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Crown Of Thorns
By:Chris A.

Crown of Thorns
Chapter 8

 (From Terry's Point of View)

 We parted company on his corner and he headed off toward his house.  I truly felt sorry for the hellhole that he is going to.  Although, I cannot relate, I can comfort.  I am trying my best.  I think that he is opening up.  I can see that he is trying, but I am not sure.  Call it insecurity, but I have this awareness that he might revert to his former self.  That would kill me.  I wound around the side of the house and walked into the back door.  My mother was doing dishes at the sink.

"Hi honey, how was play practice?"  she asked me.

"Good," came the simple reply.

"Not much into conversation today, are we?  How is Julian?"

"Mom, I'm just not sure.  Sometimes he seems ok, but others this conflict is tearing him apart.  I can see it in his eyes.  I wish that there was something I can do for him."

"There is honey, stand by him."


"That's it, just be there for him."

What she said made perfect sense.  I should have realized that is was that simple.  "Thanks mom, I'm going to his house, is that Ok?"

"Sure, but shouldn't you do your homework?"

"I'll get it done, don't I always?"

"As far as I can see.  Those reports keep on coming using only the first two letters in the alphabet, so I assume that you're doing your part."

"Thanks mom," with that I gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek, dropped my bag, and started to set out again.

"Don't thank me too fast, I want you to do your chores first, and your homework, regardless."


"Terry, relax.  He will still be there when you're done."

I trudged up to my room and started my homework.  I couldn't concentrate very much.  Thoughts bounced in my head that I couldn't quell.  That last statement my mother made put me on edge, `He will still be there when you're done.'  The thing about that is, that he might not be and that scared me.  By 9:00 I said, `Screw it!' I started my chores, not being able to concentrate on homework.  By the time I was finished though, it was 10:30.  `To late to be going over there?'  I was debating.  Then that thought reared it's ugly head and I tossed down my fears.  I headed out the door.

All the way there, I kept debating how I would gain entry.  He described his dad as being, well, I think the correct term was "Devil."  When I came upon the house I saw that it was completely dark.  I snuck to the back and saw a second floor window open.  He said that his room faced the backyard, and that he loved the fresh air.  I took a wild guess and started to think of a way to get up there.

Then I saw about the corniest way to climb up.  There was a trellis sitting against the house.  `How romantic,' I thought.  I climbed up being as quite as possible.  When I reached the first story roof, I peered into his room.  What I saw scared the shit out of me.

Curled into the fetal position was my beautiful Julian.  His pants were down to his ankles, shoes still on.  I could see a pool of crimson forming near his butt.  There lodged in between his cheeks.  I nearly gagged.  A wide wooden dowel was sitting there.  Must have been forcibly, and brutally shoved up his ass.  I fell to pieces.  Not him, not like this.  I jumped into the room and knelt by his head.  My knee dripped into something wet.  He has been coughing up blood.  This was not good.  I snuck through the house and dialed 911.  I remained calm, it was very difficult, but he needed me to remain calm.

"Hello, 911 service, what is your emergency."

"Hi, yes, my name is Terry and my friend has been beaten, and seriously hurt.  I am certain from his father, who is asleep in the house."

"Ok, sir, remain calm.  You say that your friend has been beaten?  Can you see visible signs?"

It was then that I fell apart.  I started to cry.  "He has a fucking piece of wood sticking out of his ass and he is coughing up blood.  Just get some police and ambulance here."

"Can I have you address?"

I gave her the address and then hung up.  I ran back to his room and knelt by his side.  I began to stroke my hand through his hair, repeatedly saying, "Its going to be ok, its going to be ok."  Time seemed to stand still as I could feel him shudder beneath my hand.  `How I admired him.  He has such strength, he doesn't disserve this, any of this.  If it were to be anyone, I wish that it could be me.

I sat in the dark for God know how long, I didn't risk moving him.  "I love you Julian, never forget that.  Ever."  I rocked back and forth.  I didn't know what else to do.  It was then that I heard the sirens.  Realizing that the door was still locked I ran down the stairs, opened the front and flagged down the police, or was the it the paramedics.  I pointed the paramedics to his room, and told the police that the father was in the house somewhere sleeping.  The house became a flurry of movement.  I slumped down the floor by the front.  Yelling and screaming, followed by cuss words and then I heard it.  A new flurry of tears came as I heard Julian yelp in pain.  It was so soft, yet I heard it.  My heart leapt out of my chest, it ached so much.  I ran to his aid.

When I got to his room, they had Julian's dad in custody and Julian was one the floor lying flat with the bloody piece of wood off to the side.  I saw pain in his eyes.  His mouth was hanging open in a silent scream.

"We got a live one here," one of the paramedics called.  Julian's mouth closed shut at that statement.

Then his dad went on a rave as they read him his rights.  In the midst of the chaos, I had to smile when Julian gave him the finger.  It was the final straw and I knew that his life had changed.  He no longer accepted this life.  I was so happy for him, yet so sad that it took this to get him there.

The police took Julian's father away and the paramedics took Julian away.  I was left there on an order from the lead paramedic.  It was awkward in that house.  Both of his brothers were awake and were sitting in the living room when I came down.

"So, you saved his life, huh?" one of them asked.

"Please forgive me, I did it for him," I responded feeling a bit of fear.

"Why would we be upset?"

"I don't know.  He talked like you didn't like him."

They looked at each other, then the other said, "We acted out of selfishness.  We loved our little smart brother.  We did what we did, because we were scared shitless of our dad, and didn't want what Julian got."

The other stood up and stated, "We sat idly by as he got the shit beat out of him, and I did nothing." He became very angry and punched the pillow until the stuffing came out.  "Tonight, I learned something," he said all red faced, "I learned that my little brother has more courage than I will ever have, and has friends with just as much."  He clamped me on the shoulder.

"Come on, we got to get to the hospital," the other said.

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