Never. He knew he was gay. Always knew. He had never doubted it from the first day he started to notice boys. He never felt the same about girls, even though he had some of them falling over himself to go out with him. He hadn't told anyone about his sexuality knowing that it would cause him trouble. He could not imagine anyone understanding. Least of all his parents. But he had yet to fall in love with someone, and certainly not in such a way that it would cause him to go like this. A nervous wreck. A emotional bundle ready to crack.

He started to rub his erection from under his trousers groaning slightly with the pleasure it was giving him. He could see Matt's face, picture his perfect body flashing before him. His smile, those cheekbones. He stopped himself. I can't do this he thought. Not in school.

He sat there for five minutes waiting for his erection to slowly ebb away.

This is driving me nuts. Billy realised. Only met him 10 minutes ago and look at me, going mad, wanking at school. I am gonna have to see as less of him as possible. Okay I can't help swim practice and stuff, I promised coach. But I cannot befriend him or even see him regularly. I have to remain at a distance. That is the only way to control this.

Billy slowly got up, adjusted his trousers for a second time today.

God, last year of High School and this gets thrown at me. he thought to himself.

He flushed the chain out of habit and also just incase anyone had come in to the toilets and walked out of the cubicle. He washed his hands and rubbed over his face with water looking at himself in the mirror

` What a sad sight you are to behold ` he laughed at himself and walked towards the exit.

Just forget him, he thought to himself.

Opening up the toilet door into the school hallway Billy saw movement from his left and looked. It was Matt walking towards him smiling.