Coming Home

Chapter 2

Billy stood ,watching the gleaming approach of possibly the most beautiful boy he had ever set eyes on .

He muttered a silent whisper of `Oh my God' before he let a huge grin erupt from his face .

`Hi' Matt said on reaching Billy his perfect face shining.

` Hi to you too' Billy replied through his gritted toothed smile.

` ...something wrong with your mouth ` Matt said looking at Billy with a frown.

God that frown looked so sexy Billy found himself thinking before realising what Matt had just said . Suddenly he felt stupid , standing there with a big grin ` ...toothache ...really hurts ` . And as if to prove it he put his hand on his cheek and mimicked a slight groan.

`Oh...' Matt said with a slightly confused look ` Hang on `

With that Matt pulled off his rucksack and started rummaging in his bag .

Billy looked down at him at the top of Matt' blonde hair. God , I am acting such a fool he thought to himself . There I was in the toilet promising myself that I would try to avoid him and get over this then all of a sudden I am acting such a prat when he is around. Ground just swallow me up and be done with it.

Matt suddenly smiled to himself and bought out a packet of paracetamol . `Here you go' he said . `Take 2 of these and then you will be fine'.

` ..thanks ` Billy mumbled .

` No probs' Matt said smiling. ` They are strong mind you but I guarantee you won't feel that toothache for the rest of the day ` .

`' was all Billy managed to muster. He could feel a knowing movement from within his trousers and knew that this Adonis before him was the reason. .

So...erm...ok' Matt replied looking around . ` I better get going . First day and all so I don't wanna be late to form class.'

` thanks again for the pills' Billy mustered . He felt totally stupid. He was finding it hard to talk to this boy. Just by looking at Matt his mind kept drawing up images of Matt lying down on a bed of leaves naked , his face looking up in a seductive manner , blue eyes enticing , full lips parted slightly making slow breaths. His naked chest was half covered in the brown leaves an erect dark brown nipple peering temptingly through . His toned stomach going up and down with his heated breathing leading down to his crotch where he was gently pulling on his own erection .

` STOP IT' Billy suddenly shouted out loud waking himself from the momentary daydream .

` Stop what' he heard Matt say.

Billy felt the hot flush of his cheeks realising that he had just shouted out loud.

` Are you alright man' Matt piped up looking concerned .'You ..sort of spaced out there and then shouted'

` It's you'. Billy said ` You are the most sexiest thing I have ever seen on this planet and it is driving me crazy just looking at you.

Billy heard himself say that in his imagination but actually said ` Er...sorry...didn't really get much sleep last night...due to the toothache just feel really tired. Sorry `

`Perhaps you should go and let the nurse check you out' Matt said with that adorable frown on his face again.

` will be fine' Billy said ` I'll just take these' holding up the pills for Matt to see .

` Should be fine after that'

` long as you are fine.' Matt said in a way that suggested that he was unsure. ` Listen , do you mind if I meet you at lunch. I really don't want to sit like a loner in the lunch hall on my own and you are kinda the only person I know here...well apart from the coach ...but I don't think I wanna spend my lunch with him' Matt smiled.

` Er..yep no problems. ` Billy replied in the most straightest way he had ever done since he and Matt had started talking. ` Meet me by the coach' office and we can go from there'

`Cool. Thanks a lot . You have saved me from the new boy blues' Matt said happily.

` No probs. `Billy replied. ` You have helped me out with toothache so I am happy to return the favour'.

Matt smiled again.

Billy felt himself melt.

` Cool. I will see you then' Matt said, and with that turned from Billy and walked off down the corridor.

Billy watched him go and sighed to himself as he admired the sight of the boys butt which looked small and tight in the black school trousers he was wearing.

Billy felt a strange feeling surround him. A slight warmth and glow but also a sense of loneliness and desperation. It was as if being in Matt' presence had left a mark of happiness within him but when the source was not immediately there he desired to be with it. He longed to be near to Matt again already even though the boy had just gone.

Even though being near to Matt had made his imagination go into overdrive and had rendered his whole body uncontrollable , the desire to be close to this ultimate beauty was so strong.

Billy knew this was different to his usual feeling he had had for other boys. Firstly none of them were as stunning as Matt but secondly and most importantly Billy knew something else was happening which wasn't just about the beauty of the boy. He felt himself actually falling in love with him.

God, he had literally only just met him, but in that second of meeting him , in that second of opening up the coach' door , in that second of looking to the left he had seen him and it had blown his mind there and then. He had felt all the doors of his hidden sexuality breakdown in one glance to look upon the one thing that would become his past , present and future.





Billy walked into his form class looking out to see that his regular seat was not taken. It wasn't thank God.

He caught a few of his classmates eyes and nodded to them as they said silent hellos to him as he passed them .

In the seat next to his was his best mate Anna who was progressing in a debate with George Baxter in the seat behind. Billy caught the words ` You are wrong George , she did not say that at all . She was only implying that you were looking at other girls' .

From that Billy knew that Anna was trying yet again to convince George that His girlfriend Charlotte was not mad at him , something which George thought all the time. He was constantly paranoid about what Charlotte was thinking about him at any given time and would always consult Anna about her.

Billy slumped down in the seat next to Anna who instantly broke off the convo with George to turn to Billy and give him a huge hug ` Billy I haven't seen you in ages ` she squealed letting go of him and then proceeding to squeeze his cheek.

` We saw each other two ago you fruitcake ` he replied smiling at her.

` Yes I know ` she said ` Such a long time ago `

Billy looked at her beaming face. It was hard not to love Anna. She was always smiling . In one way this made her popular with everyone she came in to contact with . The fact that she was probably the most attractive girl in school also helped. She had long dark hair and gleaming green eyes . Her slim petite figure did not match her huge personality . She had her hand in everything. The school paper , the debating group , the volleyball team as well as being in all the school drama productions. All the girls looked up to her and all the guys worshipped her but she took it all in her stride. She wasn't bigheaded about any of it. Billy always teased her about her popularity but she just shrugged it off every time . They had been best friends for ten years meeting each other at the age of five. They had met at infants school . Billy could remember standing in the playground crying after his mother had left him there on the first day. He had felt a hand take his and a girls voice saying

` Listen if you don't stop crying then I cannot be your best friend and I really want to be because you are the bestest looking boy here `

. He had looked to see Anna staring at him with a huge grin on her face. With that he had stopped crying and smiled .

` Really ` he had said

`Really' she had replied

She had then kissed him on the cheek and hand in hand walked into the school . Since that point they had become inseparable . Anna had kept her word and remained his best friend all the way through infant school , through juniors ,right up till now . The terrible twosome their mothers had named them . They told eachother everything. Anna talked about her clubs and boys she fancied while Billy told her about his swimming practices and girlfriends . He had never told her about his big secret though and he never knew why. Why could he not tell her he was gay? He knew he could trust her and that she would not be disgusted with him but he just couldn't. He wanted to . Loads of times. He could think of the times he had nearly told her but had always opted not to . It bugged him that he had not admitted to his best friend about being gay.

` Soooo sexy ` she piped up looking at him ` How has your last two days been without me.? ` She then put on an overly dramatic voice saying ` Say you missed me. Say you could not spend another day without me your beloved `

He gave her a frowned look ` Listen weirdo ...I love you and all but I enjoyed my two days without you. It gave me time to think . And I think that it is better for the both of us if our friendship ceased to exist `

She pouted at him ` Do not say such doing so you break my fragile heart ` and with that she mocked a faint on the desk .

Billy laughed and put his arm around her ` Get up you nutter or else you will ruin your image `

` Image ..what image ?' Anna replied pulling her head up from the desk with a humorous expression . ` I have no image `

Billy just laughed at her .

` I am imageless ` she laughed

The morning passed uneventfully . After form class , Billy had gone to double history followed by science and Maths . He had met Anna for morning break where she had raved to him about some guy she had been sitting next to in her English class . He had per usual just shut out her chatter . When she talked about her latest boy interest it wasn't worth listening to . She always just talked to herself about it seemingly oblivious of the fact Billy was there.

Billy had found himself distracted by the thought of Matt throughout the whole morning to even notice what anyone was trying to say to him. He felt nervous about meeting him for lunch. Was he just going to act the fool again? Was he gonna have to use his excuse of a toothache the whole time he was there? Was he going to have to keep trying to hide his erection the whole day?

The bell had rung again to signal the end of break time and with that , he had parted from Anna to go to different lessons. He told her to meet him for lunch outside the coaches office .

` Why there?' she had said

` I arranged to meet someone else as well and they are meeting me there too'

` Okay then see you there' and with that they went their separate ways .

The next few lessons had not held his attention either. Matt continued to play on his mind . The gorgeousness of the boy ingrained into his being . He felt like he was going mad . And as lunchtime loomed ahead he started to feel a bit ill. I cannot act the fool . he kept thinking to himself . I need to lighten up , get over this. It is only a crush . Get a grip . I do not even know him. He might look good but his personality could suck . He could suck big time. Yeah... I wish he could suck me off. With that Billy had pictured Matt's lips enclosed over his dick slowly moving up and down the shaft , his soft blue eyes looking up on Billy's face . Back to reality Billy felt his erection pushing on his trousers painfully . `Damn' was all he could think .

Billy made his way to the outside of the coaches office. He really hoped that Anna was there now. If he found himself unable to talk to Matt he knew that she would hold all the conversation sparing him the embarrassment .

Billy saw here standing there and he felt a wave of relief pass over him . He was spared . As he reached her , he saw she was smiling widely .

` Why you all teeth ? ` he said to her amusingly .

` Oh... Billy , the greatest thing has just happened to me ` she replied jumping up and down.

He frowned at her bubblyness ` Okay calm down , calm down ` . He put his hands on her shoulders to still her .

` I can't ` as she shrugged him off and continued her excitable movements .

He laughed as her watched her . ` Soooo...tell me `

` Well you know I was telling you about that cute guy I was sitting next to in English ` she said

` Er...I think I remember ` he said remembering a glimmer of their conversation at break .

` Well he happened to be in my next class and we got talking again . Anyway the short of it is ...' she paused at this point looking up at him cheesily ` ...he asked me out . `

Billy laughed ` Really...well guys ask you out all the time . Where is the surprise in that ` .

She pouted at him and slapped his hand playfully . ` Stop ruining my moment . No ...I like this one ` She said smiling again . ` He is so cute and smart too . I really like him . `

He smiled at her enjoying her happiness . She just stood there beaming at him .

` Soooo...' he said after a few moments of silence .

` Sooo...what?' she replied .

He let out a small sigh `Who IS he ` ?

She grinned . ` He `s new here. Only just transferred . His name is Matt `

Billy felt his world come crashing down around him. At this point he felt suddenly lost and alone . He could see Anna chatting away at him excitingly but he did not hear her . His thoughts whizzed around in his head and his imagination ran wild . He could see Matt holding Anna in his strong arms gently caressing her face whilst looking at him and smiling. His thoughts were interrupted by Anna grabbing his arm .

` Look he is . My do I look . Billy. Billy `

Billy gave a gentle nod of his head to her and then turned to see a smiling Matt heading towards him .

` What a surprise ` he had heard Anna exclaim . ` Are you the one Billy is meeting ?'

He saw Matt's face light up at the sight of Anna .

With that . He fainted .

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