CrAz for  Chad  -  Chapter 10

by Dennis Banneker

© 2005-2006, Dennis Banneker


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Crazy for Chad

by Dennis Banneker  

In chapter nine, Chad confesses to Michael that he planned the trip to the beach to make a move on him.  Chad reveals he told his father in advance that he was gay and he'd be taking Michael to the cabin.


"Who does he think you . . . I mean, what friend does he think you were having over?"


"Me?"  I was shocked.  I studied his face.

"Yeah," he said defensively.  "He sees you at the house a lot--the garage, I mean, so it's not like--I don't know.  He knows you, so it was no big deal."

This was making me nervous.  "Yeah, Chad . . . but--"

"I told him I was gay, Mikey."


"Oh, no!"  I felt a cold chill go through me.  He told his father?  Something in me died.  I sobbed, making loud crying noises.

"Good tears again?" Chad said, his voice hopeful.

"No!"  I choked on the word, but that made me stop crying.  "How can you say that?" 

"Baby," he said, looking all soft, "it's not a bad thing."  He put his arms around me.

"What do you mean?"

"Dad's cool with it.  He--"

"He's cool with it?" I said, shaking so bad.

"I swear!"

"So, he didn't throw you out--he doesn't hate you?"

"Fuck, no!  He was down at first and needed time alone.  That made me nervous as hell--like I am now, Michael."

"You're nervous because of me?"

"Shit!  You look like you're fallin apart, man!"

"I'm sorry."

"Gaddammit, don't be sorry!" 

Chad shocked and frightened me with his outburst.  Plus he cussed like he was mad.  I burst into tears.

We'd just arrived at the cabin.  Chad flew to my side of the car, and knelt at the open door.

"Okay, okay, Mikey," he said calmly.  "Now, I'm the one that's sorry.  Just . . . just try to listen, okay?  Yeah, I am nervous, but--it all turned out okay."

Chad cuddled with me for a moment and got me walking.  We both wanted to be inside where it would be easier to talk.  I wanted to see his face and get lost there.  I couldn't do that too well in the car.

"What did he say after he didn't need time alone anymore?" I asked nervously as we got inside.

"He told me I was his son--that he loved me.  He's disappointed that I won't give him grandchildren, but he says being gay isn't bad, it's just hard."

"Oh, God," I said with my hands to my face, relieved, but still nervous.

Chad took my hands and pulled them behind him.  We hugged as we sat down on the big sofa.

"Mike--you gotta promise not to tell anyone this--but, my dad said he understands because when he was nineteen, he fooled around with a guy in the Navy.  It took him a few days to tell me that.  And . . . ."

"Yeah?  And what?"

"He said you're a great guy."

"Oh!"  My head spun.  "Anything else?"

"Yeah," Chad said with a big blush.  "When I told him I was taking you to the cabin today, he said he liked you better than my other friends--and you'd be a great partner.  So . . . . "

"Oh my God--don't stop now."

"And to treat you good and not get too rough."

"He knew?  He knew we--"

"He knew we weren't coming up here to play cards."  Chad took my trembling hand.  "Why so nervous, baby?"

"At first I thought you were in trouble.  But now . . . oh, God!  He knows!  Someone else knows besides Phil and Kyle!"

"It's really okay.  You gotta relax, Michael."

"How can I?"

"Well, he said he wants you over for dinner--to . . . I don't know how to say it . . . to welcome you, I think he said."

"Welcome me?"

"Yeah.  I see that smile.  That's better."

"Dinner!  Wow.  I just . . . can hardly believe it.  I don't know if I can do it.  Dinner?  With your dad?  And he knows?"

"Fuck!  You'll be fine!" he said, taking me in his arms.

"Okay," I said, feeling safe again, tingling all over.  But my head was spinning.

As we hugged, Chad talked to me a long time--softly, gently reassuring me.  He told me all the things he liked about me, and that his dad saw the same things in me.  He had me feeling calm and happy again.

"He even said you were good-looking."

"Oh my God!"

"Yeah!  Shocked the shit outta me, too."  And there was Chad's big smile--the one that warmed me to my toes and melted me.  "You are cute, though."

"Mmm!" I said, as he pressed his lips against mine.  Chad's a fantastic kisser.  He heated up fast when we kissed, and when I felt his tongue, I took a deep breath and felt his heat go into me.

It was a long, wonderful, relaxed kiss that morphed into a rubbing session--arms and hands and legs.  Finally we assaulted each other with a series of short kisses--little pecks on the face that soon had us laughing.

"Shit, Mikey, you know how to make a guy feel good."


"What do you mean, no?"

"I know how to make you feel good."

"Oh, that's the way it is, huh?"


"You're the best, Michael."

"Whatever you say," I said with a silly grin.

"So what do you think of Phil?"

"Phil's nice but he's weird."

"Fuck!  Phil's not weird--he's goofy."

"That's that same thing, Chad."

"Okay, okay.  How is Phil weird?"

"How? . . . I don't know."

"Shit!  You say he's weird, Mikey--now you don't know why?"

He drove me crazy again--he was acting frustrated, but I heard the smile in his voice.  A second later, it was on his lips.

"Well," I said blushing.  "Yeah--I have to think about it."

"Man, you really are somethin else, little guy.  Okay, forget Phil.  What do you think of Kyle?"

"Kyle's nice--he's cute, but--he's just . . . there, or something."

"Fuck--you got a way with words, Mikey.  What's that supposed to mean?"

"Kyle is just there.  He doesn't shine, stand out, or anything."

"You nailed it, Mikey!  Kyle's a nice kid, but he has like no personality--least not that I seen.  He is fuckin cute, though.  Shit.  If I didn't have you, I might jump his bones."

"Chadwick Matthew Allison!" I yelled, while jabbing him in the ribs three times.  I don't know where I got the courage to say his name that way--or jab him so hard.

"Ow!  Okay, little guy!  Whoa!  I swear, I would never!" he said, leaning away from me, pretending to be fearful, and rubbing his ribs.

"Oh, God," I said, losing it, giggling away, face sizzling.  I never expected THAT reaction--didn't know I had so much power over Chad.

"Shit--my ribs hurt," he said, grinning at me.  "And you used all three of my names!  I love that cute blush, little guy.  What now, Mikey?  What's up with you?"

"Oh, nuthin."


"Just 'Oh?'  You don't want to know?"

"Not if you don't wannna tell me."

"That's no fun!" I said, feeling my face scrunch up.

"Hehe!  And that's a new cute look!"

"Mmmm," I said, suddenly all warm.  "I love you too, Chad."

He pulled me into a hug, and I relaxed with my face againt his arm.

"Kyle's not THAT cute, IS he?"

"Hehe!" Chad went into a fit of laughter.  "Nah--not compared to you, little guy."

"I never told you how much I like helping you.  I love it!"

"You mean when I work on T'Birds?"

"Well--yeah, that, too.  I mean help you with THIS," I said, putting my hand on the tent in Chad's shorts.  "I love helping you down here."

"Oh, fuck!  I never thought of it THAT way."  Chad grinned.  Then he was quiet.

I waited as long as I could, then I had to say something.

"What are you thinking about, Chad?"

"I'm thinking I need a LOT of help!"

"With THIS?" I said, squeezing his thick bone.

"Fuck, yeah."

"Mmm!  This is strong!"  It was amazing how hard he was.  Then, a kiss.

"Now, what did I want?" Chad said when he broke the kiss.

"Stand up," I said, suddenly taking control.

Chad looked shocked, but his grin told me all I wanted to know.  I was pretty sure he would like this.

"Do I say, 'Yes, sir?'"  He looked so cute when he said that.  But I couldn't believe he was asking me this question--and I got embarrassed.

"Um, no," I said, blushing, unbuckling his belt.

"Ooo!  You're getting cuter," Chad said as his bone made a bigger tent, throbbing up suddenly.

I peeled off his clothes as quick as I could--shoes, too.  I had him in just his boxers.  Chad looked anxious.

"Shit, you're fast!  And you're hot when you give orders, helper boy."

I pulled his boxers down slowly, and when his proud manhood popped free, I pushed him backward to the bed and swallowed as much of his hot bone as I could.

"Oh, yeah, Mikey!"

But I just squeezed it, letting my tongue press his hot meat against the roof of my mouth.  Every ten seconds, I let off on the force, then pressed it again.

"Fuck!  You're torturing me!"

I slid a finger under his balls while I pumped my mouth up and down.

"Oh, yeah!  Fuck, yeah, Mikey!"

My tongue flicked on his rod and I buried the tip of his penis in my throat.  I held my breath as long as I could, then slid off him completely.

Chad was breathless, his expression shocked.  He didn't say anything at first, but his face told me he couldn't believe I stopped.

"Fuck," he said so softly, it had a loving sound to it.

He looked even more amazed when I stripped for him.  I wanted to do it slowly, but I was too horned for that.

"Nice and hard!  Shit!  You got precum!"

As I got into bed on my back, I gave him a look that I hoped said I wanted him.

Chad looked sexual, now.  I don't know how he did it--the lube was already in his hand, his face full of need.  My body yearned for him.

He sat up right away and knelt between my legs.  As our eyes locked, his desire, his hunger, fed my need to have him want me.  And for the first time, Chad was deep in a spell, drawing himself to me, slowly rubbing the slick gel on his beautiful hardness.

I was half-crazy with need, and jumped when he put the cold lube on me, teasing my little opening with his fingers.  My body danced with desire.

"Oh, yes!" I shouted when the head of his hot shaft pushed in. 

He stayed that way as he leaned over to kiss me, his hips shaking with the need to impale me totally.  I shivered when his lips brushed my ear.

"I need you bad, bad, Michael.  Like you don't know."

Chad's voice got tight when he said that, and for a second, I was confused.  But when he slid into me, it didn't matter.

"Yeah!" he said, his voice dripping with urges that I could only imagine.

"Chad, oh!"

But I didn't know just how badly he wanted me, how full of need he was, until he pulled out and slammed into me.

I saw stars and clouds and beautiful lights as my lover pounded himself into me.  I thrilled to the feel of his hot flesh, pressing, sliding, stretching my insides--demanding the pleasure he sought.

And I welcomed his insistent spike, my hips in their own rhythm, their own subtle response to his manly hammering.

"Ahh!  Yeah!  Uhhhgh!" he shouted each time the strong head found a new bottom--stretching me with his length, the heat of him building quickly.

Sweat poured from us, and Chad showered me as it flew off him from the wild thrusts he made.  The heat of the friction of his desperate lovemaking soaked into me as I opened myself, inviting him in with every pounding blow of his body against mine.

Closing my eyes, I could see his huge thing--long, thick, slightly curved--overpowering me from the inside.

"Oh, God!  Oh, fuck!"

"Chad--AH!  YES!"

Chad was suddenly bigger, his manhood pulsating wildly, his frantic breaths loud and raspy.  My insides felt the ultimate pleasure as the head of his big rod stretched me as it stroked relentlessly--long, powerful strokes, then hammer-like quick, hard jabs, electrifying my tunnel.

"AH!  God . . . huhhhh, OH!"

A pool of molten metal erupted inside me, hotter than anything I had felt before.  Powerful jets of Chad's cum shot into me.

"Oh, oh!" I screamed.  His thickness took my passageway to the limit, adding to the thrill I felt as his manly essence forced its way inside.

"Michael!  Arrrrghh!"  Chad screamed his climax, never losing the speed and force of his awesome thrusting. 

"Oh!  Oh!  Oh!" I shouted with each hot jab of his powerful weapon that found the end of my channel and would not stop there.

"Yeah!  Oh!  Fuck!  Yeah!"

I don't know when he stopped shooting, but my eyes were open now as he kept slamming his dick into me, desperate for breath, sweat flying everywhere--and his beautiful muscles all on display as they hammered his body into mine.


"I love you, Chad!"

"I love you so much, baby!"

My hands on the small of his back brought his pounding to a halt, and he dropped--his body falling into me, into the arms that hugged him, wanted him so badly.

"Oh, baby," he said, hardly able to talk, his warm breaths flowing sensually into my ear.

"You feel so good," I said, pressing on his back to keep him inside me.

"Ah!" he said between breaths.  "Damn!  You don't know . . . how good you make me feel, Mikey."

My dick throbbed when he said that.  He must have felt good, because his big pole throbbed inside me, and I thought it would poke through to my throat.  We stayed pressed together for a long time.

"I just know you came and made love to me.  Hard!  I felt every inch of you--I loved it!"

"Yeah.  I didn't hurt you, Mikey--did I?"

"A little--and I loved that, too."

"Oh!" he said, shivering suddenly.

As I felt him try to pull out, I slid my hands to his butt and pressed him against me.

"Oh.  You want me to stay in there," he said so softly, relaxing his body and letting his manhood slide back down, stretching that bottom part of my little tunnel, reminding me of the power his body has over mine.

"Mmm--Chad, I want you in there forever."  This made him press in more forcefully.

Chad welded himself to me with his hardness--that hot part of him that satisfied something deep inside me, stretching me, filling me, marking out his territory.

"I gotta pull out, sometime, baby.  I feel your hot pole bouncing up into my gut!"

"Oh.  Yeah."  I felt heat rush into my face.

"And you are so cute when you blush, helper boy," Chad said with a silly grin.

"Mmm.  Yup," I said, squirming under him.

"Yup!  Fuck, you gotta be dyin," he said, pulling back, sliding himself out of me slowly.

"Noooooo."  I stopped him with my hands.

"You need to come, Michael."

I grit my teeth when he said that.  I needed to come desperately.  I nodded, yielding to him, letting him pull away from me.

Instantly he was up on his knees, staring at my dick, smiling at it.

"Shit!  What time is it?"

Here I was gushing precum with my dick in his face, and he wanted to know the time!

"Um . . . time for sex?" I said, blushing, not knowing what to say.

"Hehe!  You are one, horny, good-looking dude, little guy."

It was bad enough that Chad laughed, but calling me dude--I couldn't help giggling.

"Why is the time important now?"

"I'm sorry, Mikey--you'll see."  And he took the tip of my dick in his mouth for a few seconds.

"Ah!  Oh, yeah, Chad!"

Then he slid off, leaving me hanging.  My poor little hardon was left throbbing in the air.

"I'll be right back and take care of you, Mikey!" his voice faded as he went to the living room of the cabin.

I felt my balls start to hurt, and held them with one hand while I squeezed the head of my cock with the other.  This kept me busy until Chad got back.

"Check this out!"  He had a laptop in his hands, and put it down.  We both looked at the screen.

"Chad!  Oh, God!  You got a porn video?"

"Nope.  It's a live feed."

"Live feed?"

"Yeah, Mikey.  Look close."

"Nice bodies, and the younger one--God!  That's Kyle and Phil!"

"Yeah!  He promised me he'd set up his vid cam and send me live video the next time he and Kyle had sex."

"Holy shit," I said.  Chad wasn't used to me cussing, and gave me a weird look.

"You cussed," helper boy.  "Shit!  Kyle's gonna fuck Phil!"

"I think he changed his mind, Chad," I said, seeing Kyle get on his back, his dick near Phil's face.  "I think Kyle's dick is about the same as mine."

"No way, Michael!  Yours is bigger and sexier."

As Phil brought his mouth to Kyle's dick, Chad sucked in my bone suddenly, and matched Phil, stroke for stroke, as his mouth made love to Kyle.

This was new to me, and so hot to watch, my cock was vibrating each time Chad slid down--his lips tight on my bone.

"Oh, God!  So slow!" I said, my balls hurting worse from the lazy pace Phil had set.  Now I'M the one getting tortured.

"Yeah, little guy.  Phil told me he loves to tease Kyle's cock."

"Oh, please . . . faster!"

"What's he doing now?" Chad said, not having a clear view from the angle he had to hold his head to suck me.

"He pulled off."  Phil stopped his blow job.  "He's putting some thick gel on Kyle's dick.  Look--it's bouncing."

"Damn!  That looks hot, Mikey."  Chad took off for the bathroom. 

I knew he was getting some gel so he could imitate what Phil was doing to Kyle.  My bone was ready to break off!

When Chad got back with the gel, he saw Phil wrapping Kyle's pole with plastic wrap.  And Chad ran off again. 

Soon, I had a thick coating of gel on my throbbing dick, and an outer wrapping of Saran wrap.  This was not good for the health of my cock, which would die if it didn't get relief soon.

"Yes!"  I yelled.  "He's jerking him off!"  Finally some hope for my aching balls.

"Yeah, Phil's jerking him off, but real, real slow, helper boy.  Like this," Chad said, torturing my stiff bone. 

Not only was Chad going as slow as possible, but he was hardly squeezing.  And the gel was so thick.  This made it impossible to get much feeling.

"I told ya, Mikey.  Phil's a good cock tease--almost as good as me."

I was ready to tell him to squeeze harder and go fast, but Chad's grin was so cute, and I could see total excitement in his voice.  His cock, too--he kept touching it. 

"Awwwrrrr."  I was panting.

"This is SO fuckin hot!" he said, his eyes darting from me to the screen.

Now, I couldn't complain and I didn't want to anymore--Chad was enjoying himself big time.  It was worth the frustration and pain in my balls to see him excited and having so much fun.  I grit my teeth.

To make matters worse, Phil sucked Kyle's balls while he did the torture jerk-off.  Now, I knew I was in for it.  And Chad knew touching my balls made me very horny.

"Oh, Chad!  Oh, God!" I said, ready to explode.

"Shit!" he said, grinning at me, "You like it, too.  That's hot, Mikey!"

"Nnnnnnng!" I said, lifting my butt off the bed. 

"Goddamm!  Phil's gonna fuck him!"

"Ohhhhhh."  By then, I was delirious.  But when I saw how hard Phil shoved his cock into poor Kyle, I gulped in fear.  Chad was lubed and had his thick manhood at my entrance.

"Ooooh, yeah baby!" Chad said, reacting to Phil's brutal thrust.  "YEAHHHHHHHH!" he screamed, slamming his cock into me harder than I thought possible.

"AH!" I screamed, suddenly shocked that the pain never came.  I had taken Chad's barbaric thrust without a problem. 

It was hard to make out what Phil was doing, but it wasn't the usual thing.  Chad figured it out.

"He's going in at different angles," Chad said, suddenly lifting himself and sliding his pole in at an odd angle.

He kept doing that, hitting parts of me I didn't know I had.  But one of the slower strokes hit that certain something inside me that drove me crazy--and Chad hit it, dead on.  I never felt such a jolt of pleasure in my life.

"Yeeeeeaaarrrghhhh!" I screamed, grabbing my dick just as cum shot out several feet, hitting Chad in the neck.  He looked shocked, and I was as surprised as he was.

My balls hurt more as the released their load, but nothing ever felt so good as letting go of that one stream of cum.

"Oh, fuck, YEAH!" he shouted, obviously thrilled, tilting his head down toward my cock.  The next shot went right into Chad's open mouth, and that set him off.

Just the sight of my cum landing in Chad's mouth had me coming harder, but Chad went into spasms of bold, virile thrusting, pounding my butt mercilessly.

"AHH!  AHH!  FUCK!" he screamed.

The fierce throbs of his cock told me what was happening.  Just as I was spraying the last of my long-distance shots into Chad's face, he erupted.

My insides flooded with the heat and power of Chad's climax. 

"FUCK!  Oh, God, Mikey!  Arrrrrghhhhh!"

And he pounded my little ass like never before. 

"Fuck, YEAH!"

I felt thoroughly fucked and loved, especially when he slowed down and stared into my eyes, thrilling me.

"My hot helper boy!" he said, all out of breath.  "Goddamm!"  And he shot another, unexpected jet of cum.  "Mikey--this is the best."  His hands were at my face, rubbing tenderly.  "I love you, Michael."

"I . . . love you, too, Chad," I said, gasping.  His face was so calm and sensual--that drove me crazy.

"And you CAME!  You came from me fucking you!  You didn't touch yourself!"

"I need to . . . I gotta cum again, Chad."

I wanted that, but I was tired.  So it was easy to agree to Chad's ideas--take a shower and eat first.  In the kitchen, we talked, but I was still shaking from the massive dose of pleasure that we'd just had.  We sat naked.

"You're a fuckin stud, little guy," Chad said, the pride and admiration in his face had me beaming.

"God, that was good, Chad.  You were so hot!"

"Fuck!  When your cum hit my mouth, my cock went off!  YOU were hot, Mikey!"

"Mmmmm," I said, looking at the throb in Chad's dick.  I had to admit, mine throbbed harder.

"Shit!  Phil and Kyle!"  We'd forgotten them, and ran to the bedroom, leaving our food on the table.

"Damn," Chad said.  "We were hotter."

I got to the screen just in time to see Phil pulling out of Kyle, and jacking himself off.  Kyle did the same, and they both jerked themselves off.  It wasn't as hot as what Chad and I had done, but it was still exciting to watch.

Back in the kitchen, Chad looked thoughtful.

"Hey, baby.  I'm sorry I teased ya so much.  I don't know what I was thinkin."

"I do!  You were thinking your hot pole needed some excitement, and I loved it."

"Yeah, but it wasn't fair to--hey!  I got it!  Now it's your turn to tease the shit outta me!"

I grinned at that, not because I wanted any type of revenge--I wasn't that way.  But it made me horny thinking how Chad's desire would build, and I wondered how he'd deal with that.  Plus, I had some ideas of what I'd do to tease him.

At first, he loved everything I did.  Then his massive need took over.

"Fuck this--I need to come!" he said, complaining.

"You know if I give in to you now, you'll be disappointed."

"Shit!  I ain't got a helper boy, I got a shrink!" he said, his cock jumping wildly as I tortured it, flicking my tongue very gently on the underside of the huge stiff thing.

When it seemed too cruel to make him wait any longer, and his cock looked a strange dark shade of red, I took Chad's beautiful manhood into my mouth, and slowly made love to it.  I took my time and went gently, knowing he was too close for any other method.

And I loved when he pumped his manly cream into my little mouth, thrilling to the jumps of his cock as I sent each of his thick streams down my throat.

"You're even sexy when you swallow, Mikey!" he said, between shots, just before he toppled to the bed.

We turned and kissed, moaning sensually into each other's mouths, hands making love as our tongues intertwined and mouths competed for the largest opening possible.

And there was Chad's strong chest and stomach muscles, pressing into me and exciting me all over again.

"Uhhh!  I love you, Chad."

"Love you so much, Mikey."

Both soft now, we relaxed and hugged, dozing off as the warmth of our bodies mingled gently, Chad's soft breaths in my ear.

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