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Crown of Thons
By: Chris A.

Crown of Thorns
Chapter 9

 I heard a bug.  One single solitary bug.  Its tone didn't vary.  It pulsed a monotone beep.  Like it was automatic or mechanical.  Hey, a mechanical bug.  Beep, Beep, Beep, it sounded.  They were long and faded out.  Slowly the length shortened until it was a sharp staccato beep.  Almost like a heart monitor or something.  `Shit' Realization finally struck me.  It was a heart monitor and it was monitoring me.  I remember the incident.  A shudder ran down my spine.  Well, at least I am not paralyzed I quipped to myself.  I wanted to open my eyes, but it felt like they were plastered shut.  I strived and finally one budged.

I cracked open my left eye.  All I saw a bright blur of color.  It was so pretty, like a moving mosaic.  I smiled, `Wow, I must be drugged.'  The color soon came into focus as soon as I got my right eye open.  Images sharpened and I could make out objects.  I could make out the bed I was laying in, the walls and the window.  It was night.

Then I felt the pressure at my hand.  I saw it being held by my golden boy with the golden tan and golden hair.  He was sound asleep at my side.  Sitting most uncomfortably in a chair with his head on the bed.

I crossed my arm and gently patted his hair.  "Mmm, I'm sorry Julian," he mumbled.

I felt for him.  How could he blame himself for this?  It wasn't his fault, it wasn't mine.  Wow, I finally realize that now.  It was as if a weight was lifted off, I felt freer.  "Shhh, baby.  Its not your fault."

"Julian?"  He raised his head up and looked into my eyes.  I had to laugh.  It hurt.  His face was covered in sleep stain.  Those lines that cover your face when you sleep in a most unnatural position.  "What's so funny?" he asked.

"You.  You look like you just woke up."

"I did, you duffus.  I'm glad that you're awake."

"Terry?  How long have I been…out?"

"Two days," he stated matter-of-factly.

"Wow, it feels like no time at all.  What happened?"

"Julian," he started to cry, "sorry, its just getting to me.  I am so sorry, I wanted to be there, I wanted to be there.  I love you so much and I…I…"

"Shhh, I love you too.  And its ok now.  I am alive and awake."  He got up and wrapped his arms around me loosely.  Again I asked him, "What happened?"

"Your dad…"

"I know what he did to me, I mean after that."

"They took you to the hospital, the wouldn't let me in cus I wasn't immediate family.  But your brothers…"

"Ohh, God…"

"No, they are cool.  I'll let them tell you tomorrow."

With his words I couldn't help but still feel nervous.  With a shaky voice I urged him, "What…what did they say."

I guess that he could see the nervousness in my eyes, "They said that they wished that they did what I did long ago."

I wasn't relieved but I dropped the subject.  I shifted my position but groaned in agony.  "Oww, what the fuck is that pain."

"Umm, you said you remember what he did to you."

"Yea…oh, yea."

"Don't worry, I don't know what they did, but they patched you up real nice.  Just going to be sore they told me."

"This is not sore, this is pain."  I could see his expression change to that of concern.  "Aww, baby, I'm sorry, shouldn't have worried you like that."

"Not worried, just sorry, that I didn't do something when I should have.  Julian, I am so sorry."

"Don't be, things turned out for the better," I looked down at my pelvic region, "Sort of."

The door slowly opened and Danny and his mother came in, eyeing me carefully at first, then a look of relief,  "Jules, your up!" Danny exclaimed.  "Are you ok."

"Sort of, hurts like a bitch."  I just realized what I said.  "Sorry Mrs. Chambers."

"In your condition, you can say what ever you like.  By the way, as soon as you get out of the hospital, you will be staying at our house until we can get the papers finalized.  I will be taking you under my roof…permanently."

I was almost ecstatic.  I didn't have to live in a foster home.  But then a concern struck my over analytical mind.  "What about my brothers."

As if on cue they walked in saying, "We have chosen to get an apartment together since we are old enough."

That nervous feeling returned ten fold.  "oh," was all that I could squeak out.  Terry took my hand in reassurance, but it only exaggerated my fear.  I quickly snapped my hand away.  I could see a hurt expression on Terry's face.

"Dude, Jules, relax.  Both of us are cool with it," Brian, my brother, said.  Mark, the other one, shook his head in assurance.

I let out an audible breath and reached my hand for Terry's.  He plastered his smile onto his face.  God how that smile lifts my spirits.  There was an uncomfortable silence that descended onto the room.

"Well, I bet that Julian is feeling a bit tired, I think that we should all leave him to his rest.  That means you too Terry."

As they all left, Terry saying many goodbyes, the doctor came in and did his poking and prodding, then left me too my sleep.


The days passed and my ass, and the other injuries eventually became more tolerable.  The doctor said that I could go home as long as I remain on bed rest.  I gladly obliged seeing as I really don't like hospitals.  With the aid of Danny and Terry I was taken to Danny's house and put up in their spare room, which is to become my room.  Tired from the journey I fell into a deep sleep.


I awoke with Terry sleeping by my side.  Both of us were fully clothed but he was snuggled up to my side and had his arm lightly over my chest.  I took a deep breath with only a stinging sensation.  This alone was enough to arouse Terry.

"Morning beautiful," he said groggily.

"Morning hero."

"don't call me that, I did what was right, there was nothing  heroic about it.  You should have seen me, I was crying my eyes out."

"You're a hero in my eyes."  He blushed scarlet red and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"I love you baby," he whispered.

"I love you too, forever."

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