Correctional Academy

Season One, Episode One

Pilot (Here We Go)

"Why can't we talk about this?" said Sebastian pleadingly, a last ditch effort to stop the madness. He certainly wasn't going to let Shelley win this thing without a fight.

"There's nothing to talk about," Maxwell answered with a harsh finality as he snapped his briefcase closed, the takeover contract of his rival company ready for today's meeting. "You're going, and that's final."


"No buts, Sebastian." Maxwell strode past his son with long, quick strides, but Sebastian wasn't about to let him get away.

"You are the most pussy-whipped man I ever knew."

He had chosen just the right mixture of words. Maxwell stopped inches from the oak doors of his study and spun around angrily, staring at his son incredulously. Maxwell was not one to be emasculated, and certainly not by his own flesh and blood. "Excuse me?" he declared dangerously, his pitch black eyes boring into Sebastian, who was now smirking at his success of riling up the business mogul before him.

"You heard me," said Sebastian, licking his lips to grease up before continuing. He wanted to make sure that his description of Shelley came out just right. "You're letting that mail-ordered, silicon-boobed chimp make all your decisions for you, all for a piece of tail."

"Hey, don't you dare talk about Shelley like that," said Maxwell, wagging a threatening finger in Sebastian's direction. "I love Shelley, and I expect you to respect her." Sebastian just rolled his eyes in confirmation, and Maxwell felt his blood boil even hotter. "Shelley and I make our decisions as a team, together, and I'll be damned if I let you say different."

Bingo, Sebastian thought, as the trap he had laid for his father ensnared him. Time now for a coup-de-grace. "Oh, really?"

"Damn straight."

"Ok, so, uh, since you both made the decision to send me hundreds of miles away together," said Sebastian triumphantly, savoring every word, "then you can tell what the name of this ... this boarding school is, right?"

Maxwell opened his mouth to answer, but his brain had hit a brick wall. Judging from the mockery in Sebastian's eyes and smile, Sebastian had plotted this from the start. While Maxwell could appreciate that his son had picked up his cunning, he was not particularly thrilled of the uses he was putting it to.

"I thought so," replied Sebastian, after Maxwell had stood still for moments on end, slowly closing his mouth in realization that he really did not know. "You're letting her come in here and run the show. She is ruining everything."

Maxwell knew that he had to head off this conversation before it turned ugly. Turning an eye towards his wristwatch, he sighed, saying, "I don't have time for this."

It was now Sebastian's turn to be angry. He hated it when people just up and left when things turned worse for wear. "What else is new?" he said viciously, turning heel and getting out before his dad could stop him.

"Sebastian..." cried Maxwell, trying to stop his son, though he knew that there was nothing he could say to make it better. He wished that Sebastian would get off this kick, this thought that Shelley was only there to make his life miserable.

"Forget it, Dad. I'll go to ... to your precious school 300 miles away. After all, that's what Shelley wants, isn't it? She wants me out of her way because I'm the only one who can see that she loves your money, not you. Well, if that's the way you both want it, I can take a hint. In fact, I'd thank her for it, but I don't speak chimp!" And with a slamming of a room door down the corridor, the conversation was over. While Maxwell didn't want the last time he saw his son before his leave to boarding school, he was definitely going to be late for the takeover agreement, and with a final sigh, he did the only thing left to do. He left.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Hold on, there's hay up my ass," said an amused Derrick, causing Luis and himself to giggle.

"Aw, man, just as things were getting good," said Luis in a mock pouting tone, taking another nibble of Derrick's earlobe. Still, he slowly lifted got to his feet, letting Derrick's 7 incher slide out of his ass as tantalizingly slowly as possible. As Luis stood, Derrick took the time to appreciate that he was a lucky guy. Luis had a deliciously bronzed body all over, and while he wasn't ripped like himself, Luis had washboard abs other people would kill for. Not to mention the 6 rod that was standing tall, pointing at him, throbbing. Reasonably tall, with startlingly green eyes and a brilliant smile, Luis definitely was a knockout.

Derrick got to his feet, brushing off his bare-naked bottom as he stood. He picked at a strand of the golden hay that had snuck up his rear, and took a good look about him. While doing it in Crenshaw's abandoned barn was kind of exciting, it certainly was risky, and it didn't help that there were creaks and subtle noises everywhere to increase his jumpiness. Once more assured that he and his latin lover were alone, he turned again to his friend, clasping him around the waist with his muscular, callus farm hands. "Now, where were we?" he whispered, planting a wet one on Luis thick lips.

Luis was the one who pulled apart first, a mischievous grin on his face. "Hold on, come with me," he said, grabbing Derrick's hand, and darted towards the stairs. Each step on the rickety wood made a squeak that echoed in the silence of the nether regions of Old Crenshaw's farm. Luis led Derrick up to the landing, where he let go of Derrick's hand and made for the railing, bending over, leaning his body on it and exposing his hole.

As Derrick took a look at the gorgeous ass just waiting for him to enter, Luis wearing nothing but the hay-littered socks on his feet, he thought to himself that there could be no finer sight. Wasting no time, he went forward, and slid his meat slowly back into Luis. They had had sex so many times before that they both knew what the other wanted, and it felt as if though their tools had found just the right sheaths, molded to their lover's plow.

Derrick began the usual motions, and rocked back and forth, gasping and moaning softly with each thrust. Luis, on the other hand, was not much for keeping silent, and though he tried, his moans always escaped him as Derrick used one hand to hold on to Luis's hip, the other to stroke Luis's thick cock to keep him satisfied.

"Oh, man," Luis cried as the Derrick stroked him, feeling Derrick's manhood inside him. "Oh god, yes. Oh, oh, that feels so good..." Luis gripped the railing even tighter as he fought to hold back the orgasm that was so close to bursting forth. "Yes, oh, fuck yes," he said again, his only reply the heavy gasps of Derrick's labored breaths of pleasure.

The railing of the decrepit barn cried out as it rocked in tune to the two guy's lovemaking. It shook harder and harder as Derrick felt himself nearing climax, ramming himself quicker and deeper into Luis's willing ass, which clenched on him as if to keep his dick inside him. Unable to hold back any longer, Luis erupted as Derrick hit the sweet spot: every so often, Derrick found that his dick could hit Luis's prostate, causing the Latino an unimaginable ecstasy. A few seconds later, Derrick himself was pouring his sperm down Luis's willing ass, his teeth clenched as his fingers sank in Luis' golden skin. Spent, he leant over his pal, resting on his back, just enjoying the moment.

The railing, old as it was, gave way at that moment, and Luis was already tumbling down after it as his hands grasped wildly for a handhold that was not there. He felt his body slip through Derrick's fingers, and start to trip forward. As the railing landed with a crash, Luis felt Derrick's arms around his waist, quickly pulling him back at the last instant, saving him from a killing fall. Both their hearts were beating wildly, Luis clasping on to Derrick in fear.

"God," said Derrick, lightening the mood as was his wont, "it's dangerous having sex these days."

Luis turn his face to Derrick, incredulous that Derrick would try to joke about something like this. Hell, he could have been killed, and here was someone who was supposed to be his friend act like it was nothing. Even Derrick felt that his attempt at levity was so not funny.

After a few seconds of gazing at Derrick incredulously, Luis giggled. A small giggle, that turned into a big one, and soon it was full blown laughter. Infectious laughter at that, as Derrick joined in, and if there were a soul around other than the few crows who fluttered away at the abrupt noise from the barn with the peeling red pain, they would have been caught. But they didn't care. For no good reason, they laughed to their hearts content, not giving a damn if anyone heard them.

Luis flopped to the ground, pulling Derrick down with him, as they laughed. They both could feel that the laughter was healing, that it would make everything better. This was not about the near fall. This was about Derrick, who was gonna be starting school tomorrow. The same stupid boarding school that kept him and Derrick apart for months on end. The school that kept them from having a real relationship, not the off again, on again one they had now. They laughed, and kept laughing, because they wanted to delay the moment till they had to talk about it. They laughed because without the laugher, things would turn ugly.

Derrick felt his laughter dumb down to a smile, and Luis's brayish giggles silenced at the same time. This was it.



More moments passed in silence, unbearable silence that epitomized the tension between them because of all this. It was moment's like these that Derrick hated his parents for sending him to the CCA, the Cartman Correctional Academy, even though it was kinda fun to be with guys who were like him.

Derrick felt a hand clench his, and turned to see Luis looking at him pensively.

"Same time next year?" Luis said, a small smile on his face. David choked back the tears, not wanting to ruin the goodbye.

"You bet."

* * * * * * * * * *

"Yo Thelma!"

"Ah, my sweet Louise," said Lenox, dropping his bags to rush up and give Louis a huge hug. It felt like decades since he had last seen his best friend, that the whole summer fiasco had seemed worth it. He felt all the drama of his family melt away at the sight of Lenox's ecstatic grin.

"God, it feels like it's been ages, right?" said Louis, saying what he knew was on his friend's mind as he picked up one of Lenox's suitcases. As they had shared a room for the last 2 years at the academy, they were undoubtedly bunking together yet again. Though they were usually assigned to their own rooms, it wasn't uncommon for boys to switch rooms with each other. In fact, most people at the CCA figured that orientation was made just for the purpose of getting yourself arranged by switching rooms with other people. It had become a tradition, just as it was tradition for Lenox and Louis to trade rooms until they were bunking with each other, and Louis had already sent Tony, the roommate assigned to him, over to Big Jasper's, where he was sure the two would hit it off.

"You're telling me," said Lenox, who was sure that Louis couldn't have an inkling of how horrible it truly was, though Louis was acutely perceptive when it came to Lenox's feelings. It was as if they could second guess each other. "Maybe you should just take me with you next time."

"Ugh, don't tempt me." Louis couldn't help but kiss his friend, and Lenox returned it willingly, a quick smooch on the lips. "Still, I figure I'll save you the torture of what I call home during the holidays." Turning to face Lenox for emphasis, he added meaningfully, "It was one of those years."

"Ah, don't tell me. Alzheimer's Ben?"


"Family reunion?"

"Oh, god no, not that bad."

"Ah. Senile Grandma?"

"That's the one," said Louis, sighing at the thought. "She stayed with us for the entire summer."

"Oooh. My condolences." Lenox wrapped his free hand around Louis's neck, resting his head on Louis's broad shoulder as they started up the stairs.

"It was pretty bad. At one point, she had me swallow an entire jar of pickle juice. Said it would be good for my blood."


"Yeah, ew," said Louis, ready to rant. "Then, of course, the senility set in, and she forgot she ever gave me the first one, and I drank a whole half of a second jar before upchucking."

"There goes my appetite," said Lenox, stopping in front of their usual room, 45. "I'd been planning to stop by the caf for a little bite, but now "

"Oh, no, that's not a mood killer," said Louis, using his key to open up the door to their small dorm. "The mood killer is the time she accidently wet herself, and tossed the soaked panties at me before I knew what I was holding."

"Ok, I'm staying away from your house at all costs," said Lenox, quickly getting his head of Louis's shoulders, sniffing around to tease him. "Something smells like an outhouse in here."

"Ha, ha." Louis tossed the suitcase on the bottom bunk with a mighty heave, then flopped down next to it. "I guess we should go to your house," he said, sitting up. "How was your vacation, anyway?"

"Same old, same old," said Lenox, eager to evade the question. "Hey, um, how about those ... party plans, huh? We should really start on those. I've got some killer ideas." He said all this quickly, which only increased Louis's attention to the fact that he didn't want to talk about the holiday. Louis, though curious, knew when to back off, and he didn't press his best friend about what had happened.

"Well, ok, let's hear these ideas of yours."

"Great. I'm thinking neon paint ..."

* * * * * * * * * *

"I am so sick of this fucking shit!" bellowed Cliff at young man tossing his clothes into a suitcase, a miniature version of himself, right down to the furious look on his face. "You've been at that fucking rip-off academy for two fucking years, and what do you have to show for it? The whole town talking about how you're some guy's bitch!" Cliff felt a smidge of satisfaction as his son's face cringed at the word bitch, and continued with his rant. "You are so goddamn lucky that your mother already forked over the money for this year's tuition, or I'd keep your faggot ass right here and make you work in my garage. After this year, though, you're gonna quit and start working for me."

Jonathan zipped up the suitcase on his bed violently, and stood erect to face his father. It was hard to believe that this blubbering, beer gutted ass was supposed to be the person who had his best interests at heart. Leveling his bright green eyes with his father's identical pair, he said what he had wanted to say to this jackass all his life. "No." Unlike his father, he kept his rage in check, and said the single word calmly and clearly, wanting to make it clear that this was not some rash decision he was making in the heat of the moment.

"No? No!" Cliff was astonished that this punk would dare to contradict him, to back sass him. "Fuck that. I said that you're gonna work for me, and as long as you live under this roof, you are gonna do whatever the fuck I tell you to."

"Then I won't live under this roof anymore." Though nervous, Jonathan felt a distinct sense of relief as he heaved the heavy suitcase into the hall, passing Cliff on his way out, who was stunned into silence. For a moment, anyway.

"What the fuck you mean you're not living here anymore?" bellowed Cliff, causing Jonathan to set down his suitcase with the three others and the hall and sigh. "What, you think you're `boyfriend' is gonna put up with you? All he wanted was the stick his dick up your ass. He doesn't wanna live with you. Nobody wants to live with you," he added, as he himself was disgusted by Jonathan's sexual preferences.

"I'm not going to live with anyone," Jonathan replied, cool and collected as before. "Sid has been offering me a work scholar position at the academy for some time now, but I've never had a real reason to take it before. I wanted you to pay for sending me away. But now, I can work at school to pay my way, and I get free boarding and meals. I'll graduate, get a job, and live on my own. So I guess that this is goodbye." Jonathan couldn't help but crack a smile as Cliff was again left speechless. Good for the fucking puissant, he thought. I'll be free of him.

A sob brought them both back to reality as Jonathan and Cliff turned to see Georgia crying silently. Jon abandoned his bags to rush over to her and give her a tight embrace, as his mom whispered in his ear, "Oh Jon, do you have to go?"

Jon broke the embrace to grip both her shoulders and look her squarely in her now red eyes, which stared back at him with the dole of a basset hound. "I have to," he said, trying to make her understand, but knew that she already did. He just couldn't live with that oaf, and wished that he could take her away from him too. But for some reason, she loved the guy. Go figure. All he got from her was a silent nod, and another firm hug.

The cab beeping outside was the signal that is was time to say goodbye forever to this place. And as Jonathan and the cab driver lugged his suitcases to the trunk of the car, he thought that he felt no remorse in what he was doing. Sure, he was leaving his mother alone with the scum, but he didn't plan on that being forever. When he finished his education and got himself settled, he'd come back for her. If she wanted him to.

Jonathan hopped in the back seat, and turned to take one last look at the place. He saw his father, an angry bitter man, staring malevolently at him, a vein in his temple pounding incessantly as a sign that he was mad beyond belief, but helpless to stop it. He saw his mother, silently sobbing at him from the window, and as he waved to her, she returned the wave briefly before completely breaking down, dashing further into the house with loud wails. It was this final picture of his tortured mother than hung on Jonathan's mind as the cab pulled away from his house, and once he turned his head to face the road ahead, he never looked back.

I know this first chapter is really kind of disorganized and rushed, but I promise the future ones will be much, much better. Thanks for reading.