CrAz for  Chad  -  Chapter 9

by Dennis Banneker

© 2005-2006, Dennis Banneker


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Crazy for Chad

by Dennis Banneker

"Yeah--it's still too light out. You wanna make out till it gets dark?" he said, all excited now.

"I gotta think about that," I said, closing my eyes, hearing the sound of a zipper.

"I guess I'm not the only one."

It wasn't Chad's voice.

It was Phil Haggerty!


I froze.  Chad seemed calm.  He tried to put a towel over my bone, but I'd already slipped it back into my shorts.  I'm sure my face was as red as possible, and my heart was beating so hard!

There was a long pause as Chad sized up Phil.

"Shit, man--are you drunk?  You're fuckin naked, Phil," Chad said, grinning at him.

"There's no one else here, good buddy," Phil said, giving Chad a Cheshire-cat grin.  "I'm not drunk, either."

"But you are the only one naked!  What the fuck are you up to?"

"Up to?" Phil said, looking like he had one up on Chad.  "As if you didn't know.  Me and Kyle . . . well, let's just say I got binoculars in my car, same as you."

By that time, I wanted to crawl under the seat and disappear.  If I was hearing right--over the sound of my heart--Phil saw me and Chad having sex in the car when we'd come back to the beach hoping to find his dad's cooler.

Chad stayed calm, looking at Phil with a half grin.  I'll never get used to how it drives me crazy when Chad keeps his cool like that.

"Kyle.  Nice choice, Phil," Chad said politely but like he wasn't impressed or concerned about Kyle.

"Hey, buddy," Phil said, leaning through the car's open window and looking at me, "Kyle's cute, but you got the hot one.  I think Mike is number one for looks in--"

"Nobody touches him, man!" Chad said, voice choked with anger.  He brought his hand up, finger pointing at Phil to emphasize the point.  But the sudden movement was too quick.

Phil backed away.

I was stunned.  But when Chad leaned forward, shielding me with his body between me and Phil, my heart raced.

"Whoa, whoa, good buddy!  I'd never tread on your turf--or your guy.  It's just that . . . we got to see you, you got to see us, and--"

"Shit--I guess we both know now," Chad said, smiling again, exhaling a big breath.  "Fuck!  I never suspected you--"

"Same here, man," Phil said.  "No one's gonna be blabbing.  But, you're cool with it, right?"

"Hell, yeah," Chad said, looking serious.

"Don't worry--I won't goose you if you ever play quarterback and I'm behind ya."

"Fuck!  If coach has us practice like that, what the hell!" Chad said with a big grin.  "Long as no one sees."

I gave Chad a sharp elbow-jab to the ribs.

"Oops!  Cancel that.  Sorry, Phil."

"Hey, that's sweet, man," Phil said.  "You guys are close."

"Yeah, you could say that," Chad said.  He had a Mona Lisa smile, and Phil stared at him.

I was liking this!

"I'll tell you one thing--Kyle thinks Mike is cute as hell," Phil said innocently, raising his eyebrows.

When I saw Chad's expression, I was thinking, 'Oh, shit.'

"Tell Kyle if he likes his face the way it is, to stay away from Michael!" Chad said, his fists clenching in his lap.

"Okay, okay!  No problem, Chad.  Me and Kyle are close, too."

Phil looked scared.  He was bigger than Chad, but you could tell, Chad was tougher.  I felt so proud of him.

"I'm okay."  Chad smiled.

"Sorry, buddy," Phil said, shaken.  He looked apologetic.

"It's cool, Phil," Chad said softly, looking like he hoped he hadn't rattled Phil too much. 

"Shit, you had me worried, man," Phil said.

This was still sinking in for all of us.

"I hope things work out with you and Kyle.  But . . . me and Michael aren't just close."

I loved that he was calling me Michael every time.

"Huh?"  Phil looked cute with his face all screwed up.  I don't think he had a clue what Chad meant.

"We're stickin' together, man," Chad said, choosing this moment to look at me.

We stared into each other for a few.  I got lost in his face, loving the warmth I saw there.  Just looking at Chad's eyes, I felt a connection with him.

"You're lovers?" Phil said, his eyes wide in amazement.

"Yup," I said before Chad could answer.

Chad laughed and gave me this hot smile.

"Yup," he said as usual, his deep voice vibrating my chest.  When he echoed me liked that, it tickled down to my toes.

"Holy shit!"  Phil was speechless.

"Watch," Chad said to Phil, nodding his head in my direction.  "He's gonna blush."

And I did.  Like I always did when Chad did that.  Like we'd rehearsed it.  I don't know why this made me happy.  But when Chad said we were sticking together, my heart did leaps.

I guess it was like showing off to Phil, and that gave me a rush.  And Phil was the only one who knew about us, and I thought it was cool that we could talk about it with someone.

"Damn," Phil said, truly awed.

"What about you and Kyle?" Chad said.

"No--we're nowhere near that point."

"Shit!  You're fuckin boned, man!" Chad said, taking a good look at Phil.  You better hide that thing!  Where's your car?"

I was wondering about Phil's car, too.  And I couldn't help it--I looked at Phil's dick.  I guess it was okay for me to do that because Chad was looking at it.  And Chad had nothing to worry about--his was bigger than Phil's.  That gave me a rush, too.  I guess I was feeling like Chad won a contest, but I felt dumb, thinking that.

"I hid my car in the bushes.  Other end of the beach."

"Get in the back, man!  Shit, you're crazy walkin all that way, naked.  I'll give you a ride."

"Thanks," he said, getting into the back seat.

Chad didn't start the car.  We both turned around to talk to Phil.  Well, I mostly listened.

"So, where's Kyle?" Chad said.

"I sent him off to Pierson's to get soda and sandwiches.  I told him we were cooped up in the car too long and the walk would do him good.  I needed to walk, too.  He's too young to drive."

"You ain't gettin enough?" Chad said with a wicked grin, not hiding the fact that he was staring right at Phil's bone.

"He said he's tired.  I'm not," Phil said, stroking himself a few times.

"Shit! Don't come in my Mustang!" Chad said.  We all laughed.  "Kyle's tired?  Wore him out, huh?"

"Maybe," Phil said with a grin.

We heard the sound of a car horn.

"That's gotta be your horn," Chad said to Phil.

"Yeah! He's back," Phil said excitedly.

"Let's have some fun with Kyle," Chad said with a silly grin.


"Yeah!  I'll drive you only halfway so he won't hear the engine. Then we walk over to your car.  We'll sneak up on him."

"Shit!  Kyle will have a heart attack," Phil said gleefully.  "Let's do it!"

Chad really did it up right.  After he parked the Mustang in the bushes at a safe distance from Kyle, we walked to within 20 yards of Phil's car, then Chad crawled on all fours to the driver's side.

I didn't know what Chad was up to, but it was exciting.

"Come out with your hands up!" Chad said, sounding very authentic.  He paused a second or two, then popped up, poking his head into the car.

"Ahhhhhhh!"  Poor Kyle looked like he had a heart attack.

"Gotcha!" Chad shouted.

"Whooo!"  Chad!  "Wh-what are you doing--what the fuck?"  Kyle's voice squeaked as bad as mine did.  And did he blush!

"It's okay, Kyle," Phil said.

Kyle finally noticed Phil.

"He scared the shit outta me!"

"Sorry, Kyle" Phil said, "I'll make it up to you."

"Holy shit," Chad said.  "Phil--look at him now."  The two of them stared at my red face.  "He's somethin' else!"

"He sure does blush good," Phil said.  "Almost as red as Kyle."

"You guys are boned up!" Kyle said, sounding more calm.

"Uh, we better get going," Chad said with his own blush.

"Hey, I understand," Phil said, grinning at us.  "You got hard problems to solve."

"Yeah, I'm not the only one."  Chad looked cute saying that to Phil, practically pointing at his boner.  They both cracked up.

"Better take it out of his shorts, soon," Phil said to me.  "He might poke a hole in them."

"Um . . . ."  I couldn't talk, so I just grinned.

"We're outta here," Chad said, taking me by the hand.

"Wow," I said when we got out of hearing distance, "that was cool--you grabbing my hand like that."

"Yeah, I guess," he said, looking proud and putting his arms around me.  "You know what I want."

"Mmm, I think so," I said as Chad kissed me.

I peeked over Chad's shoulder to see if Kyle or Phil were watching.

"Let em look," he said.  "They both got the hots for you.  Might make em jealous," he said, his beautiful teeth drawing me in.

We kissed again, and got in the car, breathing a sigh of relief.

"God, that was weird!  I'm like shaking."

"Soon as we get back to the cabin, I'll calm you down."

"Oh," I said, feeling giddy, "how are you going to do that?"

"Hehe.  Like you don't know!"

"Oh, God!" I said, picking up on Chad's contagious laughter.

"Michael, you're . . . you're . . . shit, I love you so much, man.  You're ten times better than Kyle--or Phil."

"Dang.  I don't know what to say."

"You don't hafta say nothin, helper boy."

"Oh!" I said, feeling a flood of emotion.  I loved being his helper. Everything felt so good.  The tears came pouring down my face.

"Good tears, right?" he said with the softest, warmest voice.

I nodded.  Chad leaned over and hugged me.  He made me feel safe.

"I'm okay.  We better go," I said.

"Oh, yeah," he said, like he was waking up suddenly.  I think for the first time, Chad zoned out looking at me.  It felt so good to see him do that!

Chad got the car on the road, and we were quiet for a few.

"Hey, I've been thinking," I said, all caught up in my thoughts.

"Uh, oh!"

"No--it's not like that," I said, blushing.

"You're so cute, Michael. What are you thinking?"

"How often does your dad use the cabin?"

"Oh, a lot." Chad blushed a deep red.

This was the perfect time to touch him.

"Awwwwwhh," he said as my hand slid over his hardon.  "That's not fair."

"You don't like this?"

"Yeah, I hate it."

"I should stop then."

"Fuck, no."

"Well, today's a perfect day for your dad to use the cabin.  And he didn't come up."

There was Chad's blush, coming back full force.

"He knew . . . he knew I was having a friend over."

"What? You planned this?"

"Yeah," he said, sounding choked up, "I decided today was the day--and I went after you."  His face screwed up, but he didn't cry or anything.

"Wow," I said.  "Chad, that's wonderful.  I . . . I can't explain how . . . exciting that is!"

"I was gonna get you in my arms, or fight off your punches."

"I couldn't do that to you."

"Yeah--well, you never know," he said with a sheepish grin.  "I didn't wanna change clothes at the house--the mood I was in, I'd bone up and blow the whole deal."

"Oh, Chad.  That wouldn't--"

"I wanted you bad, helper boy."

"Who does he think you . . . I mean, what friend does he think you were having over?"


"Me?"  I was shocked.  I studied his face.

"Yeah," he said defensively.  "He sees you at the house a lot--the garage, I mean, so it's not like--I don't know.  He knows you, so it was no big deal."

This was making me nervous.  "Yeah, Chad . . . but--"

"I told him I was gay, Mikey."

Dennis B.

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