Cruel Summer?

By: Lord Charon

My name's Cooper Erinson. I'm seventeen. I just graduated from high school, and I start my training as a cosmotologist in the fall. I stand just under six feet, and my weight is proportional. My hair is black with copper streaks, and it falls to my shoulders. I wear green, Rx contacts, but my real eye colour is dark brown.

Anyway, let me tell you my story before I start side-tracking.

School had just let out. I called my friend Jeremy Schachs and asked him to meet me at a local park. An hour later, I was standing on the bridge that we had agreed to meet at. I was wearing a pair of sandles without socks, blue cut-offs, and a green T-shirt, and I had my backpack over one shoulder.

I saw Jeremy approach. My heart started to beat faster, and my palms began to sweat.

Jeremy is sexy. He's a little over six feet, with an attractive amount of fat around his waist. His eyes are a striking shade of green, and short, sandy hair. His skin had turned light copper in the sun. Oh, and his lips are always set in a smile that radiates to all parts of his body, especially his eyes, and causes everyone that is in his company to start smiling, too. That day, he was wearing white cords and a white T-shirt -- he's the only guy I know who actually looks good in white.

"What did you want to tell me?" he said once he had gotten close. "I already know that you're gay."

I smiled. I had told Jere back in grade ten that. He was very understanding, and he even put up with me hitting on and flirting with him for the last three years.

I told Jeremy that I wanted to be completely alone, so I dragged him into the bushes. Jere went ahead of me. Once we were concealed, I came up behind him, and wrapped my arms around his waist. "This is what I wanted to tell you," I said, kissing his neck. "I wanted to tell you that I'm in love with you."

Jeremy didn't move, but I assumed that it was more from shock than from true desire because Jere's straight. I placed my hand between his legs, cupping his growing genitalia. "I know that you're crazy about women," I told him, "but let me teach you what it's like to love a man."

Oddly, Jeremy still didn't twitch as I undid his fly and slipped my hand inside. I could feel his meat. It was already hard, and it was big, but I couldn't tell how big.

"Cooper," said Jeremy, slowly, "what do you want from me?"

"Just once, Jere," I told him. "All I want is to suck your dick once. Afterwards, you can never speak to me again. I ask of you, though, to think of this as my graduation present to you, rather than asking you to end our friendship."

I felt, rather than saw, Jeremy nod his head. "Alright," he replied, his throat dry.

"You don't have to let me," I told him, even though I was burning like a sun with desire for him. "If it makes you uncomfortable, I'll stop."

Still, Jeremy nodded. "You can do it."

I moved around to look Jeremy eye-to-eye. My Goddess, he was beautiful. I gently kissed his cheek. "Thank you."

I knelt down, and undid Jeremy's pants and pulled them to his knees. I ran my hand over the bulge in his boxer-briefs, and put my face to it. The smell of his sex made me want him even more. I pulled them down to his knees, and It popped out.

Jeremy's penis is beautiful. It stands erect nearly eight inches, and his loose foreskin was pulled all the way back, exposing his red glans. His balls hung low from his body. I licked his head, causing his cock to jump with every touch of my tongue, and squeezed his balls.

I took all of Jeremy's head in my mouth. He had a strong taste to him that caused my cock to stand at attention. I took it out, and started stroking my own seven inches of uncut man.

Jere let out a moan as my tongue played with his piss slit, over his frenulum, and around the base of his head. I started deep-throating him, and I could feel him grow longer, harder, and thicker within my mouth. I pulled back a bit, and he started to cum. Blast after blast of his bittersweet juice filled my mouth, and I struggled to swallow it all.

My friend pulled me to my feet, and he kissed me on the lips. "You're better than my girlfriend," he told me. "Let me repay you." He knelt down, and gingerly licked my head. I felt priviledged to be his first cock-sucking experience.

Jeremy was a better giver than I expected. He licked me all over, all up and down my shaft, over my piss slit. He played with my foreskin with his tongue and lips, and he squeezed and massaged and played with my balls. I felt my orgasm start to come. "Jeremy, I'm going to cum," I told him as I started to fuck his face.

Jere pulled back just as I let go, so my cum covered his face. He stood up, and allowed me to lick it off of him. "Cum-sucker," he said with a smile on his face.


Unfortunetly, that was the only sexual experience that I've ever had with Jeremy. We remained friends, but I can't help but think that our little excapade hurt it a bit. I sort of wish that we had never had sex, because now I wish that we could have it again, and that he'd let me fuck his sexy bubble-butt.